Giantess Stories: Small Family Matters  Part One

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Small Family Matters

Part One

“Danielle, that's my CD player!  Give it back already!”

Nadine banged on her sister's door to no avail.  Her sister's

muffled voice returned from the other side, “No, dad said we could

share it when I need to use it!  Go away!”

Nadine huffed and turned her back on the door. She slid down

until she was in a sitting position, looking out at the rest of the

second story's space of their two-floor house: a small sitting area

with chests and miscellaneous things, a door leading to a guest bed

and bathroom on her left, another door next to that leading to the TV

room, and the door directly in front of her leading to her room.

Danielle and Nadine were sisters, Nadine two years the senior at

nineteen, and they had a brother, Ross, who was twenty-three and out

on his own.  Their mother and father, forty-eight and fifty-three

respectively, had a room downstairs with their own bathroom, the

stairs that led to the second story panned out into a foyer with a

wooden floor, a small hall with a door to the guest bathroom and

leading to the living room.  The living room broke off – the left

leading to the master bedroom and the right leading to the kitchen

and a door to the garage.

In her long, slender fingers, she clutched the new AFI CD, longing to

hear it.  She had heard mixed reviews and wanted to judge it for

herself, but her sister wouldn't give back her CD player. True, their

father had said that they should share it, but Danielle had had it

for the entire week almost and she never did the project she needed

to listen to music to until now.  In Nadine's mind, Danielle's time

was up.

Nadine stood up and walked back into her room, tossing the CD on the

bed.  Suddenly it struck her – they shared a bathroom. In no time at

all she was racing towards the door and as the door burst open she

heard her sister squeal and drop the phone.  Nadine was furious.

“You aren't even using it!”

Danielle gathered the phone up in a quick motion and brought it to

her ear.  “Mark I'll have to call you back.”  She hung up.

The two sisters faced one another.  Danielle slowly got to her feet,

standing a little taller than Nadine – Nadine hated it when Danielle

would use it to her advantage as she always did.  Even with Nadine in

her flip-flops (thin soled, however) and Danielle bare foot the

younger girl was just a little taller. A knowing smirk spread across

Danielle's face.

“Can I help you?”

Nadine growled a little under her breath.  “Yeah, give me back my CD

player already; you've had it all week!”

Nadine spied the small CD player down at Danielle's feet – Danielle

lifted her foot and lowered it down onto the player, gripping its

edge with her toes, red polish glittering, and sliding it under her


“Give it back Danielle, I'm not kidding!”  Nadine almost gulped the

words back down as soon as she said them – even to her she seemed to

speak a little too severely.  Her sister was clearly shaken.

“Dad said we share it when I need it and I have a project!”

Danielle's voice was loud and whiney.

Nadine sighed and took reign of her emotions.  “Look, you've had it

all week, you could have done your project a lot sooner, let me just

borrow it for a little bit and I'll give it back, I just want to

listen to it for a bit.”

Danielle looked at her then looked down.  She kneeled down and slid

the silver player out in front of her a little.  “Okay, I guess you

can have it.”

Nadine let out a relieved breath and smiled slightly.  “Thanks, Dani,

I'll only be a little bit.”

She reached over to grab it just as her sister's large bare foot

clamped down on it once again. She looked up confused.  “On second

thought, big sis, how about a little kiss first?”  Danielle wiggled

her toes with a vicious grin.

Nadine growled, fed up.  She threw herself at Danielle with all her

weight and brought both of them hard to the carpet.  She wasn't

really thinking – if she hurt Danielle in any way she would be the

one to get in trouble, of course, but her sister's signs of struggle

suggested she wasn't that hurt.  Yet.

The two tumbled over one another with shouts and squeals.  If their

parents were home they would both have been busted before it could go

any further, but neither authority figures were present.

Nadine ended up on top, holding her sister to the ground by her

shoulders.  “Just give me the CD player!”

“No!” Danielle pushed her hand into Nadine's face and struggled to

remove the shorter girl.

“Ow, that hurts, stop!  Stop!”

Danielle turned the tables in a matter of seconds.  Suddenly Nadine

found herself face down on the ground with Danielle on her back.  Her

younger sister held both her arms behind her securely and sat in a

way that she couldn't move her legs.  Her struggles soon died out.

