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Stay Home Dad



The air hung heavy in Martin Landry's office that Friday afternoon. He had just

lost his previous case due to false witness testimony. He hated to lose.

Especially when it made him look like an idiot. Today had been no exception. He

thought he had things just about won in the courtroom but then that stupid bitch

admitted to lying and all went to hell from there. Although the judge ahd left

Martin's career in tact, his partners sure didn't like it. Nobody liked a loss.

But especially a loss from the new guy.

Martin knew they wouldn't tolerate it; he feared heading back downtown to his

office. He had just finished talking to-rather, yelling at- Maria Chavez, whom

had given false testimony. She sat in her cell, not even looking up at Martin,

as he stomped her verbally. “What the hell were you thinking? You could have

walked away scott free, but now…you know, you don't deserve to be on the

outside. You should just stay in here and rot!” he had screamed for nearly ten

minutes. Finally she looked up at him. Her gaze suddenly left Martin with a loss

for words. She got to her feet and walked slowly over to the bars.

“You are the one who deserves to be in here. At least I realized it would be

wrong to lie about murdering somebody! It's true what they say about lawyers

isn't it? You guys are the scum of the earth and so you really do belong beneath

us!” she burst out at him.

That last part had struck Martin funny. What did she mean beneath us? Well,

whatever the case, Martin was on his way back to his office now, and he knew his

bosses would not be happy. He had walked o the courthouse on a whim, having a

bad feeling something would happen to him today. He wasn't superstitious or

paranoid. Besides, the wwalk would be good for him.

He arrived back to the office tower a little before 5PM. As he strolled into the

main lobby, his heart raced as he anticipated the worst. HE saw George Talbot,

his boss, as he made his way towards his desk.

“Well, tough break there Landry.” He barked at Martin.

“Yes sir, I'm really sorry but I-“

“Sorry nothing. We don't breed losers here Martin. Now on Monday, I expect to

have a little chat with you about this Chavez case. I would advise you go home

and sleep off your defeat.” Talbot said passing Martin by.

Martin hated the fact that he now had to go home and wallow in his own self pity

for losing the case. Talbot was right. He should go home and sleep. He was

walking out to his Lexus in the parking garage, when he felt a strange feeling

come over him. Almost a dizzy spell, as if he had gotten up too quickly from

bed. It passed, and Martin continued on his quest to get the hell out of there.

He saw his light purple auto sitting where he had left it this morning. He

climbed into his car and slumped in the seat. He laid there for a few minutes

contemplating his own future as a lawyer. He snapped out of his slumber and

reached to start the car. That's when he noticed something odd. Something felt

out of place here Like the seat had been moved back. But that was impossible.

Who had been in his car besides him? He made a quick adjustment, and headed for


He reached home at about 5:30PM. Walking in his home, he was greeted by his

lovely wife Carol. She stood about 5'5”with cute short blond hair. She had a

slight tan with gorgeous blue eyes. That's really what had attracted Martin to

her. Not her smile, her lips, her chest, (Although there was nothing wrong with

a voluptous woman, which Carol was), it was her eyes.

“Hey Honey! How did the case go?” she asked him in her high, mousy voice.

“Well, can you say down the shitter? It was awful babe. She admited to giving

false testimony on the stand, and now George Talbot is going to make my life a

living hell!” Martin explained to his wife.

“Oh, I'm sorry Martin. Here, let me get your coat and you can come relax in the

living room while I make supper.” Carol said taking her husbands coat.

Martin went to kick his shoes off, when he noticed they slid off with ease,

which was not common. He picked up his shoe and inspected it. The laces were

tied and everything. It's not like the shoe was getting bigger, but he certainly

wasn't getting-

“Martin, is everything ok?” Carol said to him staring at him from the kitchen.

“Yeah, everything's fine.”

Just then Jenny came stumbling down the stairs. Jenny was Martin and Carol's

first, and only child. She had just had her eighteenth birthday, and was almost

a graduate from high school. She had shoulder length brown hair and was about

5'7”. Martin loved his daughter, and was proud of the woman she was becoming.

“Hey Daddy! Just letting you know that me and Megan are going to the mall, so

I'll see you around 10:00 tonight?” she called out to her father.

“Yeah, ok Jenny. I'll see you then.” Martin said as his daughter walked past him

towards the garage. “That was strange,” he thought, “she almost looked as tall

as me even though I know I have a good 4 inches on her? Oh well, she must be

wearing those 3” boots her mother bought her for Christmas.”

Little did Martin know, the shoe apparel he thought she was wearing, was sitting

comfortably in his daughter's closet

Martin sat down just as Carol was pouring him a glass of wine. Martin collapsed

in his comfy chair, relishing in the fact that at least the day was over.

“So, how was your day honey?” he asked his wife.

