Giantess Stories: Shrunk by Mandy Moore

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Shrunk by Mandy Moore





Wednesday June 15th 8:30am 

Larry's Office



           I woke in my

office. I couldn't believe I fell asleep in my office again. I hated when I did

that and I had a meeting with Mandy today. Mandy, was my biggest client and with

her new CD coming out this year I was in position to make a fortune. A very

large fortune, that was my only goal. I knew that she wasn't going to be the

next Britney or the next JLO but I was sure as hell ready to milk her for alls

she is worth then cast her aside like yesterday's trash.

           I loved the sense

of power I had over my clients. I knew that I could do whatever I wanted to them

and they couldn't do anything back. I heard the beeping and of my phone. I knew

Kelly had to have been in early.


“What is Kell?'

”Your 8:30 is here Mr. Johnson. Why so damn early!”


“Because its 8:30 Mr. Johnson.

Well why did you schedule it so damn early. Send him in”


“It's a her sir”


“Well I don't care send them

the fuck in now”




           When the door

opened I expected it to be one of the usually types I get in here. Thirty year

old hags who want to revitalize there career. I was quite surprised when a young

fifteen year old girl walked in. I kept waiting for her mom or dad to come in

with them which usually happened but she was alone. I was quite surprised with

her assuredness and confidence in coming in here alone. She immediately sat

down  without me even asking her too.


“I think you should sign me

because I have a great voice and I can make you a lot of money”


           I didn't care for

her forwardness and I didn't even know her name or a thing about her. She like

most girls were starting to get on my nerves.


“Look I don't know your name

who you are. So why don't you drop your tape or CD off and I will listen to it

and get back to you. Okay?”


“Listen to it now you wont be



“Look here I see you dreamers

come in here everyday wanting to be the next Britney when in reality you're a no

nothing reject who wont ever be anything. You are only as good as I make you so

you will leave now and if I like your tape I might give you call but until then

would you please get the hell out of my office. “


“I don't need to take this. I

will take my business elsewhere”


“I'm the only game in town



“Shari, my name is Shari and

your going to be sorry for the way you treated me.”


           The second she

walked out I heard the girl yell for her mom. I let out a quite audible sigh as

I saw a bigger woman walk into the room. She wasn't fat but she wasn't the

supermodel caliber of woman I am use to seeing walk into here.


“What did you say to her?”


“Listen, mam I don't want any

trouble I was just being real with her. I..”


“Oh shut up! I will be real

with you.”


           Before I could say

anything else I felt something hit me. My body trembled and ached. I felt myself

sway from side to side. The room was so very hot. I kept sweating more and more.

Finally my eyes closed and I tumbled to the ground in one mighty thud. The last

thing I remember is my door closing and that girl's mom laughing as she left.


           As Mandy rolled out

of bed she glanced over at the clock. With a sigh she got out of bed and began

to get ready knowing this was the day she was going to meet her Agent. Larry

Tate. Mandy primped and prepared herself for the inevitable meeting.


“Mom I'm leaving”


“Remember Mandy, lay down the

law with him. You deserve more profits then you are getting. You're doing the



“I know mom but”


“But nothing, you're the star.

Get what you deserve”


“I will try. He is just so

pushy though and makes me feel like I need him or else I wont have a job.”


“That's what Agents do”


           I awoke as soon as

I heard my door open. I stood up and began reaching for my desk only I couldn't

seem to find it. I looked up to see my desk some hundred feet above me. My mind

raced through possibility after possibility of what could have happened but none

of them seemed right. I heard the squishing of the soft padded chairs in my

office being sat down on. A pair of sandal clad feet protruded out towards me. I

began to walk towards the sandals hoping they were of my secretary but as I grew

nearer I could see the face of Mandy Moore thousands of feet up. I continued to

crawl out closer and closer towards her feet.  My movement must have alerted her

because her eyes darted towards me but she continued to sit there like I wasn't

even here. I kept waiting for her to react to me but she just sat there. I began

to move towards her sandal clad foot expecting some kind of movement but there

was none. She began play with her foot swinging it backwards and forwards. I had

to duck to the floor to miss her sandal smacking me silly.


