Giantess Stories: Short Circuit By DreamTales

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Short Circuit

By DreamTales

[Note: This story involves various members of the Legion of Super Heroes]

"Oh, Johnny! It's so beautiful!" exclaimed Susan. "This has to be just about the

most romantic place I've ever seen!"

Johnny shut down the warp drive on his Explorer Pod and pulled on the relativity

brake. Outside the windshield was a spectacular view of  Saturn and its rings,

with the Milky Way lighting up the sky as a backdrop. Leaning back in his seat,

Johnny casually stretched and put his arm around Susan's shoulder. He had just

parked at his favorite make out place - the moon Eos, near Jupiter - and it

looked like the old reliable spot was having its intended effect. "Yeah, I

thought you'd like it. Didn't I tell you it was really something?"

"Wow, Johnny! It sure is!" Susan turned to smile at him, "Thanks! This has been

such a great evening!"

And thank you! thank you! thank you! my dear cousin Salu Digby! thought Johnny.

Good old Salu (a.k.a. Shrinking Violet of the Legion of Super Heroes) had really

come through this time! She had set him up with Susan (a.k.a. Lightning Lass),

Lightning Boy's sister from the planet Winath. And to think that he almost

didn't want to go out with her - he was afraid she might be too stuck up. Boy,

was he wrong!

Not that Johnny didn't have reason to worry. Being from the planet Imsk, he was

a "shrinker" just like his cousin. He'd been turned down on dates before by

girls that didn't want to be seen with shrinkers. It was never a blatant

prejudice, but he'd seen it happen so often. At first, they would really warm up

and then, once he mentioned where he was from, girls would find excuses - too

busy, not my type - but he always knew what the real reason was.

And not only did Susan seem like a pretty nice girl, she was an incredible

knockout. A really pretty blonde with a great figure and - thank god for 30th

century fashions! - an incredible set of knockers that were practically falling

out of her skin tight space outfit. Her costume was incredible, molding itself

to her generous curves like a second skin - it really left absolutely nothing to

the imagination. He could even make out the dimples on her ass cheeks. Bur best

of all was her blouse - the whole evening he had to make a concerted effort not

to gawk at her breasts, as the space age fabric barely covered her nipples and

was cut open all the way to her shoulders. But he had played his cards well and

now he was in sight of a perfect ending to their first date.

"Y'know I really enjoyed myself, too." said Johnny as he casually moved closer

to Susan. "I really feel like I know you so well, even after just this one

night..." He was leaning in close to her and smiling now.

Susan smiled back and whispered breathlessly, "Yeah, me too..."

Now! thought Johnny as he leaned over and kissed S. She kissed back and he

decided to go for it, turning completely towards her and putting his arm around

her back.

"Mmmmm..." said Susan as Johnny put both arms around her. Slowly now, don't rush

it! thought J. He started sliding his hands up her back. Susan reciprocated,

putting her arms around his shoulders.

"Mnnnnn..." said Johnny as he - slowly, slowly! - brought his hands around to

her front and up to those beautiful knockers. He was almost there, just a little

bit more, and...

"MMMF!" said Susan, stiffening in alarm as she felt Johnny's hands on her bosom.

Rats! thought Johnny. Too fast! Maybe if I just leave my hands there a second,

she'll calm down-

"MMMNN! Mmmf! Hey!" Susan's eyes popped wide open as she sat up straight and

tried to push Johnny's hands away from her chest.

Shit! thought Johnny, too far too fast! He had tried to casually slide his hands

back behind her but he suddenly realized that his hand had gotten stuck in the

front of her dress! Shit and shit again! It must be that special new space age

fabric - it automatically grabbed onto whatever touches it! Try as he might he

couldn't pull his hands out from her blouse!

"HEY you let GO!" Susan was now openly struggling against him, her blue eyes

flashing in anger as she tried to push his hands away from her chest.

"I-I'm trying to, Susan, but-"

"Johnny, get your fucking hands off me! I'm WARNING you -!"

"N-no! Wait! Susan, I didn't mean to-"

"Johnny! You let go or I'll-"

"No! Susan, I- OWWWCH!"

Suddenly Susan was completely alone in the space pod - Johnny had disappeared!

She sat there for a second, blinking, and looked around her. Where did he go? A

second ago he was right in front of her, touching her, and now there was nothing

but a pile of clothes on the seat in front of her. Susan turned and looked

behind her, under the seat, in the back - but her date was nowhere to be found.

What the hell was going on?


Ouch, what was that?? For an instant, Johnny felt a powerful electric shock

course through his body, almost knocking him out. He blinked his eyes and the

next thing he knew, everything was different!

