Giantess Stories: Shy Girl

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Shy Girl



There was this shy girl that worked John's office. She was very cute, but

very shy. Her name was Sue. She was not glamorous by any means. In some guys

eyes she would be considered very plain. That's just how John liked them though.

Every now and again John would notice a glimmer in her eye when she spoke to

him. He was convinced that she liked him. She probably saw the same in his eye

too. They had worked together for a few years, but each of them had a steady

boyfriend / girlfriend so nothing was possible until just recently. John had

just gotten dumped by his girlfriend, she was dating his best friend now. Or

should he say his ex-best friend. He had been free for about two months now and

he was just kinda gettin' used to the singles scene. And the singles scene was

already getting old. He hated all that bar crap. He wasn't a stud by any means,

just an average looking guy that enjoyed the company of a cute girl.

John never told anyone, but he had a giantess / foot fetish. He enjoyed

looking at a girl's feet as much as the rest of her. He often dreamt of the shy

girl towering over him, he crawling around her cute toes. But anyway, back to

the story...

Last week he overheard one of the other girls in the office talking to the

shy girl saying how sorry she was that her boyfriend left her for another girl.

John's heart lept when he heard this. Had to act cool though. She was a

co-worker, what would their boss say? He knew that intraoffice romances were

frowned apon. But what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained. So on the

following Tuesday he screwed up his courage to ask her out.

She didn't say much, just kinda smiled and said that she thought it would be

inappropriate, and that she was sorry.

John was crushed. He had pinned his hopes on dating Sue since he heard of her

breakup last week. Maybe she just needed time. Maybe she'd come around. So John

decided to be nice to her and play the waiting game with her. Meanwhile it was

back to the bar scene. Ugh!!

John was swamped with work and decided to go in that Saturday morning. He was

surprised to see Sue there working away.

"Hey, whatcha ya doin' here this morning?"

"Oh hi John. Just catching up. Same as you I suspect."

"Yeah, bossman has been demanding lately, with some pretty unrealistic

deadlines. Well, I better get to work so I can get outta here at a reasonable

time. See ya."

He was trying to play it cool. Damn, it was hard. There was hardly anyone in

the office being Saturday and all. She was wearing a jean shorts and a tee

shirt. Dressing down looked very good on her. But most of all he enjoyed seeing

that she was wearing flip flops, and her toenails were painted light red like

her fingernails. Sue liked to keep her fingernails nice. They were just long

enough to be sexy. She did likewise with her toenails. The toenails of her big

toes she kept a little longer, as was the style lately. She had very cute feet

and toes. She was average height, and build. She wasn't skinny as a rail, she

had a pleasing shape. She was fairly buxom for her size and she had a nice butt,

that looked firm.

John walked to his desk with a boner and tried to get to work. About an hour

passed and he noticed Sue walk by. She stopped behind him and asked him a


"Do you hate me John?"

John spun around in his chair and looked at her quizzically, "Why do you say


"Because I turned you down on Tuesday?"

"No Sue, I understand. The office romance thing is not for everyone. In fact

I wasn't sure myself, but decided to give it a try. After all, nothing ventured

nothing gained. But no hard feelings Sue, honest. I hope we can still stay

friends, 'cause I enjoy working with you."

John was trying to be as convincing as he could. In reality right now he was

very turned on by her outfit, and especially her cute feet and toes. She was


"I've been thinking about it non-stop since Tuesday, John. I feel bad, I'm

sorry. I do like you, but..."

This was amazing. This is the most he heard Sue say at one time. Usually she

was so quiet.

"What's wrong. You can tell me."

"Oh yeah, and you'll spread it around to the whole office."

"I wouldn't do that Sue. You can trust me. I promise."

John used his best puppy dog face and it seemed to work.

"OK, I guess so. Here it goes..." Sue pulled a chair over so they were facing

each other very close. She leaned in and whispered, "Look at my foot John."

John flushed and he was done for. He looked down at the foot she was pointing

at. It was her right foot. "Is that your favorite John?"

"I... I don't know what you're talking about. What kind of a joke is this?"

Sue was persistent. More persistent than he had ever seen her. "John, I've

noticed that you stare at my feet. Do you like them?"

"Ok, so you got me. I like feet. There, I'm a freak. So that's why you won't

date me. I gotta get outta here. Sorry, I feel sick all of a sudden."

"John, don't worry, I understand." Sue put her hand on his shoulder and

reassured him. He couldn't move. He was suddenly transfixed by this shy girl.

