Giantess Stories: Stay Home Dad 2  TTETF   The air hung heavy at the Landry household as two pairs of eyes stared each other down in a bitter rivalry

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Stay Home Dad 2


The air hung heavy at the Landry household as two pairs of eyes stared each

other down in a bitter rivalry.

“I call.” Said Carol Landry in her best dramatic tone.

“Then call. Or are you scared that I might actually win?” said Trish in an

equaling tone.

“I will. Two pair. I lose again.”

Laughter erupted from the kitchen table as both women laughed heartily at their

summer afternoon fun. Since Carol had moved into the new house, she had been

quite buddy buddy with the neighbor, Trish Sampson. Carol didn't have many

friends outside of work, but lately she found herself talking and seeing more of

Trish. Trish loved the company too, as her husband had died recently in an

accident. No one really social lived in the neighborhood and Carol Landry was

like a breath of fresh air. She kept her mind off of her husband and more to the

important things in life. Fun.

“Well I see my poker game is going to need some work, huh?” Carol said moving up

to refill her glass of lemonade.

“Yeah, maybe I can give you some pointers. Although, I'm pretty terrible


“More to drink, Trish?”

“No, I should get going actually,” the blonde woman said standing to her feet,

“I have a meeting tonight with a client. It's at five, but he always shows up


“He? I thought you were a massouse only to women?”

“I was, but lately, I don't know, I feel more comfortable with a man's body

since Ted died. Anyway, are you still picking up Jenny from the airport


“Yeah, my hus-…I mean Hunter, her friend, and I are going to meet her there.”

“Wow, Jenny has a boyfriend? You never told me that.”

“Well, not serious anyway. More of a ‘just friend' sort of relationship. Alright

then Trish, I'll see you later.” Carol said escorting her to the door.

“Yeah Carol. See you around.”

Carol Landry took a deep breath. Lately she had been slipping more and more like

that. Of course she had originally told Trish that her husband was also dead,

but lately this lie kept falling to the back of her mind. Martin Landry, the man

she had loved for so long was of course still alive. Although the strangest

thing that could ever happen to someone had befallen him, she still loved him so

much. Carol thought briefly back to the memory of her husband and his strange

disease last year. How she had watched him dwindle in size, literally shrinking

before her eyes. For whatever reason, he had stopped at a height of exactly 4”

and had been that way ever since. It had been a year of growing for the Landry's

especially Carol and Martin. In the beginning of all this, Martin was the man of

the house and took care of all that a good husband would. For obvious reasons

though, Carol had to assume more of the responsibilities of the house. Martin

had struggled at first and so had Carol. She felt at times that she didn't have

the support she needed, but all was forgotten when Martin would look at her with

those little eyes of his. Eventually the two worked through things and their

love blossomed even more than before. Martin was her tiny husband, and Carol was

the giantess of the house.

Carol began to march up her stairs as she heard the faint sound of a television

coming from the bedroom. As she turned the knob, she looked in to see her

shrunken husband spread out on the bed watching a movie. Martin looked up from

his car-sized pillow and jumped up to his feet.

“Hey honey! Is Trish gone, or…” Martin said looking around a little nervous.

“No she's gone darling. So how is my man today? Still getting over your


“No, I think they're gone. How about you? You seem tired?”

“No, it's just I don't want to drive to get Jenny tomorrow in the airport. It's

always hell.”

“Well don't. I'll drive.” Martin said with a laugh.

“Ha, you're a funny little man.”

“Hey, you know what we said about the height remarks.” Martin said a little


“I know, I know.” Carol said stretching out on the bed beside Martin. This shift

in weight caused him to stagger slightly as the world moved below him. “Martin,

I was wondering if you could do your massage a little early today. I was out in

the garden today with Trish and my feet are killing me.”

Now it should be noted, that for some strange reason, when Martin Landry shrank,

he also gained a foot fetish of mass proportions. As he had become smaller, and

Carol's feet grew bigger and bigger before him, they continuously aroused him

and even had brought him to orgasm before, just by kissing them. Now, at his

stable of 4”, Carol's feet seemed massive to Martin. He barely came up to

mid-sole on his wife's beautiful foot. The tips of her toes were almost as large

as his head, but still they turned him on. Which is why, since starting their

life over again, Martin gave Carol foot massages on a daily basis. This had

proved to be challenging in many ways, but Martin always “rose” for the

occasion. Although Carol didn't fully understand Martin's passion, she loved how

the small hands of her husband felt kneading her feet everywhere. She also

enjoyed the tickling sensation that his tongue brought to her feet when he

licked them. She loved feeling it, and he loved giving it, so she didn't think

he'd mind as she asked this question.

