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Shrunk In Translation, Part One


Copyright 2004 Littletoy


I dove from the small crack in

the building and dashed to the curb. I scurried across the alley as fast as I

could scamper, dodging the busses and cars as they raced crazily back and forth

up, up and down the busy side street all day and night long. This was my entire

world. My original goal of finding help at the US Embassy was long replaced by

the daily hunger of survival. Every day at around 5 AM the back door of the tiny

restaurant would open up and a stout fiftyish woman would empty the garbage into

a large container outside the door. Some of the scraps of food would always fall

on the ground next to container. I was on it like a fly on shit. There was

competition. There were several neighborhood cats that I had successfully

managed to avoid and what the cats didn't get the rats and cockroaches would.


           I was in luck today. I saw some scraps of

lettuce and carrots and what looked like zucchini lying on the ground. I made a

break for it as a bus roared over the top of me. I was so small I could just

stand in the street and let cars roll overhead. Bicycles were harder to avoid

since I had to move either left or right. The last few yards to the curb were

relatively easy. There were only a few pedestrians out this early in the morning

but it wasn't them I was worried about. The Rats seemed to instinctively know

when the trash was put out, and I always had to look out for them. Even worse,

the cats new when the rats came around for the food so that some days when I

didn't get there fast enough I was confronted with a bloody mess of ran entrails

and blood, being worked over by the cockroaches.


           But today I was lucky. There was iceberg

lettuce, some cold ramen noodles, udon and carrot. I grabbed my makeshift blade

and quickly began cutting the food into small chunks which I then thrust into

the large hand made pouch, like a newspaper boy would have, that I had made from

some string and the fingertip of an old glove. It was slow going: the carrot was

still crisp and thus difficult to saw through. I managed to square off the udon

and lettuce and bundled them up, then put a foot long section of noodle on top

of the veggies in the pouch. When I reached the safety of my hiding place in the

walls of the printing shop across the alley I would cook it up into a meager but

nourishing stew. I tried not to think about the fact that this had been on some

stranger's plate the night before. To myself, this was a veritable feast, and I

was just happy to get my fill before the other neighborhood critters showed up.

When I felt I had stuffed away enough for two or three days I then stuffed some

more down the front of my shirt. I knew it was best to get while the getting's

good since I had to forage for everything now. Even as bad as things were, at

least I war a free man. Though I was in a foreign land, unable to communicate

and smaller than a Barbie doll at least I was free to go as I please, do as I

wished and life off the lay of the land. How long had I been living here in the

City? It had to be at least two months, ever since I had escaped from Tomiko.


           --TWO MONTHS EARLIER--


I had come to Japan as a

representative of a large U.S. defense contractor visiting one of our

subsidiaries. My job was to inspect the remote facilities and to retrieve

sensitive documents it was judged not safe to transmit via electronic

communication or the internet. Once a year I was dispatched to the Far East to

visit the branch offices. It was always the same; the remote employees, knowing

I was from the home office took great pains to give me the cook's tour of their

facilities so that I may give a favorable visual report of their activities upon

my return. I was on the final leg of a 2-month trip that took me to most of the

largest Asian cities: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore,

Taipei, Manila, Saigon, Seoul, and finally Tokyo before home to Dallas. It had

been a grueling trip and I had been eager to get back home to my own house and

bed. I wasted no time getting off the plane and immediately into a taxi right to

the where the branch offices were located, in an industrial parkway on the

outskirts of Tokyo


           “Ah Mr. Thomas-san how good to see you again.”


           “Greetings Dr. Suzuki, I am pleased to be back.”


           “It is always good to see you again Mr. Thomas.

I trust you will find this visit acceptable. Would you like to inspect the

facilities right away?”


           “Yes that would be fine. I'd like to look at the

facilities and then we can spend tomorrow going over the budget numbers. The CEO

is concerned about the sharp increase of operating costs of this facility this

past year. I am sure you will be able to provide me with details Dr. Suzuki.”


           “Yes of course, as you will see it is money well

spent. Come with me Mr. Thomas.”


           Dr Suzuki led me into the facility. He showed

his ID pass to the security guard who waved us in.


           The tour went pretty uneventfully for me as I

recall, the facility was mostly dedicated to electroplating electronic

components with various alloys which were used for stealth technology. It was

classified technology that required special security clearance to work with. All

the people working at this facility had it. I was pretty tired by the time Dr.

Suzuki had wrapped up the inspection arranged for me. It was nightfall now, and

I was anxious to get to his hotel room and bed. I was hungry and jet lag from

the flight from Seoul had really gotten to me Dr. Suzuki noticed my fatigue as w

walked from the plant floor to the front offices.


           “Dr. Suzuki, could you please call a taxi for

me? I am tired and would like to get dinner and rest.”


           “Mr. Thomas would you honor me by being my guest

and dining at my family's house?”


           Actually I just wanted to go to the hotel, but I

knew from protocol it would be rude to refuse. So I resigned myself to a quiet

evening of being entertained by Dr. Suzuki at his home. I figured it would be

pretty boring.


           Dr. Suzuki lived not in Tokyo but in a small

house in an affluent suburb. In a nation where everybody is always packed

together I was surprised there were still open spaces at all. His house was a

one story traditional looking house but I noticed right away the stuff on top of

the flat roof. It looked like scientific equipment. We parked the car and headed

to the door. Dr Suzuki was immediately greeted by his wife, a small petite woman

in her thirties, and a young female of teen age that must have been his



           “Mr. Thomas I would like to meet my wife Midori,

and my daughter Tomiko.” Both women looked at me and smiled as they bowed. I

bowed back, and then followed them inside. It was obvious that neither of them

spoke a word of English.


