Giantess Stories: Shauna    The letter that I received on Thursday was strange on two counts

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The letter that I received on Thursday was strange on two counts.

It read: "Terry, if you are interested in a little fun and excitement, why don't

you come over to my place at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. Love, Shauna." It struck

me first of all that Shauna had never shown any interest in me previously,

despite us going to school together in the Chemistry department for the past

three years. I mean, from my own personal opinion, I'm not the elephant man or

anything. I'm tall and properly proportioned, if not exactly muscular. My

hairline is beginning to recede a bit, but I've always expected that. But for

whatever reason, women haven't been exactly gravitating toward me in my college

years. I'm not known for being a raving party animal. Shauna, on the other hand,

has been the object of desire for most guys in the department for years. She is

by no means beautiful in the face, but "pretty" could apply. It's just that

she's got a bod that would stop a truck. Her breasts are massive, her hips are

curvy, and her waist, while not thin, fits into the smoothest hour glass between

the two. She likes to wear loose fitting tops, which barely hide her tits, and

tight jeans which leave nothing to the imagination. In fact, I and every other

guy is well aware of her penchant for bikini underwear, as evidenced by the

lines they leave in her jeans. She has shoulder length blonde hair which falls

over her neck in a pile of curls, and she likes to wear dangly earrings which

just scream, "Come get me!" All the guys I've talked with have mentioned how

much they'd like to bang her, but none of us has ever had the chance. That's

because of the second thing which struck me about the note. Shauna has only

dated Glenn for as long as I've known her. And as far as I knew, the two of them

were still an item.

I couldn't begin to believe that those two had split. Shauna is just too hot for

any man to discard, and Glenn is quite acatch too. It seems silly to describe

how attractive another man is, but even I'm forced to admit that Glenn's a hunk.

He's not nearly as tall as I am, but he's le

The day passed slowly on Friday, and I couldn't concentrate well in my classes.

I saw Shauna twice that day, but she never did say anything. At the end of our

second class, though, she did turn around, gave me a knowing wink, and blew me a

discreet kiss before gathering her books together to leave. My mind began to

race at all the possibilities that our encounter tonight might bring. As I

contemplated, my dick began to harden, and I was forced to stay seated for a few

minutes after the class had ended to avoid any embarrassment.

At seven o'clock, I showered, shaved, and did the standard toiletries routine. I

grabbed a pair of jeans and a loose fitting sweatshirt of my own and slipped

into them. I then snagged my wallet and keys, and was out the door. When I got

to Shauna's place, I knocked on the door, and heard Shauna's voice from the

other side say "Come on in." My heart was racing and I opened the door.

Immediately my hopes and hormones came crashing down. In the living room with a

drink in his hands sat Glenn. "Terry, how ya doing?" he asked.

"O.K." I said. "What's goin' on?"

"Shauna's got a little surprise planned. It's one she's only given me sketchy

details on. But it sounds like fun, and we need your help. Are you up for it?"

Not wanting to be the party-pooper that I was know for, I said sure, and sat

down waiting for Shauna to make her big entrance. In about five minutes she came

out looking awesome. She had done her make-up up right. She usually didn't wear

that much, and so the effect made her look very attractive. She had on a tube

top and no bra, and I could see the outline of her pointy nipples at the tips of

her breasts. She wore an extra short pair of jean shorts, and black ankle

strapped high heels. The erection that I had had earlier in the day thinking

about this moment returned with a vengence.

"Well, boys, what do you think?" she asked, coming into the room and spinning

around like a model to give us a show. Trying to keep things understated, I

replied "Not bad. Now could you fill me in on what's going on, and why I'm


"O.K. sugar," she replied. "I think you'll be able to follow this, but I'll

still keep it as simple as possible. The research I've been working on has to do

with artificial pituitary stimulation from deliverable agents. In layman's

terms, a drug to make you tall."

"You know, they already give shots for things like that to people with growth

deficiencies," I chimed in.

