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Chapter 1

Voyager plowed on through space.

Time was still measured in years to get out of the delta quadrant.

They were still very far from home. Once they reached Federation space, if they

reached Federation space, they were still far from Earth. Captain Janeway looked

out her quarter's window as she usually did.

The ship was holding up well. It was never designed to last so long and travel

so far with so many aboard. She'd wished over and over for a bigger ship. But

alot of the scrapes they'd gotten out of were credited to thier small agile

little Voyager. Such a fitting name she thought putting down her replicated


Most of their success was attributed specifically on the excellent crew.

There were NO rookies aboard voyager. Each saw the Borg and countless other

perils in the last couple of years.

The lights of her den were dimmed as usual. She was supposed to be going over

reports again.

And again, and again, and again.

The idea of rotating roles so that people wouldn't get so bored with thier

duties had worked with some posts. Unfortunately there was no replacement for a

captain position yet.

She wondered about bringing a holographic version of a famous captain to the

bridge to let them handle things for a while. That James T Kirk fellow might fit

the bill.

She shrugged it off. There was only one mobile emmiter on board, the doctor's.

He'd be needed in sick bay if anything happened. Reading logs from other

captains to keep her keen on the dangers of space travel was taking up most of

her time. If for no other reason that to thank her lucky stars they HADN'T

encountered some of the things.

The things she could tell them though!

She picked up the little report roster and began scrolling through the screens

looking for something interesting.

As usual, a bunch of things were happening, the fact that none of it was

interesting was making her want to cry.

Harry Kim was doing something to further boost their maximum warp speed. They'd

already worked miricles, yet there was nothing else for him and B'ellana to do.

Seven had taken it upon herself to further modify the holodeck so that each deck

could have multiple 'rooms' running at once in people's quarters. That way they

could spread around the holodeck to the crew to further relieve some of the

stress in waiting for holodeck time.

'Good idea.' was all she could say to the formerly enemy Borg woman. How nice it

was to have powerfull allies.

Janeway finished off her coffee and went to get another cup. It was going to be

another long watch in a sea of long watches.


'Captain.' Chakote's voice came over her comm badge. Janeway was on the toilet,

but she took it anyway.

'Go ahead.'

'Seven of Nine is requesting permission to activate the ship wide holodeck

system.' her number one executive officer sounded tense, as usual.

Janeway was more interested in getting done with her current 'business' she

tapped her badge again. 'On my way.'


They were in deck two mess hall with a semi formal ceremony. The Borg inspired

console that Seven had built would interface with the ship's computer and allow

the transporter to work as a mobile emitter of sorts. Janeway was impressed, but

skeptical about power loss. It was all explained in short that the holodeck

didn't take much energy, and neither would the shipwide holodeck. She granted

Seven a trial run and then they would compile data about it's effectiveness.


Tom Paris was in his quarters. He was to be the first guinnea pig.

Seven came over his com badge with the melodic and thought inspiring words of

encouragement that he needed 'proceed.' she said tersly.

He began to activate the system and run the program he liked most.

Of course it was Captain Proton.

His quarters melded and spun and became the set of his black and white classic


He was awed.

The system had worked in his very own quarters! Now he could absoluelty eat

sleep and breathe in black and white!

He reported back that everything went as planned.

Seven was pleased as she got several pats on the back, even by the captain, but

tried not to let it show. Only her eye brow raised every few moments as more

favorable comments came her way. The work had paid off.

More people were given the go ahead, meanwhile Seven and Tuvok were monitoring

the whole event through the Borg inpired station. The ship was using minimal

energy once the emmiter properties were used in conjunction with the


Janeway asked if she could activate the system in her quarters, and the answer

was a wholehearted yes.

She spun at the idea giving Seven another pat on the back.

The fact that she'd relinquished most of her holodeck time in lieu of letting

the overworked crew have it was a strain on her as well. Now she'd be able to be

in a holodeck without anyone knowing any wiser.

She wouldn't have to be afraid of looking like a holodeck 'escapist' or


The inner smile in Janeway was spreading around the room. 'Seven, you've really

outdone yourself.' Janeway commended. She turned to Chakotay. 'Inform the crew

that their quarters is now a functioning holodeck. Call everyone and have them

activate to test the whole ship. I want to make sure the capacity is available

under testing.'

Janeway was the kind that liked to push it to the max to make sure it wouldn't

be a short lived idea. Like revving up a car when you buy it to make sure the

engine doesn't explode the first time it's pushed. Chakotay informed the crew

and soon everyone was flocking to their quarters to try out thier new private


It was a smash success.

After a few hours of running Janeway allowed herself to go back to her own

quarters to activate and test her own pivate 'world' where she could really


It appeared that Voyager would be alot more livable from now on.

Chapter 2

The usual skirmishes still arose. People late for thier REAL duties. People

accusing each other of breaking private engagements. She'd overheard B'ellana

pecking at Tom relentlessly about him always prefering Captain Proton to their

'dates'. Of course it was happening everywhere. The crew had been looking at

each other for so long, they were escaping to new worlds of new people. Janeway

herself was sitting in a jungle looking over the troubles. A long cascading

waterfall was splashing nearby making pleasant sounds as other colorfull birds

sung in the air.

Soon Janeway was ready for another change and put her deck on an elegant

restaurant. It didn't matter which one, just something large so that she

wouldn't feel as if she was in her little room. There were many new people, she

wanted to chat with each and every one. But alas, they weren't very


With a sudden idea, she wanted to bring up some of the famous captains now.

With the mass of information about these people, they could be rendered alot

better than some of the simulated people that the holodeck seemed to have an

enending supply of. She was about to suggest one of her earlier captians that

had explored unknowns much the same as she. What was his name? Kirk. That was


Then, her com badge rang.

'Capain, there's been...' it was Seven's voice.

'Seven?' Janeway's eyebrows immediately knitted.

'Captain, you are requested in astrometrics.' her voice was shaken.

Janeway gulped. It was difficult to shake Seven. She wondered if it was a

personal problem, or if the ship was under Borg attack. Those were the only two

events that could shake the ex-borg commando. She cut off her private simulation

and began out the door.

'Captain! Medical emergency in sickbay.' the doctor's voice reported.

'ON my way!'