           I was surprised that inside the house it was

completely western in design and furniture. I had seen too many movies and

expected rooms with paper screens and tatami mats but instead there were

recliner chairs and couches and thick wall-to-wall carpeting. In the back of the

house was a garden with a carp filled koi pond, a bridge across which led to a

small island and teahouse. On the side of the house was an ugly corrugated steel

stairway that led to the roof. On the roof was a shack that Dr. Suzuki motioned

me toward. It seemed strangely out of place with its surroundings.


           “Come here, I must show you, very important.”


           Looking off the rooftop one could see antenna

and rooftops of nearby residential and commercial buildings. I walked into the

shack expecting to find a lawnmower or something, but instead were banks of

computer and terminals packed into the confines of this tiny space. Dr. Suzuki

stepped to the rear and pulled out what looked like a grenade launcher.


           “What's that?” I asked.


           “For the past five years I have been working on

a molecular compression device that will reduce objects to one tenth their

original mass. I have perfected it to the point where I am confident that it can

have viable implications in the military-industrial sector. Mr. Thomas I wonder

if you would please step outside with me. “


I followed as he carried the

grenade launcher out onto the roof. I followed him puzzled by what he was

talking about. He directed me to watch the teahouse on the island in the middle

of the koi pond. He raised the device onto his shoulder and switched it on. I

loud whine pierced my brain as I yelled at Dr. Suzuki that it was totally

unnecessary to blow up his teahouse. He laughed and pulled the trigger. In a

split second the teahouse was gone. It was as if it vanished into thin air. I

couldn't believe it. Where was it? And then I saw it. It was right where it had

always been, on the island. I couldn't see it very clearly because it was now

only a fraction of the size it had been. I looked back at Dr. Suzuki as he

lowered the device.


           I can't believe it! Suzuki you're a genius!” I

hugged him. “We'll make a fortune; the company will have its biggest profits

ever! I'll get the executive of the year! A huge bonus! My own secretary! How

soon can you come to America to demonstrate to the corporation?”


           “Actually Mr. Thomas this is not the

corporations. You see I built this on my own time, here in my house and I funded

this myself. If the company would wish to bid for the rights to my invention I

would be honored to consider-“


           “Wait a minute, you work for us. It's a matter

of company policy. Anything you invent we have the right of first refusal and

there is no way the company is gonna refuse this. Sorry Doc, but if you had

planned on getting rich you will just have to make do with your company salar-“


           That was the last thing I ever said as a normal

person. At first I didn't really notice anything, except my vision seemed

blurry. Things seemed far away and indistinct. It felt like I had been under a

barbecue for two hours. My clothing was rumpled and tattered and in a second my

shirt and pants were on the ground. I still had on my boxers thankfully but that

was it. There was this weird electrical smell around me. I looked for Suzuki but

instead only saw two pillars rising out of a of sea tarpaper. I looked up, up

and saw, bending over me, the towering form of Dr Suzuki.           


           “What the fuck did you do to me? Change me back!

Change me back right now! You are so fired do you hear me? When the home office

hears about this they'll fire you immediately.”


           “I am very sorry Mr. Thomas. I cannot allow you

to steal my device…all I have worked for these long years…my device…it is mine I

am going to sell it and I cannot allow you to stop me. Forgive me; I must do

what I must for my family…”


           His voice trailed off as he lifted his foot over

me. I screamed as I knew I was in the final seconds of my life. I a heartbeat

the sole of his shoe would come down on top of me, spreading me into a paste of

pulp and bones in the grass. This was to be my end, the punishment for my

momentary greed. I screamed in terror as suddenly I felt a force press around my

middle. The ground flew away from my feet and my legs dangled helplessly in mid

air. I started kicking and screaming. I tried to move my arms but they were

pinned helplessly at their sides. I howled in pain as I was trapped in a vice

like grip from my shoulders to past my knees. My bones creaked from the pressure

as I was hoisted up, up and into the dark eyes of Dr. Suzuki's teenaged daughter








           “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhh! Put me down

dammit what is going on here! Suzuki please tell her to put me down helllllllllp!”










           I was hugged against this girl's breast as the

two giants started arguing back and forth. I couldn't understand a thing they

were saying, but it seemed that the girl was protesting her father's treatment

of me. I didn't know what to say as I was completely shaken by my experience. In

the space of five minutes I had been reduced to the size a small doll, almost

stomped flat by a shoe, and now a seventeen-year-old Japanese schoolgirl was

crushing me against her bosom. The argument got more and more heated, and the

more heated it got the tighter she squeezed me into her. Finally she put me down

on the rooftop. I could barely breathe as I tried to regain my wind. I looked

back to see Dr. Suzuki throw his arms up in defeat and then say to me in



           “Mr. Thomas-san you are lucky it seems my

daughter has taken a liking to you so if you would do me the honor she has

insisted you remain alive as a guest – for the time being. I suggest you do not

give her any trouble, or I will finish what I had started earlier.” Then he

turned to Tomiko.






