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Asukafan2001 and Littletoy

Copyright 2003 LittleFan


I rolled over in bed sweating already; I couldn't believe it was going to be

another scorcher.  The news said it was going to be 110 in the shade at 7am. I

crawled out of bed and grumbled down the hall. I looked into my sister Jessica's

room and saw that she was still sleeping so I knew the shower would be mine.

           I tooted my own

horn a few times as I walked into the bathroom. I flipped on the lights and

blinked as I was momentarily blinded. I sighed as I turned the water on and

undressed, then jumped into the shower.

           The water felt

cool on my body which was already hot. I cursed my mom for not having any air

conditioning. Even though dad never paid his child support air conditioning is

almost a requirement to survive. Even the Romans had air conditioning, but not

the Parkers.

           “Peter Parker

you get out of that bathroom right now!! Bobby is coming over and I need to be

ready for him!! Peter! I know your just whacking off in there anyway! MOM!!!

MOOOMMMM WAKE UP!! PETER has been in the bathroom for like 3 hours straight.”

           God I hated my

sister. I couldn't believe she was related to me. We don't even look alike. She

is so damn tanned I often call her Mexica, because she looks so tan she could be


           “Peter!!! Get

out or I am coming in you hear? PETER!! If Bobby gets here before I am ready you

are going to get it.”

           “You are gonna

look like a slut no matter how much time you have so why not just last minute


           I shook my head

and tried to speed things up as I knew she wouldn't stop until she got her way.

Jessica was just like that. She nagged you into doing things her way just so you

wouldn't have to hear her anymore.

           I quickly

changed and opened the door to the bathroom. I stuck my tongue out at her and as

Jessica pushed her way into the bathroom without even saying thanks.

           I ran down the

stairs and grabbed my backpack and skateboard and scooted out the door as I

didn't want to be late for work. It was times like these when I am running late

like this I wish I had a car but to have a car I would first need driver's

license which is something I don't have. If only my family wasn't dirt poor I

think to myself as I round the corner.

           As soon as I

make it around the bend a barrage of eggs slam into my chest. I look across the

street to see Biff and the boys sitting a red 88 Chevrolet convertible with a

white stripe down middle of the hood and the back. They tossed a few more eggs

and then they mashed the gas pedal doing a massive burnout and sped off

laughing. I looked down at my white Wally World T-shirt which now is covered in

egg yolk.

           I rolled into

the Dairy Queen 15 minutes late. I tossed my skateboard into the storage room. I

knew I was going to get chewed out as I was late, and I was late on Labor Day

weekend of all weekends. Labor Day weekend is our busiest weekend of the year

and on days like this we make out like bandits. 

           It was crazy

all day. My boss didn't buy the whole Biff caused me to be late excuse even

though he did cause me to be late. There was hot chick after hot chick coming in

and none of them wanted a thing to do with me. Well it's not that they didn't

want anything to do with me it's just that I didn't really talk to them, or

anyone for that matter. I am what people call a loner. Who needs friends and

family any way? If I never had to go home to that rundown old shack of a home my

sister, mom and I live in I will be the luckiest guy in the world. If there is a

god out there he will intervene.

What I didn't know at that time is that my wish was going to be answered. If I

had known then what I know now I would have probably bit my lower lip and keep

my mouth shut. It is one thing to say you don't want anything to do with your

family but another for it to actually happen. I didn't mean what I said, I was

just upset.

I grabbed my skateboard and I rushed out the back door. I was glad to be done

with work for the day. As I made my way out the door I felt something hard slam

against my chest. I went down to a knee and looked up seeing one of Biffs boys

cracking his knuckles and looking down at me.

           “Charlene, come

here. You like what you see, Pete?”

           I gulped as a

large breasted brunette stood next to the hulking behemoth who had just punched

me. I tried not to look at Charlene but it was hard not too. She had on a short

mini black leather mini skirt with a matching black leather halter top that

struggled to contain her bust, her silky looking brown hair with blonde

highlights was pulled back using a black leather scrunchy. She looked down at me

while chewing a piece of gum.

           “You looking at

my girl? No one looks at my girl”

           Biffs boys

kicked me hard in the stomach, then in the back. I felt blow after blow land on

my body until the behemoth picked me up and tossed into the dumpster behind the

dairy queen. A loud squish nose echoed around me as I landed in all the by

products of a days production. I just laid there for a few minutes and crawled

out of the dumpster. I had hoped that they were gone but as I fell out of the

dumpster I prayed that they would be gone but the laughing told me that they


           My body was

sticky all over and covered in disgusting goo of all sorts. I didn't even feel

human as I picked myself up. As I stood up I tumbled to the ground. My body

began to convulse and flail wildly.

           “Shit dude what

did you do”

           “Me? You told

me to do it Biff.”

           “I didn't even

touch him Jerry, you did all the hitting”

           What happened

next I am not sure, time had no meaning. I just felt my body shaking and hitting

the cement repeatedly. The next thing I knew I was looking at Charlene, only she

was huge. I tried to speak but I only stammered out sentence fragments.

