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SRU: The Love Doll's Lessons

By Ran Dandel


Mike Taggart spent most of his time studying. It's not that he had other

things to do, it just that he really didn't have anything else to do. You see,

Mike was a member of the Sigma Upsilon Kappa Fraternity.

Sigma Upsilon Kappa had the reputation on campus as being the frat where all

of the "grinds" lived. Yes, a fraternity of nerds. Mike was no exception.

Because he spent all of his time in study, in computer hacking, or surfing

the Web, he had the pasty, sallow complexion of the terminally indoors. His hair

was usually badly-done, like somebody used a bowl to trim his hair, and then

added a few more cuts here and there. His glasses were really bad. He was so

nearsighted that he got significant magnification when he took his glasses off

to look at something close. He couldn't even make out a face clearly across the

room. In short, he wore lenses that looked like they were cut off the bottoms of

Coke bottles.

To top all of this off, he was painfully thin. Lack of exercise, too much

caffeine, and a bad diet all combined with such a level of concentration that he

forgot to eat too many times. Other fraternity brothers had become quite

overweight on the way to their degrees and social isolation, but Mike somehow

managed to stay thin.

Dating was quite out of the question. Along with their obvious social

problems, the SUK's brothers had the typical young males' desires to only go out

with attractive women. They didn't even bother to look up the young women who

would willingly go out with them, their social and intellectual equivalents. If

they did, they'd be surprised at some of the wonderful partners they were

missing. As it was, they had their illusions of how the world worked, and they

thought that the best-looking women from Greek Row would want them for their

minds, and not their bodies.

Because of all this, they usually spent their weekends surfing the Web.

Actually, surfing the porno sites that were free. They typically didn't have

much money. If they had money, they'd also have had the upbringing that would

have placed them in a different fraternity. If they had Money, well, then they'd

wind up as members of the ritzy Hunt Club, and be living in the luxury apartment

blocks. (They'd also have had the funds to perform a little cosmetic surgery to

eliminate some of their obvious facial scarring…the results of the bad diet and

too little sun.). It was all they could afford to be Sigmas.

While surfing the Web one night, Mike came across somebody's home page that

had a bunch of stories involving sex changes. In most of the stories, the lead

character, usually male, wound up having their sex changed. They always wound up

being an astoundingly perfect physical specimen of the gender they had changed

into. Men became astonishingly beautiful and sexy women. The few women who

changed sex became absolute hunks!

While curious, Mike really had no interest in becoming a woman, but he did

wonder how to get the body of one of those hunks. Since many of the stories

involved a little shop called "Spells ‘R Us", he clicked over to the PowerSeach

site, and input that name as a lark.

I'll probably get a bunch of sites dedicated to the stories, or a bunch of

URLs that lead directly to those stories, he thought. He was surprised to find

out that one of the many entries, which were, indeed, sites of stories, was a

site called "Spells ‘R US Corp."

Clicking on the link, he soon found himself staring at a Web page that had

links to such places as "Corporate History", "Franchise Ownership", and even

"Find an SRU near you". He clicked the last, and saw the little box that asked

for his state. After a short wait, the list of SRU stores came up. The only one

listed in his state was right there in town! In fact, it was at the Mall.

Mall was good. He could easily get there because the busline ran right past

the frat house and wound up at the mall. He wouldn't even have to dig out the

busline guide.

Because of such things like labs, study sessions, hacking projects, and the

like, Mike didn't have the chance to get out to the Mall until after Friday's


When he got off the bus, he went to the Mall directory just inside the

entryway. Looking over the list of stores, he didn't see it there. It wasn't

even on the map that showed the Mall's layout.

Well, he thought, maybe it's new enough that it's not listed yet. I'll look


After an hour spent trekking around the mall, he came to the last corridor.

It was where the least-visited shops were located. About as far away from the

entrance and the anchor stores as it was possible to be. It was also where some

of the shortest-lived stores opened, usually on a shoestring, because they just

didn't get enough traffic.

As he looked around, he didn't see any storefront with the "Spells ‘R Us"

logo over it. In fact, the hallway dead-ended. Next to the dead-end was a small

door. It looked like the kind of old wooden door seen in the movies…the kind

that held the office of the down-and-out private-eye. On the door, in faded gilt

lettering, were the words, "Spells ‘R Us, Come In".

