Giantess Stories: Smoothed by Atkins      Light shot all around Gordon as the wrapper was removed from the piece of hard candy that he was stuck to

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by Atkins

Light shot all around Gordon as the wrapper was removed from the piece of hard

candy that he was stuck to. His wife's fingers grasped the small candy that

Gordon was undistinguishable from on either side of him. The tiny man looked at

the giant face of his wife who currently was reading a magazine and paying no

attention to her husband's predicament. She held him there for a few seconds

until popping the candy into her mouth without even giving it a second glance.


In most cases the tiny man attached to the candy would be very frightened and

probably wetting himself. However Gordon was not the average man. Or rather his

wife Sarah was not the average woman. Sarah by some quirk of fate had been born

with the unique ability to shrink things.

She realized her power during puberty but never told anyone about it, for fear

she might be taken away. Using the power very rarely, Sarah managed to live a

very ordinary life. After college, she met Gordon and the two were soon wed.

Shortly after the they were married Gordon walked in on Sarah shrinking the sofa

in order to vacuum under it.

Frightened at the reaction Gordon would take to her powers, Sarah was shocked to

learn that her husband was turned on by it. He explained how he had these odd

fantasies ever since he was a kid. Sexual dreams about giant women. Sarah,

relieved, revealed that she had once or twice thought about shrinking a man.

After some arguments about his safety, Gordon talked Sarah into shrinking him.

The resulting experience was incredible for both parties involved. Gordon loved

the perspective of his giant wife and Sarah thrilled at being able to have

complete control over a human being. The shrinking began occurring on a regular

basis and did nothing but to strengthen the ties of marriage. Gordon and Sarah

became closer than ever.

The couple, through extensive testing, was able to learn a few more things about

Sarah's shrinking. She could shrink up to any size. The smallest they ever went

was 1/32 of an inch. In addition, when Gordon was tiny, he did not need to eat,

breathe, or apparently worry about death. This was very useful on some of the

two's more rough endeavors. Gordon could still be hurt, but his pain tolerance

was much higher.

The most amazing thing about Sarah's powers was her ability to do what they

referred to as 'smoothing.' By smoothing, she was able to take her tiny husbands

body and with her fingers literally blend him into anything solid. When Gordon

was blended into something he took on the color of whatever he was on and his

body was flattened into the object until it was almost impossible to

differentiate him from what ever he was stuck to. Once smoothed, Gordon was

unable to move until Sarah peeled him off.

This became the object of most of the couple's sexual games. The most common

involved Sarah ignoring where ever Gordon was and going about her business. This

for some reason excited the two the most. There were many variations of this

game and they never got bored. Gordon being stuck to a piece of candy and then

almost getting sucked to death was a common favorite. So was him spending the

night in the drawer smoothed to a pair of his wife's panties and then worn to

work the next day. Luckily Gordon was self-employed and could spend days at a

time at the mercy of his wife.


The air whizzed past Gordon's face as he was propelled into his wife's waiting

maw. His body met Susan's tongue and the momentum of the candy behind him forced

him deep into the muscle. Unable to see anything, the only sensation Gordon

could feel was the hot wet rhythmic movement of the tongue below him. As the

candy was moved around inside Susan mouth, Gordon's tiny naked form was treated

to an insanely erotic experience.

After the first time the couple played this game, Susan asked Gordon to explain

what it was like inside her mouth. He was at a loss for words then and has yet

to come across a way of explaining the sheer thrill of it. As he told his wife,

"Until you've been licked and sucked by a giant tongue, there is no way I could

tell you how it felt. I'll say this, though. It was pure carnal joy."

Gordon was rolled around inside Susan's mouth as the candy was sucked away. Even

though he couldn't move his arms, his erect penis was appeased multiple times as

it was rubbed around the wet inside of the mouth. At the same time, he could

tell that Susan was satisfying herself by the soft moans that were coming from

all around. Just when Gordon thought he would pass out the wet sensation spread

to his backside, signaling that his wife had sucked entirely through the candy.

Susan felt for her husband inside her mouth. Concentrating, she rolled him

around as much of her mouth as she could. She reached for a tissue and cleaned

up the juices her multiple orgasms spilt on the leather chair. Once she had

sopped up what she could, she brought the tissue to her mouth and spat her tiny

spouse inside.

Gordon saw as Susan opened her mouth and rolled her tongue into a 'U' shape.

Bracing for what he knew was next, he was propelled out of the mouth and came to

land inside a big soft sticky net that smelled heavily of his wife's nether

regions. Unable to move until his wife allowed it, Gordon was frozen as he

watched Susan casually glancing over the Kleenex looking for him.

Once Susan spotted Gordon she reached her finger in and dabbed at the tiny man

stuck in her juices. Gordon stuck to his wife's fingertip via her own carnal

secretions. At his wife's will he once again found himself able to move. Susan

then stood up and with a smile on her face to her husband to the bedroom. Gordon

watched as his wife's eyes rolled back into her head and he began to feel warm

all over. Before he knew it, he was full-sized and laying on the bed. Without

words, the couple embraced and made love for the rest of the afternoon.


