Giantess Stories: Shrinking Forever by Remy Locke      Jared was walking his dog in the park when he saw this beautiful woman he had been eyeing every

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Shrinking Forever

by Remy Locke

Jared was walking his dog in the park when he saw this beautiful woman he had

been eyeing every evening he took his dog to the park. She was perfect in every

way, 5'10", long blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice tan. She had nice legs and

her chest was a size 36C, Jared was just to scared to ask her out. He would pass

her every evening and smile but not say a word. She worked down at the local

pharmacy and when he went to get his prescription medication for his headaches

he would try his best to start a conversation with her, but he would always be

to afraid and just say "Hi, thank you for my medication". She would smile and

say "Anytime".

One day he was walking his dog on a unreasonably cool summer night and he saw

her, hair blowing in the wind. She was wearing a nice, tight spandex jogging

suit that showed her body nicely. When she came up to him she stopped and stared

into his eyes. "Hello, Jared. Every time you come pick up your medication you

never stay and talk to me, why?"

"Well...umm....... I mean......I want to but I never have had enough courage to

ask you out", Jared said.

"Well, you just did, and I will say yes because you look so cute with that dog

of yours" Heather said. "My name is Heather, and you can pick me up at the drug

store after work".

"Ok, I have to pick up my medication anyway, I'll meet you there at 8:00pm,ok?"

"Sounds good to me", and she blew him a kiss as she went jogging off into the


No way, he finally had a chance to date the girl he wanted to go out with since

he saw here his junior year of high school. He was now 20 years old and was

living out his fantasy. He was not a bad looking young man, 5'11", short blond

hair ,and blue eyes. He was just shy and never had enough courage to ask any

girl out. He was excited that whole night wondering how to act and what cologne

to wear. He finally fell asleep with the picture of Heather in his mind.

The next morning he woke up extra early to go buy a new shirt and shorts so he

could impress Heather. He went to the mall and picked up what he needed and

stopped by the pharmacy to say hello to Heather. For once the fear that held him

back in the past was gone and was going to take advantage of it.

"Why hello Heather", he said without a doubt.

"Well we sound cheery today, don't we", Heather said with a smile on her face.

"You only have a few hours until we go on our date. You better not be late", she


"Of course not, I wouldn't miss this chance for the world," he said smiling even


"Ok, I have to get back to work on these prescription orders, I think I'll save

yours for last......", and she smiled as she walked away. He could smell her

perfume and we went crazy, on the inside. He could feel himself becoming excited

and got a hard on. He walked out with an extra spring in his step and went to

the grocery store to pick up things for his dinner he was going to prepare for

his date.

Hours passed and he started getting dressed when the phone rang. He ran to go

pick it and it was Heather. "We are out of your prescription, but we have the

generic brand. Is that ok?"

"Sure", he said and they talked a minute and she said she was excited about

tonight. She had no idea how excited Jared was, he was going to make this night

special. He jumped in his 1996 Ford Explorer and took off toward the drug store.

She was waiting outside dressed in a nice summer dress that showed her cleavage

nicely. He knew she was pretty, but she looked ten times better in what she was


"Are you just going to stand there with your jaw open, or are we going to get

this date started," she said laughing.

"I'm sorry, you just look so beautiful", Jared said in awe.

"Well thank you and you look handsome yourself", Heather said.

"Thank you", Jared said as he blushed.

They got in Jared's car and sped off to his house where Jared had a nice

candlelight dinner waiting for them.

"This is too much", Heather said. "Why did you go through all this trouble for


"I have liked you ever since our junior year in high school You mean a lot to

me, more than you'll ever know", Jared said with feeling.

"Well let us eat", and Jared sat Heather down and they began to indulge in heavy

conversation. "Here are your pills, I hope they still help your headaches",

Heather said.

"I am sure they will, they saved me money!", Jared said jokingly.

"Go ahead and take them now, I don't mind", she said.

Jared popped two of the pills in his mouth and swallowed them with some wine he

had at the table. Heather giggled.

"What's so funny", Jared said

"You'll see, and I hope you like the new you!", she said while sipping from her

wine. All of a sudden a warm sensation went through Jared's body and his head

felt better than it ever felt since the migraines started.