Janeway was taking a short cut through the bridge to the tubo lift when she saw

ensign Valla staring at the floor.

'What is it?' Janeway asked, but she saw at the same time.

There was no one else on the bridge.


It was the middle of the second watch. But there was a little toy action figure

on the floor. It was moving. Janeway stopped dead in her tracks. She wasn't the

best eagle eye at the academy, but she could see features. She got on her knees

to verify.

It was Tuvok. About one fourtieth his normal size.

She couldn't believe it. Her com badge was going nuts wanting to report to her.

Janeway suddenly had an idea of what was happening.

She had to pat ensign Valla on the cheek to snap her out of her trance. She was

afraid it was going to happen to her.

'Ensign! Collect up the crew. Get as many as you can find and report back to

sick bay.'

'Aye, Captain...' the young ensign reported weakly. She'd just been assigned to

the bridge, and now this. She'd much rather be doing low level systems scan back

in the safety of level six if this is what it was like on the bridge.

Valla bit her lip as she picked up the tiny vulcan in her fingers. Tuvok was

yelling up to her, but she was already spotting more moving 'dolls' on their

seats and on the floor. She was very careful where she stepped.


Janeway had to get to the bottom of this. Ignoring everyone else, she went

directly to see Seven. She found the tall blonde Borg at her console doing

hurried calculations.

'Seven! Report!' Janeway needed to get a lid on this before the rest of the crew

was gone.

'Captain.' Seven turned and was flustered beyond any other emotion she'd had and

her face was pale as a ghost. The two women stared at each other for long

moments as is Seven was talking, but she wasn't.

Janeway had to get her started again.

'Report.' she said in a direct yet quieter voice. Seven seemed to be at a loss

for words for a moment.

'Captain, I've...' she turned to her console. Seven coulnd't look the captain in

the eye while speaking. It was what she often did when human contact had become

uncomfortable. 'I've made an error. The system wide holodeck protocol is a

failure.' she concentrated on the console trying to tune out the captain


Janeway wasn't going to let her do it. She pulled Seven's arm to make her face

her. 'What is going on?' she demanded her tone had to stay professional, a

failure is when you blew a fuse. When you shrink half of the crew, that's

something else!

Seven's lip quivered for a moment as if the truth were an option. But clearly

with the fiesty red headed captain, it wasn't. She would find out the truth

sooner or later, there was no point in hiding it.

Resistance was futile.

'I.. I couldn't get the ship's computer to multitask as was required for the

system to work, even with the computer I designed, so I selected a group of my

nanoprobes to handle the ship's multifunctioning deck simulations.' she seemed

to be admitting something from the soul. Yet Janeway didn't see the connection

with the problems.

Janeway wrinkled her brow further. Her eyes cast in stone.

'Seven. I just saw Tuvok on my way here. He was this tall.' she indicated with

her fingers.

Seven seemed to become nervous about that as well. She had to come up with the

full explaination quickly. Perhaps she would only get demoted to toilet cleaner

and not thrown out the air lock?

'Captain, I accept full responsibility...' she began again. This time Janeway

could just keep knodding. Seven was not to stop untill she was done with her


'The holodeck protocol covered the whole ship, and my nano probes linked it to

my brain...' again the long pause was kept alive by Janeway rolling her hand on

her wrist. Keep going. Keep going.

'And the ship was affected when I... when I dreamed.' Seven had let the cat out

of the bag. Janeway had to take the explaination as gospel. But it was a far

shot explaination.

'You dreamed that Tuvok was three inches tall and he is? What did you dream

about everyone else?' Janeway was frowning with disappointment. Safety was

supposed to be the number one factor here. She could have slapped herself for

not making sure everyone knew the 'risks' and had everything double checked by

the other technicians before she let Seven go ahead with the project.

There would have been alot more skepticism if they'd found out that Seven

herself was the data processing hub for the ship.

Seven was sort of releived having said the most destructive of the things to

admit to. 'The dream was that the men on board voyager were... small. I shall

reverse it at once.' she went straight to her borg charging station and went to

'sleep'. Janeway was digging her fingernails into her palms.

She'd had to turn off her com badge. There was too much chaos on the ship, and

here she was watching Seven SLEEPING!

Within a few moments Seven re awoke. 'There.' she announced and went back to her

console. Evedently whatever she was looking at was still wrong. Janeway called

back to sick bay.

'Janeway to sick bay. Doctor?'

'Captain, my mobile emitter has become smaller for some reason, but I've

rerouted myself through the still functioning ship wide holo emmiter system. The

crew seems to be affected by something that has made them smaller as well. There

seems to be no explaination...'

'I've got the explaination. Computer, all deck announcement... Attention crew:

This is the captain. Attention: all hands. This is Captain Janeway. There's been

an... error in the shipwide holographic system. I'm ordering the... women of the

crew to collect up all the men untill they are all accounted for and report to

sick bay.' she was about to call Chakotay when she realized her number one would

also be affected. She tried anyway.

'Commander Chakotay this is Captain Janeway. Commander?' no answer.

'Computer. Locate commander Chakotay.'

'Commander chakotay not loacated aboard Voyager.' the computer reported back. Of

course he was aboard, just smaller than the ship recognized.

'Computer, what was the last known location of commander Chakotay?'

'In his quarters.' it reported back. Janeway was on the move. She had to find

him quickly. She was hoping that eveyone was looking before anything terrible

happened. Before she left Seven she warned.

'Don't sleep!' she accused alot more venomously than she'd intended. The already

vulnerable blonde was shivering.

'Aye, captain.' Seven promised with her large lips tight as a drum.


'Chakotay?' Janeway looked into the doorway and saw an elegant restaurant with

exotic dancers and seveal different races dining. 'Chakotay?' she looked around

on the floor. If he was in the simulation, then she might just end it and find

him. But if he WASN'T within the simulation limits, the computer would 'erase'

him if it was terminated.

That would be VERY bad. She had to find him within this world and keep him with

her as she disenguaged the program.

It was more frequent now for people to lose small items on holdecks if they left

them in a place and then bagan walking far enough away. It was especially

difficult now that the main focus was a small quarters. She looked around some

table legs and in the shadows of plants.

Chakotay could be anywhere by now! She fumed.

