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By B. Kaiser

I still couldn't believe it. But it was true; I was truly sitting in Britta's

apartment, the sweetest woman there was. We were both members in the same tennis

club, and yesterday she had simply asked me if I would be interested in hav ing

dinner with her the following evening.

Me, of all people, me! Up until now she had rebuffed anyone that had made a move

on her and that was not a small number of men!

That night I could barely sleep due to the excitement, and now here I was,

sitting on Britta's bed waiting for her. After she had invited me in, she had

asked me to wait a bit, she still had a little fixing up to do and she

disappeared into the bathroom. Already, she looked like an absolue knock-out

with her long chestnut-brown hair, that smoothly fell over her shoulders and the

thin and nearly see-through dress that she wore.

I took a sip of the Coke she had given me and looked around the apartment trying

to settle my nerves. In a corner was a small dollhouse which I leaned over and

inspected closer. Strange! It seemed like something was moving inside! I bent

down to get a better look to see how that could be.

A sudden pain surged through me, then I felt a strange distortion throughout my

body, however there wasn't any pain anymore. I tripped on my pants that suddenly

were too long. Even my sweater had become too large. I couldn't see my hands

anymore! Panicking, I ripped the clothes from my body but the nightmare

continued. Everything around me was slowly becoming bigger. The sides of the

room widened. The lamp, that before had come up to my chest, was now higher than

me and was growing even higher! First the table became big enough to walk under,

than the chairs, and finally, even the bed!

Then it suddenly ended, the growing had halted. In complete bewilderment, I

looked around. The small room was now gigantically big. I could scarcely believe

how high the roof had become. In the distance the furniture rose up like a

mountain range. Behind me was the bed, it had changed into a giant sheer wall.

What in the world had happened? The room had been transformed into a setting for

giants! No, that wasn't it, my surroundings hadn't changed, I had been shrunken

to the size of a tiny bug. The realization struck me like a ton of bricks. Was I

dreaming? No, everything was too real.

Panickstricken, I ran around, until I came upon a nearby red wall. Standing

back, I recognized the wall as a gigantic shoe. Behind me was the other. Of

course! They were Britta's highheels that she had put under her bed, they were

each bigger than a truck. I climbed up on one of the shoes. What an incredible

experience, I thought, I'm sitting in one of Britta's shoes.

Then it hit me! What had become of Britta? With all the crazy things that had

had happened to me, I had compeletely forgotten about her. Had the same thing

that happened to me also happened to her?

I jumped from the gigantic shoe and ran over the wide expanse of floor towards

the enormous door which led to the bathroom, just as the door suddenly opened!

I froze in my tracks. A gigantic monster appeared in the doorway. It was Britta!

She hadn't shrunk, instead, from my point of view, she had grown gigantically

large. The giantess came directly towards me, the ground shaking under her

steps. I came to my senses and threw myself to the side, otherwise I would have

been, without a doubt, squashed by the powerful feet. Breathing heavily, I sat

up and watched the giantess seat herself on one of the monstrous chairs.

Suddenly there erupted a loud penetrating voice:


She hadn't noticed me. Small wonder! I couldn't have been bigger than 2 inches.

I looked up at the gigantic body of the giantess. She was nearly naked, wearing

only tight workout shorts. High up, her beautiful, enormous breasts, rose out

like two giant hills.

What should I do now? Should I get her attention, and if so, how? I had to be

very careful. She could easily mistake me for an insect and simply step on me.

Slowly I approached the chair, staying always in the shadows, until I finally

reached Britta's gigantic foot. I stared up and saw the enormous white expanse

of Britta's legs, which seemed to rise up to the sky. How often had I marveled

at these legs, I had never been this close to them. Despite her monstrous size,

she appeared many times more stimulating than before and my gaze rose up upon

her again and again.

Suddenly, the ground shook below me. The giantess was standing up! Her body

loomed above me like a mountain. She seemed to be strangely distorted, way up

her features were very shortened. Her head was so high up I could scarcely

recongnize it. Britta took a step! The powerful impact shook the floor and I

stumbled and screamed. The giantess turned around.

"WHAT WAS THAT?", shouted the loud voice. She had heard me! I ran under the

table behind me and hid behind the table leg. But it was too late, she had

already seen me!