"Wow, these are giving me instant results! Hey what's happening"? Jared said

with fear. He felt himself slip from the chair and his fraternity ring slipped

off his finger. Heather walked over as Jared stood up and found Heather a whole

head taller than Jared. "I must be hallucinating with the mixture of the wine

and the pills."

"I don't think so", Heather said with a giggle. Soon he was eye level wither her

breasts. "Like the view from there, Jared?" she said while Jared continued to

dwindle. Soon he was eye level with her crotch and Heather pressed his head in

to her now wet pussy.

"What is going on!", Jared screamed. "Heather, are you behind this?" Jared said

with fright.

"I always wanted a dollman of my own, and your the cutest little doll I have

ever seen, well you will be!" Heather said with a sexy laugh. Jared was soon

looking up at Heather and was staring at her knees. "Just a little more," said

Heather. Jared finally stopped shrinking and was standing only six inches tall.

" did this happen"? Jared yelled up to the now giantess


"I can hear you just fine, you don't have to yell my little doll", Heather

snickered. Heather picked Jared up and held him at eye level. "You are so cute,

I hope you will enjoy tonight's festivities. Well, you still have your clothes

on, and so do I, I think we need to change that." Heather took her finger and

ever so gently began to undress Jared with the greatest of care "I'll leave your

boxers on so you won't be too embarrassed. I think we better go to my house, I

don't feel right doing it here", Heather said with glee.

"Doing what?" Jared said, still shaking with fear.

"You'll see my sweet little Ken Doll, where are your keys?" Heather grabbed

Jared's keys and put them and Jared in her purse and jumped in the Explorer and

sped off. They arrived to her apartment and she unlocked the door and turned on

the light.

"I almost forgot about you in there", she said with a smile. She gently picked

Jared up and began to dance with him with Jared stories above the ground. This

made Jared very nervous and he clung to her thumb. "Are you scared my little

lover?" she said with feeling "I would never hurt you, Jared" She took him and

placed him in her cleavage. The perfume she was wearing made Jared forget about

his current problems and he got a raging hard on.

"Do you like it down there?" she said. With Jared still tucked in her valley,

she slipped of her shoes and began taking off her dress. It was like a wall of

cloth being lifted over Jared's head. For a moment all the light was blocked and

Jared was scared. When she was done taking it off she was only in her bra and

panties. She sat on her bed and started unfastening her bra. "Hold on", she said

laughing. Her laughing made it hard to breathe because her breasts were

squeezing the air out of him. When she threw her bra off Jared slid in between

her nice, tan thighs.

"I'm not done with you up here yet", Heather said. She laid on her back and

quickly Jared climbed up her panties and up on her stomach. He was amazed on how

big she was! It was like standing on a giant, tan field. Her bellybutton was

just huge. He began walking up her stomach and came to her gigantic tits. "You

are so small compared to my boobs!", Heather said. Jared thought there was an

earthquake and he fell down on his knees. "Climb on my left breast, please", the

giantess Heather said. "Play with my nipple", Heather said with a hint of

arousal in her words.

Jared climbed and climbed and started massaging her nipple "Ohh.....ahh..........ooh,

that feels good Jared", Heather said panting. "Keep it up." Jared rubbed and

sucked and kneaded her nipple until she couldn't take it anymore. She starting

bucking and Jared went flying off onto the floor. "Where did you go my little

man? I'm sorry I did that, you are just too good". Heather picked up Jared and

began rubbing his body over her enormous breasts. Jared was getting turned on by

this giantess and was about to blow his load.

"Well, you seem to like me doing this", and she ripped off his boxers. "For a

little doll, you sure have a nice cock", Heather said with laughter. She began

taking his cock and rubbing it on her nipples. Moans escaped her mouth and Jared

was really enjoying it as well. Just when Jared was at the point of no return,

he came all over her breast. "How cute, you gave me a tiny pearl necklace."

Heather then slid off her panties for what was coming next. With Jared in her

left hand, she took her right hand and lifted her breast to her mouth and began

sucking her tit with building passion. "You taste good Jared, you are so sexy!",

Heather said while licking her lips. She then put Jared between her giant tits

and began titty fucking Jared's body. She slammed back on her bed and began

fingering her self still ramming Jared between her mountains of flesh. Just when

Heather was beginning her orgasm, she dropped Jared between her legs and smashed

him against her labia. Her love juices poured on Jared like a waterfall on

rocks. Jared was covered head to toe in her orgasm.

