Giantess Stories: SPELLS 2

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Kyle looked overhead and watched as the sweat-covered sole of Daria's bare foot

descended on him. This time, she wasn't just going to torture him. This time, he

would be flattened out beneath that stinking weight. Everything slowed down as

it continued to get lower and lower. He tried to move, but he was simply frozen

in place. He didn't want to die like this! This is not the way his life should

end! Then, with quickening speed, the colossal ceiling of flesh came crashing


Kyle opened his eyes to the familiar sounds of the Health Care facility that

took care of him. He could feel the sweat trickle down his face, but as usual,

he couldn't move a single muscle in his body. The damage Daria had done to him

while he was trapped in her shoe was irreparable. And even now, he could still

taste the vile crud from between her giant toes that she had somehow made him

hold in his mouth and eventually swallow. But that was two and a half years ago.

Kyle thought that the psychological trauma that he had gone though would have

eased up by now, but he could never forget what she had said to him the last

time he saw her. She would be back for him. And next time, she was going to step

on him while he was trapped inside her shoe.

Everyday, for these last two and a half years, Kyle had watched each minute tick

by. There was nothing he could do. He occasionally daydreamed of what his life

was supposed to be like. Going to college… Joining a Fraternity… Spring breaks…

Massive parties… All these were denied to him, and would be for the rest of his

life. Even if he somehow regained his mobility (which was very doubtful) he

still would never be able to enjoy sex again. The damage Daria had done to his

groin was permanent, and there was nothing doctors could do to help him. It

wasn't fair that he had been trapped in this body with nightmares every night,

while that bitch got to do all the fun things that he longed for. College,

sororities, spring breaks, parties, and probably even sex were all things she

didn't deserve, but probably enjoyed these past years. Life was so unfair…


Daria couldn't help but think of how close she was coming to deciphering the

ritual. It had taken her only a day to find the burnt spell book in the culvert,

but two and a half years to try to piece together the ritual on the inside back

cover. Jim had done quite a job burning the pages into ash, but he hadn't

figured out that the covers and binding were made of metal. Engraved inside was

a Ritual of Restoration.

Daria had been ecstatic at first, since she knew she could regain her power and

seek revenge on Jim for even thinking about harming the book. But as the months

dragged on, her heart had begun to sink. There was the distinct possibility that

she may never solve the ritual. But after scouring the internet and looking in

old books in some of the oldest libraries in the world, she had begun to

understand. And she felt that in a few more days, she would be ready to try.

Jason had been “seeing” Daria for their first two years of college, having met

in a party during “Greek Week.” She had been trying to get into the Kappa Delta

sorority, while he had been going for the Sigma Nu fraternity. Both of them had

gotten into their respective Greek houses, and now Jason liked to think of Daria

as his girlfriend.

However, Daria just thought of Jason as a very close friend. She had been very

preoccupied with getting the information she needed to restore the spell book,

while still getting good grades in general classes. She did manage to have some

fun at the beach, though, actually getting a rather nice tan, which she never

had before. By now, the money she had set aside for college was running pretty

low, but Daria knew if she could restore the spell book, she would be able to

get as much money as she wanted. Then she could work on her revenge.

By the end of the week, Daria had finished deciphering the ritual and knew

everything that was needed. Apparently, all that she needed for the restoration

was a “friend” as indicated in the writing. She had been concerned about this at

first, but it didn't say anything about a “sacrifice” or any tool to inflict any

injury on the “friend.” Perhaps someone else was needed to channel some extra

energy. So after waiting for her roommate, Holly, to leave for the weekend, she

called Jason over for a special experiment. She had to chuckle at the speed at

which he crossed the campus and made it to her house. She truly had been

neglecting him recently, but she could make it up to him tonight. Perhaps there

was a little more to their friendship. In the little bit of time that she had,

she prepared the room by drawing a star in a circle on the floor with chalk. She

then put the spell book in the center of the pentagram.

“Hi, Daria, what's up?” Jason asked. He was still breathing a little hard from

his run over, but he was very fit and had a great body. The ideas that were

beginning to run through Daria's mind were making it hard for her to concentrate

on the task at hand.

“I need a witness to an experiment I have to do in my Ancient Mythologies

class,” Daria said wishing she didn't have to lie. “My professor said I can get

extra credit if I analyze an ancient ritual and try it out. You don't mind

watching do you? We can do something more fun afterwards, I promise.” That was

all Jason needed to hear, since it had been quite a wait for Daria to warm up to

him. Tonight might be a magical night, indeed.

Daria began the slow process of performing the Ritual of Restoration. Jason

lasted about a half hour before he fell asleep. Daria was a little surprised at

how long it took, but she wanted to be extra careful so that this all worked out

perfectly. She wanted the book back and was willing to take as much time as

necessary. Three hours later, she finished and felt a slight tingle going

through her. Daria remembered how wonderful the curses felt, but even a slight

touch of magical energy was intoxicating.

Smoke began rising in the center of the pentagram as Daria watched in

anticipation. This was the first magic she had seen in over two years, and she

didn't want to miss a thing. She was hoping the smoke would coalesce into the

pages burnt from the book, but instead something very strange happened. They

began to form into a person.

“What's going on?” Daria heard herself whisper. This wasn't supposed to happen,

at least not with what she had read. But there could be no mistake. The mist was

forming into the silhouette of a woman. Within minutes, standing before Daria

was a 6'4” tall, blond model dressed completely in red leather. Daria had to

admit that the tight leather showed off this woman's assets perfectly. From her

leather bra, to her leather shorts, down to her stiletto boots, this woman oozed

sex appeal. Something in Jason's unconsciousness decided that now would be a

good time to wake up, and slowly he began opening his eyes. But he quickly came

to the conclusion that he must still be dreaming.

“Greetings,” the woman began, “my name is Sonnielion, and you have summoned me.

