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Someone to




Annette was a beautiful child. Her long, flowing blond hair, green eyes, and

pearly white teeth was enough to make one believe she was a child of the ocean

itself. Anyone that looked like her would have instantly become a child

celebrity but not Annette....she was a mutant. Annette had the worst childhood

anyone could ever imagine. She was a special girl, who, even at age 8, stood

approximately 12 feet tall. Her father despised her, for she had crushed her

mother during birth and accidently killed her. Her father was a miserable old

miser who abused his mutant child relentlessly. He was built thin and lanky but

he had a beer belly. His black hair was balding from age, and he wore a greasy

and unkempt mustache. He took his daughter to a tiny remote island forced her

into slave labor. She was made to sweep the house, which became smaller and

smaller to her as she rapidly grew larger and larger every year. She washed

dishes, cleaned clothes, picked up her father's messes, and prepared meals. Life

certainly did not get better for Annette when her father met and married a cruel

woman who feared the young giantess. Often, Annette's new step mother would

accuse her of being rude, violent, or disobeying everything she was told. Of

course these charges were outlandish, but since her father hated her anyway, he

gladly berated the girl and tripled her workload.

If the step-mother did anything good for Annette, it was the fact that she

enjoyed listening to opera music and did teach Annette to sing many of the songs

(To save on batteries and electricity of course!). Annette developed a beautiful

voice, and her songs could sometimes be heard by sailors across the seas. They

renewed the old myths of Sirens, but the sailors often laughed at their own

tales and never tried to find where the singing was coming from.

Annette's sad melodies did not go unnoticed for long. Not far from her island

was another isle, filled with giantesses like herself. These women, however,

were actually the ancestors of the Amazons of Greek legend. They believed that,

after he was freed by Hercules, the Titan Prometheus visited and mated with

several Amazons. Each was at least a hundred feet tall, and sometimes even

bigger. The new breed of Amazons hid themselves away from the rest of the world,

preferring to capture shipwrecked men, and marry them. For generations, the

Amazons kept their husbands in a powerful fortress, which protected the tiny men

from the many dangerous beasts that inhabited their kingdom. The queen of the

Amazons, Andariel, rested on the beach, holding her miniature husband, Miles,

upon her lap. She smelled the sea breeze and caressed her beloved with her huge

hands, then she heard it...singing.....a child singing. She listened closer, and

began to understand the words.

“There is a castle on a cloud

I like to go there in my sleep

Aren't any floors for me to sweep

Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a room that's filled with toys

There are a hundred boys and girls

Nobody shouts or talks too loud

Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a lady all dressed in white

She holds me and sings a lullaby

She's nice to see

And she's soft to touch

And she says: ‘Annette, I love you very much.'

I know a place where no one's lost

I know a place where no one cries

Crying at all allowed

Not in my castle on a cloud.”

The song brought a tear to the queens eye, and she gazed down at her husband,

who was also mesmerized.

“Husband, you shall take a boat, and find that child. I do not care what you

must do, but please...bring her to me! Because I am unable to bear any children

of my own...perhaps I can adopt her and she can carry on my linage. You will do

this for me, won't you my beloved?” she asked.

“I will. I'll do everything to get her here! Her voice was so tranquil! Could

she be an abandoned Amazon?”

“I do not think so, beloved. Go now, and bring her to me!” Andariel gently

picked up her husband and put him on the ground. He quickly ran off and found

the only boat on the island. The men fixed it up so they could get supplies for

their Amazon mates. If the child was as sad as her song, Miles was sure to

rescue her from whatever it was that tormented and troubled her. He grabbed some

supplies he knew he would need, including a large raft for the girl to sit on,

and other precious items to barter with. He packed up and headed out to sea.

It was easy to find the Annette's island, all he had to do was follow the sound

of her sweet voice as she sung song after song. When he arrived, Miles saw the

poor girl, now 11 years old and around 57 feet tall, being whipped by a normal

sized woman. The young titaness probably could have smashed the woman like a

bug, but she simply took her beating without complaint or struggle.

Annette's father saw the stranger as he finished unpacking various trunks, and

walked up the beach so he quickly ran up to meet him. He forced a fake grin to

the man and shook his hand relentlessly.

“My word! It's been a long time since we have had any visitors! Welcome sir,

what brings you here?”

“My name is Miles, husband to Andariel, queen of the Amazons. Tell me something,

is that girl for hire?” he asked, ignoring the father's false welcoming.

“Hire? For...MONEY??? Why, of course she is! What do you want her to do? I'm

sure she'd gladly do whatever you want for say....$100.00?” the weasley old man

laughed, rubbing his greedy hands together.

“Fine, here is $100.00.” Miles said, handing the father the promised amount. He

approached the girl and step-mother, who quickly stopped beating her, and tried

to hide the whip behind her back. He looked up into the abused girl's eyes and

smiled. “You are my employee now. Would you rather work, or play?”

“W....Work or play??” Annette stuttered. “, sir.”

“Very well,!” Miles laughed. Annette stood before the tiny people a

bit confused. Her step-mother glared up at her angrily.

“You heard the gentleman, Annette! Run along and play, damn it!” she snarled.

Annette smiled warmly and quickly headed towards the beach, her footsteps

sounding like rhythmic beating of drums. She dove into the water and began to

enjoy a nice long swim. Miles took the father and step-mother and escorted them

to their own table. He seated them and placed a bag he was carrying on the


“How much for Annette to leave this place and live me?” he asked them. The

couple was shocked by the question.

“My little girl?? Why....she's worth a $1000.00 at least!” the father cried out.

Miles smiled slyly and poured out the contents of his back...several chunks of

pure gold!

“That should be more than what you are asking. I shall now take her....” before

he could finish, the step-mother budded into the conversation.

“Eh, $1000.00 would normally be more than enough, is always

getting sick. Medicine is expensive, as well as clothes and food for a girl so

large....I say $15,000.00 is a more suiting price!” she hoped to raise the

price. Miles scowled, but pulled out his brief case and opened it before the

selfish parents, revealing a huge stock of gems, gold, silver, and other

priceless artifacts.

