Giantess Stories: Shrink High  By Shrinkster    Part 1   Amy was the hottest high school chick ever

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Shrink High

By Shrinkster

Part 1

Amy was the hottest high school chick ever! She had the biggest breasts you have

ever seen for a girl of her age, not to mention an athletic body. And to top it

all off, she had a perfect ass. Amy had short, black hair, and always wore red

lipstick. She sometimes pretended to go out with guys, but the fact of the

matter is that she was a lesbian. She just didn't know it yet.

Amy's mom was the school's physics and chemistry teacher. She had gone to

Harvard, and done some free lance science work, but for some reason she was

fired and she turned to teaching at her daughter's school. She was very

attractive, in her 30s, and had blonde, curly hair. What was Ms. Anderson's

secret? Amy was dying to know, but she never told anyone what she had been

working on for all these years.

One day Amy walked into her mom's room to wait for her to drive her home, as

usual. She was sitting there for almost an hour, until she heard a faint scream

in the distance. She listened closely. 'Help! Amy! Don't step on me!' The faint

voice screamed. Amy looked down towards the direction of the tiny voice, and

sure enough, it was her own mother! She was naked, and only about a couple of

inches tall!

'Amy, thank god!' Ms. Anderson said with relief. 'I know this sounds hard to

believe, but I shrunk myself. That is the secret I've been hiding from you all

this time.'

Amy, bending down to look at her own mother, opened her mouth in disbelief. 'I

don't believe it! But….where are you're clothes?' she asked.

'They don't shrink. Only living tissue can shrink.' Ms. Anderson replied.

'Listen. I was going to un-shrink myself, but my remote was mysteriously

destroyed. I think someone in the building knows about this and was planning

on…well…doing something to me. Anyway, I need you to press the manual button. I

couldn't reach it.'

Amy responded, 'Sure, ma.' Amy put out her hand, offering to take her mother on

a ride to wherever it was she hid her shrinking machine. Ms. Anderson, extremely

embarrassed, cautiously walked on to her daughter's soft, moist hand. As she sat

down, Amy could feel her mother's tiny ass settling in on her palm, and her tiny

feet wiggling their toes. Ms. Anderson let Amy to a janitor's closet that had a

hidden door in it, which led to the shrinking machine.

'OK Amy, now place me down right there' Ms. Anderson said to her daughter. Amy

did as she was told, and her mom walked on to a red dot painted on a large metal

surface. Above this surface was what looked like a large metal plate connected

to a bunch of wires and computers. 'Amy, now all you have to do is press the red


Amy pressed the red button, and watched in amazement as the machine started

making noises and such, and the metal plate turned red! Suddenly, Amy's mom

slowly stared growing. 6 inches…1 foot…2 feet…4 feet…and soon enough Ms.

Anderson was back at her normal height of 5'8''. As she walked out of the

shrinking machine she hugged Amy, and put on her clothes, lying to the side of

the machine.

'Listen, Amy.' She said. 'let's keep this a secret, OK?'

'Absolutely, mom.' Amy responded.

'And I don't want you to ever come here again! Got it!'

'Sure thing.' Amy said. But it was too much for Amy to contain. She had to tell

someone about this! And besides, what harm would it be if she and a friend took

a quick shrink or two?

That night, Amy went online to instant message her friends. Her best friend,

Kelly, happened to be on, so she sent an instant message that said 'Kelly!

You're not going to believe what I found! Meet me at the janitor closet before

school, and don't tell anyone about this!'

Part 2

Amy and her friend Kelly met up before school right in front of the janitor

closet door just as planned. Kelly was a red head with very sexy legs that she

loved to show off by wearing short shorts. Amy caught her eye on her sexy feet

revealed by her flip flops.

'So what is it?' Kelly asked.

'Shhh!' Amy hushed. 'We have to keep this a secret.'

