Giantess Stories: Sibling Rivalry  By Her Tiny Pal

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Sibling Rivalry

By Her Tiny Pal

I suppose after five years, I have come to accept my new position in life. Back

when things were normal, my life today would have seemed completely impossible

but the way things are for me now, it is hard to even remember my old existence.

My kid sister Melissa treats me pretty well, I suppose, considering I live in

her college

dorm room inside her dollhouse. She almost never gets angry with me (thank

goodness) and when she punishes me, I usually deserve her scolding and the

lesson isn't too painful. Missy is 19 and at 5'6”, she has blossomed into a

full-grown beautiful young woman. Missy has dirty blonde hair and stark brown

eyes and if I were a normal sized guy, I think she would be the most perfect

looking girl in my eyes. (Although she is only a Step- sister, I still could

never have looked at her that way.) Anyway, Melissa is not a model type beauty.

Her every day feminine charm is like a small town sweetheart who has no heirs

and doesn't realize how adorable she actually is. And her smile could melt the

heart of just about any guy that she meets. From her perspective, I must be

quite a burden that someone her age should never be forced to endure. I realize

even the most gentle girl like Melissa can forget that despite my size, I'm

still a man. She must at times doubt that I am still the big brother who only 5

years earlier had been her confidante, advisor and best friend. We were as close

as any brother and sister could ever be. I guess I am pretty lucky today because

of our relationship growing up. She usually treats me like a beloved pet since

the change. Only occasionally does she lose patience with me. Then her anger


itself in various humiliating ways from my perspective. When out of control, she

forgets how fragile I am and I must beg her to be merciful and remember that I

was once like her. She gets a look on her beautiful face that shows her complete

embarrassment at her thoughtlessness at causing me such pain. She can't

apologize enough as she cuddles me against her breasts and tries to erase her

guilt. We both know that I am completely in her control and that no one will

step in to protect me. She is far from mean but the power that comes from having

someone completely at your mercy at times gets the best of her. Obviously at my

height, I offer no threat of resistance or future retribution. She doesn't want

to, but after so much contact with a doll-sized brother, I have become her

helpless, 3” possession and she begins to demand my complete obedience to her

wishes. I don't hold it against her at all. In fact, after the punishment is

over and she realizes what she has done, I console her

by telling her that she was right to do that and that I had it coming to me and

would be more obedient in the future. At my height, nothing will be served by

making her miserable. I'm stuck, as a tiny man in a giant world and blaming her

for a natural psychological reaction would be fruitless. Besides, without my

sweet sister's help, I would be in far worse shape.

All this does not mean that I don't hide in the corner of the dollhouse when

she gets in one of her moods. From in here, my only thought at that point is to

stay away from her giant hands and whatever punishment she will subject me to.

Obviously, I am like a mouse in a cage. A 3” tall man can't possibly hide from

anyone normal sized. Her giant hand easily overwhelms my tiny figure and she

lifts me to her face as I struggle

uselessly against her incredibly powerful girl grip. As she carries out her

will, I think about how a sweet little girl who used to sit on my lap and tell

me about her adventures could now enjoy such a total control of my life. I was

at her mercy and whatever she chose to inflict upon me would be my sad

misfortune to endure.

I know it wouldn't be quite so bad if Michaela, my sister's attractive yet

vengeful roommate weren't pushing Missy all the time to take advantage of the

situation. Michaela has about the most incredibly beautiful legs in the world

and believe me; she spends a lot of time outside my dollhouse looking down on me

so I have quite

the view. Michaela for some reason has had it in for me since Melissa introduced

us. I think she sees a doll that used to be a normal guy as a great opportunity

to punish all the bad men she has ever known. Whenever Missy isn't around and

I'm alone with Michaela, I fear for my safety. She loves it when Missy punishes

me or allows her

to hold me tightly in her feminine hand. “Make him pay Meliss - squeeze him so

he wont forget the lesson.” “He needs to realizes we own him and obedience is

expected or else he will pay big time!” Then she would smile a superior smile

way down on me- “Right little man?” She loves having me look up at her.

Anyway, this is my life now and for the most part, since I'm used to living

this way, (as a pet of my younger sisters), I don't find it so bad. I have no

choice but to live this way anyhow. After all, I am well protected and fed and

usually treated with love and warmth by the other 2 girls who look after me. (2

of Melissa's girlfriends Brandy and Kristin each enjoy taking turns helping her

to take care of me) Of course back when this began, I could never have imagined

that a man could live like this. The humiliation and indignities would have

seemed impossible to fathom. Sometimes I remember how it was back then before

the change.

Sibling Rivalry (Part I)

5 Years Earlier: The day it all began

I was the man of the house. I lived with my mother and 2 younger sisters-

Amanda, a 16 year old who was a high school junior and step sister Melissa, who

was just 14. Dad had died 3 years earlier- he was my stepfather but had been the

only father Amanda and I had ever known. Melissa was his daughter by a previous

marriage but she and I had always been close. I was her big brother and she was

my adorable kid sister. She was my favourite person in the whole world and I

think I was hers as well. Mandy was always jealous of me. We got along but we

had always been very competitive. I was always bigger and stronger and I enjoyed

being the big man. I was 6'1” at the time. Amanda was very attractive but

couldn't have cared less yet about those kinds of things. She was smart but

cared most about sports. She was rather tomboyish and enjoyed being a playful,

energetic, spirited young girl. She wore her long dark hair in a pony tale much

of the time. She hated losing to her big brother and I enjoyed superior

strength. I was 19 and home for the summer before returning to college for my

sophomore year. A little shy around the girls, I had not had someone special in

my life yet.

That August, Melissa was off at summer camp and Amanda and I competed at

everything. By the middle of the month, she had just about had it with me. I

beat her at all that we did Basketball, Swimming, Racing, and even Arm

Wrestling- (she insisted even though she was over 8” shorter than me) I would

work on her psyche

”Mand, little girls can't beat their big brothers at sports!” I'd look down at

her and pat her on the head or mess with her pony tail “why don't you face the

facts that you're just too small to be in my league.” She would get so mad,

“someday Eric, you are going to be sorry - you'll see. One day I will be

standing tall and then we'll see who's laughing.” She would jump on top of me

and try to wrestle me and make me pay for my disrespect of her. I was only

playing with her and of course her annoyance made me press harder as I enjoyed

her feisty nature. Obviously, when she tried to beat some sense into me, I had

no trouble pinning her to the ground. As I held her down with very little

effort, I smiled down on her and said, “I'm not holding my breath little one!

