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Smell by ???

I awoke in a very strange place.  Everything seemed so big.  I had


clue where I was.  I looked around and as my vision and thought

processes returned, i realized that i was in a big smooth net. I was

hanging in the net.  But what was that smell.  The smell started

getting worse and worse as I continued to wake up.  It was horrible.

It smelled like...sweat....sweaty feet.  I was in an old stocking!  I

noticed everything in the giant room i was in was so large.  Then i

realized that nothing was really large, I was just really really

small!        "what the..." i said as i looked

around the

room.  It was a girls room I could tell because of the pink carpet,

and the furniture and pink bed sheets.

Then i heard a sound.  It sounded like guns.   BOOM!  BOOM!


Then I saw her.  Christine.  A girl from school I somewhat new. 


was a freshmen, with blonde hair, and perfect feet with nice plump

toes.  She had on pink nail polish constantly. I would constantly

stare at her feet in school.  They were my favorite feet I'd ever

seen.  She stood infront of the net I was trapped in.

"Well, well, well, look what we've got here.  Looks like I got

you Brian!  I'm glad to see you are awake.  We are going to have so

much fun!  Well, you might not, but i definately am!  You see, I've

noticed you staring at my feet in school, and I've always wanted to

do this.  I've always wanted to shrink a guy down and play with him

with my feet.  Make him smell them for hours, just trap them under my

big sweaty toes and squeeze the sweat out onto him.  Doesn't that

sound nice Brian?" 

She giggled, and lifted the stocking I was trapped in. 

"Time to have some fun! hehehehe"  she giggled and dumped

me out onto the floor.

As I looked at her feet I could tell I was about 2 or 3 inches tall.

She looked down at me and giggled.  She lifted her big smelly foot

off the ground, and knocked me down with her big toe.  God the

stench, it was horrid. I was laying on my back on the pink carpet.

She lifted her foot up above me, and flexed her toes and pointed them

down at me.  I could see the wrinkles in her perfectly smooth sole.

The smell was aweful, and the heat comming from her soles made me


"Hope you like me feet!  hehehe time to have some fun!  Just so

you know, they smell so bad because I havent washed them in a month,

and I just got done running outside. 

She grabbed some yarn.

"what are you doing?" i asked nervously

"oh this is to tie your hands and feet together hehehe"

she said with a grin.

I got up and started running, but she just lifted her foot up and

brought the big smelly soft foot ontop of me.  She squeezed her toes

together, and lifted me up with her smelly toes.  I was so scared she

would drop me, It would probably break my back. 

"hmm, looks like you wont try that little stunt again will

you?" she said seriously while grabbing the yarn and lifting me

up onto her desk. 

"Now I'm going to tie you up"  she said as she wrapped the

yarn around my hands and feet. She cut a little peice of electrical

tape and put it over my mouth.

"what the heck?  Now i can only breath through my nose!"  I

mumbled through the peice of tape.

"thats the whole point! " she said as she set me on the

ground and put her foot ontop of me.  I was being forced to smell her

foot!  I was in heaven, but at the same time, it was horrible.

"yeah you like the smell don't you?  keep smelling!  Oh my feet

smell so good I bet!  You know, I actually feel bad for you, but I

dont even care!  hahahaha!"  She wiggled her toes so the sweat

came out.  I was drenched in footsweat, and I was being forced to

smell it.  Then she lifted her foot back up. 

She reached for a popsicle stick she saw.  She put it on the ground,

and placed me ontop, still tied up.  She then tied me onto the

popsicle stick, which was pretty much my exact width.  Then she

picked me up, and sat down on her bed with her feet out in front of

her, her legs making almost a complete circle in front of her.

"mmmm  this oughtta be nice..." 

She picked me up tied to the popsicle stick, and pushed me into her

soft smelly sole of her foot.  she rubbed me around her toe area

slowly, each toe sliding across my face.  Then came her big toe, she

kept rubbing my face with her big toe. I was forced to smell it.

The smell was so horrible.  the flexed her toes squeezing me around

them.  then she inserted my face between her big toe and second toe,

forcing me to smell, and flexedher toes, making it horrible for me.

My face felt like it was being torn apart by her toes wiggling.  The

smell was aweful.  Then she stopped. 

She laid me face up on her bed and looked down at me.

"you know, you being so small, your body can't get the nutrients

it needs from food, your body organs and stomach can't get them, so

you would die from starvation by tomorrow.  I definately don't want

you to go to waste, my pet, so Tonight at 12 midnight, you life will

end under my big smelly feet.  Doesnt that sound fun?  You get to be

crushed slowly under my foot.  I'm going to make it nice and slow, so

you feel everything, and SMELL everything hehehe.  its 9:30 now, so I

have 2 and a half more hours to torture you with my smelly feet.

That means you have 2 and a half hours to live, well, if you call

THIS living hahaha you are so pathetic.  Well time to play some more.

 Well, I want to watch a movie.  Come on down stairs with me, and we

will watch Terminator. Well you probably wont be able to see because

you will be spending the time under my foot!  Hehehe.  You're gonna Como hacer Leche condensada desnatada y sin azúcar

have a smelly old time!"  with that she picked me up and ran

down stairs.  I was bouncing up and down

 in her fist.  She set me down on the coffee table infront of the

couch downstairs.

