Giantess Stories: She Keeps Them in the Attic

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She Keeps Them in the Attic




Adrian shivered and clutched the

blankets to his bare body. He gradually became aware of his surroundings and the

familiar, early morning voices from downstairs.

Becca was turned away, still sleeping. He rested his gentle hand on her bare

buttock. She made a small sound, as if to say, Hey, don't; it's too early. But

he persisted. They didn't have much time alone, he knew, before She came up.

Adrian moved closer and draped his leg over hers. Eyes wide open now, he peered

out at rafters and supporting joists, small windows that let in the soft light,

the ventilation grids, the jumble of boxes stacked around them, the carefully

arranged living space She had made for them. It was nothing fancy but

sufficient. They could live this way for years.

In fact, they had. Adrian guessed that at least four years had passed since he

and his girlfriend Becca had been locked up here. Four years, give or take,

since that day they had both escaped from the giant madwoman in the park, hid

out for a few days, and then approached what they hoped was a kind, caring

female. Helen, sitting alone, was shocked by the appearance of the bedraggled,

eight-inch people, but listened to their story and agreed to help them.

"You can stay up here for now," Helen told them, settling them into her

spacious, well-lit attic. She told them she had a husband and four children to

attend to downstairs, but next day, she'd see about getting them back home.

Wherever that was.

But, as Helen would later explain to Hillary, something happened to her that

night. She lay in bed next to her sleeping husband, thinking about the

incredible thing that had happened to her. She liked these little people. They

were adorable. Maybe they were lucky, like leprechauns. And as everyone knew,

you don't let leprechauns go.

She made excuses to her houseguests for a few days, then weeks. Weeks became

months. Adrian and Becca would only leave the attic only to bathe, and only

rarely. It began to dawn on the small couple that they were now Helen's, to do

with as she pleased. She enjoyed them in many ways, with ever-increasing

kinkiness; and she would never let them go.

Now the voices downstairs became clearer: "Mom, where's my homework?" "Gotta go

- bye." "Hey, where's my kiss?" "Call me after school!" Then the slamming of the

front door and the usual silence. Adrian guessed that Helen was now piecing

together his and Becca's morning meal from the kids' leftover breakfasts,

stopping now and then to shove a cold slice of toast into her mouth, or guzzling

the remains of some orange juice.

Then the slow ascent upstairs, Helen walking carefully so as not to spill the

food. Adrian detected the footsteps just below the attic door, then a faint

creaking of metal joints told him that Helen was pulling it down. The attic

stairs unfolded with a 'sproing' - the sound of coiled springs being stretched.

The giantess, still holding the food plate, began to walk up the stairs.

They had heard the feet of every family member on those stairs and by now could

tell them apart. The second step in the ladder made a unique groaning sound when

Helen stepped on it: the sound of a 5'9', 145-pound woman.

The massive feet climbed some more. Adrian sat up in time to see Helen's wide,

tousled head rise from the opening.

Attractive in a weathered sort of way, with hooded eyes and an pretty mouth with

two protruding front teeth. Then the rest of her: a large body in a flannel

sleep shirt, wide hips and solid legs, broad shoulders and arms, and a well

padded chest. She was enormous but not threatening.

She stepped carefully around the attic junk and set the breakfast plate down

near the couple. Then she straightened and prepared to sit by lifting her sleep

shirt above her waist (no panties) and setting her bare haunches down in a

padded spot, reserved just for her. She smiled as though she loved the way her

bare ass felt there.

"Good morning," said the giantess, eyeing them.

"Good morning, Helen." "Morning, Helen." The two peeled off their blankets and

walked stiff-legged to their food plate.

She watched them eat, then lifted a gallon jug of water to fill the other dish

that always stayed there. She insisted that her little ones sleep and eat in the

nude. More fun to watch, and more accessible for those times, well...

Adrian could tell it might be one of those times. As Helen reclined, her large

hand slipped down between her meaty thighs, and started to rub. It was not

unusual for Helen to do this in their presence at any time, but during breakfast

was the usual. Helen was a horny morning person.

Becca stole a look at Adrian, who had been peeking at Helen. "Is she..?" Becca


Adrian gave a quick nod.

Becca sighed. It wasn't fair. She wanted sleep, privacy, to be left alone. Just

once! But the giantess always had other ideas, the oversexed bitch. Sometime

Helen didn't even let them finish eating.

Helen sat, fingering, eyes excited. But today she'd let them finish.

Adrian walked to the water dish, drank his fill, and reluctantly looked up at

his mistress.

"What can I do, Helen?"

Helen smiled. "Head and shoulders. And Becca, I want your foot."

Adrian took a chance. "Can we get a bath today? It's been a while."

"We'll see." She shifted her gaze to the tiny woman. "Finish up, Becca - I'm


Becca quickly drank from the dish, then hurried to the container of petroleum

jelly that Helen had just opened. The tiny woman lifted her right foot and sank

it into the goop. Then she half walked and half hopped to her station between

Helen's giant buttocks.

Helen's legs were spread to accept her, and as always, the odor made Becca gasp.

Helen would never notice of course, but her day-old vaginal and anal smells were

oppressive to the small people, especially this early. Becca breathed though her

mouth as she plunked down close to the winking brown eye, then carefully slid

her foot inside.

Helen's body shuddered. "Oh! God, yes. A little more. More, I said! Ohhhhh


Meanwhile Adrian had presented himself near her right hand, and did his best to

stiffen his thin body. The giantess smiled again. She enclosed his lower half in

her sticky hand and aimed his tiny head towards her wetness. Adrian took a deep

breath - he knew he would be inside her for a good ten minutes (with short

rests) while Becca foot-pumped the other hole below.

This was their job, this and its many variations. They had found out many years

before. Do this well, they knew, and they might be left alone for the rest of

the day. Maybe. Early afternoon was the next and final visit of the day, and

sometimes Helen needed seconds.

You could never tell with Helen.


Their work over, the small couple passed the day as they always did. They

cleared away bedding, cleaned themselves as best they could (Helen decided not

to bathe them after all) and filled the time with familiar activities: reading

giant books and magazines, exploring giant boxes, playing giant board games that

Helen had thoughtfully provided. In case one of the family who was not Helen

should enter, Adrian and Becca were trained to vanish completely. They were good

at this.

It was almost time for the early afternoon meal. This was the last meal because

one or more of the kids would be coming home soon, and it would look strange for

Helen to visit the attic at night. At around 2 p.m., they heard the creak of the

attic door, the sproing, and the groan of the stair under Helen's foot.

The couple was glad to see her. They were always hungry this time of day, and

Helen usually gave them bigger portions. But they noticed a difference in Helen

now; she seemed troubled, preoccupied. There was something on her mind.

After they had eaten, Helen spoke to them.

