Giantess Stories: SEQ CHAPTER

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           I hated to pick

the lock, but since Joy locked her door and didn't answer when I knocked,

I had no alternative. It

took me several frustrating minutes till I finally felt the tumblers

give, but when I did, I

quickly extracted the lock picks and dashed inside. The pile of news-

papers on the porch had

told me that no one had been here for at least three days. Joy called me

a week ago and asked me

over for a visit. A four-hour drive later and here I was, but Joy was

not. I guess I should

explain who I am before I go on talking about picking locks and breaking

into people's apartments.

           My name's Molly,

Molly Carnes. Joy and I went to high school together, and then were room

mates in college. That was

5 years ago. Joy has since gone on to be a travel agent, while I

became a PI in my father's

detective agency. I could go on about how my dad wanted a son, but I

won't bore you with that.

Suffice to say I'm a decent gumshoe, even though I usually wear pumps.

Now, where was I? Oh


           As I entered the

apartment, I noticed two sets of keys hanging near the door. Both had

matching car keys and what

I assumed were apartment keys. I tried one of the keys in the lock

and it worked like it was

supposed to. Amazing. That meant it was a good bet Joy's car was still

here. Further in the

apartment, I found Joy's purse. Her wallet was in it and still had about

$150.00 inside. The

apartment itself was in a clean condition, not torn up or rummaged through,

but there was some dust on

the furniture and the dishes in the sink were dry. I entered the

bedroom and a large furry

cat nearly knocked me down as it rubbed itself on my bare leg. I can't

stand nylons. Always

bunching under your skirt. Control top, my dainty... Sorry. But I do like

the way a skirt makes my

legs seem longer. Being only 5'2", I need all the help I can get.

I checked the cat's food

and water bowls. Both were empty. Not a good sign. Joy's purse and keys

were here, but it seemed

like she hadn't been for the past few days. I filled the water bowl and

put a heaping scoop of food

in the other. The cat's purring signaled it's thanks to me as it

dove onto the food. I

turned back to the door. Time to get some answers. As I opened the door to

leave, I grabbed a set of

keys so I wouldn't have to pick the lock again.

           "Wish me luck,

kitty. Hopefully the manager will shed some light on the subject." The

fluffy cat ignored me as it

hungrily emptied its bowl. Big surprise.

           The apartment

complex was basically a big rectangle laid long ways east to west. The

manager's office was on the

south side in the center. Joy's apartment was on the second floor,

also on the south side,

west of the office. I was in the lobby in less than a minute. A sign on

the door said back at 1:30.

My watch read noon. A voice behind me startled me.

           "Can I help

you?" a man's voice said. I turned and saw the owner of the voice. He wore a

dark green jumpsuit with

pockets all over it. Tools stuck out of some of the pockets and he held

a huge key ring in his

hand. He was a good 6', lean, and had the most piercing blue eyes I have

ever seen. For a moment, I

was speechless. He was cute, but probably sharp as a bowling ball. I

recovered and came up with

a story fast. I didn't want him to know I was looking for a missing

person, yet.

           "I'm in from

Dayton and was interested in renting an apartment. But I see the manager is

gone to lunch." I blurted.

           "They'll be back

soon." he said. His voice was calming and quite pleasant. He unlocked

the manager's office and

entered. "If you'd like, I can page one of them for you." A sudden move-

ment near the floor caught

my eye.

           "What was that?"

I asked, pointing near a file cabinet where I had seen the movement. The

maintenance man pulled some

keys from a box on the far wall.

           "What was what?"

           "I thought I saw

something on the floor, moving."

           "Might have been

a mouse. We occasionally get one or two a year. Not a big problem. We'll have to

call the exterminators." he said. I nodded my head in agreement. Might have been


mouse. But I've never seen

a mouse run on two legs before! Or one that was a pinkish color! He

closed the office door.

           "You're welcome

to wait here in the lobby if you'd like. Jim and Irene should be back

soon." he headed for the

courtyard door. "Hope to see you around. If you need anything, my

name's Mark."

           "Thanks, Mark."

I waved as he left the lobby. If I wasn't missing a friend right now, I

might have talked with him

a while longer. I would wait all right, but it wouldn't be in the

lobby. I reached for my

trusty picks once more.

           Now, I'm not

normally prone to hallucinations, nor do I partake of any illegal drugs.

There ARE a few nights I

don't recall from my college days, but I've long since quit drinking.

However, if that was a

mouse I just saw, there was something seriously wrong with either it or

me. It appeared to be less

than a foot tall and ran on two legs. And I swear it seemed to be

wearing some kind of a

dress or sarong. Taking a quick look around the lobby to make sure no one was

watching, I selected the appropriate picks and got to work. The lock on the

office was the same brand as was on Joy's apartment, so it didn't take me nearly

as long. As soon as I was in

the office, I closed the

door behind me and locked it. It wasn't a very big office, maybe 12' x

12'. And with 2 long file

cabinets, 2 chairs, and a wraparound desk with a chair, it was down-

right cramped. I took a

peek behind the file cabinet where the 'mouse' had disappeared. Nothing.

I wasn't sure if I should

be surprised or not. I was about to check behind the other file

cabinet when I heard the

lock begin to unlock. This was not good. According to my watch I shouldhave

almost an hour. As fast as I could, I dove into one of the chairs and set my


purse on the floor next to

me. I prayed I looked nonchalant as two people, Jim and Irene I

assumed, entered the

crowded office. They were quite surprised to see someone in their office.

Before they could say a

word, I stood up and held Irene's hands in mine.