Danielle chuckled, straddling Nadine like a throne.  Nadine shuddered

as she felt the sole of her sister's bare foot press on the back of

her head and tousled her hair. “Well well well, all this for a

little CD player?”  Danielle's long toes took Nadine's hair between

them and she gripped it, pulling up.  Nadine groaned in pain.  “Well,

you aren't going to get away so easily.  No, I think you need to be


The foot suddenly forced Nadine's head to the ground and turned it

sideways.  Danielle then released her sister's hair from her toes and

rested her foot on the side of Nadine's face.  Nadine attempted to

plead a little bit, but feel silent when she saw her sister rest her

other foot on its side – right in front of her exposed face.

“Danielle, what are you…”

Her sentence was cut off as the sole pressed into her face.

Danielle's foot was warm and dry and her skin was very smooth and

soft.  Nadine had taught Danielle how to take care of herself and be

fashionable when they were kids and pedicures were a must to the girl

who demanded to look good.  Unfortunately now that finely pedicured

ped pressed against her face and she was helplessly prostrate under

her sister.

“Aw, how about a little kiss, sis, why all the fighting?”

Danielle smirked and rubbed her foot against her sister's face a

little, relishing in her control over the situation.  Nadine pressed

her lips tightly together and closed her eyes, trying to shake her

head.  The foot pressing on the side of her head didn't let her

budge, but her sister detected the movement.

“What, no kiss for your sister?  Don't you love me?”

Danielle laughed down at her and used her toes to try and pry open

Nadine's mouth.  Nadine was in complete despair.  If only her sister

were a little smaller, she wouldn't be in this situation…

“Fine, if you won't give me a kiss, you can just sit there and smell

my feet until you give me the CD player.”

Danielle pressed her foot harder into the side of Nadine's head

rested the other flat against her prone sister's face, toes wiggling

against her fore head. She smiled broadly.

If only she were smaller…

Nadine renewed her struggles against the foot pressing into her face,

trying to pull her face away.  The smell was starting to get to her –

not completely unpleasant, but behind the body lotion that her sister

used she could still smell the odor of her foot and it humiliated her

to be in that position.  She whipped her head back and actually

managed to free herself – the foot that was on top of her head landed

on the ground.

The movement unbalanced Danielle enough that Nadine was able to roll

her younger sister off her and they both stood, immediately ready to

go at it again.  But they both stopped the minute they were fully

erect, something was wrong.  Or, Nadine realized, finally right…

Danielle was actually shorter than her, much shorter, in fact!

Danielle now only came up to Nadine's breasts. The now taller girl

smirked and took a confident step forward.

Danielle squealed in confusion and her eyes suddenly took a scared,

pleading look upon them.  Nadine didn't care though.  This is great;

I can't believe she is getting smaller!  If only she were a little

smaller, though…

Suddenly, as if by magic, Danielle shook and shrunk again, now only

coming up to Nadine's crotch.  Both of the sisters jumped in

surprise.  Nadine's face quickly took on a look of recognition,

however – she was controlling her sister's height with her mind!

Danielle seemed to sense it, too, for she backed away shaking her


“No, please, come on Nadine, come on, this isn't fair!”

“Fair?”  Nadine followed her shrunken sister's flight and cornered

her against a wall, staring down at her.  “You want fair?”


Danielle shivered and shrank again, now down to Nadine's knees.

Nadine slipped a foot out of a flip-flop and pushed Danielle over to

the ground with the sole of her foot.  She sneered down at the

pitiful girl that had humiliated, no longer her sister.

Smaller!  Smaller!  Smaller!

Nadine's mind whirled and she pictured her sister a mere two inches

in height until it finally came true.  She could have laughed.

Danielle, who had just had her feet rubbing against Nadine's face,

was now no more than a bug to the giantess.  She watched Danielle run

between her feet and flee, slowly, across the carpet as fast as her

little legs would carry her.  She heard little squeaks.

“Please, no, please Nadine!  Don't crush me!”

“Crush you?”  Nadine laughed.  “What a great idea!”

Danielle realized she had no hope of outrunning her giant sister as

the flip-flop clad feet moved forward. They were an old pair with

very thin, brown soles and a black leather thong strap that slipped

up between Nadine's toes.  She watched the massive feet move with

absolute terror on her face and collapsed as one of the brown soles

descended on her and pressed her into the carpet with incredible


Nadine just laughed, not thinking about the consequences – this was

her sister, albeit she was being a bitch, but she was now grinding

her sister into the carpet under her foot.  She was overcome with a

sense of power and she didn't care what her parents or her brother

would think, she would never have to mess with the little bitch


She felt her sister under the thin sole of her sandal, right under

her toes, and pressed down.  She rolled her foot so that the ball of

her foot was directly on top of the lump and put all of her weight on

it, rising onto on foot and raising a heel so that only the ball of

her foot pressed against the ground.  The lump persisted.  She

pressed harder, but it wouldn't flatten.  Angered, she lifted her


Her sister lay on the ground, shaking, holding up her arms.  Tears

streamed down her face and her hair and clothing was an absolute

mess.  Nadine squatted over her.