           Once again I heard the two giants overhead

discussing my life like I wasn't even here. I stared up at Suzuki's daughter;

she had on a white t-shirt and jeans and her long brown hair flowed in the wind

that whipped over the rooftop. She looked down and smiled at me as she leaned

back against the rooftop HVAC unit.



Then Dr. Suzuki stomped closer to me. In fear I jumped onto Tomiko's shin,

cowering in fear and hanging onto her jeans for dear life. I heard her giggle

slightly then say something as she plucked me off her shin. Then my teenaged

captor started moving. I thought I would be seasick as she rocked back and forth

as I was carried down off the roof and into the house. The walls and rooms of

the house flew by as she hurried through the house. She headed straight for her

bedroom and as soon as she reached it she locked her door and walked over to the

bed and set me down on it.





She spoke down to me, and then

walked across the room to her desk. From the looks of things she was rummaging

through her drawers for something. I watched her clench something in her fist

and then get up and walk over to the bed. Her weight on the bed caused me to

shift and almost fall over.  I saw her hand come down and open up overhead. I

saw what looked like a T-shirt. I saw her smile and I knew she wanted me to put

it on. I was cold so I did put it on. It fit surprisingly well considering. My

captor sat on the bed and studied me as I stood there at her side. She took her

hand and pointed at herself.


“Tomiko.” I heard her announce. She pointed at me and said, “Thomas-san?”



nodded. Then she lay back down on the bed. I had to run away to avoid being

crushed by her back.  Her hand deftly came down to pluck me off the bed. I

dangled upside down as she inspected me in front of her face. My arms waved

wildly about as she giggled at my helplessness.




           “Put me down goddamit. I demand that you notify

the US Embassy at once unless you want an international incident!”



           I screamed bloody murder as she swung me back

and fourth by my ankles. She blew on me and her breath caused me to swing back

as if I were holding onto a telephone pole in a hurricane. All I could do was

plead with my life and beg to be let go but she only moved me over her stomach

and dropped me. I landed with a splat on her soft stomach, her body warmth

heating up the soft cloth of her shit. I tried to get up but her hand

immediately came down to trap me. With her other hand I heard her pick up her

cell phone and press the speed dial.




           I shuddered as I

realized that the conversation she was having was probably about me. I didn't

know what this gigantic Asian teen had in store for me but I really wanted to

try and get back to normal. I don't know if that was even possible but I knew

that somehow I had to try. I didn't want to stick around in case Suzuki decided

to have a change of heart and deprive his daughter of her newest prize. Tomiko's

fingers curled around me as they lifted me off her warm stomach. My tiny legs

kicked in the air as she rose up off the bed. We walked across the room toward

her dresser. She raised me up to her lips and gave me a kiss before setting me

back down.




“Hey no wait!”


Tomiko smiled back at me before

closing the door behind her. I heard the click of the lock and new there was no

way I could get out without her help. I walked to the edge of her dresser and

looked down. It was like being on the roof of an office building. I couldn't

believe how small I was. I was a prisoner. I was about to draw back from the

edge when I noticed that the top drawer was open a crack. I peered over to get a

closer look to see what was in but I lost my balance. I screamed as I tumbled

down to certain death. Just as I passed the lip of the open drawer my hands

latched onto the top of it. I slammed against the side as I clung for dear life

to the drawer. I managed to pull myself up and over the lip of the drawer, and

immediately tumbled down into darkness but I only fell a few feet before I

landed on something soft. I looked down to see a swath of white cotton material.

Looking around my surroundings I was in a field strewn with panties and sofa

sized bra cups. In fascination I began exploring in earnest. I spent the next

hour lying in Tomiko's various undergarments, resting my head on her bra cup as

if it were a pillow. Finally I gave into my soft surroundings and started

getting sleepy. I lie down in one of Tomiko's sport bras and pulled a pair of

white panties over me like a blanket. I was exhausted from my physical ordeal

and fell asleep immediately.


I awoke several hours later to

the sound of the door slamming shut, then heavy footsteps on the floor and the

voice of Tomiko and another female I did not recognize. I bolted out of the bra

and threw the panties off me. I dashed to the front of the drawer but I was too

short to see over the top, so I started jumping up and down and shouting as loud

as I could, my head rising above the lip of the drawer just in time to see the

back of Tomiko and another female. I thought she had seen me as her hand

extended toward the drawer. I wanted out of here now. But my hopes were dashed

as the hand pushed against the front of the drawer and slipped it back into the

dresser, leaving me in darkness. I was humiliated that this girl had trapped me

in her dresser without even knowing it.



I could hear Tomiko talking excitedly as she and her friend conversed. I cringed

as I was able to pick out my name among the unintelligible Japanese words. I

gathered she was only too eager to show me off to her friend. I know she

expected to find me on the dresser top and had no idea where I was. I could hear

her calling my name out as if I were a dog or cat she was calling in from the

rain. I could hear her friend laughing at Tomiko as she searched the room for

me. Running as fast as I could I threw myself up against the front of the drawer

but all I did was succeed in bruising my shoulder as I bounced back against and

fell down.