“Sure honey. Just pop off your shoes. I'll start right now.” Martin said with a

slight smile.

“No, let me go wash them first for you.”

“No, just relax. Besides, you're already lying down. Why get up?”

“Are you sure Martin? They might stink a little.”

“Oh, don't worry Carol. Just pop them off.” Martin said tapping the side of her

massive shoe.

Carol didn't really want to argue the point further because she was really

tired, so she slipped off her shoes and socks and laid her feet at the far end

of the bed. If Martin wanted to smell her feet, then who was she to argue. Just

as long as he rubbed them.

Martin looked at the two enormous masses directly in front of him. Already the

odor of his wife's feet had permeated the air and drifted over to Martin's

nostrils. Although it was a bit strong at first, Martin got used to it and even

enjoyed it. Walking up to the huge feet, he began by gently stroking her long

foot. He remembered how little he used to think her feet were. Pretty, but

little. Now those tiny things towered over Martin like nothing. He heard Carol

whimper a little in relaxation. Martin could stand the teasing no longer, as he

threw himself into her foot. He massaged and rubbed them for all he was worth.

The soft delicate texture he had felt so many times before, never failed in

getting him aroused. Suddenly, Carol spoke from far beyond.

“Martin, I have a question for you.”

“Yeah, what is it baby?” he said taking a breather from his work.

“What is it you like so much about my feet? I mean why do they turn you on so


Martin was a bit taken back by the question. When he had initially experienced

his lust, he had questioned it, but soon after all questions had left his head.

He had no idea why he liked his wife's feet so much.

“Carol, I….I promise that someday I'll answer that question. But why don't you

just relax baby. Let me ease your mind.”

“Ok Martin. But I want to know.”

Martin continued the assault on her feet, rubbing and eventually kissing them.

The salt from the sweat they were giving off gave Martin literally a new taste

of his fetish. Soon, exhausted and weak, Martin sat down, and leaned against the

foot of his now sleeping wife, truly contemplating why he loved her feet so


Stay Home Dad 2 Part 2


The next morning, Martin opened his eyes and rolled over. He quickly scanned his

surroundings; the bed still impossibly huge, Carol sleeping in the bed, her

clothes on the floor from the previous day. Martin stood up from his own

makeshift bed on the nightstand table. Ever since they had been forced to

”renegotiate” sleeping arrangements because of the obvious dangers, Carol had

made a small bed for Martin. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world,

but it was better than being crushed by his wife in the middle of the night. As

he stretched away the night, he looked over Carol as she peacefully slept. Her

blonde hair gently covered the pillow, as she was curled up in fetal like

position. Although too tiny to interact with her very physically, Martin still

thought of his wife as beautiful. Her size only escalated her good looks. Martin

could take in every line and texture she had on his size, and it made her all

the more attractive. He hopped off the nightstand and landed softly on the

mattress below. He wasn't supposed to be on the bed when she was asleep, but he

couldn't help it. She was almost calling to him.

He walked as quietly as he could towards his massive wife. He could feel the

slight warmth eminating from the bed as her body had kept a hot temperature

under the woolen blankets. A slight breeze blew into the room from the nearby

window. Martin shivered slightly, as to him, a breeze felt like cold bitter

winds. Closer and closer, he drew to Carol. The sleeping giantess suddenly

turned over, and nearly crushed Martin under her mammoth weight. Martin dove out

of the way, but still found his legs pinned beneath Carol's large thigh. He

pushed and pulled, but could not free himself. Carol would be furious if she

woke up and found him here! He had to find a way out. With one last ditch

effort, Martin pulled his legs for all he was worth. Finally they flew out from

underneath the crushing weight of his wife. But this jerking movement forced

Martin perilously close to the edge of the bed. To him, this looked to be easily

like taking a step off of a high rise! Struggling to regain his balance, Martin

failed to see Carol's hand moving quickly at him, as she was shifting again in

the bed. As he turned his head, he saw it. The impossibly large five digits were

moving fast! He turned to run, but was far too small to avoid the contact. A

thump sound was pronounced, as Martin Landry's body literally bounced off

Carol's hand. Her index finger had hit him hard in the head, and he once again

found the edge of the bed too close for comfort. Way too close! This was it,

Martin thought, I'm going to die! The fall was tremendous. Luckily he was able

to grab the linen bed covering on the way down which aided in slowing his fall.