"IIIEEEH; WHAT JUST RAN THERE?", came the voice again. The giantess came towards

me, and I ran in panicked fear on the floor away from her. As I looked back, she

stood directly behind me and looked at me with a puzzled expression. She had put

her shoes on and now had one foot raised up, undoubtedly preparing to step on

me. The giant shoe came down towards me with unbelievable speed, and soon filled

the sky, then it suddenly paused giving me a chance to run from it. The shoe

crashed down upon the floor only an inch behind me. Full of fear I ran towards

the dresser. As the shoe came for me again, I saved myself at the last moment

under the dresser.

Spellbound, I stared out at the large shoe. What would the giantess do now? The

giant legs bent down, one knee appeared, and then the other. Giant red

fingernail polished hands swept underneath, laying themselves on the floor. Out

of immense fear, I backed away until I came upon the wall. The giant hand was

still coming for me. The fingers, as thick as treetrunks, grabbed for me, but

they couldn't reach me.

Suddenly the hand disappeared. Britta stood up and walked away.

What was she going to do now? Would she sweep me out with a broom, or would she

simply press me against the wall like a cockroach?

After a few moments, I heard an ear-piercing noise, cracking and creaking, as if

an entire block of houses was being destroyed. I covered my ears. Suddenly it

was bright all around me. Britta had pushed the dresser on its side.

She stood before me, like a towering mountain peak. A powerful laugh growled

from her throat. She bent down and reached for me.


I sat, paralyzed with fear on the floor and could not move. Two giant fingers

came nearer and nearer, closing around my chest with a murderous grip. With

breathtaking speed, I was carried up.

I was hanging in the air, upside down, with the white wall of Britta's body in

front of me; below me, perhaps 150 feet down, was the floor. Again I heard the

loud laughter of the giantess. Suddenly I felt a wide floor under my feet.

Britta had placed me into her other hand and was now carrying me through the

room. Finally, she set me down.

I crawled off her hand and found myself on a broad white surface, Britta's bed.

For me, it wasa broad expanse, as large as a soccer field, and in the distance

was a pink hill, Britta's pillow.

To the left and the right crashed enormous red shimmering boulders, and from the

impact I was thrown several meters through the air , landing in some manner

softly back on the bed.

Britta had laid herself down; near me rose her enormous legs.


giant hand picked me up and placed me next to one of the enormous feet.


I didn't move.


Still I remained stationary. Then I felt such a powerful push against my back

that I stumbled and was pushed against the giant toe.

"DO IT NOW, OR I'LL SQUASH YOU", commanded the voice.

I climbed up on one of the toes and stood upon Britta's foot, before me was the

steep wall of Britta's leg; how was I supposed to climb up that?


The wall bent and I was lifted together with her foot several feet back . Britta

had stretched her leg a little so that I could better climb it. I began the

ascent. I had only climbed ten feet when the giantess pulled her leg back and I

fell to the ground.

This repeated several times accompanied with Britta's ear shattering laughter,

which she suddenly silenced as I reached the summit of the steep wall of her

legs , and collapsed from exhaustion on the platform of her knees.

My gaze wandered over the gigantic body of the giantess, that Britta had become

to me. Downhill, under the steep slope of her thigh I could make out Britta's

shorts, which covered her pubic area like an enormous sheet; further behind was

the vast expanse of her stomach, and then her swelling breasts, which rose like

hills with with little peaks, and even futher back, hardly recognizable, her

head, surrounded by the forest of her hair.

"GET DOWN!" commanded the giantess; but I was so fascinated by the view that I

didn't react. The situation I found myself in was highly absurd and dangerous,

all the while being extremely exciting! Being the plaything of a giantess, who

also was a pretty woman, and wandering over her gigantic body gave me incredible

and very strong erotic feelings.

Was this reality? Or was this an incredibly intensive dream? No, that couldn't

be. Everything that was happening was far too real. Was I possibly drunk? Or was

I really and truly small. If I was, how was this possible? Was Britta some kind

of witch with the ability to shrink men?

In the middle of my thoughts, the giantess prodded me again with her fingers. I

slid down the overhang of her thigh while she spread her legs wider, such that I

ended up sliding between her thighs, where I became stuck and became fearful

that I would be squeezed to death.

Britta's face suddenly appeared above me. Her lips were pulled back with

laughter. Suddenly, the legs were pulled apart and I landed roughly on the bed.

A few dozen feet before me began the material of Britta's shorts. Something

intangible drove me on and I ran senselessly towards them. I tried to climb up

the wall made up of her shorts, but I couldn't make it.