It's unlikely you will ever come close to my size but even if you did, I'd still

be whipping your butt!” I always made her say “uncle” before letting her go but

on this occasion, she refused. I had never seen Amanda quite this irritated

before so I egged her on some more- “ You know, you look adorable when your

mad!” I let the hair from her pony tale flow out and brushed her long pretty

hair while I still had no trouble keeping her down with my body and other hand

”how could such a cute adorable girl ever expect to scare someone of my

stature?” Finally Mom called us for supper, so I let her up. She looked at me

and with incredible fortitude she seriously

said “you need to be taken down a peg mister big man- if there is any justice,

you are going to find out about being small someday. Maybe then you'll have an

appreciation for what it's like.” I knew I had gone too far and tried to calm

her down. I didn't want to see her cry. “listen Amanda, you're too competitive.

This is just fun and games. I'm only pulling your chains!” I laughed trying to

soothe her pain. She would here none of it- “Someday you will understand- there

will always be bigger people out there and I hope I get to be there to see it

when you find yourself at their mercy.” I was cocky and said ”Amanda my little

one, you will always be small next to me so I'm not worried.” She walked off in

a mood mumbling to the first star of the evening

that she wished I would get smaller, much smaller. I laughed at the silliness of

my sister's antics. That was the beginning.

Day 1

I awoke with a start. Something seems wrong but I didn't know what. After

dressing, I rushed out of the house not wanting to see my sister so that she had

a chance to cool down a little. I would apologize to her later- maybe tomorrow.

I went out for a jog to clear my head but as I ran, I realized my clothes were

feeling really loose, like I had lost a lot of weight. It was kind of strange

but I had a good run. There were many attractive tall women out jogging - that

was always a plus! Afterwards, I met up with a friend. This is when I first

realized that something was definitely very wrong. Tom and I were almost exactly

the same height but today he looked really tall, like he was 6'5". I asked him

"Tom, I know this is going to sound weird but I think you have grown a few

inches this summer." He looked at me and laughed, "either that buddy or you're

shrinking!" It hit me like a thunderbolt. "That's impossible," I thought. Nobody

just gets smaller. Even though the idea was preposterous, I somehow took the

idea seriously enough to be frightened by the thought of it. I tried to avoid

people the rest of the day as much as I could. Still, things definitely seemed

bigger than usual and the people I ran across were unusually tall. I went to bed

early. Obviously, a good night sleep would do me a world of good. In the

morning, I would feel like a new man and this silly fantasy of mine would vanish

with the new day.


Boy was I wrong! I knew immediately when I opened my eyes that I was smaller.

My pyjamas were huge and my bed seemed so big. I got out of bed in a panic- what

was I going to do? In just 2 days I had gone from being a tall powerful man to a

little guy probably the size of my sister Amanda. Wouldn't she find my

predicament amusing? I didn't want anyone to see me. I had to regain my

composure, to sort things out in my head. I wasn't going to get that opportunity

because when I left my bedroom, Amanda was waiting to talk to me and caught me

off guard. "Eric? Oh my goodness. What's going on with you?" She saw how loose

my clothes were but hadn't comprehended the significance. "Are you loosing

weight?" It only took her a second to realize that I was now the same size as

her. "No! It can't be. You're my size! No more Mr. big man." It was unnerving to

have her looking at me eye to eye and she was taking such pleasure at my plight.

I was used to always being so much taller than her. She, on the other hand was

completely enthralled by the whole chain of events. "How did this happen? You

must have shrunk at least 6 inches in height." She came over to me and measured

herself against me. (This would be her task every morning from now on- a

responsibility she enjoyed with far too much delight) "I think I am taller than

you big brother," she laughed gleefully. "Well if I'm not, by tomorrow I

certainly will be. I told her to cut it out, that this would be a temporary

thing so she shouldn't get any funny bright ideas. However, I honestly didn't

believe this to be the case. I feared that it was only going to get worse, not


"What's the matter? Are you afraid your sister is too much for you at your

height?" I was disoriented but I knew I wouldn't let this 16-year-old get away

with talking to me like this. How dare she belittle me? I jumped on her and

wrestled her to the ground. "Remember this Mandy, no matter how small I am, I

can still take you kid sister. Say 'uncle' and I will let you get up." She

surprised me by complying instantly. She had offered almost no resistance but I

felt she was holding back and now was almost as strong as me. This was a

terrifying realization as I started to imagine the future. She got up, brushed

herself off and said, "You should probably be nicer to me. In a few days you may

not find controlling me quite so easy. Who knows, a little sister's revenge

might be in order then. I think you are going to need a lesson in respect. I am

going to enjoy being your teacher!" Before leaving me with my thoughts, Amanda

took her hand and put it bellow her chin and proceeded to look down at the

imaginary height menacingly. I got the point. She wanted to rub it in: "hmmm. I

wonder just how small you are going to get. We may have to think about getting

rid of the cat. I'd hate to think of her hurting you." Then as my sister

continued to muse the possibilities, she smiled again "Who knows, you might want

to apologize to me before it's too late. I might carry a grudge for awhile and

then where would you be?" I said nothing. She walked into her and before closing

the door said, "this just might be a whole lot of fun. I'll be waiting for your

apology and I'm sure I can find some clothes that you can still fit into- for

the time being anyway."

I was furious at her condescending remarks yet I also knew she was probably

right. I couldn't afford to have her be my enemy in the days ahead and she

already was counting past scores that needing settling. Still it took me a few

hours before I was ready to give my sister what she wanted so badly- my cowing

to her demands. "Listen Amanda, I don't know what's going on here but I realize

that you and I need to work together to make this thing work out." She was lying

on her bed shaking her head at me, "Not good enough. Not even close. You'd

better do a lot better than that or I will remember this in say 2-3 weeks!" She

got the mischievous look on her face as she watched my nervous expression. "Come

on, it won't be so bad. Not many guys get to see their little sister grow right

before their eyes. I think you and I are going to grow really close in the days

ahead. Of course, I suppose it will be more fun for me as you obey my orders and

start to show me the respect I deserve." She stood up to make her final point.