She was transformed in his eyes. She really wasn't that shy after all. Just

quiet. She had an inner strength that he just now saw. Her dark brown hair and

green eyes. Her cute freckled face beaming confidence. She repeated. "I


Her voice calmed John immediately. She was mesmerizing now. He couldn't take

his eyes off her.

"I want you John. Do you want me?"

"Yes, I do." He answered without even knowing he did. It seemed automatic.

"Good John. This is the only way that I can see you. Do you pledge to be my

possession for the next two days?"

"Yes." Again, he answered not even realizing it was himself speaking. He felt

detached, floating.

"Finish your work and come to my office so we can be together for the

remainder of the weekend."

She got up out of the chair and moved out of his office soundlessly. John was

left speachless. He turned to his work and was amazingly focused on it. He

finished what he needed to do in about two hours. He flipped off his computer,

gathered his stuff into his briefcase and made his way to Sue's office. It was

two in the afternoon, and there was no one else in the office. He found her

sitting, reading a book.


"Yes." Again, the detached feeling returned. It seemed like she had this

power over him.

"Good, its time to shrink John."


"1-2-3. Go." Sue snapped her fingers, the sound resounding in his ears, like

a huge thunder clap.

And John was now standing only 1 mm tall.

Sue now stood over him. She looked down on the now tiny speck at her feet and

whispered, "You're mine until Monday morning John. My possession to do with as I


John was perplexed, turned on and just plain scared. This girl who he adored

had just turned out to be some kinda witch or something and had shrunk him to

the size of a flea.

"Sue, don't hurt me please."

"Don't worry John, I won't hurt you."

"You can hear me?"

"Sure my pet. I can hear the pleas of all my little possessions."

"What do you mean 'all my little possessions?'"

"My last boyfriend couldn't handle this kind of relationship. He went onto

lets say a more traditional relationship."

"Wow, so you shrank him every weekend?"

"No, every night."

"How do you do it?"

"Thats my little secret for now. Do you still want to spend the weekend with


"Yes." This time John noticed that he was fully cogniscent of his response.

"Good. I look forward to showing you around my foot, I mean my place. Come

now John. Come up to my hand."

John floated up along her long legs and into her open hand.

"I need to keep you safe while we get home. Hmmm... where should I keep you?"

Sue looked down at her belt, which had a charm on it. It had a small clear

plastic ball on the end of a string, about 1/4" in diamter. A small pinhole was

near the top of the sphere. Looks like she had done this before.

She lowered her hand so the ball was accessible by John. "I'll let you get in

on your own. I like to see the little ones struggle a bit."

John walked the 300 yards or so at his scale to the ball and jumped up to

catch the edge of the pinhole. He hoisted himself up and through the hole, which

to him was about three feet in diameter. He slid down the curvature of the

inside of the ball and came to rest at its bottom.

"Good you're in safely. Have a nice ride my pet." With that she removed her

hand from under the ball. It swung freely and John free fell for a few seconds,

and he rocked back and forth until the ball on the string hanging from her belt

came to rest.

He looked up at her titanic body stretching above him. The charm hung from

the front of the belt of her jean shorts, so he saw the underside of her

mountainous breasts (at least to him they were huge).

She tucked John's briefcase under his desk so Monday morning he could find it

again. She then walked out of the office and got into her car.

"Hey, what about my car?"

"I already thought of that. See, its following us."

"Well, no I can't see, and what do you mean its following us?"

"I'm towing it magically."

"Wow, you're like Willow magically strong aren't you?"

"Well, Willow gets evil when she uses her powers. I stay nice."

"Well I like that."

NOthing more was said the whole twenty minute drive to her place. John just

lay on his back in the tiny clear sphere hanging from her belt, looking up at

her gigantic breasts suspended by an incredibly huge bra what seemed miles above

him. Once in a while she would peek down and smile warmly. John would sigh and

Sue would return the sigh.

Shy Girl 2

John still couldn't believe his luck. Was this really happening to

him? Was this just a dream? Did Sue hypnotize him in some clever way?

I mean he did feel really weird when she talked to him. Kinda like

she was in total control. Or was it like she said, she was a witch of

some sort and she cast a spell on him. He didn't know what to believe

anymore. Everything seemed so surreal.

It had been a few hours since Sue brought John home with her that

Saturday afternoon. She said she was going to work out at the gym and

do a few errands. She didn't want to take him since she thought it

would be safer for him in her apartment inside a locket on her


John lay there only 1 mm tall in the bottom of the locket. Thankfully

it had a velveteen bottom to it so it was fairly comfortable. Sue was

thoughtful like that he noticed. She was always so considerate of

others. He liked that about her. He hoped she would be gentle with


The little light that filtered through the small openings made it

hard to see his surroundings. It also made him drowsy. He fell asleep

more out of boredom than anything else.