“Well, I managed to get the rest of your shirts to the dry cleaner before I went

to the office. And then John was talking to me about a possible promotion. I

really hope it works out too, because Matt from customer Service is leaving

really soon and I could…”

Everything began to fade to Martin as he looked his wife over. God, she was

beautiful. The way she moved and talked hypnotized Martin. Those eyes started

luring him deeper in love with her than he felt ever before. Not even allowing

her to finish, he leaned over and kissed Carol passionatly. As he put his lips

to hers, a sensed a strange feeling. Kissing the same woman for nearly 17 years,

you think you would know what to expect. But something was different about his

wife's kiss that down right disturbed him. He could have sworn her mouth was

larger than it was when he kissed her goodbye this morning. It didn't make

sense, but he couldn't get the thought out of his head.

“What, was that for?” Carol asked a little taken back by her husbands rash

romantic gesture.

“What do you say we put dinner on hold for a while?” he asked her with a twinkle

in his eye.

The two hardly made it upstairs to their bedroom, as they kept falling down

deeply enthralled with one another. Finally they reached their bedroom, and with

a swift kick of the door, they were alone to privacy. Martin laid his wife down

on the bed, and began undressing himself and her at the same time. He slowly

dropped his pants, and began to remove her nylons. He lifted her leg and kissed

it gently from her thigh to her foot. As he kissed her gorgeous leg, he got that

weird feeling again, that his wife was disproportionate to him again. As he

neared her ankle, he held her foot in his hand; a foot which felt a little

heavier and looked a little longer he thought. After doing this, he climbed on

top of his now naked wife. They kissed passionatly again and Carol was overcome

by her sexual urges. She wanted him now. RIGHT NOW!. With a gentle push, she had

Martin on the underside of her, she began kissing him all over. She slowly slid

herself on to her husband and…

“Ohhhh, Baby!” Martin moaned. Although he was overcome by it all, he was a

little panicked. He never exactly “fit” Carol, but they always managed in the

end. But now, his dick seemed to slide in much easier, as he felt the walls

close in around his shaft, he shuddered. This was the best hing he'd ever felt,

but he couldn't help but worry a little.

After they were finished, Carol rolled off of her husband. He wondered if she

noticed anything, but she looked to dazed at the moment to say anything.

“Oh Martin…” she cooed in his ear as she snuggled next to him, “I love you

Martin Landry.”

“I love you too Carol.” He smiled as the fell fast asleep.

Carol awoke with a start. She looked over at the tiny clock on the wall. It was

9:45! That meant Jenny would be home any minute! She quickly jumped out of bed

and almost fell down again as dizzyness hit her. She struggled to pull her

pajamas on and she tapped Martin's foot to make him get up and do the same. She

looked down at her husband as he lay there on their bed. She thought something

looked odd about him. She couldn't quite place her finger on it. She couldn't

believe how good that their sex had just been. Often times after children a

couples sex life disappears, Carol was told. But after just now, it sure

doesen't seem like it! Soon Martin was awake, and Carol helped him quickly get

dressed as they heard their daughter pull into the driveway. They jumpend under

the coveers and turned on the small black and white tv they had sitting on the

dresser. Soon Jenny came clamoring up the stairs and around the corner.

“Hey, I'm home.” She exclaimed.

“Hi Jenny, did you get anything good?” Martin asked her.

“No, not too much, but Megan bought this pair of sandals that looks sooo cool. I

wanted them too, but I'll wait. Well, goodnight you guys.” She said snapping off

the hallway light.

“I'm gonna go wash up honey.” Martin said as he hopped out of bed. Jenny saying

the word “shoes” had got him thinking about the strange occurences he'd been

having that afternoon. His wife and daughter certainly weren't growing, and the

only other explanation was impossible! As he reached the bathroom he clicked the

light on and peered into the mirror. The cold reflection stared back at him with

a confused look on it.

“What the hell's going on huh?” he asked himself. Then it struck him. He usually

couldn't see his face in the mirror when he stood up straight. He feared doing

it, but he had to know for sure. Martin stood as straight as he possibly could

and peeked into the mirror.

He could see the terrified look on his face staring back.

Martin's heart raced and his blood pumped. What was going on? Suddenly he heard

Carol calling to him. He decided to wait until tommorow to see if any other

changes would occur. He shut the light off and got back into bed with his wife.

Needless to say, Martin Landry didn't have a good nights sleep.

Martin opened his eyes as the morning sun was just coming through the blinds

of his window. He rolled over in his bed to see if Carol was still laying beside

him in peaceful slumber. No such luck. She was probably downstairs in the

kitchen making breakfast the way she always did on Saturday mornings. Martin

loved it. It was like being a kid again, when his mother would make him french

toast and eggs with a side of juice. Carol was an excellent cook, and he praised

her for her talent after every meal. Gradually the sunshine of his cheery

thoughts began to be clouded as he remembered the predicament he had found

himself in last night. Martin sat up in bed quickly. “What if it's happened

again?” he thought. “What happened Martin? You idiot, what you think is only

physically impossible. Your body isn't going nuts it's your head!” he tried to

tell himself over and over in his morning daze. He had to find out for himseslf

sometime or another. Might as well be now. Martin swung his legs over the bed

and went to put his feet in his brown slippers waiting below. He placed them on,

and he started to walk towards the hall. Sudden;y, he felt himself falling, and

his face hit the ground with a thud. Martin sat up, and tried to regain his

bearings. He looked down towards his feet to see what had tripped him. He saw

nothing but his brown slippers. He manually now, tried to put his shoes on. Only

one catch. His slipper was now too big for his once snug fitting foot. Martin

became anxious as his heart rate rose. He continually struggled to make himself

believe what he saw wasn't true. He kept trying to fit his slipper on but in the

end it was hopeless. Martin hopped to his feet and ran downstairs.