Charlene's gum chewing sounded more like a 50 foot tall cow chewing on some hay.

All I could hear was her smacking as Biff moved in next to her. They both looked

down at me with shock and awe spread across there face.

           “Shit man look

at him. He is only five fucking inches tall. We are all going to be in so much

trouble Biff and I am taking you with me if anything happens.”

           “Okay, okay

let's get serious about this. I have an idea. Charlene I need a piece of your


           Biff's hand

lowered towards me. I was rolled over in his hand the shard of gum was worked

around my hands and legs. At first I didn't get it till I tried to move my hands

out of the gooey gum and I found myself unable too. Biff then grabbed me and

tossed me in the air. I screamed as I landed on Charlene's chest. I bounced off,

working one of my arms free from the gum in time for me to grasp the neckline of

her halter. She screamed back at me in surprise as I dangled from the top edge

of her halter. My legs kicked furiously against her breasts as I hung there.

Then suddenly I was grabbed tightly by soft but firm fingers as thick as

telephone poles.  I rose slightly as she held me up to her astonished face.

           “Oh my god look

at you. You're so tiny! Like a little doll! Biff, Jerry look at him! Look at


           “Put me down

dammit! Lemme go.”

           “You are so


           “Come on

Charlene, stop teasing and let's go.”

           “Hey let set me

down miss, okay?”

           “Sure little

man, I'll set you down, on my lap in the car, let's go.”

I screamed for help as Biff, Charlene and Jerry walked back to the car. Charlene

got in the passenger seat and set me down in her lap. Her hands rested on top of

me as they drove. I was periodically lifted to her face during the ride as she

examined me, giggling at my struggles to free myself from her clutches. Then she

would slam me against her chest and hug me while she laughed.

“Charlene, stop teasing him you are getting me all hot back here.”

“You can come in, Jerry. My parents aren't home.”


           Biff pulled

into Charlene's driveway. I looked over Charlene's shoulder to see Jerry open

the car door and get out. Then my body lurched violently as Charlene got out of

the front passenger seat.

           See you later


           “By Jerry,

Char- wait a minute! Charlene what do you think you're doing?”


           “Give him back!

I'm not gonna get in trouble over this! I am gonna make sure nobody can trace

him to us.”

           “Awww Biff, do

I have to? He is so cute. I could keep him for a little boyfriend.”

           “Hmmm that's

not a…NO! Give him to me now!”

           Charlene pushed

me against her lips for a quick kiss then she hugged me to her chest before

dropping me on the front seat of the car. Biff put the seat belt over me,

trapping me against the seat for the ride to god knows where.

           As soon as Biff

got home he removed the gum but produced some twist ties. I was dropped into a

small box, my body was hog tied now as my bound legs and bound arms met. I

looked up at the smiling Biff who put the lid on the box then proceeded to wrap


           The next

several hours I was in a dark box sitting on Biff's dresser. I was on the verge

of tears as the darkness spread across everywhere I looked. I could hear the

world outside but there was nothing I could do.

           The sound of

kissing awoke me from my sleep. I wasn't aware that I had even fell asleep it

just happened at some point. The kiss was long and sounded intimate, as the long

kiss turned into a hug and a kiss I faintly heard a grunt that sounded like

Biffs voice.

           “Baby, I have a

surprise for you. You are never going to guess what it is”

           “What is it? You know I love surprises.”

           I felt the box

shake as it was transferred to this girl. I couldn't believe this was happening.

I was being given to this girl, Biffs girlfriend! Who could love that guy? I

could hear the sound of paper shredding and then the top pulled off. I looked up

seeing dark, dark brown locks of hair that looked more like rope that you would

find on an ocean liner all around me.

           “OH BIFFIE!!


           I wanted to

cover my ears as I had no clue why she was shouting but then I realized a girl

called me cute. A real live girl who wasn't my mom called me cute. I smiled

proudly at the thought of that.

           “Is he real? He

looks so real but he can't be. You must have spent a fortune on him.”

           “He is all

yours baby.”

           “Can I touch


           “Of course he

is yours now.”

           “Hey just a

minute here! I am a grown man with- HELP!”

           I was clenched

tightly by this girl as I was lifted to her face. I felt her fingers gently

untie my arms and legs as the twist ties fell away. I was about to thank her for

freeing me when she casually flipped me upside down before her astonished face.

I was spun around and around as she examined me from all angles.

           “Biff I LOVE

HIM! He's so cute.”

           I was dropped

onto her bed as she kissed and hugged Biff again and again. I could only watch

as they continued to make out for seemingly hours. I stared up at them wondering

how they could breathe when they kissed that long.

           I walked the

length of her bed as they made out. My feet sank into the soft comforter. I

looked down over the edge but quickly backed away in panic. I looked up to see

Biff and the girl laughing at my fear of falling from the bed. Then they turned

away and went back to kissing.

           “You know I am

leaving tomorrow till thanksgiving. I am going to miss you so much. I wanted to

give you him, so you can keep your mind off other guys.”

           “You know I

love you Biff, you don't need to give me a doll no matter how cute it is.”