“Here's your damn money and more! Do with it what you will. ANNETTE! Come on,

I'm taking you home with me!” Miles called out, allowing the greedy folks to

stare at the bounty before them. Annette returned to the beach and followed her

new “owner” to his boat. “Climb aboard the raft, tell me if it is too

uncomfortable!” he said kindly. Annette nodded and climbed was


“I think I can manage, sir.” she said softly, looking behind one last time, only

to see her father and step-mother joyfully dancing about, yelling about how rich

they were now. She looked forwards again, and watched Miles drive his boat,

pulling her gently along.

She arrived at the Amazon kingdom and there was a crowd to greet her. Andariel

stepped forward and knelt down to the child's height. Annette could hardly

believe her eyes...women who were all bigger than she was! Andariel smiled, and

rubbed her fingers through the younger giantess's hair. “Are....are you

my....mommy???” Annette asked, fixated upon the beautiful queen.

“Y...yes dear! I am your mother now. My name is Andariel, and I am the queen

over everyone you see here. I have heard you sing in the night, and I had you

brought to me, so you could be my daughter. You shall be a princess, and all

these people, myself included, shall take care of you and love you.” The queen

replied, hugging the little girl as though she were her own.

Years past, and to the amazement of the Amazons, Annette never quit growing

until she was 19 years old. She towered over the tallest giantess, standing at

least 200 feet in height. She had changed with age, adopting to her role as

heiress to the throne. She became very haughty and arrogant, which scared the

various husbands and single men who inhabited the island. Every February, the

Amazon singles would gather at the men's fortress to choose their new husbands.

This tradition had been carried out for centuries, to the point that it became a

huge celebration. The girls rushed to the fort, but Annette took her time. They

peered over the fortress walls to try and pick out a proper husband to marry.

The men accepted this tradition, and grew anxious about it. They enjoyed the

attention the young giantesses gave to them, and started their own traditions of

how to impress the women so they would be picked.

A few of the girls chose their mates, and now it was Akra's turn. Akra was the

daughter of the greatest warrior and hunter of the Amazons. She already had a

reputation for being a bold and skilled warrior, which excited the men, who

tried their hardest to get her to choose them. Akra enjoyed the attention she

was given, and had a man picked out, when everyone heard the hard footsteps of

Annette coming. The men cried out, and scattered back into their huts before

Akra could make her choice. Annette arrived and pushed Akra out of the way, and

gazed down at the village. “Any men left for me??” she laughed out watching as

the remaining men disappeared. It was forbidden by Amazon law to force a man to

become a husband. This law wasn't enforced very often, as the men were very

agreeable to being the lovers and servants to their giantess wives. Annette

overstepped her boundaries and grabbed the hut of the nearest male. She ripped

it off the ground with one hand, leaving the poor little fella dangling from his

own house. Annette laughed at his plight, and dropped the house back into the

village, seriously injuring the man. The other Amazons were shocked by her

behavior, and quickly called Andariel to the area. The queen was furious with

her daughter.

“ANNETTE! How dare you treat these men that way! They are smaller than us, and

are deserving of our protection, not our scorn! Akra has a great reputation as a are feared and hated by the men, how does that make you feel???”

she shouted angrily up at her adopted daughter.

“It makes me feel good, LITTLE mother! I'm the biggest and strongest Amazon of

all, so it is only right that I get first pick! I'm a princess...royalty! Let

the peasants choose their men on their own time!” she snapped back, bending

over, and looking her mother right in the face.

Though a bit intimidated, Andariel knew that Annette was no where near as good a

fighter as she was. She folded her arms and refused to back down from her

daughter. “Very well, you are forbidden to take part in the mating festival from

now on! The next man that is marooned or brought to this island shall be your

husband...NO questions asked!” The Amazons left the fortress, leaving Annette

boiling with rage. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw some men trying to help

their fallen comrad. Annette growled at them, and slammed her foot into the

ground, forcing the men to abandon the wounded man. She laughed haughtily at

their cowardliness, then stomped off into another direction.


“So let me

get this straight, Jason,” Miles inquired as the 2 new friends began to unload

the boat after it had docked. “,you have all sorts of magical powers, yet you

keep yourself homeless and miserable? Why do you do that? Why don't you give

yourself the perfect life and use your abilities to end all the suffering in the


“It's not that simple. It's always been my personal belief that things happen

for a reason. If I just made everything great and wonderful, I'd be messing with

things beyond my ability to comprehend. Bad things happen, that's part of what

gives us our free will, so who am I to just fix problems the way I see fit?”

Jason responded, grabbing a large crate and lifting it easily to shore.

“Ok, I understand that, but....why the body? You're starving...why did you make”

“Fat? There are these....monsters that chase after me. They torment my life and

make everything a living hell. I made myself this way to hide myself from them.

It worked for a time...but they eventually found me....they always find

me.....Please Miles, I'm begging you, don't tell anyone about me, or what I can

do. I'd rather just live here, anonymously and find the peace I so desperately

crave. Being overweight like this is also a nice little flaw I gave

helps me remember I'm a mortal like anyone else, and helps me keep my feet on

the ground.”

“Alright, you have my word. I won't tell anyone, but you're going to have to

live under the Amazons. They rule this island like goddesses. I'm sure my wife

wouldn't take kindly to you if you disobey or question their authority.”

“That's fine. If I can have food, shelter, and someone to talk to, I'll do

whatever they ask.”

Unbeknownst to the men, Akra and her friends were nearby practicing their

fighting skills. They overheard the men talking, though were unaware of what

exactly was being said. Akra peeked through the tall trees and saw the “next man

to arrive at the island” according to Andariel's rule over Annette! She smiled

mischievously, and motioned for her friends to have a look.

“Look at Miles's new little friend! My gosh, what an overweight blimp, he'd make

a perfect husband for that brat, Annette! You girls know what Andariel said....”

She giggled.