Amy opened the door when no one was looking and Kelly followed. Amy then found

the hidden door and opened it as well, and led Kelly, amused by all of this, but

still confused, into the shrinking machine room.

'This is going to be hard for you to believe, Kelly, but it's the truth. And I

can prove it.' Amy stated. 'You see, yesterday I was waiting in my mom's room

for her when I almost stepped on her.'

'What do you mean…stepped on her?' Kelly questioned.

'What I mean is, that…she shrunk. She shrunk herself to about three inches

tall.' Amy responded.

'What are you on, Amy? You and I both know that shrinking is not possible.'

Kelly responded.

'Then what the hell is all of this?' Amy asked. 'Listen, I saw this thing work

with my own eyes and I am dying to find out what it's like to shrink.'

And with that, Amy walked on to the platform her mother was on yesterday and

said 'OK Kelly, press the red button, and hold down on it until I tell you to


'Whatever,' Kelly responded as she pressed the red button. Suddenly, the metal

plate on the top of the machine started glowing again, except this time it was

blue instead of red. Amy didn't feel anything at first, until she suddenly

shuddered at an electrical shock. Now Amy's whole body was beginning to feel a

bit tingly, and the tinglyness increased. Amy's clothes started to feel a little

big looser at first, and then they started falling off! It was obvious she was

now shrinking.

'Wholy shit!' Kelly screamed. 'You really are shrinking! You must be like 4 feet

tall now!'

'Told you so!' Amy said, now sagging in her shirt. Her pants fell off long ago,

but now her underwear bottom was slipping off as well. Kelly was watching this

in sudden amusement, since she was secretly attracted to Amy for a long time


Now Amy's entire body was inside her shirt. She was only about 3 feet tall now!

Kelly continued to hold down the button as Amy continued to shrink. Amy started

hysterically laughing as she climbed out her shirt at only one foot tall! She

was now completely naked, and Kelly watched her tiny sexy body shrink away

rapidly. 9 inches, 8 inches, 7 inches, 6 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches, 3 inches, 2

inches, 1 inch, 'STOP!' Amy screamed. 'Stop it before I shrink away into


Kelly stopped the shrinking machine and approached her miniaturized friend. She

kneeled down to take a closer look. Kelly's gigantic face came right up to Amy's

nude tiny body.

'Wow! You're so tiny!' Kelly said.

'Yup! Even smaller than my mom was! I'm only one inch tall! Yes! You have no

idea how cool this is!' Amy responded. 'everything is so big! You're face is


'You're so tiny I could hold you!' Kelly said. And with that, without even

asking Amy, Kelly picked her up.

'Hey!!! Easy there Kelly!' Amy screamed. It was no use. Kelly couldn't even hear

her. Kelly stood up, still holding Amy in her hand tightly, and brought her up

to her eyes.

'Hmmm. What can I do with you?' Kelly thought out loud.

'Hey there, Kelly! Maybe you better make me big again.' Amy kindly asked.

'No way! At this size, I can be with you forever!' Kelly said with joy. 'You may

not know this, Amy, but I've always been attracted to you, but I was too afraid

to ask you out or anything. At this size, you can be…my pet!'

'What?' Amy screamed. 'I demand that you return me back to normal size, now! For

gods sake Kelly, I like you too, but I can't stay small forever!'

'Why not?' Kelly asked. 'I'll take real good care of you.' Kelly placed Amy on

one of her breasts, and bounced her up and down.

'Stop it Kelly! I mean it!' Amy screamed. 'You can't do this to me! I am a human

being just like you!' Amy started crying as Kelly pulled down her shirt,

revealing her breasts. She pressed Amy's entire body against the nipple and

squeezed it there tightly.

'Suck.' Kelly ordered.

'What?' Amy asked.

