Giantess Stories: SPELLS

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Jim had known Daria for almost two years, and while they had remained friends,

he was definitely attracted to her. She was 5'9” tall, had long, straight black

hair, and the body of a dancer. The fact that she had taken ballet for several

years probably accounted for that. There was also something exotic about her.

She had full lips, and features that indicated there was some American Indian

ancestry. She also wore glasses, which made her look as smart as she was. And

true to her Indian ancestors, she was a complete naturalist. This even extended

to a pacifism that was very admirable.

But there were a few problems that Jim had realized early on, and that continued

to keep their friendship from advancing further. The first (and primary) was

that Daria had a boyfriend already. And that boyfriend was also Jim's friend.

His name was Kyle, and Jim had known him for some time. But Jim always thought

Kyle didn't treat Daria very well. There were times when Kyle talked down to

her, and it just made Jim want to punch him out.

The second problem in advancing a relationship with Daria was that she was still

in high school. Jim was five years older and had already gotten out of college.

At least Kyle was the same age as Daria. But then again, Daria acted much older

than 18. She and Jim had spent hours talking about philosophy, religion, and

life in general. There was a bond that they shared that was based on

intelligence and respect. Inevitably, a trust had also built up.

However, the honest reason that Jim never asked Daria for their relationship to

get a little closer was because he was simply too shy. He had never had a

girlfriend, and while Daria would be perfect, he knew she could do better than

him. His insecurity and low self-esteem came up with endless reasons of why they

weren't going to be a “couple.” Sometimes, life just wasn't fair…

It was Saturday afternoon when Jim received a call from Daria. It was a little

bit of a surprise, since he knew that Kyle hadn't gone on a trip or anything. So

in a little corner of his mind, Jim pretended that the call was from his


“Hey, Jim, are you busy?” Daria asked. She seemed rather excited about


“Not at all, what's up?” Jim replied. His interest was peaked, and he would

never miss an opportunity to visit with Daria.

“You've got to come over right away, I found something very interesting,” Daria

explained. Jim needed no more encouragement. Hanging up the phone, he drove

quickly to Daria's house. She answered the door, dressed very simply in blue

jeans, a t-shirt, and black loafers. With a quick “hi” and a smile, Daria

grabbed Jim's arm and quickly took him up to her bedroom. He only had time to

wave to her mom as he passed her in the kitchen. Once in the bedroom, Daria shut

the door.

“Take a look at this,” she said as she pointed to a large, ancient looking book

on her desk. Jim walked over and looked at the title, “Culte of the Ancients.”

He then opened it and turned a few pages to see what was on them. While the

titles on the pages were readable, the lines that were written below them seemed

like complete gibberish.

“What is it?” Jim asked.

“It's an ancient spell book we found while cleaning out the attic,” Daria

explained. “My great-grandmother was supposedly a witch and had written this

spell book. I thought it would be fun to look at, since she had taught me how to

read her writing.”

“But this stuff isn't real,” Jim said. “You don't possibly think that spells can

work, do you?”

“Of course not!” Daria smiled. “I just thought you'd like to see what some

people actually believe in. I know it has no basis in science, but it might be

fun to look at what delusions my grandmother had.” Jim was relieved that Daria

hadn't completely flipped out. He had always believed she was intelligent and

rational. To think she had gone over to “the other side” would have been

severely disappointing.

Daria invited Jim to pull up a chair so that they could both go through the

different spells that would supposedly affect people. It didn't take either of

them long to laugh themselves silly at the naivety of her great-grandmother.

Most of the spells looked liked they worked through complete coincidence. There

were some that would help plants grow. Some that would ward off curses from

other witches. Some that would keep leprechauns away. These were just too stupid

to believe that others would believe them. Were there really people that were

this gullible?

“Oooh, here's one that we could test to see if it works!” Daria said through her

fits of laughter. “It can transform a person into an object. Want to give it a

try?” Jim wiped his eyes and finally calmed down enough to consider the


“Do you really know how to cast the spell?” he asked. Daria knew she could

pronounce the words on the page, but also knew that there were numerous

“excuses” why a spell wouldn't work. Her great-grandmother had told her that

even a tiny mispronunciation could cause a spell to fail.

“I can try, but my great-grandmother had said that casting spells isn't an exact

science,” Daria chuckled. “She told me she never tried casting spells, because

the ‘energies' could change a person. I thought that was the intent behind a

spell, but I guess spell energy can work in mysterious ways…” At that both Jim

and Daria burst out laughing again. This was almost too silly to contemplate,

but there was nothing better to do this afternoon, so why not try some spell


“Go ahead, let's give these spells a scientific experiment,” Jim said. “Change

me into something else.” Daria cleared an area on her floor and told Jim to sit

down. Then she went back to the book and read through the spell silently in her


“Here goes nothing,” Daria said as she began to recite the ancient words.

However, rather than feeling silly as she was saying the words, she felt an

energy start to creep into her body. It felt scary and exhilarating at the same

time. She continued to read, with each word beginning to flow naturally into the

next. Upon reaching the end, the energy peaked and suddenly flowed out of her.

It was a little disappointing, but still fun to say the least.

“So, Jim, did you feel anyth…” Daria stopped in mid question. In place of Jim

was a thick, white cloud. Almost without thinking, she prodded it with the tip

of her shoe. Immediately, a hissing sound emanated from the cloud. She jumped

backwards onto her bed to make sure she wouldn't be caught in some kind of

explosion. After about 10 seconds, the hissing stopped. Peering over the edge of

her bed, Daria saw the strangest thing…

Her shoe. Jim was nowhere around, and in the exact place he was sitting was… her

black loafer. Daria looked over at her feet, and found that she was still

wearing both of her shoes, but there was an exact duplicate of her right shoe

sitting on the floor. Then everything began to make sense. She had poked the

white mist with her right shoe, and it must have finished Jim's transformation

after determining what he was to be turned into. Jim had become her shoe!