"Yeah, but they work only over a period of several months, several treatments,

and the results aren't very spectacular. I think I've overcome most of those

problems. My durg is oral, it works in a relatively brief period, and I'm not

even sure what its limits are yet. One interesting thing. The bio-active agent

is triggered by neuroelectrical responses similar to those in orgasms. The

effects are enhanced by other genetic material delivered orally also."

"Pardon me for being so crude, but things like cum and pussy juice, you're

saying?" I asked.

Shauna giggled in an innocent school-girl way, and then said "Yep", and licked

her painted lips. "I wanted tonight to be the field test. I need you here,

Terry, because you can kind of understand what's going on, and of course I

wouldn't be doing this without my baby." She looked in Glenn's direction. "He's

already agreed to everything."

"Agreed to what?" I demanded.

"A little threesome action, of course."

The idea had always appealed to me, just lke to any guy, except that I'd always

fantasized about me and two girls, not the other way. But the chance to do it

with Shauna, and the interesting experiment she was proposing made me think that

she had enough holes to plow without me having to be too disgusting with Glenn.

"O.K.," I consented. "I'll do it."

"You don't know how happy that makes me," Shauna purred. "Come on, boys, let's

get big!"

We stood up and followed her to the dining room. On the table were three glasses

filled with liquids. One was clear, another light blue, and the third red.

Shauna took the red one, handed Glenn the blue, and I got the clear. "Drink up,

gentlemen," she said, and gulped hers down at once. Glenn followed suit, but I

hesitated. I sniffed at the liquid, which gave off the faint oder of alcohol.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's the growth drug, silly. It's soluble in alcohol, so I added a little vodka

to it. Drink it!" Her voice sounded much more commanding, and so I complied. It

was bitter, the alcohol doing little to disguise the taste, but I swallowed it

quickly. "Excellent", she sneered. "Now let's have some fun".

Shauna slinked toward me with a gleam in her eye, got right up to me and looked

up into my eyes. Then, without another word, she reached down and unzipped my

pants, reached in, and pulled out my dick. It had been a few minutes since my

last sexual thought, and the rapidity with which she acted left me little time

to harden up again. Nevertheless, Shauna quickly knelt down and began to flick

her tongue underneath the head of my prick. Five or six passes and I was as hard

as a rock.

Shauna immediately pulled off of me. "NO, not yet." she ordered. "Hold it back."

I squeezed my groin muscles as tensely as I could, and managed to supress most

of my orgasm. A small stream of jism balled up on my prick-head.

"I'm sorry," I claimed.

"No, no, no, this is perfect," she said, as she grabbed my shaft and forced as

much of the spunk out as possible, and then caught it with the tip of her tongue

as it fell from my penis. She then licked me clean of the remaining cum on my

tip and then fell to her haunches. She closed her eyes, rested her hands on her

legs, and licked her lips. Glenn and I both stood back to watch. Shauna shifted

position slightly and sat up a bit straighter. Her breathing became heavy and

rapid. Suddenly and without warning, the button of her jeans shorts burst open.

Shauna opened her eyes and and smiled. "I feel great". she proclaimed. "Hot, and

horny, and strong, and great." With that, she stood up in front of me.

My heart raced with excitement! Everything she had said was true! Minutes

earlier, when she had first approached me, the top of her head was at my

shoulder. Now, when she stood against me, the tip of her nose was even with my

chin. She had just grown 6 inches! That small stream of cum from my prick had

caused her to grow as tall as Glenn! She giggled wickedly as she sensed her new

dimensions. "You'll forgive me, boys, but if I don't get out of these shorts

now, I may be stuck in them." She struggled and pulled and with a great deal of

difficulty managed to yank the shorts down passed her swollen hips, to reveal

that sexy pair of purple bikini panties that I had always fantasized about. She

strutted around the room, showing off her new stature and drinking in the warmth

and power of her new perspective on life. "So, what do you think? You guys like

me like this?" she asked.