What is your wish?” Talk about being intimidated. Daria just stood there for a

few moments when she realized she needed to answer this woman. Jason was now

fully awake (or fully dreaming) as he simply stared with dropped jaw at this

perfect woman that stood before him.

“Well, Sonnielion, I wish to have the spells restored to this spell book,” Daria

finally got up the nerve to say. She was still unsure of what to make of this

woman, but she could feel the magical energy simply radiating from Sonnielion's

body. It was actually kind of exciting.

“No problem,” Sonnielion responded with a smile, “and you can call me Sonni. Can

I assume that this handsome young thing is your ‘friend' that you were required

to bring?” Daria was beginning to calm down by this time and nodded.

“His name is Jason,” Daria introduced, “and my name is Daria.”

“What's going on here?” Jason finally cleared his mind enough to answer. While

he could have simply stared at this magnificent woman all night, he really felt

that he should chime in, now that he was introduced.

“You are about to fulfill a service for this young woman,” Sonni explained. This

was the part that she loved best. Admittedly, getting away from Hell had its

inherent excitement, but first she had to take care of the business at hand.

There were rules by which she could be released from the confinement of Hell,

and Sonni had to go by the book on this one. This chance didn't come along very

often, so she had to be careful not to frighten her ticket out of there.

“Tell me, Jason, do you care for Daria?” Sonni asked. Dialog was important in

this case. If she led the questioning correctly, this young human would walk

right into her web.

“Yeah,” Jason hesitated, “of course. We're best of friends.” He had found his

voice, and was trying to sound confident.

“If you had a choice, would you choose to be with her or me?” Sonni continued.

This was the setup question. Either answer would throw him off guard. She

couldn't help but smile as his mind tried to think logically and clear away all

the chemicals coursing through his blood. Would he choose friendship or lust?

“I would have to choose…” Jason stammered, “Daria. What we have is more

permanent than anything I could have with you.” He was sweating profusely now,

but he knew he had made the ‘correct' choice. This whole experience was becoming

very overwhelming.

“Very good,” Sonni smiled. “I can see you truly are her friend. Then to finish

what she wanted me to do, all I need is to touch your hand.” And with this,

Sonni reached her leather gloved hand out from the center of the pentagram, but

not crossing the outer circle. The original question was simply meant to create

a tense moment for Jason. His answer along with her response would cause him to

feel extreme relief. It was at these moments that humans were so easy to


Jason, indeed, felt relief. Without even thinking, he extended his hand through

the outer circle of the pentagram and touched the soft red leather covering this

gorgeous woman's hand. He was surprised by the shock he received as Sonni

touched his fingers. He was equally surprised by her stepping forward, out of

the circle drawn on the ground. But the most stunning thing of all was the fact

that this extremely tall woman was beginning to get taller. She was probably six

feet in height without her boots on, and she was beginning to get taller very


Daria had simply been an observer to all of this, but was now watching in

amazement as Jason dwindled before her eyes. She remembered seeing people shrink

before, but it had been quite a while. And while it had taken her a few seconds

to recite the curse, this woman did it effortlessly. Sonni must truly be

something beyond human.

Within moments, Jason had been shrunk to an inch tall. He wasn't sure what was

going on, or how this could happen, but he was completely enthralled by the two

red, leather walls on either side of him. Sonni's huge boots rose up like

towers, and he felt compelled to walk over to one of them. It looked so shiny

and smooth, even at this close range. As he touched it, he marveled at its

suppleness, and the fact that he could see the slight movement of the giant foot

inside it.

“Fascinating, isn't it?” Sonni commented. “Go, on, see what your friend's shoe

is like as well.” Jason glanced over at Daria's leather loafer and began walking

over there. Daria smiled briefly as she realized that she was wearing the same

old black, leather loafers she had worn the first time Jim had been changed to a

bug. It was a little intoxicating to see a small creature crawling towards her

foot again. But after two and a half years of wearing these things, she knew she

wasn't going to have Jason crawl inside them. He would probably pass out before

he landed on the insole.

Jason got to the worn black wall of Daria's shoe and touched it as well. It had

a far different feeling from Sonni's boot, in that it was so old. It was very

supple, though, and felt so soft. One thing Jason noticed was that he could

smell Daria's foot even through the old loafer. These were old shoes indeed, and

he had seen her wear them frequently over the years. Not as much as another pair

of shoes, but still quite often. Suddenly, he came back to reality when one of

the giantesses began to speak.

“Well, Daria, here is your choice,” Sonni explained. “You can remove your shoe

and step on little Jason, here, with your bare foot, or I can lift up my boot

and slowly crush him for you. If you do it yourself, I will grant your wish, and

restore the spell book. If, however, you find the idea of stepping on your

friend too repulsive, I will be more than happy to feel the little guy pop

beneath my boot. But then you don't get your book. What'll it be?” Both Daria's

and Jason's hearts dropped at about the same time. Jason's probably fell farther

and faster though, as he turned back to look at the enormous foot of his friend.

A foot that he could not imagine would actually crush him.

Daria was completely torn. She actually did consider Jason her friend, but she

desperately needed the spell book restored. She looked down at the tiny bug in

front of her shoe and felt sorry for him. He was already backing away as if he

sensed his inevitable doom.

“I'm sorry, Jason,” Daria sadly apologized. “But this book is very important to

me. I wish there was another way, but it's either going to be me stepping on you

or this woman. Wouldn't you rather be stepped on by me?” None of this brought

comfort for Jason. Actually, now that he was seeing that his friendship with

Daria wasn't as strong as he thought, he would rather die beneath the boot of

Sonni. If he could smell the stench of Daria's bare foot when it was still

encased in her shoe, Jason was truly frightened by what it would smell like if

he was slowly being squashed beneath it. He didn't know how to get out of this,

so he simply got on his knees and begged Daria not to step on him.

“Please, please don't squish me!” Jason yelled. Tears were beginning to well up

in his eyes as his entire body began shaking in fear. Not like this… he didn't

want to die beneath Daria's foot like some worm.