           "Hi, my name's

Molly Carnes. Mark, the maintenance man let me in and told me I could wait

here for you. I hope that's

all right?" I said in one, quick breath. I also hoped I didn't just

get Mark in trouble. The

two visibly sighed with relief. Irene looked about 45, well dressed,

and rather lively. Jim on

the other hand, looked like he had just stepped out of a logging camp

after a month of work;

hunched over, tired, and wearing jeans and a dirty plaid work shirt. Both

were average height. They

apparently bought my story as they continued to smile and Irene shook

my hand. Jim left the

office while we ladies sat down.

           "So, Molly was

it? What can I do for you?" Irene asked politely. Her smile made me feel

comfortable, but at the

same time reminded me of a cat staring at a canary. Chirp, Chirp. I

decided to tell her the


           "I'm a friend of

Joy Davidson in apartment 263. When I arrived at her apartment today,

she wasn't home. Her keys,

car, and wallet were all still there though. I let myself inside with

the key she had given me."

All right, mostly the truth. "Do you know where she might be?"

           Irene would have

been a great poker player in my opinion, up until that point. For a

split second, her eyes got

bigger and her smile began to fade. But she quickly replaced her

surprise with her smile.

           "There's a gym

within walking distance of the apartment complex where she might have gone.

She always talks about

working out and such." Irene suggested. She was good. She was hiding

something, but she was

good. I grabbed my purse and stood up.

           "That's a

possibility." I said, hoping I didn't sound too phoney. "I'll check the gym to

see if she's there. If not,

you've sparked a few other ideas of places she might be. Thank you."

I headed for the door.

           "I hope I've

helped." Irene smiled as I left and closed the door. I waited for a moment

outside the door and

listened. I could hear Irene making a phone call, but I couldn't hear what

she was saying. She

certainly did NOT sound happy. I headed for Joy's apartment.

           Once at her

door, I looked into the courtyard. No one around. No one I could see, anyway.

I opened my purse to

retrieve Joy's keys when I got the shock of my life. I had to gasp to catch

my breath. If my purse

hadn't of been strapped over my shoulder, I would have dropped it. Inside

my purse was the mouse.

Only, it wasn't a mouse. It was a woman, no bigger than a doll, wearing

a silk handkerchief like a

toga. She was looking up at me with pleading in her eyes. I carefully

picked out the keys and

unlocked the door, never letting my eyes leave my purse. I locked and

chained the door after

entering. I carried my purse to the dining room table and set it down.

After I sat down, the doll

woman climbed out of the purse and straightened her apparel. I was

amazed. She was about ten

inches tall and looked like a living Barbie doll. I reached out a

finger and stroked her

hair. Soft. Very carefully, I picked her up in both of my hands. I could

feel her body heat and a

tiny pulse. She even smelled faintly of a perfume I recognized, but

could not identify. Her

flesh was soft and one of her tiny breasts bounced out of the top of her

toga when my thumb

accidentally brushed against it. It looked real. She fidgeted in my hands a

bit so I set her back on

the table.

           "Wow, you are so

tiny!" I stared at her for a moment. In retrospect, it was probably not

the most tactful thing to


           "Please, listen,

I heard you talking to Irene. She knows what's happening and you're in

great danger," the tiny

woman said, tucking herself back into her make-shift toga.

           "Whoa, whoa,

what do you mean 'I'm in danger'?" I asked. "From who?"

           "Irene and Jim

are the ones who did this to me. They shrunk your friend Joy and if you

don't get out of here,

you'll be next!" She grabbed my thumb and clutched it like I was a long

lost friend. She sounded

sincerely frightened, more for me than for herself. I picked her up and

was about to reply when a

loud knock came at the door!


dictionary defines 'fear' as...'the agitated feeling caused by the anticipation

or realization of danger.'

I hadn't really anticipated danger, but I was now realizing the

agitated feeling I was now

experiencing was most likely it. I heard a key entering the lock. Joy

wouldn't knock before

entering her own apartment. Besides, both of her keys were here in the

apartment. I gently hid the

tiny woman in the inner pocket of my dress jacket, grabbed my 9mm

pistol from my purse and

threw myself against the wall behind the door. I didn't like to use my

gun, but just showing it

has gotten me out of more predicaments than if I had actually fired it.

Which is a good thing too,

cause I'm a lousy shot.

           The door began

to open. It stopped after only a few inches. I couldn't figure out why

until I remembered the

chain. Thank goodness for paranoia! A voice came from outside the door.


Maintenance." It was Mark! "Hello? Ms. Davidson? I'm here to change your lock."

Eh? I came around the door

and looked at Mark, my gun behind my back. "Change her locks?"

           "Hey, you're the

woman from the lobby! What are you doing in Ms. Davidson's apartment?"

Mark asked, confused. Oh


           "Who told you to

change Joy's lock?" I was pretty sure I knew the answer, just not the


           "Irene told me

to this morning." he replied, sounding even more confused. But he

confirmed my suspicion. I

closed the door and unlatched the chain. The doll woman in my pocket

nudged me.

           "Don't worry, I

think he's ok." I whispered. If Mark wasn't confused before, he certainly

was when I opened the door,

grabbed the front of his coveralls and yanked him inside. I may be

short, but I am fairly

strong. The locks were quickly relocked.

           "What are you

doing?" he asked. Then he saw my gun pointed at him. He put his hands up.

           "Put your hands

down, I'm not gonna shoot you, I hope. Why did Irene tell you to change

Joy's locks?" I put my

pistol behind me in the waistband of my skirt. Mark relaxed a bit and

lowered his hands.

           "Irene said Joy

called her from Chicago and had lost her keys. She wanted us to replace

the lock in case someone

found her keys and tried to get into her apartment. It happens

sometimes. I brought the

lock up..." He reached into one of his many pockets. My gun was quickly

pointed at his tender

belly. Slowly he removed a doorknob with a key hanging from it. I replaced

my gun in my waistband.

           "Sorry." I said.

I walked into the living room and stared at Mark for a moment. He had

the lock in one hand and

his free hand was up in the air. "How well do you know Jim and Irene?"

