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Shop of Secrets



There is this magical shop in the middle of downtown Chicago that

many people walk pass everyday but never walk in. This shop sells all

types of weird products; from witchcraft to sex toys. However, there

is one product that is sold secretly through the store that not many

know much about. Mainly the rich, the famous, and a few people who

have done their research. Anyway, this place is called The Shop of

Secrets and is owned by a tall dark woman in her early 30's. She has

long black hair, bright green eyes, caramel skin, and the meanest yet

sexiest look a woman can have. In fact, she had a gothic look going

on. She wore lots of white make up on her face and dark lipstick. Her

nails were always painted black and her clothes were always black

too. Her name is Jasmine and she is a witch. This is where the story


Jasmine pulled into the parking lot and parked her silver BMW in her

parking spot. She got out of her car and headed towards her shop with

a bag in hand. She was wearing a black dress that came down to her

upper thighs, a black belt around her waist, black stockings that had

rips in them and black boots that ended right before her knees. She

also had some other pieces of weird looking jewelry on. When she got

into her shop she locked the door behind her and went behind the

counter where the cash register was. She placed the bag on the

counter in front of her reached in and pulled out a red velvet box.

She placed that on the counter as well and then unlocked it. She

slowly opened it up with a grin on her face. In the box laid a 4 inch

man strapped inside by his legs, arms, and neck. She began undoing

all the straps and once the man was free she picked him out of the

box by his leg and pulled out a small jar from under the counter. She

undid the lid and dropped the man into it!

. He fell headfirst into the glass bottom and made a loud squeal.

Before he could get to his feet and yell at the woman she put the lid

back on silencing all sound from the inside of the jar and vice

versa. 'The Jar was sound proof so that no customer could hear the

yells of all the little men under the counter. Plus, she gets easily

annoyed.' After Jasmine sealed the Jar shut she placed it under the

counter on a secret shelf with all the other Jars. After she was done

with the little man she grabbed the keys to the shop and went to the

door to unlock it. She turned the sign around so that it said open

then went back behind the counter and waited for the customers. Not

that many customers usually come into her shop except on the

weekends. Normally the type of people who come into her shop are

teenagers, witches, and couples who want to spice up their love life.

And of course her special customers who are usually the rich ones or

people she personally knows and likes. She did!

not mind that her shop wasn't that popular. She is a very rich woma

It was Thursday and Jasmine was sitting in her rocking chair behind

the counter staring at the door. The shop had been open for 3 hours

now but no one had walked in yet. She was rocking back and forth in

her chair humming a tune. For most people this would be very boring

but Jasmine had little people to play with. She already had one

little man in her right boot. This was her favorite thing to do with

them. She had his face right under her toes and his chest under her

sole. She hated men for the most part; she saw them as animals and

useless except when it came to taking care of women. She even hated

her own son. She did more horrible things to him than you can

imagine, but again that is a whole other story. Anyway, she kept one

little guy in her right boot under her foot and had another in her

left boot. She also had 2 more in her black, silk panties. She

somehow stuck them face first onto her butt cheeks. One guy on each

one. She kept a little woman in her vagina like she !

was a tampon. Jasmine was a lesbian and always used women to pleasure

herself. She saw men as being much dirtier and did not want one in

her. Unless she was eating one of course. She would even attach two

'1 inchers' under her arms. One on each armpit. They would soak up

her sweat, but that was only if she was wearing a long sleeve that

was not see through. She used her little men every way she could

think of. This was her only hobby and it excited her more than

anything...................Back to the story.

Jasmine sat in her chair waiting enjoying her little men and woman

moving around all over her body. After a few more minutes a couple

kids walked in and looked around the shop.

Jasmine:May I help you gentlemen?

1st Boy:Uh, no thanks, we're just looking around.

Jasmine:Oh alright, if you need any help let me know.

Jasmine was thinking to herself how badly she would love to shrink

these 3 guys and crush them beneath her boots. But of course, she had

to be careful who she shrinks and how many she shrinks. If it was up

to her she would shrink every man and make them into women's slaves.

the boys eventually left without buying anything and Jasmine went

back to staring at the door. As the day went by more and more people

started coming in. Eventually, a woman that she had done 'Business'

with before walked in. Her name was Natasha; she was a dark skinned

woman with long brown hair in her late 20's. She is a very spoiled

woman who married an extremely rich man simply for his money.