Mike thought, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And went into the door.

As he entered, he heard the sound of a bell come from overhead. He looked up

and saw that the bell was the old-style that rang when the door hit it. In a

mall? He thought.

"Mike Taggart," said a voice from the back of the store, "Come on in. Welcome

to my little store."

Mike walked back toward where the voice came from. As he was about to ask how

the mystery person knew who he was, he saw the sign: "Yes, I knew your name. I

am a wizard, and I'm supposed to know things like that, so don't ask. It's


Mike shut his mouth and proceeded to the back of the store.

"What can I do for you, Mike?" asked the small man behind the counter. He was

dressed in some kind of robes, and had a funny little hat on his head. It kind

of looked like something you'd see on an actor in one of Shakespeare's plays.

"Well…er…I'd like to be able to get a date!" blurted Mike. "I saw the stories

on the Web, and also saw the "Spells ‘R' Us" Web site."

"Well, let's see," responded the wizard. "Socially challenged, sexually

deprived, and physically unimpressive…Hmmmmm. About the only thing going for you

is the fact that you are very intelligent and quick to learn. How about

something that can help you in some of those areas?"

"What do you mean?" asked Mike.

"I can rent you something that will start your education. First off, you'll

need expend your pent-up sexual energy so you'll be in a frame of mind to learn,

and you'll need some instruction in how to please women. I have just the thing.

Wait here."

The old man went into a room behind the counter, rummaged around for a few

minutes, and came back with a small overnight bag. He opened it and took out

some articles of women's clothing, and something that looked like a rolled-up

air mattress.

He took the rolled-up item and began to unroll it on the counter. It was soon

apparent that it was an inflatable love doll. It was beautiful. It had beautiful

auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and kissable lips. It had absolutely smooth

skin, and appeared to be perfectly-shaped for a beautifully sexy woman.

"How can this help me?" asked Mike, with a bit of anger in his voice.

"Just hold on, let me explain about Brenda, here. She is a very special love

doll. When you inflate her, she will become a real, live woman who will obey

your every desire. With her, you can start to learn how to please a woman. Just

ask her how, and she'll be glad to show you. You'll find the process quite

enjoyable, I assure you," replied the wizard. "If you want to rent her, it will

be $50.00 for the evening, just bring her back in the morning."

"F-f-fifty dollars?" gulped Mike. It was quite a bit more than he anticipated

spending, but it was also the exact amount he had on him, less the bus fare back

to the fraternity house.

"I assure you, Mike, if you accept what Brenda, here, has to offer, you'll

find that getting a date of your choice will be no trouble at all. In fact, I

absolutely guarantee it! If you find you can't get dates after this weekend,

I'll refund your money. I'm that confident1"

With an offer like that, Mike could hardly refuse. He pulled out his wallet,

and paid the man. The wizard rolled-up the doll, and placed it into the

overnight bag.

"Now, Mike, there are a few rules about using this love doll. First: don't

let her get cut with anything. Be careful, you don't want to break her

integrity. Second: don't force her to don anything she doesn't want to do. While

she's very accomodating, there are some things she won't do. Third: you have to

return her by 11:00AM tomorrow. The store opens at 10:00, so you shouldn't have

any problems. OK?"

"Uhh, all right," replied Mike, as he picked up the overnight bag and went

back to the fraternity house.


Several hours later, after dinner, and after the other guys went off to usual

Friday night activities, such as laser tag and role-playing games, Mike went

into his room and locked the door. He took out the overnight bag the wizard had

given him, and opened it.

Inside, he saw the love doll, all rolled up, several items of feminine

clothing, and a small makeup kit. He took out the doll, unrolled it, and looked

it over.

He expected it to feel like a cheap, plastic beachball. At least, that's what

one of his fraternity brother's love doll was like. No, this one felt like real

skin. Smooth and silky-soft. He sat on the floor, and searched for the place to

inflate the doll.

