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Sharkey's Revenge

By Littletoy

I sat in the stupid plastic model house and waited. Ever since I had been shrunk

and kidnapped by Angelo Sharkey, the owner of The Sharkey's Machine Club, a high

class strip joint. I wondered what was going to happen to me, even though I new

full well I had been purchased with the idea of being a living mascot for

Angelo's enormous new mansion, nestled in the hills above LA. There were

literally dozens of georgous women, all showgirls working at Sharkey's club,

prowling around the house at all hours and it was only a matter of time before I

was presented to one of them by Angelo. He liked having beautiful young women

around him and I think he liked the idea of having something to offer them that

was unique. He never told me details about how he had reduced my size but from

our conversations I deduced that it was a one time thing and that the shrinking

process was a one way trip that could never be reversed.

Everything you could think of had been provided to me in my miniature house.

Plumbing, TV, electricity, Internet. I had it all with the exception of my old

size. I was now a mere eight inches tall, a doll, a curio for big people to play

with. Yet after a week of captivity I had met no one and nobody had been allowed

into the room the dollhouse was in. I had a phone, which Angelo had called me up

on several times to explain the situation. I begged and pleaded to be released

and restored, but Angelo said he couldn't. He had purchased the contract on my

life put out by don Fredo Castelluci, to whom I owed about 50 large as final

payment a gambling debt I couldn't pay fast enough. Angelo had promised

Castelluci that I would never see the light of day again but didn't actually

tell him what he was having done to me. Instead he had me drugged one night,

then taken me to the experimental lab owned by some corporate big whig friends

of his, where the procedure was completed successfully on myself, the first and

only time it worked.

I think Angelo paid them off in Lakers tickets. It looked like I would be the

one and only shrunken man for the time being.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. I picked it up.

"It's me, Angelo. I'm sending someone in to you. You had better behave because

if I hear back from her that you were difficult I'll have you cleaning out my

garbage disposal, capice?." Click. Shit. I need time to-

The sound of the door opening to the room. That had never happened before since

the shrinking. I heard soft footfalls on the carpet outside my house. I got up

and looked out the window and was shocked to see a giant brown eye peering in at

me. I froze but it was too late. I had been seen. Suddenly the whole house shook

from side to side, tipping over the furniture and otherwise creating a huge

mess. I lurched for the front door and stumbled out onto the table my house sat


"Hey you! Stop it!" I cried.

"¿Qué es usted? ¿Usted es un hombre, sólo tan diminuto? ¡Usted es apenas una

muñeca! ¡Una muñeca viva! ¡Amo esto, usted es tan mono!"

(What are you? You're a man, only so tiny? You're just a doll! A living doll! I

love this, you are so cute!)

I heard a booming youthful female voice say in Spanish and I looked up and

froze. There bending over me was a beautiful young women about 19 or 20 years of

age with long , light brown hair. She looked to be about 5'4 with a killer,

slender hard bod, covered up with cutoff jeans and a midriff halter. Her pert

button nose was only a foot from my face, and her sweet breath washed over me as

she examined me completely. She had delicate features, and spoke with a very

slight Spanish accent. I had assumed at first hearing her that she was latina

but after getting to know her better I found out she was actually from Spain and

had emigrated to the US with her family as a little girl.

"Please young lady, you wrecked my house with your shaking!"

The young woman looked unconcerned as she straightened back up and looked into

the house window to survey the damage. Her mouth opened in amusement at the

damage she caused, then she stood towering over me, my face even with her flat


"¡Ohhh! ¡Yo'm tan arrepentido! Yo no pensé al lío arriba su casa de muñecas

pequeña. Hice't piensa habría cualquiera adentro. La Angeloa apenas me dijo para

entrarla y tomar el contenido con mí pero no romper nada." Ella estalla en a

risitas. "I adivina que él lo significó, qué? "

(Ohhh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to mess up your little dollhouse. I didn't

think there would be anyone inside. Angelo just told me to come in her and take

the contents with me but not to break anything. She bursts in to giggles. I

guess he meant you, huh?)