“Did that hurt?”  The only emotion in her voice was pure curiosity.

As she looked down at the pitiful creature, her anger seemed to melt


Danielle could only nod her head, wincing and crying, sniffling with


Nadine rose and looked down at her.  “Good.”  Her foot rose and

dropped onto Danielle in one smooth motion, catching her right under

her heel, which the giantess enjoyed the sensation of adding as much

weight – and pain – as she could.  She stepped off and reached down,

pinching the small girl between her thumb and forefinger.

Part Two

Nadine moved back through the restroom and into her own room, her CD

player in one hand and her little sister gripped in the other. She

squeezed hard around the little girl, still marveling at how

resistant she was.  Nadine had cooled down a little though and really

didn't want to crush her sister, but squeezing as hard as she could

helped to calm her.  She was glad that Danielle hadn't died outright

under her foot for she had no idea what her parents would have

thought.  She didn't want them to go through that kind of emotional

torture at losing one of their daughters.  Of course, Danielle was

just as much of a brat to them as she was to Nadine, but that didn't

justify ending her life.

She gathered the CD and kicked off her shoes, dumping her sister on

her bed.  The little girl didn't even bother running, she just

whimpered in a fetal position, holding herself trying to alleviate

the pain.  Nadine sat down and put on her headphones.  The music

started playing and she lay back, covering her sister. She felt

Danielle's little body against the small of her back.

If only there was a way to work out the whole shrinking thing with

her parents.  She doubt they would let her keep her sister as a pet,

although the thoughts of what she could do with a tiny slave began to

swim through her mind. Maybe they didn't need to know about the

shrinking – besides, if Danielle told anyone who would believe her?

Nadine would just shrink her down again and inflict unimaginable

amounts of pain.  She ought to get the idea and keep quiet after a

few more times getting stepped on.

Nadine scooted over and lay on her side, drawing her legs onto the

bed to get comfortable.  She watched her little sister shake in fear

and was suddenly struck by the fact that she felt no remorse for what

she had done.  Even though Danielle might have had this a long time

coming, it still didn't truly justify Nadine's actions – how could

one human being act as the judge of another?

But she is such a little bitch....

Nadine pinched her sister hard between her thumb and forefinger and

watched her squirm in pain.  “Does it hurt?”  Her sister choked on a

sob and nodded vigorously.  “Do you think you deserve it?”

“No…  Please…”  Came the small wail.

Nadine frowned.  She lifted her sister and dropped her into the palm

of her opposite hand.  She positioned the small body in her hand so

that she ran parallel with the fingers – Nadine figured it would hurt

the most – feeling her sister's body curl and contort into a

misshapen ball as she squeezed as hard as she could.  She clenched

her fist for several seconds before letting the small girl drop onto

the mattress.  Danielle wailed and cried loudly, tears streaming down

her face.

Nadine sat up on her bed and rested her feet on either side of

Danielle.  They looked so big next to her miniaturized sister; she

wiggled her toes with black polish.  Her feet were pale like the rest

of her body – despite having Middle Eastern roots Nadine was very

fair, unlike her mother and her father whom were both very tan – and

she had round heels and slender soles ending in long, properly shaped

toes.  Her feet really were pretty.

She positioned one on top of Danielle and pushed the girl gently into

the mattress, letting her take in the scent.  She wondered what it

was like, being completely trapped under another person's foot, being

completely at their mercy.

She moved her foot along the bed, rolling her sister under it, and

repeated the motion.  She enjoyed it; it was nice to know that the

little lump that felt funny under her sole was her tiny bitch of a

sister.  She stopped after five or six times and rested her toes on

top of the little girl.

“You wanted me to kiss your feet.  How about you start kissing mine?”

Instantly she felt her sister's lips peck the bottom of her big toe.

She wiggled it on top of her.

“Kiss them all.”

As the music played out in Nadine's ears, she felt her tiny sister

squirm and struggle under her toes, kissing the bottom of each one.

