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Hi, I am Ziff Davis, My codename is LT. It started out like any normal day for

me. Ever since I was born I have been in the Secret Service. It's a long story

on how I got there but needless to say I am here and that's all you need to

know. Ever since I started here when I was a kid I was told when I turned twenty

years old I would get my much deserved time off. I have been planning and

thinking of what I wanted to do for years so I knew just how I wanted to spend

my vacation. I was going to go to the University of Southern California. Ever

since I was 13 I have been itching to see girls and it's very disheartening to

work with an agency of all men and the only women there are too hold to be

attractive. By now your thinking how is a non student going to achieve this

without looking like some horny stranger feeling up on the hotties. That is

because I have in this vile a substance that will shrink me for exactly 2 weeks.

Well I am pretty sure for 2 weeks, almost positive, Well okay the security guard

told me 2 weeks and then swiped it when no one was looking so I am not exactly

sure how long but I will worry about that when the time comes.

So my time off finally started and I ran out to my Ferrari F-50 and jumped

in. Another perk to working in the secret service is that you can drive illegal

cars. I will leave out the details of me driving to the school So I got in the

car blah blah, blah, yadda yadda, yadda needless to say I pulled up to

University of Southern California On Monday and I now had 2 weeks of scope out

the hotties. I parked my car in the visitor lot and with my government plates I

knew that I wouldn't get any tickets. No one gives a Secret Service agent

tickets. Well not anyone who knows what's good for not only him but for his/her

career. I spent much of the morning and afternoon looking for the perfect

Sorority. Alpha Sigma Tau, the most exclusive sorority on campus. I quickly ran

back to my car and grabbed the vile. I didn't want to waste a single moment of

my vacation. I drove my car to the sorority and then drove a block past it and

parked it. I spent the rest of day scoping out the luscious babes at the house

and getting to know them without them knowing I was there, because before I

shrunk I needed to know these girls.


By the time nightfall came I knew everything about the girls of Alpha Sigma

Tau. So I drank the entire amount of liquid that was in the vile and stumbled

towards there sorority house. As I was stumbling and fumbling down the street I

realized that I should have drank it closer to there sorority house. I took

another step and felt my bare foot sink into the lawn. How weird i thought what

happened to my shoe. I looked back to see both of my shoes lying on the ground.

I took a few more steps and made it to the next yard and tripped as my shirt

fell around my legs. I crawled out of my shirt which also leads me to crawling

out of my pants and I now started running towards the Alpha Sigma Tau. I looked

like I was wasted as I ran. I soon couldn't move anymore and fell fast first

into a yard. I looked up to see that I was just 3 houses away from Alpha Sigma

Tau. I just couldn't get my body to respond to anything. I fell unconscious with

my head hurting like a bashed it into a wall.

I woke up to a loud pounding noise similar too an earthquake but also an

earsplitting grinding noise. I picked myself up enough so I was on my hands and

knees. I found that it was very hard to walk. I started crawling as fast as I

could forward. I kept trying too stand up but the shaking would just knock me

over. I looked back again this time to see nothing behind me. I crawled out onto

the pavement. I looked from side to side and the sidewalk looked like an endless

highway that stretched indefinitely in every direction. My eyes could not fathom

nor see where they end. As I crawled onto the sidewalk my knees were now getting

scraped and bruised as I crawled as quickly as I could. I wanted this all to end

but that was out of the question. I was unsure of which way to run. I could be

running right into whatever was causing all this for all I know. I then felt

something soft and firm at my back. Two heavy and strong squishy rods dug into

my chest and stomach. On my back was something that felt like a very flat

mattress in the respect that I could push it in slightly but I couldn't budge

it. I tried my hardest to get away but, I was soon lifted up into the air. My

legs and arms were dangling down from either side. I powerlessly watched myself

be pulled higher and higher into the sky. It almost made me sick to watch as my

head started to spin when I looked at the ground which now was impossibly far

down. I felt one of the squishy rods dig into my chest and then start to spin me

around. My back rubbed hard and painfully against the firm mattress like plank.