He put his hand down and

followed me into the living room.

           "I've only been

here about a year. And they usually keep to themselves. Pretty secretive

if you ask me. They do live

here in the complex though, apartment 70." he said, setting the lock

on the table.

           "Well, you've

been lied to Mark." I said as I sat in a recliner. I crossed my legs and

adjusted my skirt. Mark's

stares did not go unnoticed. If Joy wasn't missing, I ...Later.

           "Not only by me,

which I apologize for, but by your bosses too. My name's Molly Carnes.

I'm an old friend of


           "So you're not

looking for an apartment?" he sat on the couch.

           "No, I came here

to visit Joy, but she's disappeared. Her keys are here as is her car and

purse. And I KNOW she

didn't go to Chicago. I have an idea were she is, and I think it's not far

from here. Though it may be

a little hard to believe."

           "What do you

mean?" he asked?

           I reached into

my jacket pocket and gently set the miniature woman on my knee. Mark

looked first at my legs,

then the doll woman.

           "A doll?" he

asked. The tiny woman looked at Mark, backwards at me then again at Mark.

           "I'm not a doll.

Don't you recognize me?" she squeaked. Mark leaned forward for a better

view. Of my legs or the

doll woman, I wasn't sure. His mouth gaped open and he pointed at her.

           "That's no doll,

that's Melanie Pines from 218! She's been gone for almost a month now.

Irene said you left without

paying your rent." he was as stunned as I had been. At least I now

knew who my tiny friend


           "I did not! I

went to give Irene my rent and I blacked out in her office. When I came to,

I was naked and in a cage!

She did something to me, and to Joy!" She looked up at me. "And if

Irene suspects you, you're

next." These two were filling in several blanks for me, but not

enough. I carefully set

Melanie on the table between Mark and I.

           "Melanie, why

did Irene shrink you?" I asked.

           "I don't know.

She just smiled at me and told me I was going to make her rich.I was lucky

to escape." she said,

sitting on the television remote. She was a pretty girl. I wouldn't doubt

she was used to getting

second looks from guys when she was normal sized. And she probably did

not spend Friday nights at

home either.

           "Hmm. Mark, do

you know somewhere you can hide Melanie from Jim and Irene? Someplace they

won't find her?" I asked.

           "Why can't I

stay here?" Melanie yelled from the table.

           "For one thing,

Jim and Irene will most likely check here since she knows that I'm Joy's

friend. And second, Joy has

a cat." I explained. Fortunately, it was afraid of strangers. And

just what was the big fur

ball's name anyway?

           At the mention

of a cat, Melanie jumped back and fell from the table. Luckily, Mark

caught her in one hand.

           "I could take

her to my apartment. She could hide there while I finish my work. No one

goes there and I don't have

a cat or girlfriend." Mark suggested. I hope he added that girl-

friend part for my benefit.

           "All right. Take

her there and hide her. I've got some work of my own to do." I said.Mark

stood up and slid the tiny

girl into a hip pocket. He headed for the door.

           "Will you be

ok?" he asked.

           "I'll be fine.

Just take care of our small friend till I get back."

           "Ok." he

unlocked the door and gave me one last look. Then he closed the door and left. I

grabbed my picks from my

purse and left the apartment my self. No one was in the courtyard. That

was good. I made my way to

apartment 70 as quietly and quickly as I could. Once there, I

listened at the door.

Nothing. Good Again. I knocked. After several minutes of silence, I

unlocked the door with my

special keys (God I love my picks!) and slid inside. The layout was

similar to Joy's place

except there were two bedrooms. Nothing special in the living room. I saw

one of the bedroom doors

was closed. I knocked and heard a muffled sound. Opening it, I was

surprised to see a row of

cages on a table along a wall. I saw what appeared to be my friend Joy

in one of them, except she

was the same size as Melanie! I took a step inside the room towards

the table but stopped when

a sudden pain in my head told me I had been hit from behind. Hard. I

did the only sensible thing

I could do and fell to the floor unconscious. Stupid me! Always

check every room! This was

not good.

           I was screwed.

There was no two ways about it. It wasn't only my surroundings, which led

me to this less than joyous

conclusion. It might also have had something to do with the manacles

which held my hands above

my head, apart. I was half spread eagle and all pissed off. My feet

barely touched the floor.

Looking around I could tell I was in some kind of a basement. It

wasn't very large. Support

beams ran from ceiling to floor, forming straight columns. I

currently was stretched

between two of them. Thankfully I was still dressed. Unfortunately, my

head felt like a drum from

a marching band on parade. Whoever had hit me was strong. And I hoped

I could repay the favor

with a large baseball bat upside his head.

           As I took in

more of my posh accommodations, I noticed an empty tripod about fifteen feet

in front of me. It didn't

look too threatening, but it also didn't look very promising either.

The only other thing of

note was the small door to my right. It was just wide enough for a

person to go through

sideways and had a small, dirty window in its center. I could faintly hear

music coming from behind

it. Struggling with the chains was futile. They were strong and well

anchored. And from the way

they didn't creak or have any rust, I could tell they were either

newly installed (which I

kinda doubted) or well kept and oiled. I was debating whether or not to

gnaw off my hand so I could

escape when the door opened and Jim and Irene appeared. Stairs could

be seen behind them and Jim

was carrying a 3ft long tubular object covered in a blanket. Irene

was holding one of the

little cages I had seen in their apartment, before being knocked

unconscious. She walked

over to me, holding the cage up to my face. Inside I could see my friend

Joy. She was 10" tall and

wearing an outfit similar to what Melanie had been wearing. She didn't

appear hurt, though I could

tell she had been crying. Joy wasn't crying now though, she was

huddled in the back of the

cage, whimpering. She did manage a weak smile when she saw me, but it

quickly died when she

noticed my manacled wrists. She hung her head.