I stood there with my hard-on, still ready to explode, the sight of Shauna

looking so dominant adding to my frenzy. I couldn't even speak, I was in such

shock and amazement. Glenn mumbled an affirmative as he moved toward his

statuesque squeeze. "I think it's my turn," he said. With that, Shauna grabbed

him by the belt and yanked him over to a leather easy chair. She sat down,

spread her legs, and pulled her panties to the side, revealing her moist pussy.

Glenn knelt down and began to lick her lips greedily. She made an abbreviated

gasp, and then a long sigh as the initial sensations eased and the passion of

the moment settled over her.

Shauna looked up at me and said, "Get over here and fuck my face!" In the state

I was in, I didn't need to be asked twice. And so, while Glenn tongue-fucked her

slit, I sat on her chest, with my feet over the back of the chair, and my tense

cock pointed right at her face. I didn't have quite the leverage to really pump

her mouth, but I did enjoy sitting there while she treated my penis like a

lollipop. As the three of us went at it, I could here fabric ripping underneath

me. But the spectacular job that Shauna was doing on my purple head, and the

excellent view I had curbed my interest.

"I'm going to cum again," I finally protested. Immediately, just like last time,

Shauna stopped me short. One small shot of jism oozed from my cock, and she

quickly licked it up. With that, she pushed me off of her with both hands and

just laid there. I turned to look at Glenn, who had fallen on his back too. He

lay there with his shirt busted open, and rips in his trousers around the

thighs. I stepped back to watch the two of them. Glenn finally stood up and

walked over to me. My jaw dropped as I looked UP into his face. He had easily

grown 6 inches over the last five minutes.

"You know, you're not so big after all, are you," he teased.

Shauna moved over to join him. That extra little burst of cum from my shaft had

caused her to grow again, also, so that now she too was actually a little taller

than I was. I suspected that she must have been about 6'5" at this point, and

looking sexier and stronger than ever. "O.K., you precious little cutie," she

purred. "It's your turn." I moved toward her, but she pushed me away and toward

Glenn, who was already removing his tattered pants.

"Oh, no!" I protested. "I'm not sucking him off. That isn't my style. I want


A strong hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. Glenn looked me in the

eye. "Look, little man. First, nobody eats my baby but me. So that's out.

Second, I'm the only one who hasn't gotten sucked on yet, and I'm ready to blow,

so get down there." And with a strong push, he forced me to my knees.

"Oh, come on," whined Shauna. "It's only fair. And don't you want to be big like

us? Besides, seeing you suck my man would really turn me on!"

I still wasn't enthused by the whole idea, but Shauna had given me great head,

and they weren't going to let me into the party if it wasn't this way. So, with

a reluctant sigh, I pulled down Glenn's shorts and revealed his huge cock. It

was eight inches of the thickest meat I'd seen, easily twice as large as my own

fuck-pole, which was beginning to soften on me anyway. I sat gazing at it for a

moment, while Glenn hardened in anticipation and I collected my saliva. Then, in

one big breath, I eased my mouth over his head.

His dick was smoother than I expected, and warming with his tremendous body

heat. The job I had to do was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Rhythmically, methodically, I bobbed my head over as much of his swollen member

as my mouth could accomodate, and performed all the acts that I could think of

that would be pleasurable for him. My tongue darted over as many sensitive areas

as I could find. Glenn groaned in appreciation, and Shauna giggled at the sight.

Glenn grunted twice and prepared to cum, but then glanced up and saw Shauna

shaking her head. And so like me before him, he grabbed his cock and squeezed

tightly to prevent his seed from spilling all over me. Instead, a small trickle

poured from his piss-hole and I licked it clean.

I was preparing to rest and let the hormone take its effect, but suddenly Glenn

decided that he wasn't satisfied with a partial ejaculation, but wanted the

whole thing. He grabbed my head with his enormous hands and forced me back on

his rod. Viscously and without remorse he shoved his meat as far as he could

down my throat. Back and forth, in and out, again and again and again. I assumed

that he was very excited because I could feel his cock swell with each stroke. I

could barely breathe from the size of his manhood, and I tried desperately to

pull away, but found that Glenn had become much to strong for me. I looked up at

the man who was face fucking me so vigorously and was amazed at how large he

appeared. He seemed to have gotten bigger while I was sucking him off! But

that's not the way the hormone was supposed to work. I glanced over at Shauna.