Martin almost killed himself heading down the stairs as the length of his pants

dragged beyond what was their limit. He stumbled as he grew dizzy from shock.

“What the hell! It's not right!”

He managed to get to the kitchen as he heard his wife Carol and his daughter

Jenny conversing by the refrigerator.

“Carol…Jenn…” he muttered as he collapsed to the floor staring up at

their bewildered faces (a view he would soon be accustomed to), as he passed out


“There, now don't you worry about a thing dear.”

Martin came out of his unconsious state to the concerned look of his wife.

“Are you ok Martin?” she asked.

“I, I think so. What happened?”

“You tell me! You came into the kitchen calling for me and Jenny, and then you

fell over. You gave me quite a scare!” Carol said conerned.

“I, I'm sorry. I must have just got woozy for a moment or two.” Martin said

covering himself for the fact he collapsed out of fear.

Just then, Jenny came into the living room where he lay on the couch.

“Oh my goodness, dad are you alright?” she asked her father.

“Yeah, yeah I'm ok.”

Jenny leaned down and kissed her father on the forehead.

“Don't you ever do that to me again! But anyway, since you're ok, can I borrow

the car to go to Megans?”

This got a chuckle out of them all.

“Yeah go ahead Jenny.” Martin told his daughter as she skipped out of the room.

Martin began feeling ok again, but he still was in shock. He knew what had to be

going on, but he couldn't admit it to himself. Sure he was in denial. But so

would any person of sound mind. He had to tell someone. It would soon be very

noticeable that the head of the household would a be a head below everyone

anyway. Since Jenny was already gone, he figured he would tell his wife Carol.

But how the hell would he manage that? He would much rather take a serious

illness over this. I mean, for serious sickness there's medicines, but this…he

had to tell his wife. She had to know immediately.

“Carol, I…I have to tell you something.” Martin stammered to his wife as she sat

next to him in her reading chair.

“What's the matter honey? Can I get you something?”

“No, no…I mean…listen, yesterday I was feeling weird and now I just, well…”

“Martin, you're not making any sense. What is it?” Carol asked now concerned.

“Well, I think I'd better show you.” Martin said climbing off of the couch

and out from the covers. He stood up as he felt his sleeves slide forward to his

wrists, then his fingers, and then beyond. He looked at his wife with a sad look

on his face.

“Martin, are you wearing somebody else's pajamas or are you…” Carol said

climbing to her feet.

“No, I think I'm-“

“Oh my goodness! Martin I think you're shrinking!” Carol said falling back in

her seat cupping her gapping mouth. When she had stood up, she noticed that she

was now almost her husband's height. She had always been accustomed to looking

up high, but now she almost didn't have to arch her neck at all! Hearing his

wife say this, Martin too almost fel back on the couch. He couldn't say it, but

now it was out in the open. It seemed true-Martin Landry was shrinking.

“When did this start baby!” Carol said still flabergasted.

“I think…I think it was yesterday after work. I noticed my car seat was off,

despite nobody using my car. Oh Carol, what are we going to do? How the hell did

this happen?” Martin said frustrated and angry as he sat down.

Carol went over and sat next to her husband. She put her arm around him, and

could tell almost instantly that his shoulders were not the same size they had


“Listen Martin, Come with me.” She said getting to her feet and pulling her

diminishing husband with her. Martin followed her into the kitchen. She went

over to a drawer and fumbled looking for something amongst its contents. Finally

she pulled out a pencil and a tape measurer. Martin flinched as he knew what she

was going to do.

“No Carol I don't think…” he started

“Listen, it's the only way we'll know for sure.” She said as she gently

pushed him against the wall. He stood straight as she bent over to start at the

floor. Moving slowly, to make sure the tape was straight, she marked off where

the top of his head was. He stepped away and looked eagerly at the mark.

Carefully, Carol measured the small pencil line she had drawn.

“Well, it says 5'7” Martin.” She said stunned.

“This can't be…” Martin said as he backed away and into the stove. Martin had

previously checked in at 6'2”.

“I don't know Martin. But it looks like you're definitely getting smaller!”

to be continued…

Martin and Carol continued to stare at each other from their new vantage points.

There was no denying it. Martin was shrinking. They stared at each other not

exactly knowing what to say, in an awkward silence. Then Carol spoke to break

the ice.

“Do you have any idea how it started?” she asked him.

“Carol, how the hell would I know. Does it look like people getting smaller

is a common occurrence to you?” Martin replied in frustration.

“Well, something's doing it. I'm gonna call the doctor.” She said reaching

for the phone on the wall.

“No!” Martin said sliding to guard the phone. “No doctors.”

“But Martin, that's crazy. Maybe they can fix you or at least stop it?”

“No. Maybe it will stop by the end of the weekend. Please, Carol… if it gets

too bad you can call, but please…” Martin asked her almost pleadingly.

