Giantess Stories: Six Millimeter Man

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Six Millimeter Man


Deuce Little O



I was a student at Matheson university,

studying to get a degree in nuclear physics.

My name is Deuce O'Ryan, and I am 25 years

old. I was good friends with a professor there,

a certain professor Stiles, a theoretical

phycisist who was experimenting with a

method of perfecting cold fusion.

Professor Stiles hired me to assist him in his

laboratory after school, and he payed me

pretty well. I didn't completely understand the

professor's theory, because he kept the

details a secret, but what I knew about it was

that he had stumbled onto a unique

theory that would allow the impossibly minute

particles known as neutrinos, the particles

that compose the protons, neutrons, and

electrons of all of the atoms of a


solution, to seperate and break away from the

center of each quark and gluon. Since

neutrinos are particles of matter that have zero

mass and can easily pass through solids at

the speed of light, when they are seperated

from the center of each quark and gluon, this

leaves empty space in the center of each

quark and gluon, forcing these particles to

collapse inwards, to fill up the gaps left by the

subtracted neutrinos. This would allow

the quarks and gluons to actually be reduced

in size and weight and volume as the matter in

the center of each quark and gluon

are subtracted. As the atoms in the center of

the deuterium/tritium solution are shrinking,

this should create a vacuum effect that would

force the surrounding atoms to collapse

inwards, generating a nuclear fusion reaction.

The part of this whole theory I was unsure of

was whether or not quarks and gluons are

composed of neutrinos, and the professor

had found a way to force these neutrinos to

seperate from the center of each quark and

gluon, or if quarks and gluons were made up

of something else entirely, and he had

discovered a way to convert the matter at the

center of each quark and gluon into neutrinos.

As far as how he did this was the biggest

secret of all. Professor Stiles simply said it

had something to do with quantum physics,

and left it at that. I wasn't interested in stealing

his theory and taking credit for it, I just wanted

a piece of the action; I wanted to be able to tell

my grandchildren some day that I was there in

professor Stiles's lab when he initiated the

first successful documented and verified cold

fusion reaction. I couldn't blame him, though.

There were alot of different people who could

profit from stealing his theories. Any company

that generates electricity for a profit could

either prevent the public from having access to

this new technology, or they could control the

patent, so they could generate electricity for a

fraction of what it costs now, while still

charging consumers the same price as


I'll never forget the Friday afternoon when the

experiment was a success. All of the read-out

moniters started beeping, and the digital

power gauge L.E.D. display indicated that the

micro-reactor was generating much more

electricity than the power supply that pumped

electricity into the reactor. We had broken past

the break-even point, and the digital

thermometers indicated no rise in

temperature! The inside of the micro-fusion

reactor was the same as the room

temperature of the laboratory.

Before professor Stiles could grab a bottle

of champagne he had stashed to celebrate,

the door to the lab was kicked in by a group of

gunmen with ski-masks on, and they held us

up at gunpoint!

They specifically asked the Professor for all

C.D.-Roms and floppy disks with any and all

information pertaining to the cold fusion

experiment recorded on them. After professor

Stiles handed them what they requested, one

of the masked hoods used a semi-automatic

machine gun and opened up on the cold

fusion experiment that I was standing right

infront of!

Neither I nor the professor was injured in the

attack, thank God, but I did find myself

drenched in the mysterious tritium/deuterium

solution. The crooks had told us to count to

two-hundred before we were to even think

about moving, so after they left, and after the

professor reached what he assumed to be a

reasonable interpretation of what counting to

two-hundred should be, he left to call the cops

at a pay-phone at the student study-hall,

because the bandits had clipped the phone

line to the lab just before the robbery.

I would've went with the professor, but I told

him I'd better sit this one out, because I felt

really dizzy. Must be the tritium/deuterium

solution that got all over me.

As I sat down in a chair, alone in the lab, the

strangest sensation overtook me. I closed my

eyes hoping it would go away, but when I

opened them, I could see a layer of what

appeared to be steam rising from every part of

my body. As I looked around the lab, the

dizziness seemed to return in greater

intensity, because I had a strange sensation

similiar to vertigo as the lab seemed to

expand in all directions around me.

I blinked my eyes to make this optical

illusion go away, but that did no good,

because the walls of the lab seemed even

farther away each time I opened my eyes. . .

because this wasn't an optical illusion!

The lab seemed to fill with the steam I

mentioned before, and I decided to stand up

to catch my breath and maybe open a window

or two. It's a good thing I did, because as soon

as I stood up, the chair I had been sitting in

seemed to expand directly behind me until it

was bigger than a one-story house from my


That was when it finally occured to me that I

just might be shrinking, but even at that point I

wasn't completely convinced yet, like a

drowning man grasping at straws, I tried to

rationalize what was happening to me by

assuming that I was suffering from previously

unknown hallucinogenic side-effects of being

drenched in the tritium/deuterium solution.

Apparently, the steam I saw was the

subtracted mass of all the quarks and gluons

of my body being simultaneously reduced in

size and forced to occupy less space. The

reaction the professor had discovered did in

fact cause miniaturization to occur in quarks

and gluons making up the atoms of the

tritium/deuterium solution before fusion was

initiated, so that was in fact exactly what was

happening to my body. . .

I was shrinking!

When I finally stopped shrinking, and the

steam finally went away, I was reduced to the

helpless size of six millimeters tall! I knew this

because I had helped the work crew that

installed the tile floor in the professor's lab

one weekend last summer, and the distance

between each two individual tiles was six

millimeters, a measurement I had to make

many times that weekend to ensure that the

tiling was installed as neatly as possible. That

was my exact height, the same distance

between two of the floor tiles!

I knew I had to escape from the lab before

the police arrived, before I could try to find a

solution to my problem. It wouldn't do me any

good if I ended up as a government

experiment at area 51 somewhere in Nevada,

now would it?