For Jim, everything was very confusing. He felt strangely twisted, but nothing

was painful. He appeared to be completely paralyzed, except for his eyes. If he

concentrated, he could look out of a large hole above him. He appeared to be

lying on the floor, with Daria peeking over the edge of her bed at him. Before

he could rationalize more of what might have happened, Daria crawled off her bed

and onto the floor.

“Can you hear me, Jim?” she said. “Not that you can respond, but believe it or

not, you've been transformed.” At this, Jim saw Daria begin to laugh. She seemed

so large above him, and he was wondering what he had been transformed into. He

then saw Daria's large hand reach over and pick him up. Whatever he was now, he

was fairly light. She had turned him while she began walking, so that he was

looking at the walls of her bedroom. Suddenly, he was in front of a mirror, but

there was no sign of him.

“I'm not sure if you can see or hear or not, but this is the new you!” Daria

couldn't help but laugh. And looking into the mirror, he could see she was

holding her right loafer. But as she turned it around, he caught a glimpse of

her feet far below. And she still had on both of her leather shoes. Somehow, the

spell had transformed him into her shoe. The opening of that shoe was the hole

he was looking out of. After a few seconds, he was taken back over and set on

the floor. Daria sat down on the edge of her bed and began contemplating a

little fun.

“I know you aren't going to like this, but I think it is important to our

scientific analysis,” Daria explained. She then reached down and removed her

right loafer. “I won't need this anymore, will I?” With a flick of her wrist,

Daria tossed her right shoe into her closet. She then reached down and picked up


“This may feel a little weird, but bear with me,” Daria tried to sound serious.

But deep inside, she was feeling a little of the magical energy that had coursed

through her body before. It made her feel very warm inside, as well as a little

turned on. She hesitated only briefly while looking at the soft, pink, sweaty

sole of her right foot, and the black, leather loafer that her friend had been

transformed into. With a slight bit of embarrassment, but even more excitement,

she placed it on her bare foot.

Jim couldn't believe what was happening. He had been looking up at Daria's face

with her pretty smile, than suddenly, he was staring at the sweaty bottom of her

bare foot. He only had a few moments to be nervous before he saw her long toes

move towards his “face.” The entire experience was so confusing as he watched

the rest of her sole enter inside of him, before having his eyes pressed against

Daria's soft heel. It was dark, and he immediately realized that not only were

his eyes and ears working, but his nose and mouth seemed to be functioning as

well. And since his eyes were below her heel, his nose was pressed into the

front pad and arch of her foot. The worst part of this was the fact that his

mouth and tongue were directly under her toes. And there was no way to close his

mouth. He immediately tasted the salty sweat from his friend's toes, as well as

smell the rather strong odor of her bare foot. Somehow, he was now being worn on

the bare foot of this beautiful girl. Why was Daria doing this? He wasn't overly

scared, since he trusted her, but he would have appreciated her having changed

him back immediately. This was totally humiliating!

For Daria, it was an amazing feeling. As soon as she put the loafer on her bare

foot, she felt energy begin to flow into her. There was even a warmth there,

probably generated by Jim's body heat. She put her foot back down on the ground

and was amazed that it simply looked like she was wearing her old shoes. No one

would ever guess that she was actually wearing a human being on her right foot.

But she knew that Jim was probably not enjoying being her shoe, since she had

been wearing her shoes while cleaning most of the morning and had sweated quite

a bit. It was time to take off the “Jim-shoe” and restore him to normal. But

suddenly, the door opened, and her boyfriend stood in the doorway.

“Hi, Daria, are you ready for the movie?” Kyle asked. Then it hit like a ton of

bricks. She had told Kyle they would see a movie on Saturday, and that was

today. She had to think of an excuse to get out of it. She couldn't let Kyle

know about Jim.

“I don't really feel like going,” Daria tried.

“I already bought the tickets!” Kyle exclaimed. “And if we don't go now, we will

be late! Come on!” Without waiting for her answer, Kyle grabbed Daria's arm and

pulled her off the bed. She looked ready to go, but he knew she could be rather

slow when it came to appointments. He would have to make sure she didn't dawdle.

“But… But… “ Daria tried to come up with something else. She was now putting her

whole weight on poor Jim, and she wasn't sure what that would do to him.

However, she was completely trapped as Kyle kept pulling her to the door.

Without being able to come up with a better excuse, she decided she would just

have to trust that Jim would be okay down there. Besides, her right foot was

feeling rather good as it pressed into Jim. So, trying not to think too much

about Jim, Daria walked down the stairs to go to the movie.

For Jim, however, it was a nightmare. As soon as Daria put her weight on him, he

was completely stunned. It felt like someone had punched him in the nose.

Actually, it felt like someone had just kicked him hard in the head. But none of

his senses were diminished. While pain flooded through his “head,” he was still

sickened by the smell and taste of Daria's toes. As she began walking, he could

see tiny flashes of light from around her heel, but then the soft, smooth flesh

would come crashing back down into his eyes. Each step she took was agonizing

for Jim, but somehow made her foot feel so good. This movie would be an

interesting time for both.

The first thing that Daria noticed once the movie started was how warm her right

shoe was. Jim seemed to still have some sort of body heat, and it was making her

foot sweat far more than normal. She thought she would give Jim a little break

by taking her shoe off, but the smell from her sweating foot permeated the air

enough for even her to smell it. That was far more embarrassing than having just

Jim suffer through this, so Daria decided to put her shoe back on.

Jim, however, really wished she would have kept it off. It was a relief to get

some fresh air in his surroundings, but within a minute, Daria's giant, sweaty

bare foot was back inside him, resting against his face. At least she was making

sure she didn't put any extra weight on him. But for the next two hours, he was

completely nauseated by the sheer amount of sweat soaking through him from

Daria's foot. The only thing worse than being soaked with this much foot sweat

was when the movie finished. Once again, Daria had to place her entire weight on

him as she walked. He could feel the sweat squish out from his face that was

obviously the insole of her shoe. Jim's eyes burned, and he just wished it would

end. He did appreciate that Daria didn't tell Kyle about this, since he didn't

think he could stand the humiliation of anyone else knowing he was being worn as

a girl's shoe. His mind was so numb at this point, that he didn't even hear what

Kyle and Daria were talking about. He just wished it would finally finish.