"I'm so sorry my little love button, I hope you aren't mad at me" Jared was to

tired to say anything and just passed out from exhaustion.

When Jared awoke he found himself on one of her titanic tits. He began licking

her nipple very gently. Heather opened one eye and pretended to still be asleep.

It was hard for her to keep still with Jared working on her breasts. He then

slid down her valley and he noticed something different. He was smaller, before

he could see over her boobs, but now they where towering over him. He climbed up

her other breast and began to work his magic again, licking, sucking her nipple.

Man they were bigger than before. Last night he could almost fit the whole

nipple in his mouth. Now, they were as big as his head! He starting biting her

nipple when Heather let out a ear-shattering moan.

"You are smaller?!?" Heather said puzzled "That wasn't supposed to happen."

"How tall am I now", Jared said after he slid off her boob. "I would say about

three inches at the most. You were still doing an excellent job. You look so

cute in between my breasts, and so small!" She grabbed the sides of her breasts

and began pushing them inward toward poor, helpless Jared. It was like a car

crusher found in a junkyard that is used to turn cars into scrap metal. When the

wall finally were close enough to touch, Jared put both his hands out to try and

stop the force that Heather put behind them. It was no use, the giantess's tits

just engulfed poor Jared. He was tossed and turned under her huge breasts. He

couldn't breathe and began to fear for his life. Last night he could have easily

escaped at six inches tall. Now, he was no more than a mere insect to her.

Heather finally stopped, but not before Jared had his orgasm.

"Another pearl necklace, I can barely see it", Heather said laughing. The

laughing, now more violent than when we was six inches knocked him down between

her legs. She used her tongue to lick the tiny gift Jared gave her. When Jared

stared at her giant pussy, he could tell she was horny. It was now bigger than

he was, and he wanted her. He ran to her cunt and began rubbing it as hard as he

could, Heather went crazy. She began moaning and yelling out loud and held back

from fingering herself, fearing she might grind Jared to a pulp inside her huge


Jared found her clit and began playing with it as well. Jared was almost at the

point of exhaustion when the same love juices that covered him last night came

gushing out form Heather's huge pussy. Only this time they were bigger. Jared

found himself on the bed covered so much we couldn't breathe. Just then, Heather

picked up tiny Jared and began licking him all over. Jared thought this felt

wonderful and began getting life back in his cock. She noticed the "small"

change and started concentrating on his prick. He blew his entire load in her

mouth and she let out a sexy moan.

"I love you, Jared", Heather said with a smile.

"When do I turn back to normal", Jared said with what voice he had left after

the greatest experience he has ever had in his life.

"Never, you can live with me forever and ever, never having to worry about

anything except how to please your giantess Heather. "My friends will love you,

they are coming over tonight to see my new toy......."

Part 2

When Jared awoke, he found himself utterly exhausted. He looked around the room

and saw that he had grown a bit. He was still very small, but found himself to

be about 12 inches tall, better than the 3 inches he was last night.. He found

that he was still on the bed which him and Heather spent hours having fun the

night before. He saw no trace of Heather, but he heard the shower running. He

decided to just lay there and relax. Heather finished her shower and saw that

Jared was still asleep, he looked so cute there all curled up on her pillow.

She thought to herself "Why has he grown?" She just thought of it as a side

effect or the pill wearing off. She would have thought it would last forever,

but she herself knew it was a trial drug, it was a combination of chemicals she

found that she devised to substitute Jared's migraine pills.

Jared finally broke the silence when he stood up on her pillow.

"My, you seem taller my little man, but you are still as cute as ever." Heather

threw Jared some Barbie clothes, well just boxers, and he slipped them on. "Are

you hungry, Jared"? Jared nodded and Heather picked him up and took him into the


Heather grabbed an orange and cut it into small pieces for Jared to eat. Jared

wolfed them down and he felt himself expand to 15 inches. He inhaled the rest,

well all he could eat and expanded to a whopping 2 feet! He came up to Heather's


"Well, aren't we just growing fast?" Jared, now naked, stood there with a smile

on his face, not shy at all at the situation he was in. "I have two friends

coming over, they wanted to see you a little smaller than this....oh well you

are still cute!", Heather said with a giggle.