           "I'm sorry,

Molly. It's all my fault." she began to cry again. Irene removed the cage

from my face.

           "AWWW, you made

your doll-friend cry. That wasn't very nice." Irene pouted mockingly."But

don't worry, you'll join

her soon." The woman walked backed to where her husband was assembling

something on the tripod.

Within moments, he had what looked like a telescope with a camera

mounted at the small end. I

didn't feel good about this.

           "I don't know

who you are, or why you're poking your pretty little nose where it doesn't

belong, but I'm about to

make sure you're out of my way for good." Irene sneered. She handed

Joy's cage to her husband,

Jim. "Any last words before you join your little friend?"

           I had several

choice words, but decided that four letter expletives were not going to

help the situation. Not

very lady-like either.

           "You do realize

that kidnapping is a federal offense?" I said.

           "And who's going

to listen to a foot tall woman?" Irene smirked. I had, and it seemed I

was about to become one.

Irene made some adjustments on the device. I desperately looked around

for a way to escape, but

all of my plans revolved around me not being in the manacles.

           "Why don't you

let me go and restore Joy to her normal height? Then we can forget about

this whole misunderstanding

and there won't be any trouble." I purposely excluded mentioning

Melanie. I figured no need

to let them know I know about her.

           "Sorry, can't do

that, Honey. Prepare to be shrunk!" Irene smiled.

           "Wait! One more

question!" I yelled. Irene paused.


           "Why are you

doing this?" I asked. Any information I could get would help me. Irene

smiled again. God I hated

her smile. Made me want to strangle her.

           "Do you know how

much a rich, lonely old man will pay for a controllable, helpless,

constant companion, who's

pretty and he can do with as he pleases? A fortune! Our friend Joy

here as well as the other

woman, Melanie, were the first test subjects for my shrink ray to see

if the device worked. As

you can see, it works just fine. And after I find that other little

tramp, I'm putting the

three of you up for sale. How does that sound?" she gloated. Personally I

wasn't too keen on the

idea. At the mention of Melanie, Irene glared at Jim. I deduced that

somehow Jim was responsible

for Melanie's freedom. Interesting. I filed the information away for

later use.

           "You need help."

I stated flatly. Irene didn't seem to like my suggestion.

           "You'll be the

one who needs help!" she scowled. Before I could say another word, she

pushed a button and a beam

shot out from the business end of the telescope thing, hitting me.

           It didn't hurt

in the least. In fact, it felt kinda warm and tingly, almost pleasant. But

I had a scant few seconds

to revel in the sensation before I realized my clothes were feeling

loose and baggy. My skirt

began to inch its way down my legs, past my knees and I felt my

panties getting roomier. My

feet came out of my shoes as I was suspended in air by the manacles.

In seconds, my panties fell

to the floor, followed closely by my skirt. Only my jacket and

blouse stood between an R

rating and me.

           I looked up at

Irene, who seemed to be grinning almost maniacally. The two of them were

getting bigger by the

second. I was the size of a small child and still shrinking. The only

upside to this was that my

hands came free of the manacles and I dropped into my pile of clothes

on the floor. I tried to

run, but my now oversized blouse and jacket tangled me up and I fell on

my face. Even my bra was

hindering me. I knew those damn things were evil! By the time I

extricated myself from my

clothes I was somewhere under two feet tall. I again tried to run, but

Jim was on top of me faster

than I expected. He put his large hands around my naked waist and

lifted me like I was a baby

that needed its diaper changed. God, he was strong! And his hands

were warm and rough. I

could feel them sliding across my bare, soft skin as I continued to

dwindle. For a moment, I

was caught up in the surreality of the whole thing, watching Jim's

weather-beaten face get

bigger and farther away. Then I remembered just how screwed I was. I

kicked, and punched and

yelled in a completely feminine way, which was useless except to amuse

Jim. He chuckled, which

shook me a bit. Finally I quit shrinking. Jim was holding me in one hand

like a doll. A naked doll

at that. He brought me over to Irene, who quickly snatched me from her

husband's hand and examined

me by tuning me over and back again. Satisfied, she lifted me to her

face. I was sitting in her

open palm, my legs dangling down her wrist, my back against her giant

fingers. Jim picked up the

cage and held the top open.

           "She's not as

well-endowed as the other two, but she'll do." Irene commented, lifting one

of my breasts with a

painted fingernail the size of a dinner plate. It was true, I wasn't as

buxomly gifted as Joy or

Melanie, but she didn't need to be rude about it. Irene deposited me

into the open cage, which

Jim quickly closed it. She took our prison from Jim and held it up

before her face.

           "Comfy? I hope

so. I have some important phone calls to make. While I'm gone, Jim will

take care of you." The

giantess looked at Jim. "Don't screw it up this time, you moron, or

you'll join them in that

cage." She handed the cage back to the giant man. Then she looked at

Joy and I. "See you two

shortly." She laughed at her oh-so-funny joke and led Jim and us up the

stairs. At the top of the

stairs, I saw were in a bedroom, most likely in the complex. Probably

the bedroom in Irene's

apartment I didn't check.

           Irene left the

apartment as evidenced by the front door slamming shut. Jim closed the

basement door and sat on

the bed. He set the cage down on the nightstand next to him and looked

at us for a few seconds. I

didn't like that look. Then he picked up a book and lay down to read

it. As he began reading to

himself, I turned to Joy.

           "Are you okay?"

I asked my friend, giving her a quick hug.

           "I think so.

What are we going to do?I don't want to be a Barbie doll for some old geezer

for the rest of my life."

Joy was on the verge of crying again.

           "Don't worry.