What the fuck? thought Johnny. What the hell happened? Where am I? Suddenly,

Johnny was hanging from a precipice some 30 feet off the ground, completely


Oh shit! Shit fuck piss! Not again! thought Johnny. I've shrunk! Shrunk right

out of my clothes! He was hanging onto the only thing that was keeping him from

a three story drop - the edge of Lightning Lass' blouse! And the cliff that he

was dangling from was the tip of her now gigantic breasts, the two huge orbs

cantilevered over what seemed to be a 30 foot fall to her lap! Johnny figured he

was less than 3 inches tall! How the hell had this happened?

"Susan! Susan! I'm down here! Help me!" shouted Johnny, looking desperately up

at her huge face looming above him - but his tiny cries were too faint to hear!

Looking down, he decided it was too far to drop. He had to somehow swing himself

up, over the edge of Susan's blouse. Struggling desperately, he carefully swung

one leg up, then the other, and clambered over top of the blouse.

Johnny found himself standing on Susan's chest, right at the edge of her

cleavage, between the steep twin hills of her huge breasts. Calling up to her in

his tiny high voice, he tried to stay balanced on the edge of her blouse but as

she looked about for him he suddenly fell, his tiny naked body pitching forward

and rolling against the bare flesh of her two huge bosoms.

"What the… Hey! What the hell are you doing in there?!!" Johnny looked up to see

S's huge and very angry face looking straight down at him!

"H-hey, I'm really sorry! I don't know what happened! I seem to have shrunk all

of a sudden!"

"Oh, yeah, right! Give me a fucking break! I know what you're up to - first you

try to feel me up and when that doesn't work you use your shrinking power to get

inside my blouse! I don't believe what a fucking little jerk you are!"

"N-no! No wait! That's not what I was doing! I was just-"

Hovering above him, Susan's huge lovely face was twisted into an angry scowl!

"Just shut up and get your tiny naked ass out of there, pronto! Come on, lets go

you little pervert!"

As the huge blonde's gigantic blue eyes glowered down, Johnny tried to climb out

of the huge valley of Susan's cleavage, but kept sliding back. Finally losing

her patience, the angry blonde reached down and plucked her tiny naked date from

her blouse. She lifted his minute body up to eye level and hissed. "What a

little creep! I can't believe I even went out with you!"

Susan plunked him down on the drivers seat next to his huge pile of clothes.

"That's it! We're through!! I want you to take me home right now!"

Johnny said hesitantly, squeaking up at her at the top of his little voice "Er...

I-I c-can't!"

"What do you mean, you can't?! You'd better, or I'll-"

"N-no! I mean I'm too tiny to drive!"

"So? That's no problem for you shrinker guys, right? Just grow back! Come on,

lets go!" Susan was sitting with her arms crossed, looking down at Johnny with a

fierce expression.

"No! I mean I-I can't seem to grow back!"


"It must have been that electric shock you gave me! It made me shrink and now

for some reason I can't grow back again! It must have temporarily messed up my

growing ability!"

"Oh Christ! I really don't believe this! You are really just so pathetic!"

Johnny jumped back as a huge hand the size of a moving truck picked up his giant

pile of clothing and dropped it on the floor. A moment later the same hand

returned, hovering over him like a construction crane, plucking him up into the

air and dangling him helplessly before Susan's huge angry scowl.

"Move it, shrimp!"

Susan slid over into the driver's seat, then turned and unceremoniously dropped

her shrunken date on the passengers' seat. She fired the engine, cranking up the

warp drive and pulling the Explorer Pod out of its orbit around Eos. Her eyes

fixed on the road, she gruffly asked Johnny for coordinates to his place so she

could drop him off.

"B-but Susan! I'm t-too tiny to go back to my apartment by myself!" squeaked

Johnny plaintively. "I'm not even b-big enough to lift m-my keys! I know

y-you're angry at m-me, but… p-please… C-could you m-maybe just help me out a

little until I g-grow back? P-please?"

"Pathetic." muttered Susan, shaking her head in disbelief as she set the auto

pilot on course back toward Earth. "Just… pathetic."


It was another late Friday night at the Legion of Super Heroes girls' dormitory

and, as usual, the residents were sitting around the kitchen table, happily

involved in "girl talk," which mostly consisted of complaining about guys. The

girls were all in various in various states of undress: Saturn Girl and

Triplicate Girl each in fairly skimpy night gowns, Saturn Girl's unbuttoned to

reveal the blonde's deep cleavage, while Triplicate Girl's cute see through

white lace number was a nice counterpoint to her long brown tresses. As usual,

Dream Girl won the prize for minimalism: the voluptuous platinum blonde, known

for her exquisite taste in lingerie, was hanging out wearing only her black lace

bra and panties. She was leaning back in her chair, her long lovely legs

stretched out under the table.

"…oh yeah!" Laughed Saturn Girl, winking at Triplicate Girl as she took another

slug of alcho-milk, "and when you do find a decent looking guy, odds are he's

either gay or never made it past Academy One classes!"