They went into the den to watch TV when Jared climbed on her lap to get

comfortable. Heather just looked down at her "toy" and got a big grin on her


The doorbell rang and Jared hopped off her lap so she could answer the door.

Jared stood by the chair, confused and naked. Heather opened the door and in

came two beautiful women, equal to Heather's own radiance.

"Hello Katie.....hi Juanita", Heather said greeting them inside.

Katie was a man's dream, she was 5'5", had long blond hair and baby blue eyes.

She had nice small perky breasts, a little bigger than Heather's.

Then there was Juanita, she was 5'8" with long brown curly hair and hazel eyes.

Now, even for a man of normal size, Juanita's breasts would be huge, to

Jared.....unimaginable. She was busting out of the tight shirt she was wearing,

but Jared was too busy hiding his nakedness to care at the moment.

"Jared, you have visitors!", Heather said. "Go look in the den, he is in there.

I will go fix us some wine to drink in the kitchen."

Katie and Juanita walked slowly into the den. To their amazement, there stood a

2 foot naked man, blushing and hiding his privates from their view.

"Oh, he is so modest", Katie said with laugh. Katie bent down and touched him,

to see if she was dreaming. She ran off to see what Heather was up to.

Juanita bent down, her breasts eye level to Jared. "You like big titties little

man?", Juanita said with a grin. Juanita leaned forward a little and brushed

Jared's cheek with her now erect nipple. Jared flinched at its presence but

couldn't hide his excitement. "Well, it looks like you do!" Juanita heard

Heather call her and she picked up Jared and took him to the kitchen.

Katie and Heather were already drinking, there was even a little cup for Jared.

Juanita took no time in downing her first glass. Jared sipped at his, wow was it

sweet to his tiny taste buds! He loved it! It made him feel 100% better! Heather

whispered to Juanita and all 3 girls began to laugh out loud. They all finished Impossible Game

off two more glasses, and Jared finished his little serving. All of a sudden a

warm sensation rushed through Jared's tiny body, he knew this feeling very well!

He felt himself begin to dwindle, all the girls staring in amazement. Soon Jared

stood only 11 inches tall.

All the girls began to giggle and Katie finally spoke. "Well hello little man".

She picked Jared up and began poking Jared with her tongue. She licked his

stomach, and licked his back, Jared was obviously enjoying this very much. His

rod stiffened as Katie knew what to do. Katie worked her way down, tickling poor

Jared with her tongue bath. She found his rod and started giving Jared a tiny

blow job. She did it with the greatest of ease, very gently, very slowly. It

only took a few minutes of this to bring Jared over the edge. Jared came with

tremendous force, well to him it was, and Katie licked him clean.

The warm sensation once again engulfed Jared, Katie stared down in her hand and

saw Jared shrinking again. Katie could feel him getting smaller and this turned

her on. She took her other hand and began fingering herself through the shorts

she was wearing. 10...9...8..7...he finally stopped shrinking.

"Well, looks like our man is smaller than Barbie", Katie said with a snicker.

Heather left and came back with her Barbie doll she had in her closet.. Sure

enough, the doll was a head taller than Jared, which made him feel even smaller.

The giantesses were now even bigger, and he was scared. Katie blew Jared a kiss

and left to go to Heather's room.

"I want him next", Juanita said with a smile. Juanita gently picked up Jared and

placed him eye level to her. She kissed him on his head and brought him about 2

inches away from her enormous breasts. "How do you like my titties now little

man?", she said with a laugh. They were gigantic. Her protruding nipples were a

handful for Jared, he was in awe with the sight of her boobs. With that, she

took Jared and pushed him into her cleavage. Jared was pushed in and out of her

cleavage, her shirt would block the light for a second, and he was raised out

again. Over and over she did this to Jared. It only took 3 minutes for Jared to

blow his load on Juanita.

"That little doll put a mark on my shirt, I will get him later!" The feeling of

pure warmth once again overtook Jared's body and he began to dwindle in size.

Juanita cupped both hands side to side so Jared wouldn't fall through her

fingers. finally came to an end and Jared passed out from


When Jared awoke, he found himself on a flat tan surface, it was Juanita's

stomach! "Come up here so I can get a better look at you, doll!", Juanita said.