           “It isn't a

doll baby; it's a real person, only tinier. He is for later though, this is our

time. Why don't you put him away and slip into that outfit I like so much.”

           Her hand closed

around me. I screamed again as she lifted me up with seemingly no effort. I rose

slowly as she smirked at me. She smelled so good, as she glided across the room.

Her grip on me was so much gentler then Biffs was. The next thing I knew she

dropped me into her underwear drawer. I looked up at her for only a second

before she slammed the drawer shut and the two went back to there foreplay, then

sex. It was quite appalling listening to them going at it but I was glad I

didn't have to watch.

           Morning came

and went. This giant girl only opened up the drawer for a second to grab some

panties and the she slammed the drawer shut again. The morning drifted to

afternoon, then to early evening. It was then I felt the drawer open up.

           I fell

backwards into the cup of a sports bra as the floor shook violently. I squinted

as light flooded in, framing the girls face. I looked up in fear as she bent

over toward she drawer.

           “Please miss

let me out of here.”

           “Oh wow, I DID

hear you last night! I thought I was imagining things!”

           “Yes I can talk

aright. Your boyfriend kidnapped me! Get him over here so he can take me back to

Ridgewood High.”

           “Sorry, Biff

left this morning for Norte Dame. He starts school there this week. Don't worry

though, you can stay with me and go to class at my school, ok?”

           “What you can't

be serious.” I couldn't believe she wanted to keep me here.

“My name's Shari, what's yours my little doll?”

           “It's Peter.

Peter Parker. And I'm not a little doll. There's been an accident and I shrunk.

Can you drive me home?”

           “But I don't

have the car. Erin took it to school and

isn't back yet. I think she has a night class. Besides you aren't going


           “W-what do you

want with me?” I stammered.

           “I dunno. Biff

said you were mine so I guess you have to stay with me and do whatever I say

alright? Welcome to your new home, you can stay here in my bedroom, and sleep in

my underwear drawer forever. You look so cute in there.”

           “Get me out of


           “Aww do you

want out little Pete? Want Shari to give

you a hand?”

           I backpedaled

in vain as her hand shot out into the drawer I was on my butt sliding backward

but my ass got caught in the cup of her bra and I had nowhere to go. Her soft

fingers curled around me as she took me in her grasp. I was lifted up and out of

the drawer. The room came into view as I was hoisted up, up over her head. I

panicked and began kicking from the height.                

           “Hey don't drop

me! Careful, please!”

           “HAHAHAHA look

at your legs kicking! Stop struggling you big baby. You said you wanted out of

the drawer.”

           “Put me down

dammit you can't do this! It's kidnapping!”


you're so light. And so tiny! You are like so totally amazing I can't wait to

show you to my cheerleading squad.”

           “You can't be

serious. This has gone too far. I demand you put me down.”

           “I don't think

you are in a position as my new pet to be making any demands.”

           “Pet? Pet? You

did not just say pet. I am not anyone's pet! I'm a person dammit.”

           “Uh-huh. Sure

you are.”

           Shari was still

holding me up over her head as I argued in vain with her. The overgrown teen

squeezed me playfully in her fingers as she refuted my pleading to be let go.

She insisted over and over again that I was now hers and that there was nothing

I could do about it either. I wiggled in her hand again but it only served to

make her more determined to subdue me.

           “Now stop that

little pet!”

           “I'm not a

little pet.”

           “You are too.”

           “I am not!”

           “He he he I

think it's cute when you try to argue.”

           I was about to

answer her again when the door burst open. In walked another towering female.

She was perhaps not quite as towering but still mammoth to me at my five inch

height. It looked like a slightly younger version of Shari.

           “Shari, mom

says you have to come down to dinner, hey what is that, a doll?”

           Shari quickly

brought me down behind her back. She held me clenched in her fist against her

rear. The gray fabric of her gym shorts brushed against my back as Shari tried

to conceal me rather clumsily. I was not about to accept this lying down so I

punched and kicked  at her firm ass cheeks as she held me behind her back. The

only response I got was a tightening of her grip around me.

           “Cassie you

brat you're supposed to knock. Get out of here.”

           “But what was

that a doll? I thought I saw it move. Come on let me see it please?”

           I shuddered in

fear as the ground shook with each step as the Titaness crossed the room with

mighty steps. Then a youthful face appeared overhead, peering behind Shari and

eyeing me curiously. Her long brown hair was in a ponytail, her green eyes

sparkling as she saw me.”

           “Wow it's

moving what the hell is that Shari?

Lemme see…”

           “No get away

you brat you'll hurt him.”

           “I will not

lemme see or I'm telling Mom and Dad.'

           I was helpless

as a new set of fingers wrenched me from Shari's

grip. I flew up in the air as Cassie snatched me from behind her sister's back

and brought me to her face. I was upended as she pinched my ankle and dangled me

upside down before her amused face.

           “Help let me


           “Wow you're so

tiny! He's real isn't he Shari? He is so

tiny and light he must only weigh a few ounces! Where did you get him he is so


           “Biff gave him

to me. He's my little pet man, isn't he neat? I think he's from across town. He

said his name is Peter Parker and he goes to Ridgewood High.”

