Giantess Stories: SOME SIDE EFFECTS MAY OCCUR By LEM      Amanda heard Jack enter the apartment

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Amanda heard Jack enter the apartment. His movements were brisk and loud, which

suggested he was either happy or angry. "Did you find a job today?" she asked


"Nope, something better. Are you in the bedroom? Stay there, I have a surprise

for you."

"Do I have any choice?" she replied.

"Nope." Jack, a 25 year old man about six feet with generous dark brown hair,

ran in and flashed a small package at his wife, a year younger and six inches

shorter than him, and with short sandy hair.

He held out the box proudly. "Taa-daa! The answer to all our problems!" Inside

were several pills.

She looked at them suspiciously. "Are these drugs?"

"Nope, they're regular medicine, and wait'll you see what they do."

She examined the box. "I don't know, Jack, these don't look like regular


"That's because they're not on the market yet. I'm getting 200 bucks just to

test ‘em!"

"Test them? What do they do?"

"They make guys potent. Doc says this thing will be the miracle drug of the

third millennium"

She read the package. The notes seemed to go on forever. " ‘Some side-effects

may occur?' What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, they always put that on. Those don't mean anything."

"Jack, you're not really going to take any of those, are you?"

He leered. "As a matter of fact, I already did." He jumped on to the bed. "Care

to go for a test-spin?" Amanda sighed. There seemed to be no way around it, so

she joined him.

One thing was for sure: the stuff was making him super-horny, even more so than

usual. But she wondered if there might be side effects after all. Jack, to her

surprise, felt leaner, lighter, more compact. Not in any obvious way, but just

enough so that the lovemaking had a curious new feel to it.

Before long, she was at least as turned on as he. "Jack," she whispered between

kisses," does this stuff make you lose weight?" He laughed. "What?"

"It's just that, you seem kind of...toned."

"Well, maybe they should make a new version for girls, because your ass feels

enormous a good way of course."

"Jack!" She playfully swatted him. When he finally finished, Jack turned over

and went out like a light. Looks like the miracle drug doesn't change

everything, she thought. She looked him over. He had DEFINITELY lost weight. She

lay down with her back to him, just missing an astonishing sight, for Jack,

still in his afterglow, began dwindling at an ever-so-gradual speed....

The next morning, she awoke while the clock still had ten minutes before its

alarm went off. In this twilight time, her mind often wandered to strange,

erotic places, places she'd never tell Jack about. Heck, if she ever did tell

him he'd laugh or call her crazy or both. Probably both.

She paused. Where WAS Jack? Usually, his presence in the bed was unmistakable.

His superior weight would make the bed sag in his direction, and his big body

would give off heat. Now, the bed felt different. She was sure there was someone

or something in the bed with her, but it was smaller than Jack. Smaller than


She slowly turned, fearing what she might see. A snake or other wild animal

could be small but deadly, and a sudden move may wake it or provoke it. After

she craned her neck around as far as she could, she just managed to spy her

mysterious bed-mate out of the corner of her eye, and the amazing sight made

forget her stealth and spin around in bed to gawk at it head on.

There, before her eyes, was a sleeping Jack reduced to half his height. Only his

arms and shoulders were above the covers, but it looked like he had all the same

proportions he always did. The effect wasn't of a child or a midget, but an

actual living doll-man. Amanda had always had a secret fascination with dolls,

but this was a doll like no other. It breathed. It was warm. Yet, she wondered,

could it really walk and talk?

Part of her doubted if what she was seeing was real. The twilight of dawn

sometimes cast illusions, and she half-believed that the impending alarm would

shatter the spell. Just then the snoozing Jack's hand reached out and lay on her

breast, sending a rush of sensations through her. Yes, this miniature husband

was real. She felt her nipple become hard in his hand, but Jack's only reaction

was to lazily smile at how surprisingly huge his dream wife's boob felt. Amanda

had the sudden desire to descend on the little man...

The alarm clock went off, making her jump back. She almost couldn't believe her

eyes when the tiny Jack sat up in bed like he did every morning. His eyes were

bleary and his face showed exhaustion. Big or little, Jack was not a morning

person. His hand shot out to turn off the alarm, missing it by at least a foot.

He muttered under his breath and tried again, succeeding only in whacking a

pillow. She reached over and got it for him, waiting for his next move. He

turned over and went back to sleep.

This was too much. "Jack, Jack." She gingerly nudged him. He snarled and sat up

again. "Awright, awright, I'm up already," and his hand pushed her away. She was

so surprised she drew away from him as if in fear. Jack was so groggy and

heavy-eyed that he didn't notice anything was different!

Jack had to get up early for his appointment at the temp agency, and he hated

getting up early. He dropped out of the bed, exhausted yet desperate to get his

morning routine over with. Because of this, he was oblivious to his new height,

about three feet.

The unusually long drop out of the bed startled him a little, but not enough to

wake him up. Amanda, did take notice, however, and in her astonishment remained

absolutely still, not sure if what she was seeing was real. The sight of Jack as

a three-foot midget was startling but somehow intriguing.

The next few moments made her feel more at ease. To her surprise, Jack went

about her morning routine as if nothing was different! He usually wore pajama

bottoms and boxers, but as he approached the bathroom they fell to his ankles.

He ignored them and proceeded to the bathroom. Amanda looked at Jack's pajama

top, which she was wearing. Jack always said it looked sexy on her because the

fit was so loose. She giggled quietly as she thought how it now fit her a lot

more snugly than it would him.

She could see his perfectly proportioned little body enter the bathroom and step

into the shower. She smiled as she saw him splattered by the jet pulse massage

setting, which she usually used. With his eyes shut tight, he tried to adjust

the showerhead, which was far out of reach.

He walked out of sight and then reappeared in his bathrobe, which now dragged on

the floor. The sash was dragging as well, tripping him up a little as he

obliviously went about his routine. She pulled the covers over her head, trying

to suppress her growing laughter. "What you doing still in bed?" he asked


"Oh, I'm just tired," she replied. She was glad she'd done this now. A good look

at her would surely snap him out of it, and she wanted to see how long he could

go on before he noticed.