One week later...

Susan sat on the edge of the bed talking to her husband, who was currently on

his computer. "I figured that on account of Jill heading off for college

tonight, we might want to try something new. Y'know, kind of a celebration of

our only daughter leaving the nest."

At the mention of this, Gordon's interest perked up to the thought of trying

something new.

"I figured that now we can have more elaborate role-playing now that we don't

have to worry about Jill eating you again," Susan joked.


His wife may be able to find it funny now, but the occurrence Susan was talking

about would not be soon forgotten. Several years prior when their eighteen-year-

old daughter was fifteen, they had been playing the same game that they had a

week before, with Gordon being smoothed to the candy.

There had been a kink though. Susan had to take an unexpected phone call before

they had begun and left the candy bowl unattended. Jill happened to walk by and

snag a piece of candy. Gordon felt movement and wondered where his wife was

taking him. When the candy began to be unwrapped, he looked up expecting to see

the radiant face of his wife, but instead saw the young budding face of his

fifteen year old daughter.

Terrified, knowing that Jill had no idea of his existence, Gordon tried in vain

to notify her of his existence. Inevitably, he was inserted into his daughter's

mouth and subjected to the roughest experience in his life. He was used to

Susan's gentle licking and rolling. Jill was much harsher and sucked on the

candy relentlessly.

Noticing a slight bump in the candy, Jill rolled the tip of her tongue over it

again and again without though. Assuming it was just an imperfection in the

candy, she didn't realize what she was doing to her father. The one detail that

Gordon never mentioned to his wife later on was what happened when Jill started

to absentmindedly play with him.

The rubbing of the tongue over Gordon's body made him quickly erect. Unable to

move, he was powerless to stop him self from cumming several times. The

relentless probing of Jill's tongue was too much for his will power to stop. By

the time it was over, Gordon had been unknowingly raped by his fifteen-year-old

daughter's tongue.

It didn't take long before Susan realized that the marked candy wrapper

signifying the one that her husband was in had vanished. Immediately, she ran to

Jill room and saw the candy wrapper lying on the floor and saw Jill sucking on

something, presumably Gordon. Calmly as she could, Susan made up a lie about the

candy having accidentally been sprayed by bug spray and quickly retrieved her



Gordon shuddered a little at the memory of the terrifying experience but quickly

shook it off. Remembering the initial comment about trying something new, he

turned and gave him wife a kiss. "I think that it's a great idea. What did you

have in mind?"

Susan stood and walked over to her dresser. Opening her top drawer, she pulled

out a plastic bag. Gordon watched his wife reach into the bag and pull out a

long cylindrical object. He knitted his eyebrows trying to figure out what the

mystery object was, and then it hit him. "Is that a..."

"Dildo? MmmHmmm, it sure is. I picked it up on my lunch break." Susan brought it

closer to Gordon to let him inspect it. It was made up of white and aqua blue

plastic. It reminded him of his I-Mac. "Do you know of what I have in mind?" she

said as she dangled it tauntingly in from of his face.

"I have a pretty good idea, " Gordon replied, a wicked grin breaking out across

his face. He then got up and kissed his wife. "What did I do before I met you?"

"Lived a long and boring life, with no thrills whatsoever," Susan suggested.

"Yup, That was it," Gordon joked, planting another huge kiss on his wife's lips.

"When do you want to get started?"

"Well, I have to go to the gym this afternoon, but that isn't any reason why you

can't get started." Susan then flashed the kind of look that would make any sane

man leave his wife, quit his job, and follow her like a lemming.

With that, she moved over to her husband and grabbed his wrists. Gingerly, she

led him over to the bed and laid him down. Not letting go of his wrists, she

positioned herself on top of him on her knees. With a jerk that almost looked

painful, Susan's eye's rolled back into her head and she began to mumble

something unintelligible.

Gordon watched in awe as his wife above him went into the trance that occurred

when she would shrink him. Suddenly everything started to take on a slightly

blue tint and Gordon knew that it had begun. Over the next minute, his body

began to dwindle in size. Once he became to small, Susan let go of his wrists.

Once she did, Gordon's size dropped even faster.

The weight of Susan on her hands and knees created an indentation on the bed.

Once he was small enough, Gordon started to roll into the gap. He came to rest

directly under his wife. Staring up above, he was transfixed as his wife's C

breasts hung like two sensual pendulums gently rocking back and forth, nipples

firmly erect.

After Gordon reached his miniscule size of one-fourth of an inch, his color

spectrum returned to normal. No mater how many times he found himself in this

position, he never failed to appreciate the beauty of his massive wife.