Outside the drawer I could hear both girls talking

and moving around the room as if they were looking for something. I sighed and

slumped back down against the front of the drawer. It looked like I was going to

be trapped here for a while. The girls were watching television and gossiping

until I heard the friend ask Tomiko a question. Then I heard footsteps getting

closer and closer to the dresser. Suddenly the drawer was pulled open and an arm

shot in over my head and into the drawer. I watched it land in front of me and

grab a bra and yank it out before I could even blink. I saw Tomiko's arm and

face draw away from the drawer as I yelled up in vain. She moved away from the

dresser over to the bed where the girls were sitting watching TV. I could take

it no longer. I threw myself over the top of the drawer like a marine going over

the obstacles at Paris Island.  Better to die a free man than live a slave. I

watched the floor get closer and closer and as my life ticked away, the floor

rushing up to splatter my flesh.


           To my surprise I didn't die at all. It

turned out that my reduced mass enabled me to fall without harming me even

though comparatively it should have been a fatal height. I landed on the floor

undetected as they watched the television. I looked at the door, but it was

shut. I was still trapped in this girl's gigantic bedroom with no way out. I

scurried under the dresser to think.


           As I was thinking I was the girls shut off

the TV and get off the bed. I watched as the door quickly opened and shut. I

breathed a sigh of relief as I was alone for a while. I cautiously moved out

from under the dresser and over to the wall, following the baseboard.




           I stared upward to

see the towering figure of Tomiko; she was looking down at me with an angry

expression. She bent over, far over, her fingers stretching out toward me as she

chided me. I knew she was angry and that pleading my case would do me absolutely

no good but I tried anyway.


           “Tomiko please I

wasn't trying to get away I swear it! I fell in the drawer and couldn't get out

so I fell asleep and you came home with your friend and you closed the drawer

and then opened it up and I fell out and you can't understand a thing I'm saying

can you?”


           Her fingers

curled around me and gripped me tight, squeezing my breath away as I was lifted

higher and higher in the air. She held me in front of her face and shook her

finger menacingly at me. I watched the floor get closer and closer as she sat

down, her back against the wall. I was set down on her knee. She looked down at

me with contempt as I raised my arms up and pleaded with her to let me go.


           “Tomiko please I am

not a toy I am an American citizen and you will take me to the embassy at once

do you hear me I will not make this request again. I am not some damn doll for

your amusement I don't care what you say. I am a free citizen and you will treat

me like-mmmmmmppppffffft!”


           The next think I knew

Tomiko snatched me up off her knee I rose up to her lips, which smacked the air

in front of me several times before she thrust me against her.  She then got up

and carried me over to her bed. She began removing my shirt as I protested



           “Hey lemme have that

back! I can undress myself dammit!”




           Tomiko then pulled the shirt off my back and let

it fall to the bed. She got my shorts and underwear off next until I was naked.

She giggled as she stared at me. I blushed at being stripped. She then tossed me

onto the bed. I screamed as I slammed against a down

pillow and came to a soft stop on the mattress. Tomiko giggled and then began

removing her clothes. I gulped at this lovely young woman was soon completely

nude in my presence.


grabbed me and turned the lights off, threw back the covers and got into bed. I

was settled in between her breasts as she pulled the covers up over me. It was

hot and stuffy but she smelled nice and her skin was silky smooth. I cuddled

against it for warmth. Tomiko noticed my squirming and giggled. I was pulled

away and hoisted to her lips for a kiss. She kissed me then lowered me down over

her breast. I felt her hand at my back as I was crushed into her breast, kneaded

against her like a lump of play-doh.



head smashed against her erect nipple as she crushed me against her. I could

hear her purr with pleasure as she played with me. She let up the pressure and I

slid down to her stomach. I rose up and down on her stomach as he giggled in the

darkness. I then felt her clutch seize me around the middle and toss me straight

up into the air. I flew end over end in the darkness and had I been able to see

I would have passed out easily. I slammed against her stomach with a splat, and

her stomach then rumbled up and down violently like an earthquake as she laughed

at me. I was grabbed again and flipped up in the air again, this time backwards

end over end. I ended up missing her stomach altogether and hitting the side of

her breast and falling to the mattress. I got up and tried scurrying down the

bed next to her legs but her thigh came down on me to trap me against the bed.

Her fingers slipped under her thigh and I was carried up to her chest again.

This time she crossed her arms over my body between her breasts as she hugged me

like her favorite teddy bear and turned on her side. I was plastered unmovable

against her chest as we fell asleep. I awoke the next morning among the folds of

Tomiko's bed sheets.



looked around but I was alone. I walked over to the edge of the bed and looked

down. It was far too down to get off myself. I sighed as I would have to wait

for Tomiko to come back. I suppose she wasn't being cruel to me but I resented

being treated like a toy. I was picked up and carried with almost no thought or

consideration. The only saving grace was that she was pretty hot.



though it had only been a day since I had shrunk it felt more like a year. I had

felt and seen so many sights in the space of less than 24 hours. I was

determined to regain my size or die trying. I didn't care if Dr. Suzuki caught

me trying to break into his equipment, what did I have to live for anyway? I was get this ASUS laptop at an unbeatable price

nothing but a mere toy to his daughter. No telling what she would do to me after

last night.



then I feared all the people, now giants, she might expose me to. I figured Dr.

Suzuki had forbade her to show me to anyone buy already someone had been over to

see me and it was only dumb luck that I avoided their scrutiny.


