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"Honey sorry to disturb you at the studio but Ive run out of rewrite CDs have

you any spares ?"

"Dam" I thought to myself "I don't want her rummaging through my disks whilst Im

stuck at work"

"erm sure Honey "I began hesitantly "You'll find some in the my office in a box

marked misc data"

"Thanks sweetie Ill speak to you later "

My wife Stacey signed off ending in a kiss blown over the phone line. I put my

mobile back in my jacket and continued to read my script for the day which I

found very difficult to concentrate upon thinking about Stacey being so close to

my personal data collection accumulated from my years of surfing the net for my

fantasy pleasure.

Stacey always worked from home in our basement which had been generously

converted by her employers who we only referred to as "The Firm". What went on

down there I didn't have much of a clue upon as she was unable to share a lot of

the sensitive projects with me due to the official secrets act and the nature of

her occupation, however what I did know was that my wife was kinda like an

evaluator for the real life equivalent of the "Q" department in the James Bond


"The Firm" was of course a secret part of the governments operations and into

the usual espionage and over throwing dictators and undermining terrorist plots

etc. Stacey wasn't a scientist or an engineer she didn't create or develop any

of the technologies, no she simply had the job of being the first person to test

the various gadgets and weird devices when they had been deemed safe and

operational by the Firm. It was the perfect set up for the Firm, masquerading as

a normal suburban house wife married to a struggling actor our average house was

inconspicuous as a test ground. Periodically a new device would be delivered

disguised as a common mail order catalogue style delivery and she would take the

package to the basement workshop and feedback to the Firm its effectiveness and

sometimes dependant on the technology she would make recommendations for

alterations and even generate the user guides for them so for the operatives who

used them it was like a training manual.

I had been privy to a few of the devices she had tested such as pair of

spectacles that looked conventional in size and thickness of the lenses but

could double as night vision goggles and even generate a laser tag to identify

targets to aircraft weaponry. But as I said most of the equipment was very

secret. On occasion for larger devices and anti-personnel devices she would have

to spend the odd weekend away and I never knew where she went. Today my agent

had roped me into a series of commercial auditions and I hadn't a clue what

Stacey was up to....

Stacey looked around the little office room she entered it very seldom only for

cleaning, this was Jake her husbands domain when he needed to unwind so he had

everything in there from a TV to a games console to a reasonably high-end PC.

She saw several plastic containers and there was the one marked "Misc Data" ,

prising the lid open she spied a half used pack on re-writable CD disks and she

took one. Putting the container back into its stacked position she noticed an

identical box below labelled simply "GTS".

"Must be stuff on that car hes been drooling over"

Stacey grinned and out of curiosity she opened the lid to see several disks. One

of them had an odd label "Giantess pics & stories 2001"

Now she was even more intrigued wondering quite what her husband Jake had been

downloading, realising he was going to out for most of the day she decided to

address her interest by having a secret look. She took the CD down to her

basement workshop and slipped it into her CD drive on her computer workstation.

Suddenly she felt like she had unlocked a channel direct into Jakes mind

revealing his sexual fantasies, fantasies that she was totally unaware of during

their 5 year marriage and having been together as a couple since their teenage

years at school some 12 years. She browsed through a host of Jpeg images

featuring buxom blonde women who all appeared to be digitally manipulated to

appear like they would be giantesses ranging from just very tall 7-15ft to

building size! She noted the stereo type of the women all long legged lovelies

with huge breasts and most of them holding or interacting with normal sized men

in various provocative manors. Stacey was a little shocked and taken aback that

he had guarded this part of his life from her. They had a very healthy sex life

and she was game for most anything even recently they both enjoyed her dressing

up in different role play outfits but this he hadn't shared with her. Instead of

feeling angry or hurt she felt part relief and excitement because she too had

not divulged her innermost fantasies with him and as coincidence would have it

she had a fixation on her size as well. She had never sought the internet to

relieve her fantasies as Jake obviously did no instead she had other methods. As

a young girl she had been an early developer and attained a height of 5 foot 2

by the time she was eleven years old which made her one of the tallest in her

class for some time and she loved this attention. As she entered her very early

teens she was 5 foot 6 and taller than most of the boys and much taller than

Jake her now partner. Stacey was naturally very pretty with long healthy looking

blonde hair trailing down her back and a very curvy figure that most glamour

models would die for. Her trim waist and taught stomach emphasised her shapely

hips and made her c cup breasts seem large for her slim frame and most of these

stunning looks she had acquired when she was an early teen making her stand out

in the crowd amongst shorter friends. Back in those days she imagined she was

going to be at least five foot ten or taller and she loved the fact that Jake

who was the most handsome and athletic guy in her year absolutely lusted after

her always commenting on her long legs and how wonderful she looked. She could

see why now thinking he must have held an attraction to tall women from his

early manhood. Disappointingly Staceys growth cycle peeked at 5 foot 6 and she

was gutted as most people caught up around her but she never shrugged off that

feeling of loving her height while it lasted, This transformed into a fantasy of

being a giantess and even today she kept a few small dolls that she toyed with

in private pretending she was giantess with her little man. Her ken doll might

have been jealous to discover that Jake was into this fantasy and from what it

seemed more than she was.

Staceys work never progressed for the rest of that day, she spent time reading

every story and looking at all the images Jake had downloaded forming an idea of

what elements really appealed to him and she found a slight jealously to the

endowments of the models Jake desired. Her firm C cup breasts seemed inadequate

to the large breasts of the many images of the Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela

Anderson look-alikes that Jake found pleasure with lusting over. She also felt

like she was not woman enough for him now since he was 6 foot tall and even in

heels her meagre 5 foot 6 inches of height wasn't comparable to that of the

amazons Jake would view on the internet. Stacey didn't dwell on these feelings

she wasn't about to let this get the better of her and decided she would explore

this fantasy they both had by testing the water in conversation tonight upon his



I got home to find Stacey had prepared a meal, we chatted as we ate and she

seemed to be acting strange there was a air of mischief about her as she seemed

keen for me to finish my meal and for us to settle down on the sofa. I sat down

and she cuddled in close to me as she reached for the tv and video remote.

