Giantess Stories: Something in the Water By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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Something in the Water


Into the darkness, so it begins...

The Smith Western Chemical Company had just opened next to the Southcross river.

It specialized in beauty treatments and cosmetics. Down the river was a major

meat processing plant. They specialized in hormone treatments to increase the

size and mass of the animals on their nearby farm. Any faulty chemicals were

dumped into the river. Further south was the nuclear power plant. It had been

dumping low amounts of radioactive material into the river late at night to

avoid being caught. The last major plant on the river's path was the Local

filter system, which drained some of the river's water, cleansed it with

experimental cleansing fluids, and then fed it to the tiny towns nearby.

The Smith Western Chemical Company soon picked up on the bad habits of its

neighbors. It began to dump it's experimental treatments into the river whenever

the results were more exaggerated than they expected. This process went on for a

couple weeks, and soon enough they and every company on the river was fined for

their criminal activities, and a close eye was placed on them. The damage

however had been done. The river bottom had been permanently affected by the

chemical mixtures, and had gained an auburn like color. The river creatures had

remained relatively unaffected, except for a few fish which were slightly larger

than normal, and some which were slightly smaller. Although the companies along

the river bed were caught, the nuclear power plant was not. They continued

releasing radiation into the water late at night, and the filtering plant

continued to treat the water with it's experimental cleansing formulas in the


Darkness came upon the river towns...

Littepan Town, twenty miles south of filtering system.


Mitchel was very upset about his baby-sitting job. The girl he was set to

baby-sit was almost old enough to baby-sit herself. At 16 years old, Nikki was

only three years younger than Mitchel, and she definitely didn't need

baby-sitting. Her parents, however, were very overprotective and didn't want to

leave her alone. They had Mitchel come baby-sit her at least a couple times a

week, since they knew he needed the money. Her parents simply asked him to watch

TV while making sure Nikki didn't get in any trouble.

Mitchel was bored of the same old routine, and decided to disobey the rules

Nikki's parents had set for him. They worked the night shift, and usually came

back sometime after 5:00A.M. Mitchel was thirsty-and beer would be the quencher-

a definite no-no from Nikki's parents.

Nikki was busy on the phone with her friends, as always, and was late in

noticing just how many beers Mitchel was taking in. It wasn't till his eighth

beer that Nikki came out of her room. She was thirsty and headed for the

kitchen. Nikki was wearing tan shorts, a sleeveless shirt and was barefoot.

Mitchel was already beyond regular thought, and was still contemplating how

pissed he was at doing the late night shift. He watched Nikki walk into the

dining room and called to her.

"Hey little girl, I need some fun if I'm going to watch your skinny ass parade

around." Nikki was not really all that "little", she was average height for a

girl her age, but somewhat slim. Mitchel was too drunk to even know what he was

saying. Nikki now noticed how wasted Mitchel was, and tried to make a dash to

her room. Although he was drunk, he was still faster than her and managed to

grab a hold of her before she could escape. He was also much larger than Nikki

and easily overpowered her attempts to free herself.

"You've been a bad girl Nikki, and now you're going to get a spanking!" He

laughed and sat her over his legs. He brought down his hand on Nikki's bottom

several times until she started crying. She was crying from both the pain and

the humiliation.

After a couple minutes Mitchel let her drop from his lap. "Get me some water

girl! I don't think the beer is working to get rid of my thirst."

Nikki was incredibly pissed now, but she knew she had better listen to him. She

was also still thirsty, and figured she'd grab a drink for herself. When she

opened the faucet she noticed the water had a slight blue taint to it. She was

very thirsty though, and took a drink from it. She was surprised at how

refreshing it tasted. Before she could have another sip, she heard Mitchel call

for his water. She quickly rushed over to him as she drank down half her glass.

Mitchel quickly took the half-filled glass in his hand and drank down what

remained. He too was surprised at the taste, but then he began to wonder as to

why it was only half filled. "Hey bitch, how come my glass wasn't filled to the


"Actually that was my glass. Yours is here in my other hand, and it's filled to


Before she could finish Mitchel slapped the filled glass from her hand. "Who the

hell said you could have any water? I think you need another spanking!" Nikki

tried to escape again, but like before he grabbed her before she could get to

far. He laid her over his lap and began to spank her once again. Mitchel

suddenly felt a strange sensation come over his body. He felt as though he was

filled with energy! He started to feel stronger, and began spanking her harder

and harder. Nikki also felt the strange sensation on her body. But instead, she

felt a bit groggy, and actually felt a somewhat weaker. Mitchel's slaps to her

bottom were now hurting twice as bad. Mitchel continued to spank Nikki, and he

was even convinced that her cheeks felt softer under his hand. He was about to

bring his hand down again, when suddenly he got the strange feeling again. He

spanked Nikki again, but this time, her cheeks felt a bit harder. Nikki felt the

sensation as well, and Mitchel's blows felt somewhat lighter...

Mitchel looked down at Nikki's cheeks and noticed how snug they looked in her

shorts. He definitely didn't remember her filling in her shorts so nicely. He

continued to look at them, and he was almost convinced that they were getting

tighter. She also felt heavier.

Nikki was wondering why Mitchel had discontinued his tormenting. Her bottom was

no longer feeling sore either. Instead of feeling sore though, they felt very

tight in her shorts, and her sleeveless shirt was also feeling a bit


Mitchel was having at tough time carrying her on his lap now. She felt far

heavier. He brought his hand down on her butt as hard as he could, and the

result was shocking. He felt as though he had hit a brick wall. Receta Gofio con azúcar frito

Nikki was now wondering why Mitchel was patting her bottom instead of smacking

it. She figured he must be feeling a bit more on the drunk side, and decided to

try and escape again. She quickly rolled off Mitchel's lap and pushed him away.