'You heard me, Suck my milk. Momma's got a lot of lovin to give. And if you

don't, momma could, well, accidentally drop you or step on you.' Kelly said. Amy

looked down at the floor. She appeared to be on a skyscraper. And the thought of

being crushed under her friend's foot horrified her. So, without a choice, Amy

began sucking Kelly's nipple. At first it was soft, but it eventually grew hard,

and soon enough milk started coming out. Amy was grossed out by it, and she

didn't want to drink her friend's breast milk, but she was not in control here.

It tasted…warm, and very good. Amy liked it, and continued to drink it up. After

she had her fill, she looked up at Kelly and said 'All done.'

Kelly looked pleased as she lifted Amy off of her breast and in to her hand.

'OK little one.' She said. 'Now here is how the rest of your life is going to be

like. I am a giantess to you, so if you do not obey my every command I will step

on you, barefoot. Maybe I'll crush you and you'll be no more than a small blood

stain on my foot, or maybe I'll just give you a preview of foot licking. Anyway,

you are now my pet, and I am going to keep you forever.'

'But Kelly! You can't keep me at one inch tall! It's no fair! I have a life to

live, a family, a job, friends!'

'Hush.' Kelly said as she pressed her giant finger over Amy's mouth. 'You did

like that, didn't you?'

'Well, I guess I did.' Amy replied.

'Well imagine an entire lifetime of it!' Kelly said. And with that, she stuffed

Amy into her purse and walked right out of the janitor's closet. 'Now you just

stay put in my purse while I do gym.' Kelly zippered up her purse, leaving Amy

in the dark.

After a lot of banging around with huge makeup bottles and lip sticks, Amy and

the bag were finally placed on the floor in the changing room. Amy realized that

there was a tiny hole in the purse, just big enough for her to fit through.

It was going to be hard, but Amy knew that somehow she had to escape Kelly and

get help from one of the girls changing in the locker room, and somehow get to

her mom all the way across the building.

Amy's tiny one inch tall naked body ran across

the tiles as fast as she could, until suddenly some girl's foot stepped down

right in front of her! Amy ran right into the massive foot, and immediately the

girl screamed, thinking she was a mouse or something. This turned Kelly's

attention over to Amy once again. Angered, the giantess bent down to pick up

Amy. All of the girls in the locker room stared at the shrunken girl in

amazement. Now identifiable, Amy blushed in embarrassment.

“You've been a baaaad girl.” Kelly said. “OK everyone. Here's the story. Amy's

mom invented a shrinking machine and I used it to shrink Amy. If you all keep

quiet, I'll let you guys use it too.” The crowd of girls in underwear smiled and

shook their heads in agreement.

Kelly whispered to a couple of girls, and the show began. One of the girls laid

down face first on the floor, totally nude. Kelly placed Amy right on the sole

of her smelly, sweaty foot! Amy fell down the sole of the bottom of her foot

onto her toes.

“OK slave! Now lick!” Kelly demanded.

The girls laughed hysterically as they watched the defenseless Amy lick the

girl's massive big toe clean! Amy would have liked it, but she couldn't stand

all the giantess girls watching her every move. Suddenly, another foot came down

right on top of her! Gently, Kelly continued pressing her foot down on Amy's

tiny body, creating an SW sandwich on 2 feet! Amy couldn't help but to get

aroused now!

“Lick!” A voice shouted.

Amy licked Kelly's dirty feet, her entire body now dirty and wet from them.

Finally, the foot came off of her, and she could breathe again.

“OK, you passed the foot test. Now you get to move up a level higher! Walk up to

where you think it is!” Kelly said with great enthusiasm.

Amy walked up the foot to the sole, and slid down the girl's calf. Then she

continued to walk up the girl's sexy legs until she reached her ass. It was so

giggly and soft; Amy couldn't wait to get started. She stopped, thinking this

was “the next level,” not realizing Kelly was giving her a questioning look. The

girl she was standing on moved her leg slightly, but Amy felt an earthquake on

her ass and fell down right into it face first. She began to lick it, feel it,

hit it, but Kelly just stared at her blankly.

“Guess again.” Kelly said.