"You and I are the same size now but I think you need to get used to your place.

Get on your knees and apologize for what happened earlier and this time is

sincere. If you need motivation, think of 2 weeks from today! Maybe if you do a

good job, I'll let this one go. We should get off to a good start in our new

lives. I'd hate to have to punish my little brother right off the bat!" I needed

no motivation as I followed her instructions to her delight. She was already

enjoying her new position over me and as I looked up at her from my knees, I got

a taste of what the future would hold for me. I could tell from her expression

that she was going to enjoy the change a lot more than I would. (TBC)


The next day she was waiting in my room when I woke up. "I haven't been able to

sleep for hours! Get up already." My sister could not contain her excitement.

"Are you shorter than me yet?" Sure enough, Amanda was now a good 3" taller than

me now. "You're shrinking 3 inches every day. I wonder how long this will go on?

How does it feel to be the little brother?" From now on Amanda was going to be

the tallest one in the house and she loved her new power over me. "Get dressed,

we need to tell Mom." I objected but she wouldn't listen. Amanda knew I was

aware that I wasn't in a position to debate her. I was beginning to realize that

I needed to behave myself in front of my taller and growing sister.

Mom decided that we needed to wait it out. Maybe the shrinking process would

reverse itself and besides, notifying the authorities would be of no help. What

could they do for a shrinking man? Besides there was a downside to the public

finding out- all the family needed was to become a side show with reporters

buzzing around and people wanting to see how small I had become. Amanda assured

Mom that she would look after me and help me through the rough spots. This was

exactly what Mom wanted to hear because her job was all consuming and she often

left us kids to fend for ourselves for weeks even months on occasion. I on the

other hand was outraged! "She's my little sister! You can't leave her in control

of me. She loves this Ma. Look at her expression. This is a fantasy coming true

for her- she dreams of being able to run her brother's life." I made it clear

that I would not agree to this crazy plan. My objections were ignored. Mom's

decision was firm- "Listen, I know this won't be easy on you but I can't take on

the extra responsibility. You know how important this trip to Europe is to my

job. I can't stay home so I'm going to count on the two of you to be grown up

about this and to put aside your differences." Mom was still going away on her

business trip. It could last anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. (NICE CONTRIVED

PLOT LINE DEVICE, WOULDN'T YOU AGREE?) "I have to go and you need to be cared

for while I'm away. Amanda has the time and the concern to look after your well

being." Smiling, Mandy assured me that we may have had our rivalries in the past

but I could count on her to be a kind and protective friend and guardian now

that I needed her. Mom bought into it completely, "Good. Then we are all

settled. Mandy, you will be in charge of your brother's care but you are not to

abuse your power. He needs you to be fair and strong. And Eric, you obey your

sister's decisions. They will be for your own good." Amanda again smiled and

hugged me close to her- "Don't worry, I'm going to be a great big sister." Then

to our mother, "I promise, he'll be in good hands." I tried to object again -

"But..." "You need to accept this. You are getting smaller and you must learn to

trust in your family." Mom left me alone with my amused power-craving sister.

Day 4

At first my sister seemed to be serious about her commitment to caring for me.

She acted as though she was the big sister who had the enormous responsibility

of looking after my well-being. Every morning she measured my height: both my

size and where I came up to in relation to her. She was enjoying the process of

my gradual reduction and even started planning for the difficult days that lay

ahead. Mandy treated me like a very small child in the beginning even though I

was only 6 inches shorter than her. She explained everything to me as if I

needed her to spell out what she was doing for me. I told her, "You are enjoying

holding all this power over me, aren't you?" "Don't be silly," she laughed,

"It's a big challenge looking after all your needs. I just want you to be safe

as you adjust to your new environment. In the weeks ahead, you are going to

require careful watching as the world around you gets bigger and bigger. Normal

size objects and people will become menaces for you. You don't need to worry

though because I will be protecting you, no matter how small you get!" I had no

idea at the time (no normal sized guy could ever imagine what lay ahead) but I

was only just beginning my adventures with sister Amanda. She was preparing for

the future - buying clothes and other items I would need as the shrinking

process continued in me. Meanwhile, she watched me so carefully as if to savour

each moment of my diminishing stature in the house. Amanda didn't misuse her

height advantage but I feared her vengeance would be coming soon. I didn't

realize she was waiting for the arrival of a special day so that she could

return a past favour to her favourite brother.


As Mandy measured my height; I became aware just how quickly I was shrinking.

Looking up to her, already 9" above me, I noticed as I stared at my sister's

chin with my line of vision that she was now as tall to me as I had been to her

just a week earlier! From the expression on her face, I knew that she was aware

of the milestone also.” Well little man- the day is here. We finally get to find

out what you are made of. Now you get to compete with me from the slight

disadvantage of 9inches-" She patted me on the head. "Let's see how you can fare

against your powerful big sister!" I was disgusted by her antics. "You have been

planning my miniature life and now you want to have your revenge on me for my

past athletic success over you. I won't give you that satisfaction Amanda." She

returned the shot- "You Eric are nothing but a hypocrite. Today is the last time

that I treat you like a man! You always bragged about being such a great jock. I

used to go up against you despite being at a huge size disadvantage- I still

tried hard and was able to force you to the limit. You are afraid to put your

words up to your little sister's challenge. I used to think you were pretty good

back then but I guessed your strength was all about your height. Now you're not

even able to compete in your kid sister's league." I knew that she was

intentionally pushing my buttons but still, I could not back down from her. I

had to give it my best shot. I knew I had a huge height disadvantage to overcome

but my ego wouldn't allow me to cower to this little girl. It was my last chance

to stand tall and show Mandy that I couldn't be pushed around and that in fact I

was still the man.