Daria was relieved once she got back to her house. Telling Kyle that she still

wasn't feeling well worked better this time. Kyle left after a quick kiss, and

Daria went quickly up to her bedroom. It was a relief to take off her shoes,

though she took Jim's off last, since it still made her feel good (almost

powerful) to have him embracing her bare foot.

“Sorry about that, Jim,” Daria said as she looked down at the wet insides of her

leather shoe. “I didn't want to let him know about you, and I didn't know what

else to do. I hope you understand. I'm sure you want to get back to normal as

soon as possible, but I really need to wash up first. I promise it won't take

long.” And without further explanation, Daria walked down the hall to the

bathroom and washed her feet off. It was rather embarrassing to have tortured

Jim with their smell, but at least they were good enough friends that they would

be able to get through this… she hoped.

As soon as she got back to her room, Daria began looking for the spell to

counter Jim's transformation. She was very relieved when she found it, and

immediately began reciting the mystical words. This time, however, she didn't

feel the “nice” magical energy she felt last time. It was almost a sad feeling

as the energy passing through her seemed to be taking her power away from her.

Within moments, she was finished. She definitely felt a little depressed, but it

was overcome quickly by the fact that the spell worked. There, sitting dazed on

the floor was Jim.

“Boy, Jim, I think you need a shower!” Daria smiled. She was hoping Jim would

make light of everything that happened. She knew it couldn't be easy for him

having been worn as a girl's loafer. Luckily, he smiled back.

“You're not kidding! I think I'll run home for now,” Jim said. He was glad that

Daria made light of everything, and as soon as he looked into her eyes, she was

quickly forgiven for everything that had happened. “See you later.”

“Bye.” Daria replied cheerily. As soon as Jim left the room, however, she didn't

feel nearly as happy. Guilt began flooding through her from how she had hurt

Jim. While she didn't feel bad about using the spell book, she swore to herself

that she would always be extra careful about the consequences.

Jim didn't feel that great as well. But his problems were more physical. He felt

like he had swallowed gallons of Daria's foot sweat, and he also couldn't get

the smell out of his nose (and his skin, for that matter). He soaked himself in

a long hot bath until he finally felt clean, hours later. It had been an

interesting experience, but he was certain things would be better next time.


The next day Jim thought he had better call Daria to see if everything was OK.

After thinking about it all night, he actually found that he had had quite an

adventure. Why not give it another try, he thought. As long as the next spell

wouldn't transform him into another shoe, it couldn't be that bad.

“Hello,” Daria answered the phone. She wasn't really feeling very up-beat this

morning, and didn't really feel like doing too much. She still felt bad about

the day before, and was expecting to spend the day moping.

“Hi, this is Jim,” Jim said into the phone. “I was wondering if you wanted to

try another spell today?” He had sensed by the way Daria answered the phone that

she wasn't in a great mood, but he was equally surprised by her response.

“Sure, that would be great!” Daria replied excitedly. For some reason, the

thought of casting another spell was improving her mood dramatically. Though,

she actually figured that she was feeling better because Jim must have

completely forgiven her for yesterday. And for a little extra “jab” at Jim, she

figured she'd wear the same leather loafers that she wore the day before. Within

a half hour, there was a knock at the door.

“Come on up,” Daria said to Jim after opening the door. “Let's see what kind of

trouble we can get into today!” Jim smiled at the thought of another weird

experiment. He still trusted Daria completely, but he knew that it was going to

be an interesting experience non-the-less. As he pulled up a chair next to her

desk, he watched her immediately begin to page through the old book.

“Hey, this one sounds interesting,” she whispered almost to herself. Then

turning to Jim she added, “How would you like to be a bug?” Daria couldn't help

but smile as she said this. The idea that her friend could be a tiny bug was

almost as preposterous as him being her shoe.

“At least I'd have some mobility,” Jim said. “What kind of bug could I be?” He

wanted to be more careful this time, since he didn't want to be something too


“Something cute,” Daria pondered. “How about a ladybug? They're cute. They can

fly. And they have a shell for a little extra protection.” Hmmm, Jim thought.

That wouldn't be too bad, and he would have a lot of mobility.

“Why not, let's give it a try!” Jim said enthusiastically.

“Oooh, this is interesting,” Daria said as she read over the spell. “It looks

like this one has a ‘Curse' version of it as well. It supposedly does the same

thing as the normal version, but it's much shorter to cast. Both seem to be

cancelled by the same counter spell, so it shouldn't make any difference. Want

to try being cursed?” She was hoping he would say “Yes”, since it seemed to be

an easier version of the spell.

“Sure, I suppose I can see what scientific difference there is between a ‘Curse'

and a ‘Normal Spell.'” Jim responded. “As long as you are sure you can reverse

it easily enough.” He wanted to make sure he wasn't going to be trapped as a

ladybug for the rest of his life.

“Yep, it looks simple,” Daria replied after making sure that the counter spell

would work for the curse. “How about taking a seat where you did last time.” Jim

walked over to the clear area of Daria's bedroom and sat down. His heart began

to beat faster, knowing that this spell might actually work. The idea of being

something so alien to his normal self was both frightening and a little

exciting. He held his breath as Daria began the incantation. But this time,

something was definitely different…

Daria was surprised at how easily it was to cast the curse. And the magical

energy seemed much stronger this time as the words burned themselves into her

memory. It appeared curses were far easier to memorize. And the euphoria she was

experiencing made it that much better. Why wouldn't everyone use curses instead

of the long boring route. As she finished the 10 second spell, she turned to see

the affect it had on Jim.

From his perspective, Jim was having a horrendous time. There had been no real

pain when he was transformed into a shoe, but that was not the case this time.