Unfortunately this only covered the mattress. He continued his decent past the

box spring more afraid than ever! He felt a jolt of lightening jump through his

back, as he assumed his spine was now in pieces. He lay there for what seemed

like an eternity. Conscious yes, but scared to try and move for what he might

find; not being able to move at all! Finally, Martin decided to try his best. He

rolled over to his stomach. A gagging sensation swept across him, and filled his

lungs. Where the hell was he? He jumped up, surprised that he even could. A

revelation hit him as to where he was. He had been choking on pink fluffies. He

was on Carol's slipper!

Martin could not believe his good fortune, as not only was he uninjured from the

fall, but apparently had dropped into heaven as well! The smell of Carol's feet

quickly aroused him, as their scent was everywhere! Hopping down off of the

covering to the pink sole, he remembered when he was shrinking, how he had

sniffed this very slipper. It had seemed huge then, but now it resembled the

size of a car! The faded pink material of the sole reminded Martin of thin

carpeting. But this carpet was tainted with the sweetest smell in the world. He

crawled into the toe section of the slipper and sat down to rest himself. The

near death experience shook Martin up more than he thought, as a wave of

dizziness hit him. In complete darkness, the smell of the slipper comforted him.

Not just the smell of feet; the smell of his wife. He loved her dearly, and so

wished he could make love to her one more time. He knew of the impossible nature

of the wish, but dreamers will dream. As he rested against on the bottom of the

slipper, he put his feet out, and touched the other side of it. Thoughts of

loving Carol again faded after he did this; he realized he was as tall as

Carol's foot was wide. And so, with his dreams dashed, he slipped away to sleep,

comforted by the slippers warmth and his dreams of regained size.

The earth began to shake like crazy, as Martin jumped out of his sleep. He began

to crawl out of the pink cave and search for the cause of the earthquake. He

looked up, miles (to him) above his head as he saw Carol's enormous face looking

around desperately.

“Martin!? Martin where are you?” she called out.

Martin yelled as loud as he could from the top of the slipper, trying

desperately to gain his wife's attention. Almost immediately though, he realized

how futile an attempt this was. For Carol, hearing him would be like trying to

hear someone a mile across the grand canyon; near impossible. As she moved about

on top of the bed, the structure shook violently, causing Martin to drop once

again to the sole of the gigantic piece of footwear. Regaining his footing,

Martin looked up to a truly terrifying scene. Carol's foot was quickly

descending upon the slipper he occupied! If her foot landed on him, he might as

well be crushed by a house. Without really thinking, Martin rushed into the dark

cave of the slipper, trying desperately to avoid her enormous foot. He soon

collided with the end of the soft shoe, and realized he was trapped. The light

beaming from the entrance way, was soon extinguished by five enormous, plump

toes. Martin braced himself for impact with them, cowering in fear. They hit

hard. Martin was forcefully jammed in between his wife's big and second toes.

The smell was strong, as he tried to free himself from his foot prison. But, as

quickly as the foot had entered, it shrunk back, taking with it Martin Landry.

Carol had woken with a jump. Another nightmare. This time of Martin, and some

strange chase involving her husband and a giant pair of feet. She looked to the

nightstand, expecting to see her tiny husband but found nothing. He had always

told her she worried far more than she should, but Carol knew the fact that

Martin was only 4 inches tall was not fully locked in his head yet. She searched

the bed quickly, but found nothing. Just as she was putting on her slippers, she

felt something poking the end of her toes in the right slipper. As she pulled

her foot out, to her relief and anger she found her husband.

“Martin! What are you doing down there?”

“Would you believe I was taking a nap?” Martin playfully replied.

“Uhhh, Martin I know you have a thing for my feet, but this is riddiculus! What

if you were still asleep when I dropped my foot? I would have killed you!” Carol

said, now physically upset.

“Carol, calm down…you didn't crush me.” Martin said trying to soothe the

giantess's emotions.

“That's not the point Martin! Feet, feet, that's all you want! Well that's fine

with me!” With that, Carol wiggled her toes, dropping Martin back into the

slipper. She lifted him high, as butterflies built in Martin's stomach from

moving so violently fast. She placed the slipper and her husband on a high

dresser, making escape impossible. Angrily, she stormed out of the room and down

the stairs. Martin lay disgruntled and upset. Unfortunately incidences like this

were becoming more and more common. Before, when he had first shrunk, Carol had

loved having her husband close to her, especially at her feet. But now, it

seemed she still liked him close, but was more demanding that Martin obey her.