Jasmine:Hi Natasha, what are you doing here? Looking for a new little

guy to buy.

Natasha:Actually ya.'Very stuck up voice' The last man I bought from

you was accidently eaten by my cat after he tried to run away.

Somehow he escaped from the stocking I had tied him up in. I found

his head and a few other parts on the ground by my dresser. I guess

he didn't get too far. I just hope Whiskers enjoyed her meal.

They both laughed in their own evil way.

Jasmine:Well, what kind of guy do you want this time? Black, white,

Hispanic, young, old, blah blah blah I got it all!!

Natasha:I think I'll have another white man in his 30's.

Jasmine:Oh my god, you're in luck! I just got one last night. In

fact, I went on a date with this creep just to get him.

Jasmine looked around to make sure no one was in the store then

grabbed the jar from under the counter. She escorted Natasha into the

backroom and they both sat down at a small round table. Jasmine

placed the jar on the table and opened the lid. She reached in and

grabbed the little man who had been placed in that jar just hours

ago. She pulled him out and placed him on the table in front of the

woman. Natasha immediately picked him up before he could make a move.

She brought him to her eyes and examined him. He's pretty cute; (she

started squeezing his legs, arms, chest, etc.) He feels firm and in

good shape. (She brought him to her nose.) *Sniff Sniff* He even

smells good.

They both laughed and then she placed him back on the table. The man

just laid there on his back too terrified to move. He figured out

already that he was about to be sold to this woman but he was more

terrified because he did not know what this woman had planned for


Jasmine:Well? Are you interested in this toy or not?

Natasha:Yes I am, just tell me how much.

Jasmine:He goes for about $25,000,But i'll give him to you for


Natasha:Ha! Don't worry about the extra 5. It's not my money anyway.

25,000 it is.

Naasha wrote her the check and then grabbed the little white


Natasha:You belong to me now jerk.

With that said she took off her left heel and placed the man inside

of it.

Natasha:You're going to be spending the rest of the day in there

under my foot. And you better no move around or I feed you to my cat


Jasmine:I thought you said that was an accident.


They both laughed again as the spoiled woman placed her foot into the

heel. The man's world instantly became dark, hot and kind of smelly.

She stood up and moved her foot around to get more comfortable then

grabbed her purse and threw it over her shoulder.

Natasha:Well I'm off! Thanks again, and I'll see you in the future

when this fucker retires.

The woman left as the bells on top of the door rang. Jasmine sat back

down in her rocking chair and began rocking again. She paid no

attention to her little men trapped in different positions all over

her body. She has had little people like this since 300 years ago

when she was a little girl. Her mother used to bring them home and

give them to her as a present. She used to kill them off right away

by eating them, stepping on them, cutting there body parts off,

throwing them into a fire, etc. But slowly she was tought by her

mother to preserve them so that she could use them for years and

years. She sat back and thought about the first time her mother gave

her a little pet to toy with. At first she was shocked and extremely

terrified to even touch it. She did not even know her mother was a

witch. Her mother made her handle that 'toy' though. She was forced

to hold it, and play with it. Eventually she was forced to wear it in

her footwear. The first time she had one under her!

foot it was not pleasant to her. In fact, the first chance she got,

she pulled it out of her shoe and threw it as far as she could. Once

her mother found out she went and got another one for her daughter.

One after the other she refused to play with these 'things' by

killing them off; until she slowly began to enjoy it. After that she

would beg her mother for a new toy all the time; even when she

already had a bunch of them. Her mother was eventually burned at the

stake by a gang of village people. She just shrunk way too many men

and eventually people began to put two and two

together...............Back to the story

Jasmine just sat there waiting and waiting for an 'Important'

customer to walk in. People came and went but no one looking for one

of her toys. However, she did not mind; because tomorrow Jennifer

Lopez was coming to her shop for her monthly little man.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast and once 9PM hit Jasmine

locked the door to her shop, got into her car and went home.