He may have taken a walk down the city street in front of the restaurant. She

bit her lip as she looked. A waitress came by. 'Ma'am. Can I help you?'

'Yes, I'm looking for Commander... I mean. I'm looking for a man. He's about

this tall.' she indicated with her fingers. The tall waitress just shrugged.

'Aren't we all!' she strode off as if the red headed captain were the crazy one.

Janeway had to keep looking.

She suddenly got another idea.

'Computer, what was the last location of commander Chakotay in this room?'

Off to her right, a red blinking computer cursor was above a table with a woman

sitting at it.

Janeway hurriedly went to the table and looked around. 'Miss, have you seen a

man.. he's about this tall?'

The lady had her hair swept back tightly on her scalp and was drawing smoke off

of a long stemmed cigarette. She looked too stuck up to speak to her. 'Maybe.'

she pulled the white bola around her white dress as if she were queen of the

universe. Janeway had no time for this.

'Look.. lady. If you don't answer me, I'll run you through!' she balled her fist

in the woman's face. She seemed to get knocked off of her pedestal for a moment.

Uppity holograms weren't going to stand in Captain Cathrine Janeway's way.

'Well!' The woman's eyes bulged but she settled back in her chair wincing at the

fiesty red head. 'All men here are only this tall,' she indicated the same thing

with her fingers that Janeway did, 'So you may as well look for yourself!' she

squirmed away and run into the ladie's room.

Janeway looked around, and sure enough, of all the people she saw, they were all


She hadn't noticed so much before because some of the different alien's were

hard to tell gender appart. She looked at a Klingon woman sitting at her table.

She had a group of male Klingons on her dining plate. She picked one of them up

by his foot and dangled him over her face before dropping him in her mouth and

chewing on him.

Janeway's blood turned to ice. She ran over and grabbed the Klingon's arm before

she could eat another male.

'Have you seen a human man about this tall...' she began with the description,

then remembered it was all males. 'Never mind. He had a tattoo on his face?' she

was sweating bullets imagining the sharp toothed grill forehead woman eating her

number one officer. The Klingon just pushed Janeway off.

'I do as I please. This place pleases me!' she picked up another male from her

plate. 'Vach mallll!!!' she smiled and threw him in her mouth to begin chewing


Janeway backed away and looked even more frantically.

He'd been at a dining table, but there was no telling who was sitting with him.

The woman that went into the ladie's room MIGHT have him. But she didn't seem to

know anything.

Janeway was going to need help.

The whole ship would be in termoil if there were more lost men like this. She

reported for all unaccounted for men to be looked for. And to remind everyone

not to disenguage the holodecks before looking. She was already assuredly too

late for some. She got everyone's attention at once by drawing her phazer and

shooting into the air.

'Listen up! I've got an officer on this deck. If he's not returned to me at

once...' Just then she saw a woman at the bar with her white gloved hand up.

Janeway went over directly and saw Chakotay on the bar next to a couple of wine


'CAPTAIN!? Are you real?!' the tiny Commander asked.

'I'm real.' she reasured and tried to grab him. The blonde kept herself between

Chakotay and the captain.

'Uh, Captain. Meet Vareche. She's from the Beregone system.' Chakotay

introduced. The large busted blonde offered her hand to Janeway, but the captain

was much too busy.

'How do you do, my ship is in an emergency...' she tried to reach for Chakotay

again. This time Vareche didn't have to block her. Chakotay ran behind Vereche's

gloved elbow and peeped out.

'Let her take me wherever you want me to go. Her program works on the whole ship

you know.' he said looking up at Janeway as if he were scared to death of her.

'I'm gathering everyone in sickbay.' she began then got even more irritated that

he was afraid of her. The very woman that was trying to rescue him from the

likes of the Klingon Valkrie! 'What's gotten into you. This is an emergency! I

need you be be rational!' she didn't know what was wrong with her exec. Perhaps

seven hadn't told her everything...

'Shall we?' Vereche stood with Janeway putting Chakotay in her small leather


Janeway shrugged and lead the way to sickbay. The holographic woman folowed just

as real as the doctor ever was.

Janeway didn't know what to do about it. It would be one thing if a hologram was

interfering, but Chakotay WANTED to be with the fictitous woman. He'd need

psychological evaluation when all of this was over.

Chapter 3

'Captain. Tom was almost killed when the monster robot tried to step on him!'

B'ellana was saying when she entered.

'I know it's dangerous. The whole situation is dangerous.' Janeway was better

prepared for a Borg attack than this. She found the doctor still going over each

tiny crewman as if he'd find something new with his tricorder.

'Nothing Captain. Nothing to explain this.' he was completely stumped on this


'It's got something to do with the ship wide holodeck. If all the men are

accounted for, we'll shut the whole thing down.'

'Captain, I've barely got half of the male crew here.' the doctor reported. That

was the good thing about being computer generated. He'd recognize the tiny

people and their records. The ship's main computer still couldn't locate them.

'B'ellana. See if you can recalibrate the ship's sensors to detect the tiny

men... I mean... the men that are...' Janeway looked at the table and saw that

there were quite a few men there. But not all of them. The whole thing was like

a nightmare.

Then she remembered it was Seven's nightmare. Or was it?

She had to get the blonde Borg to reverse the madness, and she had to make sure

the men were rescued before anymore cannibal Klingons in other simulations got

ahold of them.

'Captain, what about her?' the doctor complained about the woman Chakotay had

hooked up with. Janeway wasn't in any mood for distractions.

'Just stay out of the way.' she ordered the civilian fictitious woman. Chakotay

was on the medical examining bed with the rest of them. But the blonde bombshell

was hovering over him like an overly protective hen at all times.


Janeway found Seven sitting in the corner with her arms around her knees. It was

the scared little Annica position she'd kept from her childhood. Janeway felt

sorry for her, but angry at the same time.

There were probably fatalities in this one, and the only Borg aboard Voyager was

erronious on more than one occasion trying to be 'better' than everyone else.

This was just more of her big headed mishaps that could have been avoided.

'Seven. Can you reverse it yet?' she asked already knowing the answer.

After a few moments of vulnerable silence she murmured, 'I've failed captain.'