It felt like hot needles were being slowly plunged into every part of his flesh.

His head felt like it was ready to explode with the worst migraine he had ever

encountered. He could only curl up in a ball while the spell continued to twist

his body. Jim couldn't even scream as his chest was completely contracted. Tears

rolled down his cheeks as he finally lost consciousness for a brief time. But

when he opened his eyes, everything was better.

“Are you alright?!” Daria's loud voice was shouting down. Jim looked around and

was amazed at how gigantic everything was. He didn't get far before he

recognized a familiar black, leather loafer the size of a building. He turned

his eyes upward to see Daria crouching down over him. Jim's mind couldn't even

comprehend her size as he stood there, simply in awe. Focusing back on the

ground, he decided to try walking. He could tell he had more legs than he used

to and began trying to move. It was a rather clumsy effort.

“You are OK!” Daria laughed as she watched the tiny bug between her feet

struggle to walk. But she felt much different this time. The spell was

completed, and she had been worried about Jim at first. However, now that she

knew he was alright, a new feeling began entering her mind… What would it be

like to raise her foot over Jim and slowly crunch out his tiny existence? He was

just a bug after all, wasn't he? These thoughts were accompanied by waves of

magical, almost lustful, energy coursing through her body. It wasn't like this

yesterday. She knew it was wrong, but somehow, it would feel so incredibly


Daria shook her head to clear those horrible thoughts. She had to concentrate on

Jim and making sure he wasn't getting into trouble… But that didn't mean she

couldn't have a little fun, too.

“If you can understand me, crawl towards my left shoe,” Daria said. And as the

little bug made its way towards her leather shoe, the excitement once again

began to grow. She could feel her breathing getting quicker, and a slight warmth

spreading across her cheeks. How far could she get Jim to go?

For Jim, he was finally getting the hang of all this walking. It was just like

marching, and his legs didn't seem to get tired. It appeared being a bug had a

slight advantage, in that he seemed to have a great reserve of strength. Before

he knew it, he was right in front of Daria's left shoe. With only a slight

hesitation, he tried climbing up the side of it. The ability to cling to a

surface was so cool! He felt like spider-man, except that he was actually a bug.

But it was so easy to climb up this leather surface, and soon he was on top of

the loafer, walking towards the top of Daria's bare foot.

“Go ahead and get on,” Daria instructed. Jim was so proud of the way things were

going, he just walked onto the top of Daria's foot. The sensation for Daria was

intense. Here was a tiny bug on the top of her foot. The only thought that went

through her mind was how great it would feel to have him under her foot. Only in

the faintest corner of her mind did she think about the fact that this bug was

her friend Jim. Unfortunately, that only made it more exciting. With the

fantastic feeling of energy coursing through her body, Daria popped her heel out

of her shoe.

“I dare you to climb down into my shoe,” she said with a slight giggle. “It

can't be any worse than yesterday, can it?” Jim had just begun getting used to

walking on the softer surface of Daria's foot when he had felt it move. A slight

smell wafted up from the tiny space that was created by Daria pulling her bare

foot ever-so-slightly out of the shoe. He turned around and looked at that tiny

opening and pondered whether he really wanted to experience anything like

yesterday. It might even be worse, Jim thought, since the opening was so tiny he

would have to walk between Daria's toes.

“Here, let me help you get started,” Daria replied to his unspoken hesitation.

For Jim, he felt a shove from behind and saw that he was heading right for the

crevice between Daria's big and second toes. Before he could figure out how to

hang on tighter, Daria had wedged him into that sweaty darkness. The smell that

assailed him was abysmal, and he immediately began struggling to turn around and

get out. However, Daria was almost jumping out of her skin in ecstasy, feeling

Jim squirming between her toes. With only a slight thought to his welfare, she

pushed her foot back into her black, leather loafer.

Poor Jim didn't know exactly what to do. The soft, grimy walls of flesh had

begun squeezing him even more. He knew that Daria had put her foot back into her

shoe, so he wasn't exactly sure how to get out. To make things worse, Daria

began grinding her giant toes together, covering Jim with sweaty grime. He knew

he had to get out of here fast, so he figured his only hope would be to get to

the arch of Daria's foot. However, that meant going down first. So, trying not

to think of his disgusting surroundings, he began moving downwards, between

Daria's toes.

Daria was simply panting with the extreme feelings she was having. To have a

living thing crawling between her toes, and knowing that it was someone who

trusted her as a friend, was incredibly erotic. It had to be the magical energy

causing these feelings, but she didn't really care what the source was. The fact

that it was so intense was probably caused by the spell being a curse instead of

simply a transformation. But further analysis of the entire thing wasn't

necessary. Daria knew she simply wanted to feel what it was like to squash Jim

beneath her toe. All she had to do was get him there.

“I'm just playing around, Jim,” Daria said. “I'll remove my foot if you'll crawl

under my big toe.” She tried to say it in a normal voice, and she was pretty

sure it came out OK. Jim had gotten through his gauntlet of sweat and toe filth

and had just reached the soft leather insole. His little mouth had actually

swallowed some of that grime that was between Daria's toes, and he was

completely disgusted by it. He was definitely going to say something to Daria

about the games she was playing. After looking around, Jim saw that there was

plenty of room in the front of the shoe, but there was no way to get past any

part of Daria's bare foot without her letting him. He couldn't even get to the

arch without her lifting up the ball of her foot to let him through. So,

figuring he didn't have a whole lot of choice, Jim started crawling towards

Daria's gigantic big toe. She was already lifting it up, and he hesitantly began

walking beneath it. He could feel his shell touch the rubbery bottom of that big

toe, and part of him was a little nervous. After all, if Daria wasn't careful,

Jim might end up crushed beneath his friend's sweaty toe, inside her shoe. How

disgusting could a person's death be?

As soon as he reached the bottom of the indentation, the colossal ceiling of wet

flesh descended. Jim tried to support the weight with his legs, but Daria didn't

seem to be aware of how much her big toe weighed. But Daria didn't really care

about the weight of her big toe. She just wanted to experience how easily it

could crack the shell of a ladybug.