"I rented a video and thought we could watch it together its title seemed quite

a laugh" she began "you haven't seen it have you ?"

I looked as she flashed the video box before me it read "Attack of the 60 foot

centrefold" Oh yes I knew it alright I had seen this a dozen times it was not

the best of giantess movies but I liked JJ North and seeing her as a giant did

it for me.

"erm no is it a new comedy?"

I hoped my pretence was convincing I wasn't the best of liars and I must admit

it might be kinda cool to watch a GTS flick with Stacey just to gauge her


"guess so"

Stacey smiled and popped the video on as she snuggled her gorgeous frame close

to mine.

The movie progressed to the point that JJ North had just become a giant

"wow look at her Jake shes huge, look how small those guys are to her she could

pick them up easily"

I felt a little turned on at Stacey's commentary

"yeh she's pretty big"

I tried to not show my enthusiasm and the movie progressed to the part where JJ

North is propositioning the camera man to come in side the tent and play telling


"don't be scared , I may be 60 feet but Im all woman"

Stacey turned to me with her deep green eyes and looked really into the movie

"hey Jake this could be interesting"

She then moaned her disapproval as the guy on screen passed up the opportunity.

"I guess he felt intimidated by her size she should have just picked him up and

took him in the tent he wouldn't have had much choice "

"guess not"

I cut a short answer back to her

"what would you do Jake if she propositioned you?"

I was stunned by this question and almost squirming on the spot I knew what I

wanted to say but should I?

"it would be fun Stace really different"

Stacey smiled and gave me a coy expression

"You like her then"


"JJ North "

"erm sure she is pretty" I started unsure if this was a good idea to admit "and

shes got big boobs"

Stacey added and looked at me as if studying my reaction

"well yeh, she's a giantess of course their big"

"Can you imagine Jake if I was as big as her what would you do?"

Stacey giggled. I could all too well imagine this and I began to get hard at the

mere suggestion from Staceys lips.

"You would look pretty hot babe Im sure I wouldn't resist"

"I would have scooped you up Jake and undressed you if you were that small to


"Guess I wouldn't be able to stop you"

Man I thought she is getting me going here

"that's right Jake you wouldn't and it would be quite sexy to dominate you like


I had to ask the question that was welling up inside me

"Stace you sound like this appeals to you being big?"

Stacey kept her gaze in my eyes

"It does, I used to enjoy being tall when I was younger you remember when I used

to call you shorty Jake"

She brought back a host of memories I remembered very vividly when I was 14 and

an underdeveloped runt waiting for the teenage growth spurt to kick in. At an

even five foot in my socks Stacey was half a foot taller me and I loved the fact

I had to look up to her and she sent my male hormones into overdrive knowing how

to flirt and show off her long legs she was such a tease! Even then I was

fantasizing about giant women and Stacey was the perfect girlfriend a tall

amazon on my arm.

"I was pretty short to you wasn't I?" I remarked

"In my heels I could rest my chin on your head " Stacey laughed "I miss that"

"what being a teenager?"

"no being very tall , I loved it when I was tall."

"your still pretty tall for a girl"

I encouraged but couldn't believe she yearned for the feeling of being taller

than a lot of the people she knew this was getting me going.

"I suppose, but im not taller than you anymore Jake I used to like that teasing

you like I did"

"Stacey would you still like to be taller than me now?"

"oh yeah" she enthused " that would be great , but how about you baby if you

hadn't grown later on would you be happy with me if I was a lot taller ?"

This was it I thought time to reveal and show my cards she seemed to like being

tall that was so awesome perhaps I could get her to buy some massive heels my

mind raced with prospects to satiate my fantasies.

"I loved it when you were that tall Stace , those legs of yours I wont forget

them in a hurry. "

Stacey beamed at me

" that's wonderful Jake seems we both find it a turn on"

"you know" I held her in my arms in a firm embrace and gave her a small kiss"

you could always buy a large pair of heels for when we muck around"

"I'd like that " Stacey smiled "but I don't think they make 12 inch heels honey"


That night we made love and it seemed like a new energy was flowing between us I

was half way to exposing my full fantasy. The next morning I had an interview

and left pretty early Stacey came with me she said she had some shopping to do

before a new package was delivered for her to work upon. Neither of us mentioned

anything to do with height that morning and I wondered if the conversation

really happened. Stacey met me for lunch and we returned home together that day.

As we entered our house she sloped off upstairs to our bedroom with her shopping

bags in tow, I was fixing myself a drink in the kitchen when Stacey called me to

the living room as I appeared she was standing by the kitchen door wearing her

French maids outfit. This short dress hugged her like a second skin and she

looked dam hot! Stacey was very adventurous and had several "play" costumes

I loved and I knew she was feeling horny when they came out. Her chest was

waving a nice line of cleavage at me and the top had little laces stretched

across a revealing gap between her breasts that held the material together she

had my full attention.

"come here honey I want to show you something " she enticed

As I walked over I noticed she seemed taller , running my eyes down her smooth

legs I saw a shiny new pair of black strappy heels with platforms. Stacey smiled

a sweet sexy look at me and put her hands on her hips we were at eye level.

"you like ?" she said teasingly

I grinned and took her in my arms holding her slim petite waist and drawing her

to me.

"oh yes " I grinned

"there 6 inch heels which makes me 6ft"

I ran my hands up the sides of her wonderful body until they reached her breasts

and I cupped my hands around both of them. Staceys had firm beautifully shaped

breasts the kind that stood pert and too attention , my hands were just large

enough to cover them whole like I was caressing a full juicy apple in each palm.

"why don't you release them" she offered and my fingers eagerly strayed to the

small laces and untied them . The front of her top fell down to reveal no bra

just her stiff perfect nipples alert and begging for my attention my mouth went

down on a nipple when the door bell rang.

"Shit , whos that?" I swore totally pissed off at the timing.

"my delivery babe Im sorry"

Stacey asked me to go to the door whilst she had to change I knew her work would

take precedent over our playing if the firm didn't get some feedback on products

short term they would question her effectiveness.