           “He's so cute.

Can I show him to Suzy and Kelly?”

           “No you cannot

show him to your loser friends. He is totally FMFO!”


           “You're such a

child you don't know anything. FMFO, for my friends only, a child like you might

hurt him.”

           “Put me down

you little brat! You are not going to show me to anyone else do you hear?”

           “I would not


I don't like the tone of your squeaks little man. I think he squeaks more then

your bed does when biff is over”

           Cassie laughed

at the little figure and lowered him against her chest. She trapped him against

her T-Shirt with one hand, her palm covering his back as he sank into the

softness of her chest.

“He he he listen to him! He sounds so helpless”

           “I know I love

how he tries to be all manly. It's adorable.”

           “So can I

borrow him? I want to show him off.”

           “No I just got

him. Get your own little man.”

“I think I will tell mom then.”

“Tell mom what? I won't share my little man with you? She wont ever believe I

have one and especially not from you the storyteller.”

           “I am not!!”

           “Put him down

Cassie you are scaring him. He is not used to being this tiny”

           “Ok fine. I bet


will flip when she gets a load of him.”

           “Well she is

not home yet and don't say anything just right away.”

           “Ok.” Cassie

smiled as she brought him down to the bed. She opened her fist and let him roll

off her palm onto the bed. He bounced and came to a sitting position in the

center of the bed, staring upward at the giant sisters towering over him.

           “Where are you

keeping him?”

           “In my

underwear drawer.”

           “Oooo…I have my

old dollhouse he could stay in, he would fit perfectly.”

           “He is staying

here for now Cassie, he's mine.'

           “But he would

look so cute in my dollhouse! I want a little doll man of my own!”

           “Well he is

mine and don't forget it.”

           “I forgot mom

said to come down for dinner.”

           “But what about


           “I can bring

him some scraps.”

           “Cool he he


           “Now you stay

there on my bed little man, and I will bring you something to eat ok?”

           “I demand you

let me go!”

           Shari and

Cassie looked back and smiled at the little man as Shari turned off the light

and both girls left the room. The door closed and I heard the lock click as the

door locked behind them. I was trapped, a tiny action figure in a giant teen

girls bedroom. A toy for a giant teenaged girl and her sister. I sat down on the

bed and waited…

           I looked around

at the seemingly endless looking bed. It had a flower print comforter. It wasn't

even 24 hours ago Biff and Shari had sex

on this bed, made out on this bed. I shuddered at the thought of that asshole

having his way with her. I tried to push thoughts like those out of my head by

distracting myself by exploring Shari's

bed. I still couldn't get over how large it was even the folds in the comforter

were obstacles that greatly slowed me down.                     

           An hour went by

when I heard the door open up and the light was snapped on. I saw the slender

figure of Cassie towering over the bed, and Shari in the background. Cassie

lowered her hand and opened her palm up. I saw several small strips of chicken

breast and a French fry.

           “Here little

man, we brought you some supper.”

           I ran to her

palm to grab the food. At the last second she jerked her palm away and popped

the chicken and French fry into her mouth. I watched with anger as she chewed it

up and swallowed.

           “Mmmmm, sorry

little man I was still hungry.”

           “Cassie stop

teasing him. Give him the rest.”

           “He he I was

just kidding little man. You are so cute when you're angry. Here you go.”

           Cassie's other

hand appeared. Her palm opened up and she tilted its contents out onto the bed.

Several small pieces of chicken breast and another French fry tumbled out onto

the comforter. I grabbed a piece of chicken and began wolfing it immediately.

           “Hey not on my


           I almost choked

as Shari snatched me from her bed with

sickening speed. The room flew about me as

Shari carried me over to her dresser and set me

down on top of it. I could see the open drawer where I slept below me. Cassie

carried the food over to the dresser top and placed it near me, then bent over

and continued to observe me as I ate.

           “Stop watching

me eat, it's hard to eat this way.”

           “I can't help

it. I have never seen anything like you before.”

           I finished a

small piece of chicken and fry. Shari

swept the crumbs from the dresser top.

           “Now be a good

little man while we go and watch ‘Friends'”, she ordered.

           “Don't leave me


           “Oh I'm not.

You're going back in my drawer ‘cause I don't know if I can trust you just yet

out in the open of my room.”


           Shari scooped

me from the dresser and I suffered a swift trip downward to the underwear


           “Please girls

don't leave me here.”

           “He looks so

cute in there Shari.”

           “I know.”

           I yelled in

vain as the girls looked down on me, and then pushed the drawer closed. I heard

the light snapped off and the door closed again as I was trapped in silence. I

couldn't believe I was captive of these two cute young sisters. I had no idea

what was in store for me as my new life was just beginning. I prayed that

whatever happened I would survive to restore my height someday.

           I sat in the

drawer for a good hour bemoaning my fate. Then I heard the door to the room open

up and footsteps. I felt fear in the pit of my stomach as the drawer started

shaking as it was opening up…

           A crack of

light was shining into the drawer as I nervously looked around Shari's drawer

searching for anyplace at all that I could hide. Through the crack I could see a

large figure out there but I couldn't quite make out whom. I guess it didn't

really matter, since in my present state even the smallest person was a titanic

monster to me now. I knew it was going to be one of the girls who were keeping

me captive though.

