Giantess Stories: Shrunk by Annie

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Shrunk by Annie





            I knew as I shrunk and my stature diminished in

front of my niece that I would be in trouble. I felt it happen so fast. I was

6'6” 280lbs a pro football player for the Cleveland browns. I was in town

visiting my niece who just turned 16 years old. As I walked into her room to

wish her an early birthday since I wouldn't be around on Sunday to officially

celebrate with her I felt a strange jolt of some kind hit my body. I began too

get shorter and shorter. My 5'2” 110lb niece continued to get taller. I went

from being dramatically taller to just a few inches tall, then I was eye

level. Soon I was having to look slightly up to her. 


            I screamed at her. I demanded to know what she

was doing to me but she wouldn't answer. She just stood there smiling and

giggling at me. I pushed her down onto the ground and started heading towards

the door but she grabbed my ankle with her hand and I crashed down onto the



            As we both stood again I found myself looking

into her waist. I tried to run this time not even bothering to push her but she

grabbed me and I couldn't escape. I turned back around towards her and I had to

crane my neck up so far to see her face I was getting a kink. I  was no taller

then her knee and still getting shorter. My short niece now placed her leg on

either side of me blocking even the slightest movement I made. I found her

getting even taller and taller and finally when it was all said and done I was

about three inches tall. I looked up at her now daunting frame.


“You can't do this!” I screamed


            But she didn't hear a thing. I saw her bend

down onto fall fours directly over me. Her knees hit the tall shag carpet in

front of me. Her two hands fell to the floor behind me. I looked up to see my 16

year old niece's pert breasts dangling down towards me. My mouth just about

dropped down onto the carpet as I saw her now. Her eye's intently watching my

every single move. I took off running towards the door but she picks her left

hand up off the ground and bats me to the floor. I roll end over end onto the

ground hearing her laugh and giggle from above. I cover my ears in pain from my

niece's loud thunderous giggles.


“Uncle Bruce what's wrong?”


            I once again to tried to stand up but she takes

her finger and pushes me down into the carpet. The rough thick carpet rubs

against my skin as my niece rubs my body against her carpet.


“Annie honey, I am going to run a few errands. I will be

back later.”


“Okay mom!”


            I yelled to Stacie, Annie's mom as loud as I

could but my voice was too weak and severely muffled by the carpet. I felt her

hand retreat off of my body and I began to stand up but her pinky finger slams

me back down into the carpet. I start to kick and punch her pinky finger but it

has no effect on my niece.


“Bruce, be good or I will have to punish you.”


“You listen here Annie! You grow me back this instant!”


            I don't even think she heard me as I yelled on

the top of my lungs. I felt completely humiliated me Bruce Walker Cleveland

Browns All star Linebacker completely man handled by my 16 year old niece.


“My friends are just going to love you when they see you.

Now Brucie, I am gonna pick you up and take you to your new home okay so don't

be scared.”


            Her voice was soft and soothing sounding like

you would talk to a baby.  I took off running but to her it looked like I hadn't

even moved. Her palm crashed down in front of me filling my entire field of

vision. I began to back pedal but her fingers extended outwards and around me.

Before I knew it I was in Annie's warm grip. She picked me and I stood up in the

palm of her hand. I was held right up to my niece's face. Her eyes glued to my

helpless body. Her other hand came down on me and she began to pet me. It felt

good as I had started to get cold. I thought it was strange to be cold as I

wasn't when I entered but I began to wonder if it was because of my size that I

was so very cold. I only knew that I was cold and Annie's hand and her petting

made me warm.


“Here let me get you out of those nasty clothes my pet.”


            She grabbed onto my t-shirt but I saw it coming

so I too grabbed onto the shirt. I tried to stop her but in one yank my shirt

was off.  Only an hour ago I could have over powered Annie with two fingers and

very little strength. Now the tables were completely reversed. As her hands

grabbed my pants at first I too tugged against her grip but then I stopped

knowing it was no use. I saw her middle finger come towards

me. Her long nail dug into me cutting my pants like a hot knife through butter.