"Please miss, you have to help me get out of here. There's some mistake. Now if

you'll just-"

"¡Ohhhhh! Usted debe estar solitario en aquí todo por usted mismo. Mi muñeca

pequeña pobre. Ce'la Angelo mon, dijo yo no debo colgar fuera aquí demasiado

largo. Soy Celia Almadovar, uno de los Sharkey's modelos. ¿Lo tomaré yo con mí a

mi habitación del huésped y nosotros podemos discurso, OK?"

(Ohhhhh! You must be lonely in here all by yourself. My poor little doll. C'mon,

Angelo said I shouldn't hang out here too long. I'm Celia Almadovar, one of

Sharkey's models. I'll take you with me to my guest room and we can talk, OK?)

She smiles gently as she bends over again and reaches out for me with her long

slender fingers half the length of my body.

"Wait! I'm NOT a little doll! I'm a man! You can't just treat me like a doll!

Its not fair! Let me go!"

¡"Awww, yo pienso que usted es sooo mono! Usted're la cosa más adorable jamás.

Sí usted're MI muñeca ahora. La Angeloa dijo tan. Pienso que él quiso dármelo a

mí primero como un gusto. ¿Isn't ese dulce de él? El quiso que mí vieralo

primero antes de todas las otras chicas. El hombre pequeño de la muñeca, usted

es apenas increíble. Puedo&la espera para divertirse con usted tan viene aquí…"

("Awww, I think you are sooo cute! You're the most adorable thing ever. Yes

you're MY doll now. Angelo said so. I think he wanted to give you to me first as

a treat. Isn't that sweet of him? He wanted me to see you first before all the

other girls. Little doll man, you are just incredible. I can't wait to have fun

with you so come here…")

The beautiful young woman is absolutely entranced as she engulfed me easily in

her fist, gently squeezing my arms against my sides and lifting me to her comely


"H-hey! D-don't! Put me down! Put me down! Put me down right now! Let me go!

Noooo! Put me down! Celia! Please! Celia! Celia! Can't you hear me? Celia, I

know you can understand English, I said put me down!"

I was kicking with all my strength but I couldn't even budge one of her fingers

from around my waist. Celia was holding me right up just inches from her lips,

which were pursed in a little pout. She seemed to enjoy my struggles, for the

more I fought her, the more determined she looked to subdue me.

"Yes I speak English my pet, but Spanish is my native language. Now, you're not

going anywhere my little toy, expect with me to my room. ¡Pienso que usted es

tan mono! ¡Mi propio hombre pequeño de la muñeca! ¡Usted're vivo, pero usted&juguete

re calibró! ¡Apenas espera'll el resto de las chicas obtiene una carga de usted!

¡Usted será un hombre pequeño ocupado! ¡Esto será tan fresco! ¡Quiero jugar con


(I think you are so cute! My own little doll man! You're alive, but you're toy

sized! Just wait'll the rest of the girls get a load of you! You are going to be

one busy little man! This is going to be so cool! I want to play with you! Don't

worry though, I won't hurt you, OK?")

"N-no! Celia don't! Y-you-you'll kill me! P-put me down! Help! Help! C-Celia,

please, I'm begging you! Put me down! P-put me down! P-put me down! P-put me

down! Noooooo! Help! Celia!"

"Awww, that is so damn cute! You little toy, can't you even escape my fist? ¡Usted

es tan diminuto y escuchimizado! Not like a real man at all but you're alive!

You're really alive! I can't help myself little man, you're coming with me!"

Still smiling, Celia lowered me against her soft, chest. I felt her boobs

underneath her halter give way as she trapped me between her breasts and her

hand. They felt soft and she smelled great. I began to get aroused myself as

Celia turned around and started walking out of the room.

I heard her heels clack on the wood floor as she carried me off to some other

part of the giant mansion. Her hands covered me completely so I couldn't see

where I was going.

Several minutes later Celia curled her fist around me and held me out in front

of her again and I surveyed the new surroundings. We were in a large bedroom.