           A hand shot

through the slight crack and grabbed onto me. The ring around one of the fingers

dug into me as I felt myself leave the panty ridden floor of Shari's drawer. I

protested as I was seized rather quickly by the giant female hand. As I was

pulled out of the drawer I could hear “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne playing. I

caught a glimpse of another girl but I couldn't see around the body of this


           Shari had on a

black Ramones shirt that was bleached with a red logo, a black and red plaid

punk style pants with black creeper shoes. Her friend on the other hand had on

platform sneakers fishnet stockings, a short black mini skirt, a fishnet looking

top, she had blonde hair with a 5 or 6 strands of her blonde hair dyed red that

dripped down over her face.

           “So what is it

that you wanted to show me?”

           “You have to

promise not to tell anyone, alright Robyn?”

           “Fine, fine

just show me already. You know I don't like to be kept in suspense”

           “Awww come on


don't do this. Its embarrassing enough the way you and your little sister

handled me I don't want anyone else to see me. Please put me down. Put me back

in the drawer.”

           “Shari what's

that squeaking noise?”

           “Check this

out. Biff got him for me.”

           I found myself

being lowered towards Robyn's black mini skirt. I begin to grab at Shari's hand

and fingers hoping to find someway to stay with her, however she easily shoved

me off of her hand and I was now standing on the mini skirt fearing for my life

as Robyn looked down at me. The red strand of hair dangled down towards me, as

her perfume engulfed the air around me and begin to mix with Shari's who had

just sat down next to me. 

           “Oh my god it

looks like a little man standing in my lap!”

           “He's my new

toy. Isn't he neat?”

           “Miss please

you've got to help me your friend here is holding me captive…”

“Holy shit you are so small!”

“Biff did this to me! Please maybe if we can find him he can figure out how to

restore me.”

“Biff is two thousand miles away silly. You'll have to wait until Thanksgiving

break to talk to him.”

“But that's three months away!”

“So? You'll just have to stay here until her Biffie returns little man.”

“I demand you girls stop this nonsense and let me go.”

“This is too cool Shari; wait'll the rest of the Cheerleading squad sees him.”

           “Yeah if my

sister doesn't accidentally hurt him or lose him or something. Cassie saw the

little man so I had to promise to share. And I suppose Erin will want to see him

as well.”

“Still it's cool; you have

your own tiny man. I wish I had one.”

 So what are we gonna do?

My ‘rents are asleep and not home so I think we should break out a couple of

joints and play with my little man. It's the best gift Biff has ever given me. I

love him so much.”

           “Hasn't Erin

noticed you have been taking her shit?”

           “I think so,

that's why I am only grabbing enough to roll a couple.”

           I nervously

eyed this Robyn titanic girl as Shari

left the room. Robyn's hands came down on me and began to gently stroke the top

of my head. As each pass of her finger onto the top of my head to no avail of my

own I would attempt to push it away from me. This only made her smirk in delight

at my plight to stop her finger.

           “Hey stop that


           “Ha ha

ha…You're so pathetic and helpless you can't even stop a single finger.”

           She really knew

how to push a guy's buttons to the very extreme. As her finger came down on me

this time I squirmed out of the way narrowly missing her finger but I never saw

her left hand coming at me. It closed around me tighter then I have ever been

held before. I screamed for help as she carried me towards Shari's bathroom.

“Help! Shari! Anybody! Put me down where are you taking me!”

           “Where ever I

want to. Its not like you can stop me dolly.”

I couldn't believe I was being held at the mercy of another human being like

this. How could these girls be so cruel and heartless, do they not realize that

I am a person. Shari's friend seemed amused at my tiny size. She had snatched me

up with no thought whatsoever and carried me off. I saw the bedroom whiz by then

the hallway as I was taken into the bathroom. Robyn held me upside down as she

entered the bathroom, enjoying my struggles against her youthful power.

“I'm gonna love this you adorable little thing.”    

           It was at that

moment I slide down the smooth white walls into a large basin. At the far end

there is a large whole that looks like someone took the manhole cover off and

just left the large whole. Above that hole was a metal rod that was bent

downwards. I looked back up at Robyn who had a bottle of some sorts in her hand.

She had the bottle gripped with both hand shot me with the clear liquid. I was

sent sliding backwards from the force of the blow from the clear liquid. As I

tried to pick myself back up I fell back onto my ass causing Robyn to laugh. As

I tried to stand up again I fell once again, it began to almost look like I was

flailing wildly like an unintelligent beast as I attempted to stand in what I

found to be baby oil. As I slid wildly I noticed a dark shadow appearing

overhead but I was unable to look up quick enough, before I could even react,

two large breasts were coming down on top of me. My face was shoved into the

white floor of the bathtub as Robyn's warm bare breasts were pushing me down

into the tub.           As I was shoved into her tits she rubbed her breasts

into the tub covering them and me solidly in baby oil. As she stood back up her

flat soft palms came rushing towards me. They enveloped us like a sheet, while

her finger curled around her breasts and I trapping us beneath her strength. My

face shoved against Robyn's oily skin as she begins to massage her breasts and

me into them. I am slid up and down between Robyn's two breasts. As she massages

here bare breasts my clothes and shoes are being ripped to shreds but she

doesn't care as she continues to rub me and the oil into her breasts. I can hear

her moaning above as she squirts some wild berry lotion in between her breasts,

solidly covering me in her girlie scent.