“I'm afraid that begging isn't going to help in this,” Daria continued while

lifting her bare foot out of her shoe. “Just lie down and let's get this over

with. Wouldn't you rather have your last experience be with me? I promise that

my foot is very soft, and that it won't hurt too bad when you squish.” Daria was

faintly beginning to feel excitement about this. Jason's death was inevitable,

and so he might as well be crushed beneath a friend's foot than a complete

stranger. And this would get her spell book back as well.

Jason watched as Daria lifted her immense bare foot over his head. He knew that

his time was up, and that there was nothing more to do. The idea of actually

being crushed beneath his “friend's” foot was so repulsive, but he wanted it all

to be over quickly. He shouldn't have to die like this, squished into the soft

wrinkles of Daria's sweat-covered sole. Even before it touched him, he rolled

onto his back and simply stared up at his horrible fate. He was destined to have

his life snuffed out by a girl's foot. How could this be?

The smell that assailed Jason's nostrils was absolutely horrible. He never

remembered anyone's foot smelling that bad before. And as the soft pad of

Daria's bare foot slowly pressed into him, he couldn't help but wonder what he

had done to deserve this. Why did his last moments alive have to be surrounded

by a reeking stench of foot odor? The answer was irrelevant as Daria continued

to press down. Jason struggled briefly against the claustrophobic flesh, but

soon he was held fast. His chest compressed first, followed by the popping of

his hips. He opened his mouth in a soundless scream as a few drops of foot sweat

trickled down his throat. But Jason had no air to cough them out with, and there

was really no time. As his sides split from the weight of this girl's bare foot,

he felt pain course through his body along with a single thought… Why did his

last vision of this world have to be the bottom of Daria's bare foot? And with

that, his body simply flattened out with a squishy crunch.

Daria stood there for a little while as she felt the energy course through her.

It had been a long time since she felt that wonderfully addicting power of

snuffing out some poor bastard's life. Admittedly, Jason had been a good friend.

But now he was an even better friend by giving up his life for her enjoyment. In

the back of her mind, she realized that he probably suffered horribly before she

finally flattened him against the floor. However, the thought that her foot

smelled as bad as it did, made the energy coursing through her that much

stronger. Jason's suffering had caused a bigger release of energy than if she

had just stomped him flat. She would have to explore this further.

“Well, here is your new book,” Sonni said as Daria looked up. Apparently, Daria

had been staring at her foot for almost a minute, and Sonni had fulfilled her

side of the pact. The spell book looked just as it had when Daria first found it

in her attic.

“I'll be leaving, now,” Sonni said, “but I imagine we may see each other again

some time.” And with that Sonni walked out the bedroom door, leaving Daria to

clean up what was left of Jason from the bottom of her foot (as well as the

floor). Sonni was now free, and she had quite a lot to do. It had been several

centuries since she had been released, and this new world looked fascinating.

With a single thought, she changed her clothes to more appropriate attire for a

cool fall night. Though, she still kept her red leather boots…

As she left the sorority house, Sonni began walking around the campus. She heard

quite a few parties going on, and this reminded her of the fact that she wanted

to see a little more fun before she began her freedom in earnest. Sure, Daria

had to squish her friend beneath her foot, but she had done similar things

before. The emotional energy released had been rather minimal, as well as too

quick. Sonni needed to feel some energy that was a little bit more potent. And

it didn't take long to find the right couple…

“How could you sleep with someone while dating me?!” Harry asked Jessica. It

wasn't like she was even trying to hide this fact from him. And while she was

absolutely gorgeous, Jessica seemed to think that she was practically royalty.

“Two dates does not really count as ‘Dating,'” Jessica responded. “Besides, I

can have any guy I want, so you should feel lucky just to have gone out with me

at all. I mean, really, look at this body. I can't help it if I've achieved

perfection. If other guys want to buy me things and get close to me, we can't

really blame them, can we? Who wouldn't want to be close to perfection?” Harry

was simply flabbergasted. How conceited could a person be? He paid for

everything on their first date, and then tonight he paid again for the movie,

and drinks at the bar afterwards. She never stopped flirting with the other guys

at the bar, and then one had approached that said he would like to experience

the ‘magic' that they had last night. Completely ignoring Harry, Jessica

actually said that she would be available later tonight! Of all the nerve!

“Listen, I can't even believe someone like you exists!” Harry sputtered. “I

think it's best we go our separate ways.” Without even waiting for a reply, he

simply began walking away. He tried not to think about her flowing blond hair,

her voluptuous chest, and her fantastic legs that seemed to go on forever. He

deserved better than that bitch, and he was feeling better about himself with

each step he took in the other direction.

“Suit yourself,” was Jessica's only reply. She was already thinking about

hooking up with that totally hot guy she met earlier at the bar. But suddenly,

inexplicably, she fell asleep, right on the bench. She never saw Sonni approach

from behind, and with a single thought, suggest Jessica fall asleep.

“Excuse me,” Sonni called to Harry. “Did she really treat you that bad?” Harry

turned to see the mind-numbing blond walking towards him. There was something

about her that made his hormones flood throughout his body with a simple glance.

“Jessica's the most conceited bitch I've ever met,” Harry explained. “I'm not

even sure why I dated her in the first place, except that she is very pretty.”

But not as pretty as you, Harry thought.

“How about we have some fun,” Sonni said as she looked around to make sure no

one was watching. “Come with me.” And with that, Sonni reached out with her

red-gloved hand and gently pulled Harry back towards Jessica. Almost in a

trance, Harry followed. Soon they were back with Jessica while she slept on the


“What's the plan?” Harry asked, noticing that Jessica had fallen asleep. He was

wondering if there was a practical joke in her future. But in an instant,

everything changed. Everything just exploded around him, and he suddenly felt

himself shrinking. To his surprise, the tall blond model never let go of him.

Within moments, he was only a few inches tall, sitting on the supple red leather

covering her palm.

