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By Cluad




"Faster! Run faster or we're all going to get caught!" Craig looked beyond

his lagging friends and scanned the distance, assured that at any moment their

pursuer would burst into view. He knew she was still back there; he could feel

the thud of her footfalls behind them. They seemed to be getting stronger. He

wished that his friends weren't tiring so quickly-they were holding him up.

"This is useless." Craig blurted out in annoyance, coming to an abrupt halt.

The rest of the group slowed and stopped. They just sat there gasping for air

and staring at Craig, waiting for his next command. "You guys are never going to

be able to keep up this pace, and she is still gaining on us." Craig sighed in

irritation and looked around. For the most part, the hilly countryside was

barren of any trees or other natural features...or any place to hide, Craig

thought. About a mile to their right, though, was the beginnings of what

appeared to be a rather dense forest.

"We'll make for that forest over there." Craig pointed. "If we hustle, we may

just make it before she catches up with us." With that, Craig burst into a

sprint towards the wood. His companions took all took one last gasping breath

and then followed behind as best as they could. As fortune would have it, their

pursuer burst into view at the same time.

She stood nearly 60 feet tall. Despite all laws of nature, she had always

been just as she was. Her eyes scanned the ground for signs of the insects who

had dared to trespass in her lands. It took only a moment for her to spot the

tiny figure fleeing towards the forest. "So they think to hide in the old

wood..." she muttered to herself. "Well, let's see who gets there first." With

that, she strode off in pursuit.

"Faster! She's getting closer!" Craig's lungs felt like they were about to

burst. The forest seemed to be slowly pulling away from them in mocking gesture.

He could feel the ground shaking as she drew closer and closer. He was afraid to

look over his shoulder. He knew she was toying with them. She wasn't even

running, just calmly stalking them-step after step. She had probably already

trampled some of his slower friends into the dirt by now. Craig had never been

so terrified in his life. With a last burst of speed, Craig shot towards the

shelter of the approaching trees.


She chuckled to herself as she looked down at the five tiny figures who

cowered in fear on the ground below. She regretted that one of their lot had

made it into the forest, locating him might prove bothersome. She shrugged it

off though. She would deal with him in time. Right now she was going to have a

little fun.

"What's your name my tiny friend?" she said, plucking the smallest of the

group off the ground and holding him before her face. She heard him yelp and

laughed as he twisted to escape her grasp. "I don't think you should do that." I

really don't think your tiny frame would withstand the impact with the ground

very well from this height." She smiled as he went rigid. "Now answer my

question little one. What is your name?" He shouted something at her, but it was

too soft to be audible. She held him closer to her ear. Her little captive

shouted again. "Andrew! My name is Andrew!" She smiled wickedly.

Andrew had known it was a bad idea to go along with the rest from the start.

The others had scoffed at the legend of the giantess who lived on the forbidden

plain, but Andrew was more suspicious. Being the youngest of the group at

sixteen though, Andrew's suspicions were rarely heeded. How he wished they has

listened. How he wished he just would have refused to go along with them. How he

wished he were anywhere else as he watched her giant breasts slowly engulf him.

Chris wanted to cry. He watched as Andrew disappeared into the giantess'

bosom. He looked toward the forest. Craig had escaped to the safety of the trees

before the giantess had jumped in front of the rest. At the time, Chris had just

been glad to finally stop running. Now, he was terrified. He looked up her. She

was actually quite beautiful. Her red hair was somewhat wild and wavy, cascading

over her shoulders and down her back. She was dressed skimpily. The material of

her dress appeared to be common, though where she could have found enough cotton

to make it herself was beyond him. Her long legs encircled him and his

companions, preventing them from fleeing into the nearby forest. She had nice

legs though, Chris found himself staring at the white material covering her

crotch. So fixated was he that he never saw her reaching down towards him.

She took a deep breath and focused on the movement of the little man trapped

between her breasts. At first he had thrashed around enough to actually get her

excited. After a while, though, his movements became weaker and now he wasn't

moving around much at all. It appeared she would soon have to find herself

another toy to play with, She looked down at the group huddled between her legs.