           My body is used

almost like a washcloth by her breasts. As she massages her pert breasts they

manipulate me up and down, up and down. I can feel her fall backwards as her

hands cup around her breasts and then I am pulled out from between her breasts,

her eyes beam at me as she reaches over onto Shari's night stand and grabs a

piece of string. She tightly ties it around my waist then wraps it tightly

around my waist.

           I get a chance

to look up at Robyn for only but a moment before I am sent hurdling towards

floor only to be yanked up at the last moment and then sent back towards the

floor. The door bursts open and I see Shari

walking back in. Shari only laughs at my

predicament as she moves closer.

           “Hey Shari

check this out, walking the dog”

           I am sent back

hurdling towards the floor only this time I am forced to run as soon as my feet

hit the floor. I make it several steps forward before I began to lose progress

and am sent hurdling back up with the string wrapping tightly around my waist

and stomach.

           “Around the

world” blurts out Robyn as she sends me hurdling towards the floor and yanks me

back up in the basic yo-yo motion.


pleeeeaasssseeeeee” I scream.

           “What's he

saying Shari?”

           “It sounds like


           As Robyn sends

me in the around the world motion I just about lose my lunch as I see the world

spin around and around. Just as she completes the around the world she combines

it with the baby's cradle. This is actually relaxing as I gently swing like I am

using a swing.

           Much to my

relief I glide to a rest on Shari's bed.

I look up at the two towering giants as they look down at me, giggling the

entire time at the sight of tiny me on

Shari's giant bed. I back way from Robyn

towards Shari

hoping that she will save me but she makes no effort to stop Robyn as her hand

easily overtakes me and lifts me off the bed removing the string with utter


           “Hey stop this

you can't just pick me up whenever you feel like it.”

           “Aww you lost

your clothes you poor thing”

           “HEHE, it's not

like pets need clothes anyway Robyn”

           “I am not a

pet, put me down, and let me go!!! When I am reported missing you both are going

to get it.”

           “What do you

mean you aren't a pet? Biffie gave you to me, your mine forever and ever, to

play with as I please. You are a sign of his love for me.”

           “Hear that

little doll? And as Co captain of the cheer squad with Shari here and her best

friend that means you will be seeing a lot of me. We can play like this all the

time!! Speaking of which where is the stuff?”

           “I couldn't

find it, she must have moved it.”

           “It's just as

well, I have to get going anyway, and it's almost midnight already. Are you

bringing him to first day of school Monday?”

           “I don't know

if I should.”

           “You could be

so popular. Everyone will want a little man of their own.”

           “I will think

it over. Come over this weekend and we can play with my little man some more.”

           “Cool. By

little doll man. I'll be seeing you later.”

           Robyn gave me a

quick hug against her breasts, then kissed me quickly in the midsection and

tossed me back towards Shari as she

swept out of the room. I couldn't say I was unhappy to see her go but I somehow

knew that this wasn't the last time I would see her.

           Shari set me

down on her bed as she changed into just her panties and a Cleveland Browns

Jersey.  She smiled at me as I now stood naked before her. She grabbed me as she

slid into bed. She grabbed a light baby rabbit and cuddled me into the rabbit as

she pulled the sheets over with her opposite hand.


little man”

           “LET ME GO!!!”

          My plight went

unheard as Shari easily drifted off to

sleep, leaving me cuddled against her and her stuffed rabbit. The room grew

darker and darker as the time slowly ticked by. I found at this size I needed a

lot less sleep then I use too. I could easily get by with only 3 hours. While

this was great as I needed much less sleep it was bad because I was stuck awake

staring at walls I can hardly see. The heat radiating from

Shari's breasts made the air around me hot and

stuffy. I tried squirming free periodically but


would just instinctively clutch me tighter. It was even more humiliating

realizing that this 17 year old could dominate me physically without even being


           My boredom was

interrupted as I heard the door open up. Shari

had rolled over so I could see directly at the door. A rather large figure was

moving towards her. I nervously cuddled into her hand as I couldn't see much of

anything but shape. The dark figure nosed around the room for a bit searching

through things before it came over this way. I held my breath as they neared. My

eyes locked on them but still unable to make out. I could see the whites of

there eyes staring directly at me curiously prying me from


grip and prodding my body. I wanted to run, or hide but I was trapped here as

Shari was much too strong for me.

           I never saw it

coming as my entire face was engulfed by a gigantic set of lips. The suction of

her lips pulled me out from Shari's grip with ease the giant figure stood up to

he full height while continuing to kiss me. It wasn't until the figure was

standing tall that the kiss ended and I was dropped into the palm of her hands.