I had a miserably humiliating day as I faced the horrific truth. She completely

overwhelmed me in everything that we did. I was even less successful than she

had ever been and did she rub it in, but good! As she rejected almost every shot

I took, she said "I'm whipping your butt little brother and isn't payback

sweet!" I was completely dominated by her size in basketball. Her previously

puny girl's body bruised me mercilessly. When she knocked me to the ground, she

would effortlessly lift my smaller frame smiling as she helped me up over and

over again so that she could continue administering the beating of my life. She

like to keep rubbing it in by saying, "Didn't hurt you did I? I suppose you are

just too little to compete with such a powerful force like me." After the

beating was complete with an arm wrestling contest, which was like a cat toying

with her prey before pouncing, Amanda again patted me on the head and

condescendingly said, "You gave it a pretty good try little one. You tried

pretty hard but I'd have to say you didn't even come close to my old efforts

against you. You know, I dreamed I would be able to get my revenge on you but I

never realized being stronger and more powerful than someone could be this much

fun! You must miss being the big one huh?" She continued to taunt me. "Total

domination by the kid sister!" She pumped her fist and then laughed and laughed

at my expense as she looked down a defeated little body.

I knew it was a mistake but I couldn't help myself- she was being vicious and

mean spirited. I attacked her and tried to knock her to the ground but I fell

and she quickly was able to land on top of me and pin me to the ground. She

giggled girlishly,” My revenge is now complete. You are at my mercy and must say

'uncle' before I'll let you get up." She continued to smile as I struggled to

get free while she maintained her firm tight grip on me. I was not about to give

in. Again she smiled as she held my arms down; "You are so cute when you're

mad!" She loved the feeling of pressing down on my weak arms and the pain and

humiliation that it caused me. I begged her to stop the lesson and she said,

"All you need to do is to say 'Uncle.'" I began to cry and she showed me some

compassion. "No, you've had more than enough for today little one." She lifted

my bruised defeated body up to comfort me against her little girl chest as if I

had been her punished pet who had just learned a bitter but valuable lesson for

the days ahead. "It's alright. It's over now. No more humiliation. You have paid

you're debt and more." She comforted me for over an hour as I cried

uncontrollably. I could tell she had been satisfied but unfortunately, the

humiliation was only beginning.


I think Mandy has gotten a lot of her anger out of her system because things

seem to be going a little better for me right now, at least for the time being

anyway. I am still shrinking at the same rate but she seems to be going about

her business without rubbing it in as my height diminishes before her. At 4'7",

my sister appears as a 7'4" giantess to me. To her, I must look like a 10 year

old boy and she treats me accordingly. Today she insisted that for my

well-being, I take a nap. It was pointless to argue with her, as I knew I would

eventually have to obey. When she had me back up to see where I measured against

her, I didn't reach her shoulders! It was so humiliating to face her because I

was now eye level to her 16 year old breasts. She acted as though she didn't

even notice my discomfort and wouldn't make it any easier on me by slouching

down or trying to lessen our height difference. Amanda was not at all bothered

by my inferiority concerns. To her, I was just her little brother who she needed

to instruct and protect. She even went as so far as to tuck me in at bedtime and

to give me a kiss on the cheek as she turned out my bedroom light.

Day 7

Amanda insisted that we go into town today. I resisted because I looked like

her 9 year old brother and I hated for the world to see me like this. She told

me that I needed to pretend like I was her little brother or else people would

become too suspicious. She wanted me to behave like an unruly brat and I of

course got the further degradation of wearing Melissa's old clothes from when

she was only a 10 year old girl!

We were sitting in a crowded bus when a pair of pretty college girls, about my

age, got on the bus and smiled down at me. For just a moment, I forgot myself

and thought they were interested. Then the blonde girl in light blue shorts says

to Amanda- "He's adorable, how old is the little man?" Mandy smiled, "Eric just

turned 9, right, small fry?" "Oh, he looks so much older!" the coed giggled,

amused for no apparent reason. "You know, you are going to be a heartbreaker in

a few years." Her friend, an adorable tanned dark haired beauty smiled and said,

"Yeah if he were only a few years older, I'd love to have him for my boyfriend!"

She looked fantastic with her fine tanned legs and the pretty red skirt that

showed off her incredible features. The girls smelled of fresh spring, the way

many of the sweetest young ladies on a college campus carried their scent. I

kept having to remind myself of my position, which was extremely difficult as my

male hormones were now in overdrive as the girls continued to flirt with me. Of

course the 2 of them towered over me and they were only toying with me but it

made me feel both good and horny in spite of it all. Then the hammer fell. The

first girl patted me on the head and asked me, "Would you be a gentleman and

offer your seat to an older woman? I'm sure your big sister would be o.k. with

you sitting on her lap." Then to Mandy "Is that alright with you sweety?" Of

course Amanda found the whole situation very entertaining and played right along

to my utter humiliation- "He'd love to help out you young ladies, right Eric?"

Then to the girls she added, "He loves the older women, you know!" She seemed to

really be into her role as my bossy big sister as she had a look of pure

pleasure on her face as she ordered me to make way for the big girls to sit

down. With her hand, Amanda patted on her short pink skirt and instructed me

"Hop up on my lap little brother just like when you were small!" She explained

to the girls,” Eric used to love sitting on his sister's lap when he was

younger. They grow up so fast and now he's embarrassed." She lifted me up with

very little effort (I weighed only 70lbs. now) and a look of self-indulgence on

her face. She enjoyed making me sit on her lap. Then she turned me around so I

had to face her and she held me like I was her big cuddly doll. "I love holding

him." She informed the interested girls. "It reminds me of when he was a baby

and I got to rock him to sleep." My face turned bright red as the coeds smiled

at the thought of my sister taking care of me as an infant. I looked at her with

a look of misery but she just continued to smile knowingly. She really enjoyed

my discomfort as she continued to hug me incessantly right in the view of the

two sweet beauties. Finally, she allowed me to sit down on her lap again. "Your

brother is just so precious. And you have such a way with him! I wish mine

weren't such an incredibly tall pain in the ass. If only they could all be that

small and helpless for their whole lives!" The three girls shared a laugh at my

expense. They giggled that half child, half young woman silliness that from a

different perspective would seem charming. From my position, it was horrifying.

As the girls continued to enjoy themselves, Mandy started rubbing her fingers

through my hair and pushed in one last dagger, "Yehhh! It truly is great fun to

be in such control!"