And in all honesty, the little man's foot fetish was not as appealing to her as

it had once been. Martin knew this, but to him it was the only part of her

lovely body he could treat well; and love well. He couldn't be a normal man

anymore, he was far too small! What did she want then from him? With a heavy

sigh, Martin sat down and waited, on the fuzzy pink cloth.

About two hours later, Martin heard footsteps approaching the bedroom, and he

jumped to attention. Carol entered, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a light

blue tee shirt. Her hair was softly combed back, and her eyes were more

beautiful than ever. She walked straight to Martin, never taking her eyes off of

him, nor saying a word.

“Carol,” Martin started.

“No. Not a word until we get downstairs. I'm still angry with you.” She said

gently extending her wide palm for him to climb into. Martin boarded the giant

hand and was wooshed off in a magic carpet ride. Once downstairs, Martin saw the

kitchen table set for him, with his bed, tv controls, and a supply of food for

his lunch. A thousand thoughts ran through his mind about the many things he

wished he could say to his wife. But, nothing, as usual, ever came out. She

placed him on the table and began to speak.

“Martin listen. I know this past year has been difficult perhaps for you even

more than me. I mean, I can't even imagine what things look like on your level.

But, you have to understand, if we are to live together, we both have to obey

some rules. You can't just go wandering around. I mean, I almost killed you

today. What do you think I would have felt like if I had? I love you Martin, and

I could have never forgiven myself. So when Jenny and I return this afternoon,

things are going to be different.”

“Oh yeah? Different how?” Martin asked.

“Well, you aren't going to be allowed to move about as freely as I have been

letting you.”

“Like I'm really able to run miles around this house.” Martin said


“And another thing, is that I'm not sure anymore about these daily foot rubs.

They seem to make you so horny, which I like, but not to the extent of you

ending up in my slipper and I almost crushing you under my foot.”

Martin couldn't believe he was hearing this.

“So what then Carol? That's all I seem to be good at right now anyway. Or maybe

I'm not. You know, I can't support my family at all anymore. I can't really do

any chores around the house, and most importantly of all, I can't even make love

to you anymore.” Martin said now on the brink of crying.

“Martin don't be silly. You know I love your tiny hands on my feet. And you

don't have to support us anymore. I make more than enough for all of us. I'm

sorry baby, but things have to change. Besides, I thought we had already

finished talking about the whole ‘insignificance issue' anyway?”

“Maybe you were done, but I wake up to it everyday of my life.”

“So what then Martin?” Carol was getting really upset now. “Would you rather

have shrank away to nothing?”

The second she said this, Carol wished she hadn't. Bringing up the whole

experience Martin had endured was not a pleasant thing. Martin, now completely

shocked at his wife's words, simply turned his back to her.

“I'll see you when you get home.” Was all he replied.

Carol, a bit angry with herself now, said goodbye and left, unfortunately

without closing the door behind her.

Part 4

“So how's Dad?” Jenny asked, climbing into the blue Explorer parked under the

hot Arizona sun in the gruelingly humid airport-parking garage. The long flight

from Chicago had worn her down, but at least she was here. The desert flatlands,

the cactuses, and even the smells of in the air all brought Jenny a feeling of

relaxation and tranquility; she was home.

“Oh, your father's fine, he's… well, he's resting at home right now.” Carol

replied climbing into the car with her daughter.

“Is something wrong mom, you say that like you're mad or something?” Jenny asked

with a puzzled look on her face.

“No, it's just that your father and I had a little fight before I left this


“You and dad had a fight? You guys like never argue, what happened?”

“Well, it's, oh never mind Jenny, you wouldn't understand.” Carol said pulling

out of the parking lot.

“Just try me,” Jenny said tossing her long brown hair over her shoulder, “I bet

I can.”

“It's just…oh, I can't Jenny. I just can't talk about it right now.” Carol said

a bit angry.

“Whoa, I don't want you getting mad at me. If you don't want to talk about it

fine. I'll just ask dad when we get home.” She said with a smirk.