“Poor little ladybug,” Daria said with a smile forming, “it looks like you

crawled into a bad place. My big, soft toe will have to put you out of your

misery.” At this Jim began to get real nervous. But realistically, Daria

wouldn't squash him. She was a good friend, and he figured she just wanted to

humiliate him a bit more.

“I'm sorry, Jim,” Daria continued. “But there is something inside of me that

really wants to know what it feels like to crush you beneath my toe. It will be

almost effortless to end your life with a simple movement. The fact that you are

stuck in my shoe makes it even better for me. I hope you understand. After all,

that's what friends are for. But feel free to struggle if it makes you feel any

better.” Jim's heart dropped as he felt the giant toe above him begin to come

down. His tiny legs weren't up to the task of holding that much weight above

him. How did he get into this?! Was he really going to die by being crushed by a

girl's big toe?! Inside her stinking leather shoe?! He could feel himself being

pushed further into the soft leather as the soft flesh of Daria's toe surrounded

him. There was putrid sweat from Daria's bare foot all over the place, and he

was nearly drowning in the vile liquid. The pressure continued to increase as he

felt his shell crack. The pain was excruciating, and it was only matched by the

stench all around him. He knew he was done for. He would die in this horrible

shoe, compressed for Daria's enjoyment by her toe. What was wrong with her!

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, and Steve walked in. Steve was the best

friend of Daria's brother, Peter. Steve had always found Daria very attractive

and had used any excuse to talk to her. Unlike Jim, however, he was more

outgoing and didn't mind annoying Daria with his self-centered chatter. Steve

always figured that Daria might like him more if he constantly told her how

great a guy he was. He couldn't have been more wrong.

“Hi, Daria, is Pete home?” Steve said as he walked into the room. He was almost

one of the family since he came over so often, and it wasn't surprising that he

had just let himself into the house without knocking. The fact that Peter wasn't

home meant that Daria would have to enjoy an endless amount of useless

conversation. However, in an instant, Daria's strong desire to crush her friend

Jim was turned into rage at this rude interruption. Without even thinking, the

words to the curse she had cast earlier flowed into her head and through her

lips. Steve looked confused at the strange language being spoken by Daria, but

he was more confused by the results. As pain twisted through his entire body, he

gave one final gasp before losing consciousness. Daria watched with glee as

Steve shrunk and changed before her eyes. She knew exactly what she wanted to


Jim was joyful that the pressure had been lifted off of him, but knew that he

had to get out from under Daria's toe. As it lifted off of him for a brief

second, he was surprised that he was stuck to the sweaty underside of the

gigantic toe. Rather disgusted, but still very fearful, he tried opening his

wings. Moving his cracked shell was horribly painful, but it allowed him to drop

back to the surface of the insole. Trying to ignore the pain, Jim immediately

began walking out of the depression that he had almost been crushed in. It was

hard to get a grip on the smooth, wet surface, but he managed well enough.

“I hope you've moved Jim, because you may have just got a stay of execution,”

came the euphoric voice of Daria. Jim was thankful that he hadn't wasted any

time as Daria's big toe came crashing back down behind him. He was now safe, but

still stuck inside Daria's loafer. Daria walked over and looked down at the

second ladybug she had just created. The second casting of the curse had filled

her with so much pleasurable energy that she was nearly bursting. There was but

a single thought in her mind… Torture this little bug… Torture it until it

flattens out beneath her. A smile formed on her lips as tiny Steve regained




As ideas began flooding through Daria's mind, she knew she had to act fast. She

quickly reached down and picked up Steve, then removed the shoe that wasn't

holding Jim. Steve couldn't even comprehend what was happening. He had no idea

why his arms and legs wouldn't work, or how Daria could be so unimaginably huge.

As she picked him up, though, he felt safe in the soft embrace of her giant

fingers. But this didn't last long before he was falling briefly through the air

to land on a soft wet object. What was going on?

“Stay still and everything will be just fine,” the beautiful giantess whispered

down to him. As she lifted up her bare foot, though, he realized exactly where

he was. The smell of his surroundings were also a huge tip-off, but he still

couldn't figure out why his legs weren't working. As he tried to run, all he did

was twirl in circles. Steve could only stare upwards at Daria's moist, bare sole

as it eclipsed all light and slowly settled on top of him. He felt completely

insignificant. He had always wanted to impress Daria, but now, he was just some

small object in her shoe, beneath her gigantic foot. And he couldn't help but

wonder if she knew that it stunk horribly in here. As the soft, wrinkled arch of

Daria's foot settled around him, he was unable to even move, but could only lay

there and contemplate what would happen next.

For Jim, he was very relieved (and slightly apprehensive) as he watched Daria's

giant toes being pulled out of the shoe. He especially was glad to see her big

toe leave, since he had almost been completely flattened by its weight. And as

light filtered in, he slowly and cautiously walked to the opening.

“I'm sorry, Jim,” Daria said as she looked down at him. “I was just trying to

create a fun, role-playing atmosphere, and I'm not sure if you are enjoying it

or not. Regardless, I'm going to change you back, since the magic is beginning

to make me feel rather drained.” It was far from the truth, since the magic was

causing Daria to feel more and more alive. But deep down, she knew that it would

be better if Jim left. At least for today. So as Jim crawled out of her shoe,

she began reading the counter spell for the bug transformation. Jim was in pain,

but was very relieved as he suddenly found himself back to normal size. He just

laid their panting for a second as he tried to think of what to say to Daria.

But Daria was no longer feeling that good. As soon as the counter spell was

finished, all the exciting energy that she had felt coursing through her body

ebbed away. It was a very depressing feeling, and she almost felt like

collapsing. When Jim looked over at her, he actually felt quite sorry for her.

She looked sad, depressed, and simply exhausted. There was no way he could yell

at her for playing a little too rough.