Day 8

The smaller I got, the more Amanda enjoyed holding me. She began to think of

me as her little boy. Surprisingly, I began to see her as very comforting and

increasingly cuter. I of course didn't tell her after all she was my sister but

the bigger she got in comparison to me, the more pleasant her appearance seemed

to get. I decided that there were worse places to be than in her arms and I

stopped resisting her efforts at caressing and comforting me. I realized that

she would only continue growing bigger in relation to me so it seemed prudent to

enjoy my height as long as it lasted and to accept her as my guardian by obeying

her wishes. Besides, she was treating me pretty well and was looking out for my

best interests. Why should I anger her when her power over me grew every day? I

certainly didn't need her holding a grudge against me when I might be completely

reliant on her in the coming weeks.

Day 9

Amanda looked practically 9 feet tall to me now as I must have looked like a

6 or 7 year old to my sister. When she told me that we needed to prepare for

Melissa's return from camp, I was devastated. Dealing with Mandy and following

her every command was bad enough. My sweet kid sister Missy- that was another

level of humiliation altogether. She was only 14 and about 4'10" when she had

left for summer camp. The two of us shared a special brother sister relationship

despite being unrelated by blood. Melissa worshipped me. She and I had bonded at

a very young age and were in fact more like best friends. The only difference

was that she was 5 years younger and I watched over her like a hawk. I made sure

no harm ever came to her and she had always adored me for doting on her every

problem. She confided in me on anything that affected her life and she knew that

her big brother would put himself in front of a bullet to protect her. We were

close and she loved me like her best friend and confidante along with being her

protector all rolled into one. Missy knew nothing of my condition and she would

be back in less than 2 days. I was already a full foot shorter than her and by

the time she arrived, she would stand 18" taller than her big brother. When she

left, I had stood 15" taller than her! Amanda saw my distress and she was aware

of the strong ties that I had with our youngest sibling. Again Mandy provided me

with the needed comfort. "Listen, I'm not going to tell you that this will be

easy on either of you but we are going to have to make the best of it. There is

no other choice; we are all in this mess together. Besides, she is going to be a

huge help to you. The two of you are great with each other. So now the tables

are turned and you are going to have to rely on her. SO WHAT? You know what a

great kid she is - she won't let you down- trust me."

I looked up at my smiling sister Amanda. She sat down and made room for me on

her lap. Her lap had become huge and inviting in such a short period of time.

She patted on her dress for me to hop up into my now customary spot. I did so

without any trepidation. She held me tenderly and said, "Just last week you and

I were bitter rivals and now look at us. Who would have thought that the two of

us could ever be this close?" I rested my head against Mandy's beautiful dark

hair that she had recently started to wear long and flowing rather than in her

traditional ponytail or braids. She finished her warm comforting sentiments-

"You and Melissa are like best friends already. You have nothing to fear from

her." Still, I dreaded Saturday as I restlessly napped on big sister Mandy's

enormous blue dress.

Day 10

Amanda thought it would be best to go her to pick up Melissa from camp. She

hoped that she would be able to try to explain the situation or to at least ease

the blow a little bit. I wanted to go with her but Mandy thought it would be for

the best if I stayed at home. Maybe alone she could find the right words to

explain her shrinking brother to her. Amanda however was worried about leaving

her kid-sized brother by himself for the night ahead. I assured her that I would

be fine and could take care of myself. I wished her good luck and told her that

I would see them both soon. I noticed just how incredibly gorgeous my sister

looked in her pink t- shirt and yellow shorts as she headed out to pick up our

kid sister Melissa. Mandy held me tight for a long time before bending down to

give me a kiss goodbye. When she stood up to leave, I smiled up at her. (I was

looking at her belly button with my line of vision now) I couldn't imagine ever

having felt anything but tremendous warmth and love for my precious giant

sister. After she drove away, I spent countless hours worrying about the day

ahead and about the girl's return.

Day 11

Mandy called to say she couldn't find the words to tell Melissa about me so

she was planning to bring her to my room to break the news. She wanted me to

hide in the closet when they arrived home. Amanda assured me that it was going

to be fine but I knew that Missy would appear to be 9 feet tall to me as I

continued to get smaller and smaller. I was the size of a 5 year old and my kid

sister would find the site of me to be completely disgusting. This little girl

could lift me easily like I was a small dog or cat. What use was I going to be

to her now, I worried. Terrifying thoughts of the weeks ahead filled my mind.

Just how small was I going to get?

When they arrived, my heart was beating fast. I went to the closet to wait for

the signal from Mandy. I noticed that the two young women were lugging something

into my room- something real big. My first impulse was to go out and help them

by taking on the chore myself. Then I remembered how little I was and that the

girls were each much stronger than I was and far more able to carry the load. I

peaked out from my hiding place to see that the girls were carrying a gigantic

deluxe dollhouse. Next I heard my sweet sister Melissa's pretty little voice,

"What does Eric want with such a mammoth dollhouse Amanda? All of a sudden is he

into playing with toys?" I could see the tall girls in my room. They were each

wearing short skirts and no stockings. Amanda had on sneakers, Melissa wore

leather sandals, Amanda pointed over at my bed and the girls hopped up for a

sister talk. That's when Mandy said, "No honey, he's not into playing with

dolls- he is sorta becoming one! I need to tell you something about our brother,

something kind of difficult. While you have been away something really strange

has been happening to Eric." "Strange?" Melissa questioned. "What do you mean?"

Mandy cleared her throat. Here was the moment of truth. "Well... I am afraid

that in the next 10- 12 days Eric is going to become so small that he will be

living in the dollhouse." "What are you talking about? That's ridiculous!" Missy

jumped off my bed furious with her big sister's game and poor taste in humour.

"You've always hated him but why tell me such a crazy story?" Amanda looked at

our kid sister sympathetically- "Actually Melis, Eric and I have become really

close over the summer. We are sort of good friends now." Missy wasn't buying it,

"Where is my big brother and what is all this craziness about the dollhouse?"