Two fingers soon appeared, picked me up, lifted me high up, and eventually stuck

me directly inside her shorts. I was sitting in a forest of hair, and then it

became dark.

I was in Britta's shorts! A place, I had longed after, although naturally I had

never dreamed that I would have gotten there in this manner. A sweet intensive

smell assaulted my senses. I crawled a while around her pussy hair until I had

had enough and then I looked for an exit; however Britta wouldn't let me out!

In time, the hairs became damp and sticky and I heard the giantess begin to moan


Sometime later, it became bright again, and I crawled out into the open. Before

me was a depression in the floor, that I immediately didn't recognize as

Britta's navel. I went past it, towards the two hills that rose smoothly a

little distance away. Soon I was standing directly below one of the hills.

Never before had I had an experience as fascinating as the view of this enormous

breast. It was 10 feet high and had a circumference of at least 30 feet. The

nipples above were as big as my head.

"GO, UP ON MY BREAST!", commanded the giantess.

I amused myself climbing the white wall, which wasn't very easy, and finally sat

on top of Britta's breast holding tightly to the nipple which was as hard as

stone. The breast rose and fell and I could hear her heartbeat.

Suddenly the ground shook and I was thrown down from the gigantic breast. I was

now laying between the two beautiful hills.

I gathered myself up and wanted to head further in the direction of the

giantess's head, but I couldn't!. The two white hills suddenly grew together and

I was stuck fast between them. Britta was pressing her breasts against each

other! I couldn't breath, so badly was I being crushed.



And then came the horrible laughing again.

I saw the giant hands appear above me and I could breath again; the hills

relaxed back. Then in the next instant they came back and I was being pressed

again. Then she began repeating the sequence faster and faster. Britta moaned

loudly in ecstasy. I was soon delerious, and then I lost consciousness.... ..

When I came to, I found myself lying in a bed. But it was in my size! Had I only

dreamt everything? But, where was I? The room was entirely unfamiliar. The

furnishings were extremely sparse. Except for the bed and a table with chairs,

the room was completely empty. There wasn't even a window. I climbed out of bed

and opened the door. I stood in a hall, and across from me was another door. I

opened it and looked in at a room, it was nearly identical to mine.

Except, there on the bed was a naked woman! For the first time, I noticed that I

was also completely undressed. Shamefully, I wanted to head immediately out

before the woman heard me and turned around.

"Borni!", she called.

"Susi!", I cried out at the same time.

What a surprise! It was Susi, a sweet girl who was also a member in the same

tennis club as me.

"What are you doing here?", she asked me.

"Where exactly is here?", I inquired.

"Don't you know? Were in a doll house!"

I was a little confused, then I understood!

Of course!, Britta's little dollhouse. Yesterday I had seen some movement before

the whole story had happened. We were in Britta's doll house! That explained the

crude furniture and the missing windows.

Then I hadn't been dreaming! I was truly small, and was still in Britta's

apartment, at least I had found company to share the misery.

"Sit down first for a while!" offered Susi.

I sat next to her on the bed. She looked so pretty, sitting so near to me, had

the situation been different, I would have taken advantage of the situation. Now

though, I naturally needed to know was all of this meant.

We took turns telling each other our stories, and quickly realized they were

nearly identical. Susi had only been here since yesterday. She had visited

Britta and after she had drunken a Coke, the same thing that had happened to me

had happened to her. Since then, she explained, she had been imprisoned in this

doll house.

In the middle of our discussion there was suddenly an ear splitting noise, a

powerful rumbling, like a small earthquake, and than all of a sudden the wall

disappeared. Light streamed in and a giant face appeared like a billboard. It

was Britta. She looked in at us.

"SO, YOU HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER!", roared her voice.

The wall was replaced and for a few seconds there was silence.

Then it was happening again! A powerful earthquake. We fell off the bed and

stumbled through the room. Britta had picked up the entire house and was

carrying it through the apartment!

Finally there was an enormous thud and then there was silence. We looked at each

other; what did she have in mind for us?

Suddenly the roof of the house disappeared. Britta looked down upon us.

Her gigantic hands swept us up. With one she grabbed Susi, with the other me,

lifted us high into the air and placed us back on the floor. Directly in front

of me I saw Britta's enormous knee, and somewhat farther back and up, the small

forrest of her pussy hair. If I craned by head back, I could make out her

breasts high up above me. She was completely naked! I looked around. We were on

Britta's night stand. Somewhat below us lay the gigantic bed. A giant hand

retuned, the powerful fingers holding us fast. A thick ribbon. Before we knew

it, she had bound Susi and me. Our bodies were pressing together front to front.

