Giantess Stories: Snow Daze

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Snow Daze





            It was a snowy cold day out it was the first

snow fall here in Minnesota. I looked out my window itching to go out and play

in it. I threw on some clothes and ran down stairs.  I flicked the radio on and

waited anxiously for the school reports.  I kept glancing outside seeing the

snow pile higher and higher in the streets bringing traffic to a halt. I could

hear my twin sister bounding into the room. The first thing she asked was if

school was cancelled. I shook my head nervously awaiting the cancellations.


            The news reports drug on slower then sitting

through church with two broken legs and a priest with a monotone voice. They

finally came and I perched on the edge of my seat as my sister leaned in closer

as the reporter read name after name. It always seemed like our area was last. I

know that it's just the whole watched pot syndrome but I still wish it would go

by quicker. Finally hear the moment I have been waiting for. All Duluth public

schools cancelled. Both my sister and I rejoice.


“Hey Brett (that's me) we should go outside and mess around

in the snow like we use too.”


“I'm going back to bed.”


“You're so lazy.”


            As my sister went upstairs to change I got up

to flick off the TV when I got a shock from the television when pushed The shock

staggered me. I thought that it was weird because the shock wasn't all that

strong but I found myself in an odd daze trying to find the stairs to get my

sister Alyssa's help but I found it harder and harder to see. I fell forward and

I kept waiting to hit our hard wood floors with a loud thunk because I stood six

foot seven 280lbs star defensive linemen for the Duluth Thunder Cats but instead

I got a soft plush landing. I just laid there for quite a few minutes going over

and over in my head what had happened. I finally just chalked it up too being

dumb luck and opened my eyes and went to pick myself up off the floor when I saw

that I was on some multi-colored ground. It looked familiar like I had seen it

somewhere before but I couldn't place where.


“Brett, Caitlyn is coming over with Kari to have a snowball

fight are you sure you don't want to join in? I know you have a crush on Kari

but are way to shy to say anything to her.”


            Damn her, did she know everything? My twin

sister Alyssa and I had a really good relationship unlike many brothers and

sisters who fight a lot we are like best friends even if she was a little nosey

sometimes, but the moment she said Kari I knew that I wanted to play too. Kari

is 17 years old like my sister and I. She had long blond hair but always has a

strand of hair that falls over each eye while the rest of her hair is always

pulled back. I have never seen her hair not pulled back. She has  a very casual

look to her. Very much unlike my sister she doesn't dress to impress she just

wears what is comfortable. I think that's what I like about her best. Her eyes

are the most unique thing about her. They are this glassy pure clean water color

that change colors depending on how the light shines into them. Kari is all

state for basketball and team captain. She is top player in the state much like

I am so we usually train and work out together but the conversation is always

limited by the fact I get tongue tied around her. She has a very athletic look

to her. Her body looks to be sculpted by god himself and made to walk around as

an example of what happens when things are done right and then there is here

natural smile. She just is always smiling and so cheery it's quite refreshing to

be around her.


“Yeah Alyssa, I will play”


            I waited for my sister's response but there was

none. I shouted again but there is still nothing. I stood up on the multi

colored surface which wasn't easy to do as my feet sunk in like standing on a

water bed or a boat you are constantly thrown off balance. I looked about the

room seeing that I was near the front door. I must have been a little more off

then I thought. The coat rack towered above me like lightning rod extending off

the top of a building. My sister's bright yellow Columbia jacket hung well out

of my reach simply dangling there. I then looked at the floor again and back up

the jacket and then around at the floor and surrounding area and I realized that

I was on her gloves.


            The front door swung open with Kari talking on

her cell phone. It sounded like it must have been Alyssa or else Kari would have

knocked. As Kari walked into the entry way I saw Caitlyn a few steps behind her.

They closed the door and stomped there feet causing snow to fall everywhere. The

snow swirled around me as Caitlyn kicked off her hiking boots and tossed her

jacket on the coat rack and started walking towards the stairs. Kari however was

moving a little slower. She carefully took her boots off and put her jacket on

the coat rack. I merely gawked at her in awe of the entire situation.