"Well, get out of bed and get breakfast on the table, girlie!" He slapped her

bottom with a force that would have stung if he'd been his normal size, but now

it felt like a little love tap. She began to think how she was now far superior

to him physically, which sent her mind racing in several directions. She always

like being lifted by Jack, but the thought of her lifting him was exciting too.

She peeked out of the covers and saw Jack reaching for his white collared shirt

in the closet. The hanger was out of his reach, so he impatiently tugged at the

shirt until it fell to the floor. It fit like tent, the tails going to his

ankles and the sleeves falling way past his hands. Poor Jack! He still didn't

catch on! He just rolled up the sleeves and buttoned himself.

But when Jack reached for his pants, she knew it wouldn't be much longer before

he caught on to what had happened. As he stepped into them, he found he had to

gather up the legs just to get his feet out of them, and that the waist was far

to big. He tried to tighten his belt, but the smallest notch was anything but a

tight fit.

He was so preoccupied with this that he didn't notice Amanda creep out of bed

and walk up behind him. His eyes, no longer bleary, finally took note of his

predicament, though his gaze remained focused downward. "Amanda, there's

something wrong with my pants!" he cried.

Behind and above him, he heard her surprisingly loud voice say merrily, "I know.

They'll look better when you put your hat on." From out of nowhere, an oversized

hat dropped on him and covered his eyes.

Amanda just couldn't resist playing her mischievous little game. Here was her

handsome husband, shrunken and done up like a little baggy pants comedian. He

yanked the hat off with one hand while holding up his pants with the other. The

sight that greeted him caused his jaw and his pants to drop at once. His little

wife towering over him like a 10'+ giantess! She grinned. "How about some

pancakes? Maybe a short stack?"

For a few seconds he stood motionless, unable to believe what he saw. Then he

noticed her pointing to his left. He turned and saw their reflection in a large

mirror, and it was clear that everything was its normal size except him. Then he

turned and ran, leaving her and his pants behind.

"Hey, come back!" She ran after him, her long legs covering ground faster than

his little ones. She scooped him up as he was trying to open the front door.

"Let me go!" he cried frantically, and he was still big enough to put up a fuss.

She managed to carry him into the bedroom, where she tried to calm him, but he

only became more violent as he tried to escape her clutches. Unable to think of

any other solution, she sat on the bed, spread him out on her lap and

administered a couple of slaps to his bottom to quiet him down, her hand easily

spanning the length of his newly miniaturized tush. She didn't apply much force,

but he yelped loudly with each contact, and to her surprise, the target area was

crimson colored in seconds. She released him, and he stood at her feet,

massaging his tender backside and looking up at her with a newfound respect.

She was surprisingly pleased. While Jack had flown off the handle before, she'd

never had as easy a time calming him down. "Relax!" she reassured him, "I'm only

saving you the embarrassment of walking outside three feet tall with your pants


He calmed down and began to size himself and her up. "What happened? You look

so, so huge."

"It must be that potency stuff you're testing. Guess it has some funny side


"I've gotta call Doctor Argaiv!" He ran to the phone. After a few minutes, he

hung up. "The call was forwarded to Europe. The Doc's at a conference. He said

he'd take the first plane in and be at the office tomorrow morning. He wants to

examine me first, but he says he figures that the shrinking is definitely a

side-effect of the drug."

"So are you going to get any smaller?" she asked in a voice that tried to hide

her hopefulness.

"No, I only shrink when the drug works so as long as I don't orgasm I'll stay

the same size."

Is that so, she thought wryly.

Jack was totally disoriented. He was now going to spend the day in his

apartment, which now seemed like an oversized mansion, complete with 16-foot

ceilings. He might've gotten used to it if not for Amanda, who strode around

like a regal giantess, fearless and careless.

Of course, that was an unfair way to think about it. She was being very

understanding about the situation, and he was just getting paranoid because his

new size made him nervous. She went to a lot of trouble, for instance, to help

him out with his clothes. She must have spent an hour in front of the dressing

mirror with him, trying to find some clothes to fit, having him try on one

article of clothing after another. She'd have him put on a pair of pants and

then lift the waistband up to his armpits, shaking her head and saying, "No,

these are much too big," or she'd put a shirt on him and gather up more material

in her hand than there was on his body, remarking "No, you're much too little

for these." If anything, she went beyond the call of duty, continuing to try

clothes on him even after he'd given up hope. And she seemed to have a new way

to compare his old garments to his new size every time and she always had a

remark ready...

No. He was getting paranoid again. Maybe it was the time he tried on a T-shirt

and it turned out to be one of hers. After he took it off, she put it on, and it

was a perfect fit. Snug, even. The experience certainly was belittling, and the

sight of Amanda in just her T-shirt and shorts (why did she have to wear so

little today?) made him all the more uncomfortable.

She finally fixed things by attaching strips of cloth to a pair of boxers to

make sort of a pair of lederhosen. He cringed as her hand accidentally brushed

his crotch a few times during the fitting. More than a few times, actually. When

he viewed the result, he thought it made him look even more comically small than

before, especially standing next to his towering wife. (It seemed he couldn't

look in a mirror without her being nearby, but that was probably just his

imagination again.)

In the kitchen, Amanda was having the time of her life. Poor Jack was determined

to ignore her obvious teasing, which of course made it more fun. Suddenly, her

ears heard his tiny footfalls approaching the kitchen where she was preparing

lunch. She waited until the last moment and -

"Oops." She stepped in front of the doorway at the last second, and Jack's

little body collided into hers like it was a softly padded wall. "Oof," he said

with his head buried in her tummy before he bounced off and landed onto the shag

carpet. She bent down to help him up, giving him a tantalizing look at her

bosom. "I'm SO sorry," she said with sincerity, "I had my eyes straight ahead

and I guess I didn't see you."

He tried to say "It's all right, I can help myself up," but before he was half

finished her strong hands had grabbed him under his arms and pulled him up.

Then, just for an instant she lifted him clear of the ground, his tiny feet

dangling over the floor. He was back on the floor before he could say anything,

but she saw his face go wide with amazement as he felt his little body

completely supported by her loving arms.

"That-that's okay, he said weakly, "I barely felt it." He glanced to his crotch

to see if his makeshift clothes were giving away his excitement. They were. He

quickly adjusted his shorts and tried to act unaffected. "So, uh, what's for


"Chicken cutlets. You want your usual portion?"