Luckily, the professor had been in such a

hurry when he left, that he'd left the door to the

lab ajar just a couple of inches, something I

hadn't even noticed before, but at my

diminished stature, it was now very obvious. At

six millimeters tall, a door that is open two

inches would be a door with a width large

enough for an elephant to go through, had the

same distance been duplicated proportionally

for a normal-sized man.

I ran outside into this brave new world of

giants that was just waiting to be explored,

where I would now try to live out a fugitive

existence in an attempt to restore myself to my

former stature. My closest family members

lived over one hundred miles away, so I had to

find another plan. Who could I trust? My

studies didn't leave much time for any kind of

a relationship, and all my spare time and

vacations were spent working for professor

Stiles in his lab, because I definitely didn't

come from a rich family, and I needed all of

the money I could get.

There was one possibility, a

seventeen-year-old chick named Jessica. She

was in love with me. She was basically the

only one I could trust besides the professor.

The only problem was, she lived about ten

miles away. So I made my decision, to set off

on a quest to find Jessica, come Hell or high

water, and damn the consequences!

Good or bad, I was willing to accept the risks,

whatever they may be, as a six millimeter



It was late afternoon the day of the lab

accident that reduced me to six millimeters

tall, so it was still daylight.

It was pretty easy

making my way around campus without being

spotted. I mainly stayed in the planters,

walking among the plants and decorative tree


I was on my own in a world of giants,

so I had to be careful. Anyone was a potential predator,

and I knew I could trust nobody at all, not even Jessica.

But I knew that I had to trust

someone, so if I was going to be foolish

enough to make my condition known and

introduce myself to someone, it was going to

be Jessica. After all, she was in love with me,

and although it was stupid to trust anyone, it

seemed to me that there was the least

amount of risk involved in trusting her than

there would be in trusting anyone else.

The only problem was, Jessica lived in a

small coastal California tourist town that was

ten miles away, and getting there would be

one hell of a journey. At six millimeters tall,

one ordinary mile to me is equivalent to

between thirty and thirty-one miles. If I

averaged one mile a day, I should be able to

get to Jessica in a week and a half.

It was getting to be late afternoon, and the

sun would be setting before too long, so I

would have to wait until morning to begin my

journey. At my reduced size, my body

temperature was reduced also, making me

vulnerable to low temperatures. Even though it

doesn't get too cold in the month of May on the

central coast of California, I was going to need

a warm place to crash for the night.

I knew of a place where there was a

steam-grate that was connected to the utility

room that supplied heat to the dormitories. It

took close to an hour to get there without

being spotted, and by the time I arrived the

sun was going down. I built a little camp with

some leaves I dragged over to the edge of the

steam-grate, and I was concealed from view. I

had shelter for the night.

It took awhile to fall asleep that night,

because I hadn't eaten anything since earlier

that afternoon, and I was hungry. Sleep finally

came, and I slept peacefully.

When morning arrived, I had almost forgotten

that I was shrunk, but when I opened my eyes

the reality of it was painfully evident. I peeked

out of my camp that was constructed of

leaves, and I could see a bright blue morning

sky. It must've been early still, because I didn't

see too many students walking around, which

was good, because it would make it that much

easier to get around without being spotted

and captured by one of the giants.

Before I had fallen asleep the night before, I

had developed somewhat of a plan. I knew of

a place behind the engineering classrooms

where there was a dumpster that was used to

throw away useless electronic components. If

I could find a broken piece of a magnet from

an old speaker, maybe I could tie it to a piece

of string, and utilize it to ascend to the rear

axle of a vehicle at a gas station. Then I

wouldn't need to walk to Jessica's, I could

hitch a ride!

Progress was slow, and it took up a good

portion of the entire morning to get to the

engineering classrooms. Avoiding being

spotted was the main reason, because

several times I had no choice but to dart

across exposed areas where I had to make

absolutely certain that there was nobody

around to see me. The other reason was the

distance. To a normal sized student, the

distance from the steam grate to the dumpster

would take about five or ten minutes, walking

at a moderate pace. But when you're six

millimeters tall, it takes alot longer.

When I arrived at the dumpster, it was just as

I had hoped. In addition to several pieces of

wire, nuts and bolts on the concrete beneath

the mammoth dumpster, there was the frame

of a discarded stereo speaker, and several

chunks of the magnet that once made up the

innards of the speaker. Some of the pieces of

the magnet were larger than me, some were

the size of grains of sand, and there was a

plethora of sizes in between. I picked up a

chunk that was to me the size of a basketball.

It was kind of heavy, so I decided to look for

some string to tie it down with, so I could wear

it like a back-pack. After looking around for e

few minutes, I did eventually find a nice long

coil of string among the discarded trash at the

foot of the huge dumpster. I laid it out end to

end, then I tied it around the chunk of magnet.

There was a flat side on the magnet that I

tied several loops of string around, and before

long, I had an improvised back-pack. When

the time came, I could simply untie the string

from the magnet, unroll it, and with one end of

the string still tied to the magnet, I could swing

the chunk of magnet over my head and use

the string as a lasso to hurl the magnet to the

iron axle of a car at a nearby gas station.

I wished there had been some way to obtain

some food, but wherever there was food, there

would be people, and if I valued my freedom, I

had to completely avoid any and all people for

as long as possible. I knew that as soon as

someone spotted me, I would be through. If

someone did ever capture me, which would

be extremely easy to do, I knew escape would

be virtually impossible. Who in their right mind

would ever allow a miniaturized man to ever

have the opportunity to escape? Nobody that I

had ever met, that's for sure.