As I was spun around I saw that it was all flesh toned. I tried biting the

fleshy toned plank that was at my back but now pressing into my chest away but I

couldn't make a dent in any of it. As I did this I felt very awkward like I was

being watched. I have always had this sixth sense like ability to know when I

was being watched. I darted my head up and saw two huge eyes staring down at me.

I was being held so close the face that it looked very blocky and big. I could

distinguish what everything was but I couldn't get a good idea what it all

looked like together. Normally when you look at a face you see everything

together. As I looked at this face I saw an eye, a cheek, a nose, a mouth all

separately instead of as a whole.

"What a cute doll"

It was then like I was in an elevator that just dropped 20 stories in a

matter of 4 seconds as she dropped her hand down to her side. I could only

really see the sidewalk from this angle it was very disorienting. Each crack,

would be there and then gone a moment later. It's like I am sitting next to Jeff

Gordon and I am watching the fence posts go by as he races a lap. Every once in

awhile I would catch the view of her rollerblades which would be the only change

in view that I saw for what seemed like an eternity. All the while I am gently

swung along with her arm backwards and forwards in a swinging motion very

similar to when you are on a swing and you get to the point where you don't need

to pump your legs anymore and then you close your eyes and feel the motions of

yourself going forwards and backwards. That is exactly what I felt now only it

just wouldn't stop.


As we approached the sorority house I could tell already that it wasn't the

one I had scooped out earlier, but hey I just want to see some honeys and it

doesn't really matter what sorority they belong too. Ass and titties are ass and

titties no matter which they belong too. As my host clomped up the stairs with

each step she took she would squeeze me tighter and then loosen her grip then

tighten it again as she went up the stairs this continued. I am not sure how

many times this happened but, I wasn't sure how many more my body could take as

we entered her room. Much to my relief I was dropped down onto her bed like I

was a rag doll. I bounced several times before I settled. It was very awkward

because I barely had enough mass to bounce so the few bounces I made weren't

very big at all. The stranger on rollerblades then skated over to a chair across

the room and sat down. I started slowly crawling across her bed hoping to get a

better look at her. It was odd watching her go about her life and not even

paying me one bit of attention. Her eyes then darted back towards the bed. I

gulped as I saw her walking straight towards me. Her body blurred into my vision

at incredible speeds. I could hardly imagine anything moving that fast let alone

a person. As her hand descended towards me I could feel her body heat radiating

over me. My mind said run, all my instincts said hide but there was no where I

could go. Her fingers were centimeters from touching me once again. I fought my

urges not to twitch, or itch, maybe even smack her hand away. A knock then

blared from her door like I was surrounded by digital surround sound speakers

the size of a planet. The rapping of the door made my head hurt. My first

reaction was to cover my ears but I couldn't move I couldn't blow my cover. What

would I say? What would I do if she saw me? I couldn't ruin this. Not yet, not

now. Not when I am so close to seeing the money.

Her hand pulled away from me and I let out a sigh of relief. I wiped the

sweat from my brow as she walked towards the door. I took a few deep breathes

and then I saw the door swing open. My jaw nearly dropped off the side of the

bed when I saw that it was another girl. I have gone 20 years without seeing any

attractive girls and now I am 5 feet from two of them.

"Hi Jamie what's up? You live here how come you knocked?"

"Oh I was just being dumb you know me Kerri"

"Yeah I do but it's not something I admit too on a regular basis."

"Good thinking!"

Just like the Grinch's heart grew 2 sizes at the end of the movie I could

have swore my dick grew 8 new inches as I saw the new girl named Jamie walk in.

I also learned the name of my host. It is Kerri. As the two beauties continued

to talk I could see Kerri starting to forget about me. It was then that tragedy

struck. Jamie spotted me. She started walking straight towards me and nothing

was stopping her from getting to me. As she lowered her body so her head was

level with the bed I saw the most luscious eyes I have ever seen. Her eyes

looked like pillows that when you stared into them you became calm and comfortable

and you found yourself almost asleep. Her warm mint breath rolled over me. She

curiously inspected my body without ever laying a hand on me. This was torture.

I was so close too the money and yet I was so far away. I have been trained for

these very situations and it has always been so easy when I never cared but, now

I do. Maybe that is the difference.