"Sure," he said, then he realized that his "usual portion" was now more than he

could eat in a day. As she expected, however, he as too proud to correct himself

and ask for a tinier portion.

"It'll be ready in a second. Oh, could you do me a teensy favor?"

"Name it," he said, pleasantly, but she saw his discomfort at her use of the

word "teensy."

"Could you get me the small can of tomato soup on the shelf?"

He sauntered over to the cabinet, but when he spied the can, he saw it was on a

shelf five feet high, well out of his reach. He tried several ways to grab it,

first stretching, then hopping. "It's next to the peas," she said with her back

turned so she could pretend to be unaware of his struggles. Of course, she was

able to see everything from the reflection in the window over the sink.

Determined to accomplish his task, he silently sprinted to the footstool,

struggled with its unfamiliar size and weight, and clambered up it. With a

feeling of triumph he grasped the elusive can with both hands, but as he turned

to descend he saw that Amanda was standing right next to him now, towering over

him even while he stood on the stepladder. She disinterestedly took the can from

his hands - unlike him, she only needed one hand to hold it - and put it back on

an even higher shelf.

He looked amazed. "What-why did you..."

"I just needed to check the expiration date. Oh, it wasn't any big trouble, was


"No, course not," he said, exhausted.

"Anyway, lunch is served." Jack went over to his place setting, sat down

opposite her, and fairly disappeared behind the table. She had ‘neglected' to

provide him with some phone books and she knew he would rather die than ask her

for one. She dug into her modest meal, and he stood on the chair, attempting to

keep up with his equally sized, yet far more daunting dish, clumsily handling

his utensils and reaching his arms all the way out just to get what was right

before him. She finished long before him, but kept her gaze on him, and as long

as she did, he kept trying to eat.

Finally, completely stuffed with only a fraction of his meal eaten, he gave up.

"Uh, I guess I don't feel like chicken today."

"Oh, that's too bad," she said noncommittally, and she took his plate and

quickly began polishing off all he had left. That was too much for Jack, and he

wandered into the bedroom to sleep off his folly.

Amanda followed on him as he hefted his tiny body onto the bed and passed out.

She crept up on him and observed his shrunken body on the bed. The excessive

food he'd eaten had put him into a blissful slumber, and he no longer seemed

afraid or upset.

She sat beside him, feeling the mattress give in to the weight of her bottom far

more than it did for his whole body. Poor Jack, she thought, even the bed thinks

you're tiny. The day was warm, so he slept naked and uncovered except for his

clumsy boxers. She marveled at his lean yet muscular body, perfectly reproduced

in miniature. All her life she'd found tinyness fascinating, and here was Jack,

three feet tall and just waiting to be smaller...

She resisted the temptation, but it seemed a shame to waste such a perfect

opportunity. How frustrating that she had a miniaturized husband she couldn't

touch! If only that doctor hadn't given him the warning, she would probably have

had him in bed within minutes. On the other hand, maybe this possibility of

further shrinkage wasn't such a bad thing. If a three-foot husband was

thrilling, how much more thrilling would an 18 inch one be? Or a nine inch one?

Or smaller?

She tried to erase that thought. Still, there couldn't be any harm in just a

little touching, and he was asleep, after all.

Gently she reached out and began stroking his body ever so softly, starting with

his dark brown hair, the part of him that was least likely to feel her touch.

Then she traced his cheek and chin, moving down past his neck and over his

torso, where she could still make out his individual ribs and abs. The only sign

he gave of noticing was that his breathing became deeper and stronger.

Before she knew it, her hand had reached his waist. Hmm, got there faster than I

figured, she thought. But then, it was a shorter journey since he'd shrunk. She

hesitated just a moment, then undid the straps to his boxers. They came off

easily, being far too roomy for him. It was just a matter of elevating his tush

for a moment, and of course, he was light as a feather.

Jack stirred for a second and mumbled contentedly, apparently enjoying the

feeling of fresh air on his privates, but he otherwise seemed to be in the

deepest of sleeps. She saw Jack's manhood, somewhat reduced but waiting for

attention, semi-erect as it must've been all day. Was it the drug? Or something


She hesitated, still reluctant to cross the threshold, but finally brought down

one index finger so that it touched him on his shaft ever so slightly. To her

surprise, it became rock hard instantly, and Jack's sleeping body arched its

back upward, thrusting his pelvis towards her hand. She started to draw away,

but his tiny arm grabbed her with surprising strength. Well, if that's what you

want, decided Amanda, and she placed her entire hand over Jack's pride and joy,

completely covering it.

Jack began pant, but his eyes remained shut. "Oh, Amanda, Amanda," he groaned

with desire, "You're so HUGE..." Amanda gasped. So Jack was as turned on by the

situation as she was? Nothing was going to stop her now. She began lovingly

stroking his member, only to stop once Jack's convulsions seemed likely to get

out of hand. No need to end things too quickly, after all.

She reached down and kissed him, feeling her lips completely encircle his while

her giant tongue easily bested his small, delicate one in a wrestling match. She

drew her arms around him. Lifting him up to her, while his tiny arms struggled

to reach around her. She grabbed one of his butt cheeks completely in each of

their hands, while his hands struggled down her back, unable to reach the same

goal on her. She lowered him and guided his hands toward her derriere, which

felt tingles of delight from the minuscule groping of her tiny lover.

Finally, she could wait no longer. She put him down and got up just long enough

do doff her encumbering clothes, while Jack's sleeping arms searched for her in

vain. Finally, she lay down on top of him, achieving full body contact. She had

considered other positions, but if the doctor's shrinking theory was correct,

this would probably her last chance to get on top of him with all of her weight.

It was like a new experience for both of them, feeling the caress of a lover so

different in size! She mounted him. Jack let out a moan of ecstasy as his

sleeping crotch found what it was seeking.

Jack's subconscious mind marveled at the weight of his wife, who was now like a

titaness favoring a mortal with her pleasures. Meanwhile, Amanda felt a rush of

power at the tiny gyrating form beneath her, a form that could not escape her

desires if it had wished to. The excitement built up in her until she climaxed.

Her passions enlivened Jack, whose throbbing organ was doing an impressive job

for its size. Then he arched up, almost lifting her gigantic body off the bed as

he came like a fountain.