The next day she got up a little early because she needed to fix her

shop up a little bit before Jennifer Lopez arrived. She took a quick

shower which she usually does only 3 times a week and she put on some

clean clothes. 'She usually wears her same all black attire to work

but today was a special day.' Once she was done with her makeup she

grabbed her big box of little men and unstrapped some of the guys and

placed them wear she wanted them positioned, 'In her boots, panties,

under arms, and the one woman in her vagina.' She also grabbed a few

extra '2 inchers' and dropped them in a brown bag. She then left for

work. She got there around 7:00am and fixed the place up to her

liking then sat down in the same rocking chair and pulled out the

brown bag. She opened it up and looked inside at the frightened

little men. Casually she reached in and picked out one of the men and

placed him in her mouth. Once he was in her mouth she batted him

around with her tongue covering him in !

her saliva and making him dizzy at the same time. She could feel him

trying to move around in her mouth as if he was still in control of

his body. She sucked and nibbled on him for minutes until she finally

decided to bite down hard. She ripped him apart with her sharp white

teeth and when she tasted all the blood oozing from the man's body, a

small smile developed on her face. Once she was done with him she

went on to eat another one. By the end of her meal she had eaten 5

little men. This was her usual breakfast for the most part. She only

ate one meal a day because she's a witch and because those men filled

her up more than you can imagine. Normally she eats only 2 or 3 but

lately she has stocked up on a lot more little men. She has more than

enough to spare. In fact, just a couple days ago, two 16 year old

twins came into the store trying to get some little men. Apparently

they found out about these guys from a very rich friend of theirs.

Anyway, they went up to Jasmine !

and asked if she had any little men left, which of course she always


The woman began knocking on the door.

Jasmine:I SAID I'M NOT OPEN!!!

The woman would not stop knocking on the glass door. Jasmine got out

of her chair and walked towards the door.

Jasmine:I SAID...............................OH HI THERE!!!

She recognized the lady from up close.

Jasmine:I didn't know it was you, come on in.

She unlocked the door and the blonde walked in.

Jasmine:What are you doing up so early this morning?

Blonde Woman:I felt like jogging around the block. I saw your car

parked behind the your store and I thought I'd come in and say hi.

Jasmine:Well hi. Oh by the way, how is that little guy I gave you


Blonde Woman:He's great, I never go jogging without him. He's in my

right sock as we speak.

Jasmine:Oh that's good to hear, I hope he is obeying you like I told

him too.

Blonde Woman:HA ha ha, ya, he knows whose the boss. The day I took

him home I set all the rules down and then I tortured the hell out of

him just to let him know what would happen if he were to make me


Jasmine:That's right, you let that little slaveshit know his role. I

actually recommend torturing them horribly when you first get one;

just to let them know what is what. Well actually, I torture my

little toys every chance I get, so it's all the same.

Both Woman:HA HA HA HA HA!

Blonde Woman:Do you mind if I sit down for a second and take my

little friend out of my sock?

jasmine:Why would you want to do that?

Blonde Woman:Well, I told him I'd let him out for some fresh air as

an apology for what happened last night.

Jasmine:You don't need to give him fresh air. In fact, you could keep

him in your sock for weeks and he'd be fine. I make sure to give

these guys a very durable structure when I shrink them.

Blonde Woman:I know, I know, but last night I got real angry when I

got home and immediately went to my bedroom, threw off my heels and

pulled my little guy out of my sweaty stocking.


Blonde Woman:Well, after I pulled him out, I was so drunk with anger

that I bit off his left arm.

Jasmine couldn't help but break out with a little laugh.

Jasmine:Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt you. But for the record,

don't forget you own these little fuckers, and are not obligated to

feel for them.

Blonde Woman:I know, I know, but he began crying and screaming so

loud that I actually felt sorry for him. That's when I promised him

that I'd give him a few short breaks during my morning jog. I was

considering not wearing him in my footwear at all, but I am so used

to having him under my foot.

Jasmine:Well what can I say? You are too nice of a person. Either

way, go ahead and keep your promise. Follow me to the back, you can

give the piece of scum fresh air back there.

The two women went into the back and sat down around the round table

mentioned earlier. The Blonde lifted her right foot and dropped it on

top of the table. She bent over and pulled her shoe off. She then

smiled at her foot as she wiggled her toes and twisted her ankle back

and forth. Jasmine just sat there and inhaled the aroma of this

woman's foot. Most people would be disgusted by the smell, but

Jasmine was very aroused and actually wished she could be that little

guy in the sock for at least a few minutes. The blonde suddenly

ripped off the sock and both women gazed at the one armed little man

who was tied to the sole of this woman's right foot with white

string. The string was very tight and had caused a cut on the man's

back. Jasmine could not resist any longer; she reached over and

began stroking the blonde's toes with her fingertips. She stroked

down from the woman's toes to the little man then her fingers reached

the heel. She grabbed it and pulled the whole !

foot towards her nose pulling the blonde's whole leg over the table.