He awoke with a start as the locket was moved and he heard Sue

talking to him, which was wispering to her.

"Wake up my little one. I'd like to talk to you."

Sue worked the clasp of the locket and opened it. John lay there and

squinted up at her in the light that flooded in at him. After a

minute his eyes adjusted and he saw Sue looking impossibly huge and

beautiful looming over him. She pulled up a chair next to the

dresser. She laid her arm on the dresser and propped her chin on it

so her face was very close to him.

Her gaze transfixed John, who now had a raging hard-on.

"How did you know I was sleeping?" asked John.

"I am linked to you John. I feel what you feel. I can hear your

tiny voice like a normal sized person's voice and I can almost hear

what you are thinking. I can mostly sense feelings and the intensity

of feelings."

"Wow, that's amazing. Almost a little overpowering."

"I know John. It can be overpowering. That was exactly what my

ex-boyfriend said when he broke up with me. He said that he didn't

feel like he was his own person anymore. He felt that he was lost in

my mind and body. Thats why I am giving you this chance to see for

yourself whether you want to become involved with me. I won't be

offended if you don't like it John. Just be honest with


"I really appreciate it Sue. I had no idea that you had these

amazing abilities. Did your ex feel like I do about shrinking and

giantess as I do? I mean you can feel me like you felt him


"He was more of a giantess growth fan. He was always after me to

grow to huge proportions. That's really what he was into. But I could

never bring myself to do it. I am a very private person and would be

horrified by the experience. Besides, after growing once, life for me

would never be the same. The government would either sick the

National Guard on me and kill me, or I'd be hauled off to Area 51 and

never heard from again."

"Well I'm not a growth fan. I always fantasized about shrinking.

Did you ever sense that from me?"

Sue blushed a bit. "Well... yes. About six months ago I caught

you looking at my feet. I was curious so I channelled towards you one

day during lunch break. Do you remember feeling lightheaded one day

during lunch John?"

"Well, yeah I do remember that. I felt really odd and decided to

hang in my cubicle for lunch."

"I need to be close, within a few hundred feet or so when I

channel with a person. I felt that you liked my feet and that you

wanted to be close to them. More than close, you wanted to be small

and helpless at my feet. You wanted me to take care of you."

"Whoa! You got all that?" It was John's turn to blush.

"Yes, I got all that."

"Well you are all that." quipped John.

"Tee hee, you're cute."

"Well Sue, I'm not sure how I feel about this long term. I just

know that I feel wonderful right now. I feel like I would most likely

fall in love with a girl like you. But I don't want to rush things

either. I want you to be happy with me also."

"Thanks John. I'm glad your thinking of my feelings also. My ex

often didn't. Maybe things could be different with us. And again,

sorry if I'm coming on strong. I just thought this was be best way to

show you who I am."

"I really don't know what to say Sue... I mean I.  Uh."

"I knew it. I am coming on too strong."

"Not at all. Its just that being with you... this way... just

takes my breath away."

Sue signed, "Now that was the right thing to say John." Sue

swooned again. They looked at each other for what seemed hours.

John broke in first. "Wow, this is really something out of a

dream Sue. I can't thank you enough."

"Well, I'd like to thank you John for being so open to this.

This feels like the start of something really great."

"I feel it too Sue."

Sue then rose and stood full height and looked down at tiny John in

her locket. "Time to go for a ride John". With that she

used her powers to levitate him and slowly lower him down her

gigantic body. She lowered him very slowly, letting him get a very

good view of just how huge she was in comparison to him.

Sue was wearing a pair of short shorts and a bikini top. She looked

fantastic. She spent some time having him hover around her g-spot,

teasing him with it a bit. Then moved him slowly down her right leg.

Sue had great legs. Although she wasn't overly tall, they were very

shapely and very well toned. She must have just shaved. John barely

saw any stubble, even at his size.

Sue levitated him around her right ankle a few times. She was

barefoot, and her light red nail polish shimmered in the sunlight

streaming in from the windows in her bedroom. She moved along the

length of her foot and then gently set him down by the side of her

little toe. As soon as he landed he began to shrink.

"Oh Sue. Whats going on?" John asked a little nervously.

John continued to shrink, watching Sue's titanic little toe stretch

up, up and further upwards. The shrinking stopped and he looked

around. He was probably only about the height of the thickness of a

human hair. He knew this because he saw one of Sue's hairs lying on

the floor. It was so thick, he could hide behind it.