When she got to her feet she didn't expect Mitchel to be lying on the floor from

her push. Something else was different. The floor seemed somewhat lower.

"What the hell?!?!" Mitchel jumped to his feet and was instantly hit with a

sense of terror. He was now looking up at Nikki. She was at least a foot taller

than him, and she looked a lot more developed than he remembered. He also

noticed something else. His pants had slipped off when he jumped to his feet.

They seemed to be at least a couple sizes too big! That's when it hit him.

"Shit!!! I got smaller and you got bigger!!!"

Nikki had a wicked looking grin on her face. "Looks like I'm the baby-sitter

now, and you've definitely been a bad boy!" Nikki grabbed him by the shoulder,

and was pleasantly surprised at her newfound strength. He wasn't able to resist

at all. She sat on the chair which he had just been in, and now laid him across

her lap, like he had done to her.

She looked down at him struggling on her lap, and found two things very

exciting. One was how much smaller Mitchel looked. The other was how developed

her body had become. Her legs were allot curvier, and she actually had ample

cleavage, something she had always dreamed about. Nikki brought her hand down

hard on Mitchel's rear, and he let out a loud scream.

"OWWW!!!!! That fucking hurt like hell!!! I wasn't spanking you that hard!!!"

Nikki smiled at the though of how strong she had become. She figured she must

have somehow taken Mitchel's strength. That's when she remembered the strange

bluish water from the faucet. She shoved Mitchel off her lap and ordered him to

bring her water from the faucet. He cursed at her, but was very afraid of her

new size. He quickly apologized and rushed to the kitchen to get her some water.

He was surprised to find it a strange blue taint, but he was happy thinking that

it might perhaps poison her.

He brought the cup to her and she gave him a nasty grin. She was going to try

and take more of his strength. "Now drink it little Mitchel!" He protested, but

she simply put her hand around his arm and squeezed. He let out a loud whelp and

began drinking the water. She continued to hold his hand as he drank down the

water. Mitchel began to complain about feeling dizzy, and she knew the strange

water was taking effect. Mitchel began to shrink right in front of her. However,

she didn't feel any different. Soon he was only about three feet tall. She let

out a giggle at his puny size, but she was a bit upset about not getting any

bigger. Then she started to put some thought into it.

"If the water doesn't let me take your strength, but it still makes you

smaller...then that means if I drink it, it might make me..." Mitchel figured it

out as well, and quickly dropped the water on the floor.

Nikki wasn't happy about it, but she didn't care. There was allot more water

where that came from. She ran to the faucet and poured herself another cup, and

again the bluish water came forth. Nikki quickly took a sip from the glass. She

wanted to make sure her theory was correct, since she definitely did not want to

end up like Mitchel. She felt the weakness come over her, and she was finding it

hard to keep her balance. Mitchel figured the water must be having a negative

effect on her, so he rushed to try and knock her over. When he got his arms

around her, he was a bit worried since he only reached her waist.

Nikki's weakened sensation soon passed and she felt her body tighten up again.

Her shorts let out a small tearing sound, and her firm cheeks ripped out from

the middle seam. Her sleeveless shirt now only reached above her belly button,

and Mitchel was only as tall as her hips. Nikki flexed her arms and was in awe

at the large bicep that rose up from it. She had never had much muscle tone, let

alone any sign of a bicep. Her breasts pushed out further on her shirt, and it

began to tear from the overwhelming pressure of her strengthening body. She felt

like she had the energy to lift just about anything. She looked down at Mitchel

who couldn't even get his arms around her expanded hips, and lifted him off the

ground with one arm.

"Let me down!"

Nikki lifted him higher still, "OK, if that's what you really want."

Mitchel struggled to hold onto her large and powerful forearm. Nikki let out a

loud laugh, she felt drunk with her new sense of strength.

Nikki placed Mitchel over her forearm so that half of him was facing the floor

and his bottom half was pointing towards her torso. "I think you need another

spanking Mitchel." Again he protested but it didn't stop her. She placed her

hand to his bottom and noticed her hand was larger than his rear. She smiled and

extended three fingers, which she used to spank him. He cried out in pain, and

she thought she heard something break. She wasn't even using that much strength.

She decided to put him down, and he passed out from all the pain he was feeling.

Nikki figured he deserved it, and then looked over at the water faucet. She

began to wonder what would happen if she drank more of the strange water. In the

process of spanking Mitchel she had dropped accidentally spilled her glass. She

walked over to the faucet and turned it on. She had to use two fingers since her

fingers were so large. She was greatly disappointed to see that the water was

now it's regular transparent color. She took a swig from it but there was no

effect on her. She wasn't too disappointed though. She now had a body any one

would die for, as well as an incredible amount of strength. After a while she

went back to bed, and her blankets did not reach the bottom of her feet.

When she awoke the next morning, Nikki couldn't wait to go and show her friends

her new body. She pulled of her sheet and was greatly saddened when she found

her body to be back to normal.

She heard some voices outside her door, and decided to take a peep.

"You are never again welcome back into this house Mitchel. How dare you drink

alcohol when we specifically told you not to! Now get out!"

"I'm sorry sir, I... man I don't even remember what happened last night."

Nikki's dad simply pointed to the door, and Mitchel limped out, while rubbing

his rear end. Everything had returned to normal, but at least Nikki wouldn't

have to worry about having Mitchel as her baby-sitter. FIN

Giantess Stories: Something in the Water By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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