And so, with an empty stomach and a plan of

action, I set out for the nearest gas station,

where I would try to hitch a ride with my

magnet and my piece of string. The nearest

gas station was about half a mile from the

college campus, so I figured that I should be

able to make it there just before nightfall.

I experienced the greatest amount of difficulty

just getting off campus, because at that time

of day it was especially crowded, and I couldn't

take any chances. At one point, I was stuck

hiding in a planter at the bottom of a huge

bush for a good twenty minutes or more,

because two female students were standing

on a sidewalk I needed to cross. They were

making what to me seemed to be insignifigant

conversation, but maybe I just felt that way

because they were blocking my path. If I had

been foolish enough to chance it and run

across the concrete walk-way, the two women

would have easily spotted me. While I waited,

however, the view wasn't so bad. The brunette

had some pretty incredible legs, and it was

interesting to view a great pair of legs from

this new perspective. Finally, they left, and I

looked to my left and my right, and I ran across

the sidewalk to the planter on the other side

as fast as I could, and nobody saw me.

Once I was off campus, my progress was

much swifter, and before long I was more than

halfway to the nearby gas station that was

located not too far from campus. It was

amazing, I had never pondered the relatively

close distance of the gas station when I was

at my normal size, but with my reduced

stature, I was angry at myself for having taken

it for granted for so long.

It was only about half a mile from Matheson

university, but the proportionate distance to

me at my reduced size made it equivalent to a

distance of about fifteen miles. I had walked

the distance from the college town where I

went to school to the beach town where

Jessica lived many times when I was at my

normal size, so I was conditioned to make this

kind of a journey.

I ducked through back alleys and went

through apartment complexes that would have

been impossible for a normally sized person,

and I only had to cross a street once to get to

the gas station. That was the greatest

obstacle, because I had to wait for just the

right opportunity to cross when there was no

traffic and no pedestrians that could've seen


When I finally arrived at the gas station, it was

late afternoon, with a couple of more hours of

daylight left. I had gotten there sooner than I

had anticipated, which was good. there was a

drainage pipe I hid inside of, where I had a

good view of the cars and trucks that came

and went.

I made a point of reading the license plates,

to see if the vehicle was local or from out of

town. Sometimes, there were bumper stickers

or some other signal that indicated the car

was local, like a familiar radio station on a

bumper sticker, or a tag that advertised a local

car dealership where the vehicle had been


I couldn't get too picky, so when a woman

stepped out of her car to go inside and pay, I

ran out from inside of the drainage pipe where

I had been hiding, and I began to swing the

chunk of magnet around on the string that I

had prepared while I had been waiting for the

right moment.

It took a couple of tries, but eventually the

magnet connected to the differential in the

center of the rear axle, and I started climbing

up the string. Before I had even reached the

axle, the woman had returned to her car, and

closed the front door and started the ignition.

I climbed up as fast as I could, and soon I

was standing on top of the differential, and I

pulled up the length of string and coiled it up.

As the vehicle started moving, I held onto the

string like reins on a horse, and the magnet

held firm to the iron differential casing.

Soon, we were on the free-way, just as I had

hoped, but from my estimation, we were

heading in the wrong direction, North, instead

of South! Every bumper sticker and dealership

tag had indicated this was a local car, but by a

random stroke of fate, I had chosen a local car

from the North county, under the mistaken

assumption that the car dealership advertised

on the woman's car was from the South part of

the county, so therefore, the woman driving the

car was from the South county, but I had been


And so North we went, the nearest town

being thirty miles from Matheson university,

and the next town North of that was twenty

miles still further!




The entire trip lasted over half an hour, and

just as I'd feared, we went up and over the

Cuesta grade, which meant the vehicle I'd

hitched a ride on was going a minimum of

thirty miles in the opposite direction I needed

to go to reach Jessica's house. The car finally

pulled into a driveway and parked, and two

doors popped open.

I heard a pair of voices, the woman who had

driven the car, and a younger female voice,

obviously the woman's daughter. When they

had gone inside, I climbed down and pulled

on the string, in an attempt to release the

magnet, but it wouldn't budge. It would be very

difficult to obtain another chunk of magnet, so I

decided it was important to retrieve the

magnet, but eventually I just gave up entirely. I

just didn't have enough strength in my

miniaturized body to accomplish this task.

After struggling with the magnet for the better

portion of a good solid hour, I began to smell

the delicious aromas of food being prepared

in the house of the people that owned the car

I'd hitched a ride on. The sun was going down,

and I hadn't eaten in over twenty-four hours, so

I was pretty hungry to say the least.

The temptation proved to be overwhelming,

and I finally decided to try to find some way

into the house, to try to obtain food. The plan

was to sneak in, grab some food, and sneak

out again, and it didn't seem too difficult at the

time. At the front of the house was an open

window, and there was a large rose bush that

would provide easy access to the three foot

high window ledge.

I began my ascent, and before too long, I

found myself standing on the window ledge.

The smell of the food was intoxicating; I could

distinguish pot roast and mashed potatoes

through the open window. I stepped inside,

and made my way across the window ledge to

the curtains on one side. The fabric of the

curtain had stitching that was just the right

size for me to use as handles to climb down

to the floor. I just hoped these people didn't

have any pets, especially the hungry kind!

My hunger won out over my fears, however,

and soon I was standing on the wooden floor

of the living room of this strange house. The

giant girl, about twelve or thirteen years old,

was paying attention to the television, so she

hadn't noticed me. She had long dark blonde

hair, and blue eyes. Her mother was in the

dining area at the other end of the room,

setting the table. She spoke to her daughter:

"Amber, it's time for dinner. Could you shut

the window, please?"

From my hiding place beneath the living

room couch, I watched in horror as Amber

walked over and slid the living room window

closed. That was my only means of escape,

so now I was trapped in the home of these

giant strangers! I didn't know whether I should

feel angry that the window had been shut,

preventing my escape, or relief that I had

managed to infiltrate the house to obtain food

before my only means of entry had been

closed off.