When she got to the pinky toe and was kissing it for a few minutes,

Nadine began to lift her foot, but grabbed Danielle and made her rise

with it.  She then extended her toes when the foot was upright and

Danielle bounced off the pillowy ball of her foot.

She rested her other foot on top of her and without a prompt Danielle

repeated her duty, kissing away at the toes.  Nadine sighed and lay

back, dreaming of new uses for her new found slave.  Growing Danielle

back to size was no longer an option; she had to find a way to keep

her this size.

When she felt her sister was done again, she lifted her foot off and

rested both feet in front of the little girl, instep to instep.  She

looked down at Danielle.

“Lick between my toes, now, pet.”  She said and pointed.

At the word “pet” Danielle's head snapped up and she looked

questioningly at her sister.  Nadine simply pressed her toes into the

mattress and forced Danielle to roll down on to her array of

black-painted nails.  She flicked her off forcefully and gave her a


“What do you think you are to me, now? You never should have crossed

me.  Now lick before I see to it that you are punished again!”

As Danielle approached her foot she slid it forward a little and

spread her toes.  Her sister moved in and began to use her tongue to

clean her sister's pale skin between her toes. Since she had been

walking around with flip-flops all day her soles were a little red

and warm, the little tongue felt good though against her skin.

As she drifted off into thought again, something caught her eye – a

small red pillow that she had sewn herself.  It was plump and the

perfect size for someone to rest their feet on (it even had two

yellow foot-print decorations sewn onto it) and Nadine had intended

to place it downstairs on the couch as a cute little pillow people

could rest their feet on.  She picked up the square and looked at it

and then looked at her sister. A devilish grin parted her lips.

“That's enough.  I need to get some work done so I need to put you

somewhere where I know you won't get in the way.”  Nadine leaned over

as she spoke and opened a drawer next to her bed, pulling out a clean


Danielle backed away as she saw the sock, but Nadine's glare glued in

her in place.  She realized she had a lot more breaking in to do to

make her sister truly obedient.  She scooped up the small girl and

let her tumble down into the opening before slipping it onto her

foot.  She tapped the lump.  “Start licking.”

Nadine gathered up her sewing kit and sat back into her pillows as

she worked, Danielle's small tongue working across her heel.  The

front of the red face was several square patches of different shades,

with the two yellow foot-prints breaking the monotony. With careful

planning she began to rework one of the patches, thinking of where

someone's feet would comfortable rest on the pillow, and she began to

sew a grid-like pattern onto the area, leaving one side open.  The

result was a mesh that she could put something in but still be able

to see it, as well as it could see out.

Danielle had stopped licking her foot several minutes prior to her

completion of the grid and she slipped the sock off, dumping her

diminutive sister onto her bed.  Her giant foot loomed next to her

sister's small body.

“Did I say you could stop licking?”

“Nadine, please…”

Nadine struck out, grabbing Danielle under her toes in a

lighting-quick motion and squeezing as hard as she could.  The girl's

cries were muffled under Nadine's big toe.

After several seconds Nadine let her sister drop onto the bed.

“It's time for you to be punished,” Nadine said simply, picking her

sister up.  She unceremoniously dropped the girl into the red mesh of

the pillow and began to sew it up.  Danielle was much to big to fit

through the centimeter-square holes and began to struggle, but the

mesh was drawn tighter and tighter over her as Nadine worked.  Her

screams fell on deaf ears.

Nadine finished and put her sewing kit and CD player away.  She

dropped the pillow on the floor and stood over it, admiring her work.

 At a casual glance, it didn't look like there was a small girl

trapped in a mesh on the surface of the pillow – located in a spot

which would be comfortable for someone to rest their foot on.  Nadine

stepped down on the mesh square to test it out and could barely feel

her sister squirming, but she could if she concentrated.  All she

wanted was for Danielle to suffer – being her personal foot rest

would see to that.

“It's time to take you downstairs and put you where you belong.”

And with that, Nadine hefted the pillow under her arm, sticking her

sister's square firmly under her arm-pit, as she descended the stairs

in the living room.  She put the pillow on one end of the couch and

lay down, resting her feet on the large red pillow.  Nadine noticed

with approval that her large foot completely smothered the square

that held Danielle and she twisted her sole back and forth against

her captive before drifting off to a contented sleep.