She said bitterly and sincerely. She wasn't crying though. Seven of Nine never

allowed herself to do that.

'Everyone's got a job to do. Your job is to find out how to reverse this Seven.'

Janeway pressed. She crouched down to get close and personal with the blue eyed

borg. Seven was feeling alot like Annica right now. Her early human emotions

were the only emotions she'd had left when the disconnected her. Now she was

frail and uncertain again.

'I can't... it was triggered by my dream, and my dream became the event. I

cannot order my nanoprobes to reverse an event. It's like ordering the water

back into a dam.' she still wouldn't let herself cry. But she was very close.

'I... can only go back to sleep and dream them back to normal.'

'That's too dangerous. Anything might happen. You might dream that the ship is

made of cotton candy or something. We'll have to get the doctor to see if we can

control you dream.' they both knew that was highly unlikely, but it had to be

done. 'Untill then, you need to help us find everyone. There's alot of my crew

still missing or lost in thier quarter's programs. We need to move quickly


'I cannot.' she wasn't prepared to go searching. Janeway knew it was the only

way to get her to face her nightmare.

'That's an order Seven. ON YOUR FEET AND FOLLOW ME!' she took her hand and lead

her out into the corridor.

'Computer. Report a crewman's name that is missing that no one is presently

looking for...'

'Ensign Donner.' the computer reported.

'Last known location?'

'Quarters. Level four cabin 32.'

'Let's go.' it was not a request to Seven.

Chapter 4

'B'ellana. Good job in getting the computer recalibrated.' Captain Janeway was

sitting in the ready room with a different looking view than normal. Alot of

seats were empty.

They'd found nearly everyone. One of the crew had been squished under the feet

of dancing holograms.

One had been eaten by a creatures in their program. They found the tiny com

badge with a tri specially calibrated tri corder.

Only a couple were still un accounted for. They must have been wiped out when

some of the holograms were disenguaged to do the 'search'.

Janeway knew the stress was going through the roof on the ship. Everyone wanted

answers, including herself.

Janeway looked at Chakotay, Tuvok, Top Paris, and Harry Kim. They were standing

by her hand. Seven and B'ellana were in their chairs looking on with interest.

'The shipwide holodeck program is scrapped untill it can be perfected.' Janeway

announced to what was left of her high staff. Of course, it wasn't a big

surprise. It had been off for a day already. The women of the crew were going

nuts with new duties since the men were all but gone. Even the doctor was now

'tiny' since his mobile emitter was shrunk as well. Janeway went over her hand

held roster and decided that alot of the routine chores would have to wait while

pressing matters were done by the remaining crew.

'As a bit of irony to the subject, Seven, you're now promoted to Commander.'


'And B'ellana. You're now chief engineer, AND chief science officer.'

'Captain?!' the half Klingon beauty was about to fight about that promotion.

'Don't worry. I need you two on the bridge now. And I'm giving promotions among

the rest of the crew to fill in the gaps. We need to keep the ship running

untill we can fix... the other problem.' she looked at the tiny men next to her

hand. They were still living breathing human beings, but at their present size,

they just weren't considered 'warm bodies' to put at a post. They were

effectively nueutralized. No other attack on Voyager had immobilized so much of

the crew. Ever.

But the tiny men WERE mobile. Now that the computer recognized them, they could

beam to any part of the ship they wanted, and their communicators worked as well

so they could talk to their large female counterparts.

They just couldn't DO much.

Janeway really wished it hadn't happened, but there was a positive side.

'And, since the size of the crew is... I mean. Since the demands on the ship's

resources is lowered, we can now put more energy into the engines and we're now

traveling home faster. We can use the extra replicator energy to cut months off

of our travel time. So there is some good news.' she looked at the tiny men

again. They were standing more or less at attention, but they were dismayed by

the whole situation. She was hoping none of them would suffer a nervous

breakdown or go into shock.

She was trying to be as nice as possible.

'As for the assignments. I'm leaving it up to the men of the ship which

crewmember they'd like to be affiliated with. With each of them so

incapacitated, they'll need an assigned guardian to look out for them and keep

track of them. We don't want any more casualties.' Janeway made sure that Seven

and B'ellana were paying attention to that order. They would be the ones

enforcing it for her.

'We can be with anyone we want?' Chakotay was the first to speak up. Janeway

thought it only fair because they'd been dealt such a raw hand.

'Yes, anyone.' she swelled with pride. She just KNEW he'd ask her to look over

him. They'd had so many intimate encounters that it stood to reason he'd want

her support in this time of need.

'Then I'd like to have... Vereche look after me on the holodeck. She could run

in the background while other people are using the holodeck for other things.'

he looked up hopefully.

Janeway's mouth droped visibly at the slap in the face.

Her eyes popped further open as if she'd just been dumped right before the prom.

'I... uh. Request granted.' Janeway said with her little hope smashed.

It shouldn't matter. But somehow it did. She watched Tom Paris go to B'ellana's

hand and ask her to take him. The ex-marquis took him in her half Klingon hand

and pressed him to her chest lovingly. It was the closest thing to a teddy bear

she'd had since a child. And it was her boyfriend at the same time.

Feeling that the session was at an end, Tuvok, Chakotay and Harry beamed out of

the room.

Evedently none of them wanted the captain to look after them either.

The captain had to readjust her collar for her deflating head to fit back in her

uniform. She'd THOUGHT the whole crew would swoon to her. She'd have to be

turning them away in droves... Or AT LEAST Chakotay...

Janeway made sure that the announcement was to go out ship wide and that each

man was to log into the computer who their guardian would be just in case any

one of them might go missing. There would be someone who knew where they were.

Janeway went to her cabin and sat thinking how painfull it was that Seven's idea

was flawed to begin with. She would have loved to have a beautifull paradise in

her cabin at all times, but knowing that Seven might dream about alien monsters

and kill everyone was a big detourant.

She sighed again. The computer was reporting each man's choice of woman.

It made her a bit angry with herself. Perhaps if she'd been nice she might have

gotten someone for herself. Then she mentally slapped herself. She wasn't

supposed to be thinking of her cursed crewmen as property. She should just be

greatfull that nothing worse happened! Seven may have dreamed that they all

turned into dust.

Or that the ship was a borg ship. That could have been disasterous.