Spotting my discarded clothes I slipped my boxer shorts on so that I wasn't

completely naked. I didn't feel like putting on the shirt or my shorts yet. The

door opened up and Tomiko walked in, carrying a small bowl of steaming hot

water. I watched her walk over to the bed and sit down next to it and set the

bowl on the floor near the bed.



scooped me up and sat down on the floor, her back against the corner. I

protested again but she suddenly flipped me upside down. I watched the bowl get

closer and closer, and then the water was all around me as she dunked me in, not

even bothering to remove my boxer shorts. I was squirted with some scented

material and her hands began

rubbing liquid soap all over me. I slipped back and forth against her palms as

she lathered me up, then dunked me in the water, rinsing off the soap. I coughed

and gagged as my head was held under water, then I was lifted up again upside

down, the water dripping down by body over my face and hair. All of a sudden

Tomiko let go of me. I shouted in fear as I fell into the bowl, spilling water







Splash. I looked up at Tomiko who smiled devilishly and plucked me out of the

water again. This time she flipped me up by one ankle as I did a triple gainer

on the way down.  I did a tremendous belly flop into the bowl and was almost

knocked unconscious. I feared I would drown but I was finally scooped out of the

water by Tomiko and set on a towel she had in front of her. She set me down in

the center and I watched as the corners lifted up to enclose me in terrycloth. I

was rubbed gently, soaking up the water from my skin. She applied soft pressure

for a few seconds and then lifted me to her lips and started blowing on me to

finish drying me off.  Her hot minty breath swirled around me as she blew me

dry. When she finished she started petting me cuddling me against her shirt. Her

long hair tangled with my limbs as she hugged me to her bosom. I felt us rise up

as she stood and began walking toward the door. She grabbed her backpack and

dropped me inside. I yelled up at her because I still had on only my boxers and

they were damp but she only smiled as she zipped me in.


I was

in a small compartment with mesh netting that allowed me to look out and also

breathe fresh air. I had no idea where she was taking me. I heard her talking on

her cell phone to someone and once again I cringed as my name was mentioned. We

left the house and walked down to the corner of the street. Tomiko boarded a bus

at the corner and stood with other morning commuters on the packed bus. After

ten minutes the bus let out and we were in a huge busy train station. I cowered

in fear as thousands and thousands of giants were milling about. Since I was in

her backpack which was slung over her shoulder I could only look out and see

where we had been, not where we were going.  I realized with horror that she was

headed into the Tokyo subway system, one of the most crowded in the world. I

would be crushed in the packed subway car. I again panicked as she walked closer

and closer to the train platform, but then turned and I saw the subway platform

move away.



passed under a doorway and were soon in a bright white tiled space, it was a

public restroom. She entered one of the stalls and went to the bathroom while I

remained in the backpack, hanging on the coat hook on the back of the stall

door. I could hear everything as well as other women in the other stalls. I then

heard the toilet flush and the backpack was lifted again. To my surprise my

pocked was unzipped and I was taken out. Tomiko held me securely in her fist as

she said something to me. She smiled at me and began lowering me not into the

backpack but to her jacked front pocket I took it to mean she didn't want me in

the backpack when she took the subway she wanted me somewhere safe.



could peek my head out of her front pocked as she went to exit the bathroom. As

luck would have it, at that exact moment a woman came in through the door at the

same time, slamming into Tomiko who fell to the floor. I rolled out of her

pocket all the way down to her leg. I crawled over to her ankle on all fours as

she sat up and looked at me. I knew she was about to grab me before I was

spotted so I had to act fast.



leapt off her leg onto the white tile floor. She began crawling across the

bathroom floor as I began dodging the legs of the other women in the bathroom. I

heard loud shrieking and feet stomping down all around me as they thought I was

a mouse. I zig zaged through the maze of legs towards the door, which was

closing slowly. Behind me Tomiko was crawling after me, gaining ground rapidly.

I reached the door just as Tomiko's hands were about to close in on me. Then the

door swung back inward as a woman entered the bathroom, stepping over me but

slamming Tomiko in the head with the door. She fell backwards in a heap as I

raced out the door.



started to do a little happy dance as I darted along the wall praying I wouldn't

be spotted. I knew it was impossible to get out of here during rush hour as the

area was literally packed wall to wall with commuters. I could see the

conductors pushing the people into the cars so that the doors would close. It

was insane. I was on a subway in New York at rush hour but it was nothing like

this. I had to get out of here before things got even worse.



noticed a heating vent that had the grill knocked partly out. I crawled inside

to hide from the mass of humanity. I shuddered at the thought of how

insignificant I was now, a bug among big people. Then I realized how stupid I

had been to try and leave Tomiko, I needed to be near Dr. Suzuki's house to have

any hope of restoring my size. I was screwed. I crawled along the heating duct

far into the bowels of the subway station and sat down to think. The only

possibility was to somehow try and make my way to the authorities and help they

would be some help to me. But then I remembered I spoke no Japanese so I decided

to find the American embassy. Surely they would help me and get this whole thing

sorted out. I crawled around in the ducts for hours, looking for a way out.

Finally in the distance I saw a light. I was in luck, the vent led to the

street, and there was enough space in the grill for me to slip through. I waited

until nightfall, and then headed out into the giant metropolis, scared and






A high-pitched squeal behind me made the hair on the back

of my neck stand on end. I turned around to face the beady eyes, twitching

whiskers and long teeth of a black rat the size of a sheep. He was after my

food, my treasure, my precious survival. I screamed and dug into my side belt

for the broken off safety pin. I jabbed it in the rat's direction. It squeaked

and moved in towards me, determined to have fresh meat for his breakfast. I

backed up against the garbage can as he moved closer, then he got down on his

rear and hissed menacingly. I screamed like a baby as the rat lunged for me,

meeting the tip of my safety pin with the end of his nose. The rat gave a

high-pitched shriek, and then abruptly turned and dash off. It hadn't gotten

more than a few feet when the cat that had been waiting for me all along

suddenly pounced out of the shadows. I seized the hapless rodent in its jaws and

dashed away, the rat squealing in fear and terror.