Part Three

Nadine woke with a yawn and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. It had been a

good nap, nothing felt better than just coming home and taking a little break

after a long day. Forgetting all about her miniaturized sister, Nadine

stretched, pressing both feet hard into the cushion and stretching her arms out

above her head, arching her back. Danielle could only watch helplessly as her

sister woke and one of the feet that had been resting on top of her shifted,

driving the massive ball of Nadine's foot hard into the girl. Nadine held the

position, pressing Danielle for several seconds of unbearable pain, before she

yawned again and drew herself up on the couch.

Danielle looked up at her giantess sister, who smiled down at her. “Did you like

my nap? Hope you aren't getting too comfortable, foot toy, I have plenty for us

to do.”

Danielle grabbed a few of the strands of the mesh and shook them, shouting up at

her captor. “Stop already, Nadine, you win, ok? What do you want! Just grow me

back, this is terrible, stop it! I'm not your slave!”

Nadine slid a foot down towards her sisters little square and rested her toes

lightly on the small, trapped body. Her voice was almost a whisper. “You are my

slave, you will live as my slave and you will die as my slave. You don't even

deserve that much; you've been such a bitch all these years.” She spread her

toes and pushed forward a little bit, forcing a bulge of the mesh and Danielle's

upper body between her big toe and the next. Danielle's lower body was firmly

trapped against the ball of Nadine's soft foot. “If I could only crush you,”

Nadine began, squeezing her toes together around her little sister, “I would.

But you don't seem to be squishable, yet. So instead…” Nadine pulled her toes

back and positioned her big toe against her little sister's face. She forced it

into the pillow as hard as she could, causing her sister to cry out. “You'll


A car pulling up brought Nadine out of her thoughts of smearing her small sister

under her sole. Nadine looked back down at the girl. “Looks like mom is home,

better find a way to keep you quiet though…”

Nadine leaned forward and manipulated a bit of the mesh, pulling a tight strand

down and against Danielle's head. She slotted the piece across Danielle's mouth

like a gag and smiled. For some reason, seeing her sister like that – a small

bondage slave – turned her on. She made sure the strand was tight and only

smiled at her sister's tears and muffled words. The door opened and Nadine's

mother, Jannah, walked in.

Jannah was born in the Middle East like Nadine and Ross and their father, but

she actually showed signs of it where as all her children did not, except,

ironically, Danielle (the only United States born sibling in the family). Jannah

was tall and thin like the rest of the family, and very beautiful. Very tanned

with dark brown hair and almond eyes, her face had very finely sculpted features

– thin wisps of eyebrows, a delicate mouth. She had a sharp nose, a little

larger than most American noses, which were common in the Middle East. Her high

heels clicked on the tile as she walked into the open kitchen in her navy blue

power suit and set a bag of groceries on the counter.

She looked over at her daughter. “How was your day, Nadine?”

Nadine turned towards Jannah and smiled. “Very good, actually, mom! How was


Jannah walked over to where her daughter sat and lowered herself beside her on

the couch. “Ah, stressful, none of the homes I was showing to the family matched

what they wanted and I've had to walk around all day, my feet are killing me!”

Nadine smiled and suddenly stood up; devilish thoughts ran through her mind.

Jannah was surprised by the quick motion; their family was definitely

progressive and liberal, but normally they were all very emotionally reserved.

Nadine's sudden excitement took her off guard.

“Look what I made today! You can rest your tired feet on the footrest I made


This was more than Nadine had hoped for, she knew that she would torture

Danielle tirelessly under her feet, but the thought of her mother smothering the

little bitch with her sweaty nylons excited her.

Jannah looked over at the red pillow and was again surprised, her daughter never

really finished anything but the pillow actually looked pretty good! “Oh, it's

cute, Nadine! But I can't rest my feet on it, I don't want to ruin it.” Jannah

looked a little embarrassed. “I've been on my feet all day; I can't imagine they

would smell good.”

Nadine couldn't help but grin. “No, it's ok, I want you to try it, and it's very

comfortable!” Nadine bent down and got on her knees in front of her mother and

took one of her pumps off. Immediately she could smell a warm aroma that was

both sour and sweet at the same time. Her mother looked embarrassed but Nadine

was actually a little turned on by it – it was different and unique and all

together very pleasant to her for reasons she couldn't quite place.

She paid careful attention as she slipped off her mother's second pump; the

smooth, dark nylons covered her mother's tan foot and her purple-painted toe

nails. Jannah had large feet like everyone in the family, but they were still

beautifully made. Her soles and toes were longer than Nadine and Danielle's and

just a little broader, too – next to the men in the family she had the biggest

feet. Nadine slipped her thumb into the shoe as she pulled it off and felt the

heat of the foot as well as its incredible softness; she always loved that feel,

she would often rub her own feet after a jog since they are always so tender and

warm. She almost wanted to be in her sister's place or at the very least as

small as her and begging Jannah not to crush her under her large, smelly feet

like the bug she was.