"I'm going away for two days; we all are. Aunt Edna's dead, and we have to fly

out early tomorrow for the funeral. Hillary will take care of you while I'm

gone. I told her to come after nine in the morning."

This was wonderful news to Adrian and Becca. They both loved Hillary. She was

the nineteen-year-old daughter of Helen's next-door neighbor Zelda.

Hillary had been introduced to the small ones several years earlier and had been

a fill in caretaker ever since. Adrian and Becca had watched her grow from an

awkward adolescent to a lovely young woman. She was in college now, but still

came to help out when needed. She had proved her worth to Helen by keeping the

small ones a secret. But she was kind and fair, and just enjoyed being with her

small charges. It might have been a maternal thing, Adrian and Becca guessed,

but they were always happy to see her.

"I'm sorry about your loss," Adrian said to Helen.

"Me too, said Becca.

"Thanks. That's very sweet. And I'm gonna miss you guys...especially in the


Becca gave a quick, meaningful glance at Adrian. That look, Adrian knew, could

only mean one thing: I get to sleep late tomorrow, so don't you dare touch my


Helen was about to leave, but sat considering for a moment. Should she? Oh, why

not. Although she usually restrained her emotions, the stress of the day had

loosened something inside her.

"Come here, you two. Helen wants a kiss."

Two bird-like hands groped for them; their next few minutes were a steamy fog of

yellowed, protruding front teeth, ticklish upper lip hair, snuffling nostrils,

and ropes of sticky saliva. Helen didn't kiss often, but when she did she was

lavish and sloppy about it.

When the giant was gone, a grinning and heavily moistened Adrian held his arms

open wide and called out to Becca: "Come here, baby. Adrian wants a kiss."

"Yeah, right. Maybe later when you're cleaned up. Maybe."

Adrian was pleased. "Hey, it's a date."

Hillary practically skipped up

the driveway to the door, fished the key from its hiding place under the mat,

and let herself into Helen's house.

The family was gone; the house empty. Hillary looked around and relaxed. She

noted that Helen had left the place clean and welcoming. It was nice of her.

The young woman, wearing jeans and a blue hooded sweater-jacket and her dark

brown hair in a ponytail, strode toward the kitchen. The clock on the dining

room wall told her that Adrian and Becca were probably still sleeping. She felt

good today. Working as quietly as possible, she'd make them a special breakfast.

Her specialty, in fact.

Hillary got out the eggs, butter, bread and jelly and went to work. She hummed a

song that was stuck in her head. She caught a glimpse of her face in the toaster

and smiled. A healthy, glowing woman looked back at her. "Hi gorgeous," she


When all was ready, she loaded the feast on a tray and silently padded upstairs.

Then down to the end of the hall, where a short rope dangled from the attic

door. She set the tray down and then pulled the rope slowly, so as not to make

noise. Then she picked up the tray and stepped lightly on the stairs, skipping

the second one (too loud, she remembered) and all the way up to the attic floor.

Once her feet made contact, she straightened up and peered at the small couple.

She beamed. They were still sleeping. Hillary had never entered before their

world without waking them, but she had done it now and it felt good.

Now she crouched down to watch. Little Adrian, with his bare arm around Becca's

middle, bodies curved together like forks in a drawer. They reminded her of

dolls. She admired their little 'bed' and wanted to climb in with them. But she

knew it was impossible.

When she had looked for a while and her legs began to lose feeling, she decided

to stand up and hum her song. Softly at first, then louder. Adrian's body

stiffened - he opened his eyes and looked up at Hillary.

The giant teen stopped humming. "Breakfast's getting cold - time to get up."

Adrian grinned and closed his eyes. "Sure thing, Hillary. Becca, we have


"I know, I know, " Becca replied grumpily.

"Sorry, Becca," said Hillary. "You can sleep later if you want. I just thought

you'd enjoy your food hot - it's your favorite."

Becca sniffed the air. "You made my cheese omelet?"

"Sure did. Now get the hell up, will you?"

Becca smiled, got up and pulled on a robe. So did Adrian. Hillary always let

them dress.

Breakfast was slow and relaxed. All three chatted like the old friends they

were. Becca and Adrian asked most of the questions: How was school going? What

classes was she taking? Any boyfriends? They were eager to learn of the outside

world and especially what was new with Hillary.

The meal was over and conversation halted, at least for now. Hillary, sitting in

Helen's customary spot, cleared her throat as if to make an announcement.

"Guys, I've really missed you and I wanna hang for a while. No classes today. I

can't take you outside, but is there anything in the house you'd like to do?"

Adrian looked at Becca. Their eyes flashed. "Bath," they both said at once.

Hillary laughed. "Bath it is. All right then, here we go."

She put them in the deep pockets of her sweater-jacket (which matched the deep

blue of her eyes) and took them to the upstairs bathroom. She filled the bathtub

with three inches of water, adding a dollop of shampoo as the water ran.

"Fantastic for suds," she said.

Adrian and Becca took off their robes and allowed Hillary to lower them gently

in the tub. It was a rare treat to have the tub to themselves. Normally, they'd

have to share with Helen, and more often than not became soapy sex toys. This

was better.

Hillary sat on the tub's edge and watched gleefully. She loved watching them

frolic, wash each other's backs, play in the water like two kids.

"Hey, Hillary," Adrian yelled up. "Come on in - we'll make room."

Hillary giggled. "Nah. I've already showered. But..."

"But what?" Becca prodded.

"Well, I might...soak my feet. If it's okay with you."

It was. Hillary quickly took off her sandals and plunked her largish feet in the

center of the tub. "Ooh, that feels good."

Adrian waded across the shallow water and up to one foot, and began to wash it

in the sudsy water. He lovingly splashed and massaged it, and was pleased to see

Becca doing the same with the other one.

Hillary, meanwhile, was on another planet. "Guys, I can't tell you...what a

feeling. It's almost, almost..." She closed her eyes. "Orgasmic."

The little people continued to wash their giant friend's feet, as if their

pleasure equaled Hillary's. It was only when Hillary's toes began to wrinkle

that she lifted her feet, dripping, from the tub.

"Thanks, you two," said Hillary as she toweled her feet. "Best thing you could

have done." The couple smiled.

Now that the bathroom chores were done, Hillary thought to give the couple a

short tour of the house. First floor, then upstairs, ending with Helen's master

bedroom. Hillary set them on the massive, king-sized bed.

"So this is where 'She' sleeps," said Adrian conversationally.

"Yes," said Becca with slight sarcasm. "Her Majesty. I can imagine all the wild

sex that goes on in here."

"Or not," Hillary joked. She crawled on the bed and decided to try it out.

"Comfortable. Better than mine, for sure." She sank back into a luxurious pillow

and closed her eyes. "Mmmm - makes me want to sleep."