I'll be right back, i'm going to get a sandwich. stay put, well it

doesnt look like you really have a choice!"

I was still tied up to the popsicle stick.  She took about 2 minutes

and she was back with the sandwich and glass of milk.  She sat down

on the couch, and stared at me.  "you know, I was really

thinking about making a Brain Sandwish today and eating you, but i

decided not.  You'd rather smell my feet and get crushed than be put

in a sandwich."  which that, she took a bite of the sandwish.

"mmmm i'm pretending you're in here."  She started talking

to the sandwich "Oh Brian, you're going to taste so yummy!"

 She took another bite and giggled.  "hehehe that was funny!

thats how i could have just been Brian, you are so lucky I spared

you!"  She set plate with the sandwich down next to me on the

table. I stared at it for a second then she picked me up with her

giant  fingers.  She dropped me on the floor infront of her feet. 


couldnt move.  I struggled to get free from the popsicle stick, but

it was impossible.  she nudged at me with her big toe, turning me so

that my head in

 front of her toes, and she lifted her toes up.  I could smell it.

Her toes smelled horrible.  I wanted to get out of this.  With her

other bare foot she slid me head first underneath the lifted toes.  I

looked up at her big toe.  She turned the movie on.  "Play

time!"  She lowered her toes slowly.  The smell was making me

gag.  Her big toe landed on my face.  She playfully tapped my face

with her big toe.  Then she lifted her foot and extended it past my

face, so I was looking up at her great arched sole.  She flexed her

toes and pointed them down so the sole crinkled.  She lowered it,

then dragged the sweaty smelly foot over my body until the toes

dragged over my face.  She wasn't even looking at me.  She was

watching the movie as she played with me.  Her foot came down and

rested on me.  The tape on my mouth forced me to smell the stench of

her toes, sweating horribly.  Her wet toes wiggled once in awhile.  I

layed under her feet as she watched the movie. As action part

 s came, i felt more pressure on me and she lifted off the couch a l

"bye bye little buggy bug!" She said as she pressed her

foot down and dragged his poor self across the carpet, leaving a

trail of legs and parts of the ants body behind her foot as she

dragged him.  "Ew! " she said as she wiped her foot on the


"uh oh two buggies left!"  She said as she looked at the

two bugs on their backs, not able to move.  "I've never eaten an

ant before, I wonder what they taste like!" she picked up the

ant with her toes and dropped it on to the floor, the picked the

little ant up by her thumb and first finger.  she tilted her head

back and opened her mouth as she dangled the ant above her mouth.

"mmmm dinner!" she said as she dropped the ant into her

mouth. With disgust, she spat it out onto the floot, then raised her

foot and stomped down on the little ant.  she twisted her foot, until

there was nothing left of the ant. 

"The last one!"  She said to the ant.  "Watch this

Brian" she said as she looked back to the ant "ohh little

buggy bug, what shall i do with you?  hmmm maybe like the others you

should be crushed to death.  Or maybe I'll just save you for

later."  She picked the ant up, and tore off all its legs, then

she dropped him into her shoe laying nearbye.  "Later we will

have some fun hehehe!  Now Brian, its you're turn!"  She picked

me up, and took me to her room.  she layed my 2 inch tied up body in

the center of her room.  "Ready to squish under my smelly

feet!?"  She said with a grin.  She rolled me around on the

floor under her toes for a minute.  Then lifted them up.  "hmm I

can't wait to feel you struggle under my feet!"  she said

giggling.  "now, which foot would you like to die under?  left

or right?"  she said.  I didnt answer.  "ok i'll give you a

last sample to help you're decision.  She lowered her left foot. and

kept it there wiggling her toes and making me smell.  Then

 she put her right foot on my and did the same thing for about two

minutes.  "well??"  she said impaciently  

"uhhh  mmmm   uhhhhh lef, left!" i said nervously.

"alrighty then, left foot it is.  Here it comes!  Brian look! 

My big old smelly foot is gonna get you!" she wiggled her toes

and pointed them down towards me, forming wrinkles on her sole.  I

was about to die under a 14 year olds feet.  This was horrible. 

"Oh Brian, squishy squish bug.  You are nothing but a bug now,

and you are about to die, just like a big.  Here comes my smelly

foot!"  she lowered her foot and put her sole on me, my head was

under her toes.  She wiggled them and sweat came out.  "bye bye

buggy!"  She pressed down, and squished me and twisted her foot

and pressed her toes.  I was forced into the pink carpet. I saw her

laughing at me, everything went blurry.  Then black.  Then silent. 


was crushed under her feet. 

"That was SO much fun, hmm who is going to be my next


The next day at school, she told a boy to meet her in the girls

bathroom before 2nd hour.  He arrived and she shrank him with her

pen.  She picked him up, and explained his fate, then dropped him

into her shoe and inserted her smelly foot.  She positioned him under

her toes, and walked home.  What will happen to the boy, well, you

could probably figure that out.


Giantess Stories: Smell by

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