I'll think of something." I looked out at the giant Jim. I noticed he had a

telltale bulge near his Libra Sun Aquarius Rising

zipper, barely being contained by the denim. Either the book was turning

him on, or we had. I WAS

naked after all. I glanced at the book cover; 'One Thousand Ways to

Play Solitaire'. It had to

be Joy and I. If not, I would feel seriously depressed and wonder a

lot about Jim. Then I had

an idea. I explained my plan to Joy, who at first was reluctant, but

after being reminded of the

alternative, quickly agreed. I looked at Jim and set my plan in


           I've never

considered myself to be sexy. Oh sure, I've had dates with plenty of guys

before, and even...well,

let's just say I'm not quite as pure as the driven snow. But no matter

what I thought of myself, I

had to hope that Jim found Joy and I to be the sexiest ten-inch tall

women he had ever seen. I

posed in what I hoped resembled a sexy stance and whistled to Giant


           "Oh Jim..." I

purred sweetly. He stopped reading long enough to look over at me then

casually go back to reading

his book. Before I could even feel insulted though, the book dropped

from his hands and his face

was mere inches from the cage bars. Scared the hell out of me, but I

managed to maintain my

pose. It was show time. I put my tiny hand on what I could reach of his

cheek and caressed down to

his chin. The stubble on his chin was thick and coarse and I felt

like I was petting a broom.

           "How can a

handsome man like you let Irene work you so hard? Does she always treat you

like that and tell you what

to do? I know I wouldn't push around a big, strong man like you." I

smiled at him. Jim looked

down at the ground then back at me.

           "She's smarter

than me."

           "Awww, come on.

You seem pretty smart to me. And as good-looking as you are, I'll bet you

have all kinds of women

after you." Trying to avoid the prickly stubble, I gently pet his chin

with both of my hands. He

smiled a little.

           "No." he


           "What?! You must

be kidding! I know if I was outside this cage,I would show you a hell of

a good time." I hoped he

would fall for my ruse. He shook his head.

           "This is a

trick. You only want me to let you out so you can try and get away." The giant

man put a hand between his

legs and rubbed himself. I was so close! But before I could disagree

with him, Joy stepped in

front of me.

           "Does THIS look

like a trick to you?" she retorted,as she dropped the sarong to the floor

of the cage. Joy had an

impressive body, or at least I had always thought so. Apparently, so did

Jim. He put a finger

through the bars of the cage and began to stroke one of Joy's breasts. She

grabbed his finger, kissed

it, and then began rubbing her breasts with it. I could see the bulge

in Jim's pants grow larger.

           "Okay, I'll let

you out, but no tricks! And as soon as Irene comes home, back in the cage

you go." Jim said. He

disengaged his hand from Joy and opened the top of the cage. Carefully he

lifted Joy out, then me. He

set us on the nightstand.

           "Now what?" he

asked, his eyes wide with anticipation. And I swear I could see a bit of

drool in the corner of his

mouth. Joy seemed to be doing fine, so I let her take over.

           "Take off your

clothes and lie down." I've never seen a person move so fast in my life.In

seconds he was lying on the

bed completely naked. He turned his eyes towards us.

           "I'll take the

low road and you take the high road." I whispered to Joy. We jumped from

the table to the bed. It

was a waterbed and walking on it was like walking on one of those

Moonwalk rides at the

carnival. We used the giant's arm for balance. Joy climbed onto the arm,

then his chest and made her

way up to his face. I went towards his raging manhood.

           "Now, you can't

touch Molly, just me. That's the only rule, okay?" Joy said, leaning on

Jim's chin.

           "All right." he

agreed readily.

           "Good." Joy

climbed onto Jim's face and straddled his open mouth like it was a horse. She

motioned for his hands,

which came up and began to fondle her marble-sized breasts. His tongue

seemed to know what to do

as it probed my young friend's bottom. I stood before his turgid

erection. Good God it was

huge! I was ten inches tall and it was almost as tall as I was. Never,

even in my wildest dreams

had I imagined a man's member could be this big. I was in awe. I

stared for a moment longer,

but was brought out of my reverie by a moan of pleasure from Joy. I

got to work.

           Slowly I wrapped

my arms and legs around his shaft and began rubbing myself against it. I

could feel his pulse racing

as I continued my tiny ministrations. He began to buck a little when

I began to kiss wherever I

could. An utterance of pleasure told me he liked what we were doing.

Turning around,I knelt with

Jim's massive member somewhat between my butt cheeks and up my back.

My hands, above my head,

were caressing the throbbing tip as I continued to rub my body up and

down. It was feeling rather

good and I almost hated to do what I had to do, when I felt a large

drop of wetness hit my

hair. That was it. It was now or never. Sitting as low as I could, I

wrapped my arms around

Jim's pulsating member and locked my fingers together. He was ready to

explode. I stood back up,

rubbing him with my back once more, then sat down as fast as I could,

bringing the tip of his

penis over my shoulder in somewhat of a judo throw. I applied as much

pressure as I could and was

rewarded by hearing popping sounds from behind me. Jim bolted up,

screaming and sending Joy

flying from his face. She landed between his knees. I barely got out

of the way of Jim's hands

grasping for his wounded manhood. Another scream erupted from him as

his face crunched into a

mask of pain.

           "Time to go!" I

shouted to Joy. Jim lay back down and cried softly as he slid into

unconsciousness. We slid

down the bedspread to the floor and took a few seconds to collect


           "You okay?" Joy

asked me. She looked flushed and red-faced. I touched the wet spot on my

head. It was sticky.

           "Yeah, but I'm

definitely gonna wash that man right outta my hair." I answered."How about

you?" Joy smiled at me.

           "Damn that felt

good! I've never felt anything like it!" Joy whispered, majorly out of

breath. She looked at me,

but had a far away look in her eyes.