He collapsed back into a motionless sleep, only with a smile that spoke of pure

contentment. Amanda, exhausted, flopped down next to him. Who knew that such a

tiny mate would require such a workout? And in his sleep, yet! Jack sensed her

presence and moved toward her. She placed his head on her chest and wrapped her

arm around him. His body felt super-warm, and she wondered about the Doctor's


She didn't have to wonder much longer. As the minutes passed, she could feel

Jack slowly shrinking. Though it was almost imperceptible at first, she could

feel a slight friction as his head remained on her bosom but his feet crept

upwards, brushing against her hips. Her chest soon became too high a headrest,

and he slid down onto her arm, his weight dwindling away. The whole time he

seemed to glow with pleasure, and she almost wanted to wake him and have him

describe the sensations.

After a while he stopped. He was one and one half feet tall and probably weighed

only a few pounds. That meant he had gone from being a very small midget to the

smallest man on Earth. In fact, he was about the size of a teddy bear, and so

she picked him up and happily snuggled him for a few minutes. Finally, she tore

herself away and quietly got up. His arms reached for her, but had to settle for

grabbing a pillow bigger than himself. "That's all right, Jackie-boy," Amanda

whispered. "I'll be back. We're not done yet."

In the sitting room a short while later, she heard a groan from the bedroom.

"Oh, no, not again," she heard.

"Jack," she said innocently, "Is everything okay?"

"It's the drug," he moaned, "I must've jerked off in bed. I shrunk again."

"Oh, you poor dear," she said, as convincingly as she could, "Do you need any


"No, no," he said hurriedly. I wanna get dressed. It's bad enough being small

without being naked."

She waited for a few minutes, then heard him approaching the sitting room.

Remember, she reminded herself, look surprised. He walked into view "I think


His words were cut off by the hysterical laughter of Amanda who nearly fell off

of her chair. Jack was still wearing the boxers and suspenders combo that Amanda

had whipped up, but he had to cinch up the suspenders practically all the way

and the flopping boxers now went almost from his ankles to his armpits with the

long tails of the suspenders dragging behind him.

She kneeled (a position from which she still towered over him) her giggles,

unsurpressible. He looked up at her, mortified. "Boy, you're really one to go to

for sympathy."

"I can't help it," she gasped. "You look so cute." Her hands reached out and

pulled out the sides of his shorts, holding out the ends so the trunks took

their original shape. Poor Jack! He barely took up a fraction of the space in

his own boxers now! "You have got to be the tiniest man of all time."

Jack wanted to counter her, but what was the point? She was right. "All I know,"

he said, "Is that I've got to keep my self-control until this thing wears off.

Who knows how small I could get?"

How small indeed, she wondered. To have a lover no bigger than her hand...

"Anyway," he added, glumly, "At least there'll be no temptation on your part."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at me, I'm a shrimp. What could you possibly see in me?"

"Hmmm," she said pulling out the front of his boxer's waistband, "You mean

there's something to see? Oh! There it is! Peek-a-boo!"

"Hey!" He yanked the waistband back from her and clutched it to his chest.

"Anyway, you see my point. You may think I'm cute, but there's nothing that a

woman your size would be attracted to a guy my size."

"Oh, I see. Just like a guy your size would never be attracted to a woman as big

as me." And with that she stood up to her full height, resting her hands on her

prodigious hips and ever so slightly jutting out her goddess-like chest.

Jack looked up awestruck at her and made a dry swallow. "Uh, yeah. Just like


The day continued normally after that, or as normally as it could. Jack was now

so small he couldn't reach doorknobs. He could only barely reach a tabletop with

the aid of a chair, and to move a chair was a Herculean task. Again, Amanda

played along, finding subtle ways to tease him. When the evening came, her

favorite trick was to put the TV remote in an inaccessible spot very time she

finished using it. Once Jack, a born remote hog, saw where she put it, he was

loathe to ask her for it, so he'd go clambering for it on the couch armrest,

reading lamp table, or wherever it would be, usually having to drag something

over to it to stand on. As soon as he was close to having it she'd

absentmindedly pick it up again, change the channel to something he hated, and

put it down someplace else.

When gave up and tried to sit on the couch to watch TV with her, she casually

slid nearer to him and let her arm rest on his shoulder. He moved away, and then

she moved sideways, putting her feet up on the couch. Jack, in the presence of

her statuesque legs, found himself backed into the tightest of corners, almost

pinned under her mammoth calves as her feet rested on the armrest. "Honey," he

asked quietly, "must you to put your feet up?"

"Oh, are you running out of room?" she said, rubbing her legs together dreamily.

Jack lost it. "I-I gotta go!" He slid out from under her, leaped off the couch

and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door.

Immediately, he dropped his oversized boxers and studied his overexcited organ.

"Oh, no you don't, every time you get bigger I get smaller." He had to do

something fast. Grabbing the back brush he stood on the side of the tub and

nudged the shower knob to a slight cool drizzle, just right to cool off a man

his size.

Jack went into the shower, trying to compose himself. The water was good and

cold. As cavernous as it seemed, the bath and shower still pretty much worked

normally for him, and he began to relax, feeling almost his normal size again.

Just as he was about to finish, however, he heard the door open. Amanda's lofty

form entered wearing a robe, which she soon abandoned. Her beautiful figure, 22

feet tall in Jack's eyes, yet still perfect in every regard, stepped in and slid

the shower door completely shut. "I hope you don't mind, but I need a shower

myself, and since there's plenty of room for both of us, I figured, why wait?"

Jack looked at the door, the handle of which was out of reach and even then

would probably be too much for him. "Um, Amanda, could you let me out?" he asked


"Brrr, this is too cold," was all she replied. She turned the control so the

water became steamy warm and increased to a veritable torrent. "Ahh, this is

much better."

Jack persisted. "Amanda, please, this isn't a good idea. You know, I'm trying

not to get, excited." He certainly was excited, and there was no doubt that she

could see the evidence. But she just rolled her eyes. "Oh, you men. You try to

make something sexual out of everything. We're just cleaning off, not having

some sort of orgy, you know." Jack was almost dizzy-headed by now. One part of La Casa de la Cultura de Benalup-Casas Viejas expone la primera muestra de arte cinegético organizada por la Mesa Provincial de ...

his mind was trying to grasp her logic, while the other part wanted only to

grasp her body, which was right next to him yet tantalizingly out of reach. "I,

I guess I see your point," he finally mumbled. "Nothing wrong with a shower."