"Why don't you?" said Adrian. "Becca could use a nap, and I don't care what we


"Okay," murmured the sleepy giantess. Once she made herself comfortable, Adrian

and Becca naturally drifted nearer to her. Becca claimed a spot between

Hillary's breast and upper arm, and Adrian chose the pillow near her face,

almost touching her nose.

He lay looking at her, then finally closed his eyes. Warm and dry from his bath,

he dreamily faded away to the sound of Hillary's even breaths.

All was quiet. All was perfect. It was too good to last.

"Hillary? Hillary, where are you? Anyone home? IS THERE ANYONE HERE?"

The harsh, insistent noise came from downstairs and made the groggy Adrian sit

up in alarm. They were all still in the bedroom. He did a lightning check; the

ladies were still asleep. He crawled over to Hillary's forehead and jiggled it

with his palm. "Hillary, wake up. Someone's in the house"

The voice from downstairs came back. "FOR THE LAST TIME, IS ANYONE HERE?"

Hillary's eyes snapped open. "Oh my God, it's Mom. Shit!"

Becca was roused as well. "Adrian, let's go," she said, getting to her feet.

"Hillary, you better answer her. You can come back for us later." She and Adrian

began looking for places to hide.

Hillary sat up, blinking. "Mom? I'm up here!"

"Thank God." The voice sounded mollified. Heavy footsteps made their way up

toward the bedroom.

A minute later, Zelda walked in.

Hillary's mother Zelda was around Helen's age, maybe a bit older. Zelda's

pair-shaped body was dominated by her gargantuan ass, squeezed into tight black

pants. She wore a floppy, flowered top. Her face may have been pretty once, but

the wrinkles and padding around her face made it hard to tell. She had a largish

nose with flared, imperious nostrils, and her hair reminded some of a blonde

Brillo pad. Red cheeks and hazel eyes completed the picture.

Hillary sat up in bed as Zelda approached. "Hi Mom."

"Hi Mom? Is that all you can say?" Zelda stood in the room's center, hands on

hips. "You've been gone all morning, and now it's after one. What have you been

doing here all day? I thought you had a class."

"Um, I did have a class, but I decided not to go. I've been doing a few things

for Helen, that's all. Then I got tired and took a nap."

"A nap, huh," said Zelda suspiciously. "So what exactly did you do for Helen?"

"This and that, Mom. Nothing interesting." Hillary noticed Zelda scanning the

room. "Maybe we should go now, Mom. I'm all finished anyway."

Zelda smiled. "Oh that's all right. Let's talk here. And maybe you can show me

what you're hiding."

"Mom! What makes you think that?"

"Oh, I know my little girl. So what, or should I say who, is it? A boyfriend?

Did he sneak into the closet, or maybe under the bed?" At this, Zelda got down

on her knees and lifted the bedspread, peering underneath. "Hello," she crooned,

"anyone under there?"

Adrian and Becca crouched in the shadows, behind a dusty, forgotten slipper. It

would only take either of them to raise a head to expose themselves to her

ruddy, massive face, merely inches away. They could even smell her breath.

"Don't be silly," said the voice from the bed. "I don't even HAVE a boyfriend,

much less one in here. Come on, Mom, let's go."

Zelda, puffing, raised herself. She looked into her daughter's eyes for a

moment. "Fine. Let's go home. But I'd swear you're hiding something." Zelda

stood up and Hillary followed her towards the door. Before leaving, however,

Hillary nervously looked back.

"I'll see you later, guys," she mouthed, hoping they'd be all right for just a

while. Then she left.

The small couple heard the women leave the house, and came out into the open.

Adrian put his arm on Becca's shoulder. "One nice thing about all this."

"What's that," said Becca.

"Now," he said, "we can really check out the place. First stop: Helen's


And they passed the time playing with Helen's giant panties and bras, and then

with the greatest find of all - her enormous, silvery vibrator.

"I dare you to turn it on." Becca teased.

Adrian dared.

Uh oh, thought Adrian. Those noises coming from

below didn't sound right.

"Becca, wake up." The sleeping woman stirred. "Something's wrong - I hear two

voices downstairs, and they're coming up."

Becca muttered something and raised herself. "We better get dressed then. Damn!

Why today, and why now?"

"Dunno." Adrian got up too, then listened as he dressed. He could definitely

hear two voices, and they were now approaching the attic door.

It was morning, and the events of the previous day had worked out all right.

Hillary did come back and locate the two, who had briefly experienced relative

freedom. Hillary found them watching TV in the living room. She watched with

them for a bit, then made them dinner and saw them back to the Attic. She told

them that Zelda had asked even more pointed questions after she had returned

home, and these had taken a toll on the young woman.

"I don't know, guys. I may have to tell her about you eventually, and after all,

I hate lying to my Mom. Maybe it's time she knew."

Now it seemed the time had come. The creak of the door seemed louder than usual

and the sproing! of the coiled spring more pronounced. Then a thump as the attic

stairs connected with the carpeted floor. The next voice Adrian and Becca heard

was Zelda's: "And you say they're up here? Not in the main house?"

"That's where she keeps them, Mom," said Hillary. "If you want to see, you have

to go up."

Zelda sighed, and Adrian could hear a much heavier weight on the step.

"Mom, wait - don't step on that one."

It was too late. Zelda had put all her weight on the second step and it crunched

like a broken baseball bat. Adrian and Becca winced at the sound. The large

woman below swore freely for a moment and muttered, "I'm not paying for that."

"Mom, let me go first." More familiar, lighter footsteps, then Hillary's smiling

but worried face appeared.

"Morning, Becca, Adrian. I hate to say this, but...I need you to meet my Mom."

The older and much larger woman appeared a few seconds later. She looked a bit

different this time; not quite as frightening as before. To Adrian and Becca she

was huge, but if you were to stand behind her in a grocery store, she would

blend in with all the other middle-aged, well-rounded lady shoppers. Since her

husband had died five years before, she had little to fill her days and her love

of vanilla ice cream had greatly expanded her butt.

Zelda took her first look at the eight-inch couple. He eyebrows raised and her

mouth opened at the sight. Hillary sat and motioned for Zelda to do the same.

When they were both seated, Hillary began to talk.

"So now you know, Mom. I took a big risk in telling you and I want you to keep

Helen's secret. She'd kill me if she knew."

"Of course, of course," said Zelda, leaning forward to study them. "They ARE

very attractive. Can I pick one up?"

Hillary looked doubtful. "I'm not sure...would you guys mind?"

Becca, now standing, nodded. Adrian was very still, not saying a word.

But Zelda reached for Adrian in a sudden thrust that made his knees buckle. In a

flash, Zelda's meaty hand swallowed the small man and propelled him towards her.