           I decided not to wait for the rat's buddies to

show up. I high tailed it out of there as fast as I could. I dashed across the

alley and was headed straight for the small hole in the building that was my

main entranceway when the back door to the printer shop opened up and Miss

Watanabe came out. The young daughter of the older gentlemen who owned the shop

was heading across the alley right for me. All these times I had eluded her, I

was caught for sure. I decided to accept my fate and simply surrender in hopes

she would not hurt me. Surely she had seen me in the alley by now. I looked up

at her, the knee length white stockings and shiny black shoes clomping closer

and closer to me, her long pale legs disappearing into the white skirt and blue

blazer she wore for school. Even at my size I marveled at her slender waist and

perky breasts which pushed out from her school uniform. I waved my tiny arms

upward to get her attention as she towered impossibly over me. She wasn't

stopping; the heel of her shoe came down, its shadow falling over me as it

descended rapidly. This was to be the ignominious end of my long strange odyssey

in Japan…


End of Part One



Shrunk In Translation, Part Two


Copyright 2004 Littletoy


A high-pitched squeal behind me

made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I turned around to face the

beady eyes, twitching whiskers and long teeth of a black rat the size of a

sheep. He was after my food, my treasure, my precious survival. I screamed and

dug into my side belt for the broken off safety pin. I jabbed it in the rat's

direction. It squeaked and moved in towards me, determined to have fresh meat

for his breakfast. I backed up against the garbage can as he moved closer, then

he got down on his rear and hissed menacingly. I screamed like a baby as the rat

lunged for me, meeting the tip of my safety pin with the end of his nose. The

rat gave a high-pitched shriek, and then abruptly turned and dash off. It hadn't

gotten more than a few feet when the cat that had been waiting for me all along

suddenly pounced out of the shadows. I seized the hapless rodent in its jaws and

dashed away, the rat squealing in fear and terror.


           I decided not to wait for the rat's buddies to

show up. I high tailed it out of there as fast as I could. I dashed across the

alley and was headed straight for the small hole in the building that was my

main entranceway when the back door to the printer shop opened up and Miss

Watanabe came out. The young daughter of the older gentlemen who owned the shop

was heading across the alley right for me. All these times I had eluded her, I

was caught for sure. I decided to accept my fate and simply surrender in hopes

she would not hurt me. Surely she had seen me in the alley by now. I looked up

at her, the knee length white stockings and shiny black shoes clomping closer

and closer to me, her long pale legs disappearing into the white skirt and blue

blazer she wore for school. Even at my size I marveled at her slender waist and

perky breasts which pushed out from her school uniform. I waved my tiny arms

upward to get her attention as she towered impossibly over me. She wasn't

stopping; the heel of her shoe came down, its shadow falling over me as it

descended rapidly. This was to be the ignominious end of my long strange odyssey

in Japan…


           The shoe came down not on me, but right overhead

and crashed to the ground ten feet above me. I looked overhead just in time to

get a flash of white cotton panties from the giant girl as she walked across the

street, oblivious of where I was. I watched her skirt flare out as her clomped

up the alleyway into the main thoroughfare, a place I dare not venture into

because there were literally swarms of giants every which way. I preferred the

safety of the alleyway, even with the myriad of perils that befell me there. 


           I managed to finally scurry across the alleyway

to my hideout. I hoisted myself up on to the curb and ran across the sidewalk

and ducked into the hole in the wall, leading to the hideout that had been my

home for the last few weeks. It was dark, the only light coming in through the

entrance hole. I had to crawl through, and once inside I blocked off the

entrance with the some stiff cardboard I had found, and then I had come up with

a makeshift way to bolt the door, using a couple of old nails and some safety

pins. It kept the bugs and the rats and the cats out, and it kept me dry during

the winter. My home was just a space between the masonry and the drywall from

the offices in the building. It was narrow, only maybe ten feet (by my

reckoning) wide and about fifty feet long, and it extended upward all the way to

the top of the building. The good thing was there was an open space near the

top, which allowed me ventilation when I wanted to make a small cooking fire.

Although it was dark I had a stolen penlight and some batteries for light. I had

found the light but had stolen the batteries from a local electronics shop whose

owner had tossed out a box of them, supposing they were out date. I had managed

to lug quite a few into my hole in the wall so I had plenty of light when I so

desired. Outside my hideout I could hear the sounds of the bustling city day and



           I still could not believe how stupid I had been

that day I had escaped Tomiko. What the fuck was I thinking? Now I had no way to

get back to her, well, not specifically her but to her fathers device that had

shrunk me. Any hope of my restoration was lost among the millions of Japanese

that day in the crowded subway station when I had stupidly acted on a spur of

the moment impulse to escape my captivity.  I didn't know exactly where I was,

or where Dr. Suzuki's house was, or exactly where the device was. I stopped and

closed my eyes, the mental pain of what I had done hitting home again. I thought

about my once quest, long since given up, of finding the American embassy. I had

no idea where that was; it's hard to explain how impossible it is to judge time

and space when you are so out synch with both. It was all I could do to navigate

the alleyway nowadays.