She smiled. "Come to think of it, I think a bath would be better." She switched

the plug on and poured liquid under the incoming water, creating a mountain of

bubbles which gathered around her knees while Jack had to push his way through

them like an explorer in a jungle hacking through high grass. "Plugh—Amanda," he

sputtered. She peered down. "What? I can't hear you in all that. Wait a sec and

I'll be down." She lay down, spreading her body throughout the tub and raising

the water past Jack's waist. The tub was now too slippery for him to escape and

the water was too deep for him to sit in. Jack also realized that he was now

standing between Amanda's legs, and all that he had lusted for a moment ago was

now within his reach. He swallowed nervously. The only thing he could think of

to do was to sit on her right leg, just above the ankle. She giggled, "Jack, I

can feel your little rear end." He stood up nervously. "I was just resting, I


"Oh, sure, that's what they all say. But Jack, could you come over here and do

me a teensy favor?" He cringed. There was that word again. He hesitated, knowing

that to approach her meant coming in contact with her—no, best not to think

about that. "I know what you're thinking," she said with an accusing smile. It's

nothing like that. I just want you to scrub my back."

"You-your back?"

"What, do you have some kind of back fetish or something? C'mon, Jack, try

getting your mind off sex." Jack nodded, and proceeded to walk towards her. She

was obliging enough to move her legs to one side, albeit by lifting one leg and

moving it over him, a la Sharon Stone. "Don't peek," she giggled." He gingerly

moved up the right side of the tub, but getting past her hips posed a problem.

"Just shimmy past them. But don't dawdle, mind you. Else, I might doubt your

good intentions." He laughed nervously and began to pass them, but found himself

wedged in exactly halfway. "Ooh, Ooh, stop, you're tickling me," she chided.

"I can' help it, I'm stuck." But what a place to be stuck, he thought to

himself. That ass, those tits—no, mustn't think of that. But then she turned

towards him, almost shoving a mountainous breast into his face. "Maybe I can

help?" she suggested. Staring her face-to-breast, he could only stammer, "I, I,

I, ---"

"Oh, brother. Here." And with that, she grabbed onto the sides of the tub and

lifted herself up enough to let him pass by. The water level in the tub dropped

considerably, and Jack was transfixed by the twin giant orbs of her buttocks,

and another attraction that put even them to shame. Still easily within reach,

he could go under her and reach up and grab -

"Anytime this year, Jack," her gentle voice boomed. Jack snapped out of it and

moved behind her. Her sudsy form came crashing down, causing considerable waves

in the cavernous tub. Jack was now a prisoner, surrounded by porcelain walls on

three sides and his wife's handball court of a back on the remaining side. But a

lovelier wall he'd never seen.

She dropped a sponge half as big as his whole body behind her, and he proceeded

to get to work. She purred and undulated with his every stroke, backing up until

he was almost flat against the back of the tub. Her butt advanced on him,

pinning his feet. "Uh, Amanda, can I get out now?" he asked as calmly as he


"Certainly, you've done an excellent job. Those little hands of yours are really

thorough." Once again she lifted herself out, but this time she was further back

into the tub where there was less room, and the only way past her was under her.

But couldn't, he shouldn't—"

"C'mon, if you make me wait too long I'll fall on top of you, and I don't think

either of us wants that," she warned. Holding his breath, he went under water,

feet first and face up, like someone off a pool slide. There was barely enough

room to slide under her without touching her. And before he could finish, there

was less room than that. Jack found himself brushing face with her warm,

gargantuan pussy. Her mighty giggle could be heard through the water, and when

Jack emerged, her cool facade had melted and she was wearing the grin of the cat

that ate the canary. Or was about to.

There was no more rational explanation. Instead, she gleefully drew him in with

her legs, bringing him close to her, where her hands pressed him against her.

"You are so cute at this size, you teeny little man, I have got to have you!"

Jack could hold out only for a few kisses, then became as passionate as her. She

leaned down toward him, allowing him to feel her giant boobs, warm and slippery

under the soap and water. Then she brought him to her lips again, and as they

kissed her giant hand stroked his groin....

It happened very quickly. After the rush of elation, Jack's face went white with

fear. "Oh, no."

"Ohhh, yes," giggled Amanda. She placed him down in the water. "Going down."

Jack, awake for the transformation for the first time, felt a strange tingle,

then a kind of dropping sensation. Amanda, looming above him, reassured him

pleasantly, "Don't worry, it doesn't take long at all. And if I'm right, the

sensation is really pleasant."

The sensation was kind of pleasurable, or so Jack would have noticed if he

hadn't been fixated on its effects. The whole world seemed to open up, expand,

rise, and draw away at once, especially Amanda, who started to take on the

stature of a giant from the world of fairy tales. Then Jack realized one more

thing. The water, which had been a little above his waist, was climbing higher

and higher as he shrunk. Soon...

"Amanda, the water! It's too—blub!" He was now a nine-inch man in ten-inch deep

water, swimming in his own bathtub. The giant world around him was now blocked

out by the tremendous billows of soap bubbles that dominated the surface. It was

if he had entered a strange, alien world.

Suddenly, he felt swelling in the water. From beneath him rose a gigantic

feminine knee, holding him above water and then lifting him above the bubbles.

He looked up at the friendly face of his wife, now fifty feet tall to his eyes.

"Welcome to giantess island. Would you care for a free airlift back to the


He wasn't sure what she meant but he nodded yes. Her hand, more then half the

size of his whole body, wrapped around his chest and lifted him dizzyingly high

into the air as she stood up. Oh, the size of her! Against his will, he felt

himself hardening again...

"...Again? Naughty little man, you just won't give me a rest. Here, this'll help

you dry off. She dropped him into the breast pocket of her terricloth robe,

which he soon felt moving as she put it on. The loose walls about him became

taut as she drew the robe around the swell of her breasts. Try as he may, he

couldn't resist running a hand against the woolly partition that stood between

him and his wife's mound. As he did it, her heard her titter.