Almost, she reminded herself, she didn't yet know how far her powers of

shrinking extended.

“Please, mom, just try it – I already did, it's great for when you take naps!”

Jannah's pretty mouth shrank in thought, and then she smiled widely at her

daughter. “Ok, ok – I just didn't want to rest my feet on your cute little

pillow, but if that is what it is for...”

Nadine watched hungrily as her mother swung her massive feet around and rested

them on the pillow. She rested them right on the imprint decorations and wiggled

her toes with a giggle. “It is comfortable, it's really soft!”

“And look here!” Nadine reached over and poked the patch, purposely pressing it

hard against her sister's head. “There is this little mesh part. I was thinking

about doing the whole pillow like this, but it's all I got so far, it's really

nice to scratch your foot against.”

Jannah giggled, feeling ridiculous, but she wanted to please her daughter

nonetheless. Danielle could only watch helplessly, struggling against the cloth

grid and gag, as her mother maneuvered a foot larger than Nadine's towards her

little prison. The nylon sole descended and pressed down firmly on the small

girl and she heard a laugh and another comment from Jannah as the huge foot

smothered the girl. Danielle gagged and was amazed by how hot her mother's sole

was. She was beginning to moisten with sweat from the large nylon-covered foot

and some of that could have very well been her sweating under the heat. The gag

held her mouth partly open and she started to taste her mother's salty foot. She

cried against the sole in humiliation.

Jannah began to rub her foot up and down and was surprised how good it felt. As

her sole grated against the mesh, she felt what seemed to be a hard lumped

trapped in it. Her toes drifted down to investigate and she asked Nadine what it


“Oh, it's just a little extra fabric, mom.”

“Oh I see.” Jannah replied and squeezed and teased the little lump between her

long toes.

Danielle bit hard on the gag as her mother's long toes pinched and curled about

her, trying to flatten her. After a few more grabs, she pressed her big toe hard

into Danielle and rubbed hard up and down against her small daughter. Danielle

wished that she had a way to get through to her mom – to get her to force Nadine

to change her back. Maybe there would even be a way to shrink her stupid older

sister and introduce her to the pain that she showed her.

Meanwhile Nadine watched her mother's purple painted toe nails press down on

Danielle before Jannah moved her sole back down to the imprint and switched

feet. “My feet are so itchy.” She commented, rubbing her warm sole vigorously

against the mesh and her little daughter.

Nadine nearly salivated. “I could rub your feet for you mom.”

Jannah smiled at her daughter's “joke.” “It's ok dear – your pillow is quite


Just when Danielle though she wouldn't be able to take anymore of the torture,

the massive foot lifted off her and the pillow regained its shape. Jannah

planted both feet on the ground and cupped her daughter's chin. “Very cute,

child, thank you.”

Nadine beamed and jumped up to follow her mother to the kitchen. “Need help with

dinner, mom?”

“Thank you Nadine that would be great!”

Danielle couldn't believe it. Their family was normally so emotionally reserved

and internal, but for some reason her mother rubbing her massive feet on her

seemed to brighten up her day. Danielle cried into the cloth prison that bound

her, still wet with her mother's foot sweat. She couldn't believe that everyone

was so happy, no one even asked where she was. She was nothing but a small bit

of comfort again her mother's sole at the end of a long day.

Part Four A

Dinner moved on quickly, Nadine and Jannah had worked together to prepare it

and had waited for the father, Sajul, to get home. Also from the Middle East,

Sajul was a tall, tanned, thin man – with long limbs and hands and feet and a

prominent nose.

Danielle heard herself come up quite a few times during the dinner discussion

from her spot in the little red mesh. The thick strand still gagged her, almost

dry of Jannah's foot sweat, and the taste was stale in her mouth. They called

her several names – brat, bitch (Jannah scolded Nadine with a giggle for that),

no-good, more trouble than she was worth – each time she felt anger well up in

her heart. She had no idea this was how her family viewed her, and she knew

Nadine relished every word, grinning over at the pillow periodically. If she

could just contact one of her parents she would make her sister pay – they

didn't really mean what they said, she was a good daughter.

