Giantess Stories: Small Apartment

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Small Apartment.



Part 1

I saw an add in the paper for a room to rent, I was new in town and need a place

to stay while my company opened there new facilities in town so I called the

number and the women on the phone said I could come over and see the room in the


When I arrived at the apartment building it did not look very large at all, but

the women walking around the pool area and outside lounge was a plus. I walked

over to the apartment that the women told me too and knocked and a beautiful

long legged redheaded named Melissa answered the door she was wearing a short

black skirt with a see through whit bouse and had on tan pantyhose and six inch

heeled slides. You must be Fran Melissa said as she opened the door for me to

walk in.

Yes I am I replied as I walked into the apartment pass Melissa who was taller

than myself.

Owe I'm six five without the heels Melissa said as she closed the door.

Most guys ask so I figured I'd break the ice.

So how much is the rent on this apartment I asked Melissa?

Well if you take the room your rent will be five fifty a month, Melissa answered

as she motioned for me to sit down.

Five fifty kind of steep isn't it, I asked her.

Well if you take the room you'll get a lot of extra's, Melissa said as she

crossed her right leg over her left knee.

How much is the rent on the apartment and were is the room I'd be using, I asked


Well the rent is five fifty five a month and the room you'll be in is back here

Melissa said as she got up and walked to the back of the apartment and showed me

into a room.

I noticed on the way to the back that there was only a small kitchen and a

bathroom and only one bedroom witch I entered as I followed Melissa.

There's only the one bedroom, why would you advertise for a room mate then, I

asked with a puzzled look on my face.

Melissa then walked over to a door and opened it, it was the closet, her is were

you can move your things into if you listen to what I have to offer.

I just stood there with a blanks look on my face.

Melissa walked over to her bed and sat down and started to explain to me how she

planned to move a roommate in.

I have the ability to shrink things and people, Melissa started to tell me.

Wait your trying to tell me that you can shrink people, I asked as I started to


Yes I can shrink people, but on one condition they have to want to be small in

order for me to shrink them.

If you give me a chance to show you, you'll will be surprised at what you see,

Melissa said as she stood up from the bed.

All you have to do is want to shrink and I'll show you, if you don't like what

you see the spell will be broken and you'll return to normal, just give me a

chance to at least show you Melissa asked as she put her hands on my arms and

glided her fingers along my arms.

What the hell would it hurt I thought to myself, at least I'll get to spend a

couple more minutes with this crazy women before I split, I thought to myself

and told Melissa go ahead and shrink me if you think you can.

Alright then I will but you really want to shrink in order for the spell to work

Melissa said as she started to chant.

How small do you want to be she asked me?

I don't know why don't we go for the gusto and make me two inches tall, I would

love to look up your long legs from down there I said as I pointed to the


When I said my height and raised my eyes from the ground standing in front of me

was a giant Melissa and her lovely legs.

How's the view from down there do you like what you see, Melissa said as she put

her hands on her hips and posed for me.

I was speechless, she had shrunk me.

If your wondering, yes I can hear you, but I'm the only one who will be able to

hear you at that size and yes if I stepped on you, you would live Melissa said

as she raised her left foot and stepped down on me pressing me into the carpet.

When Melissa removed her foot of me to my surprise I was alive.

When you are shrunken down the spell also make you immortal, I could cut off a

limb and you would just grow another, do you want me to show you, Melissa asked?

No, no I'll take your word for it, I told Melissa as I found myself looking at

her feet and getting hard.

Do you think that we could be roommates Melissa asked as she placed her feet on

either side of and stood over me looking down at me.

I strained my head back and found myself looking straight up her skirt, and she

had no panties on with her crotch less pantyhose.

I'm sorry but you'll have to get used to looking up at me if you take the

apartment, Melissa said as she started to walk out of the bedroom.

I ran after her and followed her into the living room, Melissa sat down on the

sofa and I stood at her feet.

If you take the apartment you can't tell anyone about our arrangement, you can

grow back to normal height when you are ready to leave and when you come home

once you close the door behind you you'll shrink back down.

Do I have to sleep in the closet, I found myself asking?

No at your size you could sleep in one of my shoes if you wanted to, Melissa

said as she laughed at the thought of someone sleeping in her shoe.

If I do take the offer and keep my mouth close what's in it for me I asked?

What do you want Melissa asked me as she slid her right foot out of her shoe and

placed her foot down right in front of me.

Can I get you to agree to at least wear nylon's or pantyhose while I'm small, I

kind of have a foot fetish.

Da, like I couldn't tell by the little tent in your pants and how you haven't

taken your eyes of my feet since you've been down there, yea, I'll wear only

nylon's and pantyhose for you, but you have to give me the money for them and

I'll even wear any shoes you want me too, but you have to pay for them and if Borrador Óptico 5 segundos Garnier. ¿Funciona? - Blog de Belleza Cosmetica que Si Funciona

your really good I might even let you paint and polish my toes, Melissa said as

she brought her right foot over to be and rubbed her big toe against my side.