“Well…ok…but it's your height.” She said looking at him sternly.

The day passed Martin by at a grueling pace. He felt alone in the world,

despite the fact he had his loving wife by his side. He went into a “hiding” so

to speak; he spent most of the day in his basement working on the shelf he

promised he'd build for Carol. But this didn't help matters. As the time passed

he could tell, no he could feel, his tools changing size. The hammer began to

feel big and clumsy and so did his screwdrivers. Eventually, he gave up on it

all and headed back upstairs. As he opened the door he peeked out. How much

bigger would his wife be now? He feared seeing her again as almost six hours had

gone by. That meant so had precious height. Martin hated the fact of his

situation. There was absolutely nothing he could do. He would be damned if he

would go to the doctors at this height. The sheer humiliation of it all would be

too much for him.

He slowly passed through the now tall door way and was going to round the corner

of the kitchen when- bang! He bumped right into Carol on the other side. He was

stunned for a moment but then plunged into shock. He was now staring at his

wife's eyes!

“Uhph, I'm sorry Martin I- oh no.” she said as she saw her husband. “he shrank

somemore,” she thought, “he's gotta be my height! He's still shrinking!” she

repeated over and over in her mind.

“Carol, I want to know my height.” Martin managed to muster in the sight of

his now almost equal sized mate.

She reached onto the table for the measurer without taking her eyes off of him;

like she was hypnotized by his form. After she had it, Martin backed up against

the wall of the previous marking and stood up straight. Carol pulled the tape up

as she had earlier that morning, and marked the top of his head once more.

“Well…” Martin asked as if ready to take a hit from Mike Tyson…

“Uhm…5'5 Martin… you're my size now.” She said in shock herself.

Martin looked calm for a moment and then shook his head. He strolled over to the

living room and began to watch tv. Carol went in to join him.

They watched television for a few hours, and they laughed at it like nothing was

wrong. Like Martin wasn't really shrinking at all, like it was all a figment of

their imaginations. They didn't eat any supper as both were not hungry at all.

Soon, 9PM rolled around and Martin stood up. Not wishing to possibly embarrass

him, Carol remained seated as the possibility she was now taller than him was

pretty high.

“I'm going to sleep babe.” He pronounced as he headed for the stairs.

“I'll be up soon Martin.”

Suddenly the phone rang. Carol got up and hurried to the kitchen to answer it.

It was Jenny! In all that had taken place, she had almost forgotten completely

about her daughter.

“Hi Mom!” came her daughter's high voice from the other end of the line.

“Hi, Jenny. Listen where are you right now?”

“I'm at Megan's. I was wondering if I could sleep over tonight?”

Finally a break. She couldn't bare to or did she have the strength to explain

what was happening right now to Jenny.

“Yeah, I think that's fine.”

“Cool. Hey, how's dad?” Jenny asked.

“Dad? Oh, your father is uh, he's fine. But listen, we have to talk tomorrow so

make sure you come home early ok?”

“Yeah sure mom. Bye!” Jenny said hanging up the phone.

Carol hung up the phone and headed upstairs to the bedroom. She quietly opened

the door and snuck in. Martin looked sound asleep as she curled in next to him.

“Martin?” she said nudging him.

“Uhhhh, wha?” he said half asleep.

“Nothing darling. I love you that's all.” Carol said.

“I love you…” he said falling back asleep.

Carol rolled over and tried to fall asleep next to him, hoping for pleasant

dreams so she could escape her nightmare reality.

Martin hadn't been sleeping at all. He acted like it simply because he could not

face his wife. He had had enough for today and didn't care to see how much

bigger she now was compared to him. When he knew she was asleep, he quietly got

out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. He flicked the lights on and

startled himself as he was no about half way to the mirror. He sat there,

staring at himself for a few minutes, not wanting to see what he saw. He

splashed some warm water on his face and headed back to bed. As he was stumbling

in the dark with his new size, he slipped and landed quietly at the foot of the

bed. He sat up, making sure he had not woken Carol. She looked asleep from his

view. That's when he saw her foot. It was practically in front of him. Laying

there, he studied it; her slender toes, down her smooth sole, and all the way to

her heel. It was so much larger than he remembered it. It was a beautiful sight.

Martin gently leaned into her foot and kissed it softly. A faint smell of lotion

wafted into his nostrils. He didn't know why he did it; something just told him

he should. He climbed back to his feet and got back in bed. As he turned, Carol

put her arm over him, which she usually did at night. Only now, her arm whacked

Martin in the shoulder instead of resting comfortably on his chest. As he put

his legs beside hers, he gently ran them down as he drifted into slumber. Had he

been able to stay awake and continue moving his leg, he would have noticed

Carol's far extended his own in the bed.

Carol woke early the next morning. She had always been an early riser, even when

she was a little girl. How she longed for those days of carefree, untainted

youth. No worries, problems or otherwise bad happeneings. And if ever a one was

to arise, mom would always take care of it. Now, Carol had to face a different

situation. For you see, now she was the mother who would have to solve her

daughters problem. And what exactly was this horrible problem you ask? What

could be so bad that she didn't even know if she could deal with it herself?