He located the air vent, pulled off the cap, and started to inflate the love

doll. Because a full-sized woman has quite a volume, Mike found that he was

huffing and puffing, as he began to be out of breath…the consequences of too

little time spent exercising. He also noticed the skin of the doll start to warm

up from room temperature. That was the problem with the plastic variety. You'd

blow it up, but it stayed at room temperature…not a very effective simulation of

a real woman.

The love doll, though, started to feel like a real human as he kept forcing

air into it. At one point, as he took his mouth off of the vent to inhale some

more, a whooshing sound came from the vent.

Astonished, Mike saw the love doll continue to inflate! He was hearing the

sound of air being sucked into the doll's vent. The doll's body began to fill

out, and it's breasts started to stand out from the chest. Finally, the head

inflated and the truly beautiful features of the doll were fully-revealed.

The air slowed and then stopped. Mike just kept watching.

He was nearly jolted out of his skin when a thin, breathy voice said, "If you

finish inflating me until you can blow no more air in, and cap off the vent,

I'll be ready for you."

Mike put his mouth to the vent, and with a few more puffs, finished inflating

the love doll. He put the vent's cap back on, and the pushed it flush with the

doll's neck.

There he was, with an inflated love doll on his lap, stretching out across

the floor. She was his perfect vision of womanhood. Large, firm breasts with

prominent nipples. Narrow, narrow waist flaring out into wide, sexy hips. Her

smooth legs just went on and on, down to small, dainty feet. Her arms were

silky-smooth and ended in hands that had long, almond-shaped nails. All of her

nails were colored a sexy pink that somehow fitted well with her hair and skin

color. Her hair and face just capped off this example of femininity.

She had long, auburn tresses than cascaded across his lap. It was long enough

to reach down to her nipples and the middle of her back. She had green eyes that

sparkled with mischief, a pert nose, and full lips. The kind referred to as


As he was looking at the lovely sight before him, he started to notice that

the love doll became heavier. After several minutes, he could have sworn that

the doll now weighed as much as a real woman her size would weigh. As he was

just starting to realize this, she moved.

"Oh, goody," she said, "It's good to be awake again. Let me up, lover, I need

to stretch a bit before we start."

Mike jumped up so quickly that he almost dropped her on the floor. He gave

her a hand up, and watched entranced as she bent, twisted, and shook herself.

"Ooooh! That feels good!" the love doll said. "I just have to stretch out a

bit after spending time all rolled-up. You won't believe how many kinks you need

to work out."

Mike said, "I'll bet…". As he watched her bend over and touch her face to her

knees. Since this revealed her glorious tush, he didn't mind the wail. He also

saw her move her feet a bit apart, put her arms straight out to her sides, and

bend sideways several times. This revealed her in full-frontal glory. He also

noticed, for the first time, the ruby in her navel. Mike was getting hard just

watching….this sure was better than looking at centerfolds or videos!

Finally, she was done. "Enjoy the show, lover?" she asked. "I know you did,

‘cuz I can see that you've risen to the occasion. Now what do you want to do?"

Mike gulped, and then stammered, "Th-th-the wizard said you'd show me what a

woman wants, and teach me how to please one. C-can you?"

"Well, it can be done, but it will take more than one lesson. If we can get

together a few more times, I might be able to really teach you a few things. How

about we just start with some basics, hmmm?" she replied. "And call me Brenda."

Over the next few hours, Mike learned more about women than he'd ever

dreamed. He also became quite exhausted in the process. If he'd had a bit more

stamina, he might have impressed Brenda, but all he had was enthusiasm, and

pent-up hormones.


Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Mike awoke. He felt someone

next to him in his bed. Confused, he turned on the light and took a look. Brenda

was sleeping beside him, but started to wake up in the light.

"Ooooh, sleep is soooo wonderful when you can't get it," Brenda said

sleepily. "Want to get some more, lover?"

"No, I just forgot you were here," replied Mike.

"OK, just don't forget to take me back in the morning," she said, and rolled

over to go back to sleep.

Feeling a bit perverse, Mike reached over and grabbed the air vent on the

back of her neck and pulled.

"What are you doing, lover?" Brenda cried. "It's too soon to put me away."

She started to sob.

"Can't you let me sleep…n…g?" Her voice faded away as the air

went out of her.