I found myself enjoying Melissa foot play with me and wanting more, so I told

her I'd do it, I want to move in as I touched Melissa's pantyhose covered big


Melissa ignored me as she was writing something down on some paper and she

shrunk the paper and a pen and handed it down to me and said read it first

little guy before you sign it, Melissa said as she removed her other foot from

her shoe and surrounded me with her feet.

I read the lease agreement, she had me paying the rent and buying her shoes,

nylon's and pantyhose. Melissa had also put in the lease how I was to maintain

her feet buy giving her pedicure, massages and paint and polish her toe nails

for her.

I can not tell anyone of our agreement unless she gives me permission.

I am to address her as goddess or mistress while I am small.

I give her the right to punish me in any way she felt needed if I misbehave or

break any rules that she puts into place at anytime she wanted too.

Melissa has the right to tell and show me to anyone she wants too.

Melissa has the right to use me in any way she want to for her pleasure.

Melissa has the right to take me out into public at my shrunken height.

Melissa is given the right to change the lease at anytime she wants too.

There is a lot of rules favoring you in this agreement I said to Melissa as I

looked up at her looking down at me at her feet.

I have to protest myself, is there anything you want to add to the agreement

before we sign it, Melissa asked me?

I'd like the right to be able to sleep in your shoes or nylons or hell even at

your feet I told her.

Put it in I don't mind you sleeping in my shoes and for the idea of you sleeping

at my feet I was hoping you would want to any way, Melissa said as she raised

her right foot ad pushed her big toe into me knocking me to the ground.

I was hoping you would want to make love to my toes, Melissa teased as she

placed her big toe between my legs covering my mid section and half my chest.

You mean I can put it in the agreement, the right to have sex with your toes, I

asked her with excitement in my voice.

Sure as long as I get to use you for my sexual pleasure as well, and I don't

want to have to ask you, so put down in the agreement that you can have sex with

my toes when you want to and don't have to ask and I get to use you when I want

too as well, Melissa said to me as she rubbed my groin with her toe.

I wrote it in as best as I could with her rubbing, done I said as I signed the

paper and held it up for Melissa to see.

I more minute pet, Melissa said as she continued to rub me and then it happened

I exploded in my pants from a giant women's toe.

Thank you my pet Melissa said as she took the paper from me and grew it back to

normal and signed the agreement.

Melissa then stood up and walked over to the door and took the pen in her hand

and drew a small line on the floor, here is were your size changes will take

place when your on this side your small and when your over here you grow back to

normal, come give it a try Melissa said to me.

I ran over and passed the line on the floor and within a second I was normal


Know step back over the line, I did and I was two inches again looking up at


When do you plan to move in Melissa asked as she walked back the living room?

I followed her like a puppy as soon as possible I told her as I trotted after


Here's your key to the apartment, Melissa said as she handed me a shrunken key,

don't worry it will grow back with you.

I reached into my wallet and gave her the first months rent.

Thank you Fran, do I make room for you in the closet or will you live at my

feet, Melissa asked me as she placed her feet back into her shoes.

I would like to live at your feet please, but what about my belongings and


Were are your belongings now Melissa asked as she stood up towering over me.

I have them in a mini storage and my clothes are in my car I told her .

Well if you want I can go with you and shrink your stuff and you can keep your

things in one of my shoe boxes.

You wouldn't mind doing that for me.

Were room mates know, I would love to shrink your things on one condition.

What's that I asked Melissa.

Melissa smiled down at me and asked me if I would go with her at my shrunken

size under her toes.

I didn't know what to say, I had always dreamed of that and here it was coming

true for me, I told her yes that I would love to go that way.

Melissa then sat down and removed her left leg and foot from her pantyhose and

suggested I remove my clothes for the ride because I would be sweating under her


I practically ripped my clothes off.

Melissa laughed at me as she picked me up between her forefinger and thumb

brought me to her lips and kissed me and then dropped me into her pantyhose,

enjoy the ride my pet Melissa said as I fell to the toe section of her


Melissa then placed her foot and leg back into the pantyhose and used her

fingers to position me under her toes. my face was looking up at her between her

big and second toe.

Melissa then put her shoe back on and told me here we go my pet.

As Melissa walked out the apartment she asked me were the mini storage was and

asked me if I minded if she drove my car as she wiggled my keys at me.

Sure you can take my car its only far I told her from under her toes, your doing

me a favor in shrinking my stuff for me.

Is that a stiffey I feel under my toes Melissa asked as she got in my car.

To be continued

Giantess Stories: Small Apartment

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