Amanda got up and headed toward my hiding place and the closet door- "Sweetie,

there is no easy way to put this. Our brother is shrinking three inches every

day and there is no end in site." Melissa asserted, "That's crazy. People don't

just get smaller." "O.k. little brother. It's alright to come out. Sis knows the

truth now." I slinked out of my closet toward my two giantess sisters who were

now almost twice my size. I sheepishly called up to them in a less than manly

voice, "Hi girls. Missy, I'm afraid it's true. I'm shrinking down more and more

each day." To Amanda I kidded "Nice subtle approach. Way to let her down easy. I

thought you might use a little tact with her." I was smiling at her being so

glad to have her home. I ran into Mandy's outstretched arms. She seemed bigger

than ever to me. I was just so glad to see her. "Sorry about that. I was trying

to be gentle and to let her down gradually but how do you tell someone that her

brother is becoming her Ken doll?" Mandy questioned. I held her tight and

affirmed, "It's not like I would ever live in that thing anyway. I mean really

Amanda. Can you imagine me living inside a dollhouse. How absurd!"

Amanda didn't say anything about the dollhouse but she let me down so I could go

to my shocked baby sister who stood in disbelief at the site of her miniaturized

big brother. I went over to her so that she could get a closer look. This was

the moment I had been dreading since this whole thing began. "Hi my girl. I've

missed you so much this summer. As I tried to approach her to hug her and to

assure her that everything was going to be o.k., Melissa fainted from the shock

of the moment and fell unconscious to the floor, mentally unable and unwilling

to accept what she was seeing.


Early the next day, Amanda woke Melissa up to have a heart to heart. Melissa

had needed to sleep off the shock and was now more ready to face the situation.

As the two girls got dressed, they talked about their brother's predicament.

"Mandy, I can't believe that he is shrinking! This is like out of a scary sci-fi

movie. He looked so little and helpless already." "I know sis. He is already

depending on me for everything. I have to admit, he makes an adorable and

obedient little brother but all that is going to change in the next couple of

weeks." Missy was not following her big sister. Mandy explained, "As Eric gets

to be really small, he won't be anything more than a doll to us. Do you realize

what we look like to him from his point of view? We are going to be like giants

to him and he may even shrink to the size of a mouse or possibly an ant! I know

it seems too wild to believe but Eric eventually will accept us as his owners.

He may even be kinda like a pet to us. I suppose this will give the phrase 'my

brother's keeper' a whole new meaning!" Melissa was frowning as her sister

continued to express her enthusiasm for their new responsibility. "Besides

Meliss, how exciting it is going to be for us to be able to carry him around in

our pocket or to wear him as part of our jewellery! What girl ever has had that

kind of power over her big brother? We are going to have so much fun- don't you

realize that he is completely at our mercy."

Melissa did not appreciate the cruelty of her sister's voice. "That's horrible

Mandy- how can you think of such tings. He's still our brother and I won't

permit you to treat him like a doll." "Missy, you will see, it's for the best.

Eric is going to need to live in a giant world and the best way for him to get

used to it is by making him move into our room and eventually into the

dollhouse. Trust me, he will be better of in the end. He can't survive without

our protection. He is going to need to show proper respect for his giant

benevolent sisters." Melissa considered her sister's words and said, "This is so

awful for Eric. To belong to us, his kid sisters. What could be more

embarrassing and humiliating for a guy like him?" Amanda responded gleefully, "I

know, it's going to be very tough for a jock like him to accept his new place in

the world. But only at first sis. It will be our job to make him comfortable in

his new life. He must learn to enjoy his new size as best he can and to find

comfort in our protection of him. Remember, we won't hurt him as long as he's

good and obeys us. This is the only way for him to accept being a tiny man in a

big people's world." Melissa was still doubtful- "I need to talk with him and

see what he's feeling. This is all still too crazy for me. How can I possibly do

what you are suggesting? It's too cruel and mean." Amanda shrugged her 16 year

old shoulders. "It's the hand we all have been dealt. I think this is the only

humane thing we can do for our helpless little brother and besides it's going to

be so much fun for us!"

Melissa knocked on my door. "Eric, it's me Missy. Do you mind if I come in?"

I told her that she was always welcome. She stood at the door looking sheepishly

toward me. "I'm so sorry about yesterday Eric. I need to be strong for you. This

thing is so devastating and I was being selfish. Can you please forgive me for

being so immature and for behaving so badly?" I looked at my enormous kid sister

who was approaching 10 feet tall from my perspective even though the rest of the

world saw her as a petite 4'11" teen. In spite of her towering size, I realized

my 14-year-old sister Melissa was becoming an absolutely charming young woman,

even though she still had the angelic innocence of a child and her body was only

beginning to develop the figure that would make her so beautiful in the coming

years. Her brown glowing eyes looked down toward me with such compassion and

sympathy that I knew she was sincerely worried about me. I had never seen her

dirty blonde hair flowing quite as long and with such a youthful feminine

appeal. She had matured so much over the summer and at my decreased stature, I

was only too aware of our changed positions in the family structure.

Nevertheless, she looked at me with love and gentleness that made me feel her

total devotion to me. Around her neck, Missy wore a leather necklace that I had

given to her when she was only 8. It was her most treasured possession and she

wore it all the time. I knew that her constant wearing of it symbolized her love

and friendship for her older brother. Not only did it hold a special meaning to

the two of us, but also its appearance gave my sister an added glow and beauty.

In wearing her necklace, Melissa exuded elegance and charisma that only the

rarest of people could match. She looked adorable in her grey shorts and light

blue t- shirt. On her feet, she wore sneakers but no stockings. As she

approached me, it was hard for her not to look down at my puny 37" figure.