“We're going to play a little game,” Sonni said in a whisper as Harry continued

to shrink. “I know how much you hate this young woman, and yet I feel that the

two of you should be together for a while. So I've come up with a plan.” By this

time, Harry was less than an inch tall, and still shrinking on this field of red

leather. He also noticed that he was completely paralyzed.

“You see, I love causing a little mischief every now and then,” Sonni continued.

“And for tonight's mischief, I'm going to change your life. I have shrunk you

down to 1/16th of an inch and paralyzed you. Since this woman thinks she is a

goddess here on Earth, I will test this theory by placing you where you belong…

at her feet. More specifically, between her fourth and fifth toes, since you are

more insignificant than her smallest toe.” Harry could only watch as everything

shifted. He was now sitting on the tip of this woman's index finger, and fast

approaching Jessica's foot. Harry continued to watch as this model removed

Jessica's high-heeled pump and picked up her cute bare foot. But to Harry, its

size was beyond his comprehension. Especially as he approached her smallest two

toes. He observed the other giant red hand separate Jessica's giant toes as he

was thrust into the dank crevice between them. He actually stuck there, with his

back to one wall of flesh, staring at the opposite toe as it slowly came towards


Harry knew he would be done for when that other toe pressed into him. At his

tiny size, there was no way he would be more than a tiny little splat between

this bitch's toes. The sticky sweat from between these two digits soaked through

his back instantly, and the stench was almost more than he could bear. He was

almost thankful that he would be dead in the next few moments as the giant woman

released her hold on the other toe. He closed his eyes as he waited for his

death. Harry felt the soft impact, then screamed in pain as he was pressed

between these gigantic walls of putrid flesh. He waited to lose consciousness,

but he didn't. Somehow, he had survived, and he was only lightly being touched

by the other toe.

“The other powers I've given you are indestructibility and invisibility,”

Sonni's voice thundered down. “I've done the magical equivalent of super-gluing

you to the inner side of Jessica's smallest toe. You will be able to subsist on

the sweat and dirt that accumulate near you, but this self-absorbed girl will

never know that you are stuck between her toes. And while you are

indestructible, you will still feel the pain and pressure of every step she

takes. Not to mention being squished continually when she puts her tight sexy

shoes on. You may pass out from time to time, especially if she goes swimming or

takes a bath, but you won't drown or die. But don't worry, you won't have to

stay there forever. I have set the indestructibility spell to be cancelled in 6

years, 6 months, and 6 days. The glue affect will last until you are dead. Thus,

eventually, you will be squished between those two toes, than simply washed down

the drain when she takes her next shower. Enjoy your new position as Jessica's

toe jam!” Sonni couldn't help but laugh at the expression on Harry's face. She

had excellent vision, and could just see it through the crack between Jessica's

toes. Without waiting for anything else, Sonni placed Jessica's shoe back on her

bare foot and walked away. She could feel Harry's frustration magically ripple

through her. This place had so much to offer, and she had all the time in the


Harry was still in shock from everything that had happened. How could this be

possible?! Was he really going to be stuck between this self-absorbed bitch's

toes for over six and a half years?! He was already being pressed hard between

her reeking toes, now that the giant shoe was back on, and he shivered as

Jessica began to wake up. He felt his world move as this giantess placed her

foot on the ground and stood up. Harry screamed in pain from the shear amount of

pressure pressing against him from all sides. What was going on?! As heat and

sweat began accumulating around him, he felt the roller-coaster ride begin as

Jessica walked home. She had no idea that the nerdy guy she had two dates with

was suffering horribly in her shoes between her toes. But if she had known, she

would have felt extra pleased with herself, since that was where he belonged…

licking the sweat from her feet.

No one heard from Harry again. His world became one of insane pressure and

sickening rides as he spent the next six and a half years swallowing the sweat

and grime from between the toes of one of the most vein, conceited bitches on

the planet. His mind screamed a single word into the night… Noooooooooooooo…


Meanwhile, Daria simply looked at the new spell book she held in her hands. She

paged through it briefly, making sure all of her favorite spells were there. It

wouldn't take her long to memorize them, and already thoughts of revenge were

entering her mind. Kyle and Jim had done so much against her that they really

needed to be taught a lesson. But first she had to keep her promise to Kyle. And

perhaps the two girls that he was going to meet two years ago after prom could

help. Unknowingly, of course…


Daria knew she had quite a bit of things to do in order to begin the “revenge”

phase of her life. So, deciding to take the next week off of school, she began

to pour over the spell book, learning every spell she knew before. There were

even a few extra that she took the time to commit to memory as well. For four

days, she studied like she had never done before. By the fifth day, she was

ready to rest a little.

With the weekend coming up fast, Daria knew that there would be no rest for the

weary. But in order to continue with her plans for Kyle, she would need a lot

more money than she had in her savings account (which was practically depleted).

However, now that she had the spell book, she would never need to worry again.

After spending the morning in the library, Daria had found the perfect rationale

for her soon-to-be fortune suddenly appearing. There had been numerous treasures

lost at sea, so why not lay a claim to some of those gold coins lying at the

bottom of the sea. After committing the design of the coins to memory, Daria

went back to her room and sorted out all of her pennies from her coin jar. Then,

for the first time in almost three years, she began to cast a spell. Luckily,

the Object Transformation spell was a lot easier than the old Living

Transformation spell she had used to turn Jim into her shoe so long ago. By the

end of the day, Daria had a mound of gold coins in which to retire with if she

wanted to.

Even though it had been a mind-draining week, Daria had trouble sleeping with

all the excitement she was going through. She had more money than she could ever

use, and now the second part of her plan had to begin. It began with the buying

of a small house that was near the college campus. There was no need to haggle

for a price, but she did make sure it was in great shape and had nice, large

rooms. Furnishings were equally easy to come by, since she could just hire a

decorator and have them to all the work. While that was being done, she could

devote the rest of the weekend to Kyle and his two girlfriends.