Martin sat down on the small hard piece of wood with a thin pillow like covering

that was his bed. He was furious at the way Carol had treated him and even

angrier at what she had said to him. Who the hell did she think she was? Was it

her who had suffered the loss of career, esteem, and self-dignity with

shrinking? No! These unfortunate things had befallen Martin and nobody else in

the entire world. Every day he woke up to a world that had far outgrown him. The

simple task of going to the bathroom, or eating almost always required the help

of another, namely his wife. But it wasn't these things that bothered Martin. It

was his conscience. What if he had just shrank away to nothing? Sure it would

have been extremely difficult to cope with, but it would be over. But then

Martin thought of all the wonderful experiences he had had with Carol. He

thought of how last Christmas, while Jenny had gone to a friends for a party,

Martin and Carol had enjoyed a quiet evening alone. Carol had taken a bath, and

of course Martin came with her. He remembered how in the candlelit bathroom,

Carol had fallen asleep in the warm water, as he swam around her elegant body.

He remembered the smell of the soap, and the texture of her skin underwater. He

had made love to her, well, with her feet anyway. Carol had propped them up so

Martin would have full access to her lovely peds all night.

It was times like these that Martin was happy where he was in life. At full

size, there was no way he could've enjoyed anything like that. It blew his mind!

But Christmas seemed like eons past, and currently, Martin struggled more than

ever to cope with his crippling disorder, or rather the effects of it. As he lay

down on the doll bed, Martin could not even picture where he would be if he

hadn't have been able to grace Carol's feet with all those massages and kisses.

She seemed so intent on taking it out of the schedule between them though. He so

loved to touch her foot. Even now, the longing for her soft toes against his

torso, and smooth sole against his member would not subside. He felt useless if

Carol would not let him touch her! What else could he do for her?

Trish Sampson's kitchen was a mess! Not only had the oven nearly exploded, but

the bread failed to cook properly leaving it a cold doughy mess. She battled

furiously with the cookie dough, but still could not make it form properly. When

Trish got lonely, Trish baked. Ever since her husband had died, she had found

herself feeling lonely often. Sure Carol Landry had helped things, even get her

out of the house more. But once and a awhile, that emptiness inside her came

forth. The only way to drive it off, oddly enough, was to cook it away. But now,

she found herself out of butter, and unable to finish what she started. She sure

didn't want to go to the store, since the nearest variety mart was still about

five minutes away. She had to keep an eye on the untrustworthy oven! Then a

thought hit her. “I wonder if Carol has any butter.” She said out loud. Carol's

kitchen did tend to be stocked quite a bit, more than a single woman nine months

out of the year needed. She dropped her rolling pin, and made a quick dash for

the front door. As she opened it, she hurried next door, running into a fate

that would change the rest of her life.

Martin awoke with a start. What time was it? He sat up on the hard bed and

turned towards the grandfather clock next to the table. 1:30PM. Carol couldn't

be back this soon? What was that noise? Martin thought to himself. Curiosity and

fear griped his stomach like an iron fist. He sat there for a moment, unsure

what to do. An intruder? A (gulp) animal? The awkward intense moment seemed to

last forever. Suddenly a knock on the door echoed throughout the house. Martin

jumped back, relieved that he was safe. But something wasn't right. Martin heard

the door swing open and a beautiful feminine voice ring out.

“Hello? Carol? Is anyone home?”

Martin's blood froze and his body stiffened. It was Trish. And she was in the

house! A million thoughts raced through Martin's mind, none of which helped him

move. What could he do? The table was a good 200 feet up from his vantage point.

All Trish had to do was walk into the dining room and… . Martin tried to act

fast. He figured that since the floor was such a death leap, then perhaps the

chairs at the table would not be. He dashed to the edge and began to lower

himself down. He slipped a few times, but finally made it to the soft cushioning

of the mahogany chair.

Trish approached the Landry house a bit leary. She saw that Carol's car was

gone, but wondered why the front door was open. Entering cautiously, she

continued calling out for her friend. Where was she? Trish walked through the

breezeway to the kitchen just beyond. The quiet humming of the refrigerator is

all the noise that the house echoed. The kitchen was dimly lit in the afternoon

sun, and the house seemed at peace. Trish scolded herself for thinking something

had happened to Carol. Well, she had come this far. She might as well get what

she needed. It wasn't like Carol would have minded. Slowly she opened the

refrigerator, spilling the yellow light out. Taking the butter, Trish closed the

door and was on her way.