With a shiver she thought of all the bad things. That was the downfall to having

a mind that could calculate many possibilities.

Janeway was sharp, and the possibilities for bad things seemed more vast than


She poured herself a coffee. She'd be going to bed soon and she would be

wondering what the crew men would be doing at this time. Would they be sleeping

in sock drawers? Would they be sleeping WITH their women?

Exhauseted she got up to shower before she turned in. More possibilities indeed.


Seven regenerated long enough to dream. The captain had been correct not to

allow her to try to dream the crew back to normal. She'd dreamed of some sort of

fairy tale where there were magical creatures frolicking and fighting in the

woods. Nothing about Voyager at all. She snapped her eyes open and was ready to

go to her new extra duties.

She was greeted by a sight that stunned her mind. At her feet there was a huge

gathering of tiny men all looking up at her.

She gripped the sides of her sleep chamber. She must still be asleep. But she

self checked herself and stared at them. They were real, and they were there

waiting for her to awaken.

'State your business here.' she would have backed away from them if she hadn't

already been in her alcove.

They all tried to talk at once, but it was clear that they wanted HER to be

their guardian. She was horrified suddenly that she might have gone mad, she

wanted to make sure she wasn't still asleep.

She stepped gently around the gathering on the floor and went to her station.

She checked and double checked herself. The men transported themselves up onto

her console. There must have been thirty of them including Tuvok and Harry. She

was perplexed that they had chosen her. Even the very logical Vulcan!

'It was my failure that caused this problem. It is irrational for me to look

after you.' Seven said to them. Tuvok spoke up.

'Since you did indeed cause the problem, it is in out best interst that we work

with you and help you to reverse the process. The captain has assigned our

duties elsewhere, we may be able to assist you in undoing the problem.'

'Plus, you're the best looking woman aboard, I'd much rather be here with you

than Isara in the lab.' Harry admitted of he usually grouchy girl friend.

It seemed to surprise the other guys, but they were there for the same reason


Tuvok was the only man that wouldn't admit it.


'Naomi Wildman. How are you?'

'Neelix?!' the young girl hurried to her dresser where Neelix had appeared. He'd

been wearing his liesure clothes when the whole thing had happened and he'd been

in the kitchen. He'd been found by the first woman to come along. Now he was

sort of stuck in the same clothes.

'I came to check on you.' Neelix tried to be cheery at all times.

'Check on me? You're the one that needs help! Are you okay?'

'Of course. I'm just fine. Is your mom here?'

'No, she's got alot more duties than usual.' Naomi shrugged. 'Since there aren't

any boys any more, the girls have to do everything now. I'm supposed to start

cooking in your place!'

'And you'll be the BEST cook ever!' Neelix said as cheerily as he could. But he

was a mess inside. It would be VERY difficult to be a sucessfull diplomat the

size of a pickle.

'Thanks.' Namomi beamed. The little bumps on her forhead were shining with her

youthfull glossiness.

'I was wondering if your mom would be my new guardian. The captain wants each of

us men to have a guardian now.'

'Hey! I could be your guardian, and you could teach me how to cook like you!'

'But Naomi...' Neelix had remembered the other guys getting together and

discussing which women aboard would make the best 'guardians' in tems of which

would be a good girlfriend.

Neelix found a bit of reason in what she said. It would be a chance for him to

'work' again. At least as a teacher. He was hoping the other guys didn't take

this the wrong way. 'Of COURSE I'd like that alot...' he wondered if it was

best, but it would be good enough untill her mom got home. He hoped dearly that

his life wouldn't become 'teacher' because of his new height.


'You're being unreasonable. If I were full blooded Klingon I'd never have a mate

that couldn't best a brave in battle, all I'm asking from you is a little

cooperation.' B'ellana told Tom who looked like he was ready to burst.

'All I wanted was a replicated flier. You could make on if a few moments...' Tom

wanted a delta flier 'toy' to play with. B'ellana was trying to get him to sit

still so she could make clothes for him instead. She didn't want to admit it,

but now that he was so small, she couldn't keep her hands off of him.

She felt like the poverbial kid in a candy store.

Only, the candy was more intersted in crawling into a shuttle to see if he could

pilot a tiny replica around the room.

B'ellana finally agreed only if he'd sit still for her the next day.

He whole heartedly promised his cooperation later. B'ellana knew it was a piece

of cake. She went to the computer terminal and asked it to access the blue

prints of the delta flier, and then to have a 1/40 scale model created on her

food replicator. The computer did as asked and soon Captain Proton was flying

again. B'ellana just let him behave like a kid as she went back to her work

station in engineering. Sitting around with a flying rodent in her quarters

wasn't her idea of a good time!

Tom could be SUCH a pest she fumed.


Janeway crawled out of the tub and toweled herself dry. Screw the sonic

sanitizer when she had real tension to soak out. Even the smell of the soap was

a heady fragrance that kept her mind off of the ship around her. Her

communicator buzzed on the clothes lying on the floor. She tapped it with her

toe to actuate it. 'Janeway.'

'Uh, captain... I'm here about... uh...'

'Who is this?' she asked not recognizing the voice.

'Uh, lieutennant Shroder. I was with you on last away mission?'

'Shroder?' she tried to jog her weary mind.

'I ran the transporter!'

'Oh, yes. I remember now. What's your message?'

'You gave orders to find a woman for a guardian...' he prompted.

She toweled off her red mop of hair briskly while speaking. This was obviously

someone in despirate need of some holodeck time. She was going to try and make

it as easy as possible. 'The orders are for everyone's protection. If you can't

find one, I can appoint someone for you.'

'I mean. I was wondering if you had any room left, ma'am. Captain.'

'Room?' she looked at herself in the mirror.

With bags under he eyes and all her makeup washed away, she was a mess.

She had company? Was she hearing it correctly?

Why was she so suddenly bent out of shape for the idea of a tiny man being in

her quarters???

She hurried the dressing ritual and came out to see that her visitor was already

inside the door of her quarters. Janeway stopped as if moving quickly might

scare him off. 'Lieutenant Shroder?' she asked the tiny being by her door.

'Captian.' the three inch man looked more lost than anything. Janeway decided to

take her diplomatic route (as uaual) and try to get him to stay by example.