"You don't need to apologize to me Melissa. I could never be mad at you. You are

the sweetest person in the whole world. I know what an awful shock this has been

for you and I only wish I could have spared you going through it." I tried to be

brave for her sake. I could see she had tears running down her face and nothing

was worse than seeing my girl cry. "Please don't cry Missy. It's going to be

alright. I promise, you and I will be even closer than ever. It might even be

kind of cool for you to have me as a little brother!" I tried to reassure her

unconvincingly. "But I'm so frightened for you- how small you are getting." She

was unable to hold back anymore. She ran to me to be held by her big brother as

she had always seeked comfort from me in the past. Now however, I wasn't even as

high as her developing breasts. Missy held me tightly in her arms, completely

unaware of the incredible pain she was causing me. Her teen-aged body, although

slight and petite to most normal sized guys, was incredibly powerful to a

child-sized man like me. I could not admit to her that her mild gentle embrace

could cause me such pain, so I just let her continue holding me. (I would be

black and blue in some places for a few days!) I couldn't believe my little

sister was already this much more powerful than me. Finally, she let go. I

laughed it off by saying, "I suppose I should stop calling you my little one and

you need to quit referring to me as your big brother." She wanted to hear none

of this. "No! You are always going to be my big brother and I want you to keep

calling me names like 'your little girl.' I said that I would if she liked but

that in the days ahead, it would sound increasingly more ridiculous and that I

would stop when she found it to be too silly. She smiled her warm tender look as

she got down on her knees to be closer to my height. "Never. We will always be

the same for each other." She lovingly caressed her necklace as she often

enjoyed doing. "Listen Eric, you have always been the best brother and friend to

me growing up. I want to return the favour. I am going to help you through all

this craziness and you should know that I want to be here for you no matter how

small you get." I told her that I felt just as strongly about her and that I

cared for her more than anyone else in the world- this started her tears again-

but that it was asking too much of her and besides, Mandy was older and had been

taking on the responsibility well so far. To this she shook her head making her

sweet hair wave wildly about. " Eric, you can't trust her. Amanda is

manipulating you. Today she shared with me how much she is looking forward to

keeping you in the dollhouse and to treating you like a pet! She wants the two

of us to control you and to teach you to behave for us like our doll!" I

couldn't believe that Amanda could still be so vindictive but I trusted Melissa

completely. "I thought we had gotten over our sibling rivalry but I guess she

wants to have me at her complete mercy." Missy shared her concerns over our

sister's plans and told me that she would do whatever it took to keep me safe

from Mandy's clutches. I foolishly objected to my good sister's protective

impulses "You don't need to burden yourself Missy. I'm going to be a huge chore

and Amanda is not going to give up without a fight. Besides, I can handle myself

against her anyway!" I laughed half- heartedly. My precious sweet teen sister

got very protective of me- "I don't care. Unless you don't want me to take care

of you because it's too painful for you, I am going to anything to help you get

through this. I am going to be the best big sister I can be and I will see to it

that you are safe and protected." Now it was my turn to shed some tears. I

reached up to her giant shoulders to boost myself up so that I could be even

with her gentle loving face. I kissed my best girl on the cheek and thanked her

for being so wonderful to me.


My first day of being under 3 feet tall- the first of many: I decided to wake

up early to get some quality thinking time in. Boy had my bed gotten huge in the

last 2 weeks. I didn't know it yet but my days of sleeping in that bed in my own

private room were over. I went outside because I needed some time away from the

girls, just to take a walk and be alone with my thoughts about the whole crazy

thing! I knew that it wouldn't be long before going out alone was beyond my

means. I really did not want anyone to see me but as luck would have it, I ran

into a pair of 12-year-old girls who were now almost twice my size. I had seen

them both before when I had been 6'1" and was afraid they might recognize me -

but they never connected me now at my miniscule size to the huge college guy

they had seen a couple of times earlier in the summer. The girls were young and

innocent but they had a look about them that said in a few short years from now

they would be cheerleaders at their local high school, breaking the hearts of

many of their classmates.

I knew that I should run away but my pride would not let me shy away from this

pair of little girls. As I tried to walk by them, one of the girls, full of

youthful feminine exuberance stopped me. "Hello little boy. Are you lost?" She

stood up and towered over me as she tried smiling reassuringly. "We can help you

find your mommy." The taller of the two girls, a blonde with blue eyes turned to

her friend and said, "Allison, he's so small. He must be 3 years old and lost."

The other girl Allison chimed in, "I think we are frightening him Kellie. It's

o.k. sweetie, you don't need to be scared of us. We aren't going to hurt you. We

are both babysitters and we love little boys like you." I knew I was in trouble,

this 12 year old meant business and took her responsibility of looking out for

children seriously. I tried to get out of the mess without success- "Thank you

young ladies but I am just fine and I know exactly where I am going." The girls

looked at each other and giggled. The brunette girl Allison said "He's so adult

like for such a little boy! What's your name honey?" "I'm Eric and I really need

to get going but thanks anyway." Allison had obviously handled this situation

before in her babysitting duties, "Kellie, you need to stop him so he doesn't

run away." Kellie had no trouble in subduing me. She took a few small steps,

reached down her powerful arms and was able to catch me and hold me firmly

against her amazingly gigantic 12-year-old body. I was completely under her

control and was mortified by the humiliation of the situation. Kellie was far

too strong for me and I could move in her grasp. I tried struggling but it was a

fruitless waste of time. "Listen little one, I've got you and I am not letting

go so you might as well stop resisting." She was right so I relented and stopped

my resistance. Allison smiled down at me- "We want to help you so why don't you

tell us where you live Eric, then we can bring you home to your family." I

decided to tell the girls what they wanted so that we could end this

embarrassing fiasco as soon as possible. Besides, I had no chance of resisting

these 2 giantess girls, not at my size.

Kellie carried me to the other preteen girl- "Take him Ally. I need to go

grab my purse and then we take our new friend home." As the girls passed me from

one to the other, I could smell bubble gum flavour that girls this age often

carried the scent of. Allison was gentler than the forceful Kellie had been.

"Are you o.k. little man? I'm not hurting you am I?" Actually, Allison was very

sweet, I didn't mind her holding me like I was her baby brother. In fact her

embrace was rather comforting. "I'm fine Miss. Can you two nice girls just bring

me home please." In less than a half hour of walking, we were outside my house.

Allison had carried me the whole way there and had gotten quite attached to me.