“Hee hee! Annette's new dream prince, it's going to be hysterical to see the

look on her face when Andariel commands her to marry him!” her friend chimed it,

getting a good look at Jason.

The girls stepped forth from their hiding place, and surrounded Jason and Miles.

Jason tried as hard as he could to remain inconspicuous, but he couldn't help

gasping out. He'd never seen anyone so big before! He wondered how Miles and the

others live, knowing these giantesses could snuff out their lives with a whim.

He slowly looked up, and saw Akra smiling deviously at them. She leaned down

very closely, her hot breath sending shivers down Jason's spine.

“Why....hello Miles! It's great to see you back already. Who's your friend?” she

asked sweetly.

“Er, hi Akra! This is Jason, he's come to the island to learn our ways and live

with us. Jason, this is Akra, the proudest and greatest of the new warriors!”

Jason smiled and nodded his head in greeting, as Miles continued. “How'd the

celebration go? I bet you nabbed yourself a real hunk!”

Akra giggled, and without another word, snatched up Jason in her hand, as though

she were a cat and he, a mouse. The little man struggled for a bit, but

eventually grabbed hold of her fingers for support., as the giantess stood to

her full height. She slowly opened her hand, with Jason resting in her palm. He

looked up at her, a bit frightened as she and her friends looked him over. Akra

nodded approvingly and quickly ran off with Jason still in her palm. She

couldn't help but laugh as she shouted for Andariel.

“Your majesty! Your majesty! I found him, I found him!” she gleefully laughed,

as her friends followed her, giggling at her antics.

“Found who?” Andariel questioned, as she and her court gathered around the

younger girls, wondering what all the commotion was about.

“You daughter's new husband, of course!” Akra responded with a triumphant smile,

dropping the tiny Jason into Andariel's gentle hands. “He arrived today, I saw

him helping Miles unpack the supplies. He even confirmed that this man is hoping

to stay on the island!” She concluded, as Miles caught up, puffing and panting.

“W...w...what's going on here??” he asked, trying to catch his breath. Andariel

looked Jason over, who was trembling in her hand.

“Is this true, husband?” she asked, secretly hoping that Akra was fibbing.

“Yes it is, but who cares? What does it matter?” he responded.

Andariel sighed, and addressed everyone. “As you all know, I decreed that the

next man to come to this island shall be the husband of my adopted daughter.

What is your name, little one?” she asked the tiny man laying in her hand.

“J....Jason.” he responded, looking around at all the huge faces surrounding


“Then I declare today, that Jason shall be the man my daughter, Annette, shall

marry! I apologize my tiny friend, for this rather odd circumstance, but it

cannot be helped. We shall bring you to your bride to will be wed in 3

days time.” Andariel told Jason, as she slightly cupping her hand, so that he

would not fall off as they searched out Annette.

“Wait can't.....he isn' don't.....wait up.....!” Miles

called after them, completely dumbfounded by the situation.

Annette sat alone on the other side of the island. She dipped her feet into the

cold water of the beach, and watched the waves crash between her toes. She was

remorseful for what she had done, but the mating celebration had always reminded

her how much of a freak she was, an outcast among outcasts. Amazons were

supposed to be married when they were 16. Only the warriors had to wait longer,

so they could complete their training. Every year, the men would run in fright

of Annette, terrified by her sheer size and over excitedness. All she asked was

for someone to love...someone to play with and keep her company at night. The

other girls used to laugh and make fun of her, as they fondled and loved their

tiny new husbands, while she was forced to remain alone. She admitted to herself

that it felt good to strike back for once, she wanted to crush the little man

she had captured earlier because of the way he reacted. She did feel that she

went too far, she didn't mean for anyone to get hurt, or force Andariel to

create a new law. She closed her eyes and began to cry, as she sung a quiet


As Andariel and her followers approached to area where Annette was, her singing

touched their ears. Jason, sat up in the queen's hand as he listened. It was

intoxicating and gentle, yet sad and melancholy. He wondered who could sing such

gloomy words for they must surely suffer even more than him. Soon Annette was in

view, and he peered over Andariel's giant fingers to catch a glimpse. She was

stunning to him. The most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He smiled and

accidently let his feelings be known.

“SHE is to be my wife????” he exclaimed, resting his head on the fingers as

visions of his bride-to-be drifted into his head.

“Yes. Do not be afraid of her. She has been acting rather strangely these last

few weeks, but I assure you, if she harms you in any way, she shall suffer my

wrath and pay for it.” Andariel answered, making Jason jump in surprise, as he

didn't mean for anyone to hear, much less answer his question. “Annette! You're

future husband has arrived! Come here and meet him! I pray that you shall

finally be satisfied.” she called out.

Annette jumped to her feet and rushed over to the crowd. She immediately began

to hope and dream of what her husband might look like. She gently pushed aside

Andariel's followers, trying to see what him. The queen uncupped her hand and

held Jason out in plane view so that everyone could see. Jason looked up at

Annette, not noticing or caring that she was twice as big as anyone there. He

smiled warmly, and extended a hand in greeting. He soon pulled it back away

sadly, as his warmth was met with disdain and abhorrence. Annette pulled her

eyes away from the undesirable little man and stared at her mother.

“Please mother! Don't force me to marry him! I promise that next year....” she

begged, almost on the point of tears. Andariel glared angrily.

“You know what I said! You've reached the age of the warriors. I shall not stand

by and watch my daughter become a miserable old maid! This man's name is Jason.

You will marry him in 3 days....You had better honor and respect him, daughter!

If anyone tells me you are treating him otherwise, I shall punish you like I

never have before! Do not force my hand.”

Annette sighed and nodded in reluctant acceptance. Her eyes slowly forced

themselves to look at her obese future husband. At first she thought he looked

hurt by the way she reacted, but she knew he must just be scared and cowardly

like all the rest. She opened her hand, and held it out for him to climb into.

He looked over her giant palm, seeking the best way to jump aboard. Finally he

took a few steps and hopped gently onto her fingers. She raised her hand to her

face, to get a closer look at Jason, frowned, then trudged away from the crowd.