Light entered as he saw her open the pocket with her finger and peer down at

him. Don't you worry, Mr. busyhands, you'll have plenty to feel soon enough, but

for now I'm going to leave you hanging" With that she hung up the robe on a hook

and when he looked again, she was in a night shirt and brushing her hair.

After a few seconds, he regained his composure and shouted, "Amanda! You did

that on purpose! You deliberately shrank me!" He pointed an accusing finger,

which he withdrew when she walked up to him and enveloped his hand in her loving


"Why of course I shrunk you, with a little help from you, of course. Look how

cute you are, all teeny-tiny. How could any girl resist you?"

He was flabbergasted by her confession, or rather her confirmation. "Then when I

was napping--?"

"That's right, I was your dream lover. And believe me, you had the time of your

life, even through the shrinking part. It's sort of a tingling sensation, isn't

it? I think you enjoyed it again in the tub, though you probably wouldn't admit


"So that's it? For the sake of some kicks, you made me, what, nine inches tall?"

"Don't feel so bad. Nine inches is pretty big for a man," she giggled.

"You call this, ‘pretty big?'" he scoffed.

"Believe me, Jack, soon you'll have a hard time imagining you were ever as big

as you are now."

He gulped. "You don't mean...."

She raised her hand up to his face. "Picking you up is fun, I'll admit, but

you'd be a lot cuter palm-sized, don't you think?"

"You-you wouldn't dare! I won't let you!"

She raised an eyebrow. "You won't let me? What are you going to little man,

spank me?"

She laughed, but he was determined to retain his composure. "You got me before

because my guard was down! But now I'm on to you and I won't let it happen

again! Remember, you can't shrink me unless I let you!"

She extended a finger and gently rubbed his groin through the robe. "It's this

little fellow who's in charge, not you, Jackie-boy. And he likes what I'm doing

just fine."

Jack shuddered from her touch, but held his ground. "That's where you're wrong,

Amanda! Unlike you, I have self control! That pill is only good for three more

hours, and you can bet I can resist you until then!"

She put a thoughtful hand to her chin. "So, we have a challenge. The little

Puritan versus the giant seductress." She went to the digital alarm clock and

set it to go off in three hours. "All right, then, the clock is ticking. May the

best woman win."

She walked to the closet. "You don't mind if I get dressed for battle, do you?"

She pulled out something that was on a hanger and wrapped in a plastic

dry-cleaning bag. He wasn't sure what to make of it at first, then it came to

him. The lingerie! The expensive camisette ensemble he tried to give her last

Valentine's just before they had that big fight. She said she'd thrown it out!

"No!" he said, half-commanding, half-begging. "Anything but that! You swore you


"All's fair in love and war, little man," she said as she slung the garment over

her shoulder and exited the room. For some time - he wasn't sure how long, as

the alarm clock was out of his view - he heard the hairdryer going, then came

another long stretch in which her heard her moving about, perhaps brushing,

perhaps, donning make-up, perhaps, snapping something on. He considered trying

to get out of the robe pocket, but it was a considerable drop to the floor - at

last thirty feet by his reckoning - and the cloth of her robe had a soft

velvet-like texture, making it impossible for him to be sure he could safely

grip it all the way down

Jack was sure of one thing, however. When she took this long it meant it was a

special occasion. Amanda's beautiful, he thought, but when she puts her mind to

it...the thought made his heart freeze. All the while he heard Amanda softly

singing a little song to herself, and her obvious ease of mind only heightened

his discomfort.

Suddenly the door swung open and she appeared, wearing the camisette like she'd

been held over it and poured inside. Her face was done up lightly but

skillfully, accenting her baby doll eyes and her rose lips. Her sandy hair was

done up perfectly, with the deliberate exception of a single lock that hung down

and touched her right eyebrow, lending her a slightly devilish look.

The camisette, a turquoise wonder, made her look curlier than she already was,

from her rounded hips to her delicate waist, to what looked like an explosion of

bosom at the top. Besides this, there were long white fingerless gloves,

garters, stockings, high heels, and a lace generally everywhere except where it

might preserve her modesty. "Boy, you sure don't make it easy on a girl, Jack.

Putting this thing on is about as easy as doing a tax form, but I have to admit,

the end result is impressive, if I do say so myself." She did a model-like

360-degree turn for him, and at every angle she just looked better.

Jack was stunned. He was determined to hold his ground, but how? She practically

had him seduced without touching him. Desperate, he jumped out of the pocket and

began clambering down, despite his misgivings about clinging to the velvety

material. Amanda, who spotted this while she was in the middle of a second turn,

ran over to him almost immediately. She would have certainly caught him if he

hadn't lost his grip and come tumbling down.

Fortunately, the carpet was soft, and physics made the fall less painful for

Jack than a proportionate drop at his regular size would have been. He was just

a little winded. None of this was apparent to Amanda, however, and she looked

down on her tiny man's motionless body with concern, afraid to touch him lest it

worsen some injury.

Jack sensed this and tried to remain motionless, giving him a chance to catch

his breath and form a new escape plan. Unfortunately for him, her leaning body

gave him a remarkable view of her accented bosom and one part of his body

refused to stay absolutely still. "Jack?" she said, eyeing his movement.

She reached down a hand, but too slowly, and Jack bolted up and ran in the

wisest direction, through her legs. Janet's heels made it difficult for her to

maneuver, and as she reached under her legs to catch the fleeing mini-man, she

was sent completely off-balance, taking a rather unladylike fall to the floor.

Hearing the crash, he turned to see his giant wife in a rather unsexy pose, and

couldn't resist feeling a surge of triumph. The triumph was short lived,

however, as he saw her get up into a sitting position and start removing her

heels, her eyes peeled on him the whole time. And, to make matters worse, both

doors to the room were shut.

He had only one hope. The bathroom was a worse dead end than the bedroom, but

the door to the hallway had a small amount of space between it and the floor. If

he could only squeeze under it.

He got down low. It was like crawling under a house, only with a giantess in

pursuit. He heard the soft giant padding of her feet approaching him, but just

as he thought he was through, his rear end got caught.

Amanda gazed down at Jack, whose cute little derriere left him in a somewhat

exposed condition. She reached down. "Why Jack, You seem to be a little too big

for this task. Didn't I tell you I had a surefire weight lost plan for this

little tushie of yours?" And with that she gave one of his cheeks a gentle pinch

that sent him hollering and out on the other side.