Celia was dangling me above a king sized bed that looked like it had been slept

in. I could see some female items on a faraway dresser. Descuento Residentes Baleares, 10% descuento - Garden Hotels, Mallorca

"Here we are in my guest room little living doll. Aren't you cute! ¿Aren't usted

mono?" Celia gently set me in the center of the bed, and stepped away. I

surveyed her magnificent body in front of me as she unbuttoned her shorts and

let them fall to the floor, revealing her sheer silk red panties. Then she

lifted her arms over her head and pulled her halter off. I gasped at her firm

breasts jutting out. No bra.

"Now it my turn!" Celia squealed, leaning over to grab me off the bed into her

fist. Held high aloft by her one hand I began to panic and kick. Celia shushed

me, then playfully grabbed for my sweatshirt. Pinching it delicately between her

thumb and forefinger she gently pulled it over my head and tossed it aside.

"Celia, stop it! Give me my shirt back! I can undress myself. I'm not some doll

you know. Put me down!"

"Ohhhh! No, I want to do it! I love this! This is so cool. ¡Usted es tan pequeño!

You are sooooo small!" Celia's sentence trailed off in more giggles and her face

absoulutely beamed as she gently tugged on my pant leg, Because they were only

sweats the came off with little difficulty, leaving me in Celia's open palm

wearing just my shoes and socks and my underwear.

"OOOOO! Look at your little legs! They're just adorable! Let me get those shoes

and socks off doll! Tee-Hee-Hee!" She plucked my shoes and socks off one at a

time. They disappeared. Then Celia held up even closer to her sparkling eyes as

she tenderly probed her fingernail under my underwear and WHOOSH! They were gone


"NO! This is humiliating! Let me go! Put me down! Celia, I know you're just

playing but please, its embarrassing to be this small in front of you! You have

no idea! Put me down!"

"Awww, don't be embarrassed living toy man, I think you're beautiful at this

size. ¡Usted're aprecia a un hombre pequeño de animal favorito! ¡Pienso yo'm en

el amor! You're like a little pet man! I think I'm in love! Hahahahaha! I want

to play with my new toy man now. It'll be fun." Celia set me in the center of

the big bed again, then got in bed herself. She sat up on her hands and knees

and stared down at me, cringing between her luscious thighs.

"¡Ah, mi! ¡Qué un hombre pequeño diminuto de muñeca! Oh, my! What a tiny little

doll man! What do you want to do first, hmmmm?" Without waiting for an answer

she seized me by one arm and lifted me to her breast. She set me down against it

so that her nipple was between my lets, the she leaned back so I could hang on.

"What to you think of my breasts little doll? Aren't they nice and soft? Would

you like to suck them? You can if you like?"

"Celia I'm slipping! Help!" I clenched my legs over her nipple and grabbed a

handful of her long brown hair to steady myself. Her chest was shaking

vigorously as she laughed at my predicament. I didn't fall, and she brought her

hand up to steady me a bit.

"Tee-hee sorry doll. I guess my skin is smooth, huh? Let me make it easier for

you ok?" Celia leaned far back until her chest became more or less level. Her

hands were behind her on the bed bracing herself.

"Now crawl over to my other boob and stand up, ok doll?" She commanded.

I did as I was told. After all she could kill me easily and I didn't want that.

Her hair fell back behind her as she leaned far back and allowed me to slowly

stand on her breast. I help my arms out to brace myself and stood and faced her

reclining face.

"Turn around little doll. I can barely feel you on me! Its like you weigh

nothing!" Celia said.

As soon as I did she laughed again and sat forward a bit, causing me to slide

down the front of her chest and stomach to the bed below. He soft, tan skin slid

underneath me as I slid down her body to the bed surface.

"Wheeeeeee!" Celia squeals. "¿Mi dollman pequeño desliza agradable en mi cuerpo,

sí? My little dollman slides nice on my body, yes? Wasn't that a fun ride I gave

you little doll?"

"Oh god Celia you're being to rough with me! You don't know your own strength!

At my shrunken size you are a very powerful girl. Please be careful."

Celia laughs again and this time gets on all fours, her body hanging over me

like a fleshy canopy, her firm breasts dangling over my prone body, nipples

pointed down at me like torpedoes slowly homing in on a target.