When she was fully deflated, Mike took her and draped her across his lap. He

had noticed the ruby in her navel, and had felt it rub across his stomach as

they had made love earlier. He took a good close look at it.

The ruby was oval-shaped, and was oriented so that the long axis of the oval

was verical when she was standing. It looked like it had been glued to her

navel. Mike found that he could get a fingernail under one edge, but it was

stuck tight. He wasn't about to try to remove it, in case he tore the doll. He

didn't want to have to tell the wizard what happened.

As he played with the ruby, though, it moved slightly. It was if it was a

latch of some kind, because it rotated a little. Mike tried to turn it some

more, and found it easily rotated until is was horizontal. A small, muffled

"click" came from under the ruby.

As he heard the click, Mike also noticed that the belly of the doll started

to come apart. Soon a slit was forming that ran up from the navel to the base of

the neck, and down to the crotch. After a few seconds, the slit was fully open,

as if it were a seam, or a zippered opening, except without the zipper.

Mike looked inside the doll. It just looked like an empty shell the thickness

of the doll's skin. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes before, the

doll had the weight and solidity of a real woman.

Perversely, Mike wondered if he could put the doll on like a second skin. It

would really fool the guys if he could pull it off. Since he was already naked,

he decided to see what he'd look like with it on.

He held the doll in front of him, and slid his legs down inside the doll's

legs. It was funny, he feet were definitely larger than hers were, but his feet

didn't feel one bit cramped. He pulled the doll's body up over his hips, and

arranged his genitals into a more comfortable position. He then pulled up the

torso and slid his arms down inside the doll's arms. He pulled the shoulders up

and only the head was left.

He stretched the neck opening and was able to work the doll's head over his

own. With some tugging and pulling, he was able to line up the eyes, nose,

mouth, and ears. He pulled the face snugly over his chin and down his neck.

In his mirror, he saw himself with what looked like a thin, plastic shell

pulled over his body, with a gaping wound down the center. This wound showed his

normal, thin stomack and chest inside the love doll.

Time to close up, he thought, as he pulled the sides together, lined up the

two halves of the navel and turned the jewel to vertical. Again, he heard a

small "click" as the ruby locked into position. The seam started to close. It

ran from the ruby up to the base of his neck, and down to his crotch. As the

last portion of the seam closed, Mike felt a tingling all over his body, and his

vision blurred a bit.

When his vision cleared, he was astonished by what he saw in the mirror. An

extremely beautiful young woman was staring back at him with her mouth open and

an expression of complete surprise on her face.

I've become the love doll, he though. It works! It's like a miracle.

It was. He quickly found that he could feel himself as if it were his real

skin. He started to rub the doll's breasts. He soon found out that the pleasure

was all his own, as the nipples hardened and stood out. He felt an unfamiliar

warmth between his legs, and reached down to feel. The feeling was electical. It

was wonderful! He kept rubbing himself and soon exploded with pleasure.

He laid back on the bed and did it several more times until he fell asleep

with exhaustion, a smile of satisfaction on his face.


As the morning sun rose, its light came into the window of Mike's room in the

Sigma house. Its beams fell across the figure of a beautiful young redhead

sleeping peacefully on the bed. The light eventually woke her up.

"Where am I?" she said. "Oh, I remember. I fell asleep after sex last night."

She went over to the overnight bag from the Spells ‘R Us shop and started to

dress. There wasn't much, just a pair of panties, a bra, small, tight cutoffs, a

t-shirt, and some sneaks. She also pulled out a small purse and used its

contents to touch up her makeup, which, amazingly, had smeared much from the

previous evening's festivities. She then closed the overnight bag, slung the

purse over her shoulder, picked up the bag and left the room.

As she went downstairs, she couldn't help but notice that all of the

fraternity brothers were not up yet. Apparently, they kept night hours, and

slept in as much as possible.

Too bad, she thought, I could teach them a thing or two. Their loss.

She left the house, and waited for the next bus to the mall.

At the mall, she went straight to the Spells ‘R Us shop and went in.

"Wizard, you there?" she called.

"Brenda?" the wizard asked, looking up. "What are you doing here? Did

everything go all right with Mike?"