I have to admit, despite being so much older than her, I enjoyed her tender

treatment of me and the sweet hugs and gentle manner in which she performed her

babysitting functions. "You know Allison, you are really sweet. If things were

different..." I was fortunately cut off as Kellie rang the doorbell. I had said

far too much, this girl was younger tan my kid sister! I suppose my position and

her kindness had gotten the best of me. Kellie laughed at my behaviour-

"Allison, I think Eric likes you, don't you little one!" Allison was sweet as

can be "Well that's just fine with me. He's the most polite sweet boy I have

ever met." She rubbed my nose as she placed me on the ground, "Who knows, maybe

someday when you are big and strong..." My sister Melissa who answered the door

with a stern but worried look on her pretty face interrupted our conversation.

"Where did you go Eric? Amanda and I have been so worried about you. Don't ever

do that to us again," she scolded me. I feared that they wouldn't give me the

future opportunity. Missy took me in her arms as the adorable 12-year-old

babysitter Allison looked on. "He's fine. Please don't punish him too much. He

only wanted to get some fresh air." Melissa thanked the girls for being so good

to me. "Eric's sister and I were so frantic when we realized that Eric was gone.

He is our responsibility and Eric and I have a special close bond that we have

developed over the years," She caught herself, "I mean since he was born."

Kellie smiled "It's been no trouble at all. We love taking care of little boys.

In fact, please give us a call any time. We would both love to watch over your

baby brother. We are babysitters and Eric seems to have taking a liking to my

friend Allison." Kellie winked in my direction. Melissa decided to make a point

with me, maybe as punishment for causing her so much distress- "Really Eric? Is

this young lady your new girlfriend?" Her chiding me made me blush, belittled

again. Then to Kellie and Allison, my kid sister continued her lesson, "that

sounds great girls. Amanda and I just may take you up on your generous offer,

especially if Eric likes you, he can be so fussy with strange new people."

Finally as a last punishment, Melissa ordered me to go thank the young girls for

their incredible kindness. She whispered forcefully to me, "I want you to give

each of them a kiss on the cheek to show them your appreciation." I could tell

she meant it so I obeyed her. I went to both of the girls, who each leaned down

so that I could reach them, and kissed their little girl faces as a symbol of my

thanks for their kind care of me. Allison looked at Kellie, "He is so sweet. I

wish he was older!" Then to me she said, "I look forward to seeing you again

soon. We will have so much fun together when your sisters have big girl plans."

I heard Allison ask Missy whether she had any older brothers. Missy just smiled

and said sorry that I was the only one! The girls left cheerfully, proud of

their good deed in helping such a defenceless little boy. I saw them go bouncing

off in search of more adolescent girl adventures.

When Melissa got me inside she was furious with me yet at the same time

relieved. "Amanda is going to want to punish you for this and frankly I have a

mind to let her just to teach you your lesson. I was so scared. Thank goodness

those two girls found you instead of a dangerous person." She calmed down when

she saw my dejected expression. "I realize that you needed some space but next

time tell me at least!" There would be no next time. The girls would be watching

me more closely from now on. "Don't worry. I'll keep Mandy from punishing you

when she gets back from her search. I'll tell her that you got enough of a

lesson from those two young girls who brought you home. That must have been

pretty humiliating for a guy like you huh Eric? They really did seem to take a

liking to you, especially that dark haired cutie Allison. Amanda should be

satisfied when I tell her about your adventures with the babysitters." She

seemed far too entertained by my humiliation and I was annoyed at her amusement.

But I decided that maybe she had the right after what I had put her through. I

tried to explain to Missy about how awful the whole thing had been from my

perspective but she had other things to discuss with me and dismissed my

ramblings after a quick shrug of her shoulders. I think the implication was

'what can you do? that's life for a shrinking man in a big people's world.'

Missy's thoughts were on my future sleeping arrangements. "I should let you know

that Amanda is planning to move you to our room tonight. She found a small

children's bed that fits perfectly right next to my bed. That way we can be

close." She finished telling me about the new chapter in my life as the

shrinking brother by saying "I know you probably are uncomfortable giving up you

privacy but look at it on the bright side, we are all going to grow a lot

closer. Eric, I really believe this is for the best." I knew that my sisters

would be adamant on this issue so I relented without expressing my misgivings.

Besides, I was helpless to resist their will at this point. When Mandy arrived

home, she was just so glad to see me, unharmed that she forgot about her anger

and just held me tight. At least I wouldn't have to endure any more punishment

at the hands of my sisters. Tonight anyway.

Day 14

Amanda jumped out of bed at 7 in the morning. She took off her pyjamas as if

I were not in the room. In removing her sleeping attire, her panties and bra

were revealed and she was well aware that I was awake. "What the heck are you

doing Mandy?" My sister smiled at me, "I'm getting ready to take my shower and a

pleasant good morning to you to little bro." I was shocked at her behaviour. We

were not prudes but at the same time, I felt uncomfortable with my 16-year-old

sister changing right in front of me! "Listen, I may be shrinking but that

doesn't give you license to undress as if I'm not in the room! I won't have you

parading around that way in my presence." Melissa was just rolling over in bed.

She heard what was going on- "Eric, don't mind her. She's just being an

exhibitionist." I was still annoyed at Mandy's lewd behavior. I felt she was

rubbing in my predicament by acting as if I weren't a person who needed to be

considered. She was acting like my being there was not a factor in her day to

day existence. I was furious, "Not in front of me she doesn't!" Mandy in her

undergarments came to me and lifted me off my small bed- "Don't be so

embarrassed little brother. You shouldn't be so ashamed of your sister's

attractive bodies. I'm growing into a beautiful woman and you need to accept

your place in our world! As you shrink to smaller sizes, Missy and I are not

going to keep excusing ourselves every time we need to undress. Don't you think

that would be a little too much?" Melissa intervened, "Enough Amanda! Put Eric

down and try acting a little bit modest. You are humiliating him by holding him

like that and he's not comfortable seeing us wearing our panties in front of him

yet." She told our sister to use a little decorum and use the bathroom to change

her clothes. Mandy placed me on Missy's bed and went to the bathroom in a huff.

"Fine for now but he's going to have to accept that he will be living in a room

with 2 young women who are not going to turn our lives inside out just to

accommodate his male sensitivities." As she left me alone with Missy she

finished off by saying, "It's not like I care if he walks around nude in our

bedroom anyway. We are all going to need to learn to overlook little


When she closed the bathroom door, Melissa got up. Dressed in her pyjamas, she

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