Jared walked and saw that her bellybutton was huge!!! He walked up until he was

at the spot just below her cleavage. Her tits were bigger than Heather's ever

were! Jared saw her pointing to her right tit so Jared climbed her breast and

straddled her huge erect nipple. "You are a good mountain climber for a little

guy, she said with a laugh. This caused Jared to grip even harder on her nipple

so he wouldn't fall off. "Ooohh......such a nice grip for a tiny man too........oooh"

Juanita grabbed her left tit and began playing with it violently. This caused

her to shake her entire body and make Jared's grip as tight as his little hands

could go. When the shaking got so bad, Jared's little hands could hold on any

more. He was flung into the air and landed on a soft, silky surface. Katie was

lying next to Juanita and Jared happened to land on Katie's panties.

Katie smiled down at her little man and picked Jared up and put him in her

panties and sealed them shut. No light was getting in and Jared was petrified.

Jared was pressed against Katie's lush pubic hair. Jared beat against her

panties with immense power, but this only made Katie wet and hornier. She

touched Jared, very softly from the outside of her panties. Jared slipped in to

her moist, wet cave, on her labia. She began to stroke her pussy, very slowly at

first, but her erotic desires began to take over. She quickened the pace and

poor Jared was running out of air. Faster and faster she drove Jared into her

cave. She concentrated hard on Jared's tiny body, feeling him with every thrust,

knowing he must be survive this sex drive Katie must extinguish.

Jared felt himself gasp for one last breath and then it happened........Katie's

orgasm rushed over him like a tidal wave.

Heather, watching all this became very worried. She peeled off Katie's pants and

saw poor Jared tangled in Katie's pubic hair, covered in her love juices.

Heather licked him clean and placed him on her left boob were he would be she thought.. Heather remembered the night before and began shaking

her boob ever so slightly. Jared was on his back with Heather's huge nipple in

between his legs. She continued to rock back and forth, causing her nipple to

hit Jared's rod. This caused his rod to stiffen as hard as Superman's kneecap!

He tried to fight off the impending orgasm with all his might.

Then, without hesitation, Juanita got on top of Heather and smashed down on

Jared with her enormous breast. Both girls began sliding up and down each others

bodies, causing Jared to become battered and bruised by their now erect nipples.

They went on like this for what seemed like hours, until Juanita rose form her


"He came on my nipple, and I felt it!" Juanita licked her nipple and let out a

tiny moan.

Jared, still lying on Heather's boob, felt the warmth return to his tiny body.

All 3 girls stood up and looked at Heather's boob. They all watched Jared shrink

on Heather's nipple. It was growing at an incredible rate and poor Jared was

having a hard time holding on. Soon, the nipple just got too big for him to hold

onto and he found himself falling to the ground. Juanita opened her hand and

Jared fell into it. 3 inches.........2.....1... 1/2 inch was all Jared was.

The girls didn't know what to say. They all stared at one another while looking

in Juanita's hand. Jared was no bigger than a bug. Katie went and grabbed the

Barbie doll that they had earlier. Juanita put Jared on the table and they told

him to stand next to Barbie. Jared slowly walked over to the doll. When he

finally go there, he had to strain his neck just to see Barbie's face. The g

irls giggled and Katie picked him up and sat him on Barbie's boob .

"He is so small even Barbie is a giantess compared to him," Katie said.

"I WANT HIM BACK ON MY BREASTS!!!" Juanita said with a sense of lust in her

eyes. Jared was so small he could stand on her huge nipple without any problem.

She laid back down on the bed and Jared kept good balance on her nipple. She

gently nudged Jared with her finger and he fell into her gigantic cleavage.

"Come look at this", Juanita said.

Jared stood and stared up and all he saw were Katie's and Heather's faces. Jared

tried climbing the tit to get a better view, but they were just to steep now at

his diminutive size. Katie carefully picked him put of Juanita's vast cleavage

and threw him back into her panties.

Jared was nothing compared to Katie's vagina at only 1/2 inch tall. He knew this

was the end if she did to him what she did before. Katie began fingering herself

with poor Jared sinking into her cunt. Jared coughed and gagged, the juices

began taking away his life. She then slowed down, working Jared deeper into her

honey hole. Her orgasm was huge, Jared saw his life fade away........