           "Let's get out

of here before he wakes up." I said. I was a little flushed myself, but I

knew we had to get to

Mark's apartment. Hmm... Mark. I wondered if he was as well endowed as

Jim? And I also wondered

what it would be like to straddle his mouth and ride his tongue like a

pony. I wondered if I'd be

able to walk afterwards. I shook my head and led the way out to the

living room. Once there, we

looked for a way out. It was Joy who saw the open window. We quickly

climbed a drape cord to the

windowsill. I was about to drop it down the outside when a shadow

fell over us. Before I

could turn to see who it was, a pair of hands grabbed Joy and I, lifting

us off the sill.

           I was having the

kind of day where I felt like my ass was grass and the entire world was

one huge lawn mower (which

wasn't too far from the truth). First, my best friend comes up

missing. This leads me to

find a ten-inch tall woman hiding in my purse, who warns me I was

probably in danger.

Probably, right. This, in turn, pointed me in the direction of the apartment

managers. After breaking

into their home, I found my best friend, but she too was ten inches

tall. If the manager,

Irene, hadn't been regular sized, I'd have thought it was an epidemic. And

if that wasn't bad enough,

I get knocked unconscious and chained in a basement. Then, to top it

all off, I get shrunk to

ten inches (probably more like 9 1/2, I was already short you know).

So, you may be asking

yourself, is there an upside? I DID meet a cute guy named Mark who seems

to enjoy looking at my

legs. I've always considered my legs my best feature. Joy and I were

heading for Mark's

apartment when we got caught on the windowsill. Out of the frying pan into

the microwave oven I always

say. I just prayed to whoever was listening that it wasn't Irene. I

didn't want to have to face

Jim again. He most likely was not too happy with Joy or I at this

point. All in all, not a

good day.

           I turned to see

who had caught us and was thankfully met with the sight of green cover-

alls. Mark! He held us up

and looked at me.

           "What happened?"

he said. He didn't even look at Joy. I suddenly felt good that he only

had eyes for me, but at the

same time, very selfconcious. I was naked.

           "I'll explain

later. You have to hide us and quick!" I squeaked. Mark looked around and

gently put Joy into the

pocket on his hip. Taking a lingering look at me, Mark quite surprised

me by covering my face with

a quick kiss then sliding me into an interior chest pocket near his

heart. I was speechless as

he hurried down the sidewalk to his apartment. I could feel his heart

beat, a little fast. Either

from the possible danger of Irene catching him or he was nervous

about kissing me. I hoped

it was the latter. I didn't mind that he kissed me, I was just

surprised by it. A little

warning would have been nice. And speaking of nice, it did feel nice

being against his firm

chest. Somehow, ten inches didn't seem too bad.

           The ride back to

Mark's apartment was anything but uncomfortable. His coveralls kept me

pressed tightly against his

chest (which was a place I didn't mind being) and he smelled of a

pleasant aftershave. I

could easily fall for this giant of a man. I smiled as I stretched myself

out, using the seams of the

pocket for braces. I was thinking of what I was going to say to Mark

once I was returned to full

size, when I felt him stop. I could hear keys jingling and a door

open. We moved forward and

I heard a door close. Mark gently put his hand over me outside his

pocket and gave me a

gentle, reassuring squeeze. It was electric! I DEFINITELY had to spend some

quality time with him once

I got back to normal. IF I ever returned to normal. And right now, it

didn't seem too likely.

           I could feel us

move a little further, and then it felt like we were falling. I assumed

(and hoped) Mark was

kneeling down.

           "Here you go,

Miss Davidson, watch your step." I heard him say. Suddenly I lost my perch

and tumbled to the bottom

of the pocket. Mark's coveralls pulled open and I could see him

looking down at me. He

smiled a warm smile. 'Ready to come out, Miss Carnes?'

           "Call me Molly,

please." I wanted to scream 'NO! Leave me here!' and stay in his pocket

forever, but I knew I had

to help the other girls and get us back to normal. There would be time

for play later. Mark's huge

hand came into the pocket and carefully withdrew my small, tender

form. I never realized

hands so big could be so soft. I was reluctant to leave his hand, but did

so in front of what looked

like a normal sized house to me. If it hadn't of been pink and had

Barbie's name plastered all

over it, I would have thought it was a normal house, shrunk like us.

Joy and Melanie were on the

porch, looking at me as I left Mark's hand. Melanie was wearing a

slightly baggy jogging


           "Come on you

two, there's plenty of clothes in the box upstairs. Let's go!" Melanie

sounded well adjusted to

her new height. Joy was a little shaky, but perked up when she saw

things her size. She looked

at me.

           "Go ahead, I'll

be up in a minute. I need to talk to Mark." I said.Joy grinned and turned

following Melanie inside. I

turned to face Mark. He lowered his hand and I stepped into it. He

set me on a bed, which was

just the right size for a child. Still way too big for me, but

perfect for a kid. I could

also see drawings on the walls and other toys scattered about the

room. Mostly dolls, but a

few toy trucks and such. I focused my attention on Mark.

"Where did you get all of

these toys?" I asked. He had already told me he was single. Divorced

with kids? I could handle


           "My sister and

her daughter stay over quite a bit. She's having trouble with her husband

and sometimes needs a place

to stay. I let them stay here. He doesn't know where I live and if

he did, he wouldn't dare

come here. He knows I'd kill him." he explained. Wow! Chivalrous,

generous, protective, AND

cute. What else could a ten-inch tall woman want?

           "Has she gone to

the police?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled.

           "I appreciate

your concern, but right now, let's see about getting you back to normal

size. After we've restored

you, we'll help my sister, deal?" he smiled warmly again. Damn those

deep blue eyes of his!

           "Ok. Thanks for

everything Mark." I said. He brought his face close to mine and gave me a

quick kiss. But I was ready

this time and put my whole body into the kiss. When Mark pulled

away, I could barely stand.

I smiled at him. He picked me back up and set me on the floor near

the dollhouse.

