Giantess Stories: Spying Gone bad

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 Spying Gone bad





           I peeked out from behind the desk post looking

up at Michelle. Michelle was my best friend. I had known her for going on 18

years now. We have been neighbors here in Cleveland forever. We were both born

on the same day  March 17 1984. Michelle was an Asian girl with long black hair

and was a little on the short side standing at about 5'3” 110lbs. I was an

average sized guy about 5'10” 200lbs. I have had a crush on Michelle forever

however I haven't had a clue how to approach her till I bought this shrink serum

from a guy at school, but none of that mattered now because it had worked.


she stood up from the futon I couldn't help notice my knees shaking and knocking

into each other. I didn't expect her to look this tall. Her legs alone appeared

to be skyscrapers. Her fishnet stockings looked like ladders I could climb up to

her face and give her a kiss. Her top was loosely tide together. My eyes focused

on Michelle's once petite body. I wanted more then anything now to just run to

her but I held my ground behind her desk watching her move. She rose to her full

height  and began to head towards me. I kept glancing around for somewhere to go

but there wasn't anywhere I could go without my movement drawing her attention.

She slowly pulled the chair away and sat down. I realized my mistake as she

pulled the chair out. This was her vanity table not her desk. I watched Michelle

intently as she applied make up seemingly stories high above me. I couldn't

believe what a rush this was. My best friend literally doesn't even know I am

sitting here watching her.


           Time passed by all too quickly as I continued to

watch but as I did so I let my guard down and then it happened. In one moment

everything changed. I found Michelle staring down at me. I tried to back away

but her fishnet encased foot entrenched itself into the ground behind me

spilling over onto my head and then my ass. I grabbed my head which was pounding

feverishly now. I looked back up at Michelle to see her still staring at me. She

pushed the chair away and bent down onto her knees. As her face neared me I

could watch her eyes locking in on me, her hand reached out towards me. It shook

slightly as it neared me. I could feel the heat coming off of her hand. Her

middle finger touched me and I tumbled backwards onto the ground, her face

neared closer and closer and her breath rolled over me.


“Michelle this isn't what it looks like”


“OH MY GOD DAVE? Is that you? I mean it can't be but it has

to be. Holy shit look at you!!”


           Michelle's hand grabbed me in a moment of

stunning brilliance. It was like watching those snakes strike on national

geographic channel. You never see it happen until they go to the super slow



“Your so light, look at you, I can lift you up so easily”


“Hey lemme go! I don't like this”


“Awww look at your tiny legs”


           My left leg was then grabbed. Michelle ran her

fingers up and down it a few times and moved my leg around. She then shifted to

the other leg doing much of the same.


“You're real. I mean your human err not fake.”


“Please if you put me down I can explain, let's just be

reasonable about this and not do anything drastic”


           Michelle took a few deep breathes and looked to

be calming down. I was still however clutched in her grip. She then darted up

and ran to her bed. As she sat down she grabbed her phone.


“Jamie guess what? You won't believe what I found”


“Michelle, no this would be drastic. Hang the phone up

right now or else!! Do you hear me!!! MICHELLE”


“Yeah, you know Dave, Yeah Dave, no not football dave,

computer Dave, Big guy, my best friend, The guy who likes breasts! I knew that

would give it away”


“you said she didn't know! Michelle don't you dare tell



“Yeah he shrunk, this is like fucking amazing. I am holding

him in my hand. Yeah little me, I own him!!!”


“You what? Me!”


“You just can't understand how this feels to hold a entire

person in your hand. I can feel his heart beat and his struggles. Come over as

soon as you can. Bye”


           Michelle held me out in front of her face for a

moment and then shoved me against her chest hugging me tightly. I could smell

her perfume as she cuddled me against her breasts. I struggled as best I could

but she didn't even realize. Finally Michelle pulled me away from her and let me

fall flat onto her palm. She carefully looked down at me and smirked.


again I was pushed against her top however this time she let go of me and I was

left clinging to the red ropes that tied her top together. I looked down the

seemingly hundred or so feet to the floor and I knew falling was not an option.

I held on tight as I looked up at my now giant friend.


“Michelle, I don't like this. Just put me down on the



“What if I don't want too? Maybe I like you climbing me

like this. What do you think of my breasts now Dave? Are they too small for you



           Michelle shoved her bedroom door open and

started walking down the hall. I clung tightly to her chest as she passed by her

sister. I prayed that her sister wouldn't see me but her eyes were on me like

stink on shit. As Michelle bounded downstairs I couldn't help but feel a little

more then concerned about what her sister Meghan would do if she found me.


           I pushed those thoughts out of my head as

Michelle walked about the house like I was some kind of medal that she had won.


           She finally settled down on the sofa and

stretched out across it. She flipped on the tube as I laid on her chest. I could

feel the rising and falling of her now powerful stomach. Even from just below

her breasts I couldn't believe how far her face looked from where I was. I

looked at Michelle for but a moment before I crawled under ropes of her top and

towards her navel. I had just made it when I felt her fingers clamp onto my

ankle. I kicked and punched anything I could hit but she easily pulled me out

and laid me on top of her breasts.


“Dave, I just love you like this. Tell me exactly how this



“Just take me home, I can change myself back there. Please

Michelle I don't like this”


“Sure you do, think of all the fun we can have together.”


“I want to be big again”


“I tried to be nice about this Dave but I don't want you

big again. I like having you like this. You are the perfect sized for me.”


“OOOOO Michelle I will get you for this”


           I started punching at her what I soon realize

were breasts. I hadn't thought it through about it at first but then as I was in

mid punch I realized what I was hitting. I let my fist land and I found my arm

being yanked up into the air. I was dangled over her face. Michelle's eyes

watched me closely. She puckered her lips and blew causing me to sway from left

to right faster and faster as she blew stronger and stronger.


“You're so fragile”


           Michelle lowered me towards her face. She

pressed her lips against my chest and face. I couldn't believe her kiss could

engulf the entire top half of my body. As she pulled me away she smiled and then

shoved me back towards her plush lips.


“Jamie is just gonna love you Dave”


“Jamie doesn't even like me”


“Oh, you know she does. She just shows it differently.”


“I don't want to meet her.”


“OOO there's the door. I wonder who that could be”


“Hide me, hide me I don't want her to see me like this. You

are fucking gigantic and your short, I don't want to know how tall Jamie is.

Please Michelle”


“Oh fine..hey who you calling short? I don't see anyone

taller then me in this room? Do you Dave?”


“You know I am taller then you”


“I have seen Barbie dolls taller then you.but hmm where to

hide my Davy Doll”


“Your what? I am not a doll”


“Oh I know, you always did like my legs”


quickly laid back onto the sofa and pulled her fishnet stockings down. She

smiled warmly at me and thrusted me against her legs, before I had chance to

even drop she was pulling her fishnet socks back over me. I found myself

completely immobilized. I was like a fish caught in a net. The more I tried to

move the tighter and tighter the bonds got. Michelle then stood up and began to

walk. I could feel her weight shifting from leg to leg as she walked.


“Michelle get me out of this.”


“You said hide you”


“this isn't hiding. Jamie is gonna see me”


“Not right away, you never said for how long”


Why you little”


“What? Let Jamie have you all night. I love that idea Dave”


           Michelle leapt off the sofa and started heading

towards the door. I could feel her muscles shift and pump as she walked. I was

bonded to her leg like trapped in her fishnet stockings as she walked towards

the door.





Giantess Stories: Spying Gone bad

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