'You wish to stay with me as your guardian? Well, I'm flattered. I feel as if

I've been guarding all of you since we launched anyway.' she finally sat on a

lounger she'd always used for guests. It faced her working desk, but also was

mid way between it and the door. She looked at the tiny man hoping that this was

going to go well.

'Uh, yes captain. Where are the others?' her guest suddenly asked.

'Others?' she realized that he must have thought most of the men aboard would be

flocking to her. Just as she'd thought so.

She'd already seen the report of Seven's success but didn't want to say anything

of it.

'There are many women aboard Voyager, most of the men probably have sweethearts

they'd rather see. Come now. Let me look at you.' she motioned him over. She

felt guilty as hell.

This was just flat fun for her.

She'd never felt the sensation. She should be kicking herself or feeling guilty

for his present state. She was responsible after all, yet she also felt like it

was a gift. Everyone staying an arm's lenght from each other every day because

they were in the heart of danger, and aboard a federation vessel. Now it was

like her male crewmen were civilians again. Fragile and weak like children.

Beings to be cared for instead of ordered around.

Yet she liked to order them around. The millitary always felt superior to

civilians. And she was a Federation Captain! Jackson Shroder came forward untill

he was beside her foot looking up at her. Her hair was still a damp array around

her head as her eyes began to glimmer with emotion. Her only 'admirer' aboard

Voyager. Her own fan.

Chapter 5

Seven looked at her 'admirers' as unpredictible humans. But their faith in her

was what disturbed her most. She tried to detour their idea that she would be a

good guardian by pointing out her flaws. Unfortunately, her flaws were what men

found most desirable about her. She told them all to wait there. She went to the

doctor, her only 'mostly human' advisor that she trusted in such manners. Seeing

him as a tiny version of himself was also disturbing.

Her quick walk was more tribute to her fine body tone. Nothing bounced more

enticingly than Seven's body in a hurry.

'Doctor. I require your assistance.'

'What's wrong?' the doctor appeared and kept a tone for Seven that he didn't use

with the rest of the crew. Even though he was a program, he could 'feel'

something for her. It was something he couldn't explain, and it did NO good what

so ever that she was now magnified by her immense size compared to him. She

brought her face down low to speak candidly as she often did when distressed

about human manners.

'The men aboard the ship... They think I should look after them untill they can

be returned to normal.' she said as if it were the most dire crisis. The doctor

was surprised and a bit jealous. He wasn't required to seek out a female

guardian, he wasn't a human mortal man. Seven would be his choice if he were


He sighed. 'I can see why.' was all he could conjure. Her face was even more

beautiful and exotic up close like this. Her hot breath blew over him from

beautifully formed large lips.

'There is an error in their judgement. I am responsible for their condition.

Therefore, they should seek someone else to protect them for this time.' her

lips stayed tense, but her confusion made her all the more lovable. Even her

borg implant on her forehead looked like exotic jewelry as he looked up at her

from the medical station console. He tried to let her know how he felt through

his actions, not just his words, but all the subleties in the cosmos would never

pierce Seven of Nine's armor she'd managed to guard herself with.

'It's captain's orders. They can go to whom ever they wish...' he looked at it

as an open and shut case. Seven pursed her lips and steadied herself. She was

always ready to 'argue' the borg way. Fighting with a three inch doctor would be

futile though. There was no physical challenge.

'Their presence will hinder my work on the matter. Thier minds must be changed.

Perhaps there might be a psychological problem they aquired during the

transformation? If so, you should examine them. At least long enough to give me

time to think...'

'That doesn't sound unreasonable, but I've ALREADY scanned them for any signs of

damage. I'm afraid they've come to this conclusion on their own.' the doctor was

none too happy about it, but he'd rather have Seven all to himself like he did

at present. Her eyes began to beg even though she didn't allow her voice to

convey it.

'There must be an explaination. They should hate me.' she let her voice drop to

almost a whisper. It was music to the doctor. He felt the same swell as when

they sang together in perfect harmony. Seven was a work of art as well as a

natural beauty.

'The explaination is here.' he indicated her face. She was confused and felt of

her face wondering if he was pointing at any particular Borg implant that might

be showing signs of activity. 'No, I mean. YOU! You inspire trust in the crew...

men that is. Your confidence and skill is what lead them to you. That's not a

dillusion.' he was trying his best to show how HE felt about her as well.

She didn't get the connection.

'If they were looking for strong traits, they would have all chosen the captain.

She has more than enough confidence for all of them.' she said as if countering

an attack. It did nothing but convince the doctor that Seven had no idea what a

force she was. It was a shame. He suddenly had an idea.

'Do you remember your first date?'

'On the holodeck?'

'Yes. You dislocated your date's arm?' the doctor tried to pace a bit closer and

further so he could look at her eyes and lips closer without looking like he was

swooning as much as he was.

'I... remember.' Seven said distastefully.

'Is he one of the men that has come to you?' the doctor asked knowing that Seven

would have all of the details memorized whether she wanted to or not. Seven

knodded thinking with her photographic memory.

'Yes. He was. Further proof that the men are under some sort of dillusion.'

'No. Further proof that when they think of a capable and honest guardian, they

think of you.'

'Engineering to Seven of Nine.' B'elana's voice came across her badge. Seven had

to dismis her personal problem for a few moments. She stood abruptly to

attention leaving the doctor reeling on his heels. Her face was so inspiring!

'Seven here.'

'We've got a problem down here, I need your assistance.' B'ellana usually didn't

let Seven TOUCH the warp core. There must have been more than a little problem.

Seven had to hurry out with minimal glances back at the doctor who just shook

his head and returned to the 'invisible' realm of cyberspace.


'State the emergency.' Seven burst into engineering. She was actually glad for a

distraction from what awaited her in astometrics.

'I've got a level two breech contained now, but we've lost some of our

efficiency untill I can patch it up better. Can you help?' The half klingon

beauty was a very competant engineer. It must have been killing her inside to

have to ask, but her usual 'assistants' were now no bigger than her finger and

could do little in the way of repairing heavy duty problems with the warp core.

'I will assist.' Seven went straight to an engineering console. What B'elana

never realized is Seven's 'do good' attitude was in no way directed at making

the half klingon half human woman feel inferior. On the contrary, being

efficient was the only way Seven knew to reach out and try to befriend someone.