Carol would have said no problem, two days ago, but now she questioned this

response. Martin, her husband and Jenny's father, had started uncontrollably

shrinking. For whatever reason, he was getting smaller by the day, hour, minute,

second… . Carol had watched her husband go from a strong gentle man, to a

unhappy, scared man in the matter of 24 hours. She watched as he became smaller,

and to her horror, just last night as he was her height! 5'5” is by now means a

giant on anybodys terms, but she felt that she and her truly miniscule frame

would be hulking and huge compared to Martin's very soon. That's why she didn't

dare turn over in bed to see her husbands current conditon. She feared looking

over and seeing nothing there. Like the process had sped up and he was gone from

her to being microbe size. She knew it was irrational even for the strange

situation they found themselves in, but she feared it nonetheless. She climbed

out of bed and put her slippers on her feet. That's when she remembered last

night. She had been awake when Martin kissed her foot. She didn't know why.

Martin had always told her she had beautiful feet, but why had he suddenly

kissed them last night. She thought of how big they must look to him now. She

was probably a regular old bigfoot compared to Martin. She put her slippers on

and strolled into the bathroom.

She turned on the light as she stared at the reflection in the mirror just as

her husband had the night before. Her light features shown in the bright lights.

Her big blue eyes almost sparkled as her blonde hair curved around her ears and

flowed to her shoulders. She had had her hair long many years ago, but after

Jenny, there was no time to manage it. Carol began undressing preparing for a

shower. She slipped her robe off revealing her beautiful breasts. She had

bloomed at an early stage in life, and her breasts had almost always been large.

She rubbed her own hands over them gently now, as Martin had often done, but

stopped quickly as this evoked questions in her mind of her husband. After

removing her shirt, she undid her pants, and slipped them off too. Her thighs

had bulked up a little since having Jenny, but it was common and she was able to

trim them down slightly. She had taken to jogging two years ago and the toning

of her leg muscled were beginning to show ever so slightly. Carol turned the

shower on and tested the flowing water with her slender foot. She arched it as

the heated water felt good rushing over the top of her foot down her blue

painted toenails. She got in and let the world slip away… .

Jenny opened the door to her house early that morning. She hadn't gotten much

sleep as the brief words her mother spoke to her over the phone kept sounding

more and more like a distress signal. Megan was still asleep when Jenny quietly

left her house. She'd call her later. Megan had been her best friend ever since

she started high school way back in the day. Now, they were almost ready to

graduate and they still spent endless hours together. They even looked similar.

That is of course, for their hair color. Jenny was blessed with her mother's

natural good looks. She didn't have a major need for makeup. She had brown hair

that flowed a little past her shoulders and a smile that had melted many a heart

at River High School. She had her mother's eyes; blue as the day sky. Jenny did

definitly have a height advantage on her mother. At 5'7”, she stood well over

her mother on a good day. Martin's little girl had grown up fast, with a set of

long beautiful legs. Jenny didn't have breasts like her mother, although they

were perky and well-formed almost to perfection. One thing Jenny didn't like

about herself was her feet. They were huge. Her big feet had always gotten in

her way ever since she could walk. Always tripping and stumbling, Jenny had

acquired many bumps and bruises because of them. But lately, she had gotten more

agile, more stable with them. She didn't even hate them really anymore, as she

started showing them off wearing sandals and sometimes going barefoot.

Now Jenny began to search for her mother as she called out her name.

“Mom! Mom, where are you?” she called.

Just then, Carol appeared to her in the kitchen. She still had a towel on her

head and was cooking eggs.

“Oh Jenny. Hi.” She answered softly.

“Mom, what's the matter. What do we have to talk about?” she asked Carol.

Carol froze. Here was the moment she had been dreading. She now had to inform

her daughter of the situation at hand. Her mind darted back to the previus day

as she noticed the small pencil markings on the wall which was right behind Mejores 5 Televisores De 37 Pulgadas Del 2022

Jenny. All she could think about was how much larger Jenny was going to be to

her father now. She knew she had to tell her. She would find out soon enough

even if she didn't.

“Well, Jenny, why don't you sit down.”

The two sat at the table as Carol poured them both a cup of coffee.

“Mom, what is it. You sound like you're really worried.” Jenny asked.

“Well Jenny, I'm not sure how to tell you this. You see, the other day, after

you left, your father and I noticed some-“

“Oh yeah! Where's dad? I wanted to see how he's doing.” Jenny interrupted.

“Jenny please listen to me. Now, as I was saying, your father and I noticed

something. Something that well, isn't really explainable, but here goes anyway.

Jenny, umm, you see, well,”

“Mom come on you're stalling. What is it?”

“Jenny, your father was my height yesterday.” Carol said.

“What do you mean, your height?” Jenny asked confused.

“I mean that yesterday, we confirmed that your father is, well, getting shorter.

He's shrinking Jenny. I mean, I didn't want to believe it at first either, but

when the man you've looked up to for 19 years is suddenly looking you in the

face, it's pretty undeniable.” There. She had done it. Now the ball was in

Jenny's court. As Carol looked at her daughter, she saw a grin breakout over her

face. Then it turned to laughter.