"Don't worry John. I thought you'd like this part being a little

smaller. I can barely see you now. And I have very good


She was standing on the white tile floor that extended out from her

closet and lead to the door exiting  her bedroom. There was a light

colored wood floor in the rest of the room.

"The whole house has wood floors John, in case your


"Yes I was just wondering that. Damn that's amazing." John


"I'll try to stop. It can get very annoying especially if your

not used to it. I mean..."

"No Sue. Go ahead. I'll tell you if it bothers me. Right now its


"Alright little man... have it your way." A broad smile

lighting up her face. "Now I know what you like about my feet.

Lets see if you can get there all by yourself."

"It must be a mile... OK. Here I go." John started walking

towards the front of Sue's little toe. He looked up at her immense

body stretching upwards. He fell on his back with a whump.

Sue giggled and the floor shook a bit. "I'm just a bit taller

than you are little fella. Now don't hurt yourself looking up at


"Yes m'lady." John quipped. He was once again off on his

way. He marveled at the sheer size of Sue's little toe. He saw the

under side of the toenail. There was some white lint stuck under her

toenail. She must have just removed her gym socks. He also noticed

here and there some sand particles stuck to the sweat of her little

toe. Her toe prints were impossibly huge, he thought that he could

use them to scale her toe like a mountain climber would use

successive rocky outcroppings to make his way up the rock face. In

this case the rock face was on Mount Sue. And this mountain was

merely the little toe of this incredible woman.

He rounded the corner around to the front of her little toe. He made

sure he was close to her toes, straying under the shadow of her

overhanging toenail, but also far enough away that Sue could see him

from her lofty vantage, as her body stretched above him for what were

miles at his scale.

Just then the smell of her foot sweat hit him. His nostrils filled

her musty, salty pungent foot sweat, he came to realize again that

this was real. No dream, or fantasy. It was real. He was at the feet

of a real live woman. A woman that sweats. 

John stopped and dared to look up again. Sue was smiling warmly down

at him. Her face beamed down at him. Her eyes firmly fixed on his.

"Stinky aren't they?" whispered Sue.

"Wha.. Oh yeah. I don't mind. Hey ya gotta sweat. Otherwise you

didn't get a good workout, don't ya think?"

"True.... Do you like it John?"

"Well, its not bad... but I prefer the perfume of ... perfumed

feet instead."

"I know. Just teasing you little fella," a smug smirk

crossing her lips.

"Can you help me climb your toe Sue?"

"Sure, which one?"

"The little one that I'm next to now. Gotta start small ya


"Well OK, but why? I can't read you on this John."

"I've always dreamed of climbing the toe of a beautiful woman.

Also, there's some lint caught under your toenail and I want to pull

it off for you."

"Alright. I can steady you as you climb.  Just take it slow and

easy and you'll be fine."

John walked in between her little and fourth toe. The pungent odor of

her feet increased as he did so. He noticed that there her toe flesh

was nearly vertical when it met the floor. This made starting his

climb much easier. Otherwise he would have to climb a long ways

literally hanging from his fingertips as the front lower portion of

her little toe was a definite overhang. He climbed easily up her

mammoth toeprints. He did notice that he felt very secure while

climbing, almost as though there were strong hands guiding his

footsteps and handholds. He was glad Sue was guiding him since he

really wasn't that experienced a climber. He was definitely enjoying

the view as he climbed. He felt like he was climbing the Himalaya's

and he was climbing a headwall. Except this was his friend's little

toe he was climbing. Amazing! John wanted to pinch himself again to

check to see if this was real, but that would mean letting go to do

so. No, too far up for that now.

John looked to his right and saw the large crevace between Sue's

little and fourth toe. It reminded him of some of the carved crevaces

he had seen during some hikes. With vertical walls that shot up

hundreds of feet, they made him feel so small. He always imagined

that a beautiful woman's toe was the height of the walls. He had

stared up at mountains many times and thought, "What

if...", all while nursing a huge boner.

John stopped halfway up her toe for a breather. "Sue... did

anyone ever tell you that your toes are very tall?"

Giggle... "Well yes, I have heard that. Whats the matter? Giving


"No, no. Just taking a little rest. I think I'll climb the front

of your toe now. Here I go."

John started to walk along the toeprint that he was standing on. At

his scale it was about 3 feet wide. Just wide enough to walk along

sideways, as he hugged her titanic toeflesh wall on his right. He

scurried along at a pretty good clip and reached the front of her

little toe in about 15 minutes.

John looked up now as he was now sliding under the shadow of her

toenail. He looked at the underside of it. The lint was about three

times the size he was. He started the climb straight upwards. He

climbed for another half hour before getting to within reach of the

first of the white sock lint. He scurried under Sue's little toenail,

which was fairly long. Her toeflesh almost leveled off at the point

where her toenail met her toeflesh. He crouched down and turned

around to gaze out at the view.