“I'd better go,” Jim said quietly. “We just need to take things a little slower

next time. Are you going to be alright?” Daria looked up and nodded.

“I'll be fine,” she replied. “It just takes a lot out of me. I think I'm just

going to take a long nap. Why don't we get together again next weekend and try

some safer spells?” Jim just smiled and nodded. That would make him feel better,


“Bye,” was all he said as he left her bedroom. However, what he didn't see is a

slow smile creep over Daria's full lips. While a lot of the energy had left her,

there was still some left. And as Steve began squirming against the sole of her

foot, more and more energy was beginning to pump its way into her. Perhaps

another spell would make her feel better. As she turned the pages in the spell

book, Jim drove out of the driveway.

On his way home, Jim went through all the stuff that had happened this weekend.

Daria definitely seemed to have a repressed aggressive side to her that needed

to come out from time to time. Kyle was most likely to blame for her repressed

feelings, but there was nothing Jim could do about that. Or was there… Perhaps

he could get Kyle involved in some of this spell testing and then coax Daria to

take out some of her aggression on Kyle. Nothing permanent, but just enough so

that both of them could see that they weren't right for each other. This would

take more thought, but he had a week to some up with some very interesting


Poor Steve was slowly suffocating beneath the mass of sweaty flesh that was

Daria's bare sole. The sweat seemed to come from everywhere, and he wasn't

getting any more fresh air. He needed to find out what was going on, but he was

completely immobilized. He was hoping that Daria would remove her foot from her

shoe soon, since dying by drowning in foot sweat had to be the most demeaning

way to go. At last the weight lifted off of him, and he looked up to see Daria

smiling down.

“I'm sure you are wondering what is going on,” she said. “Well, I just cast a

spell on you and turned you into a ladybug. I've decided change you back,

however, since I want to try some other spells out.” Steve could only stand

there and be confused at everything she was saying. Daria was talking about

magic and spells and changing him into a bug, and none of this made sense.

Suddenly, Daria flicked her giant foot and knocked Steve out of her shoe. But

before he could do anything, pain began to shoot through his body again. Daria

was pronouncing strange words and causing him to simply writhe in agony. Before

long, he was once again unconscious.

Daria knew that she had to work fast if she wanted to try the new

Miniaturization curse. And she also didn't want the feeling of the magical

energy to diminish too far. As it began to ebb inside her, Daria began reciting

the words to the curse. Once again her emotions began to soar as the magic began

to do its work. Steve twitched a little as his body began to shrink. The initial

pain woke him up, and he was able to watch as the world got bigger around him.

The pain was still intense, but not as bad as being transformed into a bug. When

he was down to three feet tall, he stopped shrinking. Daria decided that while

it would be fun to torture Steve at his reduced size, she had to make sure that

he couldn't get away.

As soon as the Miniaturization curse ended, she flipped the pages to get to the

Paralyzation curse. Steve, however, wasn't going to waste any time. While Daria

was an extremely pretty girl, she now looked to be over ten feet tall to Steve.

And he wasn't really sure about her motives. So he staggered to his feet and

began moving to the door. But as he reached for the doorknob, all his muscles

seized up, and he fell over onto his back. Daria felt yet another surge of

energy, which was making her simply insane with power. But one more spell had to

be cast before she could begin her fun. She had to make sure no one could hear

what was going on in this room, so she quickly turned the page to the Soundless

spell. Daria was disappointed that it couldn't be cast as a curse, but she

needed it none-the-less.

Steve could do nothing but try to figure out which parts of his body (if any)

weren't paralyzed. So as Daria read more mystical words, he tried all the

different muscles in his body. It appeared that he was not completely

immobilized. His facial muscles worked, just above the neck. So while all he

could do was stare towards the ceiling, he could still talk and move his eyes a


“Are you comfy?” Daria asked as she slowly walked over to him. Steve was very

impressed by her size, but at least she wasn't hundreds of feet tall like when

he was stuck in her shoe. Daria was simply quivering with the intoxicating

magical energy swirling inside of her.

“What's going on here, Daria?” Steve asked. She just smiled down at him as she

began to take off some of her clothes. Steve was nervous, but a little turned on

at what the upcoming possibilities could be.

“Well, I need to get a little more into character,” Daria explained as she

removed her shirt and shorts. “And you just have to lay there.” Daria wanted to

savor this situation in every detail. She knew that she wanted to feel every

little thing that she did to Steve and looking a little sexy would be a plus as

well. So thinking that “tight” would be the way to go, she put on a pair of

black spandex pants and a black sports bra. To compliment her ensemble, she

chose a pair of black, high-heeled pumps. This was going to be fun.

“What are you doing?” Steve questioned nervously. He had heard her change

clothes, but hadn't seen her, yet. As she walked into his field of vision, he

was blown away by this side of Daria. The tightness of her clothes showed her

perfect curves in all the right places. He was so turned on by this extra-tall

girl that he decided he really didn't care what was going to happen. He was sure

it was going to be fun. Unfortunately, he couldn't have been more wrong.

“Here's what's going to happen,” Daria began as she removed her right pump and

held her bare foot over Steve's face. “By the end of today, I will have shrunk

you down to a half-inch tall and slowly squished you between this soft big toe

and the insole of my leather pump. But that isn't going to happen for a while,

yet, since we are going to have such an entertaining time seeing how much fun I

can have with you.” Daria was actually beginning to sweat with an almost sexual

excitement as she put her bare foot back into her shoe. Then, stepping forward

onto Steve's right forearm with her right foot, she began to apply pressure.

“Oh, and if you feel the need to scream, go ahead,” Daria smiled. “I've cast a

spell that will make sure no sound travels outside of this room. So scream

away!” And with that, she applied a slight pressure to Steve's forearm which

caused his fingers to curl slightly. Then, she placed her left foot over the

fingers and began to step down.