“Hahahaha…that's a good one mom. You had me going there for a second, what with

the sounding all worried and everything. Haahahahah…” Jenny giggled loudly.

“You don't believe me?” Carol asked surprised.

“Mom, why should I? It doesen't make sense.”

“Well I'll show you.”

“Ok, where is my shrinking daddy?” Jenny asked still laughing.

That's when it struck Carol. She hadn't seen Martin today. Where did he go? She

suddenly jumped from her seat and raced off down the hall calling for her

husband. Jenny got up too, and slowly folled her mother upstairs.

Carol's thoughts raced as she flew up the stairs towards her bedroom. What if

something happened to him? She thought over and over. Like shrinking wasn't bad

enough, maybe he seriouusly hurt himself this morning. Maybe he fell out of bed

and hurt himself. Maybe…maybe he had really shrunk to nothing. She tried to

erase the notion, but it stuck in her head. Soon she reached her room as she

heard her daughters footsteps almost immediately behind her. She opened the door

and rushed in.

Nothing. The sheets of the bed were wrinkled since she had assumed Martin was

still in bed when she came down (Actually, she had covered her face with a

towel, in fear of what she might see). But now she was faced with the situation

anyway, so she would have to deal with it.

“Martin! Martin where are you?” she called out for her husband.

“Mom, obviously he's not in here, look. There's nothing here. Are you sure

you're feeling alright?” Jenny said taking a quick look around her parents

bedroom. The scene had looked quiet and now she feared for her mother's sake and

not necessarily her father's.

“No he was here. Martin where are you?” she called again extremely panicked.

Suddenly a noise came from under the bed.

“Uhhh…where am I?” said a very dazed and disoriented Martin Landry. He had no

idea, but he thought he heard his wife calling out to him. Then he remembered it

all. The shrinking, the night before, his fear…all of it flooded into his brain

as reality set in. But the question now was where the hell was he? He quickly

surveyed his surroundings. “hmm…carpet beneath me, springs right above

me…obviously I'm under my bed. But how did I end up down here?” Martin

remembered his dream the previous night. He had been running as he heard giant

footsteps behind him. He kept looking back but couldn't see anything. Then he

had run into a giant pair of feet. They were huge; much bigger than his wife's

had been last night when he kissed them. He had looked up to see a face, but

there were bright lights above him. AS quickly as he had hit them, he had woken

up to find himself under his bed. That's when he heard his wife call again.

“Martin? Is that you under there?” Carol asked as she moved closer to the bed.

Jenny followed right behind her.

“Yeah, it's me honey. Hang on let me get out.” Martin called to her. He didn't

want to get out and see how much he had shrunk last night but he sure couldn't

stay under the bed all day. He rolled out from his tiny hiding place and began

to stand up. He truned to face his wife, when he saw Jenny in the room as well.

His heart stopped as he had not expected to see his daughter.

Needless to say, Jenny's reaction was the same. Martin now stood a little under

4'9”! His daughter and wife towered over him! He looked up to see their opened

mouth expressions. He silently looked his family over from his new height. Carol

looked huge. He looked her up and down repeatedly as he couldn't believe he had

shrunk to about chest height of his wife! And his daughter! Jenny looked like a

WNBA star to him now. No, even bigger than that. A giantess even! Her long legs

stretched up to her beautiful body to her firm breasts (which Martin now found

himself just about under), all the way back down again to her long pretty feet.

“Daddy!” Jenny let out in an exasperated tone.

“Oh, Martin. Oh no…” Carol muttered.

Martin was absolutely speechless at this point.

After Carol had calmed her daughter down, Martin and her sat her down to have

a long talk. They told her everything they could possibly remember over the

course of the strangest two days of their lives.

“Dad, you like, so have to go see a doctor about this. I mean look at you!”

Jenny said waving her arms at her father. Martin had shrunk out of all his

clothes, as he now wore a towel around his waist to cover himself.

“No Jenny. I can't show up like this. I'm a freak. Besides, how they hell could

they stop it, huh?” Martin said.

“Yes, but maybe they could dear. I mean look at yourself. Do you really want to

wait until you're three feet tall? Two feet?” Carol replied.

“Oh..ok just stop there,” as the sounds of those heights scared Martin to no

end, “I guess you guys are right. I'll go tomorrow.”

“But how dad? There's no way you can drive.” Jenny said.

“Why don't we call now to set up the appointment?” Carol suggested.

“Yeah I guess that's ok. Just don't make a big deal out of it.” Martin said

sounding defeated.

“No, of course not dear.”

The three headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Silence enshrouded the table as

they ate the eggs and bacon Carol had cooked for them. Jenny looked at her

father with confusion and fear. She couldn't understand how a man could just get

smaller like that. She was disgusted with it, as she looked at her father now

using two hands to drink his orange juice. He looked like a little kid. Carol

was having similar feelings. Her husband looked so tiny sitting in his big

chair. What were they going to do for him?

Martin could feel their eyes on his every move as he ate. It angered him, but he

understood their intrigue. He was shrinking after all. He tried to ignore it,

but their eyes pierced through him. He ate quietly and battled with their stares

for the rest of breakfast.