"This is incredible!"

"What is?" asked Sue.

"The view from under your little toe's toenail!"

"Tell me what you see John....Wait, let me see for myself. Just

relax John, I'm going to meditate a bit. Just keep your mind open to

me, and I'll see what your seeing."

"Wow, that's cool! Sure...I'm ready, I think", answered


Sue closed her eyes and sought out John's mind.  It took a few

minutes, but she felt connected and John's vision came to her. She

saw what he saw. She had tried to convince her old boyfriend to do

this, but he wouldn't cooperate enough for a good psychic connection.

Everything was different and open with John. Sue swooned a bit at

this realization.

"John, this is incredible."

"I told you so."

John looked out on a view that consisted of Sue's toeflesh stretching

out below him on all sides, extending forwards for about 100 feet as

it sloped downwards and out of view. Her toeflesh, now a familiar

sight to John, looked incredibly rough and bumpy to Sue.  Her

toeprints extending sideways like rows in a cornfield. Not straight,

but curving in a big arc as it was viewed from left to right.

John felt conscious that Sue was sharing his vision. 

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing now Sue?"

"Yes, I am."

"I thought so. I felt a little different so I figured you were

in my noggin."

Sue giggled. "John, thank you for doing this."

"For doing what?"

"For being so open and honest with your thoughts, wants and

desires. Others have not been so honest and forthcoming with


"All part of the package Sue. You like what you see?"

"Its amazing. I never thought it would look like this",

remarked Sue.

"Well, I'm just getting used to it myself. I especially like how

your toenail stretches out like the roof of a huge cavern.

Above him, stretching out above him outwards on all sides was the

underside of Sue's little toenail. It was rough, and pinkish white in

color as the color of her pink nail polish shone through her toenail

in the sun. Her toenail acted as a light filter as it passed through

it, coloring it pinkish a bit. It made details stand out very well,

and it seemed like depth perception was enhanced, or that things

seemed a little sharper in this light.

John's attention turned to the huge lint ball on his left.

"What is that?" asked Sue.

"That's the lint I spotted from down on the floor,"

answered John.

"Well, here it goes." John started pulling the lint out.

The strands of cotton fiber were immense. Some larger than 2 feet

around in diameter at his scale. He felt again like he had a helping

hand as he tugged at the gargantuan fibers. He thought that he

shouldn't be able to move this stuff. It was just plain too big for

him. He didn't realize it would be this big when he looked up at it

from the floor. She must be helping him.

"My hero. Saving me from pinky toe lint." Giggle.... giggle.

"No job is too big for me baby... as long as your around to give

me a helping hand."


Shy Girl 3 (Conclusion)

John decided it was time to get topside of Sue's pinky toe. He walked

over to the side of her little toe where her toenail met the flesh.

John scurried up the side of her toeflesh and clambored up the top of

her toenail when he could. He looked up at Sue, stretching upwards

seemingly infinitely tall above him.

Sue looked down in amazement at the tiny man, to her a speck, now

standing on the toenail of her pinky toe. He looked so small. So tiny

and helpless. It really turned her on. She felt power coursing

through her. She also felt an over-powering need to protect and take

care of him. She always loved this feeling. So hard to describe to

anyone how it made her feel. She practically climaxed right there

looking down at him so pathetically small on her little toenail.

"Sue, you OK?", asked John.

"Huh, yeah, I'm fine."

"You look like you had a far away look in your eye. I could even

see that from way down here."

"Well, I... I get a little overwhelmed seeing you down there so

tiny and helpless."

John shuddered a bit. "Wha...what do you mean helpless? What do

you plan on doing with me?"

"John, you don't have to worry. I won't hurt you. It's very hard

to explain, (Sue's face turns a crimson hue now) ..but I basically

get off on having you under my control."

"So I'm your little pet or something...", answered John.

"No John, its not like that, and you know it."

"Sorry, I won't go there. You already told me how you feel. I

just wasn't sure what you were thinking. And about being overwhelmed,

how about me. This is fantastic... or did I mention that


"Oh John. You're so cute."

"Yeah, so are you when you get embarrassed one minute and angry

the next. I mean, I've never seen that side of you ever. Makes me

feel a little closer to you is all I'm saying."

"Well John. Be thankful you haven't struck up a relationship

with a more wicked wiccan. I know of some wiccan ladies ..."

"You mean witches.", interjected John.