           "Why don't you

get dressed and I'll come back after I shower. We can talk more then. The

doors are locked and the

windows are closed. You should be safe. Ok?" Mark's suggestion sounded

just fine to me. He stood

up and I watched as he left the room. I waited for a few seconds to

see if he would come back.

When he didn't, I turned and entered the dollhouse, my destination,

the giggling on the second

floor. I climbed the stairs of the dollhouse, my steps light from

thinking of Mark. Once I

entered the room where Joy and Melanie were, it was like being back in

a college dorm room instead

of a child's dollhouse. Upon seeing me, the two girls smiled.

           "I think Mark

likes you." Joy said.She had put on what looked to me like a tennis outfit.

And where Barbie's clothes

were loose and baggy on Melanie, Joy filled them out like they were

made for her. Sometimes I

wished I were just a little bigger. Of course, right now I was aiming

for ALOT bigger.

           "You think so?"

I asked, looking through the remaining doll clothes. I chose a little

black dress that showed off

my legs and had a high cut neckline. It wasn't too bad a fit.

           "From the way he

looks at you, I'd say so." Melanie said. "Maybe you should go and talk

with him."

           "But he's in the

shower." I said, admiring myself in the cellophane mirror.Not too bad at


           "And the problem

is...?" smiled Joy. Somewhere in the back of my shrunken mind, Joy made

sense. I was about to agree

when a loud ringing outside the dollhouse scared the hell out of the

three of us. When it rang

again, I realized it was the telephone. I heard Mark's answering

machine pick up.

           "Hi. I'm not

here, but if you leave your name and number I'll get back with you later." A

loud long beep followed.

Then I heard a voice that froze me in my tracks.

           "Mark, this is

Irene." She sounded to be in a hurry. Did she know what Mark had done? She

continued. "Jim has had a

slight accident and I need to take him to the hospital. I'm expecting

an old friend to come over

tonight from out of town. He should be here in about 20 minutes. If

you could let him into our

apartment and explain where we are, I'd really appreciate it.Thanks."

She hung up. I smiled. Not

only did she not know, but also she had just provided a way for us to

get back to normal!

           "EWWW! It must

be the old man she wants to sell us to!" Joy frowned and began to panic.

           "What are you

talking about, sell us?" Melanie looked worried. I shook my head.

           "No one is

selling us. In fact, I have an idea. You two wait here while I get Mark. We're

about to get back to normal

size!" The girls looked at me, each other, then back at me. They

started talking at the same


           "What do


           "How are we...?"

I left them gibbering as I bounded down the stairs and out the front

of the dollhouse. As I ran

across the carpeted bedroom to the bathroom, I could hear Mark

showering. Once in the

bathroom, I yelled to him.

           "Mark! Mark! I

need your help!" It was no use. He couldn't hear my tiny voice over the

running water. Not wanting

to ruin my new dress, I threw modesty out the window, removed the

dress, and began climbing

the outer shower curtain. It wasn't easy, but once I reached the side

of the tub, I was treated

to the sight of Mark naked. He was beautiful. His legs were lean and

muscled. And he had the

cutest butt. I saw no sign of love handles around his waist. So

entranced was I with the

sight of his giant naked body (and hoping he would turn around so I

could see the rest of him)

that I didn't notice him move slightly to the side. His movement

allowed a bit of spray from

the shower to hit me and knock me back. Unfortunately, I lost my

balance and hit the wall

behind me. My footing seemed to disappear and I found myself sliding

down the back of the tub

towards Mark's feet and the drain.

           Luck must have

decided to smile upon me for a change because not only didn't Mark step on

me as I slid between his

feet, but he droped the soap, which I promptly grabbed onto. As I

clung to the bar, Mark

looked down and stooped to retrieve the soap. He looked quite surprised

to see me.

           "How did you get

in here?" he asked, picking me up in one hand and the soap in the other.

At least I got his

attention. As he lifted me, I was again treated to the sight of his body.

This time, the front. He

was everything I hoped for. Even soft, he was impressive. Not porn star

impressive or anything, but

I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. Or for

any other reason I could

think of. Despite my current situation, I wanted him. Bad. Mark lifted

me to his face. He put the

soap in its holder and turned to shield me from the water.

           "What are you

doing in here?" he asked again, a smile on his face. Oh, how I wanted to

return that smile, but I

remembered Joy and Melanie. There would be time for fun later. Story of

my life, really.

           "I need your

help." I said. I felt the forefinger of his free hand glide down one leg and

make its way back up the

other. God, he was making this difficult.

           "Really, and you

had to hop into the shower with me to tell me?" His finger gently rubbed

my butt cheeks then softly

made its way between my legs. I began to stutter.

           "We, we, we were

just in the, the , oh god, dollhouse..." I had all the grammar of a wino.

Mark felt SO good.

           "Uh huh,

and...?" Mark seemed to be enjoying making me stutter. As good as it felt, I had

to stop it.

           "I, I, I, Irene

called..." I breathed heavily. Mark stopped instantly.I was still shaking

with pleasure.

           "I'm so sorry. I

thought that you..." began Mark. He cuddled me to his chest like I was a

baby. I managed a feeble


           "S'okay. We WILL

continue this later." I said, catching my breath.

           "What did Irene

say?" He turned the water off and opened the shower curtain.I related the

call to him as well as my

plan. He set me on the counter and dried himself off. I watched and

whistled with appreciation.

He looked at me, smiled and handed me a washcloth to dry off with.

Reaching down, he picked up

my dress and laid it down next to me. After we dried off and I got

dressed, he lifted me off

the counter and he entered the bedroom. He hurriedly got dressed and

we went to the dollhouse

where the other two tiny girls were waiting.