Answering the door the delivery man got me to sign for a large wooden box it was

at least 7ft tall and 3 foot in width and depth like one of those huge family

refrigerators at least that's what any prying neighbours would think.

Two hefty delivery guys ( part of the firm ) took the box into her basement lab

using brute strength and talent to get the large box down the short stairs and

through the door.

They left as abruptly as they had arrived and I was left to ponder what the

delivery actually was.

I decided as I knew Stacey would be working to go out to the local and grab a

beer or two and catch the evening game on the large screen down there. As I

reached the door Stacey was coming down the stairs having changed clothes , she

was now dressed in a short dark red skirt that clung to her figure and a white

blouse that just hinted her cleavage with the "V" of its neck line she looked

like a sexy secretary but this was her normal working attire.

"baby Im sorry for this but look Ill make it up to you later promise"

She kissed me and I felt disappointed to see her on tip-toes in her now 3 inch

heels again.

I left to meet the lads down the local.


Stacey entered her lab and within an hour she had the new device unpacked and

connected up to her computer. The device looked like a clear Perspex shower

cubicle enclosure with a small rear solid red wall , and a floor that had tiny

red panels built into them. Apart from a door handle on the clear panels it was

as non-descript as that. Stacey deciphered that it was the first production

version of what the firm code named the "reconfigurator". She learnt that the

device was designed for a person to enter having set the new parameters of their

alternate identity and within a nano second they would be broken down into pure

energy. The energy streams would store their physical appearance , brain

patterns (essentially what makes that person unique ) and the clothing they

entered with. The transformation would occur in almost an instant to an observer

and in total comfort to the subject , when they emerged they would take on the

appearance of the programmed target subject but retain their own unique

personality. The clothes would not change but would be reconfigured to fit the

new subjects physical appearance. It was the perfect spy device to enable the

operative to assume the identity of anyone they chose for as long as they wanted

until re-energised to their stored pattern in the cubicle.

Great for undercover infiltration and all together an awesome intelligence


Stacey couldn't believe her eyes this was science fiction surely but there it

was an incredible device for her to test. She ran the program that controlled

the device and using the interface she had to select a primary subject , having

no choice she walked in herself and the cubicle flashed briefly a dull red

light. Exiting she browsed the monitor screen to see a 3D image of herself it

had every statistic from her 34c breasts to her 24 waist to her 32 inch hips and

her full height of 5 foot 6 displayed.

The next stage was to enter an identity of a target subject she looked at the

choices there was a database of women within the software but if she was really

to test this then she had to recognise the woman surely? She saw the option to

add a new character to the library and she scanned in a photograph of her sister

who was a good looking brunette , slightly taller than Stacey but with a larger

build. From the image the computer extrapolated the physical make up of her

sister what it couldn't tell was the scale of the picture which Stacey had to

manually input knowing her sister was 5 foot 9. Next the voice , to emulate the

person a voice was critical and to achieve this a wav file could be interrogated

so that the unique speech patterns could be replicated and input. An old clip

from a home digital movie did the job providing the data the system wanted.

With the data all programmed the computer notified she had a full character

outline and she engaged a delay so she could step in and test if indeed this

remarkable device was for real.

Seconds later she emerged feeling completely normal until she stepped out of the

cubicle and looked down at herself. She felt taller and heavier and she couldn't

feel her hair draping around her shoulders as normal reaching up she smirked in

realisation that her sister had short bobbed hair in the picture. She almost ran

to the full length mirror that adorned the rear side wall of the cubicle.

Looking at her reflection she naturally reacted to look behind herself to look

for her sister but there she was the spitting image of her sister. Stacey smiled

and the expressions looked the same

"hello" she spoke and laughed at hearing her sisters voice it was like she

possessed the power of the best impressionist in the world. Her clothes fitted

perfect Stacey peered down her cleavage and saw her previously 34c bra had taken

the proportion of a 36b and her shoe size had increased by one size which was

weird as it still read her size . ( but of course she laughed it would do the

computer only resized the garments and didn't alter any text or numbers on


She wondered around in the novelty of being her sister and then made some notes

on the computer before she changed back to her original self. Finally she

emailed over a secure scrambled link some initial impressions commenting mainly

that the software interface could be improved for ease of use and that she would

make some suggestions the next day. Stacey sat and thought about the

permutations of what such a device could offer she could become anyone but then

it hit her the ultimate use of the device.


I returned home and let myself in , Stacey was almost at the door in an instant

to greet me it was a warm welcome as she took me by hand to the sofa and we sat

down together.

"baby Im so excited what would you say if I told you that your wildest dreams

could come true?"

I paused in comprehension of what she might mean

"What are you talking about honey?"

"You want to experience a giantess don't you darling but for real?"

I was shocked and hadn't figured on this level of directness stemming from our

conversations the other night

"well err" I stumbled

"look baby I know all about your fantasies Ive read them" she said excitedly

My heart pounded "what do..."

Again I was trying to talk but couldn't engage my mouth

"Listen darling the reason I rented that film the other night was because I

found your private downloads disk with the GTS content"

My mouth dropped with full realisation I was about to fully defend myself when

she unexpectedly continued

"look im fine with it more than fine , part of your fantasy works with mine I

said I loved being taller than you years ago well there is more to it. I have a

fantasy about being a giantess and playing with my little man, there ive said


"wow , Stacey I never realised"

"Jake we both kept things pretty well between us but now we can share this"

"what do you mean , how can you make things a reality have you got a growth

formula ?"

I was a little sarcastic but intrigued

"not quite baby, come and see for yourself"

Stacey almost trotted in a skipping fashion pulling me eagerly into the

basement. She presented me with a machine a sort of hi-tech shower I turned to

look at her searching for an explanation.

"Normally I don't share these things with you , I shouldn't be sharing this one

at all but Jake ..Ive just got to!" she was as excited as a kid. She sat at her

computer and tapped a few buttons. "You trust me don't you honey?" she asked


"absolutely Stace why? What is all this ?"

As briefly as possible Stacey relayed to me the intention and principal of the


"That's phenomenal they can really do this?"