“On my god! You don't mean…Well, I guess it is possible.” Amy thought.

She walked down into the girl's crotch, full of excitement. She walked up to her

smooth, pink, wet pusse and began touching it and feeling around. With no

direction from Kelly, she started licking it, in hope that she wouldn't get

crushed by her enormous master.

“No no no, silly. Inside. And you better produce an orgasm or I don't know what

your worth.” Kelly said. Amy slowly walked inside the girl's enormous vigina,

and felt around the wet walls of it. She began moving up and down and up and

down, banging on the vaginal walls, doing anything she could to make the girl

feel some sexual pleasure. Soon enough, she felt the walls tightening up, and

the girl started moaning, feeling herself up, still face first in the locker

room in front of all of the other girls. Her vigina was now getting very tight,

and Amy was almost squeezed in there. Suddenly, it happened. Everything seemed

to stop all at once, and Amy was practically spat out of the girl's vigina on to

the floor.

“Good, good job, slave.” Kelly said at the incredibly embarrassed Amy. She

picked her up, and brought her under the sink to be washed. The tiny fosset felt

like a waterfall on her tiny body, but cleaned her of womanly juices quickly.

She was picked up again, and then without a warning placed on some girl's

breast! She was forced to rub it, and she felt it turning hard. She was feeling

incredibly aroused right now, and Amy started to moan as well.

Just then, Ms. Anderson ran into the room, staring at the naked girl party in

the locker room in disbelief. She immediately spotted Amy, and ran towards her

shrunken daughter. With great strength and speed, she snatched the girl off of

the breast and away from Kelly.

“Wow. What a role reversal.” Amy thought. “I don't believe I'm sitting in my

mother's hands naked. She can feel me ass and boobs and everything now.”

Ms. Anderson ran for her life, and peaked towards her daughter. As she turned

the corner in the hall way, she suddenly looked shocked. She turned back to the

corner and lifted Amy up to her enormous face.

“OK Amy, look. We're in jeopardy. I also made a portable version of my shrinking

machine in the form of a shrink ray. The problem is, someone stole it, and I

think it's that student over there. I need to hide you somewhere quick.” Ms.

Anderson said.

Without warning, Amy was tossed into her mothers mouth, feeling her tongue and

grabbing on to her mother's teeth for dear life. She could feel them moving now,

but then a sudden halt. Her mother's mouth seemed smaller now. The teeth were

closing in. Quickly, she was spat out onto her mother's hands and held like a


“Mom! What's happening to you!” Amy shrieked.

“I'm shrinking!”

A large crowd of students gathered in a circle to watch this. Ms. Anderson was

slipping out of her clothes now, and lost in her shirt. Amy, now on the floor,

was picked up by a beautiful girl holding the ray gun. Soon, her mother was

picked up in the other hand!

They returned to the locker room, as if it were all planned out. The entire

school was against them. Amy and her mother were placed next to each other, and

Kelly's gigantic face came up to them.

“You to better put on a good show or you'll be saying your goodbyes under my

stinky dirty foot!” Kelly said with anger.


Amy and Ms. Anderson were

both extremely humiliated. At one inch tall, both nude, in front of a locker

room full of high school girls, and about to get naughty with family members!

Ms. Anderson approached her daughter and said “OK Amy, now listen. I know this

is going to be weird, but at 1 inch tall we have no choice but to listen to your

friend's commands.”

“Kelly? She's not my friend anymore. She took advantage of me just because I'm

tiny!” Amy said.

Suddenly, Kelly lifted up her foot, signaling the two shrunken women to get it

on. Trying not to think about it, Ms. Anderson started hugging Amy with her tiny

naked body. Kelly started lowering her foot. Amy, seeing the approaching foot,

gave her mother a kiss. With no response from the foot, she started at it again,

except this time French kissing! It was sooo disgusting to her, but it had to be

done. Amy's mom groped Amy's ass, and Amy did the same to her mother.