“Please don't do this!” Steve begged, looking up at Daria. But she was too far

into this to back down now. And the crackling sound that the fingers made as she

stepped down full-weight was so extremely satisfying that she almost didn't

realize how much Steve's scream added to the experience. She stood there for a

moment savoring the new energy coming through the sole of her foot and up her

leg, before shifting her weight back to her right foot. Steve's scream resounded

in her ears like music as the double crunch of his forearm bones accompanied it.

More energy flooded up Daria's other leg. And as the two charges came together,

Daria had to scream as well. It was like an orgasm, but there was no ebb. She

staggered onto the bed panting, until the erotic feeling subsided enough for her

to continue.

Steve's mind swirled with pain as he tried to figure out what he could do to get

out of this. But the one thought that continued to echo in his mind was the fact

the he would be squished inside Daria's shoe by her big toe. And there was no

doubt that it could happen.

“Wow, that was awesome,” Daria said breathily. “I've got to get a better feeling

for that, though. Maybe I should sit down and think.” Steve watched as she sat

her tight, spandex-covered ass down on his right thigh. At first the sensation

felt great as the perfectly rounded butt first touched his leg, but as Daria

settled her weight down, it ceased to have any element of joy. At almost twice

his size, she weighed a lot more than was comfortable. But that wasn't the worse

part. Daria reached over and grabbed his ankle. With obvious, sinister glee, she

began to pull it upwards. Steve began screaming as the pain in his knee

increased. Unfortunately, it required very little pressure before the kneecap

popped. Daria let go of the lower leg and leaned back in renewed ecstasy. The

spark that went through her as she felt his knee snap was powerful. She was very

glad she wore tight clothes as the snap still seemed to echo upwards through her

entire body.

“That felt fantastic, too,” Daria purred as she turned to look at Steve's

anguished face. He was in horrible pain, and just continued muttering and

begging for her to stop. But instead, she turned over. She loved the way the

snap felt as it thudded against her firm ass. The other knee would feel even

better if she could feel the pop through her soft breasts. So, lying across

Steve's thighs, she gently placed her breasts on either side of the condemned


“Please don't,” begged Steve. Even though he was once again getting slightly

turned on from having this girl touch his leg with her breasts, he didn't want

the pain that was to come. Daria just turned and gave him a predatory smile.

Then, bracing his left thigh with her hand, she reached over and pulled his

ankle upwards. It didn't take long for the stressed joint to snap like the other

one. Daria gasped at the sensation as Steve screamed. For the amount of shear

pain Steve felt, Daria seemed to feel a matching pleasure. And it felt sooo good

pounding through her chest. But it was time to try something new.

“Having fun, yet?” Daria panted as she stood up. “Since I have the ultimate

power of pain, how about you worship me like the goddess I am? I believe my foot

could use some cleaning.” Steve watched as she stood over him and removed her

left pump. Her glistening bare foot hovered over him briefly before settling on

his face. The smell was a mixture of old leather and foot odor, but extremely


“I didn't really feel like showering this morning, so you had better get

licking,” Daria giggled. “I want you to lick every speck of dirt from this foot.

And if you think you might not want to, or that you might bite me, know that I

can make this a very painful afternoon. If you clean this foot to my

satisfaction, I promise I won't step on your cute little balls. Otherwise, I may

feel the need to do some nut stomping, if you take my meaning.” Steve thought

only for a second before sticking out his tongue and licking. Daria did most of

the maneuvering since his neck didn't work too well, but being reduced in size

made the task that much larger.

As every wrinkle Daria's giant foot was cleaned, Daria felt power going into

her. It was getting a little tough to balance, but she knew she wanted this. And

she had an idea for a little more fun when this little maggot was done. Steve,

however, wasn't sure if he could accomplish this task. He was so disgusted by

the sweat, dirt, and grime that he was eating that he figured he was going to

vomit at any moment.

“Come on, worm,” Daria said. “I can't wait here all day. Clean faster or I may

have to provide extra motivation.” Daria then decided that it was time for her

toes to get some cleaning. So starting with the smallest one first, she slowly

stuck her sweaty toes into Steve's mouth one by one. Steve paused only for a

second as he sucked the dirt off those gigantic toes. He even extended his

tongue into the salty crevices between the gigantic digits. His stomach churned

with the vileness of what he was swallowing, but the paralyzing effects of the

spell must also apply to throwing up, since the toe jam that went down his

throat somehow stayed down. Steve tried not to think about what he was doing,

but the degrading smile on Daria's beautiful lips made him realize how pathetic

he really was. But as he finished with the fourth toe, Daria pulled her foot


“Wow, you're getting better, but my big toe can wait until later to be cleaned,”

Daria paused. “I think you could do a bit better under the toenails, though. I

haven't had a decent pedicure in ages.” With a tingle going through her entire

body, Daria placed each toe back into Steve's mouth. Steve had thought he was

finished when Daria's huge foot left, but his stomach clenched as he knew what

he must do now. Using his bottom teeth, he scraped the horrid filth from beneath

Daria's toenails. It tasted worse than anything he had yet tasted, and still his

stomach didn't completely revolt. It just complained loudly. This horrid task

seemed to take forever, but finally Steve had finished with his toenail duties.

Or at least that was what he thought.

“I can't believe you did that!” Daria laughed. “That was sooo disgusting. But

how about we finish the pedicure?” Steve's eyes were tearing up with rage at how

she humiliated him. But he could only watch as Daria balanced her heel on his

chest and arched her colossal foot over his face. Then, picking up a nail

clipper from her nearby dresser, she proceeded to bend down and clip the nail

from her smallest toe. Steve was stunned at her arrogance as the toenail fell

into his mouth.

“Now swallow,” Daria giggled. But Steve had had enough. He spit it out and

smiled up at this witch.

“Go to Hell,” Steve yelled. He expected Daria to look stunned or angry, but she

just smiled and lifted her foot off of him. She even put it back into her

leather, high-heeled pump. But as she took a step away from her, he began to

realize his mistake. To Daria, it was just the excuse she was looking for. She

walked seductively around him, then stood down by his legs and pulled down his

jeans and underwear. Since he was half as tall as he used to be, his testicles

were tinier as well, but using the pointed toe of her pump, she slowly pinned

one to the ground.

