Giantess Stories: Sistesr Friend

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Sistesr Friend



The McWylder family was a pretty normal family. There were the

parents, Bradley and Millie, and there were three kids. The oldest,

Brigette, was 20, a popular, pretty girl. The next oldest was Ryan,

age 18 was a popular, athletic boy. Brent, the youngest, was 16, and

was pretty much the same as his brother.

One day in late May, Brigette had her friend, Miranda over. Bradley

and Millie were both at work. Ryan and Brent were getting dressed for

the banquet they had to attend that night for the track team.

"I'm not wearin' a tie. Are you?", asked Brent

"Nah I don't think so.", said Ryan.

They were ready for the banquet and had an hour to spare before their

parents would be home and they would leave. They went into the living

room to watch TV, where Brigette and Miranda were.

"Why are you guys in here?" asked Brigette

"It's the living room, get over it", said Brent

"Sorry Miranda", said Brigette

"I really don't mind", Miranda said as she smiled at the


They started watching TV and 15 minutes later Brigette left the room

to go to the bathroom. Brent tried to flirt with Miranda, and Ryan

kept telling him to shut up. Miranda was nice about it, but she had

alterior motives.

"This Salsa could use a little bit more...I dunno,

something", said Miranda

Her eyes fixed on the boys. They looked at eachother, puzzled, as

Miranda's eyes began glowing bright Red.

"Are you ok Miranda", said Ryan

But she didn't answer. Suddenly, Ryan and Brent felt a tingling

feeling through their whole bodies, like the feeling when you lose

your stomach on a rollercoaster, but through their whole bodies. They

continued to feel it as they began to shrink. They started screaming

as they kept getting smaller. Their screams became faint as they

started panicking. They were too small now to get off the couch. By

the time it was over, they were each about a centemeter tall. She

could see where they were because Ryan was the little red and tan

spot with his red shirt and khakis on, and Brent was the little grey

and black spot with his grey shirt and black pants on. She walked

over to the couch

"Ah boys, I think I know what the salsa needs, a little bit of

Ryan and Brent", said Miranda.

The boys ran from her hands but they were too small to run fast

enough to escape. She put them both in the palm of her hand and

walked over to the salsa. They were screaming and begging for her to

let them go, but she didn't even acknowledge them.

"I won't even make you take your shoes off first boys, just get

in the pool!", and with that she dropped them both into the hot

salsa, and stirred it. She dipped in a chip and caught Ryan on it. He

was kicking and trying to get off. She just put it in her mouth and

chewed it up, Ryan and all.

"Now Brenty, you shouldn't have hit on me, because it's going to

be harder for you", Miranda said as she saw Brent holding onto a

vegetable in the salsa. "Your brother got a nice painless death

and it was over in one bite, but i'm not going to be that nice to


She scooped him up out of the dip and put him on her tounge. He just

sat there in her mouth. He knew there was nothing he could do about

this, he was the size of a bug. He sat completely helpless as she

left him there in suspense. Then, it came. She simply swallowed him

whole, to be tortured by her digestive system.

Brigette came back from the bathroom.

"Did you do it?", she asked

"You know it", said Miranda

"All right, here you go, and thanks", said Brigette as she

gave Miranda $50.

Giantess Stories: Sistesr Friend

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