The girl that had been addressed as Amber

by her mother walked over to the giant dinner

table, and I watched the giant duo load down

their plates with pot roast and mashed

potatoes, corn on the cob and chocolate

pudding. I couldn't figure out how I was going

to manage to procure some of the prodigious

pot-roast, but I was so hungry that at one point

I didn't even care if I was captured, just as long

as I could get something to eat!

My dilemma was solved when the girl asked

her mother if she could finish her dinner in her

room, because she had alot of homework to

do. Her mother granted her permission, and

Amber picked up her plate and disappeared

into the hallway to the left of the dining area. I

heard her bedroom door close.

It wasn't difficult at all to make my way under

and behind furniture as I made my way

towards the hallway, and soon, I was at the

corner that seperated the dining area from the

hallway. The only problem was, the giant

woman was facing in my direction as she ate,

and I would have to cross her field of vision

momentarily in order to get across into the


I saw the woman turn her head as she heard

somethimg interesting on the television, and I

took a chance. I ran around the door jamb

seperating the dining area and the hallway,

and I made it before the woman could spot

me. Now all I had to do was climb under the

girl's door.

Luckily for me, the door to the girl's bedroom

didn't have weather stripping, and there was

atleast half an inch of clearance between the

bottom of her bedroom door and the wood

floor. I didn't even need to duck down as I

walked under the door and into Amber's room.

I guess that's one of the advantages of being

six millimeters tall!

Once inside, I could see Amber facing away

from me, typing away on a computer. To her

left was a massive desk, and that is where I

assumed her dinner was located. There was

a digital clock radio located in one corner high

atop the desk, and the electrical cord

supplying power to the clock radio extended

from the wall outlet down to the ground before

it ascended to the top of the desk and

connected to the rear of the clock radio. It

would be easy to climb!

I began to make my way up, and soon I

reached the top of Amber's desk. She was

unaware of my presence, still typing on her

computer. I hid behind the digital clock radio,

and I could see the plate of delcious pot-roast

and the pile of mashed potatoes dripping with

butter. Every few minutes, the girl would pause

from her work, and reach over and grab her

fork and scoop up a portion of either mashed

potatoes or pot-roast, and take a bite before

resuming her work on the computer.

The lip of the plate was higher than my

height, so I was faced with still another

challenge to overcome. If I could get onto the

plate, it would be easy to eat my fill unseen by

the giant girl, then I could escape back the way

I came. But how could I get up to the plate to

begin with, without attracting the attention of

the giantess?

The girl provided me with the most obvious

solution entirely unwittingly, by placing her fork

back on the plate after taking a bite, and

leaving the handle of the massive fork

extended down to the top of the desk. With

Amber's attention diverted to the computer

screen, I quickly made my way up the length of

the fork handle, and jumped off onto the plate

of food.

The plate of food was enormous, and I'll

never forget the experience of seeing a plate

of food from my new perspective of standing

six millimeters tall. The plate seemed to me to

be nearly the size of a coliseum. The large

pieces of pot-roast were of Olympian

proportions compared to me, and I felt that I

was standing on a plate of food meant for a

gargantuan ravenous goddess, rather than an

ordinary twelve-year old girl.

I hid behind a piece of pot-roast and waited

for the giant girl to take another bite before I

did anything, to avoid being seen by her if she

glanced over to eat some more food while I

was still out in the open. After she took

another bite and resumed work on her

computer, I began tearing off strips of meat

from the pot-roast, and savored every

delicious morsel!

Before long, I had eaten my fill, so I waited for

the girl to take another bite, so I could begin

tearing off additional strips of beef to take with

me when I resumed my journey. After she took

another bite, I started collecting strips of meat,

when suddenly, the giantess broke from her

pattern, and reached over to scoop up some

more food with her fork.

In my haste, I had failed to realize there was

only one piece of pot-roast remaining on the

girl's plate, and this was the piece I was

holding onto as I tried to hide from the

giantess. Sure enough, this was the exact

piece she scooped up with her fork, and I was

scooped up along with it!

Amber wasn't really paying attention to what

was on her fork, her eyes were focused on the

report for school that she was typing out on

her computer. I knew I had only one chance to

avoid being plunged into the depths of her

colossal mouth, and my only option was to


From the time her fork left her plate until the

exact moment she plunged the bite of food

into the cavernous depths of her mouth, less

than a second went by. During that brief period

of time, I let go of the piece of meat I'd been

holding onto, and fell downwards, towards the

edge of Amber's colossal desk! I avoided

slamming into the side of the desk and

plunged downwards still further...

The top drawer of Amber's desk was open

just slightly, but since I was only six

millimeters tall, there was plenty of clearance

for my tiny body, and I fell into the drawer and

landed on the firm yet soft surface of a large


From the light shining through the opening in

the desk, I could see that I was in a desk

drawer full of paper-clips, pencils, pens,

erasers and a pencil sharpener. The scale of

ordinary objects is quite impressive when your

stature has been reduced as significantly as

mine. At six millimeters tall, the weight of an

ordinary pencil was so immense, that it was

impossible for me even lift it. Using the

pencils for a ramp to climb up and out of the

drawer was definitely out of the question!

And so there I found myself, trapped in a

girl's desk drawer, unable to escape. The only

option seemed to be to give myself up, and

get the girl's attention. Of course, this would

mean being captured, and I knew that the girl

would never allow me to regain my freedom

once I was under her power, but what other

choice did I have?



The sides of the desk drawer that I was

trapped in were only about six inches high, but

at my minuscule stature, they stretched

upwards to an unattainable height far above

my head. Escape was impossible.