My pants showed about as much resistance to her nail then a feather would to

molten lava. I was left with just my boxers but her eyes widened and I knew they

too would be off. I didn't even fight this time as she ripped them off.  The

final nail in the coffin was when I watched her toss them out of the window and

they blew away in the breeze. Annie's attention returned to me as she carried me

back across her room. A large terrarium was right below me. She easily pulled

off a lid that looked to weigh several tons to me. The floor was covered with a

yellow cassimere sweater.  I felt her palm tilt. I leapt up and began to run up

the slope of her palm which caused my niece to giggle once again.


            Her giggling caused her palm to jump up and

down and the slope became to steep and I started to slide down. I left her palm

and crashed into the sweater. I rolled over to see that Annie was smiling as she

put the cover back on.




            I was still unsure if she could hear me but I

doubted that she could. I watched her walk over to her bed and sit down. I

looked around at the terrarium and there was a make up compact in the corner

that had been washed out and turned into a food dish and a eye contact holder

that had drinking water in it. In the corner was a couple of white socks that

had been put together for a bed with one of her hair scrunchys as a pillow.




            I kept pounding on the wall but she just walked

away and grabbed her phone. The next couple hours I listened to her talk on the

phone.  I finally gave up and just watched Annie go about her life like I am not

even in here.


“Annie, will you set the table dear.”






            I darted my head up hearing Stacie's loud voice

erupt into the room. I watched Annie flick the lights off in the room and shut

the door. As each moment passed I felt more and more helpless.


            Several hours later Annie walked back into her

room. She sat down at the desk that I was on. I looked directly at her but she

didn't even look up at me she just started doing her math homework. I continued

to look directly at her. I pounded on the glass but she didn't even glance up.

As she finished her math I watched her grab a book from her bag. She pushed her

chair back and brought her feet up onto the desk. She shoved her feet up against

the glass wall of the cage. The bottoms of her socks were covered with dirt. I

gulped as I thought about being stuck under those feet. The night went by slowly

for me but finally I saw Annie look at me. She told me good night and shut the

lights off in her room.


            I was surrounded by pitch blackness. I walked

across the cassimere floor and laid down on my stocking covered bed and cried

myself to sleep.


            I was awoken by Annie pulling off the roof off

the cage. She easily grabbed me and plucked me out of the cage. She carried me

over to her bathroom and set me down on the counter. I looked around at what

must have been her own bathroom. Make up laid strewn across the counter top.


“It's time you earn your keep little Brucie.”


“You listen here! You change me back or you will be in so

much trouble.”


“Stop yours squeaking little Brucie. I don't want to hear

it, pets are meant to be seen and obedient but, not heard. Now pass over that

compact please.”


            I looked up at Annie and her eyes glared down

at me. Without speaking a single word I knew what I had to do. I ran towards her

compact which made her smirk. I tried to lift it up but it was much too heavy

for me. I slid it across the counter top towards Annie.


“Hurry up! We don't have all day.”


            I continued to push it closer and closer

towards her and finally she was satisfied. I looked up at her and she looked

down at me.




“Well what?”


“Open it up stupid!”


            I sighed quite audibly and had to put all my

weight into just un latching her compact. I pushed and struggled to open up the

compact for a good couple of minutes. I finally got it opened and sat down as I

watch the cover extend up into the air.


“You can get my eye liner now.”


            This is how it went for the next 25 to 30

minutes I had to fetch each item even though she could grab them a lot easier

and quicker. Once she was finished my niece pulled off the t-shirt that she had

slept in and tossed it into the hamper. My eyes locked on her breasts which hung

freely in the air above me. I wanted to touch them so badly but they hung there

well out of my reach like they were superior.


“What are you staring at?”


             She grabbed me and walked out into her room. 