Britta laid down upon the bed and then she grabbed for us. Her hand surrounded

the two of us and lifted us with ease through the air, setting us down between

her legs. We now lay embedded in the pussy of the giantess. The strong, sweet

smell struck me again.

"SO, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?" shouted the voice of the giantess.

Because the situation pleased me greatly, soon I couldn't ignore it any longer.

The fantastic experience, even Susi's beautiful body, pressing against mine,

aroused me so much that I couldn't hold myself back any longer. In spite of the

cramped situation, I somehow managed to position myself for entering Susi. She

seemed as interested as me, and she took me willingly into her. Our shouts of

orgasm were drowned out by the enormous moaning of the giantess, apparently the

situation had excited her exactly as it had the two of us. "GOD SHE'S SWEET!",

and "HOW WONDERFUL!", she said over and over.

When it was all over, she untied us, lifted Susi high up and placed her back

into the doll house. Then she grabbed me and went with me into the bathroom,

where she set me onto the medicine cabinet. For the next moments I watched as

the giantess washed and dressed. Then she grabbed me again, lifted me up and

stuck me in the pocket of her blouse, which she had just put on. She went

outside the apartment! I heard the door close with a loud bang.

With each step of the giantess I was strongly thrown about, however, the white

floor - I was lying directly over Britta's breasts, moderated the disturbance.

The pocket was extremely deep. Even with outstretched hands I couldn't reach the

highest seam. Nevertheless, I tried, placing my feet in the large stitches of

the inner lining, and climbing like a mountain climber pulled myself up on the

threads. Thus I worked my way up, inch by inch, until I held on to the highest

border and could thrust my arms through the flap. Above me I could see Britta's

enormous head. Then in the next minute I was pressed with unwithstandable force

against the pocket and thrown back down into the depths.

After a little time, Britta's fingers appeared, pulling me out of the pocket and

setting me up upon a wide surface. Where was I now?

Below me lay several giant yellow balls, which I at first did not recognize as

tennis balls. I sat upon a wide, patterned surface. It was a giant handkerchief.

Further away in the distance I saw other giant clothing such as stockings and

enormous tennis shoes.

I looked up and was surprised. I saw enormous, mostly naked, feminine bodies.

Then I understood, I was in the women's dressing room at the tennis club! It was

time for women's lessons on the courts. Britta had put me into her tennis bag.

I had always dreamed of being a mouse in this place, but that it should happen

this way....!

The loud voices of the women hurt my eardrums. Shortly, when it became quiet, I

summoned all my strength and yelled for help, but the giantesses could not hear

my tiny voice. Britta had noticed my "breakout attempt" and pulled the bag's

zipper closed.

The bag was lifted up and a little later was put down again. After a while, I

could hear the familiar "Plop-Plop" of tennis being played.

I crawled around for a while in the dark bag until I noticed a hole, through

which I could see a bit of the outside world. Britta had not completely closed

the zipper. I tried to squeeze myself through the narrow opening. Finally with

great effort, I made it, after which there was a small opening in the zipper. I

climbed out of the bag and stood upon a bright white path, that led over an

enormous ravine. The ground was at least 60 feet below me. Beyond that grew

grass and flowers as big as trees. Several yards farther was another stage, and

then another, and so on. Behind th em rose a giant white wall. What have I got

myself into?? I looked out. Hundreds of meters in the distance moved colossal

figure. After viewing the scene longer I realized that I was looking at a giant

tennis court upon which four women were playing doubles. Now I knew exactly

where I was! I was standing on a bench by the court. Britta had put her bag


For a while I watched the giantesses' tennis game, then it suddenly came to me!

It was almost time for them to change sides. I must make them see me! I yelled

and waved my arms. One of the women came directly towards me. It wasn't Britta.

My eyes widened with excitement.

"Here!", I cried, "Here!"

Not only did the giantess not notice me, but she had decided to sit upon the

bench! I saw the gigantic body descending towards me and I was undoubtedly going

to be squashed by the enormous behind of the giantess, if I hadn't fearfully

sprung from the bench into the unknown below at the last moment.

Incredibly, I was scarcely hurt in the fall. Except for a couple of scratches I

was unhurt.

