Giantess Stories: Shrinking into oblivion

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Shrinking into oblivion


hat trick

Hi. My name Is Korin. I'm a

normal 16 year old kid, well, I was normal, until I ended up being nosy, as

usual, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My story starts here.

About 11:00 one peaceful saturday night, a city bus drove along East Ave.

Nothing too strange had happened yet, other than an owl who seemed to be

attracted to old man withers chased the bus after he got on. But then, a woman,

no, closer we could see it was a girl, around the age of 15 walked out into the

street, acting as if there was a cat walk and the bus would stop. Once about

half into the street, she stopped, and turned towards the bus, both hands in her

waist-high jean jacket. Her short brown hair came just over her eyes, shading

them, even in the dark of night. Her baggy blue jeans blew in the wind a bit as

the did come to a stop, only suddenly and abruptly. She gave the tiniest of

smirks, which faded as quickly as it came, and lifted her left hand out of her

pocket, holding it out straight, as if she were superman, ready to stop the bus

if it came nearer. About a foot was between the bus and the girl when it finally

came to a screeching stop. As the bus driver checked to see if everyone was ok,

the girl pulled a small crystal from her pocket, closed her eyes, and made a

gesture toward the bus with it. No sooner had she done this that the bus would

slowly, but increasingly faster, shrink. She acted as if this was no surprise.

She stopped the shrinking process when the bus was the size she thought

appropriate. The bus driver, panicking and unsure of what had happened, slammed

on the gas and drove straight forward. He knew something was wrong, and

different. There were pebbles the size of cars on the asphalt. The terrain was a

lot heavier, and he no longer so any buildings or road signs. But what really

threw him for a loop were the incredibly huge pair of Duckhead, camel colored

heel-less slip-ons straight ahead. Everyone in the back of the bus was

panicking. One lady had even passed out onto old man smithers lap. Then the

earth began to shake. Not just a little, I'm talking off the richter-scale


"Now, now...I won't hurt you." Was the next ear-shatteringly loud noise. It was

a deep voice, but seductive, and obviously feminine. Continuing to drive

forward, the bus driver was in a cold sweat as he looked out of his window, and

just knew that above him were the heels and ankles of that girl in the street.

Trying to pretend it was all a dream, he continued on. After about 30 seconds,

he had driven what was approximately 32 inches. Growing a bit bored with

watching the helpless attempt to escape, the girl sighed, and slipped her right

foot out of the slip-on, and placed it down just so the bus would be placed

comfortablu between her big and second toes. Of course, those on the bus that

were still concious could see nothing but a tall wall of flesh towerng above

them. A soft giggle could be heard from the girl, as she lifted her foot, bus

and all, and slid it back into her slip on. Her duty was done for the night, now

all she had to do was take her prisoners back to her mistress safely. She

couldn't help but wiggle her little purple-painted toes as she walked, enjoying

the feeling of the tiny bus between them.

Pretty strange huh? I bet your wondering where I come in, and how I know all of

this huh? Well, I'm the paper boy for that particular street. And every day I

watch the strange old house across from the road. There was a paper for every Contra el Bullying: El Banco de la Amistad

day for the past month on that drive way, and no one ever came out of it. And

sometimes..sometimes I swear that place has it's own seperate little cloud.

Anyway, back to the story.

"Did you have a good time shopping, My pet?" The bus driver heard a haughty,

prestigious, and snobby sounding voice coming from high above. Outside of the

girls slip-on, she was standing nervously in front of her mistress, a young

looking, brown haired woman, about in her 30s, and a very importany,

I'm-too-good-for-you aire to her entire appearance. "I'm starving, and this soup

just doesn't taste at all right without the groceries." The woman said,

motioning to the bowl of soup on the table in front of her. She was seated at a

dining table, of course.

"I did...mistress." Spoke the girl. "Would you like me to sprinkle a bit for

you?" The girl grinned in anticipation, she did love to please her mistress. A

simple nod from the woman, and the girl reached and slid her foot out of her

slip-on. The bus-driver, now relaxing a bit, his fear haven worn out, was then

shocked back to reality when the girls thumb and fore-finger lifted him from his

new home between her toes. Then, what scared him more than anything, was when

she lifted him to her lips, which parted slightly. He could no longer see

anything but those pink colored lips and white teeth as they worked in unison to

keep him captive there. The next thing, and last thing he knew, was the sounds

of metal being crushed and mangled between her lips as she bit the front of the

bus off. The little bus driver had passed out, and was not witness to see the

inside of the girls mouth as she chewed him, and the front of the bus, and

swallowed him savoringly. No one else on the bus was concious, not yet at least.

The girl lifted the bus just barely above her mistresses bowl of soup and

sprinkled a few innocent people into the bowl, including poor old man smithers.

"Good job, My pet. But not too many, we don't want you wasting the entire thing

on one serving, as you did last time." The woman gave a warning look to her

servant, and spun her spoon around in the soup. The girl took her seat,

blushing, and watched as her mistress mixed the people around. A little boy,

about the age of 9 woke up sleepily, and still a bit scared. He was resting on a

small peice of tomato unknowingly. Suddenly, the sea of red was lifted, well,

part of it, was lifted into the air, Screaming, the boy, looked up to see what

looked a lot like a giant woman lifting him into the air. Tears flowed down his

eyes as the woman brought him near her lips, and then placed the spoon on her

lower lip. The boy had never been in a tornado, but the sudden blast of wind

from the womans lips hitting him full force now, he could have sworn a tornado

was a cool breeze. After finishing a slight cooling of her soup the woman parted

her lips enough to slip the spoon inside, between her seductive red lips,close

them, and push everything into her mouth with her teeth. The boy, being scared

out of his mind of the newly found cave, had grabbed one of the mistresses giant

teeth and was holding on for dear life. She new there would be a little

struggling, and grinning widely, she showed her pet the little boy. Watching

quietly, she gasped as the little boy disappearedwhen her mistress ran her

delicated pink tongue across her teeth, sweeping the boy inside, and sending him

falling hopelessly inside her, crying and wailing the whole way.

To be continued.


Giantess Stories: Shrinking into oblivion

normal 16 year old kid, well, I was normal, until I ended up being nosy, as Hi. My name Is Korin. I'm a Hi. My name Is Korin. I'm a hat trick hat trick by b



Giantess Stories: Shrinking into oblivion

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Giantess Stories: Shrinking into oblivion

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