Adrian yelped ("Not so hard, Mom!"), and soon Zelda's face was all he could see.

Arms and legs dangling, he hung in space, trying not to look at it, but it was

hard. The ruddy skin, the full lips, the inhaling and exhaling nostrils and the

overly made-up eyes assaulted his senses. Zelda, he could tell, had even dabbed

on some perfume. Adrian hated perfume.

Becca watched from below with concern. She wondered about this new twist in

their fates and how Zelda would fit in.

Zelda stroked the tiny man's back and shoulders with a dry, raspy finger. "I

like him, Hillary. And I guess she's not so bad either. We'll be fine here while

you're in school."

"What!" Hillary hadn't expected that. "Mom, you can't stay up here."

"Oh, and why not? You do."

"Because I'm their friend. They know and trust me. I'm not sure..."

"Oh, come on now. I'm not going to sit on them. You go to school, I'll take care

of our little people."

"Our people? Mom, they don't belong to us."

Zelda just smiled. "Really, Hillary. We'll be fine. I'll cook their meals and

see you at home later. Don't worry."

Adrian and Becca could see that Hillary was no match for Zelda. They said their

goodbyes and Hillary, giving her little friends an uncertain wave, reluctantly

left the attic.

Zelda wasted no time. To the alarm of the attic dwellers, Zelda showed no sign

of leaving their domain. Instead, she made herself comfortable, shedding most of

her clothing, and settled in for a while.

She reached out and grabbed Becca, inspecting her carefully. Becca stayed

remarkably calm, though this new creature reminded her of King Kong. With a

sigh, Zelda at last put her down and told the couple to stand together near the

edge of the space.

Then she got on all fours, exposing her enormous bare backside to the couple.

She turned her head sideways to speak.

"You know, my late husband loved my ass. Couldn't keep his hands off. I miss

that. So, if you would, come love my ass. Make me feel like my husband used to."

Becca and Adrian looked at each other. Adrian motioned her to come with him and

they approached the wall of flesh. Although huge, it had held its shape well.

Each took a buttock, rubbing their small hands along the bumpy skin.

Zelda hummed happily as her ass was caressed. But she stopped short when she

felt a tiny hand near her anus. "I didn't say you could touch me there!" she


Eventually, Zelda was satisfied with her ass-rub and took the couple downstairs

for breakfast. She spoke to them between bites.

"Well, that was fun. A girl could get used to that. Maybe we could take it a

little farther next time."

Adrian and Becca looked at her silently as they chewed. Zelda went on.

"Yes, we'll have to do this again. I'll have a word with Helen about it."

"No!" exploded Adrian. "She can't find out - she'll take it out on us somehow.

You don't know her."

Zelda smiled, cereal milk dripping down her chin. "Oh, I've known Helen for a

while. She does have her faults, but I'm sure she's be willing to share."

Becca had a question. "What about Hillary?"

"What about her? You may see her again at some point, but I'm afraid my daughter

will be out of bounds for the next year or so. I've decided she needs to

transfer to another college, one that's far away. In the meantime, get used to

your new, part time owner."

Zelda was good to her word. She put the couple back in their attic nest, and

when Helen got home that night, Zelda called her and explained the situation.

Helen gritted her teeth. "I've never trusted you, Zelda. Your daughter, yes. But

not you. If you want to share them, I want to be there to supervise."

Zelda thought. "Hmm. What about an outing? The poor dears need sun and fresh

air. I know a secluded place in the park."

Helen argued at length, but Zelda finally got her way. They would take Adrian

and Becca to the park the next morning. Helen had one overriding concern.

"What if they try to escape?"

"Take precautions. You'll think of something."

At 10:30 the next day, all four of them reclined on a scratchy wool blanket that

Zelda had dug up. The two large women sat diagonally from each other, watching

the tiny ones in the center. A passing stranger would have seen a bizarre sight:

An eight-inch man and woman chained to each other, with another chain leading to

a large woman's hand.

"My turn," Zelda was saying. She gave the chain a little tug, and Adrian lurched

involuntarily towards her. The chain between his leg and Becca's leg grew taut,

then Becca lurched forward as well. They both took the hint - walk towards Zelda

or be dragged to her.

Helen, meanwhile, acted as lookout. Occasionally a hiker or dog walker passed

through, and she was ready to cloak the couple at a second's notice.

Zelda fondled the small, naked man with eager hands. Adrian looked up. In the

strong sunlight, every hair on her cheeks, chin and nose stood out in relief.

Zelda leaned in for a kiss.

"Careful with him," Helen warned. "Remember, I first discovered these two very

close to this spot, four years ago. They had run away from someone else."

"Really?" said Zelda, without interest. She picked up Becca and began to massage

her tiny tits.

"Yes. And I don't want to lose them."

Across the park, about 300 yards away sat a lone woman on a bench. Her clothes

were dirty, her hair bedraggled. Mothers and their children avoided the strange

woman, but if anyone came near her, she would ask the same question:

"Have you seen them? My little ones - about this high." She held her rough hands

about eight inches apart. As the person hurried away (they always did) her tone

grew more angry, her voice louder.

"My little ones! I want them back! Have you seen them? Have you seen them?"

Zelda looked deeply into the little man's face.

She batted her eyelashes and smiled seductively.

"So, Adrian. Do you think you could ever have feelings for a middle-aged broad

like me?"

Adrian was in no position to resist. Zelda's huge hand constricted his body. She

pulled him closer. She wore extra perfume, intended to entice him. He found it

hard not to retch.

It had been this way for some time now. Zelda and her next-door neighbor Helen

had finally worked out a plan where Zelda would have custody of Adrian and Becca

every other week. It gave Helen a break and served to fill Zelda's empty days.

And she found herself growing very fond of Adrian.

Zelda wanted the little man, wanted his body and his sex. But she also wanted

his affection. She was lonely; love-starved. She needed the attention of a nice

man again. Unlike Helen, who had no compunction about ramming Adrian headfirst

inside her, Zelda was a romantic. She would woo him, seduce him, wear him down

until he surrendered. Then the lovemaking would be all the sweeter.

The only problem, as Zelda saw it, was Becca. She was Adrian's girlfriend and

had been for years. But Zelda began to devise ways to keep Becca out of the way,

busy with household chores and other distractions. Zelda might empty a mountain

of laundry on her bed and tell Becca to fold it. Or compel her to scrub the

gross stains from Zelda's extra-large panties in the kitchen sink. It might take

an hour or more, but that was all right to Zelda. It gave her more time alone

with the little man.

Adrian arms pinned to his side and drawn slowly to Zelda's grinning face, tried

not to grimace. Four years of Helen had made him impervious to giants and very

little sickened him by now. But something about Zelda made his skin crawl. He

could never love this creature, never. All he could do was to play along.