Before me I saw four pairs of gigantic tennis shoes with white socks sticking

out. I ran through the bamboo-like forest of the grass towards one of the pairs

of shoes. Deciding quickly, I climbed up on one of the titanic shoes and looked

up at the white legs. They were not Britta's legs. These were much less tan,

almost white. They could only be Astrid's , who had a very fair complexion.

I yelled up to her, but my cries were completely unheard. Then I climbed up on

the thick shoelaces and pounded with all my strength on her sock covered legs,

in order to make my myself noticeable. A giant hand came down from a bove

knocking me to the floor. As quickly as it had come, it left. Most likely the

giantess had mistaken me for a fly and had only scratched herself. I was laying

next to the shoes on the floor, when the giantesses stood. Quickly I ran for

safety in order to avoid being stepped on.

The women continued their doubles match. I looked around: In the distance was a

bag laying on the ground, as big as a meat locker. I went over to it and

deciding quickly I climbed inside. On the side I found a small bag that was used

for small personal belongings such as keys or money. I climbed into the little

bag and closed the zipper over me as well as I could.

I wanted first of all to free myself from Britta's imprisonment, I would let one

of the other women carry me to their house and then make her acquaintance. What

ever else would happen would happen.

It didn't take long, the bag was carried for a little while and then it was set

down. Then some time passed. I could hear the women laughing in the distance,

they were probably showering. Then the bag and I were tossed around, I was in

misery. The woman was probably taking her things out. Finally, the bag was

picked up again and carried off.

A half hour later the swinging and shaking stopped, the bag was no longer

moving. I waited a few minutes and then I climbed out of my hiding place and

climbed out of the open bag.

Carefully I looked around.

I was again in a giant room. Near me was an enormously high tower, I later

realized that it was a stereo speaker. On the other side lay a half-closed book,

under which I would have had no problem running. My gaze swept around and on the

other side of the room , maybe a hundred meters away, stood a giant human form!

I didn't recognize her, because she was standing at the window with her back

towards me, she was undoubtedly young, what with her stockings and the

mini-skirt she wore.

I must make the giantess notice me! My voice was too weak for the giantess's

ears to hear. I must find another way.

Then I suddenly remembered the stereo speaker. I examined it. Over the amplifier

which stood on the floor, was a CD player that was about 20 feet ab ove the

floor. The rectangular tray was standing out, there was even a CD lying in it!

This was my chance! The many wires and handholds made the climb relatively easy.

Eventually I was standing directly in front of the CD player. I found the play

button, which for me protruded enormously. With all of my strength, I pressed

against it. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing. Finally I threw my

entire body against the button.

All of a sudden there was such a horrible noise, that I instinctively covered my

ears. The floor vibrated stongly underneath me.

I looked over in the direction of the giantess. Eureka! She turned around and

came towards me. Then I recognized her! It was Nicole, the youth's champion at

the tennis club. She was maybe 14 or 15 years old, but she was very mature for

her age and very sexy. Truthfully, I couldn't stand her and she probably liked

me even less. She had never missed an opportunity to cut me down and make fun of

me, for any reason, in front of other women. And of all people, here I was

before her completely defenseless.

She came closer and closer, her enormous body filled my entire field of view. I

was staring directly at her pink socks, under them were the enormous red

high-heeled shoes, over me was the enormous expanse of her skirt. A giant hand

landed suddenly near me and left just as quickly. The noise had stopped. The

giantess stood back up. She hadn't noticed me! And then a voice! "WAIT A MOMENT,

WHAT'S THIS?" The moutainous body collapsed down. An enormous face appeared. I

looked directly into a colorful, jelly-like mass, a giant eye!


followed by a roaring gruesome giggle.

She picked me up around the waist and lifted me up high. My lungs were being

completely squeezed, I couldn't breath. It became clear to me that I co uld not

expect help from Nicole. For her I was probably an interesting play toy. Things



She couldn't have been serious! But then I soon saw the giant red lips appear

before me. "MMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHH", hummed the giantess. The mouth opened! The

most gruesome sight greeted me. A giant, damp hole, with an enormous, slimy

whale-like creature that danced around inside and crept over horrible white

gravestones. High over the hole was a protruberance, in the dark depths two

other frightful holes could be seen. The mouth came nearer and nearer and in a

flash, I was inside! I found myself completely inside the giant mouth, laying

along the tongue on my belly with my feet somewhere in the region of the throat,

and I knew instinctively that I would be swallowed if if I wasn't able to

escape. I felt my legs being somehow sucked down her throat, I quickly raised my

arms, grabbed onto her front teeth, and held on for life. My head was near the

opening of her mouth, I could even see a bit of the outside world through the

lips, the wooden floor boards of the room, and upon them a gigantic foot wearing

a red woman's shoe.