           As it swung by me

this time I was ready for it and laid flat on the ground with my arms stuck up

in the air. I grabbed the edge of her sandal as it passed by and I was

immediately drug against my carpeted floor. My shirt was torn to shreds and my

back was covered in rug burn. As her foot continued to swing back and forth I

pulled myself onto her foot.


“Well, well, well, what do I

spy with my little eye?”


“Mandy! Help its me Larry Tate



“I can see you have problem,

you must want my help you poor little thing. How'd this happen”


“I don't know. I was just

having a meeting with this girl and her mom went postal.”


“Here let's get you to a



“Thanks Mandy”


“No problem little fella”


           As her fingers

curled around me she began to pet and cuddle me up against her like I was only

but a small rabbit. I felt her begin to walk but I didn't care. She only

continued to pet me again and again. I was quickly soothed into blissful

slumber. I was only partially aware of what was going on. As we stepped into her

limo she continued to pet me. She mentioned something to me but I was on the

verge of total shut down.


           I awoke in a bed

room. I looked around expecting a hospital bed but it looked to be a bedroom. I

figured it was a bedroom in Mandy's house. I got out of bed and saw that I had

some pajamas that had PMM embroidered onto them. As my feet hit the cold hard

floor I began to shiver. The room I was in was made of wood. It had wood

shelves, wood floors, etc. I was glad my ordeal was over. I walked over to the

television and flicked it on. I saw Enrique making out with Anna Kournikova in

the escape music video.


“Lucky SOB”


           I laid back down on

the bed relaxing a little when I heard some Linkin Park playing. I normally

wouldn't care but the music was horrendously loud. I knew I was only but a guest

but a guy can only take so much. I walked out of the bedroom I was in and headed

towards what I thought would be Mandy's room but the music sounded like it was

coming from everywhere. I ran into each room of the house looking for Mandy but

I she was no where and a phone was no where to be found.


           I pushed the drapes

opened and saw only but a massive wooden door. On the back of the door was an

Adidas back pack hanging off the hook. I fell backwards onto my ass in shock and

fear. I scurried back towards the window. I looked around at what looked to be

Mandy's room but where the hell was I? Directly across from me was a bed with a

baby blue comforter and a white runner around the bed. A hand made quilt dangled

down the side of the bed. Next to the bed was a desk that had a bunch of stuff

thrown on it, the chair of the desk had a sweater thrown over the back of the

chair.  On the adjacent wall was an entertainment center and that is where my

jaw dropped and I completely lost it. There stood Mandy Moore but she may as

well have been planet because that's what she looked to be. So far, so out of

reach yet at the same time larger then life. Her long blonde hair draped over

her shoulders. Her perfectly sculpted legs standing there like they are set in

stone while so finely sculpted you have to blink to make sure it is only but a

statue. She had on a pair short shorts which revealed a lot of her legs.  She

then had on tank top that showed off her stomach and her navel which is pierced

but I cannot yet see it. I can only see her back and hair. My heart beats faster

and faster as I look at her. My mind is completely reeling and telling me to run

but I have no where to go. As she spins around I can see her looking at me as I

look at her. I let the drapes slam shut as I can feel her powerful footfalls

vibrate the floor.  A tapping happens at the window. I take off running down the

hall like I have some where to go.







           The entire house

begins shake and creek. The floor begins to rip and pull apart. I dive onto one

the halves and scurry into the same bedroom I started in. I crawled under the

bed shaking and my teeth clattering. I can hear her rummaging through things

room by room by room. A few minutes pass and I can hear her getting ever closer.

Finally she is at my room. I peek out from under the bed and see her giant

finger opening up drawers and closets. With one flick of her fingers the bed is

upended and her eye dart  to me. A smirk crosses her face and I back my way into

the corner.