She began sniffing the foot and the tiny 'toy'.

Blonde Woman:Geez, I didn't know you had a foot thing.

Jasmine ignored the comment and sniffed away. After a few minutes

the woman got impatient. She hadn't said anything yet because she

knew Jasmine was a witch and did not want to tick her off.

Blonde Woman:Alright, I think that's enough.

Jasmine:'Mean, scratchy voice.' I'll tell you when it's enough!!!

Blonde Woman:Seriously, STOP IT!

She tried to pull her foot away but Jasmine would not let go, she

just pulled back harder causing the blonde to get on top of the




Jasmine quickly released her grip on the woman's foot.

Blonde Woman:Thank you so---------

Before the woman could finish her sentence Jasmine jumped on the

table on top of the blonde and began sticking her tongue in her


Blonde Woman:'Muffled' Stop it, STOP IT!!!

Jasmine backed her head up a little and looked down at the woman who

now had black lipstick all over her face. And in a matter of seconds

the woman was shrunk down to the size of her little man who she had

tied to her foot. She and him were now lying next to each other

surrounded by her giant sweaty clothes; both of them looking up at

the giant Jasmine.

Jasmine:I'm very sorry, but this is a problem I can't control dear.

Oh by the way, how old are you sweetie?

Blonde Woman:I-I I'm 36.

Jasmine:Well you're a lot older than I thought, but either way you

have lived a long enough life.

The woman just stared at this giant witch who she was just eye to eye

with a minute ago. Before the woman could say anything, Jasmine

grabbed her and began sticking her in and out of her mouth as if she

were a penis. She sucked on her for quite a while then after the

woman was wet enough, Jasmine pulled down her black skirt and

panties, 'Which gave the 2 men in there a quick break.' she bent over

on the round table and stuck the blonde into her asshole.

Jasmine:OOOOOHHHHH!!! You have no idea what you are doing to me.

The blonde was actually thinking the same thing at the moment. It

was real hot in there and the smell was worse than anything she has

ever experienced. She could not breathe and felt as if she was

slowly being killed 'Which she was, because Jasmine had not made her

body durable, she just simply shrank her.' After an hour or so of

this Jasmine pulled the woman out of her rectum and went into the

restroom. She has done this so much that she automatically knew this

little bitch couldn't have survived. Meanwhile, the little man from

the blonde's sock was still on the round table. In fact, he had laid

there and was forced to watch the whole thing. Which by the way he

actually enjoyed for the most part. He got to see a beautiful giant

woman naked and torturing the woman who had tortured him for so long.

He heard the toilet flush and saw the giant Jasmine walk towards him

wiping her hands together. She sat down in a chair that was at the

round table.

Jasmine:Crawl to me slave.

The little man did as he was told and crawled to where she was


Little Man:What are you going-------------

Jasmine:SHUT IT!!!!!!! You know better than to speak. I am going to

kill you of course. What else would I do with you? I just can't

believe what I just did; that woman was my friend. I do this all the

time, I can't help it. Anyway, lets get this over with.

She grabbed the little guy and dropped him to the floor as quickly as

possible. She raised her black boot into the sky and dropped it on

top of his body as hard as she could. She then raised her foot and

saw that he was still in mint condition.

Jasmine:Holy shit, I really make you guys durable don't I?

She then started stomping on him over and over again as hard as she

could. On the last stomp she pressed down twisting her foot all

around to make sure he was not going to be alive when she removes her

foot. After a minute she finally removed her


Jasmine:Fucking Hell! You're still alive you little shit.

'He was alive but very bruised up.' She bent over and picked him up

and stormed into the front of the shop again. She grabbed her pocket

knife from her purse which was lying on the counter and laid the

little man on the counter. She held him down like he was a piece of

vegetable and began chopping him up like a carrot; from his legs to

his head. He screamed louder than you can possibly imagine and once

the knife went through his chest the screaming ceased. She slid her

left hand over the entire carcass on the counter and wiped it off the

counter into her right hand then power walked into the restroom to

flush the mess down. She walked casually back to the front of the

store as if this was a regular routine in her life, which it was.