The women on board Voyager didn't see it that way. They thought she had a

'better than you' attitude from the start.

Now, if Seven could understand humans, she'd have her efficiency adjusted to the

real world.

'I'm detecting several fractures on the secondary housing as well. I suggest

shutting down immediately.'

'I can do this...' B'ellana started. But she'd need help to do it active. The

chief engineer was now the chief pissed off resident Klingon engineer. Seven was

going to make her report the failure to the captain and take the warp drive off

line. 'Whatever!' she blew up at Seven and made the report to Ellana Jensen who

was flying the ship in the other helmsmen's absence.

The captain was also informed as Voyager dropped out of hyperspace.


Her wakup call was just in time. The computer announced that the Forlocci planet

was within scanning distance. Janeway almost forgot Voyager was to rendezvous

with a Forlocci trading vessel. Voyager's storhouses were getting critically low

on a few things and they would be picking up supplies that they needed to

survive. Ironically, after their 'incident' they wouldn't need them as direly as

usual. She shrugged to herself. It was better to have over rather than under


'Captain. This is Ellana Jensen, first gunnery officer at the helm. Engineering

has informed me the warp core is shutting down for repairs.'

'Copy that. Scan for a Forlocci trading ship in this sector.'

'Captain? What does it look like?' the confused voice asked.

Janeway was not used to an inexperienced crew. But times were hard. 'You'll know

it when you see it. Get as close as you can before the warp core is shut down.'

'Aye, Captain.'


Several hours later, Janeway dressed in her best Star Fleet regulation colors

and prepared for the Forlocci embassador to beam aboard.

She told her tiny charge good bye and made her way to the transporter room. She

didn't want to leave him, but again, she knew wher he was SUPPOSED to be at all

times. And fist contact could be rough.

The Forlocci weren't that much different than humans. One tall pock faced man

and woman beamed in with gastly white skin and huge silken robes. The captain

greeted them with a smile wishing Neelix was by her side. Diplomacy was a bit

rusty after having someone to do it for her for so long. The transporter officer

was a non descript woman who'd been pulled from some other task to sit in at the

station temporarily. Captain Janeway shrugged to herself internally. She hoped

the traders wouldn't see them as some sort of matriarchal society.

'I am Celina of the Ferlocci, this is my consort Rubion.' the pocked faced woman

announced. She looked neither young nor old, just characterized by her race's

facial formations.

B'ellana would feel like a 'smooth queen' of beauty compared to them.

'I am Captain Kathrine Janeway. This is my ship, USS Voyager. Welcome aboard.'

'When shal we commence our negotiations?' the placid faced woman asked with her

forehead moving up and down with no eye brows. It must have designated an

earnest gesture because her consort was doing the same thing.

'As soon as you wish. My ship is open to you. Feel free to visit as long as you

wish.' The captain already guessed that they were in for a long haul. It

appeared that the Forlocci WERE matriarchs. It would be an interesting

negotiation as well. She hoped the crew kept their 'men' safe diuring the visit

as they were ordered. If nothing else, the Forlocci APPEARED to be monsters of

some sort. Sharp fangs and claws instead of fingernails.

They'd dealt with worse, but she'd been hoping for so much better.


'It's not the same B'ellana. Don't!' Tom was fighting B'ellana's attepts to get

him out of the Delta flier. She wanted to carry him with her, and it was simply

not something he'd let her do. 'I'll follow you...' he offered.

'I made your Delta flier replica, you said you wouldn't stay in it too long.

Now, come here.' she had to grab him by his foot and drag him from the toy sized

flier. He used his com link to beam himself out of B'ellana's hand and back

inside the flier so that he could escape. She saw him dematerialize and grabbed

for the flier as it was about to take off. The engines fought her for a second,

then Tom activated the shields and B'ellana got a jolting shock.

'Ough!' she slapped her hands together to make the numbing feeling go away.

'You! I'll get you for that!' she lunged after the delta flier. Now Tom was

trying to get away. He was going to have the computer beam him and the delta

flier 'toy' to another part of the ship when B'ellana hammer fisted the shuttle

to the floor of her room. She immediately was sorry for doing it, the Delta

flier was destroyed.

'Tom?!' she picked it up and saw him unconscious at the controls.

She immediately beamed to sick bay still holding the delta flier in her arms

like a sick baby. Fortunately the doctor was his size, and Tom was treated


Janeway had to leave the conference room to see to the medical emergency.

She was pissed when she got there.


'What happened?'

'I can explain...' B'elana began. The doctor had a miniature bed for minature

Tom Paris as he fixed him up. Tom was at least conscious now. The doctor butted

in with the details.

'It seems that Mr. Paris was blasted from the sky by our hot headed engineer

here.' he began with the common aloof tone. Janeway looked at B'elana.

'He was getting away in the Delta flier...' she had the small broken ship still

in her hands to show to the captain. It clearly had alot of damage to it. The

captain set her heels and leaned forward.

'Tom. Can you hear me?' she asked quietly.

She guessed her normal talking voice was more than enough volume for such tiny

ears. He knodded weakly. The doctor had healed the flesh, but the concussion was

still weighing on his mind. 'I want you to hear this: It was foolish for you to

run from B'elana after she's accepted looking after you. Don't ever do it again.

Is that clear?' her voice could take on a deadly tone that meant business so

quickly it was no wonder no one aboard wanted to be her enemy.

Her thin lips got even thinner as she squinted to make sure he knodded his


'Good. B'elana is to care for you. And you shall act like a Star Fleet officer

no matter what size you are. You take orders from her...' then the captain got

the idea to make sure NO more screw ups occured.

She'd order the REST of the men to do the same.

For the time being, the men would be demoted for their own protection. That way

no one would be defying their protectors. She chatted with the ship's computer

on her way back to the trade negotiations to make sure it would be so.


'I don't understand Romulan pastries!'

'Naomi Wildman. You've only begun the basics. Perhaps you should let the

replicator prepare things by program for a while.'

'NO! You're supposed to be teaching me!' she pleaded. Her big eyes were the size

of serving trays to Neelix as he stood in front of her frustrated face. It was

time for him to call on all of his 'diplomatic' capacities again.