Carol called the doctors office later that afternoon. Martin and Jenny sat in

the living room. Another blow came for Martin when he sat down in his favorite

chair. His feet no longer touched the ground. He almost felt like crying when he

saw this. Jenny could see that it was bothering him, so she pulled herself up in

the chair so her feet no longer touched either. She was scrunched but she knew

it would make her dad feel better. Honestly, Martin didn't feel any better. He

was still getting smaller. Carol came back into the room with an odd look upon

her face.

“Well mom, what'd they say?” Jenny asked upon seeing her mother.

“Well, they said the doctor's out…he's not coming back until Wednesday. Oh

Martin, what should we do?” Carol asked almost ready to cry herself.

Martin sat there with a blank expression on his face. He realized that hope was

slowly fading away.

“Isn't there another doctor we could go to?” Jenny asked a little angry now.

“I won't. I won't go see another doctor. I'll wait until Wednesday.”

“But Martin, don't you think that Wednesday might be…well…a little late?” Carol


Martin looked at his wife. She was right and he knew it. At the rate he was

going, she would probably need a microscope to see him pretty soon. He had to

see a physician for even a guess at what was going on.

“Fine. Tomorrow I'll call out of work, and try to find a doctor. Until then, we


Wait they did, as the family watched television for the rest of the night. Soon

it was late and Jenny was asleep on the couch. Martin turned to his wife who

also was in and out of consciousness.

“Carol.” Martin called to his wife.

“Huhhhh…yeah, Martin what is it?” she said groggily.

“I want you to measure me.”

“Are you sure about this Martin.”

“Yeah. Please do it.”

“Well, ok then.”

Martin and Carol moved into the kitchen. He saw the light gray pencil mark that

had orginally alerted them of his shrinking. Then the line a little lower that

pronounced he was his wife's height. How much lower would the mark be tonight?

He stood straight as he could against the wall as Carol pulled out the pencil

and tape measurer. She slowly measured him, making sure not to miss an inch.

“It says your 4'3” baby.” Carol said a little shocked by the reading.

Martin hung his head as he knew it hadn't stopped.

“I'm going to bed. I'll turn off the stuff in the living room and get Jenny.”

“Ok Martin. I'll meet you upstairs.” Carol said as she turned the lights off in

the kitchen. She too had wished that somehow it had miraculously stopped. But

deep inside, she knew it hadn't.

Martin got back in the living room and saw his daughter sleeping on the couch.

She was curled up, but her feet still dangled over the edge. He stopped and

looked intently at his daughter's massive feet. They were enormous compared to

Martin. Her long toes looked like fingers from his view point. He gently put his

finger to her sole and traced over a wrinkle in her foot. It was sooo soft. He

gripped it for a quick second, and for him, it was the ultimate way to see how

big they were compared to him. His tiny hand held onto her instep. Her foot

dwarfed his miniscule hand. Suddenly Martin had a strange feeling come over him.

Similar to the one he had last night with Carol. He felt like he had to kiss her

foot. It was calling to him almost, as he could detect a faint odor. He quickly

shook this feeling, and turned off the tv and lights, and headed to his bedroom.

Martin opened the door, expecting to see Carol there waiting for him. No such

luck. She was in bed and apparently already asleep. That's when he saw her feet

again. That same feeling of lust towards those two beauties came over Martin

again. Why was this happening? He didn't have a foot fetish, but he couldn't

help himself. They looked so tempting. He quietly went over to her feet and

knelt by them. He inhaled the aroma they let off. It was some kind of lotion

mixed with perspiration. It was driving him wild! He touched them gently and

felt their smoothness. Carol's toes gave a slight twitch, and for a second,

Martin thought he had awoken her. He cautiously waited a second before

continuing. His blood flow seemed to speed up and felt a bulge in his pants

start to rise. Enough with the playing. It was time to worship. He begin kissing

Carol's feet quietly and slowly. His lips met the smooth surface of her sole and

heel. He really was tiny compared to them. They looked huge as his chin rested

on the bed next to her foot which stuck straight up. It extended past the length

of his head as he kissed it more. But soon kissing wasn't enough. Martin wanted

to truly feel and taste her feet. He moved his head and stuck his tongue out

towards her big toe. He gently made contact with its surface. He then put her

toe in his mouth and began to suck it, tasting the salt which made him moan

softly. He began licking her big foot all up and down. After he was done, he sat

back for a moment to look at what he had just done. He had worshipped his wife's

foot with his tongue. Carol was still sound asleep as he covered her legs and

feet back up and crawled into bed. He lay there and looked at her. Although he

was shrinking, his biological needs weren't diminishing. He knew sex was

impossible but he soo longed to feel his wife on top of him like she had done

the night before. He lay down to go to sleep when Carol rolled over and

whispered into his ear.

“That felt good baby.” She whispered.

She rolled back over as Martin stared wide eye at the ceiling.


Jenny sat in her room. The television was off and the house had grown quiet.