Andariel watched, as Annette walked away. Slowly, she bent down and scooped up

Miles, then pressed him into her lovely face. Miles hugged his wife, and looked

into her eyes, and brushed the side of her face with his hand.

“Is Jason really that horrible? He's not ugly or mean! He may be overweight but

he will make a wonderful husband for her, I don't understand why she can't

accept him....”

“You do not understand, husband. Annette has dreamed of marrying a handsome

prince every day of her life. She has always loved your stories of Cinderella,

Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. Instead of getting the perfect man, she gets

one with a flaw. There is nothing wrong with Jason, or the way he's

just something that Annette must come to grips with.” Andariel responded,

walking back towards her throne, followed by her fellow Amazons.

Annette carried her new husband a little ways before coming to her personal

living area. She had erected a magnificent little hut...almost a mansion....

when she was 16. She planned to keep her husband there once she was married, so

that he'd always be close by. She never dreamed it would take this long, or that

the “grotesque” tiny Jason would be the one to live there. She knelt down, and

spilled him next it, then laid down go to sleep.

Jason stood to his feet, unharmed, and watched as his unhappy bride made herself

comfortable. He felt great sorrow and pity for her, as he knew she was terribly

alone and disgusted by his apparent physical shape.

“Do you want to talk about this, Annette? I'd be happy to listen to anything you

have to say! We can work this out!” he said, trying to be reassuring.

Annette was hopeful. Did this tiny man really care about the way she felt?? She

finally decided he didn't mean it, just shook it off.

“No, Jason. My mother's word is law, and it cannot be questioned. There is

nothing to discuss. If you'll excuse me, I'm awfully tired and need to rest. I

shall see you in the morning.”

Jason was saddened by this rejection, but he was now determined to win her love.

He quietly moved towards his bed, and continued to stare through the window at

the beautiful giantess, as she rolled over, and turned her back to him. His eyes

began to glow softly with blue energy, and clouds to form around the island. A

few claps of thunder burst through the sky, then it began to rain....rain that

fell as his tears for Annette.



refused to come to Jason as he lay upon his bed. He could not clear his head of

his wife-to-be, Annette. Slowly, he rose to his feet and went outside, becoming

immediately soaked by the small storm he had created. The soft pitter-patter of

the rain drops did not seem to bother his giantess bride as she slept soundly,

her sleep strangely peaceful despite the recent events in her life. Jason

couldn't help himself any longer, he tip-toed up to the beautiful blond, and

placed his hand upon her lips, being careful not to disturb her slumber. Annette

breathed deeply, but remained asleep. Hesitating about using his power, Jason

closed his eyes and inhaled the giantess's breath. For one brief moment in time,

her every dream, thought, and hope were his to share. They became one in spirit,

Jason learned of her tortured past and miserable existence. He discovered her

fantasies of a dream prince, and slowly a smile began to grow upon his lips. He

forced his body to change and strengthen, the girth hardening into lean muscles,

his height ever so slightly increasing until he stood 6' tall. Again, his eyes

pulsed with the soft blue energy, the rain cloud in the sky lit up, and became

as gold. His clothing was replaced by a royal garb, but his face was covered

with a dark royal blue mask. He could not yet bring himself to tell her of his

true nature, so he decided to wait...but he knew she would be pleased by what

was to occur.

“Annette! Annette! Awaken, beautiful Annette!” his now angelic voice called out,

as he began to hover in the air, until he came rest upon her big toe. The young

giantess awoke, and gave a yawn. She was dreaming of her prince when she

suddenly heard his voice call out to her! She felt a little weight on her toe,

and she immediately sat up to see what it was. She gasped out, and covered her

mouth as she saw him, the man of her dreams, whom she so longed to see! He

smiled warmly, and silently kissed the nail. To her surprise it was instantly

covered in a red polish. He glided to each toe, repeating this process until her

toe nails on both feet almost shimmered with the polish. A blue aura of light

surrounded his body, and floated and glided around her head, humming a sweet

melody. Annette reached out for the masked noble, but he always flew just out of

reach. He chuckled at this game and flew up to her eyes.

“Come with me, sweet princess. I wish for you to visit my kingdom!”

“W...Who are you???” She asked.

The masked man smiled, and waved his hand, stopping the rain. He looked her

over, and with another wave, she was instantly dried and cleaned. Her handmade

clothing, which consisted of mostly rags because of her sheer size, changed to

an elegant white mini-skirt and top. A necklace of blue sapphires adorned her

neck, and diamond earrings materialized in her ears. Annette soon squeaked out

in surprise. Her 200 foot frame was being lifted off the ground, surrounded in

the same mysterious aura that her benefactor had.

Higher and higher the couple flew, as they headed towards the magical cloud that

hung in the sky. Annette laughed at this new sensation, she had never been

“held” since she was a very little girl, and it felt wonderful to feel

vulnerable again. She and her mystery man soared through the cloud, revealing a

beautiful and gigantic castle lay upon it. Together, they landed on a road of

pure rainbow that lead up to the gates. The masked prince did not hesitate or

speak again, he just looked back at her, smiled, and motioned her to follow him.

The gates opened up by themselves for the couple, and they were met knights

riding pegasus. One landed on Annette's finger, and hailed her with his banner.

She giggled at this and gently pushed the horse and rider away, back into the


Annette glanced inside the castle and was amazed at what she saw. It was a

gigantic throne room, which was playing host to a magnificent ball. The dancers

all wore colorful costumes and were masked like their prince. The castle was

more than large enough to fit Annette, but the people were all regular. They

immediately stopped their merry dancing and assembled into two lines, forming a

path which the prince strode through, proud and tall. Once he'd reached the end

of the path, he ascended a large staircase, which led to a gold and silver

throne. He sat in the throne, and stared intently on Annette. The smiling people

began to back up, widening the path for her to walk through, soon all eyes were

on her.