One of the little men was staring right at her crotch! She almost laughed out

loud but decided to give her tiny admirer a surprise. She carefully reached down

hoping he would not notice. He didn't. She suddenly snatched him off the ground

and held him up so she could look at him directly.

"Do you like what you see my little friend?" She giggled at the frozen terror

on his tiny face. "How about I give you more of an inside look?" Laughing to

herself she dropped the little man inside her panties and pushed him down until

he was wedged up against her vulva. She then pressed his form through the

material, massaging him in deeper.

Andrew was having a difficult time breathing. The flesh of her breasts

pressed in on him from all sides, constricting his lungs. He was afraid. His

clothes clung to him, damp with her perspiration which continually slid over his

body. He knew he must be sweating as well. It was unbearably hot. All around him

he could hear the thumping of her heart and the rush of her breath. Andrew

didn't expect to live much longer. He just prayed whatever would happen would

happen soon.

Chris finally managed to get his hands up to his face and wipe the sticky

juices off his face. She had finally stopped pressing him with her fingers.

Chris was sure he had bruises all over his back. She had pressed him through the

folds of her vulva and now he was wedged between the sticky folds of her labia.

In the increasingly dim light, he could see the puckered entrance to her vagina

looming overhead. Another drop of her sticky juice oozed over his face. Chris

hastily wiped most of it off and pondered his next move.


Craig peered out of his hiding place in the woods. He had witnessed Andrew

and Chris' fate. He hoped that they were still alive. Now, however, he had to

concentrate on getting the others out. "So how does a six-foot man make a 60-

foot woman just go away?" he mumbled to himself. It looked pointless. A part of

Craig wanted to just hide and wait until the giantess got bored and left. The

more logical part of him knew this would never happen. Even if she were to

leave, she would likely take his friends with him, and he really couldn't have

that lying on his conscience. He stood up and walked around a bit to get the

exhaustion out of his limbs. He looked back out at his friends. She hadn't even

looked at any of the others. She seemed to be in some sort of trance.

"How long is she just going to sit there?" Craig muttered "How long before

she decides to come looking for me too?" Wariness creeping over him, Craig

huddled up tighter and waited.


She sighed happily. The little man trapped between her legs was a delight!

Like his smaller companion though, he was beginning to tire. His movement had

become much more sluggish. For awhile she just concentrated on the feel of his

tiny body, but this was losing its appeal. An idea was playing through in her

mind, however. With sudden decisiveness, she slid a hand between her legs.

Chris was burning up. He wished he could move his arms enough to get his

clothes off. They were ruined anyway--soaked in hot, sticky goo. His hair was

matted to his head with the stuff. He had to wipe it out of his eyes every few

minutes now. The heat and the increasing lack of air were exhausting him at a

frightening rate. He slowly slid his hand up to wipe more goo out of his face

when he felt something seize him from behind. It was her. Chris breathed a sigh

of relief. Whatever happened, at least it appeared as if he was getting out of

this hothouse. He felt himself being pulled back a little, but then pushed

forward. He saw her vagina dilate wide, and screamed as he was plunged into


She smiled in contentment as the little man inside her thrashed about. She

hoped he would last long enough to satisfy her. But, if not, there were



"Look guys, if we don't think of something fast she'll do something to us

next!" Art yelled at his cowering friends. "She's not paying attention to us

now!" he pointed to emphasize the statement. "She also moved her legs. The woods

aren't but a short sprint away!" Art frowned. Once again his words had no

effect. He had been screaming at the other two for almost a half-hour trying to

convince them to escape. "By the time she saw us and got up we would be home

free!" Nothing. Art sighed irritably and crossed his arms. If he couldn't

convince them soon, he would go for it alone...and the hell with what happened

to the rest of them!


Foamy fluids engulfed his body. Soft flesh enveloped him from all sides. His

ears rang with the mingled sounds of her body all around him. Breathing was

becoming an increasingly difficult task. He had to continually thrash around to

get his hands to his face and wipe away the sticky cream. He was getting tired,

and he felt himself slowly being pulled deeper within. He gasped as her muscles

enveloped him in another firm squeeze. He managed to free his arm with

difficulty. A rush of foam flowed into his mouth sending him into a spasm of

coughing. Her muscles closed in again. He could feel their pull....could feel

himself being drawn deeper.....deeper.......