"Yes, but he's in here," she said, pointing at her chest. "After he let my

air out, he found out how the ruby worked and put me on. I can feel him starting

to wake up inside me, and he wants out!"

"I know the feeling," the wizard replied. "Come into the back, and we'll free

him from you."

As they went into the back of the store, the wizard gestured at the door,

which locked itself. A small sign appeared on the door that said, "Back in a


In the back of the store, there was a doctor's exam table all set up.

"Get on the table, and we'll get to work," said the wizard.

Brenda got on the table, and the wizard turned the ruby. It turned slowly,

but soon the "click" was heard. The seam opened.

"Since he didn't put you on properly, this may hurt a bit," said the wizard,

as he started to peel open the doll. Soon the sounds of moans and short yelps of

pain were heard coming from the back room.

"It's off, how do you feel?" asked the wizard, as he laid the love doll on

another table.

"I feel fine, but peeling that off was something else. But something else

happened, too."

"Take a look in that mirror, and see if you find anything wrong," ordered the


The mirror showed the same vision of beauty last seen in Mike's miror.

"How can this be? I'm whole!" asked Brenda in wonder. "I thought I was the

love doll, and now I'm real again!"

"Well, if you remember our original agreement, I promised you that you'd be a

love doll until you paid of your debt to me in rentals. Last night was your last


"Wow, finally I'm the beautiful, sexy woman I always wanted to be….but I also

remember you said I'd wind up being a sex-crazed nymph as a result of being

turned into the love doll, but I don't feel that I have to go out and find a sex

partner. Is this something that will grow until I just have to?"

"No, Brenda," replied the wizard. When Mike put you on, he wound up with that

part of the spell being transferred to him. He's the sexy love doll now. You

have the sex drives of a normal woman, but with those one-in-a-million looks."

"Thanks a lot," sighed Brenda in relief. "I can now build my life as a normal

woman….but what about my identity? I don't have any of those things anymore."

"As I also promised, you have full access to all of your original bank

accounts, your drivers liscense, and everything else. They've all been changed

to reflect that you are now Brenda, instead of Ben. Go out and enjoy your new


Brenda thanked the wizard, got dressed again, and left the store.


And Mike? Well after Brenda left the store, the wizard inflated him and

explained the situation.

"You just didn't listen, didn't you? I said you could not break the integrity

of the love doll, and you did anyway. Now you are going to be my new love doll,

but we can't have you look like Brenda, now, can we? No, you're going to be a

bit different. Exotic….I know!"

With a wave of his hand, Mike, who looked like Brenda, transformed from a

stunning readhead, to an exquisite Japanese girl. She had long, straight,

shining black hair that streamed all the way to her behind, and delicate

features. She shrank until she was barely 5' tall. Her breasts were no longer

very large, in fact, they shrank until they were just below medium-sized, but

still large for a Japanese woman. Her eyes were dark with that perfect almond

shape that drives men wild with their exotic appearance. Her nose was still

pert, and she kept the full, kissable lips, but nobody would ever mistake her

for Brenda.

"Well, we can't call you Mike Taggart anymore, now can we? How about Michiko

Tanaka? To make it all fit, you now speak perfect Japanese, and English with a

strong accent. You know everything you need to be a Japanese woman. You won't

lose by this, though, you get to keep all of you memory, and all of your

education, except your reading and writing will be expert Japanese. Your English

skills will be a bit limited until you can spend more time awake.

"Yes, you're going to be my new love doll. I think I'll rent you out for two

years, and then restore you. After this, you'll know everything a woman wants in

a man, and will be able to get a date any time you want."

Chuckling, the wizard opened the vent on the back of her neck, deflated her,

and rolled her up.


Some notes about this story…it's the third one of three stories about the

love doll from SRU. It's not necessary to read the first two, SRU: The TG's

Story, and SRU: The Return of the Love Doll, but they are part of this short


I've tried to keep them consistent with the idea of someone becoming subject

to the wizard's spells because they screwed-up. Some clues are always given by

the wizard before he sells the spelled item, so he won't be blamed by the

Council of Magickal Ethics. After all, he DID give a warning. He's not evil,

just very, very, VERY full of mischief (heh,heh)



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