Heather then ran and knocked Katie on the bed and ripped off her panties to find

Jared. Heather looked for Jared, but there was no sign of him. Juanita watched

and became too hot to handle. She pushed Heather aside and began licking Katie's

pussy with increasing speed. Katie began to scream with delight and started

bucking with her partner, Juanita. Right when she came she shot Jared out of her

pussy and he landed on the inner part of Juanita's left breast. However, Nobody

saw poor Jared fly out, as he was covered with Katie's orgasm.

Heather gave up hope and cried herself to sleep. Katie collapsed in ecstasy and

Juanita went to the show er to wash off.

Part 3

Juanita stood up and left Heather's bedroom to take a shower. Heather was

sobbing, knowing Jared was gone forever, eaten alive by Katie's enormous vagina.

Katie meanwhile was basking in her afterglow of one of the best orgasms of her

life, not caring of Jared's tiny fate. She used his tiny body to make her cum,

as simple as that. What woman would refuse that powerful of an orgasm from a

tiny, helpless man?

Heather kept blaming herself, making Jared shrink too small, she really did like

him and only wanted to tease and seduce him, for she knew he had a crush on her.

Instead, to her, Jared was the one who was "crushed."

Jared awoke from being out of it. He was in sticky substance and surrounded by

hills that were just gigantic. Then it hit him! He was in-between two giant

breasts!! The last thing he remembered was sinking in to Katie's titanic cunt

and drowning in juices. He thought he was dead, but it seems fate saved him from

a sexual death. He looked down and saw feet walking at a high rate of speed (to

him it was). He looked up and saw Juanita, in all her naked beauty. She was

headed for......the bathroom!! Jared saw her take out a washcloth and towel and

set it on the bathroom counter. She was gonna take a shower!!

Jared, being a mere 1/2 tall, and the fact Juanita had no idea Jared was tucked

and stuck in her cleavage, he was gonna have to get help! Jared yelled up at

Juanita, but by this time the water was flowing into the bathtub. The noise of

the water was so loud, Jared was undetected. Jared, still semi stuck with

Katie's vaginal juices began slowly rubbing his hands across Juanita's skin. She

used her right hand and scratched within inches of Jared and began to step into

the shower. She hit the nozzle that changed the water running into the bath and

made it come out of the shower head.

Juanita stepped underneath the jets of water and twirled around under the hot,

steamy, water. Tons of water were running down her skin, making their way down

to Jared. Her nice, big breasts offered some protection for little Jared, but

soon the water was on her full force. Big drops were hitting him with immense

pain, causing his grip to loosen and the sticky lubrication was wearing off from

Katie's pussy. He managed to edge himself under Juanita's right breast, for

shelter. This was a bad move. Juanita used the washcloth to wash her awesome

breasts and this caused Jared to loose his grip and slide down her sexy frame.

Jared slipped away and soon ended up in a crater 3 times his size!! Wait, it was

her bellybutton! Jared cliched himself to it with all his tiny strength and held

on for life.

Juanita, finished cleaning her breasts and tummy, Jared thought he could find

safe haven by just waiting. Wrong....... Juanita took her finger and added soap

and began cleaning out her bellybutton, since it was an inny . Jared was struck

by her immense finger and pulled out from the suction caused by the tight fit.

He fell with the soapy water from her body and was thrown into the tuft of her

pubic hair!

The brown forest was lush, and smelled of apples, Juanita must be using a fruit

body wash, he thought. Jared was still being rained on by the water running off

her body and down her tummy.. He slowly descended farther into her bush, and was

met with the top of her pussy. Juanita, being a clean woman, began scrubbing

vigorously at her pubic hair, causing Jared to slip down in her sweet pussy. He

was resting on her lips and just curled up and prayed.

Finally after Juanita was done cleaning every square inch of her delicious body,

she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She began drying her

hair with her towel and thus drying her upper half. Jared opened his eyes and

knew he had to do something. However, Jared was blanketed by the towel as she

wrapped it around her hips and began walking out if the bathroom. Jared hanging

on her giant lips, saw that she raised one foot, then another. She was putting

on some silk blue panties! They shot up her ankles, to her knees, met her

thighs, and came snuggly fit to her hips and crotch. Jared was trapped, but

surrounded by the silk and smell of a clean woman. Apples....soap...and still

the light smell of her womanhood. Jared was in heaven.

