Giantess Stories: Sleepless Sleepover

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Sleepless Sleepover




Chapter Two: Kaley's Toy

“Kaley, Take me

off your Tits”


            Wendy and Kaley both were looking at me. I was

looking at Kacie who was just smirking at my predicament. I had no clue what to

do, both girls looked at each other but Wendy shrugged and went back to her

magazine and Kaley grabbed me like I was a check for a million bucks.


“Be back later girls”


“Where are you going?”


“To Tyler's room” [giggles]


“Kacie help! You can't let her do this”


“Alrighty, have fun you two”


“Kacie!! You bitch”


“I know, I am aren't I”


“Wendy! Help, Wendy please!'


            Wendy however didn't even pull her eyes off the

cosmo magazine. Kaley swung me helplessly in her grip as she walked out of

Kacie's room and down the hall. Kaley stared at me intently as she slowly went

into my room closing the door behind her.


“Well you got me in your room Tyler. I am sure you have

dreamed of this moment”


“Yeah, but I was always taller”


“Well now you're short, precious and adorable”


“I am not precious and adorable”


“awww, don't worry precious Kaley is here”


            Kaley laid down on my bed. She had on a button

up sweater and jeans on. As she lay across my bed she dropped me onto her

stomach. I could feel her warm skin even through her sweater. I couldn't believe

I was this close to the hottest girl in school.


“Well, why don't you get this sweater off of me”


“It weighs like 40 tons.”


“Oh it does not you big baby. It only weighs a few ounces.

It's cotton”


            I knew there was no way I could take off her

sweater but how could I resist the chance of seeing Kaley Cuoco's breasts. I

have spent a lifetime dreaming about this. I thought about this before I knew

what breasts were. I moved to the bottom of the sweater. It felt weird walking

across a person, and not just any person, but my dream girl.


“I still have my top on. This is not topless in fact this

is the exact opposite of topless”


            I grabbed the first button and began to push

and pull. As I did this Kaley sat up in my bed so she was sitting in Indian

style, I almost lost my grip as she sat up but luckily I grabbed one of the

smell knit holes in her sweater with my left hand. I grasped the button with my

right and tried to push it through the hole, but I found that I just didn't have

enough strength. I climbed up further so my feet were just below the button

almost touching her skin and I grabbed the top of the button. I struggled with

trying to push the button in but finally it separated.


“Well that only took forever! Try to hurry it up.”


“I don't see why I have to do this”


“I don't see why I have to do this” Retorts Kaley in a

mocking tone.


            I struggled my way threw two more buttons but

on the last button her sweater swung open as I separated the last one. I was

holding on for dear life as Kaley's white sweater was wide open. She slid her

shoulders back enough for the sweater to slide down her arms. I did the only

thing I could do. I jumped towards Kaley. I however didn't intend to grab onto

her breasts however that is what I grabbed. I gulp as I am holding onto Kaley's

tits for dear life. As she looks down at me my face got red with embarrassment,

before I got a chance to apologize Kaley stood and began shaking her chest from

side to side. I was holding onto her literally for dear life now as I didn't

want to plummet to the ground. Her tits were bouncing up and down faster and

faster. She grabbed my remote and turned my stereo on. Some techno music started

to play. Kaley bounced me up to the top of her breasts. I was only stationary

for a moment before she batted me into the air using her breast and I landed on

her left tit. I almost slid off of her breast but she bounced me back over to

the right and then I smacked into the top of her chest and slid down onto her

breast like I was straddling it. As her breasts bounced it was like a mechanical

bull moving and shifting in every direction. I struggled to hold onto her Bikini



Finally the song stopped and

Kaley fell backwards onto my bed. The fall caused me to dislodge from her

breasts and bounce into the air. My stomach landed on her nipple knocking the

air out of me as I slid down the side of her breasts onto her bare stomach. The

rhythmic up and down movement of her breathing was comforting as she stared at

me out of breath panting on her stomach.


“Awwww, are you tuckered out? I know you can rest in my





“Yup, it smells pretty bad in there.”


“I am not going anywhere near your feet”


“Oh I am just kidding jeez. So why did you make yourself

small anyway?”


“Please Kaley, just help me get back to my old height, I

don't like this.”


“What is not to like? I mean your five inches tall, and so

playable. You are way cool like this”


“I don't want to be way cool”


“Don't worry you can live with me. I am sure your sister

will let me keep you. We are best friends”


“but, but, but”


“I know you're excited”


            We both turned our heads as we saw the door

open up. I ran across Kaley's stomach and dove between her breasts. I peeked my

head out from between her two massive mounds. As the door swung open I saw that

it was Kasia. I nervously shook between Kaley's breasts


“What are you doing Kaley?”


“Oh just playing”


“Tell her to leave Kaley!”

”what was that?” retorts Kasia


“Don't tell her about me”


“Okay I wont”




“I promise”




“It's just Tyler hiding between my breasts”


“What come and look if you don't believe me”


“I saw the face of Kasia hovering over me.”


“Oh my god! Look at him! Let's show him to the girls.

Everyone is here”


“Kaley you promised”


“I'm Sorry I just can't help myself sometimes”


“Kasia grabbed me out from Kaley's breasts and dangled me

in front of her face as Kaley put her sweater back on.”


“Look at him, he is so small”


“Hi precious”


“I am not precious, stop calling me that!”


“I know, isn't he the most precious thing ever Kasia”


“Lets go, I can't wait to see everyone's face when they see



“I will not be shown off like a new born baby! Do you hear


















Giantess Stories: Sleepless Sleepover

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