It was no use. Kelly still was not impressed. Her foot continued to lower. Then,

Amy closed her eyes and stuck her finger up her mother's vigina. Grossed out,

she began to move it up and down. Shocked, Ms. Anderson started moaning, and

then did the same to Amy. This was diffidently the most awkward situation both

of them have ever been in. Both of the women began moaning louder and louder,

and Kelly finally stopped moving her foot.

Both of the women were now turned on, and Ms. Anderson was the fist to admit it.

“Ohhh! Yess!!! Aaaaah!!!! Oh!” she screamed, signaling her orgasm. Amy, making

the same noises, finally broke out in front of her own mother.

“Oooh, mother! Ahhhh!!!OOoooooooooh!” she yelled. Both of the women now backed

away from each other, thinking the worst was over.

Kelly decided that it was lunch time, so she picked up the two shrunken women

and stuffed them in her pockets, where they were pressed against her sexy waste.

A couple of minutes later, Amy and Ms. Anderson were taken out of the pockets

and placed back on the floor in the locker room.

”Ok slaves.” Kelly said. “I hope your hungry, cuz your gonna be eatin a lot of

food for lunch.” And with that, Kelly opened a large container of applesauce.

Then, she purposely spilt it on the floor. “Oops.” She said sarcastically. Then,

Amy and Ms. Anderson watched as she took off her flip flops and started walking

around in the messy food. She then laid face first on the floor, and grabbed Amy

and her mother and placed them on the bottom of her feet. “I want you to clean

your plates…or should I say feet!”

Each on one foot, the dirty applesauce looked like way too much food for them to

handle. Amy and Ms. Anderson started crawling around the foot, eating as much

applesauce as they could. Kelly couldn't help but to wiggle her toes since the

tiny women's tongues were licking them and making her laugh.

Amy could only think of one thing. “Will anyone ever save us?”

While all of this commotion was going on in the locker room, the beginnings of

another shrunken woman were about to start. The Gym Teacher, Mrs. McLain, was

drinking her coffee in the Cafeteria. She was a very attractive brunette with an

athletic body. Many of the male students enjoyed looking at her cleavage during

push ups. (She was oblivious to this, thinking she was just such a good gym

teacher the students were happy to do push ups).

Suddenly, Mrs. McLain sneezed and spilt her coffee all over her white shirt. All

of the students laughed and gazed in amazement at the woman's breasts and

nipples appearing clearly now. Embarrassed, she ran out of the room and headed

towards the janitor closet for some napkins or something.

Inside the closet, Mrs. McLain saw a tiny crack in the back of the closet.

Curious, she walked back to it and realized it was a secret door! Mrs. McLain

opened the door, and saw the shrinking machine! Still curious, she walked right

on to the mysterious device, not aware of what it was. She pressed the red

button while biting her lip, and stood on the metal plate. She started feeling a

little tingly at first, and then her clothing became a little loose. By the time

she noticed the room was getting bigger, she was only 4 feet tall. In disbelief,

Mrs. McLain rubbed her eyes and noticed her pants were falling off. She grabbed

on to them, and finally realized, “O MY GOD!!! I'M SHRINKING!!!”

Immediately, the 3 foot tall woman jumped off of the plate. Shocked, she yelled

“Help!!! Help me!!! I've shrunk!!!” The frantic woman ran out of the closet,

struggling to stay in her sagging clothing. Of course, the bell rang and the

students all came out from the classrooms into the hall. Panicking, Mrs. McLain

started running. The students looked at the 3 foot tall gym teacher running away

from them in amazement.

“Look over there” one student said.

“What the hell?”

“I think it's Mrs. McLain!”

“How did she get so tiny?”

As Mrs. McLain ran from the students, her pants and thong fell off, and she

slipped through the neck hole of her shirt! Completely nude, Mrs. McLain

continued running, hysterically crying. Suddenly, one of her students walked out

of a door right in front of her. Mrs. McLain only came up to the girl's hip. The

girl was wearing a very short skirt and flip flops, with beautiful legs. Mrs.