I tried everything, but the pens and pencils

were too heavy for me to move, and I couldn't

bend the paper clips to make a grapnel hook

that I could throw to the top of the desk drawer,

because I just didn't have the strength to bend

the aluminum. I was trapped!

I realized my only choice was to make contact

with the giantess that owned the desk I was

inside of, despite the fact that I would surely

end up as her prisoner. I decided the only way

to make my presence known to her was to

make as much noise as possible, until I

attracted her attention.

I began piling the paper clips on top of each

other, which wasn't an easy task, because to

me they were very heavy. Eventually, I had

enough piled up that I threw a staple at the

pile to make some noise, but Amber didn't

hear it, because the endless clacking on her

computer keyboard drowned out the sound. I

tried again.

After about the third or fourth time, I must've

gotten her attention, because I heard her stop

typing, and she said:

"What was that?"

At this point, I climbed to the top of the pile of

paper clips and began kicking them one by

one into a second pile of paper clips, making

enough noise that the giantess decided to

investigate the source of the disturbance.

My entire universe seemed to shake all

around me as Amber opened the top drawer

of her desk, the drawer I was now imprisoned

in. Her immense face filled the space above

the drawer, and I got my first close look at this

pre-teen colossus.

Her long hair was dark blonde with strands

of lighter colored locks intermingled, and she

had beautiful blue eyes. Her eyebrows were

darker than her hair, yet they were detectably

dark-blonde in color. She had a good

complexion, with a scattering of cute freckles

across her nose, but nowhere else. All in all,

she was a cute kid.

At first, the titanic pre-teen failed to see me,

and I was worried that she would close the

desk drawer before I could make her aware of

my presence. I jumped up and down and

yelled at her, calling her name over and over

again. Her gaze soon shifted, and my heart

was momentarily paralyzed with fear as the

blue eyes of this giantess locked onto me,

and I became aware that she was observing

me for the first time. The titanic pre-teen

colossus addressed me for the first time:

"What on Earth? Who are you? How did

you get so tiny, little man?"

Amber opened the desk wider, and reached

inside to pick me up. She placed her index

finger in front of me, and said:

"Don't be afraid of me, tiny one. you can

trust me. Climb onto my finger!"

It wasn't exactly easy, because to me the girth

of her index finger was the same height as a

one story house. I climbed up onto some of

the paper clips, and onto Amber's immense

index finger. The giantess lifted me upwards,

and I felt slightly dizzy and a little terrified, but

she stopped just above the top of her desk,

and dumped me out into the palm of her other


She began to lift me still further, until I was

just below Amber's chin, so she could

examine me more closely. She said:

"Wow! What happened to you, little


I decided to answer her, but I had to yell at

the top of my lungs to be heard by the giant

girl. Finally, when communication seemed too

difficult, I explained that maybe I could write

down what had happened to me, and she

could read it with a magnifying glass.

She agreed that this was a good idea, and

she placed her hand on her desk and

commanded me to step down, so she could

get a pencil and a piece of paper for me to

write on. I obeyed her.

She pulled out a sheet of paper from another

drawer of her gigantic desk, and pulled out a

pencil. She broke off the tip of the pencil, and

placed it in front of me. Of course, the pencil

lead was almost as big as I was, so I had to

break off a smaller chunk of it to write with.

I began writing furiously, explaining in great

detail my entire story, how I was shrunk, and

how I had arrived here up to this point. When I

was done, the giantess left the room and

returned moments later with a huge

magnifying glass, so she could read my tiny

writing. I had tried to write with very large

letters, about one foot in length and six inches

wide from my perspective, but to Amber, even

this wasn't large enough to read without the

assistance of a magnifying glass. Before she

left, she said:

"I guess you're too tiny to escape from the

top of my desk! I'll just leave you there until I

get back. Don't go anywhere!"

When she returned, she read what I had

written. When she was done, she remarked

how amazing it was that all of these things

had happened, and said she felt very fortunate

that I had ended up with her, where I would be

safe. She went on to explain that from now on,

I had no choice but to remain with her as her

prisoner, and that it was for the best, because

I would not be safe out in the perilous world by

myself at my tiny helpless size. I was too

terrified of her superior size and strength to

argue with the mighty maiden, so I kept my

mouth shut!

At this point, she took out a ruler from the

same desk drawer I had been trapped in

earlier, and measured my stature. She said:

"Be sure to stand up straight, Deuce, so I

can get an accurate measurement!"

She knew my name was Deuce, because I

had written it down when I wrote about my

adventure. When she placed the plastic ruler

vertically next to me, the first thing she said


"Half a centimeter! No, wait--"

It took a second glance through the

magnifying glass for her to confirm what I

already knew:

"Exactly six millimeters tall, Deuce!"

She said.

She returned the ruler to her desk drawer,

and said:

"Oh, Deuce! We're going to have so much

fun together! Just wait and see! But I don't

want my mom to find out about you, so I'm

going to have to keep you hidden! I'll have to

take you with me wherever I go!"

Once that was established, it first dawned on

me that I might spend the rest of my days as

Amber's prisoner, with no hope of ever

knowing freedom again! Not that there was

anything to complain about, as the days went

by, she treated me quite well. She always

made sure I had plenty of food to eat, and

plenty of water to slake my thirst. As far as

Amber was concerned, I was no different to

her than a pet mouse or a hamster. It was true

that I led a virtually idyllic existance, but I just

couldn't get over the fact that I had never met

Amber before I'd been shrunk, and if I could've

had my choice, it would've been nice to have

been captured by a girl that I had known

before the lab accident, someone like


The days turned into weeks, and I soon

realized that my chances of escape were slim,

if there was any chance at all. The only time

there was any possibility of a chance was

when Amber would take me out into her front

yard with her when she wanted to read a

novel, and she kept me on a checkerboard, so

she could moniter my every move, to prevent

my escape. In addition to this, Amber took the

additional precaution of tying a string around

my waist, which she then tied to her wrist, to

ensure that any escape attempt would be

impossible without her immediate knowledge.