            I shivered standing in what seemed like feet of

snow. Kari was getting ready to leave when she reached into her purse and pulled

out some chap stick. I kept thinking I should do something but I could only

stare at her as she lifted the chap stick up to her lips and pressed it firmly

against her lip, but as she went to put the cap back on she dropped it. I

watched it fall and roll up beside me.


“OH SHIT, where did that go”


            Her eyes scanned the snowy floor and as I

shivered staring at the cap and then looking back up at her in disbelief that a

simple cover from Chap Stick came up past my knees. Her eyes locked onto the cap

then secondly onto me. She reached down for the cap while staring intently at me

not putting two and two together that it was I Brett and not some kind of bug.

As she stared at me I wasn't exactly scared because I knew that Kari wouldn't

squish me because she was a very curious person.


            As her fingers circled around and gripped the

cap I could feel the heat coming off of them. She shook the snow off the cap and

I ducked hoping not to get the snow on me. She continued to stare at me as she

stuffed the Chap Stick into her pocket and then bent down being careful not to

get any of the snow on her.


“What are you? Who are you? Why are you so small? Can you

speak? Can you understand me? You have to be real because your way to detailed

to be anything from Fisher Price or Barbie.”


            I stood there completely speechless and in awe

of Kari now that I could see all of her since she was bending down. My jaw

quivered, my body shivered and my eyes were locked onto her vast faultless. I

froze like never before in front of her now. I could barely speak to her when I

was 6'7” and now one time little 5'6” Kari may as well be skyscraper.


“Don't be scared little fella. I won't hurt you. I am just

going to touch you okay be brave for me alright?”


            She flashed me one of those warm smiles that

always made me melt as she reached her hand towards me. As she did so her hand

shook and swayed a little. I knew she must have been a little nervous herself.

Her fingers were just millimeters from me and I wanted to run or hide, maybe bat

her fingers away but I couldn't find the power or courage to move. Her warm

fingers touched the top of my head ruffling my hair as she ran her finger over

my face and then I against my chest. That is when I realized that I was

completely naked. I darted my eyes around for my clothes but I didn't see them

anywhere almost like they shrunk to nothingness but I didn't care at the moment

I couldn't think at all as Kari ran her finger down my leg then pulling her hand



“See that wasn't so bad now was it. You're so cold though.

Did we cover you in all that snow? You must have come inside with us to get warm

huh? Well here let me warm you up.”


            With one hand she pulled her stocking cap off

her head and with the other she caressed me gently with her index finder. My

eyes stayed locked onto her as she swung the stocking cap around me. I felt

first on my but and my back and then she wrapped her pink stocking cap around my

whole body and lifted me up while she remained crouched down looking at me.


“Awe, you look so cute. This should warm you little fella.

I am just going to walk over to the sofa okay. I am going to go really slow so

don't be scared.”


            Her voice sounded so warm and made me feel safe

and secure. She gently carried me over to the sofa. I rocked back and forth and

felt like I was on a roller coaster but I knew she was trying hard to be

careful. As she sat down I heard Alyssa's loud voice ring across the room from

all the way up stairs


“Hey Kari what are you doing down there? Robbing us blind?”


“I come here girls! I found this little Manimal I guess you

would call him.”


“A what?”


            I heard the rumble of footsteps as Kari

continued to hold me all bundled up in her stocking cap she had set on her lap

as she continued to look at me studying me. I kept trying to say something but I

just couldn't find the words to say anything.


“I wish you cold talk little thing, but you never have to

worry again. Kari will take good care of you. You can live with me where you

will be warm, safe, and well fed okay.”


            I began to feel warmer in Kari's cap but as I

saw Alyssa and Caitlyn's face come into view a wave or terror entered my mind. I

began to crawl deeper underneath stocking cap not wanting my sister to see my

like this.


“I think your big ugly face scared him Caitlyn”


“Very funny Alyssa, how do you know it wasn't your stench?”