"OK little man are you ready to play? Here I come!" Celia teases as she slowly

lowers her breast on me, one of her perfect nipples heading straight for my


At the last second she changes her aim and the nipple gently brushes my cock

back and forth. Her musical laughter is all around me now as she amuses herself

with her new toy.

"You sure have a tiny little cock now." Celia teases, "¡Un hombre pequeño

diminuto con un gallo pequeño diminuto! A tiny little man with a tiny little

cock! That is so cute! You are so cool like this!"

Her nipple presses gently but firmly against my genitals as she lowers her

entire breast on top of me. Her modest breast engulfs my tiny body leaving my

head and shoulders to peer up at her taunting face. She was trying to be gentle

but she couldn't help herself from getting carried away just a little bit. I

felt her weight crushing me but realized its just her breast; she is not resting

her entire body on me or I'd be crushed.

"¡Gotcha! Usted la mina re ahora. Poseo su diminuto poco como." (Gotcha! You're

mine now. I own your tiny little ass.)

Celia rolls over in bed, clutching me in her fist as she does so, rubbing my

tiny body over every inch of her soft skin. I glide over her hips and up her

flat stomach. My tiny cock pops in and out of her navel, which she immediately

notices and does it over and over and over again. Her stomach rippling with her

soft laughter only serves to heighten the experience. She rubs me up and between

her breasts, first the left one and then the right, stopping to pay attention to

her hardened nipples. Celia grabs me around the waist and uses my cock to

stimulate her nipples. I can hear her moan and occasionally say something in


Celia grabs me up in her fist yet again and sets me down on her breast. She

smiles at me and tells me, no, orders me to play with her nipple, so I do and it

becomes erect.

"¡Usted mira tan adorable en senos! ¡Tan diminuto! ¡Mis pezóns aman la atención!

¡Más por favor!

(You look so adorable on my breasts! So tiny! My nipples love the attention!

More please!)"

Before I can she grabs my ankle and dangles me upside down over her mouth,

allowing her luscious tongue and lips to caress me briefly before hoisting me

out of their reach. She really enjoys teasing me like this but finally she

engulfs me in her hand again but leaves her clutch open so she brings me up to

her glistening red lips and kisses and licks my cock and balls for what seem

like ever. I come again and again but Celia pouts there isn't enough for her to


"Please put me down Celia! You're too much for me! You're too big for me, you

need a man your own size, not me. At my size I'm too tiny to satisfy a woman

like you! Put me down! Put me down! Please Celia, I know you're trying to be

gentle with me but you don't know your own strength. Put me down, Celia,


"But I think you're sooo cute this way! I love your size. You're cute little

harmless cock is adorable! I love it! I love being in control of a man! You're

mine little doll, so you may as well get used to it, understand, little doll


"Yo nunca lo liberaré. ¡Usted es mi hombre de muñeca, mi juguete, para siempre."

(I will never release you. You are my doll man, my toy, forever!)!

She slid me down her trim abdomen to her pussy and quckly pushed me in, head


"NO! Celia! Don't! I'll drown! You'll crush me! Help no Celiaaaaaaa.."

"¡Usted es realmente mi muñeca ahora! Usted me entran. No menee y yo no lo

lastimaré mi dollman adorable."

I couldn't hear any more as Celia Almadovar used me as her personal sex toy. Her

muscles clamped around me in a long series of shudders, flooding me with her

juices. By the time she pulled me out I was ready to pass out.

¡Ohhh! ¡Mi hombre pequeño adorable del juguete! ¡Usted era maravilloso! ¿Usted're

mi muñeca pequeña, usted no es? ¡Quiero que usted sea la mina, para siempre!"

(Ohhh! My adorable little toy man! You were wonderful! You're my little doll,

are you not? I want you to be mine, forever!)

She brought me up to her enticing lips for a round of kisses.

"That…SMACK…was…SMACK…wonderful…SMACK…reward…SMACK…my little doll…SMACK…mmmmmm"

Celia set me on one of her breasts and smiled at me. "Make my nipples hard again

little man", She commanded, "I want to get aroused again, that was so fun. Hurry

up little man! I want to show you to Vanessa and some of the other girls at the

club tonight. Wait'll they see you!"

Giantess Stories: Sharkey

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