Jannah and Nadine cleared the table and Sajul moved into the living room,

turning on the TV and slipping off his loafers. Sajul was a doctor at a major

hospital and was dressed in his normal work clothes – dress shirt, tie, khakis,

thin dress socks, and his worn brown loafers. Danielle looked at her father's

massive feet on the table – he and Ross had the biggest feet in the family, with

long, broad soles and large toes. Her father's socked feet rubbed against each


Danielle heard her mother's voice from the kitchen, “No feet on the table, Sajul.”

Nadine's voice trailed immediately after it, the smile in her words biting into

Danielle. “Try the foot pillow, Dad!”

Jannah smiled at her daughter and nodded to her husband. “Yes, Sajul, our

daughter made a pillow for a foot rest, it is very comfortable.”

Danielle tried to scream, she tried to warn her father in some way that she was

trapped on the pillow. As she watched her father reposition himself all the

images of Jannah's massive nyloned foot pressing down on her pitiful form burned

into her mind all at once. The last thing Danielle saw before the dark cloth of

her father's sock blanketed her world was Nadine moving over into the living

room to sit, a huge smile on her face.

The massive foot rested on Danielle's little square, the thin sock soaked with

sweat, her father's tough sole pressing her deep into the cushion. Where as

Jannah and Danielle toyed with the mesh and her little body, Sajul simply rested

his feet, content to lounge.

His foot odor was strong and stifling – the air around Danielle was hot and

sour, each breath went heavily into her lungs. He rubbed one foot against the

other, roughly, and to Danielle the massive sock forcefully pressed down on her

and harshly rubbed her all over.

She heard Jannah's voice address her husband. “Sajul, let me have those socks,

I'm doing a load of laundry soon before I shower.”

Danielle's father's feet rubbed against her one last time and moved away,

dislodging the thread from its gag-like position in her mouth. Danielle began to

cough. Nadine heard it, her head snapping towards the pillow.

Suddenly Danielle realized it, as her giant father slipped off his socks – this

was her chance to get someone's attention, with the gag free maybe she could

alert one of her parents and finally get back at Nadine. Just as she cried out,

Nadine began coughing, too, loudly, drawing all the attention away from the

diminutive girl. She watched in despair as her father's now bare foot moved back

towards her as Nadine continued to cough. Before the broad, bare sole settled on

her, Nadine flashed her evil smile while Jannah offered to get her some water.

Once again Sajul's sole settled on his tiny daughter, snuffing out her world.

She was now smothered by his wet, rough sole; her body completely obscured under

his arch. The smell threatened to knock her out and she had terrible time

breathing. She had to do something, she realized – if she blacked out now from

his foot odor there would be no hope of escape, not for a long while.

Clenching her stomach, Danielle forced her face forward – nose curling from the

smell – and kissed her father's sweaty foot. She reeled back just as quickly,

the foot flesh once again settling heavily on her.

Nothing. At least, nothing that Danielle wanted to happen.

Absent mindedly Sajul made Danielle's living hell a hundred times worse. As he

watched television he found a pleasing sensation from rubbing his bare foot on

the little mesh and he massaged the ball of his foot back and forth with the

little patch Danielle was in. While the girls of the family exfoliated their

feet, the men did not and the little mesh worked like pumice against her

father's foot. Not only was little Danielle completely coated with his strong

smelling sweat, but also small particles which no one would see but her rubbed

off on the mesh and clung to her and the strands holding her. Her father began

to work the arch of his foot against the mesh, simply dragging it against the

pillow, slowly, from ball to heel, but to Danielle the long arch seemed to go on

forever, just to have it repeat the process and travel across her again.

When he was done with his arch he lifted his foot from her for just a second and

she sputtered and coughed out sweat, wishing she could empty her stomach of her

father's foot sweat or at least get away from the smell. She did notice, in her

second of respite, that Nadine and Jannah were no longer in the room.

That observation was quickly dashed from her mind, however, as her father's heel

put loads of pressure on her – barely compensated by the pillow – and started to

work against the mesh once again.

Part Four B

Nadine's breath was quick and excited as she pushed through the carpet fibers of

the living room. Her mother's announcement that she was going to go take a

shower soon had made her mind up for her – she shrunk herself. It wasn't hard at

all, if she concentrated, and she could even grow herself back. A few quick

tests in the dining room had put her fears to rest. She barely made it out of

her father's vision, though, before her thoughts of being under her mother's

sole and completely at that beautiful foot's mercy caused her to lose a few feet

in height.