Then suddenly the giant teeth closed with such force on my fingers, that I had

to let go and I fell back. Again, I was back in the dark hole.

I don't know how long I was in Nicole's mouth, perhaps it was only a minute. For

me, it seemed like an eternity.

Finally she opened her mouth again and two giant fingers pulled me into the

open. Nicole set me on her lap I was now sitting between her legs and looked


She looked down on me and laughed.



The giantess continued her fun with me, until she suddenly said:


She grabbed me, lifted me up high, and set me in a giant red jar, over which an

enormous top was screwed on. Together with the jar I was lifted and carried off.

The air in the container became thinner and thinner. I screamed and pounded on

the flexible walls, but nothing happened. Eventually I passed out....

When I came to, I found myself in a room, that was now all too familiar. It was

the room from Britta's doll house.

I felt weak and all of my joints hurt. In spite of that I rose up and went down

the stairs to the door. I opened it and ran outside.

I had barely made it outside when I was seized by a giant hand and set down on a

table in the middle of the room. I looked up at the giantess that had lifted me.

It was Susi. How was this possible! Susi, who before had been just as small as

me, was now as big as the others. Had I been shrunken even further? But wait!

Susi was not alone! On the gigantic chairs sat other giantesses looking

smilingly at me. I recognized Britta, Nicole, Astrid, and three ot her women

from the tennis club.

"SO, NOW YOUR BACK, YOU LITTLE EXPLORER!" that was Britta's voice.

The giantesses laughed.

That was the last straw. "What do you want from me?", I cried. "Why have you

shrunken me?" What in the world are you doing???"



"But you can't do that!!" I cried.



"But how are you able to do this????" , I yelled.

"VERY SIMPLY! WE HAVE COME UPON A MAGIC POTION", whereon she placed a gigantic

bottle with a pink powder before me on the table.




"But Susi was as small as I was", I yelled and turned to look in the direction

of Susi the giantess.




That came from Susi's direction and her mouth drew itself into a grin.


Astrid, lifted me up and replaced me in front of the door of the doll house.

Then I saw that next to this house stood several other houses in which most

likely other men were imprisoned. I went back to my room and threw myself on the

bed. Dark thoughts ran through my head. The women were planning a conspiracy.

The elimination of all men! And that couldn't be allowed to happen! Someone had

to do something! Eventually I was taken over by my tiredness and exhausted I

fell aslee......

I have now been imprisoned six weeks. Nor am I alone. Each day more men arrive.

I estimate that there are roughly over a thousand men in Britta's apartment

alone. There is widespread panic.

Each day Britta the giantess forces her gruesome fun upon us.

As an example, one time she put fifty of us in her bra and put it on. That time

two men were squashed, and others were badly injured.

Another time the put us one after another into her enormous behind and after a

while took us out. Also in this instance were severalkillings.

Unfortunately I also witnessed men being flattened under Britta's gigantic feet,

most of the time she did so without seeing them, but sometimes she did so with

full knowledge. She makes our life hell, torturing us , where she can. For

dinner we get catfood and water, served in a giant bowl which together we must

all drink from. I can't even think about sleeping any more, since we are now

housed in one room, herded like cattle.

This morning I found a large piece of paper. It has given me an idea. The plot

against men must be opposed. I took a splinter from a bed, scratched my arm, and

wrote the entire story with my blood in big letters on the paper. I hope that

somehow it may be possible for me to get the piece of paper out of the

apartment, either through the door or the window, and that a man will find it

and can make sense of it. Perhaps this will end the nightmare!

First though I must stay alive! Britta took some of us, including me, placed us

on the table and blew us around like cotton balls. I was almost blown off the

table but I was able to hold on. Others were not so lucky...

Just now she has fed us again. This time the water had an unusual aftertaste.

Now comes the sound of her voice again, it's like a loud siren. Oh no!!! She

said that she has given us some more of the devilish powder. She needs more room

for new men! The splinter in my hand is becoming bigger. I can barely write

anymore! The same force is going through my body again! It can't be ! I'm

shrinking even more. Oh God, this is the end! Heeeeeelllllllpppppp..... .

(the letters should become smaller at the end, but i dont know how to manage

this via email)


Giantess Stories: SMALL

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