"Your real aren't you?"

I didn't know if I should respond or not. Her voice, her beautiful voice it

was like the greatest song ever composed and man didn't have anything to do with

it. I was torn between my values and my heart. My heart told me to say something

but my values, my training said not too. Her eyes only focused in more and more

on me as the silence grew. Her roommate then crouched in a similar position

across from me. I was trapped now. I was always told to make sure you have a way

to the door, a way to a exit at all times but I had none.

"He does look real Jamie!"

"I told you so. Look at the detail. I can see his chest moving up and down


"Maybe we should touch him?"


Both there hands drew near me. It was now or never I thought. I had to do

something because I was going to be found out either way. Just before there

hands touched me I rolled to the side and started running towards the top of the

bed. I couldn't believe it was a bed I was running on. This bed looks to be the

size of my bedroom and this is just what this girl sleeps on. I started to

wonder how small I was but now wasn't the time to contemplate that. I looked

back to see both girls chasing after me with there hands. They used there middle

and pointer fingers as human like legs and made them run after me. I could see

Jamie's fingers to the left of me and Kerri's trailing me. Jamie then swung her

fingers over and knocked me over. Both her fingers were placed on either side of

my chest and Kerri's fingers were placed next to my head. I was breathing hard

and wasn't sure what to do or where to go. Jamie then took her middle finger and

started feeling up and down my body slowly. She started at my head and ruffled

my hair up. Her middle finger then fell over my eyes, my nose, and I just barely

stuck my tongue out of my though so I could feel her finger roll over my mouth.

Her soft skin hit the tip of my tongue and I was almost in ecstasy. She then

felt each nipple and muscular breast on my chest then spun the tip of her middle

finger on my abs feeling each peck. How they rose, how they fell. Her finger

then moved along my waist and right over my throbbing hard on. A slight giggle

erupted from her plush lips as her middle finger landed on the bedspread and

then gently felt the inside of my leg and finally my toes.

"He sure is a handsome little thing."

"To bad he doesn't talk or do something more."

"Can you understand us?"[Said very slowly emphasizing each word]

"I maybe small but I am not retarded. I can hear you."


Instantaneously, Jamie's hands darted around me. I had no time to react what

so ever. Each of her fingers clenched my body. I could feel the abrasions her

grasp made being formed. I winced as she lifted me up towards her chest. I could

not believe how just a few hours ago I could have knocked this girl out in one

punch and I wouldn't have even had to hit her accurately, but now she has the

strength to crush me without a thought. I could see her white tank top coming in

closer and closer. I tried to move or do something but it was all academic. Her

grip is much too strong for me. It is like trying to walk with every bone in

your body crushed. Any movement you try to make won't get you very far. I was

then thrusted against her soft white tank top. I could feel her warm stomach

through her shirt. She methodically worked me up and over her breasts gently

rubbing me into them and between them. I longed to be the part of her shirt that

was trapped between her massive bosoms. I was then jarred out my thoughts and

ambitions by her god like voice.

"You look so tiny. I can't believe you're real. How did you get like this?

You look like a real boy only smaller."

"Hey I am not a boy. I am a man and I expect to be treated like one."

"Ooooo! Jamie the little MAN wants you to treat him like you do your men!"

"Awe, how adorable can you be. Don't worry little fellow we will take good

care of you. You can sleep with me tonight."


"JAMIE!! What are you promising? You can't even keep a fish alive let alone

another human being."

"I can too keep something alive."

"Well you do manage to keep yourself alive so I guess it's possible"

I couldn't believe that there is a whole conversation going on and I have no

say in it what so ever. They talk like I am not even here. I darted my eyes

around the room trying to scope out my new surroundings when I they both focused

there attention back on to me.

"So it's settled. You live here now."

"What do you mean it's settled? What if I don't want too? Did you ever think

of that?"

"Hmm, well I guess it never entered my mind. But oh well are you ready for

some fun tonight."