“Please Mandy! Just, just get


”Get away? Larry, I'm hurt we are going to be spending a lot of time together.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Aren't we going to the

hospital? Look, just show me to the door and I will find my own way there”


“How cute, there's only two

ways out of this house with me! Or under my shoe! You are mine so deal with it.”


“I am my own man you teenage



“You are a doll toy boy and we

are done with this conversation. I have a songs to record and you're coming with

me and you better be good you here! I am doing a duet with Britney and I just

know she will get a kick out of you.”


“NO you can't we aren't on

speaking terms right now. You're not even listening to me”


“Let's go”


Wednesday June 15th 1:30pm 

The Recording Studio


           I found myself

inside the side pouch of Mandy Moore's backpack. I search around the bottom of

the backpack for anything that could be of use to me but I see none. The rumble

of the car engines revibrates through my body. As the car stops and the swaying

once again begins I know that it is drawing near to the time that i dread most.

As I hear the pounding of her shoes on the pavement I try to claw my way up the

side of the backpack hoping for anyway out but as each second past by my heart

sunk a little lower knowing that my fate has slipped away just  a little more.


"Chris, hi what are you doing



"Oh I just had to touch a

couple of spots for the beautiful music video."


           This was my last

chance I knew it as I heard Christina Aguilera just a mere inches from me. I

began to pound and prod against the side of the bag however the only problem is

that i have no clue which side is the outside wall and which is the inside wall.

I screamed again and again to the point of almost being in tears. As they

continue to talk the uselessness of the whole situation finally dawns on me.

Soon after Mandy finishes up talking and is on the move once again.


           This time I hear

Britney's voice fill the room with ease as her and Mandy talk. My heart rate sky

rockets as I know my moment is near. I now frantically look for anything, any

possibility for me to escape, for me to get away from this, this situation that

any other man would die, would adore, would dream for, I long to avoid.  I can

feel her set the back down as I am jarred to the floor of the side pouch.


"Hey Britney, I got something

to show you"


           She never was one

for small talk I thought to myself as I heard them walk over towards me. As

light began to shone into the small pouch I saw her hand reaching in towards me.

As Mandy's lifted me up i was already trying to figure out what I was going to

say to Britney so I was even more surprised when I saw that it was Britney in

the flesh.


“Oh, a doll, umm nice, so

should we get started”


“Look closer, pick it up?”


           I saw Britney

reluctantly reach her hand down into the pouch I was in. Her manicured fingers

reached around me and began to lift me up and out of the pouch. She did so like

I was a mere toy. She squeezed me tightly and lifted me up at a horrid speed. I

could hardly see. I found myself looking up at her on moment then the next she

was looking at me. She squeezed even tighter for a moment then relaxed and would

squeeze me tight again.


“Squishy, but it's so



           My mind was racing

with a millions of thoughts. I didn't know if I should ask Britney for help or

if I should play dumb. We weren't even on speaking terms right now, would she

help me?


“Where did you get this? It's



“Britney, please help!

Britney, Mandy found me this way and is keeping me.”


“Oh my gawd it talked”


“Yeah, it's your favorite

agent, Larry Tate”


“He is real right”


“Britney please help”


“What? Britney help your self,

if you insist Larry.”


           Britney sat down on

a stool and stared down at me intently finally poking me in the chest. My eyes

bugged out as the air escaped my lungs. I heard her laugh as she then dangled me

in front of her face.


“what was it you said too the

media about me? I couldn't act, and I was untalented right?”


“That was out of context

Britney, I only said in comparison too cardbox errr I mean Julia Roberts”


           Britney pushed me

against a pink top she had on. I could feel her breasts trying to poke through.

She rubbed me across her soft pink shirt directly over breasts. I clawed and

kicked her but she merely smiled down at me.

Giantess Stories: Shrunk by Mandy Moore

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