"Believe it Jake" Stacey smiled "but its what else this machine can do which

makes it perfect for us"

Stacey stood up and walked up to me as I stood staring at the machine she

reached up and placed her arms around my neck and then gave me a very seductive

look from her beautiful face.

"Jake , honey I could shrink you with this"

My heart almost skipped a beat

"Shrink me?"

"The device is only 7ft tall so it cant turn me into a giantess baby but if I

was to shrink you down I would look like a giantess to you Jake and I would feel

like a giantess"

Stacey kissed me gently

"think about it Jake , I could make you any size you desire . Imagine stepping

out of this thing it would be a whole new world and a whole lot of me"

My mind was in full swing it was safe Stacey said that in her explanation , it

was temporary for as long as we liked it and I still found myself hesitant.

Whats wrong Jake you could be seeing a real life giantess your gorgeous wife as

tall as a redwood tree its all you've ever dreamed of... my mind boggled as I

thought to myself..

"well Jake I cant wait I really want to shrink you down to size baby it will be

so much fun"

"Ok lets do it" I smiled and gulped at my commitment , Stacey went back to the

console and tapped a few keys again.

"What I need is to retain your physical appearance for the new target person

programme and just alter your body height"

Stacey typed away for a few seconds and swung herself round to face me on the

swivel chair. I watch intently her ever move thinking that this is how she looks

now.I drunk in her appearance ready for my new comparison and perspective on


Stacey looked like she was enjoying herself being in control of this situation

she was so eager to get things moving.

"Well my tall handsome man now for the big question, the exciting question , how

short do you want to be compared to me or should I say how towering do you want

me to be?"

she beamed in utter excitement.

"Oh Stacey what a question ?"

"Don't tell me you haven't ever thought about this baby" Stacey stood up and

directed her left hand to gesture various height levels as she continued "do you

want to come up to here in line with my waist , no that's too tall , knee high

to me about here so you can appreciate my long, long legs or smaller?"

I was beginning to get aroused and Stacey could tell.

" just think how big you want me to look and what a sexy size for a man would be

in the presence of his big wife?"

"Twelve inches" I offered " exactly twelve inches then you would appear to be

like 30 foot tall!"

"mmm good choice honey doll sized I cant wait , well what are you waiting for?

get inside big boy"

I shut myself in the cubicle and could smell that odour the sort of new car

interior vaguely lingering within the small enclosure.

I locked eyes through the transparent plastic walls on Stacey at the console and

then in an instant that view had gone. Suddenly I was looking across at her

shoes , her large shoes! Shoes that were now coming towards me , no long legs

that were coming towards me with dull audible thuds upon the floor. I looked up

but the handle was beyond reach and then it turned so I could step out.

Stacey held the door open as I walked out towards her black heels and stopped.

The door behind me softly shut and I took in Staceys proportions for the first

real time. My wife was huge. I looked forward to see the two smooth columns of

towering tanned flesh that encased her calf muscles , her shiny black strappy

shoes with the 3 inch heels came up past my knees and her beautiful exposed

ankles were now level to my waist. My eyes climbed higher up these perfect limbs

to her knees some 10 or more feet high and I could see under the canopy of her

red skirt what a rush! Stacey wasn't wearing any underwear her womanhood in the

dim light above looked intimidating it was so large. As skywards I looked her

blouse took on new life with huge breasts emphasized in a white ledge of cotton

and her face well I couldn't see it just a glimpse of her golden hair falling

gently over the curve of her chest.

I stepped back and Staceys face came into view .She looked awesome better than I

could imagine powerful feminine , strong and incredibly hot as a giantess.

"Well hello my little man" her voice seemed to take on a new deepness whilst

still retaining her natural husky tone which I so loved but amplified so that

she commanded attention to my little ears.

"Stacey wow"

Stacey placed her hands on her hips in a classic giantess pose of power as she

looked down over her chest at me.

"Incredible just incredible you are so small Jake"

"and you are towering Stace no staggeringly tall , you look so beautiful"

Stacey glinted her perfect white smile at me and she gave me one of her pouting

expressions that increased the size of her full red lips alluringly.

"and you my little man look perfect like my little ken doll brought to life. I

guess I must look like im all legs from down there by my feet eh?"

Stacey teased by slightly edging up her short skirt on her upper thighs I was

enthralled by the luscious length of her perfect pins as they towered above me ,

she must have 16 or so foot of inside leg I thought!

"Stacey its some view from down here I can tell you"

"and being so much shorter than me you get a great view looking up under my

skirts baby "

Stacey raised a huge shoe aside me and I was between her feet she purposely

allowed her legs to ease apart in a wide stance so I couldn't help but be drawn

to her womanhood exposed way up there under her skirt. I could almost smell her


"hows that for a new perspective on women little guy?"

Stacey lingered there for a few seconds of my visual pleasure and then stepped

back and she knelt down before me , even at this level the curve of her knees

protruding from her tight skirt came up level to my own knees.

"just look at you Jake you look so cute so adorable this size"

She brushed back her long blonde hair from her face so that it fell behind her

shoulders and I thought that I had never truly realised just how long and pretty

her hair really was. Her big green seductive eyes studied me intently.

I felt quite intimidated by my wifes huge presence before me a feeling that I

was at her mercy the mercy of this gorgeous giantess. It wasn't an unpleasant

feeling no, it was an arousing one she didn't need to demonstrate her strength

and power she just had to be normal and natural and there it was this aura she

now emitted a signal that I was weaker than her much weaker than her.

My eyes followed along the now almost flat red expanse of her seemingly large

mini-skirt to her blouse and then ..

"Oh my, Stacey look at you ...your so big!" I blurted out as my eyes registered

the twin three foot wide bulges pushing out her blouse above me a wondrous site.

Staceys chest challenged her tight blouse some 2 foot out from her body to my

perspective and my tongue almost hit the floor.

Stacey saw my reaction and smiled loving every minute of the attention, she

slightly leaned forward to tease me a view of her large cleavage with a good

foot long line or more showing.

"I guess im not a little 34 C cup to you anymore am I babe? , these must look

pretty enormous to someone your size. So how do I measure up? "

"34C's there not baby you must have a couple of boulders in your bra , man there


"Fancy a closer look little lover" she spoke to me in such an enchanting tone.