           "Ready to get

back to normal?" I asked from Mark's hand. Both shook their heads yes. Mark

picked them up one at a

time and put them in his jacket pocket. He gave me a kiss which covered

most of my face then slid

me into his shirt pocket. I felt warm and safe. I heard him grab a set

of keys and we were off.

           Mark nearly ran

to Irene's apartment. He kept one hand over the pocket I was in and one

over my fellow shrinkees to

keep us from bouncing too much. It was like a roller coaster at Cedar

Point, only better smelling

and no lines. It didn't take too long for us to reach his bosses'

apartment. Once there, I

again heard him fumble with his huge key ring and a door opened. Once

the door closed, I saw

light as Mark opened the pocket.

           "Where is the

machine that shrank you?" he asked. I stood up so I could see out of his


           "Downstairs, in

the basement. And we better hurry.I figure we have ten to fifteen minutes

before they get home." I

pointed to the back bedroom. Mark nodded and headed for the staircase.

           He must have

taken three or four steps at a time, because we were down in a matter of

seconds. I could see the

machine was still set up. Hopefully I or Mark could figure it out.

           "Why don't you

set Melanie and Joy down between those two posts while we try and figure

out this thing?" I

suggested. He nodded his head and carefully removed the girls. After setting

them on the floor, we made

our way over to the device. It didn't look TOO complicated, but I

didn't want to make any

mistakes. The device really did look like a camera on a telescope. There

was a button on top of the

camera part and a dial on the telescope. The dial was pointing

towards my little friends.

           "Well, what do

you think?" Mark looked at me.

           "I don't think

they expect us to get down here, so I don't think they would have changed

any settings. Maybe if you

turn the dial back, it will enlarge them." I hoped I was right. I

didn't want to think of the

alternatives. Mark took a deep breath, turned the dial, and pointed

it at the little women in

front of us. He pushed the button on the camera and a beam shot out.

It hit Joy. I held my

breath, waiting to see what would happen. Fortunately (for Joy), she began

to grow. It didn't take too

long for her to shred the doll clothes she had been wearing and

spring back up to full

size. She had a smile bigger than I was tall! She ran over to Mark and I

and gave us a hug,

forgetting that I was in his pocket. I was squashed between Mark's chest and

Joy's healthy bosom. I

pushed on her breast. She must have felt it, because she let out a little

start and backed up. She

bent down and looked at me.

           "Are you okay?"

she asked.

           "I'm fine, just

wait till I get back to normal to hug me." I smiled. I looked up at Mark.

"Can you get Melanie back

to normal now?"


"Sure. Here goes." He pointed the device at the remaining dollgirl and pushed


button. We waited a few

seconds. Nothing happened. I looked at Mark.

           "Um, Mark? Why

isn't she getting bigger?" I asked. I began to fear for my own return to

normal size. Mark began

checking all over the device. Finally he stood up.

           "Ah-ha. We have

a slight problem." he said. Why didn't I like this?

           "What's the

matter?" I asked. He pointed to the underneath of the camera part.

           "There's a small

light bulb under the camera. It's not on right now. I think it may take

time to recharge or

something." he said. He took me out of his pocket and bent down to show me

the bulb. As we watched, it

slowly came back on.

           "I think we're

ready to enlarge Melanie." Mark announced.

           "Ready when you

are!" the tiny woman squeaked. Mark took aim and fired. It took a little

longer than last time, but

eventually Melanie grew out of her Barbie clothes and back to normal.

           "I'm next!" I

shouted from Mark's pocket.He set me down in the spot where Melanie and Joy

had been.

           "It may take a

few seconds for it to recharge." Mark said.

           "No problem.

Just as long as I can get back to normal." I said. Mark was about to say

something when we heard the

door upstairs open. My blood quit flowing when I heard Irene's


           "Why is the door

unlocked?" I heard her say.

           "Mark! Is it

ready yet?" I yelled through my teeth. Melanie and Joy held each other. Mark

looked under the machine.

           "Nope." Mark

shook his head. Damn!

           "The basement!

Someone must be in the basement!" I heard Irene shout. Double Damn! There

was no way it would

recharge in time! I ran over to Mark. He picked me up.

           "We have to do

something. They're going to be here shortly." I knew I was useless in a

fight at my current size.

Mark looked around the room. There was nothing to use as a weapon. I

directed Melanie and Joy to

hide behind the door as best as they could. At least they might

surprise Irene and Jim.

Just as they got into position, the two managers burst into the room. I

saw Jim had a baseball bat.

I suddenly had inspiration!

           "Mark, the

machine should be ready! Try and hit one of them!" I yelled. He quickly turned

the dial and swung the

machine around and fired. We waited. For a few seconds I didn't think it

worked. Then I saw Irene

begin to dwindle. However, Jim still charged towards us, the ball bat

above his head. Mark

surprised me with his speed as he ducked out of the way of the wild swing.

What also surprised me, was

what Jim DID hit. The bat connected with the shrinking device. There

was an impressive shower of

sparks and I swear I saw Jim's skeleton highlighted under his skin.

Once the sparks died down,

so did Jim. He dropped the bat and fell to the floor. There was no

way he could have survived.

I winced at him. Then I winced even more when I saw the machine. Jim

had destroyed it! I

couldn't believe it! My only way to get back to normal! No. There was

another way. I looked at

where Irene had been. All I saw was a pile of clothes. Irene built the

thing, she could do it

again and restore my height.

           "Mark! We have

to get Irene! She can restore my height!" I said. Mark looked at me.

           "But the machine

is broken." He looked puzzled.

           "Irene built it,

she can rebuild it." I explained. Mark stared at me for a moment.

Meanwhile, Joy walked over

to the pile of clothes. She looked through them.


Giantess Stories: SEQ CHAPTER

the lock, but since Joy locked her door and didn't answer when I knocked,            I hated to pick            I hated to pick TO RENT



Giantess Stories: SEQ CHAPTER

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