Suddenly, something caught Trish's eye while she was on the way out. Something

in the dining room. Quickly she contemplated going back for a second look. Did

she really see what she thought she saw? Curiosity plagued her. She walked

quietly to the dining room in the silence of the house. Yes! It was what she

thought. Tiny, little doll furniture. Trish had loved dolls ever since she was a

little girl. Gazing at the small bed and chair, Trish reminisced about her

youth, staring off into space.

Martin struggled not to breathe. He could see Trish's huge legs and stomach from

the chair cushion. Sweat began forming on his brow. Why wasn't she leaving? Did

she see Martin? He inched closer and closer to the edge trying to get a look at

her face. Martin got all the way to tip of the back of the chair. He looked high

above at Trish's gorgeous face. Her light blonde truffles of hair fell daintily

to her back, as her brown eyes seemed to be looking out the window. Martin

stared intently at the giantess, wishing for her departure. Suddenly, as she

turned, Trish bumped the chair. Martin struggled to maintain his balance, but

could not. He fell fast, all the while hoping he wouldn't make a sound. He

landed with a hard impact. Any more falls like this, and he may not last much

longer! His ribs hurt, as he squirmed on the carpet trying to get under the

table. As he rolled over, he realized he was staring at five, enormous toes

encased in a sandal. Martin stopped all movement and tried to act dead. His

greatest fear had come true again. Another woman had found him.

Trish looked down not believing what she was seeing. Did that doll just move?

She bent down to get a closer look at the tiny man by her feet. She watched it

closely for a few moments, a bit frightened to pick it up. It looked so real!

Trish finally dug up the courage and wrapped her fingers around his tiny torso

and picked him up. Martin shuddered as he could feel himself leaving the ground,

encased by her hand. Trish held him up to her face still not sure what to make

of him.

“What the…why do you look so real?” she asked to herself.

Without thinking, Martin blinked his eyes

Trish was so startled she almost dropped tiny Martin.

“OH MY GOODNESS! YOU ARE REAL! BU…BUT HOW?” She yelled, completely confused at

what was going on.

“Listen, please don't squeeze me too hard or drop me. I'll tell you everything,

just put me down.” Martin said trying to sound calm.


“Close, I'm four inches tall. Now please, please just put me down.”

Trish, dazed beyond belief, placed Martin on the table next to the doll

furniture. Martin was scared, but he realized he had to remain calm and not let

Trish freak out on him. She might accidentally kill him! For a few moments,

Trish just looked at the tiny man before her. He was so small! For a moment, she

contemplated her sanity.

“How are you alive?” Trish finally asked. Martin knew he had no choice but to

tell her everything. He couldn't possibly escape from her right now, as her size

and curiosity would not allow it.

“Ok I'll tell you. But you have to promise to believe me. Everything I say is

true. You see, last year Carol and I were in bed, and I noticed that she seemed

a little bigger…”

“Wait. Are you Carol's husband Martin?”

“The one and only. Ok, now like I was saying…I'm sorry, this is really hard for

me to retell…” Martin said trying to breathe deeply.

“Oh no, it's ok, just take your time.” Trish said moving her billboard size

complexion towards Martin to hear his little voice better.

“You see, last year, for some unknown reason, I started getting smaller. I…I

don't really know what caused it, I just started shrinking one day. When I was

about a foot tall, one of my daughter's friends kidnapped me. Luckily, Jenny

found me and was able to get me back to Carol and her. Eventually, I stopped

getting smaller at the height you see me now. Listen I'm sorry to scare you, but

please, you have to leave.”

“So you shrank to this size, and then…what? How did you survive?” Trish asked

completely ignoring Martin's request for her to leave.

“Carol took care of me. After a while, when it became apparent that I wasn't

going to grow back, Carol tried to make life more bearable for me. She brought

me this furniture and she always spends time with me. But please, you have to

leave Trish.” Martin said again pleading with his giant neighbor.

“Why didn't she tell me? Did she not trust me?” Trish asked again ignoring tiny


“Be reasonable Trish. Sure Carol likes you and all, but I'm a huge secret to

trust with anybody. Remember I told you one of Jenny's friends kidnapped me?

Well she knew about me because Jenny told her. Carol, Jenny and I thought it

best if we told no one about what happened to me. It's nothing personal.”

Trish realized this, but she was still in shock from seeing a ridiculously small


“So what do we do now?” Trish asked.