"come on climb up here on my skirt I wont hurt you baby"

What an invitation climbing onto my wifes giant lap to peer down her vast

cleavage this was a dream. My manhood was swelling as I stepped up the large gap

to the top of her legs , I found my balance on her lower thighs , her flesh was

soft and a sensation like standing on a smooth trampoline with just a little

give to each of my footfalls. A step or two later and I was stood in the centre

of her oversized skirt and now almost face to face with her wonderful chest as

her breasts seemed to jiggle under her blouse to my movements.

"let me reach the top button up here for you my blouse is a bit taller than you


I saw Staceys fingers reached in from either side above me with her huge hands

and I wondered how they would feel if she held me I knew I wouldn't have to wait

long to find out.

Her blouse began to part and she leaned her shoulders back slightly forcing her

chest forward so the gap exposed the top cups of her white wonderbra below.

"welcome to your fantasy little man "

I reached eagerly up and grabbed her saucer sized buttons and undid them one by

one until they disappeared below her waist.

Like clark kent changing into superman she dramatically pulled open her blouse

from either side and her giant sized bra and breasts burst forward and into the

open and what a glorious display it was.

"i'd like to see you try and caress one of these in just one of your little

hands baby. I think you'll find im a much bigger girl to handle now"

Stacey tilted forward and I reached up to grab two arms around her left bra cup

and I pressed my face into the sumptuous padded lace of this giant wonder bra.

"mmm that feels good but don't forget the other one little man you can hug both

of them and worship them"

I grabbed her other breast circling it again and I was grinning from ear to ear

with pleasure.

"Stacey can you get them out? " I looked up at her large face and added "please"

Stacey was again loving my reactions to her size I wasn't the only one getting

turned on .

Her huge left hand as wide as my back came behind me surprising me and gently

urged me closer to her chest , slowly her other hand pulled out the elastic

between these impressive breasts and she nudged me forward so that I could put

my whole head under the band of her bra. I couldn't resist and I did just that .

Giggling Stacey released the elastic and my face was smothered between her

breasts as they pressed either side of me. I will never forget that first

sensation to be so close to her.

"You are so little Jake I could suffocate your little head down in there, my

boobs are so big to you" again she giggled and her whole chest rumbled around


The slight pressure of the large bra elastic behind my neck eased and I realised

she had unclasped her bra I stood back and saw the slack material barely

clinging to her chest.

"its all yours little man think you can manage it from here?"

I reached up and my hands grabbed fist fulls of overflowing lace and I yanked

her bra down so it slipped off her shoulders and to her lap at my feet. Her firm

boobs danced before my eyes as she wiggled them gently in a teasing fashion they

were so big it was unreal.

Grabbing a single boob my hands found her near football sized erect nipple

urging me to caress it.

"wow your nipples are bigger than your boobs used to be" I gasped.

"then show your appreciation baby kiss it , no suck it"

My lips ran over that gorgeous nipple like I was a hungry man.

"ooh your touch is so delicate so sensual" she moaned as I continued my lusty

offence on her nipple.

"Jake , I want you little man , I need to undress you"

Stacey straightened up and the nipple went beyond my reach once more she then

wrapped her left hand around my middle , I was just like a doll in size to her

as her hand covered my mid section and she raised me to her face. Her huge lips

came to fill my view and she kissed me , no smothered me into those lips it was


"I cant believe im holding you with one arm Jake you weigh hardly anything"

"it feels great Stacey to be held this way" I enthused "but I just want to get

back to your wonderful boobs"

"simmer down little lover they are just one of the big delights your giant wife

can offer you now"

Stacey pulled my slip on shoes away and then my trousers , reaching a long

manicured nail under my top she ripped it like tissue paper away from my body I

was left with just my boxer shorts on which had a tent pitched up inside them.

"you are so well formed little man , and this must be your little tribute to my

towering beauty"

Her finger tip teased my dick and I felt like bursting right then and there.

"you're a lot smaller down there Jake to think this used to intimidate me and

now its not even an inch long" she giggled in a flirty manor " still that's how

I like it because im sure you can still satisfy your giant wife"

Stacey stood up with me in held at her waist as she walked to the door. Looking

down she spoke sweetly "I think we need to go upstairs don't you little one"

She raised me up and then pushed my upper chest between her breasts as she

folded her arms behind me as she walked.

In seconds we reached the bedroom and she lowered me to the bed below it was at

least 40 foot long!

Stacey stood over me her fingers toying with her erect nipples in a playful

manor stimulating them.

"you are so incredible looking Jake , take your little boxers off and show your

giantess what you've got down there for me to play with"

I complied and she could see my full appreciation of her on display.

"First im gonna satisfy you then your going to pleasure me little man"

She slipped her skirt off and then kicked her shoes aside and suddenly there she

was a 30 foot tall naked giantess. She crawled over me in a looming fashion her

huge breasts resting around my middle she was rubbing these heavy globes around

my sensitive member until her mouth lowered to my manhood. She breathed heavily

,warmly around my balls and shaft and I shuddered in ecstasy.

"You always did enjoy it when I tried to suck your big dick but now its nothing

to my huge mouth and tongue I can pleasure you all"

Her warm tongue licked me travelling between my upper thighs around my balls and

whilst still touching my balls it also curled around my shaft. I felt the lovely

sensation of the warm saliva dampening my genitals then a mass of gorgeous

blonde hair fell across my chest like a curtain as I felt two warm huge lips

slide down my dick and consume it.

She didn't have to try hard I came violently erupting within her mouth and

Stacey looked up and licked her lips then smiled down at me as she drew away.

"mmm that was nice but you didn't last long I guess my huge lips must feel so

big and sexy on that warm little dick of yours eh baby?"

"geezz that was mind-blowing" I was swimming in the glory of my orgasm at her

new size Stacey didn't need to try and turn me on it was just so easy for her.

Stacey laid down on the bed and I felt the huge disruption to the surface from

her weight tumbling me towards the depression her body made. Stacey lifted me up

in her hand again around my mid-section and she lowered me so my face was in the

valley of her breasts whilst I recovered.