".. that would rather keep you as a pet for their amusement. And

others that shrink their enemies and off them in very distastful


John shuddered more violently this time. He could not imagine being

at the mercy of a merciless woman at his size. His feeling of

helplessness would be coupled with a sure feeling of doom.

"You're the best Sue. Don't let anyone tell you any


"Why, does anyone say I'm not?"

Sue's face turned determined, yet playful. She lifted her pinky toe

that John was standing on, causing him to fall to his butt.

"Whoa! No Sue, just kidding."

"Well, thats better little one."

They chit chatted a little more non-sensically kidding each other. In

a bit John asked if he could explore the remainder of her toes on her

right foot. She obliged raised her pinky toe, making John's job of

climbing off her toenail much easier.

John made his way from her pinky toe's toenail up along her pinky

toe. He paused at the top of that toe's knuckle, looked behind him at

the huge expanse of her pinky toe, then back towards the immense

slope of her foot's instep. He trudged on and within 10 minutes was

on her instep and turning for her fourth toe. Looking ahead of him,

across her foot, it ramped upwards towards her big toe. He saw the

vast array of her toes stretch outwards ahead of him like an immense

mountain range. Her pinky toe was just a foothill for her larger

toes, with the largest, her big toe, looming up ahead.

"Most impressive." John whispered under his breath. He then

got another rise out of life just as he took in the expansive view of

Sue's toes.

Sue didn't say anything, but heard this comment and knew it was a

heartfelt expression. She smiled seductively and drank in the feeling

of her power over little John on her foot now.

John took another 15 minutes to reach the cuticle of the toenail of

her fourth toe. Then another 5 minutes to reach the end of her


"How about a little boost?", offered Sue.

"Sure. Who'd refuse a lift from a hottie like yourself."

"Oh John, flattery will get you everywhere."

John was now used to this feeling of her lifting him up and guiding

him through space. She guided him so he could inspect all around her

fourth toe up and down and between her toe on either side. After

about 15 minutes she brought him back to the top of her toenail of

her fourth toe.

"How did you like the nickel tour?" quipped Sue. A little

smirk crossing her lips.

"Lady, I'd call that the dime tour, better yet the fifty cent


"If you make it to my third toe I'll give you the same tour of

that neighborhood little fella."

"Don't mind if I do," answered John.

With that he set off for her third toe. This scenario played out for

her second toe also. John noticed how huge Sue's big toe was in

relation to her second toe. It had always been looming in the

distance like an impossibly huge mountain in the distance. Now he was

right next to it. And soon he would be scaling up to it. Man, he

couldn't wait.

"How did you like the nickel tour?" repeated Sue.

"Can't talk, gotta run. Gotta a big toe to climb." answered

John hurriedly. He was now running along the toenail of her second

toe. "Damn, its a long way back to your instep." he added.

"I promise John, it'll be worth it."

It took John about 25 minutes just to get back to her instep. Sue

really had nice long toes, which made travelling at John's size more

of a challenge. He didn't mind too much.

He turned and started scaling her instep up to the start of her big

toe. He noticed he felt her foot flesh get a little warmer. She must

be getting excited too. He could hear her breathing becoming quicker.

Damn, she really is enjoying this as much as I am he thought.

"Phew!" John let out as he reached the knuckle of her big

toe after another 20 minutes.

He sat down on her toe flesh to rest a bit and take in the

spectacular view. His work had paid off, he was finally on the toe

he had dreamed of for so long now. He still couldn't believe it. He

was the size of a grain of sand and sitting on Sue's big toe. John

was comparing this view with the view he took in after climbing a

large mountain and saw this amazing high plain that stretched for

miles outwards, but dropped off sharply on all sides. He just

imagined at that time that he was on a gigantic woman's big toe. Now

this was for real. A surrealist moment hit John, and he sighed in

pleasure, all the while rising to the heights of his manhood.

"John, this is amazing. I feel very aroused now. Please hold on

little one."

"OK, I'll hold .... Whoa!!"

Sue's big toe moved abruptly as she humped herself and let her orgasm

cum with full force.

"Oh, that was amazing." Sue let out with a long exhale of


"You can say that again." John exclaimed as he picked

himself off the cuticle of her big toenail. That was quite a ride.

"Oh sorry John. I get a little taken up when that happens."

whispered Sue. Her face now looked down at him and she had the look

of a freshly laid woman. Warm, radiant, and glowing. Very beautiful

indeed thought John. He almost lost it right then and there. Of

course he had many times over along his travels on her foot this day


"I kinda lose control when that happens John. It is dangerous

for you when I do climax since I do lose control. Just a word of

warning for you little one."