Andrew's eyes cracked open. He wondered if he had lost consciousness; it

seemed to him that a significant amount of time had passed, but he couldn't

remember any of it. Not much had changed though. He was still engulfed in the

sweltering hot and sweaty bosom of a giant woman who was not supposed to exist.

His thoughts drifted back to when he was younger--not yet ten years old. His

family had farmed the land bordering the dreaded forbidden plain. A thin smile

spread over his face. His family had believed! Most of the others; his friends

and their folks, had avoided the forbidden plain more out of tradition than any

actual belief in the legend.

She was said to have dwelt there as long as anyone could remember. No one

knew how she came to be, but they rightfully feared her in the ancient years. In

those days she was worshipped. The people of the borderlands left tribute from

their hunts and craft for protection from her wrath. Not that any of the

histories had ever spoken of her causing havoc or destruction. In truth, few had

ever even claimed to have lain eyes on her. But they believed. As time flowed on

however, her name faded to little more than a tale parents told to send children

quickly into their beds. His parents and his ancestors before them had always

believed in the legend. But Andrew had been foolish. After all, his friends were

older than he. If they said she was only a child's tale than perhaps they were


Another drop of her sweat rolled over his body. He wiped it away and drew in

another ragged breath. He wondered what had become of the others? Probably all

trodden into the ground. They were fortunate. Andrew was in hell. Taking another

labored breath, Andrew awaited the closure to his punishment.


Craig stooped over the stream and splashed some water on his face. He was

hungry. He knew how to hunt, but he hadn't seen much more than small birds

anywhere in the forest so far. He had checked on his friends a few times in the

last hour. The giantess had remained mostly motionless since. Craig was a little

puzzled by this, but was glad that the others were unharmed. Soon he would have

to go check on them again.

He took a large gulp of water and stood up. He felt so frustrated that he

couldn't help the others. But what was he going to do? Picking up some small

stones, Craig began to toss them into the trees hoping to stir up some squirrels

or larger birds. What could he do? Her foot was bigger than his body! He didn't

expect her to stay around long enough to fall asleep. He was surprised she had

remained so long. He was surprised she hadn't come looking for him yet. Shaking

his head, Craig looked up into the trees. Nothing. He was hungry. He had to do

something soon.


She watched the foolish little man bolt off for the forest. Before he could

get beyond her reach, she swiped him off the ground and held him in front of

her. "Now where do you think you're going?" she asked with a smirk. The little

man screamed something at her and kicked at her fingers. She laughed. "My! We're

a energetic one aren't we?" He continued to kick and thrash around. With a

mischievous grin, she slid his head between her lips and held him there for a

moment. He began to twist and jerk violently, flailing his arms in all

directions. She pulled him back out. " don't taste bad at all my

little friend." She smiled. "I want more."

Art wished he had waited a little longer. If he just would have bid his time

for a while longer, he was sure she wouldn't have seen him. As usual, his

impatience had cost him dearly. He only wished the consequences didn't seem so

grave. He had given up trying to free himself. As he fell into her mouth and

felt her esophagus close around his ankles drawing him down, Art wished he had

just waited a little longer.....

She felt the little man slide down her throat. Looking down she saw that only

two of her original prisoners remained. The one inside her vagina had long since

ceased moving; she had pulled him so far within herself, she couldn't even feel

him anymore. She had just been getting into it too. She still felt aroused. She

reached towards the remaining group.

Dax had never been very happy with himself. He was overweight. He lacked

ambition. He was the least courageous person he knew. It wasn't surprising that

he avoided women. In fact, he was frightened of them. You could imagine how a

sixty-foot woman made him feel. As his body was thrust kicking and screaming

through the moist folds of her womanhood, he knew what true terror really was.


Craig watched the fate of yet another two of his friends. He pulled at his

hair in frustration. There was only one left. His indecisiveness had been

costly. The problem was, he still couldn't think up a way to help him. He stared

at her. She was lying on the ground now, running her hands between her thighs

and moaning. She had seemed to have forgotten the existence of her remaining

captive. "...and me." Craig muttered to himself. After what had happened to Art,

Craig seriously doubted his remaining friend would make any attempts to escape

on his own. Craig had to get over there and get him away. He was fairly certain

that she wouldn't be able to find them under the shelter of the trees. He waited

a moment and then carefully began to pick his way toward his friend.