'I'm SURE you'll do fine when you get the hang of it. Let's try it again...'

Just then the next watch took their dinner break and Naomi along with a tech

from sensors lab began dishing out food for the largely diminished crew. It took

alot less food than usual. More than one passing woman looked at Neelix with

Naomi and just shook their heads with knowing disgust.

'What's wrong with them? What did I do?' Naomi asked a bit hurt. She'd felt the

same knowing that she wasn't completely human all along, but the officers never

scoffed at her this way before. Neelix was highly hesitant to tell her the

'REASON' so he tried to brush it off. Naomi's mother was the last to come in.

She was a bit surprised to see her daughter there, and surprised the Neelix was

now her responsibility. Of course, she KNEW Neelix. It was fine with her, but

she was a bit wary of the situation with the NEW orders.

'Have you read the latest on the news line?' she asked Neelix as he stood on the

counter next to an old fassion pair of salt/pepper shakers. He just shrugged.

He'd never been one to monitor the ship's news at any size.

'The captain has just made a new order...' she began. She patted her daughter on

the head as she quoted the order verbatim. Neelix was trying to take it well.

'Naomi will be... my superior?' he asked a bit confused.

'Every male that selected a protector will be under their protector. It seems

Tom Paris was nearly killed trying to get away from B'elana Torres and the

captain wants everyone to be safe.' the middle aged woman looked just as serene

as ever even though her duty watch had been increased 30%. Naomi was perky about


'I've never been promoted over anyone before.'

'Well... I'm in good hands!' Neelix gulped as Naomi accidently dropped the

mixing bowl of Romulan pastry batter.


'Oh... frag.' Neelix gulped again.


Seven had been so wrapped up in the repairs that she forgot what awaited her in

her rejuvenating chamber. She counted, and there were exactly 21 of them now.

She wished silently that the doctor WOULD commit them to sick bay. She had no

time for further distractions. She HAD to get a handle on the nanoprobe function

that did this.

'I require time alone to think.' she told the men as they looked up at her.

They'd been having the computer replicate them a few miniature items and beam

them to the work bench. They had temporary quarters already set up like the ones

used on planets where science teams camped out. The little white spheres and

tubes were familiar to Seven, but it reminded her that her 'problem' was there

to stay untill she fixed it.

Tuvok stepped forward. 'I've made a preliminary study of the computer log. It

appears that your dream was successfull in manipulating matter through the

transporter conduits...'

'I'm highly aware of how the situation occured.' she snapped at him. But was

sorry again. 'I require time alone. Please leave.' she told them all and went to

work at her customized console. The men looked at each other and back at her.

They had read 'the latest'. Harry Kim spoke into his com badge.

'Computer. Beam clip roster to Seven of Nine's console full sized version.'

A clip board type data interface appeared in front of Seven. She looked at it as

if it were another nuisance. But as she read the text her jaw dropped a bit and

she turned to face them. They COULD NOT leave. They were ordered to be with her.

And she was now every last one of their superiors. It was a bit of a blast. From

girl, to Borg, to half human half borg, to commanding a crew of men that had all

out ranked her just a few months ago. She put down the tabulator and resumed

with a bit of relief in her voice.

'You may not leave my presence. You will stay on that work bench and do not

disturb me. That is all.' now she didn't have to ask them to do any thing. She

could simply order them to do anything she said. The punishment if they

disobeyed (also stated in the new orders) was a direct reprimand from the

captain herself. She knew none of them wished to disobey her now. She continued

on with her research with no further distractions.

Chapter 6

'I'm certain there is a commodity you'd like to trade for dilithium. Perhaps

some power converters?' the captain knew that the Forlocci would by dying to get

their hands on some real technology. She had to make sure that it didn't happen.

The matriarch was in charge of the negotiations from beginning to end, but had

to confer with her consort on the value of each item. She did not 'bother'

herself with details such as how her ship worked. Her consort eventually had to

go 'see' what was worth trading for since he didn't know what thier power

converters and biaxial conduit could do. She called the duty watch security

guard chief to conduct the 'tour' for him.

This left Celina alone with the captain for a while. Again she wished Neelix was

there. The pointed teeth of the monsterous Forlocci female was as sharp as her

mind. As soon as the doors closed she began a new discussion. 'You're completely

without males aboard?' she asked noting the captain herself was testimony to the

'female' position in their society. Janeway had to recover from this strain of


'The Federation is our leader. It is comprised of men and women from all over

the Alpha quadrant. This is but one vessel.' she tried to detour the sallow

faced trader wondering to whom she could trade her off to for the time being.

B'elana and Seven would have their hands full about now, and the rest of the

female crew was spread paper thin throughout the ship already. 'Shall we adjourn

to the cafeteria?'

'Captain? Ah, food.' the forlocci understood that subject very well. They walked

to the mess hall with Celina looking around to confirm her suspicions that there

were only women aboard.


The Forlocci consort looked puzzled. The technology was unlike theirs. There was

little chance of it integrating Federation parts into their own systems. But the

stand alone units worked well. He was especially interested in their weapons.

That was always a gray area. They had phaser type weapons already, but theirs

were bulky, too big to be carried by a person. Yeoman Richards had to confer

with the captain, but phasers were allowable for trade. What the Forlocci didn't

know was that they would be replicating the weapons using power drawn from the

dilithium they would be trading for. Thier replicator technology and computer

technology were STRICTLY off limits.

'Your beaming technlogy. We would like to have it as well.' he said as if asking

the young blonde officer for another slice of pie or cake. She shrugged.

'Sorry. That is not permitted.'

'May I at least know how it works so that we might build on one day?' he asked.

His forehead kept bobbing up and down faster and faster.

That may be allowed. She had to confer again. She was NOT in any position to do

the task at hand. If it was up to her, she would have let Neelix show the male

Folocci around.

Funny, she'd never thought of Neelix as 'valuable' before. If and when he got

back to normal size she vowed to be nicer to him in the future. Babysitting

foreigners was far more difficult than she'd ever dreamed.


B'elana was sorry for what she'd done to Tom. But she was not sorry for what the

captain had ordered. She now had Tom litterally in the palm of her hnad. If she

played her cards right, whe

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