            I felt the top of the stocking cap covering me

fly off my chest so the girls could see me. I felt so violated having them see

me naked like this.


“Oh my god? It looks like Brett”


“You know it kind of does”


“definitely does”


“Girls, please don't hurt me. I was just so scared when I

saw you Kari. I didn't mean too not tell you.”


“His voice is so squeaky'


“Hey, how did he know my name?”


“We must have said it or something”


“Are we going to go outside and have that snowball fight or

what? We can bring the little man?”


“No, wait it's me Brett! You need to get me help.”


“Awe, how cute! Kari your little man thinks he's my



“Let's go out already”


“Don't worry you can come with”


“No girls its me Brett really it is”


“hush now, You're not Brett. Brett is 6'7” and such a



            All the girls stood up and Kari carried me over

to set me in her jacket pocket. I was going to slip out as I had just about had

enough with this but she zipped up the pocket leaving me stuck in her pocket. As

the girls went outside immediately felt colder but it felt nice to be next to

Kari. I could feel her body heat radiating through the jacket.


            I saw Kari's hand enter the pocket and drop me

into the palm of her hand.  In her other hand she had a pile of snow. I looked

up at her and saw a devious glint in her eyes. The other girls had a do it, do

it look in her eyes.  I was shoved firmly into the pile snow. Her hands passed

over me squishing me into the snow. I could hear her and the other girls

giggling the entire time. When her gloved hands were removed I found myself

firmly stuck in a snowball.


            As the girls walked down the street Kari would

toss me up into the air which would make me tumble end over end in the air then

crash into her hands firmly compacted the snow.




            Without even a thought she tossed me at

Caitlyn. The snowball and I struck her in chest. It felt like every bone in my

body was broke as I began to slide down her chest grabbing at anything on her

jacket. Caitlyn bent down making a snowball and tossing it back at Kari. The

entire scene quickly degraded into a massive snowball fight with me clinging to

the draw string that tightens the hood on Caitlyn's jacket. As Caitlyn ducked

behind a snow bank she plucked me off of her Jacket.


“So what are you? Are you really an Manimal like Kari says”



“[giggles] That's funny thinking of Brett so helpless. So

little thing do you want to play a game?”


            In a matter of minutes I saw Caitlyn build a

snow building to my scale. She pushed me in door and stood straight. I peeked

through the five inch door hardly believing that it was Caitlyn in front of me.

As she stood she was barraged with snowballs. She looked down at me and smiled

as she lifted her boot above the snow building she made.


“Caitlyn! No I will be crushed.”


            Her foot sped down towards me without giving me

a single thought. As she smashed the fort into bits I slid out the doorway mere

inches from being crushed.


“Wow that was cool. What a thrill. I mean so much power. I

could have killed you and you're so completely helpless.”


            Caitlyn's hand grabbed me tightly an shoved me

into her coat pocket and ran out into the open. I was jumbled around her pocket

as she ran.


“Hey girls, I have to go take care of my brother. I will

catch up with you later.”


“Hey Cait, what did you do with the little man.”


“I threw him back at you in one of the first snowballs I



“No you didn't”


“Yeah I did! I maybe forgetful but its hard to forget

putting a 4inch tall man in a snowball.”


“That means he got away. You got to help me find him



“Alright he couldn't have gotten far.”


            The entire time I yelled as loud as I could but

no one but Caitlyn heard me. I was just about ready to cry as me, defensive

tackle, 280lbs, All state, #1 defensive player going into college completely

overwhelmed by 5'3”110lb Caitlyn. Her girl power is way too much for me to



            As she walked towards her house I heard her

whisper down to me, don't worry you wont have to see that nasty Kari anymore.

That was the last time I saw any part of my old life. This was all almost a year

ago now and I am still with Caitlyn even though I desperately want to be with



“LITTLE MAN, My nails don't get polished and my grapes

don't get peeled on there own.”




The end for now!










Giantess Stories: Snow Daze

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