She seemed bigger, too. But she wasn't even involved in this latest trist. And

then I realized that it wasn't them. It was me! I was shrinking! For whatever

reason, Glenn's cum was making me smaller.

Just then, Glenn exploded, shooting wad after wad of jism into my open mouth. I

had no choice but to swallow or choke. When he was done, he pushed me away and I

fell to the ground. Glenn stood over me and straddled me, his 6'8" frame gazing

down at my slowly shrinking body. Shauna stepped over and above me also.

"Oh, good." She declared. "The reducing hormone seems to be working just as well

as the growth stimulator does!"

"You bitch!" I screamed in a high pitched voice.

"Hey, little boy," said Glenn as he pinned me under his foot. "I wouldn't be

talking that way about my women."

I struggled to get up, but the pressure of his large foot was too great and I

found that he was much too strong for me to resist or free myself in any way.

Shauna knelt down over me and smiled an ingenuously sympathetic way. "You poor

little darling. I haven't actually let you cum yet, have I?" and with that, she

bent down and took the full length of my cock into her mouth.

"No!" I screamed, pleaded. But my stiffy belied my words. It wanted, needed to

be sucked off, and the consequences didn't matter. I strained and squeezed as

hard as I could, but Shauna was simply too skillful, and I could feel drop after

drop of pre-cum rising out of my prick. With every salty taste of semen she

received, Shauna moaned and heaved, and then took my dick deeper into her mouth

as her increasing size allowed. Finally the pressure was unbearable and I

unloaded my full supply into her open throat. She kept working me until she felt

my spasms end, and then made sure that she licked every power-laden drop of my

jism from my prick.

When she was finished, she stood up and over me and said, "O.K., sweetie. Time

to watch the show." With Glenn's massive frame holding me down, I gazed up and

saw how Shauna had started to breath heavily. With every breath she took, her

shapely frame grew in stature and size. Her breasts swelled underneath her top,

straining the material. Her hardening nipples, swelling to the size of

half-dollars, pressed against the taut fabric. I could hear threads ripping as

she grew bigger and bigger. Though my perspective had changed, I estimated that

she was nearing 7 feet tall, and still not stopping. Glenn watched with an evil

smile on his face as her body surpassed even his in size. Shauna, for her part,

was feeling so horny and powerful that she instinctively reached for her pussy

and started rubbing it wildly, moaning and shuttering as her dominance

increased. The look of pure ecstacy and abandon on her face was for me both

frightening and exilerating. Under the pressure of her expanding chest, the top

she was wearing finally split and fell to the ground, revealing her new and

improved 48DD's with their engorged and erect nipples standing at attention. She

struck a pose of dominance over me and thrust her chest out as far as she could.

"So, Terry, sweetie. What do you think of these. How'd you like to play with


Glenn finally released me, and I contemplated running. But this clearly was a

futile effort, as these giants would easily catch me. There was also the problem

that I was more than a little excited by the entire situation. I rose and stood

before this newly amazonian woman. Her firm breasts bobbed on her chest

tantalizingly just above my head, and I strained on my tip-toes to reach them.

She just giggled at my futile attempts to reach her breasts, and then obliged me

by spreading her legs and crouching a bit. She placed her right nipple in my

mouth, and then led my hand to her cunt. I was able to shove my entire hand into

her vagina, though it was very tight, and fist fucked her. For her part, she

reached behind my head, and with her massive hand held my mouth tightly to her

breast. I could do little but open my mouth as widely as possible, to encompass

her whole areola and tickle her erect nipples with my tongue. I licked and

pumped her for several minutes. She moaned greatfully, and then whispered in my

ear, "Don't worry, sweetie. We'll fuck later." Then pulling off of me, she said

to Glenn. What'll we do with him until you two reload?"