She blushed, and felt herself turn red from embarrassment. The people and prince

watched her, expectantly, she was not willing to disappoint them...but she was

afraid. What would her mother think? What would Miles think? And worst of all,

what would her husband to be, Jason, think? She began to convince herself that

she was only dreaming....none of this could be real! She stepped inside the

castle, and immediately the tiny people began to applaud! She walked down the

path, smiling at all the little people at her feet. A young boy walked out of

line, and Annette was forced to stop to avoid stepping on him. The young child

held an enormous box, and she realized he was meant to stop her. He opened the

box, revealing a gorgeous silver ring. He took it out, and approached the

giantess's feet. He knelt down to one knee and gently pushed in around her

middle toe.

“A gift from the prince, your ladyship!” his smiling, but trembling voice said

to her softly.

“Thank you!” she blushed, as the child quickly stepped out of the way, allowing

her to continue. Eventually she reached the prince, who, after ascending the

stairway to his throne, came up to about her chest. He stood up, and raised his


“I have brought you to the seat of sweet music's throne, in this kingdom where

all must pay homage to music!” at that moment, all the people bowed down before

Annette, their eyes full of love and admiration for her. The prince once more

floated into the air, and landed into Annette's hand. She raised him to her lips

and smiled shyly. His hand touched her, reassuringly. “You have come here....for

one purpose and one alone! Since the moment I first heard you sing, I have

needed you with me, to serve sing for me!” he concluded, pressing his

lips gently against her own. She turned away and blushed once more. When did he

ever have a chance to hear her? How long had he been watching and listening?

These questions entered her mind for merely a second, but were insignificant and

were quickly dispelled.

“Will you dance with me, Annette?” he asked. She quickly turned back and looked

him in the eyes, grinning and nodding. The prince returned her smile

confidently, then gave a signal to the orchestra smiling, who instantly began to

play a familiar song. Jason...the prince, held out his arms, which Annette took

in her fore finger and thumb, then began to lead her in a waltz all around the

ballroom. He started to sing, one of his favorite songs from a play he saw as a


“Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation!

Darkness wakes, and stirs imagination.

Silently the senses abandon their defenses

Helpless to resist the notes I write

For I compose the music of the night.

Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splender

grasp it, sense it - Tremulous and tender

turn your face away from the garish light of day

Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light

and listen to the music of the night.

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams

Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before

Close your eyes and let music set you free!

Only then can you belong to me

Softly, deftly Music shall surround you

hear it, feel it closing in around you!

Open up your mind let your fantasies unwind

in this darkness which you know you cannot fight

the darkness of the music of the night!

Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world

Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before!

Let your soul take you where you long to be!!

Only then can you me.

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication

Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation.

Let the dream begin let your darker side give in

to that power of the music that I write....

The power of the music of the night!

You alone can make my song take flight!

Help me make the music of the night......”

The couple danced for hours, until the sun began to rise. With another mere

gesture, Jason stopped the orchestra from playing, and the crowd began to

applaud them for their excellent performance. He looked back at Annette and

kissed her.

“I want to see you again my sweet. When may I?”

Annette shuddered as she forced herself to answer truthfully. “ my

engagement party! I'm so sorry, but my mother promised me to another! I can't

see you....”

Before she could finish the prince smiled again. “I will see you tomorrow! I

promise...until then!” he kissed her once more, and Annette began to feel dizzy.

She looked around, and it seemed like everything was melting away. She soon

found herself alone, laying in front of Jason's little hut. She wondered if it

had all been a dream?

Jason instantly teleported into his hut and peeked at the window at his beloved

Annette. He thought he'd played it pretty smooth last night, he materialized a

glass of water into his hand and sipped it. He was excited about the engagement

party, because he knew he'd be the center of attention. He planned to appear as

the masked prince, and reveal himself to everyone...when his stomach began to

cramp, and a shiver shot down his spine! Jason felt his hands tremble and shake.

His fingers jerked open, and he watched his glass fall to the floor, breaking

into a thousand pieces. His eyes widened, he felt sick.....Balor was here!



looked into the mirror, and saw his image begin to twist and change. Soon,

Annette's image stood before him. She lifted her hand, revealing a tiny version

of himself, resting within it. She smiled at the little Jason.

“Oh Jason! You are not only my masked prince, but an all powerful god like being

as well! That is so wonderful....I must kiss you!?” she said to the little man,

in an insincere sweet voice. She lifted the man to her lips and kissed him as

hard as possible, causing his head to rip off at the shoulders! “Oh! I'm so

sorry about that...I love you, let me help you with that....” she

continued, picking up the head, and smashing it onto his body, until there was

nothing but a bloody mess. She began to laugh at what she'd done, and her image

began to twist again, until Balor appeared! He laughed manically at his

performance, as Jason glared at him through the other side of the mirror.

“Leave me alone, Balor. You know what I did to your lap dog! I swear I'll kill

you if you try to hurt any of the people here.....” Jason warned, interrupting

the demon's fun.

“Aw, is that any way to treat an old friend? And after I came all this way

too....” the evil devil chuckled. “That image you saw could easily become

reality you haven't been using your powers to protect

yourself....better to give them to me, so they won't go to waste...I must say,

you are getting quite a collection, first you became a thief after stealing my

rightful power, then you became a murderer after killed precious Merelith, now

you are a liar to your own dear wife!” he continued, stepping through the mirror

and into the physical world.

Jason stepped back, his eyes thundering with the mysterious energy he commanded.

“Back off, Balor! Get the hell out of here, I swear I won't hold back this do anything at all, and you won't live to regret it!”

“ are as worthless as you are weak. Do you really think your parlor

tricks can defeat me??? Give it a try!”