It was now time to get Kyle to agree to move into the new house. Of course, he

wasn't in any position to agree or disagree, so Daria would have to go through

his mother. But she didn't think that would be that tough. After taking a few

deep breaths, Daria picked up the phone and dialed Kyle's number.

“Hello,” said the female voice at the end of the line. Daria immediately

recognized it as Kyle's mom.

“Hi, Mrs. Furguson, this is Daria,” she said, “I was wondering if you had some

time to talk about Kyle. I have come into some money recently, and I would like

to help him out. The college is trying some alternative treatments for victims

of strokes and spinal cord injuries, and I was wondering if you would consider

allowing Kyle to be transferred down here. I'll take care of all the

arrangements, and I'll only need you to release him to my care.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful, dear,” Kyle's mom replied. “I always thought the

two of you made a perfect couple. He'll be so happy to have you taking care of


“Actually, I would prefer that you didn't tell him,” Daria quickly said. “I

don't want his feelings for me getting in the way of his treatment. Just tell

him that he is being transferred to an alternative medical clinic, and that he

will be well taken care of. I am even arranging his care by two nurses so that

he'll have around the clock supervision. I can drive up next week and bring the

paperwork with me. He can then be brought down to the house to begin his new


“Well, all this sounds just wonderful,” Mrs. Furguson said. “It has been quite a

while since I had any hope that he would get better. I look forward to seeing

you, dear.”

“I look forward to it, too,” Daria replied. “Bye.” That went even better than

expected. Now it was time to get his two nurses.

Well, from what Daria had heard, Kyle's slutty little friends from Prom weren't

really nurses, but they had taken some training classes at the local tech

school. Their names were Colleen and Kimberly. And they never really stopped

being the preppy little bitches that Daria hated so much. But they would

definitely serve their purpose.

A week went by with little fanfare as Daria had to let the house get prepared

before having Kyle transferred in. She figured that she would talk to the two

girls while she was up getting the paperwork signed. In the meantime, she had to

use a couple of Mind Control spells to get everything squared away for her

college classes. After all, she still wanted to stay in the sorority on campus.

She didn't want too many people to know how wealthy she was. By the time the

weekend came, Daria was anxious to drive back to her home town and get

everything ready.

The paperwork went through with extreme ease, and Kyle was set to be transferred

down early next week. Daria was now the official caretaker for him, and he

didn't even know it. After saying goodbye to Mrs. Furguson, Daria called Colleen

and Kimberly's numbers and set up a dinner meeting for that night. Both sounded

a little nervous and slightly skeptical, but Daria knew she could alleviate that

pretty quick.

“So, I heard the two of you are in the nursing field,” Daria began the dinner


“Well, we took a few classes at the tech school, but it's not really enough to

get a job with,” Colleen said. Kimberly just nodded as she took a bite of her

salad. Both of these girls had hardly changed in two years. They were still the

same stuck-up girls from before. Colleen was the perky blond who wasn't really

that bright upstairs, while Kimberly was more reserved, with dark brown hair

flowing to her shoulders. The only redeeming value they had was that they really

were attractive women. And that suited Daria just fine.

“What would you say if I offered you a job taking care of a patient?” Daria

said. There was really no point to holding off on the root of the conversation

any longer. She just wanted to get these two hired and start the fun for next


“We really don't have enough experience to take care of a person,” Kimberly

blurted out. “I don't know if we could handle that.”

“How much would it pay?” Colleen asked, ignoring Kimberly. She knew that a well

paying job was tough to come by, given their lack of experience.

“I'd start you at $50,000 a year each,” Daria said nonchalantly. “I've recently

gotten a grant from the government to research alternative therapies to treat

paralyzed patients.”

“$50,000 a year?” Colleen choked. “Are you serious? Why us?” Kimberly was

pretending to be calm, but her eyes never left Daria as she tried to discern

whether it was possible to get a $50,000 a year job without having any

experience or really any training.

“The patient is Kyle Furguson, and I would like the nurses taking care of him to

be from his home town, as well as already known to him,” Daria said, trying to

hold back the smile. She didn't even need to use magic for these girls.

“Oh, I remember Kyle,” Kimberly said. “You mean we would be in charge of taking

care of him?” The light in both Kimberly and Colleen's eyes indicated this deal

was almost done.

“Yes, you would be taking care of Kyle,” Daria confirmed. “But you cannot let

him know I am paying you. I've done some research into a very radical therapy

that has worked in other countries, so all I need from you two is some

open-mindedness.” This set-up was working so well, Daria was almost becoming

flushed with excitement.

“Well, when can we start?” Colleen asked. This was almost too good to be true.

Obviously, Daria didn't know that she and Kimberly were going to have some fun

with Kyle on prom night. How stupid could Daria be, putting them in charge of

her old boyfriend? Talk about fun.

“In two days, if that's OK,” Daria stated. “I can even give you a $1,000 bonus

for some spending money if you can make it.” Colleen and Kimberly both agreed on

the spot. In order to make sure they knew everything was on the up-and-up, Daria

had them sign some contracts that she had brought with the other paperwork to

get Kyle released. This had been a truly productive weekend.

As Daria drove back to college, she couldn't help but think of all the ways in

which Kyle would soon be tortured. It would make his time spent in her shoe look

like a holiday. But she was becoming so turned on that she knew she needed some

release. It had been a while since she had a little fun with a person, so she

might as well find someone for tonight. As she was passing through a small town,

she saw four guys walking down the street. They seemed rather intoxicated, which

would do nicely. Daria quickly parked the car on the side of the street and

began following these gentlemen. After they turned down a quiet street, she

quickly ran up to them.

“Excuse me, but do any of you know what time it is?” Daria asked as she

approached. The guys all stopped and looked at her, none of them even glancing

at their watch.