           I put down my bounty of food and walked over to

my penlight. I snapped it on and walked over to a dry box of matches. I took a

match, and some try twigs I had from earlier and started a small fire. A bottle

cap served as a cooking pot as I cut up some of the vegetables and tossed them

into the bottle cap. Salt and Pepper packets from discarded fast food meals

served as seasonings for my makeshift stew. I had no meat but at least I

wouldn't starve. An hour later I was full and warm. I crawled over to a used

glove that served as my mattress and lay down. A wad of toilet paper served as

my pillow and a handkerchief made a soft blanket. I listened to the rhythm of

the crawling expanse of city, of cars and busses roaring back and forth, of

people going about their everyday business oblivious to my comings and goings

amongst them. I looked up into the vast space above me, wondering how long I

could live like this. I tossed some more twigs onto the small fire at my feet,

pulled the handkerchief up tightly around me and finally dozed off.


           It was the scratching that woke me. I could hear

a bustling, a scratching noise above me. I jumped off of the glove at once and

grabbed my safety pin/sword. I looked at the doorway, it was secure. My

attention was diverted but something caught the corner of my eye, dropping down

behind me. I couldn't make out the shape, but I could see more shapes dropping

down to the floor, then I series of high-pitched squeaks that made my skin



           They were on me practically before I could

react. I hastily grabbed my makeshift bad of odds and ends and dashed to the

doorway only a couple steps ahead of the huge black rats invading my home and

hunting for me mercilessly. I screamed in panic as I quickly unbolted the door,

the whiskers of the pursuing rats on my heels. I crawled out the hole into

bright daylight. I was mid morning already. I ran from the hole in time to see

the rat poke his head through, the duck back in. He was too fat to pursue me,

but soon one of his thinner friends got through, and then another and another. I

stumbled backward toward the curb and jumped down to the alleyway but I twisted

my ankle badly in the process. I was now panicked; sure my life was going to

soon be over, this time for real. I limped down the alleyway as the rats now

surrounded me on all sides. I had but one way to go, and that was in the

direction of the busy avenue. I could see the legs of men and women walking

along the sidewalk as I ran toward them. The rats were running after me,

apparently either unfazed by the people or too focused on the fresh meat limping

ahead of them. My sprained ankle was killing me but I dared not stop for a

second.  I saw a small grass area to the right with an empty bench on it. I

hobbled as fast as I could toward it. As I did so the rats followed me but at

that moment a sidewalk sweeper suddenly appeared out of nowhere, sending the

rats scurrying in all directions. I looked back and saw the rats were no longer

pursuing, and so slowed down as I neared the bench and went underneath. I sat

down on the grass and grabbed my ankle in pain. I rubbed it, hoping to ease the

stinging. I had no idea what I was going to do now. The rats had invaded my home

and were waiting for me. I was worse off now than I had ever been. I started

sobbing, not noticing the large shadow over the bench, blotting out the






           “Who's there? Who said that?”


           I heard a low female voice all around me. I was

astonished because the voice was in English, without even a hint of access. I

looked up at the iron bench. I could see the enormous rear blotting out the

light where it was showing through the open holes in the wrought iron. I

cautiously walked out behind the bench so I wasn't seen, I could see two

enormous legs touching the ground behind me, and in front of me I followed the

back of the bench and saw the outlines of a back, then long strands of

auburn-red hair. From the looks of her from behind and the sound of her voice

she wasn't Japanese. My mind raced. It was another American! Finally I could get

help and get to the embassy, maybe even back to Dr. Suzuki's lab! I would be



           “I said that. Down here!” I shouted at the top

of my lungs


           She turned around and looked down and spotted

me. I could see she was in her early twenties, with full lips and sparkling eyes

and high cheekbones. I froze in place, afraid to move as she stared at me

breathlessly. I could see she looked like she had been upset and there were

tears drying on her cheeks.


           “Oh my god. What are you?”


           I realized my mistake too late. I didn't want

help from somebody. Everybody was just so frigging HUGE. I turned and tried to

scamper away, but my ankle gave out once and for all and I fell to the ground in

a heap.


           “Oh! You're hurt? Who are you? Why are you so

small? Don't run away I let me help you. You won't get very far on that ankle.


           “I'm ok, just leave me alone thank you very



I looked over my shoulder to see

this incredible bulk raise herself off the bench and whirl around behind at an

amazing speed for someone her size. She crouched down next to me, a look of

concern, mixed with what I detected to be wonder in her eyes as she examined me

before her.”


“Don't worry whatever you are. I

won't hurt you. I'm Charlotte, what's your name?”


“It's…Jack…Jack Thomas. Can you

take me back to my home, please? I live in a hole in the wall in the alley way

just around the corner.”


“But I just saw a bunch of rats in

there. Look at you. You're filthy and you look like you haven't had a decent

meal in ages. How can you live like this?”


“I have no choice; I have been

living like this for some time.”


“That's no place for someone to

live, even someone as tiny as you.”


“Look I don't know who you are or

where I am but I'm trying to get to the American embassy as soon as possible. I

need their help to see if I can't find the person who did this to me and restore

my size. I was a businessman here on a trip when this happened to me. So if you

could perhaps you could tell me where the embassy is?”