McLain hugged the girl's leg tightly, pressing her hot body against it.

“Mrs. McLain?” the girl asked. “Your….Tiny!”

-------------------------------------------20 Minutes


Police officers arrive and wrap Mrs. McLain in a towel, attempting to guard the

hopeless woman from the news reporters trying to question the shrunken woman.

She tells the giant police officer “I…I found a shrinking machine!”

A news reporter stands in front of the school, live on TV. She is a very

attractive news woman, the type that wears a lot of makeup. As she tells the

public the story, the banner on the bottom of the screen reads: Shrink

High—going public about a shrinking machine.

Determined to find out if anyone else was shrunk, the news woman entered the

building, intending to question the entire school if she had to. This story was


Amy and Ms. Anderson had just finished all of the applesauce on Kelly's feet,

and were now extremely full. Mrs. Anderson realized that she really needed to

take a leak, but she was too busy to ever get to it before.

“Umm. Kelly?” She asked. “Do you think that you could maybe lift me up to a

toilet or something please?”

Kelly looked down at her. “I appreciate your politeness, slave, but you don't

get toilet privileges without a foot massage. You're just going to have to go on

the floor.”

Without a choice, Ms. Anderson squatted in front of Kelly's gigantic face and

did her business. All Kelly could see was a small puddle of urine. Because of

all the food, however, Ms. Anderson also let out a small piece of crap.

“OOoh.” Kelly said. “Looks like mommy had a little accident!” Ms. Anderson

blushed, thinking…”What else was I supposed to do?” Kelly got a tissue and began

whipping Ms. Andersons ass. “Don't worry slave. I'll take care of you like a


Amy tapped Kelly's foot. “Um. Kelly, I was wondering if I could get on to do my

business as well.”

“Sure, my little foot masseuse.” Kelly responded. She grabbed Amy and walked

into a stall. She then placed Amy on the gigantic toilet seat. Amy felt dirty as

her bare feet touched the seat, but she would rather do this than squat on the

floor like her mother. Kelly even left to give her some privacy, although the

door was still open. Amy looked over the edge of the seat at the enormous pool

of water. “One wrong move and it's toilet swimming for me.” She thought.

Amy went about her business, but then realized that the locker room door opened.

She saw Kelly quickly scoop up her mother and run away, forgetting about the

little girl on the toilet.

Suddenly, a giant figure opened the door of the stall Amy was in! She was a very

sexy black woman wearing a suite and a tight skirt, revealing her great ass.

Then, Amy realized that she was one of the fox news women! Then, Amy realized

she was going to use the toilet!

The woman pulled down her skirt and underwear, revealing the beautiful skin of

her ass. Amy screamed for her dear life, “Please! Don't sit on me! I'm on the

toilet seat! Can't you hear me?” It was no use. The woman paid no attention to

her. She continued to sit down on the seat, right on top of Amy. Not wanting to

fall into the toilet water and get flushed, Amy only knew to do one thing. As

the ass approached Amy, she braced herself, and finally, contact.

The warm ass knocked Amy down, but she wasn't done. Not like this. She was

determined to not die on a toilet seat at one inch tall. Amy bit the ass with

all of her might, and punched it and kicked it until finally, the news reporter

jumped up off of the seat. Because her ass was sooo moist, Amy was still stuck

on the ass! The lady quickly grabbed Amy off of her ass and looked at her.

“Oh my god! I almost killed you! I'm so sorry!” she sincerely said.

“That's OK. Listen, we're both in danger. There's a girl in the school with a

portable shrink ray that can shrink you easily. We need to get out of the school

now!” Amy said.

The news woman grabbed on to Amy and put her skirt back on and ran for the door.