Amanda was pleased. There was no way she could have yanked him from under the

door without injury, but now they could resume the chase, a chase in which eight

of his strides equaled one of hers.

Jack heard her calmly swinging the door open as he raced down the hall. He

turned the corner, but knew it would be seconds or less before she had him in

her sight again. He needed a hiding place fast. He saw his only possible refuge,

a giant basket load of dried and folded laundry He clambered up the side and

crawled in.

He managed to do so before she turned the corner, but it was too late anyway.

His weight was just enough to make the basket rock slightly as he entered it,

and was still wobbling just a little as she exited the hall.

She walked up to the basket. "Hmm, now if I was an iddy-biddy pip-squeak of a

man, where would I hide from my giant sweetheart? The trash? Too yucky. The

carpet? Too heavy. Under the couch? Too obvious. I know! In the kitchen

cabinet." Jack felt hopeful when he heard this, but then she added, "But first I

think I'll make sure that nothing inappropriate got mixed in with these whites."

She picked up the load and announced loudly, "Okay, Jack, we both know you're in

there. Come out quietly and I promise to go easy on you."

Jack remained motionless, hoping she'd change her mind and go away. She sighed.

"Alrighty, then. Let's go husband hunting." She put the basket back on the

floor, and there was a gigantic motion in the basket as Amanda's formidable hand

went in, groping around the laundry, searching for Jack like a prize in a cereal

box. She came close several times, forcing him to dive further into the clothes

until he was afraid he'd be smothered.

She grunted in frustration. "Okay you win, squirt. Looks like the only way I'm

going to get you out of there is do wreck all my nicely folded laundry." With

that she turned the whole basket upside down, pouring out all its contents.

Still, Jack was nowhere to be seen.

She began spreading the laundry about, sure he was in there somewhere, but there

was still no sign of him. She had almost decided she was mistaken when she saw

one of the articles moving by itself.

One of Amanda's white stockings was traveling slowly across the floor, led by a

small moving shape in its toes. Obviously, Jack had gotten further into the

laundry than he'd intended. She casually stepped onto the dragging end, bringing

its progress to a halt, though the little man-shape in the toe fruitlessly

continued to try to plow ahead. She picked them up and looked deep down into the

leg where the befuddled Jack was. "Hello, Jack. Trying on my things? I didn't

think you were that sort of fella."

Her beautifully manicured giant hand reached in and pulled him out slowly. She

then carried the little man over to the bed and sat him down on a satin pillow

so smooth he could barely stand on it. She sat down near him, the giant bed

yielding to her curves. Jack was breathless and tired, but otherwise no worse

for wear. "Had enough, dearie?" she asked, "or do you want to play some more

cat-and-mouse games?"

" play the mouse," he wheezed.

She giggled. "Now, I'm hardly the size for that, and I don't care for cheese, so

let's just settle our differences here."

He shrugged. "Well, at least I showed you I'm no pushover."

She grinned. "And neither am I, which reminds me..." She picked him up, lay him

across her lap and have his bottom a light, two fingered swatting. He yelped

once or twice. "This is for making me mess up the laundry." The paddling was

mild, but Jack's rear was already so sensitive from the doorway incident that it

made his eyes water.

When she was done, he ran away about a foot or so and turned around, looking up

to her with a chastened expression as he rubbed his tender bottom. She certainly

had his attention. "As you now see," she continued, "Naughty little men get

treated naughtily. Would you like to find out how NICE little men get treated?"

He nodded yes, then quickly changed it to no, then back to yes, then he dropped

down and balled himself up in a knot of confusion.

He gazed up at her with a look of combined fear and desire. " become so


"Aw, don't worry about it. I mean, you're pretty small already, so what's the

difference? And besides, haven't you considered the pleasures of a giant wife?"

She arched her back, making a sexy pose.

He sighed and nodded yes. Here before him was a fifty foot woman, voluptuous and

eager to please him. "How could I not?" But he persisted. "But I can't let you

make me smaller! I won't!"

She lay out fully on the bed and raised herself over him with her hands on the

sheets. "Look, let's be realistic. Can you escape me?"

He paused. "No."

"Can you overpower me?"

"No way."

"Can you resist my advances for the next two hours?"

His penis twitched. "Impossible."

"Well, then, as I see it you have two choices. You can keep up this resistance

shtick and get shrunk anyway, or..."


"...Or you can both have fun doing it together."

He thought for a moment. "It depends."

"On what?"

"If I get can a hold of those tits."

She giggled. "I thought you'd never ask." She rolled over onto her back and

lifted him up, laying him across her swollen bosom.

"Whoa!" He rolled off and landed on her collarbone just under her chin. "They're

too steep!" He observed.

"As if you'd want it any other way. Here I can fix it so you stay." Without

another word she grabbed him and tucked his legs into her cleavage. The tight,

bosomy sanctuary almost made him lose control right then and there, but he

managed to hold it back. Instead, he reached under the material with both hands

and caressed her giant breasts, his hands just falling short of being able to

grab both nipples at once.

"Bit of a challenge, aren't I?" she teased.

"Well, I guess you're ‘easy' but," he added, looking at the expanse of woman he

had to love, "NOT so easy."

"Wanna see an example?" She got up out of bed. He didn't have to worry about

falling, as her squeezed bosom held him fast. She stood in front of the

full-length mirror, and he gasped at the sight of his miniature body ensconced

in her curvy cleavage.

"God, I look tiny!" He exclaimed.

She laughed. "See? After awhile you get used to everything being so big and you

almost think it's normal, but then you see a comparison..."

She lay down again and released him by undoing her camisette a little. This had

the fringe benefit of uncovering her nipples, which seemed as grateful for the

release as Jack was. He immediately played with them. "Man, these are


She smiled, aroused as much by little Jack's excitement as his caresses. "Ever

see a bigger pair, Jackie-boy?"

"Not in my life" he said, absorbed in the task at hand.

"Now, now, you enjoy those while you can, because I've got bigger jobs in store

for you." She let Jack go on for a little while longer, then her loving but firm

hand whisked him away, his arms still futilely lunging for her nipples.