"Let's tie him up in the bedroom," was the answer, and at that I realized they

weren't planning on letting me go, and so I made a break for the door. But

Shauna reacted quickly and snatched me up in her arms. I struggled to free

myself, but this woman had become much too strong for me in the last hour, and

my squirming was useless in her grasp.

She again spoke to me in a low tone. "Oh, please don't think we're even near

finished here. You have no idea how sensual and erotic that fist-fucking you

gave me was. The bigger I get, the more sensitive my body becomes, and I want

more. I plan on growing much, much larger. And you're the one who's going to

make it happen." With that, they carried me into the bedroom, and tied me to the

bed spread eagle. They then disappeared out the door.

Time passed slowly for me, but eventually I fell asleep. I awoke when the door

to the room open, and in walked Glenn. His frame now filled the door, and he had

to duck as he entered. He and Shauna had obviously engaged in some cunnilingus,

as Glenn was now a foot taller than the last time he had manhandled me.

"Fantastic what a little pussy juice 'll do, isn't it?" he gloated. He was

completely naked, as no clothes any of us had worn could now stand up to his

fantastic frame. He loomed over the foot of the bed and glared at me with malice

in his eyes and a sneer on his lips. An evil smile curled over his face, and I

watched as his penis began to engourge and swell. His mind had turned to some

frightening thoughts and I became very fearful of the consequences. "Shauna

wants you as her little cum factory, but I've been watching, and you seem to be

enjoying yourself just a little too much. I think you need to be taught a

lesson." He climbed on the bed which buckled under his weight, then straddled my

body with his knees pinning down my arms. The pain of his weight was

excruciating, and I begged and pleaded with him to get off of me. My pleas

seemed to fall on deaf ears, as he positioned his now 14" cock over my mouth and

began to stroke it bruskly.

"No, Glenn, please. Don't cum on me. I don't want to shrink smaller. Please

stop! Don't hurt me! Don't do this to me. PLEASE!!"

My cries and supplications only seemed to excite him, as he stroked more quickly

and violently than before. He was laughing loudly now and humiliating me with

statements like: "What's the matter, little boy, you can't handle my cock," and

"if you weren't so tiny and weak, you'd be able to push me off of you," and

"you're such a little pussy, you deserve to shrink again."

Again, I was very conflicted. While I was terrified of the result, I was also

feeling slightly masochistic, and the feeling of being dominated and humiliated

by this giant whom I could not possibly stop or escape from was very exciting

for me. Glenn's body shuddered; he reached down, forced my mouth open and shoved

the head of his monstrous purple dick in, simultaneously exploding with shot

after shot of warm, sticky cum. He filled up my mouth to the point that I was

forced to swallow. He then went on ejaculating on my face and neck till I was

covered with his spunk. Climbing off of me, he stood up and stroked his

softening python while he watched the affect his juice was having on me. For my

part, I could feel the tingling sensation all around my body again. The strenght

seemed to be sapped from my bones and I actually could feel myself and my

potentcy growing smaller. The straps loosen around my arms and legs, but at the

same time were stretched tighter as my diminishing body pulled them taut. The

prone position had all the while been very uncomfortable, and now it was

becoming downright painful. Just as it felt like my arms would pop off, my hands

slipped from the knots around them, and I bolted up. By my estimate, I was now

no more than 3 feet tall, with a corresponding decrease in muscle size so that I

looked like a lean 6 year old. Glenn towered above me, my head just below crotch

level, and started rubbing his foul member over my face.

So weak and humiliated was I, that all fire, all urge for resistance had left

me, and I stood there obediently receiving his abuse. As he slapped his penis in

my face, he uttered all manner of foul language at me, calling me a fag, and a

cock sucker, a weakling and a little sissy. Through all of that he noticed that

my hard-on had remained intact. "I do believe that you rather enjoy this, don't

you?" he asked. "We'll see how much fun it is for you when I've shrunk you

smaller than my dick!" Glenn was pleased to noticed how quickly the expression

on my face changed from one of masochistic pleasure to qenuine panic. Sensing my

feelings, he continued, "Oh, yea. I'm not even near done with you yet. Shauna

want's you to fuck her, but if you do, it'll be with your whole body!"