We glided out of the room and down the hall. Again I started kicking and

struggling but I found myself quickly wrapped up in giant fingers that covered

my face, muffling my cries. I heard a slight giggle as we continued to some

unknown destination. We stopped at the end of the hall just before the stair

case and the door slammed shut. The lights flicked on and I saw Shari's younger

sister staring down at me.

           “Hey! What's

the meaning of this! Put me back!”

           “I knew from

the first moment you were such a hunk even at this tiny size. I want you to be

my boyfriend. I haven't ever had a real one as dad and mom won't let me date but

you are so easy to conceal it will be perfect and Shari won't ever find you. I

am a good hider. She was careless and slept with you, I slipped some red dye on

her shirt too look like blood and left a trail of it leading about the room and

finally out the window. She will think you crawled through the small hole I cut.

You are so completely mine little toy. ALL MINE!!!! MY first boyfriend…exciting.

I need my beauty sleep, into the dollhouse you go. I will find you some clothes

in the morning.

           “Wait Cassie


           I was dropped

into the dollhouse and she shut it closed as it was it was the kind of dollhouse

that opened up down the center, all you had to do was unlock it. Unfortunately,

the dollhouse was locked shut with me inside it, with not a real window in sight

I slumped down into the easy chair as I heard the click of the lights turn back



I wandered through the dollhouse as my giant teen captress slept. The dollhouse

was completely dark except from whatever light filtered in from Cassie's room. I

stumbled over to the front windows and looked out. In the distance I could see a

giant bed looming over me. It was clear that my dollhouse-prison was on the

floor of her room, pushed against the corner. The floor was strewn with various

garments of female clothing. Even her smallest top was parachute sized to me

now. I could see Cassie's giant mass toss and turn as I helplessly watched from

my new prison. The digital clock on her nightstand said it was 4:30 AM Saturday

morning. God only knew what Cassie had in store for me as her ‘boyfriend'. I

wasn't sleepy anymore but I lay down on the plastic couch in the dollhouse and

closed my eyes anyway. I had no way out of this fifteen year old girl's room;

Even if I could get out of the dollhouse her door was closed. I may as well try

and pull a freight train with my teeth than to try and budge the bedroom door. I

was helpless, nothing more than a plaything for these giant girls. I cursed the

name of Biff one more time. As much as I hated him before you could magnify that

a thousand fold.  Not only had he done this to me, but he had presented me to

his girlfriend as some sort of present before going off to college halfway

across the continent. He was fifteen miles from home, trapped in a different

suburb with no way to return with out help, and help didn't seem forthcoming…

He finally drifted off to sleep again. He dreamed he was big again, sitting in

front of his Xbox, playing Splinter Cell and eating pizza. In his dream he was

just running from a huge explosion. The whole level shook and he fell off his

couch onto the dollhouse floor. He opened his eyes and looked through the

windows. Outside his view was blocked by a vast expanse of fabric that seemed to

shift and move. He could see the room spin by in the background as the house was

jolted violently. Then with a soft thud the house came to a rest, and the fabric

wall pulled away. He looked out and saw his house was sitting on Cassie's bed,

her massive frame looming over him as she peeked into the front window. Strands

of her brown hair framed her face and hung down over the window.

           “Good morning

little pet. Did you have a good night's sleep?”

           “I-I'm a


           “No? Really?”


           “Please let me


           “Awww you look

so cute in my old dollhouse. I want to keep you in there, in my room forever,

ok? Don't worry; I'll take good care of you.”

           The dollhouse

shook violently as Cassie unlatched the clasp. I saw the house part down the

middle as Cassie's gigantic arms gripped my prison from either side. Then the

floor swung away and dumped me onto her comforter. I looked back to see the

house open at the foot of her bed. Before I could turn around I was gripped with

terrific force as Cassie snatched me up. My kicking feet left the bed as I was

rocketed up to her face as she sat against the headboard, her legs folded

underneath her. She was still wearing the white bra and panties that she slept

in. I hung there in front of her face as she studied me with glee.

           “Wow my own

little man, my little boyfriend. You are so cute we are gonna have so much fun

together. I think I am gonna take you to Kelly's slumber party tonight. This is

gonna be great.”

           “Now please be

reasonable, I am a full grown person and I will not be treated like this!”

           “Don't be

silly, you're my little boyfriend. Is that anyway to talk to your girlfriend?”

           “You aren't my

girlfriend! Put me down dammit.”

           “Well, what if

I don't want to?”

           “I'm not your


           “Well kiss me

my little boyfriend!”

           “No Mffffppt!”

           I was thrust

against Cassie's lips as she began kissing me again and again. She would kiss me

then hug me against her small breasts, cupping me against her bra covered

breasts and stroking me, then lifting me up and kissing me again. The more I

protested the more she seemed to enjoy herself. The room was filled with her

soft laughter as she poked, prodded, kissed and petted me for the next half

hour. She lay back on the bed and rubbed me over every inch of her slender body

as I became her doll. She seemed to enjoy trapping me against her stomach and

having me struggle against her fingers as I was held in place.