"Hey, no fair!" He protested.

"Now, now," she countered, "you're getting bogged down, and there's so many

interesting places for you to see, such as...." She brought his face to her lips

and gave him a wet kiss that left his whole flustered face ruby-red with


He shook his head. "Now those are what I call lips!"

She giggled in response. "Speaking of lips..." she purred, moving him south.

Now he began to struggle in earnest fear. "Amanda, no! Not down there!"

"Oh, come on," he reassured him "It's not like you've never been there before!"

And so Jack came to be lowered onto her crotch, which she had de-pantied while

he was enjoying her breasts. There was no need for him to get her started, as

the excitement of having a tiny lover had already aroused her. Her pussy was

both open and lubricated.

She mostly pressed Jack to her, enjoying his confused struggles. A tiny man can

move in so many different ways! All the time her hand stayed on him, adjusting

his position. It held him fast, though this was hardly necessary, since her

giant squeezing legs would never have let him go.

After awhile, a confused Jack managed to find the experience arousing in an

overwhelming sort of way. He had been shrunk to the size of a plaything for his

giant wife, true, but to be the inspiration for such mammoth moans and

gyrations...the thought that he was satisfying this giantess' appetite was


After awhile, though, merely playing wasn't enough for her. She lifted him up,

opened her legs, and began to insert him. Once again it was too much for Jack,

who was unprepared for the ultimate test of his wife's desires. "Amanda! Not yet

I'm not ready for this."

"You're nice and ready," was all she'd whisper in reply, as the little man had

become thoroughly lubricated from her cuddling. She didn't waiver from her

intentions guiding him in feet first. Almost instinctively, he tried to spread

his legs, as if this would somehow give him a foothold. It only caused her to


It was fun, but she wanted to return to the task at hand (so to speak), and by

simply readjusting her hold she squeezed his legs together and inserted him

properly. She only kept hold of his shoulders now, to be sure he didn't wiggle

out. Jack, a man proud of his "size" less than a day ago, found himself going

deeper into a woman than he'd ever imagined.

Squeezed by her thick, warm embrace, he couldn't help wriggling about, and she

certainly didn't seem to mind His horror gave way just a little to fascination

as he sensed her reacting to his every move. Soon a rhythm had built that he was

unable to control. Her hips rose and fell and he felt her squeeze and relax her

grip on him as her hand guided him out just a little then guided him back in,

with some imaginative variations.

Eventually it was like nothing less than being trapped in a giant feminine

earthquake, with considerable elements of a volcano thrown in. Jack could only

go along for the ride and hope for the best.

Finally, he heard a climactic gasp from her as a final gush of lubricant swirled

about him. He felt a giant shudder like the one felt by the captain of the

Titanic as it struck the iceberg, except this was anything but icy.

She let out a long satisfied sigh and looked down at him with grateful giantess

eyes, giving him a congratulatory squeeze. He felt a strange sense of elation at

having satisfied this titaness of a wife, and started shuddering himself. She

sensed it and giggled in approval.

She took him out, gave him a giant congratulatory kiss, then grabbed a nearby

silk handkerchief, dried him off, and lay him in her bosom for a well deserved

reward and rest. This time, Jack merely lay against her cushions like he was in

a giant easy chair, gazing lazily into her loving eyes.

After a short while, she broke the silence. "Tell me how it feels."

He thought for a moment. "Well, squishy, but good. Very good."

She laughed, making his "easy chair" swell and drop with her, and somewhat

unsettling Jack's rest. "No, I mean the shrinking. You came again."

"Oh, man," he sighed, "that's right."

She smiled. "Guess I made you forget, huh? Got a little caught up in the


He glanced back at her nether region. "‘The moment.' I never heard you call it

by that name before."

She giggled again, and this time he nearly rolled off her, but she caught him

and sat him back down. "Now, seriously. I'm probably not going to do this again,

so I want you to tell me just what it feels like...or I might have to do it to

you again just to jog your memory!"

He waived his hands. "No, no! I'll tell you. I..."


"Well, it's a little hard. I mean, I've only been nine inches tall for less than

an hour, and with everything so different, it's hard to tell if I AM shrinking."

"Hmm, I guess it certainly becomes less noticeable to me every time. I have an

idea." Without getting up, she was able to reach around to her night table and

pull out a 12-inch ruler which she held end up next to him on her chest. "Stand

up and be measured, little fella."

He blinked. "What do you have a ruler in your night table for?"

She smirked. "Well, Susan and I were talking about our fellas, and we wondering

how you two ‘measured up.' I was going to see if I could get your length while

you slept."

He grunted. "So much for that contest." He was surprised to see her hold the

ruler up to his tool, marking off his tiny measurement with her fingernail.

"Yep, no contest," she laughed. "But don't worry. You're still the biggest

proportionate to your height, speaking of which..."

He looked at the measurement of the once-again vertical ruler. He was now a

little less than nine inches tall. "Oh, no," he said, seeing the line that

marked his new height slowly creeping up over his head.

"You do seem to be getting cuter," she grinned. "So what's it like?"

He looked about. "It's like there's this funny tingling moving out of my cock

and into my body. Actually, it feels great."

"Well, I'm glad it's not just fun for one of us. Go on."

He was about eight inches tall now. "Well, it's like everything's receding away

but getting closer at the same god, you're getting even bigger." Her

giant hand, now nearly equal to his size and gaining fast, stroked him with a

delicacy that belied its mass.

He tried to go on, but he was too tired. He drifted off in the near-literal

embrace of her bosom, and she lay still, watching him become ever smaller. The

sleight weight that bared down on her chest became almost infinitesimal, until

he had shrunk to less than five inches. The breast, which he had been laying

against like a boulder, was now like a hillside to him. She took out another

silk handkerchief and placed it on him like an enormous blanket. The sleeping

man turned as if to kiss her in thanks, so she held out her index finger to

receive it. To her surprise he not only kissed it, but embraced it like a


Well, she could sleep with him on her chest if she was careful, but not like

this. Unable to pull away without waking him, she carefully slipped her hand

under his body and lifted him out. With her arm bent at the elbow she was able

to hold him close to her head. Lying in her open palm, his arms encircled her

index finger while his feet cuddled her thumb. With her free hand she turned off

the alarm. "Goo

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