"Yes," he said, answering the giantess's question in a flat tone. "I could have

feelings for a woman like you, Zelda."

The enormous, cloying grin deepened. "Oh, you little sweetheart." She brushed

his head past her lips, then nuzzled the tiny chest not covered by her fingers.

Adrian got a close up of her broad, bulbous nose and the zillions of minute

hairs that grew from it. "You know," she murmured softly, "I could have feelings

for you, too. Pucker up."

Adrian closed his eyes so as not to see the blond mustache that sprang from her

upper lip, the dry skin around her mouth. He felt his face plunge into the wet,

clammy lips of his captress. How much longer? he wondered. And what of Becca,

off playing Cinderella somewhere? It was time to find out.

When Zelda had finally pulled him free of her greedy lips, Adrian sputtered a

few times and said, "Don't you think we should check on Becca? It's been a


Zelda frowned, then sighed. "Yeah, I guess. Lead the way, lover."

She set the eight-inch man on the carpet and he broke into a run. She followed

him across the room then down the hallway on slow, ponderous feet. Zelda liked

this game. If he fell behind, or Zelda caught up to him, she'd play with him

mercilessly with her bare feet. So he usually darted off to maintain a good


Adrian made it to the bedroom door first and waited for Zelda to open it. And

then, because Adrian was floor level, he could not see what Zelda could: Becca,

lying among unfolded laundry, sound asleep.

Zelda coughed twice then sat abruptly on the bed, bouncing the tiny woman.

"Ahem," she said to the now-awake Becca. "I gave you a job to do. What


"Um," began Becca. "I was so tired from this morning's chores and I really

needed a nap. You know, it takes a lot of strength to do your housework, Zelda."

Zelda's expression darkened. "It's good for you. Anyway, I told you - no

complaints. When you live under my roof and eat my food..." Zelda stopped and

switched gears. "But never mind. Adrian and I have an announcement to make.

We've decided to start dating."

Becca was nonplussed. She stared at the giantess, then at Adrian who had just

climbed to the bed surface. Adrian made an "I had no idea" gesture to Becca. She

was about to protest but then thought better of it. Zelda was in charge, Zelda

was huge, Zelda was strong as an elephant. And if Zelda wanted to date her

boyfriend, there was nothing a small woman like Becca could do about it.

"That's nice," muttered Becca. "I hope the two of you will be very happy


If Zelda had detected any sarcasm, she didn't show it. "Fine," she said happily.

"Adrian, may I have the pleasure of your company tonight? We can snuggle and

watch TV; so romantic!"

"What about Becca?" he asked.

"Oh, Becca will be very busy, folding all this laundry." Zelda waved her hand

over the clothes mountain and giggled. "Do a good job for me, honey." Then Zelda

left to make dinner.

Adrian walked to Becca and put a hand on her shoulder. She pushed it off, then

fell face down onto one of Zelda's ugly blouses. Adrian sat miserably beside her

and stroked her hair.

If only, he thought, if only Hillary would come back.


Zelda had just put dinner in the oven and was about to pour herself a second

glass of Drambuie when her kitchen phone rang. She always let the machine answer

her calls, but she sat down to listen, just in case.

After the recorded message, a familiar voice came on. "Mom, it's me. Are you

there? Pick up if you are. Come on, Mom. Hello? Hello? Hellooooooo..."

Zelda snatched up the phone. "Yes, yes, I'm here, for goodness sake. What is so


"Well, there a long weekend coming up, and I only have one class tomorrow. I

want to come home a day early and bring a friend. Just wanted to let you know."

Dammit, thought Zelda. She still had Becca and Adrian for two more days. This

was going to complicate things.

"Can't you go to your friends' house? This isn't the best time - I'm...I'm a

little busy."

"Oh?" said Hillary, drawing out the word. "When are YOU ever busy?"

"Well," Zelda said in a lowered voice. "Things are developing nicely between me

and the little man. We're dating now and tonight will be special. We could end

up, er, you know, in the sack."

"Mom! You're ten times his size. You're twenty years older. You cannot date an

eight-inch man, and certainly not Adrian, because he has Becca. What is the

matter with you?"

"Well, Helen does it."

"That's beside the point, Mom. Don't force Adrian to do things he doesn't want

to do. They need your protection and care, not what you have in mind. Put those

thoughts right out of your head."

Zelda decided to let it go. "Fine. I'll think about it. What time are you two


"We'll be there by five. I gotta go now. Give my love to Adrian and Becca."

Twenty minutes later, dinner was on the table and Zelda was enjoying a nice glow

from the alcohol. She made her way down the hallway, a little unsteady but

determined, and made it at last to the bedroom. The tiny couple was sitting up,

waiting. Zelda planted her large derriere next to them and giggled.

"Hillary called. She sends her love, and she'll be here tomorrow night. She

seems to disapprove of our dating, Adrian. But we know better, don't we? Don't

we?" Zelda's gusts of liquor breath enveloped the two like a tangy cloud. "Time

for supper. C'mere you two."

She seized the slender bodies in both hand and held them to her bosom. Then she

tacked down the hallway towards the waiting meal.

It was chicken again. Baked chicken breasts - the only thing Zelda could cook.

Zelda settled in for her meal, a plate heaped with chicken meat and mashed

potatoes. A fresh glass of Drambuie rested by its side. Adrian and Becca moved

towards the plate - they were allowed to nibble from the sides as the giantess

shoved great forkfuls into her mouth and chewed. The tiny couple tried not to

look up.

"Yes, we know better," said Zelda, her mouth full. "You can't alter the course

of true love. Right, lover?"

Adrian stopped eating and looked reluctantly at his questioner. Gravy spilled

from the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, Zelda. You can't."


The house hadn't been this clean in weeks. Zelda actually got off her huge butt

and did some work, giving Becca a well-deserved break. Zelda knew that Hillary

was to arrive very shortly, and she was nervous.

The previous night hadn't gone quite as planned. Zelda had gotten a little too

drunk and too drowsy to seduce her tiny lover. She fell asleep on the couch as

Adrian gamely sucked her nipple. The promised night "in the sack" never

materialized. When he was sure she was out, Adrian simply joined Becca and had a

good night's sleep on a real bed.

And now Zelda, slightly hung over, sheepishly tidied the place and got things

ready as the couple relaxed.

The afternoon sun was slowly setting when a car pulled up outside. Adrian and

Becca ran to a low window to see - it was Hillary, thank God, with another girl.

Adrian wondered if the girl knew about Zelda's unusual household, but wasn't too

concerned. It would be all right.

Hilary walked into the foyer, and then into the living room. Zelda was still in

the kitchen and did hear her daughter's arrival. Hillary's friend, a slender

girl with short blond hair, followed. Hillary spotted her old friends on the

sofa and turned to the blonde.

