Giantess Stories: SMALLMAN

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    I never did like my mother in law.  She would always get in my way with

my wife and my way of living.  My name is Kevin Lagrange and I am a young white

male married to a young and beautiful black woman named Angel Lagrange.  Her

mother, Rose Sinclare is a bitch.  One day it was time for us all to join each

other for breakfast at an IHOP right outside of Conyers, Georgia.  We lived in

Atlanta, Georgia. " Honey ", Angel speaking of Kevin.  " Why are you constantly

badgering my mother!  She has done nothing to us and she has not intruded at

all.  As far as I am concern I think that this breakfast she has invited us to

is just her show of appreciation that we have given her nothing to panic

about!".  I could not believe it!  I was kind of getting tired of my wife.  I

have cheated on her aswell as beaten her in the past.  She has cheated on me

aswell as stolen money from me but this was all but 10 years ago and we have

been an idle family for years and with that I am a father of a new born baby

girl.  My wife and I now share a strong realtionship so there you have it a

miracle in this place we call land of the free and home of the brave.  Finally,

we arrived to the restuarant!  There was my mother in law waiting outside of the

restuarant for us.  " Hi honey ", my mother in law speaking to my wife.  She

then continued on to me..." Hi Kevin!  I do wish to speak to you for just a

moment if thats okay with my daughter and little granddaughter. "  I did not

know what I was in for but obviously I let bygons be bygons sometimes!  " Yes

mother ", I said.  " You dont like me Kevin do you?  Thats okay because I like

you!"  Suddenly everything stopped.  There was no one outside and it looked as

if IHOP had mysteriously closed all at once.  My mother in law then continued

talking to me as if though she knew what was going on. " Kevin, Kevin, Kevin! 

My daughter never told you about my practice.  I have the ablity to make things

very different for anyone within my grasp.  Knowing that you dont like me...I

dont like that fact and since you feel that way I have a place for you that may

make you appreciate me more."  I was angry.  I was beginning to believe that she

may have something to do with this mysterious activity but I had no proof.  I

heard that she was no phsycic but she could make things happen and was what some

called " magical ".  I then spoke to my mother in law.  " Okay, since you know

so much and since you can make so much happen lets see you make something happen

with me....BITCH!  She then went on. " Kevin, you have no idea how glad I am

that you test me.  Since you are not happy with your situation and

funny.....since you are jobless aswell then maybe I can solve all your

problems.  How would you like a my human shoe cushion! " I laughed

then looked down at the black flats she was wearing with a black skirt and black

nylons.  I told her that she was out of her mind and that I thought her powers

were nothing but bull.  " Kevin...since you wont decide then I shall decide for

you, " she said.  Suddenly I was getting a little woosy.  I started spinning

then I threw up.  I did not know what was going on but I began to second guess

myself and begin to think could what this women is speaking of be happening.  I

then passed out.

  Moments later after a string of events, I awoke but I was in something.  It

was soft but dark and it smelled like being in a dog pound.  I looked behind me

were I could hear things like cars that sound like they were oversized and even

birds singing that was so loud I thought maybe I was at a " bird concert ".  I

then walked further toward the light and looked up .  There she was!  My mother

in law.  She was a mamouth sized woman.  She looked down at me as she sat down

in what I now call her giant car.  I then knew where I was.  Giant Rose then

spoke to me, " Well, well, welcome to your new home.  You know to my daughter

and my 18 year old grand daughter you dont exist.  Dont you just love my

powers.  Well, you might want to run to the toe section little man.  Here comes

your masters foot. " Rather than that, I tried to jump and climb out of her shoe

but with no success.  She lowered her foot  slowly and laughed.  I then had no

choice but to run to the toe section where I was soon wedged between her toes. 

     The smell was horrifying and I then began to scream, " NOOOOO!!! " Of

course no one heard me and I knew only that I was in a shoe and that I was in

for the ride of my life.  How can I get free and how will I ever escape.

To be Continued..........

Giantess Stories: SMALLMAN

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