“I'm sorry,” Steve said, realizing the huge mistake he made. “I'll do whatever

you want, just please don't step down.” Daria really enjoyed his begging, but

knew she would enjoy the next part as well. She began to press the toe of her

shoe down. Steve immediately screamed, so she paused there for a few moments,

relishing his anguish. Then she continued. Steve's scream went up an octave, and

his entire body broke out in sweat and began to shake.

“You're only half the boy you used to be anyway, so you really don't need two of

these,” Daria purred evilly. And with that, she pressed down. She was surprised

that she could feel the slight “pop” of his testicle through the sole of her

shoe, but it just brought more pleasure to the occasion. But the real joy was in

the scream this last action evoked from Steve. It wasn't really human. It was an

otherworldly sound that was actually rather faint and desperate. Steve had never

felt such pain before in his life. His eyes felt like they were coming out of

his head, as his stomach clenched in unimaginable pain. His scream was a high

whisper as his lungs refused to work. How could Daria do this to him? Was his

old attraction for her this much misplaced? He never thought she was capable of

even a fraction of what she was doing to him.

“Are you ready to finish my pedicure, or should I pop the other one?” Daria

asked in a stern voice. A whimper was all that escaped Steve's lips as he opened

his mouth. Daria pulled his pants back up, walked back over towards his head,

and removed her bare foot from its leather-covered home. Again, she rested her

heel on his chest and clipped another toenail into his mouth. With his eyes

closing back tears, Steve swallowed the nail. Three more times he endured this

humiliation before Daria removed her large foot from his chest.

“I must say, you are far more disgusting that I originally thought,” Daria

remarked. “I mean really, who would swallow someone else's toenails and lick the

grime from between their toes? What kind of disgusting pervert would you have to

be to lick a girl's bare foot clean? I think I'm doing the world a favor in

getting rid of such a vile creature. But I almost forgot, my big toe would like

to be cleaned now.” Steve opened his eyes, allowing all the tears to pour out.

He silently sobbed as Daria put her dirty big toe in his mouth. At least by this

time, it wasn't nearly as horrible as before. He had already swallowed the

toenail clipping from it. So all he had to do was suck on it while Daria

continued to enjoy his predicament. To his surprise, she didn't just stand there

in silence, but began casting a spell. Perhaps she had a change of heart and

would grow him back. But as things slowly got bigger, he realized he was very


“I've decided to make you smaller,” Daria explained, enjoying the new burst of

energy going through her. “I think you've pretty much showed that you could

never pass as a human, anyway.” As things continued to get bigger, Steve

expected Daria to remove her toe from his mouth, but instead, she just continued

to stare into his eyes to observe his reactions.

“Getting a little cramped in your mouth, huh?” Daria whispered. “I wonder how

this will turn out?” As a smile crept over her voluptuous mouth, Steve realized

the magnitude of his predicament. Sure enough, it was getting very full in his

ever-shrinking mouth. At first, he could just open his mouth wider, but now it

was already at its widest. Daria continued to keep her toe in place as she

watched Steve slowly shrink. She knew it wouldn't be long before something major

happened. Steve's muffled whimpering was only turning her on more as she watched

the corners of his mouth begin to split. With blood streaming down the sides of

his head, there was a final crack as one side of his jaw completely dislocated

from the rest of his head.

Steve cried out a muffled scream as his face was ripped in two. Daria's toe had

grown so large in his mouth that it simply split his jaw almost entirely away

from the rest of his head. It dangled there on one “hinge” and some tissue. He

watched the giant digit lift up with blood all over it. Daria inspected her

colossal toe to see if Steve's jaw had damaged it. A laugh escaped her lips at

the results.

“It looks like my big toe is more powerful than your jaw,” she chuckled. “I bet

soon it will be more powerful than your entire body. That's how pathetic you

really are. I don't even want to spend the energy to crush you beneath my foot.

I'll let my toe simply mash you into paste.” By this time, Steve had been

reduced to a few inches tall and he continued to shrink. As he got smaller,

Daria continued to get more and more excited. She wanted to feel the energy

course through her again, and she knew it would happen at Steve's final goodbye.

Steve could only watch as Daria reached down and picked up his tiny form, though

in an almost gentle manner. He heard her remove her other shoe and could feel

the moist stench envelop his body as he was lowered into the toe section. It was

a simple matter for him to slide into the depression made by Daria's big toe. It

was still so warm and sweaty, and he knew it would not have the chance to get


“I guess we don't need the Soundless spell anymore,” Daria said to herself as

she cast the counter for it. “Now you can feel free to scream as much as you

want. And I think I will allow you to move, once you are secured by my lovely

big toe. Isn't that nice?” Steve was forced to watch as his doom approached. Up

the leather incline of the high-heeled pump, he could see the unimaginably

gigantic toes of Daria's foot coming towards him.

“Take a last look at the light, since you will never see any again,” Daria

advised. As the light lessened, Steve knew his time had come to an end. The

smell from those toes almost overwhelmed him, and he wished he could breathe

fresh air one more time. But as darkness overtook him, all he felt was a shiver

run through his body as the soft, rubbery wet blanket of Daria's big toe covered

him. He was only a Sophomore in high school, and now he was going to be crushed

by the slightest effort by a beautiful Senior girl. The sister of his best

friend. He almost felt like he deserved it. But a brief glimmer of hope sparked

inside him as the Paralyzation spell was cancelled. Using his good arm, he

pressed up into the soft, slightly-yielding ceiling above him. He began to try

to squirm out from under it as best he could.

“Keep squirming, worm,” Daria whispered to herself. This was exactly what she

was hoping for. By canceling the other two spells, she felt some of the exciting

energy leave her body, but the squirming of this bug beneath her toe, and the

fact that she was going to snuff out its life, were giving her warm feelings

that were spreading throughout her entire body. Those feelings continued to work

into a frenzy of excitement as

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