My captivity was a game to her, and she went

to great lengths to make sure I could never

have even the slightest chance of executing a

successful escape attempt. When she went to

sleep at night, Amber kept me contained

within an inescapable jar that had tiny

air-holes punched into the lid. Even had it

been possible for me to scale the slick sides

of my glass prison, it would have been quite

impossible to unscrew the heavy lid, and the

air-holes were too small for even me to climb


I remember the look on Amber's face the

night she captured me, when she had first

placed me in the jar. I'll never forget the look of

satisfaction on her face as she held the tiny jar

firmly in the grip of her left hand, with me

contained inside, and she gazed at my

helplessness with child-like glee. She had


"And that is that! You won't escape from

me now, tiny one!"

I knew my only opportunity to escape would

be on one of the trips out to the front yard,

when she read her novels. I had at first hoped

that she would let down her guard and

eventually she would allow me to roam

around on the checkerboard without being

tethered to her wrist, but this was not the case.

In fact, the better she got to know me, the

more elaborately she began to tie the knots of

the string that I was tied up in. If I tried to untie

even one single knot and my mistress

became aware of it, she would put down her

book and tie no less than half a dozen

additional knots to replace the knot I had

untied. As I said before, keeping me under her

power was a game to her, a game I could

never seem to win! Eventually, I began to

accept that I would probably remain as

Amber's captive for a very, very long time!


When Amber had started the seventh grade,

she had taken an algebra class, instead of

taking pre-algebra first. Because of this, she

was unprepared for it, because she had been

doing basic arithmetic in the sixth grade. She

was doing well in most of her other classes,

but she had been getting F's in algebra.

Her mother was a high school drop-out who

was unfamiliar with anything above and

beyond basic arithmetic, so she was unable

to help her own daughter with her math

homework. Now that I was there, that all


It was difficult to communicate with Amber,

because my voice was not loud enough for a

normally sized person to hear me, unless I

yelled at the top of my lungs. Therefore, I had

to use a chunk of pencil lead to explain

algebra to Amber, which was tedious. It wasn't

long before I had explained the fundamentals

of pre-algebra to Amber so that she could

understand, and I was also able to help her

comprehend the concepts of whatever

homework her algebra teacher had assigned

on a particular night.

After tutoring her the night before a surprise

pop-quiz, Amber got an A minus on a quiz that

had 10 problems. She only missed one out of

ten, and that was because of a clerical error,

not because she didn't understand how to do

the problems.

After a few weeks of this, Amber informed me

that her teacher had started asking her how

she had improved her math skills so

drastically. He never would have guessed that

Amber had a full time tutor living at home; or

that her tutor was a sophomore at Matheson

university majoring in nuclear physics, and

minoring in electrical engineering. He also

never would have guessed that I had been

reduced to six millimeters tall in a lab accident

during a cold fusion experiment, and that I

lived in a glass jar on a shelf in Amber's


Amber's mother also noticed her

improvement, and no explanation or alibi

could quench her mother's curiosity. After

being questioned unrelentingly by her mother

about her improved grades, Amber finally

decided to tell her mother the truth.

I was in the glass jar that Amber kept me in,

relaxing in the small clay dwelling that Amber

had sculpted for me out of clay. Amber picked

up the jar, and informed me of her desicion to

show me to her mother. Before I could protest,

Amber carried the glass jar, with me inside,

into the living room.

After being dumped out onto the coffee table

and being introduced, Amber's mother was at

first astonished, but after Amber explained my

story, her mother remembered the newspaper

articles and the television news broadcasts

about Deuce O'Ryan, the missing college

student; at that point it all made sense to her.

I had to communicate with Amber's mother in

the same inefficient way I had communicated

with Amber herself, with a chunk of pencil

lead. After explaining that I needed some

electronic components to assemble a

microphone and an amplifier so they could

hear me, her mother's first reaction was to

deny my request, fearing I would build

something that would enable me to escape. At

that point, she still wasn't sure whether she

was going to allow her daughter to keep me

indefinitely and keep my captivity a secret, or if

she was simply going to allow her daughter to

keep me temporarily, until my relatives could

be notified of my dilemma.

One thing I did discern about Amber's mother

was that she was concerned, and wanted to

make sure that no harm would come to me.

After writing down on paper the fact that I was

extremely vulnerable to cold weather because

of my drastically reduced body temperature,

the mother decided to immediately purchase

a heat lamp that Amber could place above my

jar at night, to keep me warm.

I was returned to my jar, and Amber and her

mother piled into the car, to drive thirty miles

into the main town to go to a well supplied pet

store, to purchase a heat lamp. Once in the

car, Amber kept my jar in her hand, but soon

placed it in the cup holder above the ashtray

below the dash board, so her hands would be

free to look through her many C.D.'s, to figure

out what she wanted to listen to.

The car got on the freeway, and we were on

our way to the same college town where

Matheson University was located. We went

back down over the Cuesta grade, in the

opposite direction that we had come when I

had accidentally hitched a ride in their car,

when I had mistakenly thought that that they

were heading South, instead of North.

Amber put the C.D. that she wanted to listen

to into the C.D. player, but still resumed

looking through her collection when the

accident happened. From my vantage point, I

could not see what caused it, but I assume

that someone tried to change lanes in front of

our car, and Amber's mother was cut off.

Luckily, both Amber and her mother had

seatbelts on, but the window on the

passenger side where Amber was sitting was

rolled down, so when the car went off of the

side of the road and flipped, My jar was thrown

from the car.