"I don't mind, that was amazing. Besides, it saved me a bit of

walking. Heck, I rolled all the way down the knuckle of your big toe


"Oh, John, you're so cute."

"Hey, nice cuticles by the way." commented John as he

rolled over and lay on his back looking up at the amazing woman

stretching above him for miles. He felt like she was his whole world

at this moment. There was nothing around but Sue. She was all

encompassing, she was all powerful and she was omnipotent. She was

life and death. She was pleasure and pain. She was light and dark.

She was good and evil. She was the answer to all his questions at

this moment.

"Thanks, I do my nails every week and touch them up whenever I

see a chink in them."

"So, Sue. What set you off just there. I'm asking, you know,

just for future reference."

"Well... remember I mentioned when I saw you on my pinky toenail

that I got off on you being so tiny and helpless.... well that

feeling is intensified when I saw you on my big toe. You just looked

that much smaller to me... and well..."

"I did notice that your foot and toe was getting warmer when I

was approaching your big toe. Thats neat, this is my favorite toe of

yours also. I'm glad we share the same taste in toes. He he. Sorry.

Couldn't help it."

"Ha ha ha... John what am I gonna do with you?"

"Keep me I hope. No really, I've been dreaming about this toe

now for as long as I've seen it."

"Oh I fully intend to keep you John, as long as you'll have me.

But remember what I've warned you about. I can be a bit overbearing

and overwhelming for such a little one. I don't want us to rush into

anything. At least not until we're both ready."

"You're right Sue. No need to rush. Let's just enjoy the


"OK little one. Lets do so. I just don't want to hurt you, in

any way."

"The thought is appreciated Sue. Very appreciated." John

got up and started walking off her cuticle and onto her toenail. He

noticed that the pink polish seemed thicker on this toenail. She

probably put two coats on, or applied more since it most likely

received the most attention and probably the most wear.

"But John, you were mentioning you've dreamed about my big toe

since you first saw them. Hmmmm... really. Do tell."

"OK, I'll tell. You had just started working with us, and I

think you started on a Monday. Well, by Thursday you really had me

wondering what your toes looked like. I thought you were cute, you

didn't have a wedding ring on your finger and you had really nice

hands and fingernails."

"Really, you noticed all that in just four days."

"Heck, I noticed that the first five minutes after I met you.

But the suspense built until Friday. I swore you knew of my fetish. I

remember going to see you to do some typing and copying for me and I

just about fell over when your legs swung out from under your desk

and you were wearing some really cool sandals."

"I remember that. Your eyes just about fell out of your head.

You couldn't stop stealing guilty glances at my feet. You were so

cute trying to hide it."

"Damn, I knew it. Women can really tell can't they?"

"Oh yes. And those that wear sandals usually don't mind at all.

At least I don't."

"So Sue, you had me from that day forward."

"Nice to know little one. So how's the view down there?"

John was walking as he talked to Sue and he was now about 1/4"

along the length of her big toenail. Just her toenail was probably

1/2 mile long and 1/4 mile wide to him at his scale. He estimated

that the height of her big toe was approximately the same as the

width of it. He noticed that many times as he stole glances at her


"Its fantastic Sue. Fantastic. Its beyond words. Sue, did I ever

tell you about how much I love your big toe?"

"Yes you have John, but I'm not stopping you. I don't mind

hearing it again."

As John walked and took in the amazing scenery he talked on about his

fantasy as he was now living it.

"I've always loved women's feet. No really I have. I had this

really hot teacher back in 4th grade. Man, did she have nice feet.

She never polished her toenails but she had these great big toes. I

mean big big toes. Like they were much bigger than her other toes. I

guess I should say they were much bigger and taller than her other

toes. Right off the bat, I imagined myself to be the size of a flea

trying to climb up her big toe. I don't know why, it just


"That's just your fetish little one. You can't help it."

Sue smiled warmly as she said this.

"Anyway, ever since I've preferred women with big toes like

that. Then blammo! My 5th grade teacher was also pretty hot. I mean

she wasn't as pretty as my 4th grade teacher, she was even a bit

overweight. But she was wicked tall and had this overbearing

attitude. I mean I could tell she enjoyed dominating us. Like she had

us all under her thumb (or foot) and she enjoyed having us down

there. She had long fingernails and used nail polish. She never wore

sandals, but I always imagined what her feet looked like."

"Interesting... go on."

"Well then I get through grammar school and get to high school.

Then this girl that I kinda knew from grammer school started to wear

sandals like in 10th grade. She had really long fingers and she had

these wonderful long fingernails, like they were long on her fingers,

and she grew her fingernails nice and long. She'd wear polish on them

once in a while too. So anyway, she started to wear sandals with

nylons on. Well the first few times she wore nylons with reinforced

toes so thick I couldn't even see her toes let along her toenails.