“Um, isn't that in Kyoto? You're

in Tokyo silly how did you get here? Plus I don't think they'd receive you

looking that way, why your little clothes are dirty and tattered, and your ankle

sprained so badly you can hardly walk. I have a better idea, if you come with me

to my hotel you can get cleaned up and I can do something about that ankle, then

we'll see about finding the embassy ok?”


“But but but-“


“But what? You are going to stay

here out in the open? In the alley to get eaten by rats? I don't' think I could

sleep at night knowing I could have helped someone. Besides I have a lot of

room. My husband is away on a fashion shoot and won't be back for a week. I have

lots of room.”


           I was about to protest when I felt something

soft and firm slip under me. The smiling face of this girl beamed down on me as

she scooped me up in her palm. She got to her feet and held me in front of her

face. I felt naked the way she was studying me. I yelled at her to put me down

this instant but she either didn't hear me or more likely was ignoring me. I

looked off the side of her palm at the ground a hundred feet below. The more I

panicked the more this young woman seemed both concerned and amused. I felt her

palm tip and I then expected to plunge to my death. I screamed as I fell but

after only a couple of feet I landed feet first in a cloth sack that came up to

my shoulders. I looked up from the front jacket pocket of her sweater to see her

giggling at me.


           “That should keep you safe until we get back to

the hotel. You'll have to duck down when we get there; I don't want that Kelly

to see you. We'll have to sneak upstairs to my room come on lets go.”


           I tried to protest, but we were already on the

move. I was able to look out as the girl strode down the impossibly huge and

busy streets of Tokyo. Giants and giantesses passed me by without giving me as

much as a glance. I was almost reclining, I was at an angle caused by

Charlotte's breasts poking up against my back under the jacket pocket. It made

the ride much softer as it absorbed most of he shock of her footsteps. I could

only pray I was in good hands but I really had no idea and I had no choice.


           The ride to her hotel went by dizzily. Charlotte

kept asking if I was comfortable but I still said I'd be more comfortable if she

took me straight to the American embassy. She laughed and paid me no mind as we

entered a towering hotel building. It was so tall it made me dizzy just to look

up at it.


           “Oh there's that Kelly. I can't stand her, she's

an idiot. Keep down I don't want her to see you.”


Her finger came into the pocked

and pushed me down on top of my head. I sank into the pocket as we entered the

hotel lobby.

           “Charlotte, how are you.”


           “Oh hi Kelly. Fine thanks.”




           “GREAT! When is John going to be back, I HAVE to

get together with him and arrange for him to take my picture? I love his work.”


           “Yeah, me too.”


           “Of course you do. Say maybe I'll see you at the

bar tonight ok?”


           “Maybe. Bye.”


           As we walked into the elevator I poked my head

up through the top of the pocket again. I saw her reach out and press the button

for the 67th floor.       


           “I can't stand that woman. I swear she has the

hots for John, too.”


           “Who is John?”

           “My husband, but don't worry, he isn't due back

for a week. He doesn't see much of me even when he is here though because of his



           The elevator door opened and we walked over to a

door. Charlotte got out her room card and swiped the door. As it opened up I

reflected how in just a few minutes I had gone from living in a crack in the

base of an office building to being on the 67th floor of a luxury

western style hotel in the heart of Tokyo, with all the modern conveniences you

could ask for. I was going from primitive living to penthouse living in the

blink of an eye, only I was no longer on my own. Once again I was in the

possession of somebody else, this time an attractive young American woman.


           Charlotte carried me into the hotel suite. I

gulped as I could see out the window the city of Tokyo spread out before me. I

couldn't believe how high up we were. There  was no way I was going to get down

from here without her help. She walked over to the bed and set me down on it. It

seemed to spread out in all directions for acres and acres. I couldn't believe

normal people slept on this. Charlotte told me to stay put and then she walked

into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the water running as I took a

step toward the edge of the mattress. I looked over the side and nervously

stepped back as it was just so far down. I decided to climb down to the floor.

I'm not sure why but I think I just felt too intimidated on this giant bed. I

got about halfway down when I felt a strong force clamp about my back, lifting

me away from the bedspread.




           “Oh hush you big baby. Look what I have for



           Charlotte lifted me to her lips and smiled at

me. Standing to her full height she carried me tightly in her fist into the

bathroom. I was set down on the vanity. I could see steam rising from the sink

full of water, and soap bubbles on the surface. I looked up at Charlotte again.

She was staring at me.


           “Well go ahead. I told you I would clean you up.

Now take off those rags and I will get you something suitable to wear. Go on,

it's ok.”


           I looked back up at her as I fidgeted with my

clothing. She seemed to get the idea and giggled as she turned her back to me.


           “Ok fine I won't look.”


           I didn't wait for a second reply, but I stripped

the clothes off in seconds and dove into the sink. As soon as she heard the

splash Charlotte turned around to see me soaping myself up with the lather and

bubbles. I had to admit after all this time a hot bath felt great. I closed my

eyes and sank down into the water, relaxing for the first time in a long while.


           “There now you relax and I will find something

to wear for you.” She said, and then headed into the other room. The relaxing

bath and surroundings soon kicked in and I found myself dozing off.        


           A little while later a knock on the room door

woke me up. I assumed it was room service, but when I heard Charlotte unlock the

door I hard another female say hello.


           “Oh hello Kelly how can I help you?”




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