She turned the sign around so it said open, walked behind the counter

and sat back down in her rocking chair. Not an hour later she saw a

big black limousine through the window pull up to the front of the

store. She stood up anticipating wh!

o was about to walk into her shop. The door swung open and the bell

on top of it rang like it does in many stores. She saw a big black

man walk in and he was followed by no other than JENNIFER LOPEZ!!

Jasmine quickly ran around the corner of the counter and up to the

woman. She looked like a Latin angel. She had on all white; except

for a black skirt. She had a white jacket, a white tank top, and

white high heels.

Jasmine:How are you doing Ms. Lopez?!!

JLO:I'm fine, and yourself?

Jasmine:Couldn't be better.

JLO:Well why don't we get straight to business. I ordered a little

Ben Affleck look alike this month. I hope you got him for me.

Jasmine:I sure did Ms. Lopez! He's actually younger and cuter than


JLO:Great then, let me have him.

Jasmine ran behind the counter and pulled out a fancy purple box with

velvet covering. She walked back to Jennifer Lopez and handed her the

box. She opened it and looked at the little man with a very cold


JLO:He looks exactly like that prick, you've done it again Jazz. Do

you mind unstrapping him from the box and placing him in my left

heel. I want to break him in before tonight; I have a small concert

to perform and I am going to be dancing a lot.

Jasmine:No problem, I'd love too.

Jasmine took the little guy out of the box and knelt down in front of

Jennifer Lopez as if she was about to be knighted by the queen. She

thought Jennifer was one of the most beautiful women alive. She

looked up for a second to adore this gorgeous Puerto Rican. Jennifer

wasn't even paying attention to her though, she was looking at her

watch and tapping her left foot to imply she was in a rush. Jasmine

grabbed the left heel and removed it from Jennifer's foot. She then

placed the lucky little guy in the shoe. As she positioned him in the

shoe she noticed an odd smell coming from Jennifer's foot. She

sniffed around a few times to make sure it was her foot odor.

Jennifer immediately noticed this.

JLO:Ya Ya, my feet stink, I know. They always do. But I don't think

little Ben Affleck here will mind.

Jasmine placed the shoe with the little man back on Jennifer's foot

but stayed on her knees staring at her feet as Jennifer moved her

foot around to get comfortable.

JLO:I am going to do a lot of damage to this one. I bet he's not

waiting for tonight.

Both Women laughed as they stared at Jennifer's left heel.

Jasmine:I'm just wondering......... how many men have I sold to you

throughout the years?

JLO:I don't know, I lost track after the 40th. I just know I only

have around 15 left and they have all been permanently attached to

the insoles of my shoes that I wear on a regular basis.

Jasmine:Well, since you are such a big spender here Ms. Lopez, why

don't I give you 2 extra ones for free. You can do whatever you want

with them.

Jasmine ran behind the counter again and pulled out two jars and

grabbed the two men in them. Both were in there 20's. She ran back to

Jennifer Lopez and handed them to her.

JLO:I appreciate it. I will put them on sock patrol. Whenever I am

wearing socks, they will be in them making sure everything's safe in


She unzipped her purse, dropped the two in and zipped it back up.

Jasmine:I hpe you don't mind me asking; but do you ever use your

little toys for anything other than your feet?

JLO:NO!! I don't want them touching any other part of my body. In

fact, they're not even worthy of touching my feet or even my

footwear. I just can't resist feeling them squish beneath me. Knowing

that they are worshipping my feet is a different type of pleasure

that I can't get any other way. Every time I take a step they get

squished, inhaling my foot odor as they do. Soaking my foot sweat up

and tasting it at the same time. Most men would adore these little


JLO:Anyway, thank you very much and I'll see you next month.

Jasmine:No, thank you Ms. Lopez.

Before she left, Jennifer Lopez stomped her left foot into the ground

crushing Little Ben beneath her foot.

JLO:Having fun in there? I bet it's real hot and stinky isn't it?

She looked up at Jasmine and smiled then left the shop with her

bodyguard and drove off in her limousine.

Giantess Stories: Shop of Secrets

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