Amazingly, the car flipped over completely,

but Amber and her mother were unhurt. The

car was totalled, and my jar was thrown

violently from the vehicle, and rolled down the

hill and hit a boulder that was wedged

half-submerged in the ground, shattering the

glass jar I was in.

I was a little shook up, but when I stood up, I

knew that this might be my only chance to

escape from Amber and her mother. There

was a possibility that Amber's mother would

have decided to return me to my relatives, but I

couldn't count on that. So, after looking back to

make sure that the two of them were safe and

unhurt, I started off on my own.

We were almost all of the way into town when

the accident happened, so it wouldn't have

been too far for a normally sized man to reach

town, but I was six millimeters tall, so the

distance for me was significantly magnified. It

was early afternoon, and it was less than one

more mile into town, so I expected to get there

some time not long after nightfall.

During the first hour of my journey, Amber

tried to locate me, and I was worried that she

would capture me, so I walked West instead

of directly South, to throw her off of my trail,

and I was successful. At times I could see her

in the distance, calling out my name, but I was

so small that from that distance I was

undetectable to the human eye, so I wasn't


As early afternoon became late afternoon,

Amber's voice could be heard farther and

farther away in the distance, until finally I

couldn't hear her at all. I lost alot of time on my

detour, but if I had gone South, as Amber had

assumed that I would, there would have been

no way to elude her, and I would've surely

been captured again.

After nightfall, I reached the top of a hill, and I

could see the outskirts of town below.

Although it was soon going to be the

beginning of Summer, I had to make a camp

to protect myself from the cold, because of my

reduced body temperature.

That night, before I fell asleep in my hidden

campsite, I pondered the events of the past

month. The lab accident, getting captured by

Amber, and my serendipitous escape. I

wondered if I should continue on my quest to

contact Jessica, or if I should try to get in touch

with the professor.

I had studied enough about nuclear physics

in college to know that not enough was known

about the elusive neutrino particle; that is why

the professor's theory was so revolutionary.

He had actually found a way to manipulate

these particles, and remove them from the

quarks and gluon particles that made up the

protons, neutrons, and electrons that are the

three components of all atoms.

I also knew that because so little was known

about neutrinos, there was little if any hope at

all of replacing the neutrinos that had been

subtracted from my body. This is the reason I

had first decided to contact Jessica, because I

didn't believe that the professor could do

anything to help me, and I figured that if I had

no choice but to accept my current situation, it

would be better to establish contact with

Jessica, a girl who was in love with me, than

the professor.

I knew I could trust the professor, and that if

he was to find me, he would return me to my

mother or any relative of my choice, but was

that what I really wanted? sure, I would be

safe, but my mother was so over-protective of

me, she would probably make sure that I

would remain single until I was 80 years old.

After seeing the way Amber and her mother

had decided that my freedom was an option,

not a right that was carved into granite, I now

realized that even Jessica could probably not

be trusted, either. When human beings have

unlimited power over other human beings,

there is an instinctive human weakness to

abuse that power, and I wasn't sure there

were any normal-sized human beings on

Earth that I could trust any more, even my own


Now that I was free, I wondered if my best

option was to stay away from normal-sized

people for the rest of my life. It would be a

difficult existence, but it was probably the best

plan. I decided to wait until morning to make

my decision, so I went to sleep under the

stars on that clear June night, free for the first

time in over a month. Time would only tell

what fate had in store for me, Deuce O'Ryan,

the six millimeter man!



When I woke up the next morning, I felt better

than I'd felt in a long time. For the first time in

over a month, I was free. I didn't have any food,

but I was free.

I broke off a piece of a blade of grass, and

took a few bites. Actually, it wasn't bad. I hadn't

eaten since yesterday, so I guess anything

would've tasted good. I remembered the last

time I'd gone a long time without eating, the

day after the lab accident. My hunger had

gotten the best of me that time, and I took

foolish chances that had allowed me to get

captured. I vowed to myself that I would never

allow myself to make mistakes like that again,

regardless of how hungry I got.

I decided to try to find a house on the

outskirts of town that had a garden in the yard,

so I wouldn't be forced to eat grass. I made my

way towards town, and after a couple of

hours, when I was not far from the nearest

house, I saw an ant.

To me, it was as large as an average dog,

because I was only six millimeters tall. Then, I

saw another one. Just as I was walking down

a slight incline, I saw a whole colony.

I can't remember ever being so terrified in my

entire life. There were hundreds of them that I

could see, and probably thousands more in


foliage and in other places where I could not

see them. My fear subsided when I realized

they had no interest in me.

There were more than just ants from one

colony, as I had at first thought. There were

several different varieties of ants, all from

different colonies. One group were large black

ants, and another group were the same size

as the black ones, but were yellowish in color.

Still another group were a combination of

black and yellow, and there were two groups

of smaller ants, each a different type.

What I marveled at as I stood there observing

them, was the fact that they all seemed to

interact peacefully with each other. There

would be a group of ants from one colony,

marching along in an ant trail, and when their

trail intersected with the trail of ants of a

different variety, for instance, black intersecting

with yellow ants, they did not attack each other.

Like cars at a stoplight, each ant took his turn,

then an ant from the other colony would move


Then I saw a different kind of insect that I

could not identify, other than saying it was not

an ant. Remember, I studied nuclear physics

in college, not entomology. When it

intersected an ant trail, a group of ants from

that trail would team up and attack the

intruder. When the beetle or whatever it was

left the ant trail, the ants left it alone, and

resumed their daily business.

Then, not long after that, the same insect

again accidentally intruded on another ant

trail, this time in a location where two trails

from two different species of ants intersected

one other. Both species attacked the intruder

as a team, and after the insect fled, the ants

returned to their trail, each variety of ant

rejoining the trail of their individual species.

I found it amazing that several different

colonies of ants could all interact peacefully,

and I wondered if the human race would ever

evolve to a similar level of understanding.