Luckily, they made it out safe, and the news lady walked back to the van. She

sat down in the front seat and placed Amy on her leg. “Ok, it's safe now. We're

out of the school. So what exactly happened in there?”

“Well, my mom, who is still In there at one inch, invented a shrinking machine

and a portable shrinking ray gun. To make a long story short, curiosity made me

shrink myself, and my mother tried to help, but she was shrunk as well. It was

horrible. They treated us like slaves. They made me….they made me…(Crying) have

sex with my mom.” Amy said.

The news woman, shocked, asked “I know this is hard, but I have a plan.”

“What?” Amy asked.

“Well, if you could point out the girl with the shrink ray, maybe I can steal it

from her and take control. I could shrink the whole school down if I have to.

Don't worry, we'll find your mother. You just have to trust me. Are you in?”

“I'm in.” Amy said, with the fist sense of optimism she had all day.

The news woman placed Amy in her suit's chest pocket. Amy liked it since she

could feet the woman's juicy breast. Still nude, Amy thought it would be all

right since she wouldn't have to be this small forever.

They walked into the school, Amy barely visible. They walked around the halls

for a good 20 minutes before they finally found the girl with the shrink ray.

The gothic type of girl was taking to some friends.

“That's her!” Amy screamed up at the news lady. “The goth! She has the shrink


The news lady looked down at Amy and shook her head. Pretending not to know

anything, the news lady snuck up behind the girl, and stared at her purse. It

had to be in there. Then, in a swift movement, the news lady yanked the purse

right from the girl and ran for it!

“Hey! That lady just stole my purse! Somebody get her!” She yelled.

A hallway of kids were now running after her. On the run, the news lady pulled

out the shrink ray and set it at ½ inch. “This better do the trick.” She said.

She quickly turned around and shot the gun at the entire hallway of kids! They

all started shrinking, no longer able to attack the news lady. Even the gothic

girl was shrunk! All of the kids tried to climb out of their clothes, revealing

their tiny naked bodies.

Then, the news lady turned around and picked them all up and threw them into her


“geez. I didn't think she was serious about shrinking the whole school!”

Trying to escape the scene since the police heard the shrinking and came into

the school, almost stepping on some of the tiny students, the news woman ran

into the locker room, where an entire class of girls was changing back into

their regular clothes.

Amy spotted Kelly. “Look! She had my mother! Shrink her!” Amy yelled

“Shrink who? Oh, hell, I'll just shrink em all!” the news lady said.

She shrank every girl in that locker room down to ½ inch, and then picked them

all up and carried them all in her hands for a while, and then just stuffed them

all in her purse.

Fleeing the scene, the news woman slyly walked outside the school and into her

van. All the students in the bag were yelling and screaming, but it was no use.

They were too tiny to be heard by the giantess news lady.

“Where are you taking us?” Amy asked.

“Your new home.” The news lady responded.

“What! You have to un-shrink us!” Amy demanded.

“What are you complaining about? You're twice the size of everyone.”

Within about 20 minutes the car stopped. By this time, all of the students in

the news woman's purse were silent, and Amy was still very worried about this

new situation. She knew that this woman was a very smart lady, and she wouldn't

let anyone get away from her.

“Ok people. We're home!” the news lady said.

Once inside the apartment, the lady placed all the tiny naked students in her

purse on a high up table, knowing that if they jumped they would surely die.

Grabbing them out a couple of a time like they were candy, the students

immediately tried to cover up their privates.

“I know you're probably all embarrassed to be naked, but you're going to have to

live the rest of your lives without clothing, so get used to it. Besides, I

think you're all very sexy.” The news woman said.

After a while, the students stopped trying to cover up their privates, except

for the males, who were obviously covering up their huge boners. This was the

single most erotic experience most of them have ever had. Tons of naked chicks,

and one giant one. It was like a hellish heaven.