“I think it's time for some fun!” the largest of the four said. This only made

Daria smile as they began to walk towards her and surround her. This was exactly

what she was hoping for. Calming herself, she began to cast the first Shrinking

curse since she had regained her spell book. She had to make sure it had a

slight delay, so that all of them shrunk at once.

“What the hell are you mumbling about?” the big guy said again. “Why don't you

come back to my place for a little fun?”

“Knock it off, Sam, leave her alone,” said a scrawny guy. “It's 11:30 Miss, and

we'll be on our way now.” But Sam and the others weren't ready to go.

“Screw you, Cal!” Sam yelled. “Frank, Bob, and I want to have some fun with the

little lady.” Bob and Frank both nodded in agreement. This dark haired girl was

extremely pretty, and the night was still young.

“Fine, but I'll have no part. I'm leaving,” Cal said, but as he turned to go,

his body was wracked with pain. All four guys fell to the ground as they began

to be reduced to an inch tall. Daria felt the wash of magic flow through her,

causing her to almost fall over herself. This was what magic was all about. This

was the ecstasy she had been missing. And as she watched the little guys finish

shrinking, Daria knew that she was in for a fun couple of days.


Sonni had observed the different behaviors of these humans for quite a while

when she felt the overwhelming urge to have more fun. It was the weekend, and

she decided that it was time she went to one of these parties that everyone

seemed so fond of. It was being held at a fraternity house, and it actually

looked like a good time. Observations indicated a slight modification to her

wardrobe would be needed. A dark, silk red blouse and black, leather skirt

should do nicely. The boots… well, a girl has to have some consistency. And

Sonni loved the way the stiletto heels sounded on the sidewalk.

“Come on in!” said the slightly inebriated student at the door. He could hardly

believe the woman that walked past him. She was taller than he was, but she was

so stunning that he didn't even realize he dumped his beer on the floor.

Sonni could feel that most of the eyes were on her (at least from the men), but

that was the way it was supposed to be. She began scanning the minds of these

strange creatures to find one to her liking. It was then that she looked over in

the corner to see a rather short, pudgy young man who was rather shy. But it

wasn't his shyness or his social ineptness that caught her attention. It was

what he was thinking about. This was intriguing. So, ignoring all of the

requests to dance with someone, she pushed her way through the crowd until she

was standing in front of Peter.

“Hi, there,” Sonni said. “I'm Sonni. You are a rather different specimen, aren't

you?” Peter looked up at the gorgeous amazon in front of him and slumped against

the chair he was standing by.

“H-Hi, P-Peter my… name… i-is,” Peter stammered. Socially inept might have been

an understatement. He could only hold her gaze for a half a second before

looking back down.

“Do you like my boots?” Sonni asked. Peter didn't need to look over at the red,

leather boots, since he was already staring directly at them. He turned crimson

red and began trembling all over.

“W-Why do you ask?” Peter mumbled. He felt so intimidated that he just wanted to

die. He could feel the eyes of everyone else in the room looking at Sonni and

him. This was unbearable. Some guy nearby even began laughing at his


“I like men who like my boots, that's all,” Sonni reassuringly answered. Peter's

mind was in complete chaos at the sound of her voice, but he looked up anyway.

To his surprise, she didn't sound like she was trying to make fun of him.

“Yes, those boots are very nice,” Peter whispered. This time he was able to hold

Sonni's gaze without looking away.

“I know what you're thinking,” Sonni whispered back. “You have a giantess

fantasy, don't you? It's alright, I find it extremely interesting. Perhaps I can

help out. But tell me, if you could have me step on someone, who would it be?”

Peter's mind was going into meltdown. Here was a beautiful woman that he would

love to see as a giantess, but she seemed to be able to read his thoughts. This

was totally embarrassing, except that she seemed fine with it. How confusing.

But his answer quickly came to his mind anyway.

“Him…” Peter said indicating someone who was approaching. It was a blond,

blue-eyed surfer named Johnny, who was coming up from behind this woman.

“Hey, this worthless slug has nothing for you,” Johnny said. “Why not come and

join the real party and leave this reject back to his perverted thoughts?” But

Sonni just smiled. This testosterone filled idiot needed to be brought down a

notch or two. And Peter had provided the perfect way to do it.

“Why don't we find a more intimate place,” Sonni responded as she turned around.

Then, without waiting for his response, she grabbed his wrist and walked him up

the stairs. She then walked down the hallway and into one of the rooms.

“How did you know this was my room?” Johnny responded. His confusion about this

only lasted a moment as a new surprise hit. This stunning woman was actually

growing. By the time he shook his head to clear out the cobwebs, Johnny realized

that everything else was growing too. In less than ten seconds, he had been

reduced to an inch tall. All he could focus on was the toe of this giantess'

colossal red boot.

Peter was back to sitting by himself when a voice sounded in his head. It told

him to come to Johnny's room for a surprise. It also sounded like that model's

voice. Hesitantly, he decided to go up the stairs and open Johnny's door. He saw

the beautiful woman, but no sign of Johnny.

“Come in and close the door,” Sonni said. And as soon as the door clicked shut,

she made Peter's dream come true. He began dwindling down until he was no more

than an inch in height. His heart began pounding as he looked across the expanse

of the room and saw his dream come true. There, on the bed, sat a goddess so

beautiful, he felt compelled to worship her right where he stood. But he didn't

want this opportunity to pass him by, so he began running towards those two

exquisite towers of red leather.

Sonni watched the reactions of the two shrunken men before her. She could feel

the polar extremes coming from them, and it was a delicious mix of emotions. The

one named Johnny was trying to fathom how large she really was. Or perhaps how

small he had become. He simply stood staring at her boot, trying to take it all

in at once. Peter, on the other hand, was running as fast as his out-of-shape

body would let him towards the object of his lust. Unfortunately, there was an

awful lot of distance to cover. With a mere thought, Sonni lifted him invisibly

off his feet and sped him towards her. He landed directly in front of her right


Johnny couldn't believe what had happened. This stunning blond had let him take

her into his room, and now he was only an inch tall, standing in front of her

boots. What was going on? He looked over to see Peter next to the other one. But

he actually looked excited about being so tiny. Johnny watched Peter take a

running start and jump onto the top of Sonni's leather boot.