"Okay Tia, get ready - they're sitting right over there."

Tia, eyes adjusting to the indoor light, walked toward the sofa and suddenly


"My God, Hillary. You were right. Tell me their names again."

Hillary smiled, trotted over to the couch and plopped down. She touched each one

affectionately and looked back to Tia. "This is Adrian, and this is Becca. Guys,

meet my roommate, Tia."

The small couple greeted Tia, who had crept a bit closer and was staring at

them, eyes wide. "Hi, Adrian; Hi, Becca. Oh, this is so cool. Pocket sized


Tia was smiling widely now, and the little ones studied her face. Nice

complexion, laughing brown eyes, puckish mouth. She looked as if she was dying

to stuff them in her own pockets, or maybe somewhere else. She sat on the other

side of the couch, with Adrian and Becca in the middle, and turned toward them.

Her bare knee almost touched Becca. Becca noticed but did not move.

Zelda came out from the kitchen. "Oh, you're here." She looked at Tia, a bit

oddly, Hillary thought. "And you must be Tia. What do you think of my little


"I just love them. You're so lucky."

Zelda did not smile. "Yes, I am. Well, dinner's ready. Come and eat everyone."

Dinner passed pleasantly, this time with extra plates set out for the two

smallest guests. Tia could hardly take her eyes off them. Near the end, Hillary

addressed her mother.

"Mom, why don't you go out and do something tomorrow. Tia and I will stay here

and take care of them. You need to get out of the house."

"But I have to bring them back to Helen tomorrow."

Hillary made a face. "Ugh. That awful attic. I almost forgot. But never mind, we

can bring them for you. Or maybe talk Helen into another couple of days. We'll

be here until Sunday."

Zelda thought. "Maybe...maybe. Let me think about it."

Hillary had the feeling that Zelda would be happier alone with her tiny guests,

without having to share them. But Hillary did want to share them with Tia. They

had become good friends at college and this was something Hillary felt could

bring them even closer.

At evening's end, Hillary asked her mother an awkward question.

"Uh, Mom? Where do they sleep? With you?"

"Yes, of course."

"Oh. Well, if you decide..."

"Thanks anyway, Hillary. We'll be fine. Goodnight, now."

Hillary and Tia went up to Hillary's room and settled in. They would both sleep

on the queen-sized bed, but without the small couple.

"Damn," Hillary said to Tia. "I was hoping they could sleep here. Right between

us. That would have been so..."

"Amazing," said Tia, finishing Hillary's thought. "But just think - the

weekend's not over yet. There's always a chance."

Hillary smiled. She knew what Tia meant. Sleeping with them, touching them, and

possibly more. The 'more' part is what has filled her mind since leaving home,

and now that Tia was here, she meant to find out what that entailed.

Tia slipped off her clothes and eased her lithe, naked body into bed.

"Brrr," she said. "Cuddle with me; I'm so cold."

Hillary began to unbutton her blouse. "My pleasure," she said.


Was Zelda ever going to leave them alone? All morning and afternoon, Zelda had

made a big fuss over Adrian and Becca, feeding them extra well, seeing to their

comfort, butting in whenever Hillary, or especially Tia, got too close to them.

Even though Hillary was used to her mother's possessiveness, it still drove her


It was an overcast, late summer afternoon and the girls were in the living room,

playing the board game Clue with the small couple. Hillary sat next to Tia, with

Adrian and Becca occupying the other side of the board. The game was taking

longer than usual with Zelda poking her head in every few minutes.

Tia sat cross-legged and wearing the same kind of short-shorts she had worn the

day before. It was her turn to play; she tossed the white die across the board

and moved her game piece. "Um, let's see. The murderer is...Mr. Green with a

lead pipe in the Billiard Room."

Hillary smiled and held up a card revealing a lead pipe. "Ha ha," she said, and

pushed the die towards Becca.

"Oh girls, "said Zelda who was hovering close by. "Remember, they have to be

back at Helen's by five o'clock. It's almost four now."

"Yes, Mom, we know. And we'd like to take them ourselves, like I mentioned

yesterday. How about it."

Zelda looked at her daughter thoughtfully. "Well, there are a few errands I need

to do. Would you promise to deliver them on time? I can't be late for Helen -

she might not trust me again."

Hillary made a groaning sound, but Tia said: "Zelda, I'll make sure that Adrian

and Becca get back on time. Go right ahead and do those errands and don't worry

about a thing."

Zelda, unbelievably, smiled at the blond girl. "How sweet of you, Tia. Thank you

so much. I think my daughter could learn from you." Zelda gathered her purse and

headed for the door. "Bye everyone - see you before dinner." Then she was gone.

Becca picked up the die. In her hands it resembled a square, spotted bowling

ball. She rolled it and it came up six. Then she moved her piece around the

board and into the section labeled Conservatory.

"Miss Scarlet in the Kitchen with a rope," she called out. But only Adrian was

listening. Tia had moved toward Hillary and was whispering in her ear. Hillary

nodded and Tia moved back to her own spot.

"Guys?" said Hillary. "Why don't we put the game away for now and just hang out.

We really haven't had a chance with Mom around." With incredible speed, Tia

gathered the game materials together and put them back in the box. Meanwhile,

Hillary had gone to sit on the couch. She was wearing shorts, too, but the

loose, floppy kind, like boxers. She also wore a tight-fitting white t-shirt

with her midriff exposed.

Adrian and Becca needed no invitation; they were soon sitting next to Hillary.

Tia shoved the game box into a corner and came to join the others. She sat very

close to Hillary, and when the brunette dropped her hand into Tia's lap, Tia

took it.

Adrian, who with Becca was sitting on Hillary's bare thigh, gave Becca a quick

look. Becca smiled.

Tia ran her hand up Hillary's arm, then naturally let it fall on her breast.

Hillary's nipple pushed against the cotton fabric in response to Tia's touch.

Hillary tilted herself toward her roommate and the tiny couple tumbled into a no

man's land of giant girls' legs. Tia kicked off her sandals and caressed Hillary

silky shin with her foot.

The rapid movement sent Adrian squarely into Tia's crotch. He was about to

scramble off when Hillary's huge fingers descended and held him there. Adrian

craned his neck to look up: the giantesses were locking lips, Tia's hands now

frantically and passionately squeezing Hillary's breast.

Adrian tried to extract himself, but now Hillary's palm squashed him into Tia's

pubic region as her fingers delved down inside Tia's open legs. Hillary's

fingers rubbed excitedly while keeping the tiny man plastered against the soft


Becca had sized up the situation and was kissing and caressing Hillary's bare

midriff. Tia noted this and dropped her hand down to rub Becca's back. Her

massive fingertips played across Becca's skin, from her shoulders to buttocks

and down her slender legs. Becca turned around and kissed the fingertips in


All four were completely occupied and lost in their respective ecstasies, when,

out of the blue, the phone rang. The ringing went on and on, insistently. They

all ignored it. Hillary, however, stopped to wait for the message. She could

just make out her mother's voice coming from the machine in the kitchen.