"Listen here -"

"You can be the guest of honor at the sleepover tonight"

"I will not be treated in such--sleepover? Why are we still here lets get



I was then set back down on the bed. I didn't have to wait long for the

greatest show on earth. I always thought it was sports center but once Jamie

started undressing I knew it was the Jamie on the Spankstrovision Network. I

couldn't believe they made breasts that big. Those aren't breast those are more

like hot air balloons that need someone to pilot them and I am just the man for

that job. I need to touch those breasts. They look incredible.

"EWWW stop drooling on my bed shrimp. I am not the one who wants you."

"I am not drooling. I am just watering the sheets"

"Well here water the sheets on this bed."

"HEY!! I have to sleep there Kerri"

"So you want him drooling on my bed?"

"Well yeah!!"

As Kerri grabbed me and firmly held me in her fists I noticed how much more

roughly she held me and how more aggressive she was. I tried kicking her but I

couldn't reach her hand. I could feel her staring at me. She held me up to her

face and my stomach almost fell out along the way. I looked into her eyes and I

saw glee just as she let me go. I felt the air speeding around me. I was in a

state of free fall and I didn't know where I would land or how it would end.


Her voice careened through the air as I slammed into the hard mattress. It

felt like doing a belly flop from 20,000 feet. The water has no give and neither

did the mattress. My bones were like Jello.

"Jamie! Help"

"Oh she can't help you now. She is primping. Dead to the world that means."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I can, I am bigger, I am stronger, I am smarter, I am faster, I am

better looking."

"You left out dim witted and over weight, pig headed, snout nosed, oinker.



"Jamie! Help the animals are getting to close to the window."

"Who are you calling animal shrimp?"

"The one that looks like they belong in a barnyard of course!"

"Well the only animal I see is shrimp and that belongs in the sea!"

"Well then you have to be flounder! You're the only dumb scaly looking thing

I see the room."

"I have to get ready but this isn't the end of this debate."

"Well do not let the door hit you on the way out; well actually let it hit

you. It might improve your face."

The next 20 minutes were extremely boring. I was stuck on Jamie's bed without

a way down. Well not a way down without killing myself on there wood floor.

"So what do you think of him Kerri? Isn't he great?"

"I think we should flush him."

"We are not!"

"Fine, but he gets underfoot. I would hate for him to end up squashed."

"You wouldn't squash him. You're all talk and everyone knows it"

Finally I see Jamie spin her chair around and she stood up from her make up

table. As she walked over here she shat herself down right next to me. She made

the bed and the surrounding area fall towards her. I found myself right next to

her ass. I could hear her giggle as she instructed me to grab onto her shorts. I

wasn't quite sure if I should but I saw her getting up and I grabbed on. I knew

that she wouldn't wait for me. I kept waiting for her stop but she didn't. I

could feel her ass muscles pumping as she walks. I could smell her sweet scent.

I wondered if it was natural, or not. It smelled like roses and strawberries

mixed with a smell of a morning rain shower. As we entered the hall Jamie was

walking much faster and I was having trouble maintaining my balance. I found

myself falling as she bounded down the stairs. I slammed into the carpeted

stairs. I helplessly watched Jamie continue walking down the stairs towards the

sleep over I was suppose to be going too. All those titties, all those naked

women having to do without me. I cannot have that. It is my duty as agent of the

United States of America to get a peek to keep up relations.

I ran to the edge of the stairs and I looked down. It didn't look like to bad

of a drop so I leapt off the edge. I landed a little roughly but not to bad. As

I walked towards the second step I felt a rumble at my feet. It was a very

familiar rumble. I looked from left to right and could see nothing so I

continued about my journey down the stairs. I had made it down two more even

with all the rumbling throwing interference which makes it harder to land

safely. I looked up at the longest legs I have ever seen. As the head lowered

towards me I felt relief as I saw Kerri's face come into view.

"Hey Kerri can you give me a hand."

"I suppose I could, but I won't."

"Come on! Please?"

"What did you call me? Dim witted?"

"I said Slim fitted not dim witted you merely miss heard me"

"Uh huh, I am so sure. See you around shrimp"

"You can't leave me here you fucking oinker!"