Straining his neck, Gordon watched as Susan came back to reality. For a moment,

Gordon thought that Susan was going to fall on him, but she quickly regained her


Susan gave a quick look over the bed until she spotted her tiny husband on the

sheet. Once she knew where he was at, she slowly removed herself from the bed,

making sure not to make any sudden moves that would cause Gordon to go flying.

After she was off the bed, she reached over and grabbed the dildo and then with

the other hand went for her husband.

The huge index finger ascended on Gordon and as gently as possible pressed into

him. Between the natural oils on his wife's finger and his tiny size, she stuck

to the digit. Bringing her finger to the tip of the sex toy, Susan began to

smooth Gordon into it.

The sensation of being smoothed was still odd to the tiny man. It felt as though

every molecule of your body liquefied and was then pressed flat and hardened.

Over and over again. Once he was smoothed to the dildo, even Susan had a hard

time telling his body apart from the plastic that made up the dildo.

Gordon was firmly in place and the only part of his body that could move at all

was his penis and it was firmly erect. Satisfied, Susan brought the dildo up

close to her mouth and gently spoke.

"Well, I have to get going to the gym. If it's one thing that makes me horny,

it's working out. And because my no good husband isn't around to satisfy me,

I'll just have to pleasure myself when I get back." It sounded corny, but the

words managed to turn both of them on.

Susan placed Gordon on the bed while she got dressed. Once she was done, she

placed him in her underwear drawer on top of a pile on panties. The light slowly

slid out and Gordon was alone. Hearing his wife leave the house, Gordon expected

to wait about three hours. That's why he was surprised when, fifteen minutes

later, he heard someone opening the drawer.

'Susan must have decided she couldn't wait. Great!' Gordon thought, as he lay

there ripe with anticipation. The drawer opened up and looming above him, where

Susan's face normally occupied, was the image of Jill, Gordon's eighteen-year-

old daughter.


Jill was out and about saying goodbye to all her friends. She had about an hour

to get her stuff together before she had to be out the door to catch her flight.

Everything was packed, so she was just checking around the house making sure she

had everything she needed. It occurred to her that a few weeks ago, her mother

said she could take that green satin bra she had her eye on.

When she opened up her mother's underwear drawer, Jill was shocked for two

reasons. One, her mother had acquired a dildo and two, it looked to be the exact

same type that hers was. Forgetting about the bra, she picked up the dildo and

decided to check it out.

Jill took the dildo and unknowingly her father with her to her room. Unpacking

one of her bags, she removed the sex toy she had gotten a while ago. It's not

that she really needed to use a dildo. Jill was a cheerleader and could get any

guy she set her eye on. She had however made the decision to wait until marriage

till she had sex and purchased the dildo to make those long nights a little less


Turning the two over and over in her hands she decided that they were exactly

the same in every way. Amazing. Tossing one on her bed, she went back to her

parents' room to return her mother's toy.

Gordon lay on his daughter's bed unsure of what exactly just happened. One thing

he knew Jill had lifted him and taken him to her room and then taken out another

dildo that looked like the one he was on and then left with it. The shocking

realization of the mistake Jill made suddenly hit him and he was unable to do

anything about it.

Walking back to her bedroom, Jill eyed the dildo sitting on her bed. 'Y'know,'

she began to think to herself. 'I still have about forty-five minutes to kill,

and who knows when I'll get to do this again once I move into the dorm...' In a

matter of seconds she was convinced and turned to lock her door.

Gordon watched in abject terror as Jill locked the door, turned around, and

removed her shirt. He had a bad feeling he knew what was next. Jill dropped her

jeans and hopped into her bed. Gordon was shook about as she became situated.

The dildo was placed in between Jill's young breasts with Gordon facing the

anterior side of his daughter that he knew he would soon be filling.

Unable to even close his eyes Gordon watched as his daughter's slid her panties

down around her knees and slowly began to finger herself. The moans coming from

the unseen face and the smell of his offspring's sex began to turn Gordon on,

much to his horrified dismay.

After several minutes of fingering the inevitable happened and Gordon felt

himself being lifted from behind. He slowly moved down Jill's body headfirst,

her pubic hair brushing up against him as he went. Once he stopped moving he saw

that he was in place directly over his own daughter's vagina.

Before he knew it he was being plunged deep into Jill's nether region over and

over again. Being on the tip of the dildo, he could feel each of the layers of

his daughter's vagina opening around him until he was shoved deep into a back

wall, covered on all sides by womanhood. He'd get a brief glimpse of daylight as

he was brought out, and then watch the lips part as he was plunged back in.


Jill continued to pleasure herself until it was time to leave. Much to her joy,

there was plenty of time for self-gratification in college. Gordon continued to

serve as his daughter's unknowing sex toy for the next several years. After a

while, he forgot he even had a life outside his daughter's underwear drawer.

Giantess Stories: Smoothed by Atkins      Light shot all around Gordon as the wrapper was removed from the piece of hard candy that he was stuck to

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