"Hilarreee," the voice squawked. "You have to take them back to Helen's soon.

It's about a quarter of now, or close to it, so don't forget. I'll be home in

about an hour. Bye!"

Hillary leaned back and sighed. Adrian came up from his spot and looked at her.

Becca, who was now lounging between Tia's breasts, breathing hard, looked at her


"Just like Mom to ruin our fun. Man, I hate to take you back there. A whole week

of Helen - I don't know how you guys put up with her."

Adrian made a bold request. "How about your place? Can we go back with you?" He

looked from Hillary to Tia, who was smiling approvingly, back to Hillary.

"I'm so sorry, Adrian. It wouldn't work. Wish we could, though."

So that was that. When things cooled down a bit, Hillary helped Adrian and Becca

to collect their things, and sadly, the two giantesses ambled to Helen's front

door, with Becca and Adrian concealed in a large canvas tote bag and slung over

Hillary's shoulder.

They rang the doorbell. No answer. They knocked. No answer. Tia looked into the

bag, met the eyes of the couple and grinned. "Well, it was nice meeting you two.

Until next time..."

Hillary looked around at the yard and driveway. "Tia, this is odd. No one seems

to be home and there are no cars in the driveway. I thought Helen was expecting

us, but she's not here. Now what?"

Tia looked at Hillary with a light in her eye. "Well, I see two options. One, we

go back to your mom's and wait for her. Or two," and here she glanced back at

the couple in the bag, "we could take a little road trip."

"Road trip?

"Yes," said Tia. "Not far though. Just to that little motel we saw on the way

in. We'll drive out there and...check in."

Adrian and Becca were all attention. "Road trip!" yelled Adrian. "Road trip!"

echoed Becca. "Road trip, road trip," they chanted in unison.

Hillary smiled. "I think they like your idea, Tia. So do I. Let's get the hell

outta here."

Ten minutes later the four walked into room number 14 at the Blue Jay Motel and

Cottages. It was nicely appointed with two full-sized beds, a television and a

phone. It was a good bet the phone wouldn't be ringing since they told no one

where they were going.

Tia bounced her rear end a few times on the nearest bed. "Yup, this will do."

Hillary took the canvas bag and slowly tipped the contents next to Tia.

Adrian shook his head and looked around. First the room, then at Hillary's

beautiful face, then at Tia's lovely bare thigh, only inches away.

"Yes," he agreed. "This will do nicely."

One take-out Chinese feast and a few beers later, the atmosphere had mellowed

nicely. There was all the time in the world. Tia excused herself to use the

bathroom, and Hillary turned down the bed.

"Okay, you two, climb in." Becca and Adrian obeyed at once. Hilary smiled and

began to shed her clothing.

When Tia came back, Hillary was already in bed; the sheet pulled to just below

her breasts. The tiny couple was nestled in between and around them.

"Ooh, Hillary. I hope you're willing to share." Tia quickly stripped off and

dived under the covers. She reached out and lay a gentle finger on Adrian's

back. "I'm waiting, little man."

Adrian glanced at Hillary, her eyes were closed but she held a lazy smile.

Adrian crawled off the warm, fragrant body and scampered over the other one. Tia

giggle as his tiny hands and knees dug into her soft, giving tits.

After a pleasant interval, they switched. Becca submitted to Tia's massive,

supple lips as Adrian kissed the inside of Hillary's thighs. Hillary sighed with

pleasure and looked at Tia. "Enjoying it?"

Tia kissed the tiny woman a few times and replied, "What do you think?" She

nuzzled the tiny woman's stomach and gave her a quick lick with her tongue.

Eventually, Tia set Becca aside and mounted giantess Hillary. Tia's legs

straddled Hillary's hips, they began a sensual ballet while the eight-inch

lovers kept clear and began their own coupling. Tia rubbed Hillary's clit as she

rode her partner until they both came together. Tia, exhausted, collapsed in her

friend's arms.

As they snuggled in the afterglow, Adrian and Becca did the same about a foot

away. The two couples, large and small, regarded each other with affection. Tia

had a sudden thought.

"You know, Hillary? These two are incredible. They know just what to do. It's

like they were...trained, or something."

Hillary's body shuddered anew, a little aftershock. She took a few breaths, and

said: "You're right, Tia. They have been trained."

Tia was aghast. "You're kidding! Not by...not by that Attic woman, Helene, Helen

or whatever?"

"No, not her. Adrian, would you like to tell the story? About the people who

shrunk you and then trained you?"

Adrian pulled himself into a cross-legged position, joined by Becca who reached

for his hand. Adrian took it. He began to speak in a soft, careful voice.

"Yes, I'd be glad to. But there's one thing I'd like to make clear. It wasn't

one person who did this to us, or even a group. It was a corporation. And they

may still be looking for us.

"Tia, have you ever heard of the Traders? Traders, Incorporated?"


It was now very late and Adrian well into his

tale. The women were all attention though their bodies had shifted somewhat: Tia

rested her head on Hillary's shoulder, her fingers making lazy circles on

Hillary's flat stomach, occasionally extending to the breasts and fuzzy pubic

hairs. Becca, who had started out sitting next to Adrian, wordlessly climbed

Hillary's torso and settled in on top. Tia smiled and tickled the tiny woman.

Adrian, who had wrapped himself in a section of sheet, continued.

"The Traders maintain a web site - that's where most of the trafficking is done.

Traders can contact each other directly but the corporation must approve the

trades. Tradees like Becca and I had no control of where we were sent, or to

whom. A perilous lifestyle, to say the least."

Tia raised her head. "But how did you get involved in the first place? Did they

just come along and kidnap you?"

"In a way," Becca said. "I hate to admit this, but we were Traders ourselves."

Tia gave a little gasp. "You were?" She then looked at Hillary, who nodded.

"Yes," answered Adrian. "When we were full sized we were Traders for a short

period. Someone we knew referred us, and once the first little people came to

us, we were hooked."

"Of course, we were nice," said Becca. "Not all Traders are. But we made all of

our tradees feel welcome and tried to make them happy. Even then, we knew they

had it rough."

"Those were exciting times," said Adrian. "But of course they didn't last. We

didn't realize until too late that Traders Inc needed a continuous, fresh supply

of product. We'd heard rumors about Traders being shrunk by the corporation for

breaking one of their many rules. And then one day..."