As Kerri bounded down the stairs I made it a point to remember to slap her

when I got back to my normal size. I climbed down several more stairs and

finally reached a floor. I looked ahead to see more stairs but I really didn't

want to climb down anymore so I started heading down the hallway. The place

looked dismal as all the doors were closed and my stomach was growling. A slight

rumble started at my feet as I saw a guy come into my view. How gross, I thought

to myself. A fucking giant guy, who wants to see that, I decided to crawl under

the door I was by and wait it out until he left. The first thing I noticed about

the room is that it was impeccably clean. In the distance lying atop the bed I

could see a slumbering giant girl. I started to backup and leave but my

curiosity got to me. I started climbing up the phone cord onto her dresser. As I

pulled myself up onto the dresser I could feel my heart pounding. Across from me

was a slumbering girl and here I was spying on her. She looked beautiful. Her

long dark hair, her cute round face, kind of a small rack but no one is perfect.

I then started exploring her dresser looking at the stuff and how it compared to

my size. I still couldn't figure out how big I was but just as I spotted a ruler

I heard her start to rustle. In a panic I found myself losing my balance and

tumbling off the side of her dresser. My back slams into something metal. I look

around and see miller lights all around me. Just enough of the case is gone so I

can't reach the top. How convenient.

"Carly! Get your ass up."

"Huh, what is it Lexy (Alexis)?"

"Grab the beer and let's go."

"Why do I have to go again? Carly wants sleepy go away!"

As the box was lifted up I felt a gigantic can clock me in the head. Needless

to say I was knocked out. When awoke I found myself laying on a bed with eyes

peering down on me. I looked all around me and I was in the center of the bed

and girls were all around me. I could hear murmurs of "Oooo he's waking up" and

"He's moving, how precious" and I distinctly heard one girl say "We should fuck

him up".

"Hiya tiny!"

"Ummm hi"

"Who are you? How come you were trying to jack one of our beers"

"I wasn't trying to jack anything."

"Uh huh, well here you can have some of mine"

It happened so quickly I had zero time to respond as I felt beer streaming

down my body. I tried to spit as much out of my mouth as I could but I felt

instantly buzzed as I stood up. I tried to walk forwards but I tumbled over onto

my face.

"Carly!! You got my bed all wet with beer"

"Well you wanted me to come and have fun so I am."

"Well I have to sleep on this bed"

"So you have to do laundry big deal"

"Well it was nice meeting you girls."

"Meeting? Where are you going? We aren't done playing tiger"

Carly leapt onto the bed and pounced on me. She was on her hands and knees as

she looked down at me and I started back pedaling. She roared loudly above me

and then lowered her head towards me. She shoved her nose against my stomach and

I tumbled over. She inhaled deeply through her nose and then rose her head back

up. I tried running away but Carly would merely flick me over with her finger.

As my body fell into the mattress I already regretted ever going into her


"Carly! You're hurting him"

"Oh he likes it"

"Come here Micro bitch!"

"I'm not going near you! How stupid do you think I am?"


"You better not be thinking of answering that"

"A threat! This little Lego action figure threatened me!"

"We are going out to a bonfire tonight and your coming with me"

"I am -"

Her fingers coursed around my body and I felt myself dropped into the hood of

her sweatshirt. They all started piling out the room ignoring my pleas

completely. I was jarred from side to side inside of Carly's hood. I don't think

my stomach is going to ever forgive me for all this. I noted how easily they all

traveled down the stairs. I couldn't believe I was jealous. The scenery blurred

by me way to fast to make out much of anything. This is the only real part I

hated about being this size. When you were carried about not under your own

power. It has a real helpless feeling to it and I am use to being in control. As

we walked towards a trio of cars I pleaded one last time.

"Look we are in charge here so just deal with it"

"I am a federal agent and by order of the United States government --"

"What? By order of the united states postal service?"

"I think that's what he said"

"Look girls we have our very own federal agent, the fisher price series"

"I SAID GOVERNMENT! United States -"

"Postal service we all heard you. Oh no, we won't be getting our mail



All the girls piled into various cars and

I knew I couldn't do anything about it. As Carly sat down in front I was smashed

into her hair. I tried yelling but as soon as I opened my mouth all I could

taste was shampoo and conditioner. As I inhaled the scent of strawberries filled

and tickled my nose. Her head had my arms pinned down. Every now and then I

would feel her head move and her hair would shift allowing a little extra air

into my lungs, however the air around me was growing staler and staler and then

I felt the hood tugged through the gap between the head rest and the seat.