“Leave. Just leave and act like this never happened. Carol doesn't have to know

that we met. I can keep a secret if you can.” Martin said trying to sound


Trish just stared down at him though, an odd look in her eye. Martin had seen

that look before. He had seen it on Megan. He gulped, wishing that history would

not repeat itself. He was convinced that Trish would try and take him. Slowly,

Martin got to his feet. He had to get away now! As he turned to run, he felt a

great pain in his ribs, and immediately collapsed back on the table.

“Oh, are you ok?” Trish said sounding concerned.

“Ah, yeah, I think I hurt my ribs.” Martin said in pain.

“Well here, let me take you home and get you fixed up.”

“NO. I'm not going anywhere.” Martin said defiantly.

“It's ok, I promise I won't do what that girl did. It's ok, you can trust me.

Believe me, I'm a massouse. Please, trust me, I think you're seriously hurt.”

Martin contemplated his options briefly. True, he was hurt, and probably did

need minor medical attention. But could he really trust Trish? She seemed honest

enough, but he couldn't know for sure. If he stayed here though, he may get


“Ok, but please you have to get me back before Carol and Jenny get home.” Martin

said grudgingly.

“Ok sure, just climb into my hand.” Trish said.

Martin slowly pulled himself into Trish's enormous hand. Her soft skin was

comforting against his. Slowly, Trish pulled herself to her feet and the two

left the Landry household, again without shutting the door all the way.

Martin Landry felt a warm gentle breeze run smoothly across his back, as the

afternoon sun shown down on him at least what sun could shine on him. Currently,

he was cupped in the two enormous and lovely hands of his neighbor Trish. She

thought it best to keep him covered at all times even though her house was next

door. So as two cars passed, and birds chirped in the trees, Martin left the

premise of his house, and went out into the world with this beautiful, familiar

stranger. As he sat high above the ground in her lovely hands, he marveled at

the texture and design of Trish's hands. The scent of jasmine lotion encased

Martin, as he looked at the soft wrinkles of her palm. He was aroused, not

simply because this was a gorgeous woman, but because she brought him all new

sensations. He loved Carol, but after a while, the complete awe of her giant

being did thin out (with the exception of her gargantuan feet). With Trish, new

smells, sights, and feelings all bombarded Martin at the same time. He simply

could not resist his bodily urges at this complete change of his world.

In little time, Trish and Martin were back at her house, and they entered to the

smells of chocolate cookies waiting to be put in the oven.

“Something smells good.” Martin said from inside her hands.

Trish quickly pulled her right hand away, and lifted the left, which Martin sat

in, to her face.

“What did you say?”

“I just said something smells good.” Martin said gazing up to her enormous face.

“You're sweet, but I left the butter at your house, so I don't think they'll

come out that great. But anyway, I'll just put you down right on the table. Stay

put.” She said lowering Martin out of her hand and onto the wooden table.

Martin took in all of his surroundings. The house looked similar to his, but

with different colored walls. While Martin's house had plain white paint,

Trish's house had some kind of deep red wallpaper. He sat down on the cold table

and tried to breathe deeply. He felt hurt, but he didn't know how badly.

Although he had a stinging sensation in his ribs, the rest of his pain seemed to

be going away.

“Well, I found some bandages, but nothing that will nearly be close to fitting

you. How do you feel?” Trish said coming back into the room.

“Well, my ribs still hurt a little, but other than that, the pain seems to be

going away.”

“Well, let me take a look at you.” Trish said extending her fingers towards


Instinctively, Martin quickly shrunk back away from Trish's huge fingers. This

caused her to laugh slightly

“Oh don't worry, I used to be a registered nurse. I know what I'm doing. Don't

worry, I promise I'll keep it strictly doctor-patient.” Trish said, a grin

crossing her red lips.

Martin felt a little more relaxed, and allowed Trish to prod his tiny body. Her

giant fingers softly poked his abdomen, almost pushing Martin to the ground. He

felt like a shrunken lab specimen, being explored by a scientist. Few scientists

looked as good as Trish did however. Martin did not object when Trish slipped

her other burgundy tipped fingers into the action. She was now practically

rolling Martin around in her hand, and in all honesty, Martin did not really

mind. It was relaxing and frightening all the same time; her fingers capable of

crushing him, yet the soft feeling and warmth they let off comforted him. But,

as quickly as she had started, Trish pulled her hand away.

“I'm not sure of course, but it doesn't feel like your ribs are broken.” Trish

said moving her face in closer to Martin.

“So what do you think we should do?” He asked.

“Well, I guess I could take you home or offer you a drink.” Trish said smiling

at the second alternative.