But I did notice that they bulged kinda funny at the ends of her


"Go on little guy, your getting me hot again."

"Anyway, I thought heck, its probably just the reinforced toe of

her nylons all bunched up and stuff. I really hoped that she'd not

wear nylons just once or maybe wear some sheer toe nylons. Well, it

took a while. Another two years to be exact. Finally I saw her wear

her favorite sandals with sheer nylons. I couldn't believe my


"Really, what did you see little one?"

"Well, let me frame this up a bit. I actually got to know this

girl more. She was going out with a friend of mine and we used to

double date and hang out and stuff. She was really cool. Eventually

she broke up with my friend, it was an amicable break up believe it

or not. But she and I used to still hang in the same group. We had

lots of fun. I never had a chance with her since she was such a

hottie, and my confidence with girls was so low. But the more I hung

out with her the more I got to oogle at her toes."

"So what was so special about her toes John?"

"She had long toenails."

"Thats it. She had long toenails? asked Sue.

"Thats it! And she had a big toe much bigger than the rest, as

well as her toes were long with her toenails long on her toe. And on

top of that she grew her toenails long. Whoa momma!!! Aye

Chihouahoua. They wer amazing! Now you have to remember this was the

first time I ever saw a girl with long toenails and a big big toe

with long toes. And she took good care of her feet I could


"She wanted you to look John."

"Really. I always felt freakish when I got caught staring at her


"Don't worry John, she enjoyed it. I don't know a woman alive

that wouldn't spend that much time and effort on her feet and not

like that you gave them your attention. She probably noticed like me

when I was younger that boys look at your feet. Heck, I was in 6th

grade and I used to catch this kid in my class oogling at them all

the time when I wore sandals. Of course back then I didn't polish

them or even grown them long. But he liked them."

"So, you girls did know."

"Oh sure, I used to tease him after I got over the unusual

feeling. I used to wiggle my toes when I see him looking out of the

corner of my eye. Or in later years, high school or college, I would

dangle my shoe on the end of my toes, or slide my foot in and out of

my flip flops. Play with a pencil I'd supposedly drop on the floor or


"Wow, you were quite the tease."

"Yes, I noticed that when I played with something small on the

floor with my toes it would really glue their eyes to my toes.

Eventually I started to grow my toenails longer and polish them just

so. Then when I was 16 my Wiccan powers really started to develop. At

18 I could read people's minds. I especially concentrated on the

boys, then men that I caught staring at my feet. Much to my surprise

I found lots of men loved feet, my feet. And their feelings were very


"Whoa, what an advantage you had over guys. Damn, I wished I

could do that. You know like that Mel Gibson movie, "What Women


"Well, its not always easy. It can be hard to turn off

sometimes. It almost drove me crazy until I learned to control it

only listen to people's thoughts when I focused on them. But I found

a number of men that imagined me as a giantess or them being shrunk

at my feet."

"Man, did it blow you away?"

"At first it did, but then after the first 30 seconds I really

liked it."

"Ha ha ha! Guess it kinda grew on you quick didn't it?"

"Yes, and its been growing ever since."

Sue looked down and noticed that John had just about reached the end

of her lovely big long toenail. She just loved this feeling she was

having now. Seeing John so tiny and helpless, she wanted to protect

him in the worst way. She wanted to be his world. She wanted him all

to herself. He was now hers. She could feel it.

John was now nearing the end of Sue's long lovely toenail.

"Sue, your toes and toenails remind me of that girl's. In fact I

think they are even sexier. I love your toes and your personality...

Oh and the rest of you too. I mean that Sue. I know we don't want

to rush anything but I just want to say that I love being with you

like this, or any other way. I love the way you look and the way you


With that JOhn sat down mere feet (at his scale) from the tip of her

big toenail. The view was amazing. He looked around him. Her smaller

toes receding off in the distance like smaller mountains, foothills

if you wish, off into the distance. Sue's other foot now more visible

off in the distance like another huge mountain chain looming far off.

Sue decided to give John a bit of a thrill and move her big toe just

a bit. She slowly lifted it and lowered it back down.

"Wow that was amazing Sue. This is perfect. Me a tiny speck on

the big toe of the woman of my dreams."

"And the man of my dreams shrunk to the size of a grain of sand

toetally at my mercy sitting on my big toenail."

They both said in concert...."It don't get any better than


"Hey, this could be a beer commercial!" added John.

"Do tell John, do tell."





Giantess Stories: Shy Girl

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