Jason growled furiously, he pulled his arms back, then shot them forward at

Balor, unleashing a stream of blue energy. The power came within centimeters of

the demon, but stopped and hung in mid air. The devil raised his hand, and began

to push the power back at Jason! Sweat began to glisten upon Jason's brow, but

he strengthened his resolve, forcing the power to strike the demon down. Balor

gasped in surprise at this newfound strength, and struggled all the harder to

force the energy away. The beam started to glow hotter and hotter as the two

combatants struggled, the walls and ceiling of the hut began to blacken and burn

away. The very earth below their feet began to shake and tremble. Outside, the

sun flared up, becoming hotter, changing into a brilliant white color. Jason's

nose began to bleed as he pushed his power. Balor faired only slightly better,

as his human form melted away...revealing his crimson skin, horned head, and

hoved feet. Both soon realized that the very seams of reality were falling apart

all around them, and in one brief instant, the energy dissipated and all was

returned to normal.

The monster panted, amazed at Jason's newfound strength. “I will see your ass

tonight! You won't live long enough to enjoy your wedding day!” he declared,

disappearing in a cloud of fire and brimstone.

Jason quickly resumed his normal, overweight form, as he heard the soft booms of

Annette's bare feet as she run towards the hut. Her eye filled the window, as

she peeked inside.

“Jason? Did you feel that??? What happened?” she asked, her voice trembling from

fear. Jason looked into her eye sadly, and forced himself to lie as he shoved

the memory of Balor to the back of his mind.

“Yeah....It woke me up, I must have caught the aftermath of it,

stopped when I sat up.”

Annette looked skyward, as Jason came out from the house. She sighed heavily,

looking for a cloud of gold. Unknowingly, she muttered aloud “Oh...I hope the

prince and his kingdom are ok!”

“Prince? The artist ‘formerly known as'??” Jason asked “Tall guy, wore royal

garments, had a mask on?”

Annette covered her mouth as she gasped. “Y...yes! How did you know?? Is he a

friend of yours??”

Jason forced himself not to burst into laughter. “Er, no, I saw the two of you

outside talking. He's a real wackjob. I'm surprised you didn't smash the

goofball for kissing your feet like that!” He saw Annette's face turn a distinct

shade of red.

“He...uh....I....Er....Please, you won't tell my mother or the rest of the

tribe, will you?” she pleaded. “They'd punish me severely if they found out!!”

Jason folded his arms, but smiled up at her. “No, I won't tell, but only if you

do something for me! This engagement party sounds pretty dull. I'm not

interested in attending. That blasted thunderstorm kept me up for most of the

night, and I plan on turning it early. Make up something to get me out of it,


“What?? I can't do that! You have to show up, because that's when we seal our

promise to each other by making....” but Annette quickly stopped herself, before

she could finish.

“By making what?” Jason asked, curiously.

“Love! We're supposed to make love together in front of the whole tribe to show

that our bond is strong. Andariel will be furious if you don't show, and I'll be

made a laughing stock! If you care anything for me, you'll come!” she shouted,

frightened. She picked up Jason before he could reply, and held him dangling

from her thumb and forefinger. She was a bit surprise that Jason didn't scream

out in fear. He just hung there, and looked into her eyes with disappointment.

“You aren't afraid of me, like the other men, are you?” She asked.

“No, why should I be? You've never given me a reason to be scared...” he

answered, smiling.

“You are a sweet little man, Jason.” she giggled, laying him in the palm of her

other hand.

“Thank you. Please, tell me about the man you were with, what was he like? What

did the two of you do?” Jason asked, trying to sound interested.

Annette looked at him, and smiled warmly. “He was wonderful! I think he's some

sort of magical elf, or maybe even a angel! He was able to fly, and made it so I

could fly with him. He took me to his castle, where a ball was being held...I

think it was in my honor! I wish you could have seen it...the castle was made of

pure silver, the people were friendly and adored me. For the first time in my

life, I've known what it's like to not be feared. The prince gave me these

fantastic clothes, and even ordered one of his servants to place a ring on my

toe. I think it stands for his love of me! We danced...for hours all night! He

sung to me and his voice was so sweet and friendly. I could have stayed with him

forever if I'd been given the choice. He promised he'd show up at our

engagement, I hope he does! Jason, I'm in love with him...I know it! I hope you


Jason was silent for a moment. “You love him? I have a question for

you.....could you ever love me instead?”

“Do you think I've been given a choice??” she snapped back, a bit annoyed,

thinking of the horrible law that was forcing him upon her.

“I said, ‘could you ever love me?'” Jason repeated folding his arms and looking

into her eyes. Annette scowled and dumped him ungraciously to the ground.

“I don't feel like talking anymore...I'm going for a whatever you

want.” She said, standing to her full height, making sure Jason was aware of her


“Why don't you answer me? Don't look at my appearance, look at my spirit...could

you ever love me?” he said sternly, standing up.

This act of defiance infuriated Annette. She was half angry, yet half impressed

by his show of courage. “There is only one man I could ever love, and that is

the masked prince!” She growled, slamming her feet into the ground, just inches

away from Jason. She suddenly felt very insecure...Jason refused to back down!

He simply stood there, staring up, awaiting a reply to his question. “I....I

could smash you like a bug! You'd better run away from me!” she stammered,

lifting her powerful foot, and using it to overshadow him.

“Why don't you give me an answer? I already said I'm not afraid of you...I know

you don't want to hurt me or anyone are lonely and you take it out on

those who've annoyed you. I know you love the prince, that's fine, I'm okay with

it, but could my personality win your heart?”

Annette frowned, and lowered her foot, away from the tiny man. She stood before

him...and began to wonder how he seemed to know so much. “Before I answer....Let

me ask you...could you ever love a FREAK like me?” she managed to blurt out, on

the verge of tears.

Jason's heart began to melt, and he also fought to hold back tears. “I already

do....” was all his reply. Surprised, humbled, and embarrassed, Annette began to

walk away...

“Jason....if I hadn't met the prince....I know I could have loved you with all

my heart!” she finally said, stopping and lowering her head. She walked off,

very slowly, and Jason quietly entered his hut. He sat on the bed, and stared at

the ground. He started to cry, uncontrollably as he remembered the events that

led up to his current stage. He loved Annette at least as much as she loved

him...and he was positive that once he revealed himself as the prince, their

love would blossom, but he couldn't get the night of the graduation out of his

head.....Balor knew his secrets and it was only a matter of time before he took

her away as he had done to so many others.....