A few minutes later Stacey ran her long fingers along my back

"now for my turn baby your gonna give me some oral sex as well, I want you to

loose your face in me put your arms inside me , make me cum darling like never


I crawled around a full one eighty degrees and came face to face with her pussy

it was incredible! Her opening was at least a foot long or more and it smelt

divine her natural aroma beckoned me forth like a powerful sex drug. I pushed

aside some thin blonde pubic hairs in my way and pushed my face into her

inviting wetness . Stacey instantly moaned upon my contact with her inner flesh.

My arms, hands all delved inside her love entrance to find her pleasure centres

and her clitoris wanted to be discovered as I played with her. Stacey groaned

loudly a noise I never had heard from her lips and it was utter pleasure she was

expressing she came within seconds of my attentions. I was shocked that such

simple movements made her react so powerfully.

"oooh Jake" she sighed "little Jake that was soooo nice " she exaggerated her

words to demonstrate the pleasure she had felt " I wish I could keep you this

short you make a better lover this way"

Part of me didn't like her words as if to say I was less of a man at my old

height but I think she meant I was more skilful with my smaller hands and tongue

so I let go the male pride thing.

Stacey sat up and I jumped off her body side to the bed

"lets have a bath little one"

No sooner had she spoke and I was carried under her arm to the en-suite and a

few minutes later she had the bath filled and we both got in.

The water came up to my chin as I stood in it I had to tip toe to ensure I

didn't swallow any. This was so strange. Stacey slid her long legs past me so I

was between them almost treading water and she smirked.

"things are so different for you now aren't they, this is a little bath to me

but a deep swimming pool to you"

"its Olympic sized " I joked "and so are you"

"why thank you little lover let me wash your little body I'd enjoy that"

Stacey lifted me again and stood me on her firm stomach muscles as she lathered

me up which was getting me aroused again. Her big hands ran all over me with the

soft soapy gel.

"seems Im a lot more exciting to you this size baby everything I do turns you


"its great Stacey I love being in your control you lifting me like this"

"I love it as well but wouldn't you like to be even smaller to me Jake? "

I looked up at her face as she continued.

"I feel really good being so super tall around you but I bet this would be

nothing to the rush of having you even smaller"

"smaller? " I hadn't thought of smaller 12 inches was the ultimate I thought yet

what she was leading to intrigued me I could be smaller and she be even larger

to me with longer legs and ...."bigger breasts" I accidentally spilled out loud

my lust filled thoughts. Stacey lit up at my words.

"mmm yes baby your getting the idea if you became smaller I would have much

bigger breasts for you to play with or to play upon" she gave me a seductive

look with those last two words.

"how much smaller would you want me Stacey?"

"Oh that's easy Jake , small enough to be carried in my palm , tiny enough for

you to be slipped down inside my panties and teeny enough for you to ride in my


I was hooked on the idea "when do we start big woman?"

Twenty minutes later I was dried off by Stacey in a bright pink hand towel of

hers she left me in the centre of the bed as she checked out her wardrobe for

some fresh clothing.

"hey Jake what would you like me to wear for your next encounter?"

"something short " I grinned " I want to see every inch of those long legs of

yours when Im smaller"

"don't worry little man they'll look plenty long enough just you wait "

I watched Stacey in her naked glory sifting through her lingerie until she found

a silky black wonderbra and some matching high leg pantyhose.

"I know you like these shorty but what shall I wear on top?"

Stacey put her underwear on and found an extremely tight red crop top with a

plunging neck line to slip over her black bra , she then grabbed what had to be

the shortest skirt she possessed it was borderline indecent but to my eyes this

skin hugging black mini-skirt was such a tease to feast my eyes upon

"Hows this look?"

"awesome you look fantastic can I?" I reached up to my towering giant of a wife

so she would let me get closer to her charms but she kept her distance

"oh no little guy I cant let you touch me until your much smaller your just

gonna have to keep that excitement bottled up like I have to"

I had a job to believe what happened next Stacey was putting on those heels she

wore the other night the 6 inch heels!

"Im just a little more impressive in these wouldn't you say sweetie ... but now

we had better cut you down to size"

Stacey watched me struggle off the bed side it was a good drop but I managed

slowing my decent with the sheets I looked up at her impressive heels aside me

"these are some serious heels Stacey there up to my waist your ankles are chest

height to me!"

Stacey looked down smiling her pretty face off at my reaction.

"if you think im tall now just you wait little guy these legs are going up in

your world"

I followed her large steps as she made for the staircase and began to walk down

I froze at the top. This was a major obstacle for me at 12 inches tall.

"come on honey help me . it'll take me ages to climb down there"

Stacey giggled looking back at me and lent over from several steps down so her

face was close to mine she flung her hair back and caught it pulling it into a

long blonde ponytail which she fastened with a red scrunchy. She offered me the

end of her ponytail like a rope.

"hold tight " she smirked as I grabbed a mass of blonde hair which was as thick

as a tree trunk .

With ease Stacey turned and I bounced gently into the back of her neck and I

managed to swing my legs over her shoulder as I used her hair to steady myself.

I must have looked like an absurd human parrot clinging to her as she walked.

From my vantage point I was taking a peek into the depths of Staceys fire engine

red top her breasts bounced sexily below and I had a wondrous view of her tight

cleavage line , I had to admit it I was a lucky man to have such a gorgeous


We reached the end of our trip at the basement once more and I was a little

relieved as it was a touch precarious to be on her shoulder so high up.

Stacey lowered down into a kneeling position to offer me the ground I promptly

hopped of.

"there you go little man now into the chamber"

I turned to look at Stacey she offered me a kiss on my chest and I felt those

huge lips cover my chest completely. The small stain of her lip gloss glistened

from my body as she ushered me to the open chamber door.

"Next time you see me you will think of me being small at this size baby"

Once within as before I watched her sit at the console seeing her huge high

heels and little else from my view. I wondered what this was going to feel like

actually to be small enough to ride in my wifes hand to sit in her palm I began

to get a touch anxious and I didn't feel as brave as I had been.

"What size are you going to me shrink me to!" I shouted across at her.