Then, the news woman took Amy out of her pocket and placed her on the table. All

of the students backed away from her, since she was twice their size. Amy felt

embarrassed since so many people could see her giant naked body. While the news

lady was using the bathroom, Amy found her mother, and then found Kelly, telling

her to back off. Kelly, afraid of the semi-giantess, obeyed.

Soon, the news lady came back, except this time she was totally nude! All the

boys in the class stared at her giant body in delight, and most of the girls

looked at her in fear.

“Ok everyone. Here's the story. I've waited for this moment my entire life. To

have so much power and domination over human beings…is delightful.” The news

lady started. “But I don't want to be a mean ruler…at least not that mean. From

now on this table is your own little world. I will fill up the sink for drinking

and bathing water, and maybe even give you little boxes to live in. And like I

said, no clothes. Know why? Because the rest of your lives are going to be one

giant super orgy! You will have sex with me, sex with each other, and sex with

new members of the community. I'll do my best to shrink the hottest people I


All the students started to smile, thinking about how much better this life

would be than a normal one. It's a horny person's dream. Only a couple of people

didn't approve of it. Amy and Ms. Anderson, since they obviously didn't want to

see each other on the job all day, and a couple of students.

One girl said, “But you can't do this to us! We're human beings, not sex

objects! We have families and ambitions and dreams!”

The news woman put her giant face right up to the ½ inch girl and said, “Well,

little one, I guess they'll just assume they'll never find you again. But think

about it, who needs a job or work or money when I can provide for you everything

you need?”

“Oh yeah, and I'm naming Amy my assistant ruler, for obvious size differences.

She'll have the only tiny say out of all of you. You better worship her almost

as much as you foot fetishists worship my feet!”

Outraged, Ms. Anderson yelled up, “Hey! I'm the oldest one here! No one else

here is my age! It's illegal for me to have sex with these kids!”

“Not in my world!” The news woman said.

A couple of guys started to approach Ms. Anderson, and she hugged Amy's leg for

defense. Amy only said, “Mom, you've been in charge for too long. I control you

now. Me and the news reporter. You are only half of me! Lick my feet!”

“What? Amy! I'm your mother!” Ms. Anderson replied.

“Do it!” The enormous voice of the news reporter ordered. And with that, Ms.

Anderson started licking her daughter's gigantic feet.

Ms. Anderson ended up having sex with shrunken men a couple of times every day,

giving the high schoolers the best sex they'd ever have. She even took part in a

couple of orgies with Amy included.

Kelly tried to escape after the first week, since she couldn't bare to lick

Amy's feet any longer. She somehow managed to make her way down to the floor,

but the news woman accidentally stepped on her, and all that was left of her was

a tiny red dot on her toe.

Mrs. McLain gained worldwide fame for being the only shrunken woman to publicly

survive the incident. She did a couple of shoots for playboy and lived the life

of her dreams…except at 3 feet tall.

The students had a great time living it primitive style. They enjoyed playing

with the news woman every day when she got home from work and didn't even try to

make clothing or escape. The only deaths other than Kelly's were when a girl

suffocated inside the news woman's vigina, and when one of them was crushed by

her foot while making an escape. Both, however, were very enjoyable deaths.

The news woman got exclusive stories “sent” to her by the kidnapper, and allowed

the students to talk to their families and friends. She enjoyed her life with

the shrink ray until someone stole her purse with it in it at the subway one

day. That caused a whole other incident called The Shrunken Subway Station. A

couple of shrunken people were stepped on, but they were all taken in by the

police and are now cared for by their families.

The shrinking machine and ray were taken in by the government to be used for

research. Apparently they're going to make housing a lot more affordable in

city's these days…and smaller.

As for Amy, she enjoyed a life of being the assistant ruler of the students with

the news woman. She ignored her mother's authority and continued to make her

embarrassed in front of her. Amy was worshiped 24/7 by admiring students of her

oversized body, and given special sexual treatment by the news lady.



Giantess Stories: Shrink High  By Shrinkster    Part 1   Amy was the hottest high school chick ever

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