......The whole school was gathered, and everyone was there to watch him walk up

the stairs to receive his diploma. The last person he clearly remembered seeing

was Balor. The tragedy started there...a terrible accident, a gasoline truck

colliding into the school, killing several members of the audience....the

explosion afterwards....Jason watching as the ambulance pronounced his friends

and family all dead...and he was only one of four survivors.

He had enough...Jason felt more powerful than ever after using his powers for

Annette and against Balor...if the monster tried to ruin this for him....he

vowed one of them would not walk away alive.


As Jason

dwelled on the tragedies of his life, his enemy was making plans of his own.

Akra was practicing in the jungle, twirling her titanic spear around, smashing

it into various practice dummies. Her many tiny admirers watched from a

relatively safe distance, going into a clapping frenzy whenever she struck

exceptionally well. Her favorite maneuver was to smash a dummy in one hit, then

she would tower over the little men, and hold out her foot for them to worship

and kiss. The men would become like a school of pirana...almost on the verge of

fighting one another to see whom could kiss Akra's enormous toes the most. This

particular afternoon she noticed one man who seemed unimpressed by even her

greatest attacks. She began to grow determined to make this man another one of

her lovers. She smashed the largest and most sturdy of the dummies, sending the

all the men, save him, into their typical frenzy. As they kissed her feet she

glared at the stranger.

“What is the matter tiny? Am I too intimidating? It's ok to worship me...your

friends seem to enjoy it!” The man simply stared, his lips curling into an

almost cruel smile.

“My dear Akra, your strength and power are enough to turn even the bravest man

into a whimpering buffoon....yet you are not the strongest Amazon of all....are

you?” She did not appreciate this remark at all. Akra quickly bent down and

snatched up the arrogant fool. She slightly squeezed her hand, throwing the man

into a panic...gasping for air.


“ misunderstand! long as...Annette lives on this

island you will never be...the greatest Amazon of...all! She is the

biggest...standing at 200 feet, while you and your friends are merely half her

size! Release me....and I can remedy that problem....” he shouted, as Akra's

fingers squeezed him to the point in which he could hear his own ribs crack and

begin to break. Akra let him go, still angry. She playfully kicked her

worshipers off of her feet.

“Get out of here you insects! I wish to talk to this man alone!” she thundered,

sending the puny cowards scurrying back to their homes. “Alright, talk! How can

I be bigger and more powerful than Annette?”

“Simply by doing me....a favor, oh great one!” the man responded, trying to

catch his breath. “Her...husband-to-be, the man called Jason. He is far more

than what he seems, believe me! He is actually a magical creature, full of vast

powers that he plans on using to aid his future wife. They are plotting against

you and your friends! He is actually a handsome prince who only appears to be an

overweight blob as to not attract attention! You gave him to her by mistake, he

should have been yours! I will give you all the power you could ever use if you

will take him for yourself! Ignore the laws of Queen Andariel! The only reason

she even holds the throne is because of your mother, so what do her laws mean to

you? Will you do it? Take her husband for yourself! She means nothing to you,

only power matters and power is what you'll have once he is in your possession!”

“Yes! How could I have been so stupid?? She wants to use his magical powers

against me, to make me look foolish like she did at the ceremony yesterday! I'll

show that fat bug, Jason, who his wife should be! I'll do it, give me the power

to take Jason for myself!” she shouted, the mans evil influence clouding her


“Excellent! As Annette is twice as big as the Amazons, so shall you be triple

the size of your sisters! I have spoken, let it be done!” he cackled, changing

his form to that of the diabolic Balor! He pointed at Akra, and a bolt of fire

leapt from his fingers. It hit the young giantess, and she was bathed in it's

evil glow. Her breasts began to expand, forcing her top to strain and tear in

feeble attempts to hold them inside. Her feet extended, the toes smashing and

crushing any unfortunate to dare bar their path. Her hips widened, ripping

asunder her panties. Higher and higher she grew, dwarfing even the tallest trees

until she was a full 300 feet in height! Her eyes glowed from Balor's evil

influence, and her canine teeth became longer and more her a

somewhat bestial she stomped off towards Jason's hut, snarling and repeating the

same thing over and over again.

“Jason! I'll get are mine Jason! I'll have you for myself! Annette

can't stop me, NO ONE can! I'll have you Jason....”

Her prey still sat alone in his hut, still dreaming of the past, and fearing

what the future may hold. He heard her huge footsteps booming towards his home.

Quickly, he stood up and rushed to see what all the racket was about. He thought

that Annette was throwing a temper tantrum, for no one else could possibly be so

loud. Before Jason could even reach the door, the entire house was ripped up

from it's foundations, and he was left standing on a wall-less, ceiling less

floor! He gasped once he realized it was the now all powerful Akra. She held his

former home between her huge fingers, and smashed it as though it were nothing.

She grinned menacingly at him, and tossed the wreckage of his house aside, as

she knelt down to grab him.

“AKRA! My god, what's happened to you? W...what are you doing? NOOOO!” had he

not used his powers to protect himself, Akra would have smashed him right then

and there, not knowing the limits of her new strength, and still under the

influence of the demon. She pressed him into her huge lips, and gave him the

biggest kiss he'd ever received. As he squirmed in her grasp, her prodding

fingers peeled off his clothing, layer by layer, until he was completely naked

in her palm. She laughed and stuck out her tongue, using it to lick his pathetic

penis. She covered him in her saliva, licking and kissing until his skin began

to turn red from her rough treatment. Jason knew what was going on, Balor had

sent her to rape him! He refused to use his powers to hurt her, after all, he

realized this wasn't her fault. He tried to gain his composure to use his magic

to shrink her, as the evil giantess brutalized his body. It had no effect! Akra

purred lovingly, and rubbed the poor man all over her gigantic cleavage. She

pressed her index finger down hard against his manhood, forcing it into

erection, and into a climax. He screamed at this horrid treatment, and used a

few bolts of lightning to knock her back. Akra was too big...she was unaffected

by his power, and Jason feared being more forceful not knowing how much it would

take to stop her, or kill her. She smiled, as a new idea came into her head.