Stacey didn't react but kept pressing buttons

I repeated myself only louder this time and she turned

"sorry sweetie , what did you say?"

She walked over to the cubicle chamber and opened the door looking down at me

she seemed concerned

"are you ok ? did you say something darling ?"

"erm yeh Stace you didn't say how small you would shrink me in actual size terms

I mean?"

She smiled with a mischievous look

"Ill let you measure yourself against my high heels down here you'll see"

She trotted off and then there was a small flash of white and I found myself

looking under the gap of the cubicle door!

I walked out and the lab was gigantic the sideboards and the furniture looked

like they could be huge buildings each at least 100 feet tall. I then heard and

felt Staceys presence , the ground trembled around me from the shock waves of

her individual steps , big thudding steps of a giantess. I turned to my left and

there she was or should I say her shoes were. Big enormous black high heels came

slowly down several feet to my perspective from me and each of them looked as

long as a small bus. Maybe 24 feet in length and my heart was pounding with

initial fear to be in her presence. I began to looked up. I dared to look up at

my wife and my eyes had a long journey upwards and upwards along those perfect

legs of hers. I could only guess she had to have over 90 feet of bare legs

showing that climbed like mighty flesh towers into the air and beneath her red

skirt. Even her skirt looked long as I continued to survey her amazing stature.

Her exposed toned midrift was a mountaineers climb above me and then I clapped

eyes on her now astounding assets. Her tight red top pushed out as if she had

caught two large hills beneath it. From so far below I could see under it and

what had to be 40 foot across of silky black bra beneath!

If this wasn't breathtaking enough her beautiful face loomed over me way above

just peering over those two red hills.

"Hi" Staceys voice boomed it was powerful intoxicating like she was a goddess

talking, my ears rumbled with her simple greeting.

Stacey was quick to realise this and her next few words were softer as she

lowered the level of her voice to a comfortable loudness for me to appreciate.

"now I am a real giantess baby , have you guessed how small you are to me yet?"

I looked across at her impressive high heels and gulped as I looked up at the

tops of them where they joined the body of her shoes. I felt scared to walk

close to her monstrous shoes as if they would simply rise and crush me as

insignificant as I was to her. But I trusted Stacey and I was more than

intrigued to measure myself off against these black towers. I walked up to her

right heel and it seemed to be almost as tall as Stacey herself was before I was

shrunk again.

I backed off so I could see her face once more and I could only draw the

conclusion that I was minute my wife gigantic almost impossible in size for me

to take in.

"I cant see if your smiling baby but you should be because your looking at " she

paused to calculate as best she could " about a 200 foot tall woman "

"Immm aan inch tall " I stuttered.

"Did you say something cutie I cant hear you way down there at my feet , here

let me pick you up"

The sight of Staceys mountainous body descending as she crouched down was enough

to make me back off I was scared actually scared of my own wife. It didn't help

that I also felt incredibly vulnerable in my nakedness but her sheer size was so

overpowering. My backtracking didn't go unnoticed by Staceys large green eyes

she softened her voice into a whispering almost melodic tone

"don't be afraid of me baby its only me Stacey. Im not going to hurt you my

precious little man I just want to hold you that's all"

"You are so enormous Stacey if only you could picture how you look to me at this


Stacey smiled contently down at me

"Oh my sweet little Jake Im just the size Ive always wanted to be Im a towering

giantess to you. Ill be careful with you honey, you and I are going to have such

a wonderful time tonight if you just try to relax in my presence"

Stacey lowered her right hand towards me very slowly I could see her tree trunk

thick fingers and her perfectly manicured painted red nails become larger as

they came nearer. I got a grip of myself by thinking what are you afraid of

she's your wife she loves you.

"be gentle with me Stacey"

"I will baby just let me pick you up in my hand here."

I felt darkness descend as her hand curved in a fist around me and these natural

walls closed in very slowly. Her skin was firm and the texture of the lines on

her palm had a pleasant roughness to my body. As she felt she had hold of me my

feet left the floor as I ascended. Seconds later I was bathed in light as her

fingers retracted and I was literally sat in the palm of my wifes hand at face

level. Her face was enormous her eyes huge and yet beautiful surrounded by her

long pretty eye lashes which fluttered and I could almost feel the wind from

them. Her huge mouth was close enough for me to touch I could see her massive

teeth gleaming within and her lips oh man her lips were so big to me it was such

a beautiful sight to behold. Her long blonde locks framed her face still pulled

back in a ponytail. She was a stunning looking woman at any size even this large

her face held little imperfections for my eyes.

"you are a goddess" I said in respect to her size "Look at me Im stood in your

hand its unreal"

"and you are so cute and what a sexy size to have a husband"

I felt the rush of her fresh breath wash over me in a warm breeze stimulating my


"this is what I have always dreamed of this is my fantasy to have a little man

no bigger than an inch tall so small that I am your world and my body is your

playground Jake "

Stacey was on a high I could tell and I was beginning to relax and enjoy the

experience now.

"I think we need the bedroom again tiny Im more than curious just how small you

really are to play with"

I felt myself ascend again she was obviously standing up. I looked over the edge

of her fingers aside me and caught sight of her impressive legs they looked long

enough for her to step across the widest of rivers with ease and I had to keep

telling myself she wasn't the one who had changed that I was smaller but it just

felt like the world around me had grown and my wife with it.

"Admiring my giant legs little one ? Are they long enough for you ?"

"I could walk along them Stacey im so small "

"I'd like that later little man "

Stacey looked down at me and smirked again in a mischievous manor her hand

brought me close to her lips once again so they filled my view as she put on her

most alluring and seductive tone

"Oh dear baby Ive just realised this tight sexy outfit im wearing doesn't have

any pockets for me to carry my precious little lover in and I cant risk carrying

you in my big hands incase you fall , what am I going to do?"

She grinned and gave a pout that sent me wild my erection was now in full swing

as she pretending to consider the possibilities.

"lets see now you're an itsy bitsy inch tall where could I carry you safely?"