She moaned in delight. Her new miniature "lover" was driving her wild,

squirming and thrashing about inside her. Forgetting her other prisoner for the

moment, she lay down on her side and ran her hands over her thighs. Her

breathing was coming faster now. She hoped her tiny man would hold out until she

climaxed. It would be such a disappointment to come back down now. She felt him

pushing and struggling inside her to get out. She gasped and he was pulled

deeper as her muscles contracted within.


Craig darted out from under the trees and sped toward his friend. The boy's

name was Clive. Craig knew that left alone, Clive would never leave the cowering

huddle he was in. He wasn't the bravest of people. It had taken a long time to

persuade him to enter the forbidden plains, and in the end it came down to more

intimidation than persuasion.

Craig slowed as he neared the giantess. She wasn't facing him or Clive at the

moment. She almost seemed to be sleeping except that her hand was still

caressing her thighs and the occasional moaning noise she made. Craig stealthily

slid up behind Clive and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Craig!" Clive blurted out, jumping to his feet.

"Sit down! You'll draw her attention!" Craig hissed. Clive flinched back and

replied more softly "I didn't think you'd come back. You got away! Why did you

come back here? Now she'll get us both!" Clive buried his face in his hands and

slumped to the ground. "Oh, I wish I had never let you and the other talk me

into this. I knew something like this would happen! I just knew...."

"Quiet!" Craig nearly shouted. He quickly looked up at the giantess, but she

seemed not to have noticed. "We are going to get out of here if you will just

calm down and listen." Clive gave Craig a doubtful look but said nothing. "She

isn't looking at us now. She hasn't even looked in your direction for nearly an

hour! If we run now, we should be able to get under the trees before she

notices." Craig said, pointing at the woods. He looked up at the giantess again.

She still had not stirred. He looked at Clive. "Are you with me? I hope I didn't

risk my neck coming back here for nothing!"

Clive stared at Craig fearfully and then turned his gaze to the giantess. "Do

you really think we can get away before she notices?" he asked. Craig sighed in

annoyance. "Yes! But we have to go now and stop lingering around or we might

not." Craig beckoned to Clive and bolted towards the forest. Clive shuffled

around indecisively for a moment and then followed quickly behind.


She was nearing orgasm. Unfortunately, her last tiny lover had passed so far

inside of her that she could no longer feel him either. With a sigh, she reached

for her last prisoner, and found him gone. She leapt to her feet and looked

around. It took her only a moment to pick out the two small figures fleeing

across the landscape towards the forest.

"So the one that got away has returned.." she mused to herself. "This time he

won't be so fortunate." A wicked smile spreading across her face, she chased

after them.


Craig's heart pounded in his chest as he saw the giantess jump up and leap

after them. Clive had noticed too. He had passed Craig and was nearly to the

trees already. Craig gasped in a deep breath and ran so hard he felt his lungs

would burst at any second. Looking straight ahead, he saw the woods getting

nearer and nearer. ...and then he felt her fingers seize him.


She sat back and watched the sun sink under the horizon line, spilling waves

of pink and purple into the darkening sky. She still felt warm from the orgasm.

It had been the best she could remember. How he had squirmed! She sighed. One

had still escaped her. No matter. Let him return to his people and warn them of

her wrath. She had obviously been far too neglectful in making her presence

known of late. She ran her fingers between her legs. She could still feel her

latest catch inside of her, deeper now. She smiled. Standing up and stretching

her arms, she looked back towards her home. She was getting tired. It was time

to go home.


Visions of home flickered through Andrew's mind. It wasn't the first time.

Distantly, as if in some other lifetime, he felt the jiggling of flesh against

his body. His mind, however, was running down the grassy slope towards the small

hut where he and his parents dwelt. His father was waiting for him to help with

the harvest. He was almost there. It was so hot hot.....

Giantess Stories: SHE  By Cluad

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