"Well as far as I'm concerned," chimed in Dream Girl, leaning over the kitchen

table, her face lit up in a conspiratorial grin, "there's only two things wrong

with guys: what they say and what they do!"

"Hear, hear!" Agreed Triplicate Girl, "I mean, why not just do it like the

Andromedans do - a full matriarchal society, with reproduction through self

impregnation? Just get rid of the male species altogether! Who needs 'em? Sex is

really an outdated concept anyway!"

"Yeah, these guys have had their day!" agreed Saturn Girl. "They're really not

worth the bother. I mean, just give me a few capsules of Fem-Viagra-DM20 and an

internal vibra-stimulator and I'm perfectly happy. No listening all night to

that macho crap, no back talk, and it gets you off better than 99% of these

so-called 'studs' and their disgusting, unsanitary, unreliable appendages! Ewwww!

Gives me the willies just to think of it!"

The three ladies collapsed in laughter as Lightning Lass pushed through the

kitchen door.

"Well, look who's back from the front lines!" called Saturn Girl. "Hey, speaking

of guys, didn't you have a date tonight? So how was your little sortie into the

world of men?"

"Yes, yes! Tell us!" called the girls merrily as they sat up around the table,

faces rapt with anticipation.

"Don't ask!" growled Susan, plopping into a chair and reaching for an open

bottle of alcho-milk, then draining it in one gulp.

"Ooohhhh! That bad, huh?"

Susan looked up, a cynical frown on her face. "Y'know, you think you've finally

met a decent guy: reasonable looking; good conversationalist; polite. You spend

a few hours together and think you get to know someone. And then at the end of

the evening you find out that the only thing he had in mind all along was

getting into your pants!"

"You mean he…"

"I mean the fucking creep practically tried to rape me right there in his

explorer pod! Can you believe what kind of a jerk would do something like that?

In this day and age? It's a good thing I could defend myself!"

"Oh that's just about the worst thing I've ever heard!" said Triplicate Girl,

shuddering in indignation. "A poor defenseless girl going out on a blind date,

putting her trust in someone she's never met before, and he ends up trying to

take advantage of her!"

"What a jerk!" agreed Dream Girl. "I've really had it with guys like that! They

just think they can get away with anything! Boy, what I wouldn't do to have him

here - I'd love to give him a piece of my mind!"

"Well…" said Susan, sitting up, a small satisfied smile flickering across her

face. "I just might be able to help you out there…"

The girls all leaned forward and watched in fascination as Susan theatrically

opened her bag, reached in, and carefully fished out a tiny object. She held it

up for inspection, smirking at it, but it was so small that the girls couldn't

make it out - her fingers blocked their view. Then she slowly, gently set it

down in the center of the table top, right in the middle of the girls, and gave

it a little nudge with her index finger.

"What is it?" asked Saturn Girl, scrunching up her face in disgust. "I hope it

isn't some kinda little space bug or something."

"Nope." Replied Susan, grinning down at the tiny pink object. "It's not a space


Dream Girl was leaning out over the table, her large breasts hanging down, the

black lace of her bra brushing the surface, squinting as she tried to focus on

the tiny little object. "Hmmmm… Look at that! It's moving! It's standing up! In

fact, it looks just like a little…"

"Ohmigod!" Suddenly Dream Girl jumped back and turned towards Susan. "Hey!

That's your date?!"

Susan nodded and suddenly burst out into giggles, followed by howls of laughter

from the other girls. The foursome all collapsed in laughter, pointing and

shouting as the tiny man slowly got to his feet and stood stark naked in front

of the huge audience of giantesses.

Saturn Girl was the first to catch her breath. "Y-you mean he tried to rape you

and y-you did THAT to him?"

"Yeah!(cough) yeah, and…" Susan had to fight another burst of laughter before

she could finish. "… and now he's stuck like that! The little twerp can't get

big again!"

"Ohmigod! That's the funniest thing I ever heard!" Screamed Triplicate Girl,

setting off another round of choking laughter.

Johnny staggered to his feet, cupping his hands over his miniaturized genitalia,

still disoriented from his long ride in the darkness of Susan's shirt pocket.

Surrounding him, looming like some strange wild mountain range, was four of the

most beautiful women he had ever seen. Their huge expanses of bare skin were

punctuated only be a few frilly pieces of lingerie, outlining their spectacular

curves, their breasts hovering above him like mountain cliffs.

Casting about desperately for a familiar face, he was suddenly pushed from

behind. He spun about to find a gigantic finger, thick as his waist, and above

that Susan's face, lit up in a huge smirking grin. He stepped back

involuntarily, as her gigantic sparkling eyes drew close, hovering above him.

"Hey there, little Johnny!" said Susan's booming voice. Her huge eyes sparkled

as she winked at the other huge super-powerful giantesses, her voice choking

with repressed laughter.

"Welcome to the Legion of Super Heroes girls' dormitory!"

End Part One

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