Then her hand lowered and for the first time I saw those two red hills I was

admiring from afar come into close view as she made me level with her impossible

proportioned assets. Her chest was beyond magnificent it was 40 foot across of

fire engine red lycra and behind this thin clingy material she had to have at

least 12 or more feet of giant firm breasts pushing forward an explosion of

cleavage line that was barely covered. I gazed into the depths of the fleshy

valley she displayed so teasingly and wondered just how deep this heaven was. I

would never again think of her breasts as average or slightly small she was

mind-blowing to me now and to think just one of my hands used to cover one of

these breasts and now they were several times larger than my whole body.

"They are so enormous!" I failed to express myself any better.

"I wonder just how big they are?" Stacey began still in her wonderful voice and

she pushed her chest forward making it seem even larger

"You look so tiny in my palm down there Jake I think my great big C cup bra here

might just offer a sexy solution to our problem"

I was then dangled over her cleavage by two enormous fingers either side of my


"do you think you'll fit little man"

She slowly dragged my bare feet along her warm cleavage line I felt her breasts

just give to my tiny legs.

"oh baby!" I bellowed in awe

"I think I was right my cleavage is huge compared to you Jake and that means

there's plenty of room inside my giant bra for you"

Stacey lowered me gently in between her breasts I felt the smooth warm globes

completely dwarf me and absorb me as I was tucked neatly into the depths of her

cleavage. I looked up as her two fingers retreated leaving me held firmly

surrounded by her immense boob flesh that wiggled and I felt these walls of

paradise touch every part of my body so completely and all at once.

My movements tickled Stacey and she shimmied her breasts just enough so I

dropped through and below into the net like base of her silky bra that strained

to contain her breasts together in the middle.

Above was the incredible view of her towering breasts curving upwards and the

underside of her chin way beyond.

"ooh Jake you are so little look at you way down there in my bra this must be so

sexy for you to be surrounded by my giant sized boobs , I told you that you

would ride in my bra little one I hope your enjoying this as much as I am

feeling you down there."

We reached the bedroom after a bumpy ride I was so blissfully absorbed in my

predicament that I hadn't thought about what she might do next and what other

delights awaited me this evening. I was so content where I was and I so much

wanted to relieve myself as this experience turned me on so much. Stacey plucked

me out up through her cleavage and then brought me to her face as she sat down

on the bed.

"I guess you have a new appreciation for my boobs now eh baby and I can see they

did the trick"

My manhood pointed up at Stacey and she ran a single giant finger close enough

that the tip just touched it.

"Your boobs are awesome Stacey and so is the rest of you that was paradise"

Stacey giggled at my comments "oh Jake baby your voice is so cute at this size I

love hearing you talk. And im glad your enjoying your personal land of the

giants darling"

Stacey moved her lips in close to my body and blew warmly over me to tease me it

had the desired effect my body tingled all over to this experience as her minty

fresh breath surrounded me.

I could also smell her perfume it was subtle even at my size but very

stimulating I wondered what she would do with me now I was under her complete

domination and it was a feeling I liked very much.

"You always said you liked how full and naturally pouty my lips are Jake and how

they were one of my best features , now these lips are bigger than you are baby

does that make them even more of a turn on for you?"

I didn't get chance to respond before Stacey closed those wonderful red lips

upon my whole body pressing me gently into her palm as she covered me with a

kiss then she backed her face away and slowly ran her tongue across those

massive lips in a seductive gesture.

"mmm you are very tasty my inch high lover, imagine what a woman my size can do

with such a tiny little husband whos so small compared to my big mouth"

Staceys tongue came slowly out like a pink mattress and teased its tip across my

body the warm wet bath it gave me felt divine , her tongue withdrew and those

impressive lips closed in on me once more as she manoeuvred my body within her

cavernous mouth gently clamping those lips across my shoulders and chest so all

of me didn't disappear. This was an electric feeling sending signals of pleasure

and respect for her sheer power and strength through me, she could eat me ,

swallow me I was a mere snack if it so pleased and totally helpless to her in my

current state. Her tongue pleasured me from within coating my legs penis and

arse in her warm saliva toying with my erection so gently.

I was about to cum and Stacey must have sensed this somehow she let me slip from

between those huge lips into her palm again.

"I don't want you getting too excited just yet little one there is so much

foreplay for us to try out and im only just getting started and you know how

much I like to tease"

"oh please Stacey satisfy me please!"

I begged with my throbbing distraction on overload but Stacey merely smiled down

at me and lifted me over to her dresser surface allowing me to step off. I took

some deep breaths and controlled my passion as I walked along the polished wood

surface taking in all the various womens accessories and cosmetics that littered

this enormous platform. I noticed her lipstick tube was twice my height and

thicker than my body , her hair brush was laid on its side and was over 20 feet

long to me!

Her gold earings , rings and jewellery all looked like oversized props from a

special effects film but I recognised them all I had bought most of them and

knew just how real they were. I tested my strength by lifting a section of one

of her gold necklaces its links were so large my hands could fit though them. It

was like lifting the metal anchor chain of a small ship my puny muscles had a

job to lift it past my waist without struggling.

"Oh Jake you are so funny , is it that heavy ?"

A huge finger came past me and under the necklace until it rested on Staceys

little finger nail she raised it high above me with ease looking at it with a

great big smug grin.

"I must be thousands of times stronger than you now baby I must admit I love

this feeling of power"

I looked up as she put the necklace down on the dresser.

"will you pass me my brush baby?" Stacey took her scrunchy out from her blonde

hair and shook her head so I was witness to a sky of long blonde hair as she

shook it free. Her hair fell naturally across her shoulders and down her back I

looked at the hair brush it was plastic so I felt determined to move it. I

pushed the handle like as I was in a rugby scrum but the brush barely shifted to

my full weight!

I looked up feeling absolutely pathetic a man surrounded by my wifes simple

everyday things and each one was superior to me.

"Guess im not such a hunk now eh babe"

Her face descended towards me and she smiled knowing all to well that I had

realised I was totally under her power and control.

"don't worry Jake honey I don't need a man who is big and strong , I just need a

little man who can turn me on and im sure at such a cute little size you'll be

very exciting

Giantess Stories: STACEY Q By BBL

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