"Look at him. He looks almost real"

"I am real! I am a person."

"Awe that's so cute how you think you're a person."

"I don't think!"

"That would be the first problem then.

"Not funny"

"Well then how did you get so small?"

"I know Charity. It's because he was born that way"

"I was not!! Won't you listen to me?"

"I love how his voice sounds. It's so squeaky and high pitched!"

"Carly what are you going to do with your little man?"

"I don't know yet. I am sure I will think of something!"

I was then snatched up by the girl called charity. It was nice to be out of

the hood but I also was a little nervous. These girls were wild and wicked. She

held me in her hand and started petting me. I tried to make her stop but her

girl power was too much.

"Someone's had a little bit too much to drink"

"Let me go you over grown bimbo!"

I was then lifted up by the gigantic charity. I was held very close to her

face. I could see both her eyes focused on me. Her lips curled upwards and her

beer breath spread over me. Her blonde hair fell over her eyes. Her well tanned

skin made my ghostly white body stick out like a sore thumb. I punched and tried

to kick her fingers but I had no effect on her. My weak attempts only brought a

bigger smile to her face. I was then released from her fingers and I slid down

her chest like a slide. I tried to grab onto her breasts but I was sliding to

fast and I ended up landing roughly on her lap. All the girls burst out laughing

as I jumped trying to reprimand them for my treatment but they paid me no


"One, two, three and to the four.

LT is at your door.

Ready to make an entrance, so back on up.

Cause you know we bout to strip.

My dick, your pussy back together, now you know your trouble.

Nothin but a gts thang baby!!" [rapped out]

"Isn't that precious! Back in the hood you go were here"

"Oh, no I am not going back in that hood. Nope, nope I am staying right here

in the car! Not one of you will move me."

Charity then flicks me over with her finger and I tumble off her lap and onto

the seat. I stand up and then am scooped up by a brown haired girl who picks me

up and drops me back in the Carly's hood.

"Oh please, Mr. Postman!

"Yeah what are you going to do about that?"

"Why I outta!!"

"Why you outta what? You outta sit in that hood and like it, is what you

outta do."

"Carly are you going to let them talk to me like that!"

Needless to say all the girls got out of the car and started heading towards

the bonfire. I was bounced and jumbled around like a rag doll in Carly's hood.

As we neared the bonfire the smell of steak and potatoes filled the air.

"Carly get some food I am hungry!"

"I am hungry too I think I will however the animals don't get to eat people


"What are you talking about I am a person."

"I think we established this. Me person, you pet. You live under my roof, you

follow my rules, you do what I say, and you live because I allow it."

"Whatever! You have had more nuts pass through you then delta airlines. I

have lived my life doing my own thing and I am not going to be pushed around by


As Carly sat down and flirted her way into a steak dinner I was climbing my

way out of her hood. I dropped onto the grassy floor. I knew I had to leave with

one of the girls here but I wanted to definitely pick a better girl then that

bitch that you can loosely refer to as a girl. The nearer and nearer I got to

the bonfire. the hotter and hotter everything grew. I was sweating profusely

when a skyscraper decides to sit down next to me. I start running but am grasped

by her hand in no time at all.

Beads of sweat poured off of me as her palm closed around my etnire body. I

nervously looked up at her immense frame.  Her tight black jeans

hugged her body with an air of flawlessness. 

A skimpy white shirt that  had a hint of see through in it hung loosely

from her body. I fought her grip but it was no use as she was much too strong.

It was like an ant trying to over power a dinosaur. Her ran over my body picking

me apart. I wanted to be anywhere but here but as she held me up to her face I

knew that I had no choice.

"What's your name little Fella"

"Hey Sally we are leaving! Lets roll girl"


"but nothing lets go"

"Fine, hold on"

 "Sally, no, don't put me down, put the little man down on the ground

and walk away.

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