Slowly, Akra lowered Jason towards her awesome vulva, which was now as big as a

cavern to her helpless little victim. She snarled, trying to push and force him

into her woman hood, as he grabbed her pubic hairs, attempting to avoid being

manhandled. He slid in halfway, his fingers slipping from the hair, as they were

coated with a thick layer of her juices. The cruel fingers pushed harder and

harder, until he was all the way inside. Akra began to masturbate and moan with

pleasure as her captive fought to free himself. Her womanly fluids showered over

Jason, but made his escape easier, and he was able to slip out, and fly to

freedom. The angry giantess roared furiously and tried over and over to catch

the flying male as though he were a fly. Jason flew faster, trying desperately

to find the rest of the Amazon tribe, while attempting to keep out of Akra's

cruel grasp.

Thinking quickly, Jason changed his shape to that of the masked prince, as to

hide his identity from the Amazons. He knew that Akra was in a frenzy and was

unable to tell the difference between him normally and him as his princely alter

ego. It wasn't long before the woman warriors came rushing to the commotion.

They gasped in unison at what had happened to their tribal heroine. They

brandished their spears and defended the flying stranger from the rampaging

woman. She cackled gleefully, as she towered over her friends and family, most

of them barely coming up to her knees. She swatted the women aside like a bear

would do to a pack of wolves. The Amazons fought fiercely but they were not big

enough to put up any amount of struggle against the monstrous giantess.

Suddenly, Akra was grabbed from behind by a woman at least half her size,

Annette! The women struggled against one another, Annette showing surprising

skill and strength against her more powerful opponent.

“You BITCH! I know that you've been planning against me! I'll kill you, Jason

should be mine, do you hear me, Jason is MINE!” Akra roared, throwing Annette

aside like a rag doll. She tackled the young giantess and began to strangle her

against the ground. A huge chain was thrown around Akra's neck, and she was

pulled off of Annette by a small army of her fellow Amazons. She grabbed the

chain and began pulling back, slowly winning this miniature tug of war contest

against even 12 of the best Amazons in the tribe. However, they stalled long

enough for Andariel herself to enter the battlefield! She waved her hands,

casting a spell that was passed down from queen to queen...the last remnants of

their ancestor, Prometheus!

“Father Prometheus, I implore you to give me the strength to end this massacre

of your daughters!” she chanted, her fists and eyes glowing with soft green

energy. She charged the evil titaness and leapt into the air, using Akra's own

knee as a step ladder. She delivered a powerful blow to Akra's nose, causing the

giantess to lose her concentration and be pulled to the ground by the rest of

the tribe. Andariel had used up a good portion of her personal power to take

down Akra, but she saw the giantess still had fight in her as she struggled

against the others. Annette, however had gotten to her feet after the severe

beating she received and started to pound Akra again and again and again, until

the woman finally went unconscious. The Amazons quickly went to work at securing

the berserk Akra, then gathered together to catch a breather. Andariel noticed

Jason, now dressed as the masked prince, but she did not realize who he was.

“Who are you? Did you do this to young Akra, one of our tribes most honorable

and powerful warriors? If you did.....” she shouted angrily, trying to calm

herself from all the excitement.

“No your majesty, it wasn't me! I am the ruler of a great kingdom in the clouds,

and I came here to visit your beautiful daughter, Annette, whom I love. My enemy

must have tricked this poor girl, and turned her into the monster she is now! He

is an evil demon named Balor, and he lives only to destroy my life! I

was....unaware of his presence before it was too late...please believe me, I

meant no harm to you or your tribe!” he pleaded. Annette saw him, and came

running, grasping him in her arms and hugging him against her breasts.

“He is telling the truth, mother! I know he is, for this is the prince of my

dreams! I invited him to my engagement party...that is why he is here! Please, I

love him....” she cried to the queen. Andariel looked on, a bit ashamed of her.

“Annette...I believe him and put him down! He is not your husband,

and you have no right to fall in love with him, while you are already claimed by

another. I apologize, stranger, for accusing you. Whomever this Balor is, he has

brought the rage and hate of all the Amazons upon his head! If we find him, he

will die, I swear it!” she cursed.

The masked prince nodded and approached the sleeping Akra. He lay his hands upon

her arm, and blue energy leaped from his eyes. It engulfed her enormous form,

and slowly, she began to shrink back to her normal size. The prince breathed a

sigh of relief, happy that his power worked this time...was it Balor's doing, or

had he been too frightened to use his power effectively from before? Akra's eyes

fluttered as she came to. She looked around, completely confused.

“Where am I? What happened..why are you all staring at me like that?” she asked,

unable to remember anything since she began training. The Amazons cautiously

unchained her....and Balors hideous laugh could be heard in the distance!

Many hours

past as the Amazons cleaned up the mess they had made, and preparations for the

engagement party went under way. This night, everyone was uneasy and nervous.

Talk of demons, devils, and monsters unnerved even the bravest of warriors, and

many of the priestesses gathered to pray to Prometheus for guidance and

protection. The masked prince was kindly asked to go to his hut...but was warned

by Andariel to stay away from Annette! As night came upon the fortress of men,

Miles quietly snuck into the prince's house.

He saw the masked one sitting on his bed, his head hanging low in sadness. Upon

Miles' enter, the prince immediately sat up and smiled at his guest. Miles

cautiously approached and gazed the stranger over.

“Jason?” he asked, hoping to confirm his suspicions. The prince, Jason, smiled

and nodded his head.

“Yeah, it's me! How did you know?” he asked.

“I overheard you talking about enemies and stuff. I figured that if you and the

masked prince were both being chased by monsters, you must be the same

guy...that and the fact that the prince never appeared until Jason came to the

isles! What in the heck are you doing in that get up?”


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