"It happened to us," said Becca sadly. "I can't even remember what silly charge

they brought against us. A Miss X came to our door, chatted for a few minutes,

and suddenly we were reduced to our present height. She carried us from our own

home in a box."

Adrian paused a moment, then said, "That's when our training began. We were

later told that we were an experiment. Most tradees are shrunk to about 3-5

inches, but we were left larger than that. It seems some of the Traders had

requested "larger" small people, and we were created to meet that demand. The

corporation was taking a risk though; larger tradees meant less control, a

greater chance of escape."

Hillary raised her head and leaned on an elbow. "And you did escape, didn't


"Yes we did. It was about six months into our circulation - the time spent among

the Traders - that we were sent to a single female Trader living in an

apartment. When we arrived, sealed in our package, the woman wasn't home, so her

downstairs neighbor signed for us and took delivery."

Becca nodded. "The downstairs woman decided to open the package and she found

us. Then she kept us."

Adrian continued "For about two weeks. She was much older than we were. We could

tell right away she was highly unbalanced and therefore dangerous. We somehow

talked her into bringing us to the park, where we finally got away. That," he

added wryly, "was before anyone thought of chains and leashes."

Becca again: "For three days we hid; cold, wet and hungry. Then we saw Helen."

Tia's eyes widened. "So she brought you home, and kept you for herself. The evil


Hillary shook her head. "No, I know Helen, and she's not evil. She can be a

bitch, though. I think she just fell into the trap, the addiction, like most

Traders do."

Tia suddenly looked guilty. Without realizing it, she had wrapped her fingers

tightly around Becca, and now loosened her grip. "Yeah," she said in a low

voice. "I guess I understand."

"So that's our story," said Adrian. "And tomorrow, we go back to Helen and start

the routine all over again."

"You know, Adrian," said Hillary. "A few weeks back I did some research on

Traders, Inc. Their web site is still in operation. I didn't have a password to

see the pics or profiles, but there was an e-mail address listed."

Adrian looked at her sharply. "Oh no," he said in a wary voice. "You

didn't...e-mail them, did you?"

Hillary blushed. "Yes, I did. I didn't give my name, but just asked if they were

looking for any lost little people, and what they would do if they got them

back. So far there's been no reply."

"In that case," Becca said, "we're all in trouble, because they can track us

down. First they'll find you, then your mom, then Helen...and then us."

Tia wasn't so sure. "They can really do that? Are they that interested?"

"In getting us back?" Adrian asked. "Yes, definitely. We're escapees and a

potential source of revenue. Plus, they're relentless. Especially Miss X."

Hillary broke in. "Oh, Adrian, Becca. I'm so sorry. Maybe I should take you back

to college with me. We could hide you, and..."

Adrian shook his head. "No, Hillary. I hate to say this, but the safest place

for us now is with Helen. We need to go back there, and soon."


The next morning they returned to find a furious Zelda. But Hillary and Tia were

surprised to find that Helen and her family were still not back. So, while the

girls packed their things for their return trip to college, Zelda happily

prepared her tiny guests for one more sleepover.

Zelda brought them to Helen at 10:30 a.m. the following Monday. Helen greeted

them as a little girl would a long lost puppy. She muttered something about

having to attend yet another funeral and closed the door in Zelda's face.

Back in the attic, Helen was both unusually friendly and randy for long-delayed

sex. Adrian and Becca almost enjoyed it, although they knew that at any moment,

Helen's huge body could crush or maim them in her obliviousness.

For quite a long spell, Helen kept them trapped between her massive, naked

thighs, mainly because she could. The feeling was delicious, especially with

eight-inch Adrian snug against her furry mound. Helen chatted both to them and

partly to herself as she pressed her meaty limbs together.

"You know, I've missed you little guys. I'm so lonesome when you're not up here

in my attic. I think I'll call Zelda today and tell her the deal's off. You're

mine, and I want you to myself." Helen smiled benevolently at them. "Would you

like that? To stay here with me, all the time, and not that awful woman next


Adrian was unable to speak, but Becca, up to her chin in bristly, unshaven legs,

managed to answer. "Yes, Helen."

Helen opened her legs and pulled at Adrian, whose face had been pressed deep

into pungent pussy flesh. The giantess tried again. "Would you like that little


Adrian, breathing hard, croaked a "Yes."

She then lay them on the floor, cupped her hands over them and rested her chin

on the back of her hands. She gazed into their small faces. "Good. Let's get to

know each other all over again. A few kisses to start, eh?" As Helen pursed her

lips and began to descend, Adrian suddenly looked away, annoying the giantess.

"How dare you look away from me. You will kiss me right now, and..." But now

Becca was looking in the same direction. Helen looked, too.

There, in the open attic door, was the head of a stranger. An exotic,

dark-haired female. Before Helen could say "Who the hell are you?" the other

woman spoke with a professional authority.

"Please stand away from the little people. They belong to us, and I'm here to

take them back."

Helen got up quick and pulled her crumpled sleepshirt to her chest to conceal

her nakedness. She began to sputter.

"Never! I don't know who you are, but..."

"Miss X from the Traders organization. I have a shrink ray here, and I won't

hesitate to use it - on you OR them."

Moments later, Miss X, an oblong box bumping against her hip, strode from

Helen's house and into a waiting car. She handed the box to a woman sitting in

the passenger seat. Miss X started the car and drove away.

Inside the box was dark, and all Adrian and Becca could see was a glimpse of car

interior and a bit of sky through the ventilation holes. So they concentrated on

the conversation of the two giants.

"That went very well," they heard Miss X say.

"Oh, good." said another, oddly familiar voice. "Was there any need to..."

"Well, let's just say that Helen's a couple inches shorter than she used to be."

The other woman giggled, then said: "And the tradees? How are they doing?"

"Open the box and see. Be careful though."

The small couple held each other tight as the giantess above them scrabbled at

the floppy cardboard. A shaft of light entered their world, then another as the

box's top pieces lifted. Adrian looked up, blinked, shook his head, and looked

again. A huge blonde woman was smiling down at them.

There was no doubt now who the second woman was. It was Tia.

"Hi there, guys. Guess you thought you'd seen the last of me." When the stunned

pair did not answer, she went on. "But you'll have to call me Miss T from now

on. Rules, you know."

Miss X laughed. It had a harsh, callous ring.

Tia continued. "Anyway you're probably wondering what's in store. Well, for one

thing, we've decided not to punish you for your past behavior. But you'll need

lots of retraining, then back into circulation you go. As you can imagine,

there's quite a waiting list.

"But you might like this part. Miss X says I can do most of your retraining

myself. Won't that be cool?"

Becca spoke in a small, shell-shocked voice. "Hillary. What about her? Does she...?

"Doesn't know a thing about it. She seemed

Giantess Stories: She Keeps Them in the Attic

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