As she managed to round the corner of the dining room and travel across the hard

floor of the foyer her breath caught. Her mother, now in just a bath gown,

strode like a goddess from the master bedroom. Her fuzzy pink slippers slapped

her delicious soles as she walked passed her husband with a smile and paced

towards the stairs. Nadine was too caught up by the vision to realize that she

was right in her mother's path – Nadine was at the foot of the stairs.

Her mother rose above her higher and higher as she approached her miniscule

daughter. Nadine had shrunk herself down to a mere fourth of an inch so no one

was likely to see her unless they were looking. All she could think about as her

gorgeous mother neared was getting down on her knees and pledging her eternal

servitude as her mother's foot slave. The massive pink slipper rose high above

her. Nadine could see the clean black sole of the slipper outlined by pink fuzz

and her mother's absent face in a look of calm relaxation. Nadine realized her

mother was about to snuff her out under her foot without even one thought for

her daughter's plight, crush her to a pulp while going over her nightly chores.

The pink slipper slammed down right in front of the tiny girl and sent her

flying a few inches. She tumbled over and over and came to a stop on the hard

floor with a little, “oof”. Her mother raised a hand to her mouth and called


“Nadine, could you bring your laundry down, please?”

She waited for an answer at the bottom of the stairs – only Nadine knew that

there was to be none – and tapped a slipper. Nadine, however, did not wait. She

sprinted with all her might towards those two big beautiful feet trapped in the

pink slippers and ran between them to the opening, facing the slipper that

contained her mother's still foot, and quickly surmised a plan to hitch a ride

beside her mother's massive and round heel.

Plans, however, have a funny way of not working out.

As Nadine pulled herself onto the thick black sole of her mother's right slipper

her mother apparently gave up in her wait and started to climb the stairs,

miniaturized daughter unknowingly in tow. Jannah's left foot mounted the first

stair and Nadine watched in wonder and ecstasy as her mother's long bare sole

separated from the insole as the massive toes out of her sight pressed down, she

gazed as time seemed to slow down at every wrinkle that formed in the soft arch

and around the edges of the bulbous heel. At that moment she would give anything

to have her mother notice her, to have her mother smile down at her and lower

her back to the ground, only to raise one perfectly sculpted bare foot and grind

her daughter lovingly into paste. And at that moment the slipper snapped back

towards Jannah's sole, and Nadine was forced once again to adhere to the concept

of time.

To Jannah, she was simply moving her right foot from the hard floor of the foyer

to the second step of the staircase. But to Nadine, trapped on the slipper, it

was something else. As time had seemed to slow down, now it seemed to speed up.

Her mind raced as events imperceptible to the human mind forced themselves on

her. As the heel of the insole hungrily raced to cup the round heel over her

mother's gargantuan foot, Nadine was tossed from the outlying regions forward

and was caught between her mother's hardened heel and the black sole. For just a

moment there was no pressure, the foot and the slipper worked together to simply

pin the small girl between the two. Just as quickly, however, the foot landed at

its destination and the full force of Jannah's weight pressed down on her tiny


Nadine screamed, only to have Jannah's foot flesh force its way into her mouth.

A sweet and salty taste immediately assailed her taste buds and she was unable

to breath. The heat and pressure was immense, but Nadine realized she was

experiencing the same invulnerability that her sister seemed to enjoy whenever

Nadine tried to crush her.

Jannah, who felt something hard under her heel, stopped on the stairs and

started to lift her foot, curling her toes to keep her slipper forcefully on and

trap whatever was against her heel.

Nadine's stomach churned with the sudden movement and suddenly found her capture

over as Jannah relaxed her toes and allowed the slipper to fall away, exposing

her bare foot. She arched it, her sole visible to her now, as well as the hard

lump that was stuck to her heel. For one sweet moment Nadine looked up into the

giantess's eyes and imagined that Jannah was her captress – that Jannah would

smile cruelly at her and wedge her back under her foot in her slipper. Fantasy

and daughter alike were brushed away by Jannah's massive fingers, as she wiped

her heel with a quick flick and replaced her slipper.

Nadine hit the hard foyer floor exhausted, rolling on to her back to watch as

her giant and powerful goddess of a mother continued to climb the stairs. Only

then did she notice the incredibly wetness between her legs. She would have to

do that again.




Giantess Stories: Small Family Matters  Part One

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Giantess Stories: Small Family Matters  Part One

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Giantess Stories: Small Family Matters  Part One


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