Peter could have died right there and been the happiest person on Earth. The

soft, supple leather of his goddess' red boot was his entire world right now,

and there was nothing he wanted more than to just lie there in its magnificence.

It was so shiny that he could see his reflection in it, with the reflection of

the giantess looking down behind him. He didn't want to close his eyes for a

second for fear that this dream would disappear when he opened them again.

“Hey, Peter, what the hell are you doing, you pervert?!” Johnny yelled as he

walked over. His reaction had turned from mild fear to anger. He hated feeling

insignificant, and Peter was someone who he could take his anger out on. Peter

looked up and slowly slid down off the precious boot. He was wondering what

Sonni would do if Johnny started a fight.

“You're behind this, aren't you?!” Johnny accused as he began running full speed

directly at Peter. Sonni just watched the spectacle as it unfolded. She didn't

want to interfere just yet.

“Leave me alone!” Peter screamed as Johnny came barreling towards him. But it

was too late for Peter to move as Johnny tackled him to the ground and began

pummeling him.

“Not a smart move, little Johnny,” Sonni said from above. “He's the one who is

going to decide your fate.” Johnny stopped in mid-swing as he heard this. This

was all so confusing. What did she mean?

“Step on him!” Peter yelled. Johnny looked back down and was ready to punch when

the giant red wall they were next to moved and hit him in the side. He tumbled

several feet before landing with the wind knocked out of him. But something was

horribly wrong. He couldn't move a muscle below his neck. He was completely

paralyzed! All Johnny could do was watch the unimaginably huge boot move over

the top of him. He could see the dirt and dust on the sole as it lowered down to

him. He tried with all his effort to move, but soon the bottom of the boot

touched his body, and he knew it would all be over soon.

“Wait!” Peter yelled as he ran up to see Johnny trapped like a bug beneath

Sonni's boot. Johnny breathed a sigh of relief as this madness was stopped.

Perhaps he would even refrain from beating Peter up for a couple of weeks if

everything went well.

“Could you step on him inside your boot?” Peter asked hesitantly. The thought of

this blond goddess squishing Johnny inside her boot was driving him absolutely

crazy. He was even willing to risk the embarrassment of this woman knowing his

intimate desires if there was even a small chance she would comply.

“I think we can accommodate that,” Sonni said with a smile. Of course, she

wasn't going to let Johnny off from any extra suffering she could inflict. What

neither of these tiny men realized is that Demons don't sweat. But, Sonni would

make an exception in this case. Concentrating briefly, she changed the

environment in her boot to simulate what it would be like if she had worn these

boots bare foot for a month straight. The heat and humidity quickly rose,

coating everything inside with a layer of sweat. This would do nicely.

“You asshole!” Johnny screamed. “I don't want to be stepped on inside of some

bitch's boot! I'll get you for this!” But Peter was now watching Sonni as she

reached down and unzipped her other boot. He just about exploded in anticipation

of what was happening. And as she pulled her long, perfect bare foot out of her

boot, he realized life couldn't possibly get any better than this. Or could it…

“Would you like a ring-side seat?” Sonni asked Peter. He simply nodded and ran

towards his sanctuary. The smell emanating from it was incredibly strong, but

that only made it better. He knew he could put up with it, but could Johnny?

Unfortunately, Peter had to stop when he got to the boot, since the opening was

too high for him to jump into. However, he felt a wave of heat hit him as

Sonni's wet big toe settled in front of him to assist. He could think of nothing

else but to push his face into the front of his goddess' soft toe and give it a

worshipful kiss, before climbing on and jumping into the boot. He landed on the

smooth, wet insole and slid down into the darkness.

“It will be completely dark, so you made need a slight enhancement,” Sonni said

as Peter was climbing around her toe impressions. He was surprised that

everything became completely bright and clear. The smell and heat in here were

so bad that he could actually see the waves rising off the soft leather floor

that he was standing on. But he knew this was the perfect place to be. So he

crawled past the toe indentation, into the pointed area at the very tip. There

he waited for the next step.

“It's your turn,” Sonni said as she picked up Johnny. He wanted to struggle in

the soft grip of her fingers, but it was no use, he was definitely paralyzed.

All he could do was turn his head and look down at the open leather boot of this

colossal woman. As soon as she set him down and let go, he slid slowly along the

sweat-coated insole until he was directly in the indentation created by the ball

of her giant foot. His eyes were watering from the tear gas-like smell

surrounding him. Did this woman ever wash her feet? His clothes were now

completely soaked, as he watched the light begin to dim. The glistening,

wrinkled sole of the gorgeous blond was finding its way towards him. He closed

his eyes as he waited for everything to end. The moist, rubbery touch of the

sole resting on his chest sent shivers through his body. But the most chilling

part was when he heard the giant zipper going up the shaft of the boot. He was

now sealed in.

“Peter, please stop this,” Johnny begged. But Peter was watching with such

extreme anticipation that there was no way he was going to stop this. How could

life get better than watching some big asshole get squished inside a beautiful

woman's boot by her sweating bare foot? This was the pinnacle of his life. And

he was enjoying every sensation he could. Peter had moved so that he could look

between two of Sonni's toes and see Johnny moving his head. But that wasn't

enough for Peter as he began licking the front of Sonni's toes, enjoying the

sweat and dirt flowing down his throat.