Could people of different creeds and religions

ever accept each other and live peacefully as

equals, just as these ants were able to do?

The human race could learn alot from the

wisdom of the ant.

As I sat there watching the ants, I thought

about my life. I had always been interested in

science, and from a young age I had wanted

to be an inventor, like Thomas Edison. I made

a desicion to be a nuclear phycisist as a

youngster, after being inspired by the Bruce

Banner character from "The Incredible Hulk"

comic books I had read. I wasn't sure if I

wanted to be a nuclear phycisist because I

wanted to have huge muscles like the Hulk

character, or if my love of science and

technology were the main inspiration.

I eventually put that goal on hold, when I

reached junior high school, because I

discovered body building, and I decided that

lifting weights was a more efficient way of

increasing my muscle mass than studying

about gamma radiation. I continued body

building on through my high school years, but

I had never considered going into competition.

I did have friends who were interested in

going into competition, and they were all

interested in experimenting with steroids, to

give them that extra "edge." In my junior year, I

decided that supplying them and other body

builders was a quick and easy way to make

money, so I started making trips down to

Mexico on the weekends, where steroids

could be purchased legally.

This went on for a couple of years, and it was

an easy way to pay the rent and any other bills

that I had. I didn't feel that I was really doing

anything wrong, because after all, it wasn't like

I was pushing addictive street drugs on

people or anything.

I finally decided to get an accomplice, so

more steroids could be brought over to fill the

demand brought on by an increased number

of customers. A friend of mine agreed to do it,

but he just didn't have what it took to be a

smuggler, and I never should have trusted

him to begin with.

The last time I ever tried to smuggle steroids

across the Mexican border, we got caught. I

had the 'roids stashed in a hidden pocket of

my jacket, and I had sewn it up, so everything

was concealed. An American border patrol

guard asked a simple question, and my friend

cracked up under the pressure. If he had kept

his mouth shut, we would've never gotten


My friend and I were taken to a jail in San

Diego, and we were split up. I was only 19,

and it was my first time in jail. I ended up with

a sentence of six months, but ended up doing

about four months, with time subtracted for

good behavior. It was pretty simple; you don't

fight or get into any trouble, and you only do

two thirds of your time. You screw up, and time

is added. You screw up too much, and you

end up doing your full term.

While I was in there, I was in a cell with a guy

that was an electrician. There was no

television, so we talked about his job. I'd have

to say, he was the main inspiration in my adult

life that was a major factor in my decision to

go to college. He taught me about Ohm's law,

voltage drop formulas, and equations

concerning transformer coils. He really

rekindled my childhood desire to learn about

science. When I told him that I had wanted to

be a nuclear phycisist, he didn't laugh at me,

he actually encuraged me. He told me to go

for it.

There was a nuclear power plant in Devil's

canyon less than ten miles from Matheson

University, and if I had a degree in nuclear

physics, there was a good chance I could get

hired there. I could probably make pretty

decent wages. The electrician told me that I'd

better minor in electrical engineering, also,

just in case they weren't hiring phycisists. I'll

never forget what he told me. He said that as

long as they had power flowing through

powerlines, they would always need

electricians to work on those powerlines. He

said computer programmers could be layed

off when a company downsized, and college

graduates with degrees in business

marketing or cinematography could be flipping

burgers because the jobs they were qualified

for just weren't in demand, and they couldn't

find anything else. An electrician, however,

would always find work; and any contractor

would rather hire someone with a degree in

electrical engineering than someone who had

less impressive credentials.

So when I was released from jail, I took a

Greyhound back home, and enrolled at my

local junior college. It took three years to get

my general education courses out of the way

before I could transfer to the University,

because I had alot of prerequisites to take.

During my years at junior college, my mother

moved to Oxnard, and I was left alone in the

town I had lived in since my first year of high

school. I chose to remain, because I'd had

enough moving around when I was growing

up, and I decided that I was never going to

move away again; atleast not to another part of

the state. That was also when I first met

professor Stiles.

I started doing work for him, because he

taught classes during the day at Matheson,

and worked on perfecting his cold fusion

experiment until two or three in the morning,

and he needed someone to run errands.

Sometimes he remained working in his

laboratory until the predawn hours, despite the

fact that he had classes to teach the following

day. I went to radio shack and other

electronics supply stores to purchase

materials he needed to conduct his

experiment, and I swept and mopped his lab.

He payed me pretty good money, so that I had

enough money to pay my rent and bills.

When I was done with junior college, I was

able to obtain a grant, and I enrolled at

Matheson University. It's hard to believe that

now, all these years later, professor Stiles

finally succeeded in his cold fusion

experiment, only to have his ideas stolen from

him by those masked gunmen. At that point I

made up my mind; I wanted revenge.

Revenge against the thieves that robbed

professor Stiles of a lifetime of work. Revenge

against the men who had afflicted me with a

curse that made me a potential victim to

normal-sized human-beings. Humans are by

nature social animals, and if a human-being

was cut off from others for too long, he could

lose his mind. The bandits who robbed the

lab that day took away my ability to interact

normally with other human-beings, and my

condition was terminal. There was no way to

reverse the shrinking process that subtracted

over ninety-nine point nine percent of the

neutrinos from my body, reducing me to six

millimeters tall. For that I wanted to track them

down, and make sure they were convicted for

their crime.

Professor Stiles was probably the person I

could trust the most in my unusual condition,

but I knew he would be working night and day

to duplicate his cold fusion experiment. He

just wouldn't have the time to help me track

down the bandits. Jessica was the only other

person I could trust, besides my family; I

couldn't trust them, because I knew my

overprotective mother would never allow me to

leave the house if I was under her care, so


Giantess Stories: Six Millimeter Man

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