“Well, I mean, if you didn't mind offering me a drink, I wouldn't mind accepting

one. But I should be getting home right after.” Martin said.

“Great!” Trish said leaping up to her feet and dashing to the kitchen. She soon

came back with a glass and a shot of wine.

“Sorry, it's the smallest glass I could find.” Trish said putting the small shot

glass next to Martin. Standing next to him, it was only a head shorter than he


“It's ok. Carol sometimes gives me something similar at home. Thanks.”

“No problem.” Trish said taking a sip from her own cup.

The two sat there in silence, both wishing the other would speak. Martin tried

the best he could to sip from the glass, attempting to salvage his dignity by

not spilling any.

“So,” Trish finally spoke, “how do you possibly manage at this size?”

The question caught Martin off guard, and he choked a little on his drink.

“Well, uh, I manage okay I guess. I mean Carol is such an important part of my

life, I don't know what I'd do, or where I'd be without her.”

“She really means a lot to you, huh?”

“Yeah.” Martin said falling into a daze.

“I had a husband once too.” Trish said taking another swig.

“Oh yeah? What was he like?” Martin asked curiously.

“How do I describe Vernon? He was boring, but I loved him. He was predictable I

guess you'd say. He had this certain way of doing things, and he stuck with it.

Sometimes I could just strangle him for being so damn obvious, but I always

loved him. I'm sorry, I must be boring you.” Trish said snapping back to


“No, not at all really. Actually I can relate. Carol and I have sort of hit a

snag in our love life.” Martin said.

Trish raised and eyebrow and looked at Martin with a piercing glance. “A love


“Well, I mean, not in the usual sense, but yes a love life.”

“And tell me, just how do you make love to your giant wife little one?” Trish

said sipping away her wine, smiling.

“It's actually more like I make love to parts of her body. I'm too small to go

where I ‘normally' would. I mean, I could, but we've never tried it.” Martin

said reminiscing of the sexual encounters over the past year with his wife.

“So what parts exactly are you talking about?” Trish said sounding more and more

interested by the second.

“It's kind of private, don't you think?”

“Oh come on, I won't tell anyone.” Trish said reassuringly.

“Well, I-“

Suddenly the phone rang out, cutting Martin off in mid sentence. Trish, a bit

startled, jumped to her feet and ran to get the phone in the other room. Martin

stood there on the table dumbfounded at the fact that he was about to relate the

most intimate details of his life with a woman he had known only previous to

today through his wife's stories. For some reason though, he didn't mind opening

up to her. It was as if he had known Trish a lot longer than he actually had.

The romantic details of his life with Carol and the worshipping of her feet he

did would simply be another topic of discussion.

Trish reentered the room with a loud thud.

“Ow, shit I banged my foot!” She called out quickly sitting back in her chair

and reaching for her foot.

“Are you okay?” Martin asked a bit concerned.

“Yeah, but that really hurt!” She said removing her sandal and rubbing her foot.

“Would you mind if we went into the living room so I can rest my foot, it


Martin certainly didn't object, as the mention of her feet sent him twirling

inside. Trish gently picked Martin up once again, and the two went into the

living room. Trish sat in a big blue chair, as Martin was placed on the coffee

table in front of it.

“Oh man, that hurt.” Trish said still favoring her right foot.

“Is there anything I can do?” Martin asked forgetting momentarily that he was

smaller than her foot.

“Not unless you want to rub my foot.” Trish said.

Martin froze in his place. The mere notion of getting to rub this gorgeous

woman's huge foot stirred Martin's sexual appetite. Lustfully, he wanted nothing

more but to rub Trish's feet. But in a sense, he couldn't help but feel that

this was cheating on Carol in a way. Sure a foot rub can be innocent, but not to

some, and especially not to Martin Landry. What should he do? How he wanted to

touch her feet, but what about Carol? Martin had always prided himself on the

fact he had never willingly cheated on his wife. He was confused now. Carol had

seemed pretty intent on ending their physical activity for a while, but he still

loved her despite not being able to touch her. But Trish was right here in front

of him, more real than anything at the moment. He couldn't control how he was

feeling towards her. She seemed so free spirited, and so accepting. She had even

offered to give Martin medical attention! But he still loved his wife…what else

could he do?


Giantess Stories: Stay Home Dad 2  TTETF   The air hung heavy at the Landry household as two pairs of eyes stared each other down in a bitter rivalry

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