She set me down in the middle of her room and instructed me to get her sandals

and bring them over to her bed while she ate breakfast. Before I could even

comment she turned and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. I

looked at the door and part of me wanted to just say fuck it but I knew better

then to upset Annie. I didn't really want to get on her bad side for fear of my



I ran over to her sandals which

were huge. I tried to push them but they wouldn't even budge. I then tried to

pull but it was like trying to push a house it's just impossible to do. I

crawled onto the sandal and sat down not knowing what to do. As I sat there I

began to get more and more scared with each passing moment. I wondered what

Annie would do to me. I finally saw her walk back into the room and proceeded to

step out of her pajama's and walked across the room completely naked. I watched

in awe of her gracefulness and beauty. I knew it was wrong to be staring at my

niece like this but she is so huge and powerful I can hardly not look. After

trying on several out fits she looks back at me sitting on her sandals. She

walks towards me and has a pouty look on her face.


“Are my sandals to heavy for you

little Brucie? I thought they would be.”


She snatched me up and walked out

of the room. As we headed downstairs I screamed for Stacie but she didn't even

look towards me. Annie walked out the door and headed to her car for school. She

tossed me in the seat and I realized this was my car. Before I could even speak

she looked down at me.


“This was such a wonderful

birthday gift Brucie. Giving me your Porsche 911”


I didn't even argue I just sat in the seat as she drove my

car too her school. I was grabbed off the seat without even a thought by her and

she carried me into the school. We passed by teen after teen who now towered

above me. We headed straight to class. I knew that we must have been running

late cause the bell rang just as Annie stepped into the class room. She set me

down on her desk as her teacher began to lecture. She put her pencil at the top

of desk and let it roll down which caused me to have to run from it. Annie would

then place me and the pencil back on top of the desk and then we would do it all

over again. She did this the entire hour. It only mildly entertained her. As she

grabbed me once again she held me tightly in her grip. She walked down the hall

and past the freshmen lockers and into the 7th grade section of the

school. I was puzzled by where we were going. She walked right up a blonde girl

who had a cheerleading outfit on. She tapped the cheerleader on the shoulder.


“Do you have the Money.”



            A white envelope was passed to Annie. As she

opened it up I saw what looked to be thousands of dollars. I was about to ask

how this 7th grader got all this money when I was thrusted into chest

of this girl. Her hands quickly grabbed onto me as Annie waved goodbye and left.


“Hi Bruce! I saw you on TV a few weeks ago and during a

post game interview and just fell in love with you. You're the most adorable man

ever. All the guys in my grade are such boys but I want a real MAN! Now I have

myself one. Your going to be my little man K?”


“You can't do this! Change me back! Give me back to Annie!”


“I paid 4 thousand dollars for you. Your mine now! You're

my gift to me from Daddy!”


“I am not your”


            I was cut off as she shoved me into her back

pack. I fell to the floor landing on one of her text books. She zipped up the

backpack and that was the end of it. I sat in her backpack for the rest of the

day. I was in here for hours or so it seemed. I finally felt her lift up the bag

and sling it over her shoulder. I could feel each movement the backpack made.

How it swung from left to right. How it would bang against this 7th

graders ass. I just wanted to die. I had been bought and sold like a slave.


            That night I was lifted up and out of the

backpack and she set me down on her bed. This girl had a pink bedspread and

matching pink pillows on her bed. As I was set down on her bed I felt cold and

scared.  Here I was lying naked in this girls room. A girl who I don't even know

or would have ever even paid attention too if she was the last person the

planet. This girl wasn't ugly or fat, but I knew that she wasn't the prettiest

girl in her grade either she had average looks and some dainty glasses on. The

glasses didn't make her look bad in fact It made her look a little cute. As she

set down next to me she grabbed me tightly and held me up to her face.


“Hi there little Bruce. I don't really like that name. I

think your going to be Bobby! That sounds like a good name doesn't it Bobby.

Well don't you worry one little bit k? Meghan will take great care of her little

Bobby Wobby okay?”


            For the first month she would rush home

everyday and play with me or her friends would but as time went by my novelty

wore off and I became something she merely owned. I was no longer her special

little man or her little boyfriend. I was just one of Meghan's belongings. I

have watched her date guys, and graduate high school and now is going off to

Stanford. I am merely her little man who must obey. Her little man that she has

and when everything seems wrong in the world, and it's the worst day of her

life ever Meghan always looks down at me and smiles knowing that her life isn't

as bad as mine is. As I am Meghan's slave for the rest of her life.









Giantess Stories: Shrunk by Annie

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