           “I love this,

you are so my little boyfriend forever.”

           “I am not! Let

me up please.”

           “Ok I have to

get up and shower anyway. Otherwise Shari

and Erin will hog the bathroom for hours

and hours.”

           Cassie sat up,

spilling me onto the bed. She got off the bed, not even paying attention to me

then she went into her closet. I walked along the bed length away from the open

dollhouse on the other side. I stopped at the edge of the bed near the

nightstand and looked down. It was like being on the edge of a cliff. I sighed

at how even the merest of heights was too much for me to navigate alone anymore.

           Cassie came

back and threw something on the bed at me.

           “Put those on.

We can't have you running around naked until I say you can be naked.”

           I looked at the

doll clothes lying on the bed in front of me. I could see a pair of sweat pants

and a pullover golf shirt. The pants and shirt were too big but at least I was

covered up.

           “Ha ha ha ha.

Look at you. You are so cute like this.”

           Cassie grabbed

me in her fist again. I was flipped upside down as Cassie pinched my ankle

between her thumb and forefinger. I was swung back and forth in front of her as

she giggled, then she dropped me onto her stomach again. Her laughter bounced me

crazily as she pretended her stomach was a trampoline and I was tumbler.

           “Wait here

while I shower.” She said, once again spilling me rudely on the bed. Before I

could say anything, she had put on a bathrobe, slung a towel over her shoulder

and headed out the door. I watched the door close, and then open up a small

crack! She hadn't closed it fully! I saw my chance at escape. I grabbed the edge

of the comforter and slid down as best as I could do without falling to my

death. The fabric gave me a burn on my legs as the friction built up as I slid

down to the floor. My first obstacle was hurdled, now I had to make it across

her room, climbing over the clothing strewn around the room as I made my way to

the door. I resisted the urge to check out her clothes as I climbed over and

through them. Her scent was everywhere. I finally made it to the door and out

into the hallway. I had no idea where to go next but I figured Shari's room was

the best bet, even though I would still be a tiny prisoner at least I would be

with the slightly older girl. As I walked down the huge hallway I clung to the

sideboards to as to avoid being seen. I saw several doors looming into the sky

before me. Behind me I heard water running and realized that the bathroom was

behind me. I started running wildly down the hall but all the doors were closed.

I had no clue what to do next, but I knew it that going back to Cassie's room

was out of the question since I didn't want to get caught trying to escape her.

Who knows what she would do to me.  Then at the end of the hall before me I saw

a door that was opened a crack. As I ran through the opening my spirits rose;

this had to be Shari's room. Nobody was in the room. I decided to climb the bed

and wait for her. Maybe it was her in the shower and not Cassie. The bed was

unmade, and the covers were hanging down on the floor, so climbing onto the bed

was easier than I had thought. But when I got there I realized my horrible

mistake as I looked around the room. Shit this wasn't Shari's


           My thoughts

were interrupted as yet a new giantess entered my world. Like Shari and Cassie

she had the common look the other Sorenson sisters had which is to say slender,

athletic with long brown hair and green eyes. She was taller, maybe 5' 9” and

obviously a year or two older than the other girls, her hair in long wavy locks

instead of the ponytail that Cassie wore. The girl entered the room and shut the

door behind her. She had on a pale blue terrycloth robe and was drying her hair

as she walked over to the bed. She stopped as she saw me though, cocking her

head to one side as she eyed my tiny figure in shock. I backed up on the bed and

tried to hide under the covers but no sooner had I done so then the covers were

stripped off of me and thrown to the floor. She bent over me, her long damp hair

hanging around me.


noooooo!” I screamed.

           “You can talk!

What the fuck are you? What the hell are you doing in my room? You better speak

up little thing or else.” She said.

           I tried to

speak but nothing came out as I cowered in fear at the slender fingers stretched

out toward me, making their inevitable grab for my helpless self…

           “Trying to spy

on me huh, I bet you are in one of my classes trying to cop a feel. Wanting to

see me naked” shouts Erin.

           “No, it's not

what you think. I thought this was Shari's


           “The truth is

finally revealed you were spying on me….errr wait a minute Shari's room? You

wanted to spy on my little sister. She is a minor! An innocent little girl who

shouldn't be exposed to such weirdoes like you! There is a place for people like


           “Hey where you

going? Let me explain! It's not what you think!”

          I quickly glance

around the room as Shari's sister

disappears into her walk in closet. I can hardly believe my luck. The door is

still open! I take a running leap and dive off the side of the bed. I land

roughly spraining my ankle but I pick myself up and began to do limp as quickly

as I can. As I hear sounds from the closet my adrenaline kicks in and I began to

run ignoring the pain. I keep looking back and she hasn't yet returned. As I

turn my head around I crash into a platform sandal. I look straight up at the

towering figure in front of me. I am easily swept back into the depths of the

room with a sweep of her foot, and then the door is closed tightly.

           “Trying to run

I see” bellows the voice filling the world around me.

Giantess Stories: Sorentopia

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