Just then, Shauna burst into the room. "Yea," she said in response, "I'd like

that, but right now we're going to make the best of a bad situation. Why don't

you leave us for a while, Glenn." He started to protest, but a wicked stare from

Shauna showed me who had grown into the more dominant role. Turning her

attention back to me, she slyly gazed me over and said "aren't you just the

cutest little thing? You're going to squirt me with some more fuck juice, aren't

you? I haven't grown any bigger for hours now, and I want to get stronger. With

that, she hoisted me up and onto her massive frame. Her body was so smooth and

soft, and yet I could feel the muscles bulging under her skin. I slid down to

her vagina, a slit now six inches long, and inserted my little 2" stiffie to the

base, testicles and everything. I supplemented my boy toy with my arm up to my

elbow, and basically masturbated myself inside her pussy. Shauna was moaning in

unreserved pleasure, but resisting the urge to use her own hands. I was her sole

stimulation, which afforded me an excellent and erotic view of her swelling

clitoris. I pulled out and rubbed my little bird all over it. Imagine my horror

and thrill when I put myself up against her to compare, and found that her

clitoris was actually larger than my cock. I was so enticed by her huge

dimensions that I nearly came on the spot. Sensing my excitement, she lifted me

up and set me on her face, commanding me to fuck her mouth till I shot my load.

I leaned on her face, planted my feet on her breasts, and with my hands planted

on her head, pumped away into her mouth. As I orgasmed, Shauna used her

magnificent tongue to lick up every drop of jism that I squirted. She then

started masturbating furiously as the fuck-juice took its effect. I could feel

her growing underneath me, kicking violently as she neared orgasm herself. "Suck

my titties" she screamed at me, and I turned to obey instantly. I lifted myself

onto her tremendous mammaries and placed my mouth over her left nipple. The

erect part filled my mouth, and I could feel it swell and grow as I licked it.

Shauna was working herself over fairly vigorously, squeezing her monster tits

with her right hand and stroking her wet, smelly pussy with the left. Her own

orgasm seemed to magnify the growth process, and by the time she had finally

finished her violent throws of passion, she had swollen another 2 feet. She was

easily 10 feet tall, and as she stood next to me, I reached barely passed her

knee. From this vantage point , I could reach up and lightly massage her pussy

lips, and found her eager for more stimulation. She squatted a little to

encourage me and then leaned back against the wall, cracking the plaster as she

did so, to enjoy my tiny fingers lightly tickling her slit.

I have no idea what her eventual plans are. She stole me away in the middle of

the night, and we've taken up lodging in an abandoned warehouse, a place that

she finds less confining as my sex play causes her to become larger and larger.

I'm away from Glenn now, and have no fear of him making good on his threats. He

was quite the gargantuan at 8 feet plus, but he is nothing compared to my

goddess, who now hovers at about 20 feet and grows larger every day. She goes

out at night under the cover of darkness to find food. She takes what she wants.

Who could stop her? During the morning we sleep, myself curled up between her

mighty breasts. Then, in the afternoon when we wake, she uses me as her sex toy.

It becomes harder and harder to please her even though her erogenous zones

become more and more sensitive with each increase in height she experiences. I

now fuck her with my legs, and we're approaching that time where she'll have

become so huge that I will have to use my entire body as a dildo to stimulate

her to orgasm. I think she is looking forward to the day when she has grown so

large that she can plunge me feet first into her slimy snatch and just lie there

with the ecstacy building in her crotch as I wiggle and squirm to free myself

while she stretchs and grows with each movement. What lies beyond that I do not

know. My goddess has some ultimate plan which she won't tell me about, but it

involves her growing much much larger than she is even now. I know it could only

be bad, but the excitement I get every day feeling her body expanding under me

as I cum on her really does blind me to any concern. I wish the rest of you the

best of luck when Shauna finally decides to turn her awesome power loose, and

begin to take openly what someone of her incredible magnitude so richly


Giantess Stories: Shauna    The letter that I received on Thursday was strange on two counts

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