“It's time for the end, Johnny,” Sonni said ominously. “I hope you realize just

how insignificant you really are. Let's see how flat I can make you…” Johnny

screamed as the giantess began pressing lightly down against him. The stench

continued to assail him as he realized he would never hear this boot unzip, or

see the outside world again. His college days were over, as his life would be

snuffed out against the reeking, sweaty sole of a gigantic woman's foot. He

truly did feel insignificant. But then his bones began to crack, and his

attention immediately returned to his surroundings. This bitch was going to

crush him slowly, and he knew he had to do something to end it quicker. Smiling

with the last bit of defiance he could muster, he slid his head to the side and

felt the pad from Sonni's big toe envelop around him. He screamed again as his

skull began cracking beneath the pressure. He couldn't breathe anymore, and

waited for the final crunch. It finally came when Sonni decided to press her big

toe down and pop his tiny head. Johnny's body continued squishing up between her

toes as she placed all of her weight on his tiny body.

Peter continued to watch, having had several sexual releases watching poor

Johnny get squished. This was too perfect. But in a flash of light, he found

himself outside the boot, staring up at Sonni. To his surprise, he was full


“Well, what am I going to do with you?” Sonni said with a smile looking down at

the young man. She already knew the answer. While she had experienced tremendous

pleasure and energy from squishing Johnny, there would be nothing achieved by

stepping on Peter. He would actually enjoy it, and enjoyment gave off very

little energy. It was time for her to go.

“I hope you enjoyed the show,” Sonni said as she stepped over her groveling

subject. “But your goddess needs to leave now. Perhaps I'll be back some time to

squish the only witness of tonight beneath my perfect bare foot. I'd love to

feel your body collapse beneath my weight, but it will have to be another time.

Good bye.” And with that Sonni walked out the door and out of the house. The

insides of her boots were already back to normal, and Johnny's body was

disintegrated into nothing.

Peter lay panting on the floor of the room for some time before he got up and

left. He staggered back to his room, trying to commit all the images that he had

witnessed to memory. He never wanted them to fade. And the thought that he might

some day be squished as well put a smile on his face. The future looked brighter

than it had in a long time. He would wait for the return of his goddess…


Daria was sitting with Colleen and Kimberly in the new house waiting for Kyle to

come. It was time to get them in on the fun torture to begin with Kyle. She

began the conversation by placing $1,000 on the coffee table.

“This is spending money to get yourselves a new wardrobe,” Daria began. “You'll

understand in a moment what type of uniforms you will want to be wearing. I have

been studying alternative healing methods from China, and stumbled across one

that seems to suit Kyle perfectly. An ancient physician hypothesized that if

sexual energy had no place to go, it would manifest as healing energy. Since

Kyle has had extreme damage to his groin, this might actually be best for his

whole body.” Colleen and Kimberly were wide-eyed at what Daria was saying. They

would actually be paid to have sexual playtime with Kyle. How perfect was this!

“However, I have to let you in on a secret,” Daria continued. “In order to

provide the most intense healing power, you will have to draw upon Kyle's

deepest, darkest fantasies. As kinky or perverted as this sounds, Kyle seems to

like woman's feet. Especially after a long day encased in shoes with very little

ventilation. Don't ask me why, but he actually loves to lick them clean.

However, since he can barely open his mouth, we will have to start small. Simply

rest your sweaty feet on his face and let him enjoy their scent.” Colleen and

Kimberly looked at each other with slightly anxious faces. This was definitely

something new for them.

“To go along with this, Kyle really likes to be dominated,” Daria explained.

“While you will have to refrain from doing too much extra damage, feel free to

belittle him and let him know that he's nothing but a floor mat to you. If the

therapy works, you will even be able play with him a little rougher, with some

trampling and other things. But one step at a time. As things get better for

him, he may be able to respond to you. But be sure to give commands, and not

questions. It is for his own good. If he doesn't like something, he won't do it,

but at least give him the command to see if he wants to do it deep down. Any

questions?” Everything was going exactly as Daria had planned. She could tell by

the growing smiles on these girls' faces that they were already thinking of fun

games and plans. A few magic spells on Kyle would seal the deal on this part of

her revenge. This was too cool.

As Colleen and Kimberly put on their most worn shoes that they owned to go

shopping, Daria waited for Kyle. To make sure nothing happened on the way, he

was being brought by ambulance. When it pulled up in the driveway, she quickly

went out and talked to the paramedics.

“Could you wheel him into the living room?” she asked. “That would be great.”

Daria made sure she stayed out of Kyle's vision as they put him in the room. She

tried not to be too obvious by simply staying back a little. As soon as they

were done, she walked the paramedics back to the ambulance and waved good-bye.

It was now time to give Kyle a little magical boost.

The first spell Daria cast was Mind Reading. She wanted to make a permanent

connection to Kyle so that she could feel every frustration that was going

through his mind. Next came the new Puppet spell. His body would now respond to

any command it was given. However, she made sure she put parameters on it to

keep Kyle from doing anything drastic. His progress had to be slow, after all.

Finally, a healing spell to allow a very slow regeneration affect. It would now

appear that the therapy was working. In a week he would show significant signs

of progress. It was then that Daria realized she might want to take some

precautions to keep Kyle's paralysis and stroke from healing completely. She

quickly cast her Paralysis spell which also covered Kyle's inability to speak.

Everything was now ready for the nurses to come home.

As she left the house, Daria couldn't help but smile. Everything was going

according to plan. Perhaps it was time to play with a couple of those shrunken

men. After all, being confined to her boots for a day couldn't be that much fun

for them. But what she had in mind wouldn't be that much fun for them either.

When Daria got back to her room, she took her boots out of her closet and dumped

the four little guys on the floor at her feet. They looked pretty scared, which

was what she loved most about her magic. But she wanted to try something

different with these guys. She just wasn't sure what. She started by kicking off

her high-heeled shoes and placing her nylon-covered feet on either side of the


“You two,” Daria said, indicating Sam and Bob, “jump inside my shoes and start

licking them clean. If you don't do a good job, I'll be putting them back on my

feet without taking you out. Understand?” Sam and Bob understood perfectly. And

even though they could smell Daria's silky feet from where they were standing,

they would rather not be crushed beneath them. Moving as quickly as they could,

they jumped onto

Giantess Stories: SPELLS 2

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