He had to get her attention. Jared could hear voices of the girls and knew he

had a chance! He began climbing up to her giant clit, knowing how sensitive it

was. He grabbed handfuls of brown pubic hair to brace himself up to the magic

pearl. He started licking it and kissing it. He saw that Juanita had sat

down.......she started to move a little, and he knew he needed more stimulation.

Being only 1/2 inch tall, the clit was as big as him, he was gonna have to make

more of an effort. He climbed a little higher to where he was straddling the

massive clit. He began to gyrate his whole body on top of this sensitive button.

Faster and faster he went and he knew this was working. Inside the panties it

became hotter and hotter, and he could see wetness build right below him. He

then felt a huge digit poke through the silken fabric and try to assist his


To Juanita, it was really no more than a sexual charge, an itch of pleasure. She

began rubbing Jared's body up and down on her clit, Jared was being grinded

between her clit and finger!! He then just squeezed as hard as his body could

and the finger slid down to the wet hole below, where Juanita could assist


Katie looked away from the sad and depressed Heather to notice Juanita was

masturbating on the recliner! Katie got up and went over to see what the heck

was coming over her! "Um...are you having fun over her?", Katie asked Juanita.

Juanita paused and withdrew her finger, yet still feeling the electric "fun"

pulses caused by Jared's all- out-attack on her clitoris. "I am just itching,

these panties are brand new, Juanita snapped back.

"Then why were you biting your bottom lip like you were enjoying it? I wish I

had that kind of itch.......", Katie giggled back.

Jared knew he had to keep making her feel him so he bit down on her pleasure

zone and sucked and sucked while still gyrating his whole body to accommodate

that huge clit. Juanita was getting wetter by the much for

feeling fresh after a shower! During all this, Jared's penis was stirring to

life and getting hard from the rubbing up against Juanita's pussy. He knew he

could not afford to have an orgasm, who knows how small he would get. He had to

slow down...but he also had to make Juanita feel his movements.

Finally, Juanita stood up and tried adjusting her panties to get rid of the

"itch". This only caused Jared to tighten down for the fact that gravity was now

against him. Juanita's knees began to buckle and she wanted so to masturbate

this itch into a self-given orgasm. Katie then bent down and was eye-level with

the blue panties that held Jared prisoner. She noticed a slight bump near the

middle and touched it.

" are you doing?! I don't need your help to get off!!", Juanita said

with authority. Juanita backed up and sat at the edge of the bed.

Katie followed her and put her head between Juanita's knees to take a closer

look. "Let me just see something, please", Katie asked. Katie spread Juanita's

legs apart enough to see the silken panties that covered her awesome pussy.

Jared, still squeezing, tugging, pushing, pulling on her love button, caused

ripples of pleasure to shoot up and down Juanita's body. Juanita's eyes rolled

back in her head and she laid down touching her nipples, legs hanging off the

side of the bed. Katie peered closer to Juanita's wet pussy, her nose being

assaulted by her love juices.

Heather wiping away tears, looked at her friends in disbelief. Jared was gone,

and all they could think about was feeling good!! She just stared and shook her


Katie then located the tiny bump and pressed it harder. Again Jared was squashed

by a giant finger, only this time causing him to lose his grip and get all

tangled in Juanita's pubic hair. Jared didn't know which way was up and the more

he fought, the more tangled he became. Katie noticed the bump had slipped down,

and how Juanita couldn't help but try to gyrate her hips, making the motion like

she was having sex. Katie slowly edged the panties down off Juanita's hips and

having her pussy come into view....... Katie looked even closer at her friend's

pussy and saw what was causing the teeny tiny bump in the blue silk panties.

Tiny Jared had not been swallowed by her pussy, but rather been somehow

transported to Juanita's vagina!! Katie smiled and gently licked and covered

Jared's whole body with her tongue.

"Oh will never guess what I found..........."

Giantess Stories: Shrinking Forever by Remy Locke      Jared was walking his dog in the park when he saw this beautiful woman he had been eyeing every

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