It's not like it was loud to begin with, she thought, I mean things were like

something outta the X-Files today. She mentally recapped her day, focusing

obviously, on the fact that her father was steadily shrinking. She also thought

of waking up at Megans. Jenny wanted to go back there. Back to this morning. No

weird occurences, no sad look on her mother's face, and no tiny dad. Simply,

ignorance. The idea that she had this morning that everything was going to be

ok. Why had she left the morning? But, the night had crept in and Jenny now

found herself in her room thinking only of Martin. How was she supposed to go to

school tomorrow? Knowing what would be happening while she was gone. It was

eating her up inside, and she needed to talk to somebody. Then she saw the

picture of Megan and her at last years school carnival…

Martin woke up to find himself buried. In a sense buried. He felt a great

weight on top of his back as he lay face first in his bed. He struggled and

thrashed violently around until there was one layer of covering left. The light

shown through the sky blue fabric of the bed sheet. He heaved it back, until he

was free. He was small. Real small. The bed seemed to have doubled in size since

last night.

“oh no.” Martin grumbled to himself. Even the towel he had on was getting

bigger. The knot which had secured it to his waist hung limp beside him in the

bed. If he was to stand, he would be totally naked. Quickly, he fumbled with the

unrelenting towel to adjust it to his ever changing status. Finally, when he had

it tied, he hopped down and out of bed. Martin Landry was now waist high to the

top of his bed. He looked around, dissillusioned and frightened. Frightened he

was shrinking, and frightened of what his wife would say about last night. Why

had he done that to her feet? He still didn't have an answer himself, let alone

one for Carol. Where was Carol anyway?

Carol sat at the table with her daughter as she was quickly eating breakfast to

go to school. She wanted to tell her daughter shat Martin had done last night

before going to sleep. She had never known Martin to have a thing for her feet.

Strangely though, she had almost enjoyed it. Feeling her little husbands hands

and lips across her feet. It sent chills to her just thinking about it. But all

this was selfish. The fact remained that he was shrinking and of course the

chances of him acting strange were high. In the end, Carol opted to keep the

incident to herself.

“So, do you have the lunch I packed you Jenny?” she asked her daughter.

“Yeah, I got it. Mom, do you think dad is going to stop it? I mean shrinking?”

The question had caught Carol off guard. She had always hoped, but never

actually questioned herself on the posibility.

“Jenny, I…I don't know. All I know is that we have to be the best for your

father right now. I mean, what is happening to him is well…unique. Whether it

stops and he can be cured is one thing. But if it doesen't, and your father

shrinks to well…”

“Nothingness?” Jenny interrupted.

Carol cringed.

“Yes, nothingness is a good term…we have to be very caring for him as this

seriously could be his last week with us. I know this sounds harsh, but it is

reality.” Carol started crying after saying this. She wasn't just saying it to

Jenny, she was trying to convince herself of the realities of the situation.

Jenny put her arm around her and hugged her mother closely. That's when Martin

came in the room.

Carol stopped crying upon seeing her husband. He had to be a little below breast

height on her. He only came up to about Jenny's waist.

“Uhhh…uhh..hi girls.” Martin said a little shocked. He knew they were going to

be huge, but nothing could prepare him for this. He actually had to strain his

necka little to look up at his wife! And his daughter! Jenny looked absolutely

enormous! Their height scared Martin, despite knowing that neither one would do

anything to hurt him.

Both of the women were speechless. Martin was so small! He wasn't exactly a

midget, and he wasn't exactly a full sized man either, he was…just, shrinking!

Carol knelt down and threw her arms around her husband. She gasped as her arms

nearly went completely around his body. He felt more like her son than her

lover! She released quickly, and stared into his tiny face.

“Martin! I'm so sorry Martin…” she said quietly.

“I know…I…I…well, I didn't expect it this much. Ummm, listen today, go to work.

I know you probably have tons of stuff to do.” Martin responded to his wife.

“No Martin, I won't. I need to be here with you!”

“Carol listen to me! You need to get away from this thing! No matter what,

promise me you'll go to work today!” Martin said almost yelling.

Carol looked at her tiny man with tears in her eyes welling up again.

“O…ok Martin. But if there's anything you need you'll call me.” Carol said. She

knew he was right. She needed to get away from this awful problem as much as

Martin needed to be alone and deal with it. She wouldn't do a full day. She

didn't want to leave him alone for that long.

Martin turned to his daughter who had her backpack on already.

“Jenny, you have a good day at school, alright honey?”

Jenny looked at her father with disbelief. She wasn't at all prepared to see him

this small.

“Ye… yeah ok dad. Just…be ok, ok?” she said sounding spaced out.

“I will be.” With that, he walked up to his daughter and pulled her closer. She

bent over and he kissed her cheek. Martin was horrified when he realized his

daughter had just bent over to kiss him goodbye. He remembered doing the same

thing her first day of school. Now he was smaller than she was back then. H

watched as her huge legs carried her thin body out the door and into the garage.

He couldn't help but take a peek at her enormous sandaled feet.

Jenny was scared at the prospect of not seeing her father again. If he kept

going at this rate, he would be like a foot tall when she got home that

afternoon. She tried not to think of it as she pulled out of the driveway and

sped off to school. Little did Jenny know, that someone was hiding in the


Megan pushed the shrubery out of her round, tanned face. Her blonde hair hung

beautifully and firm down the length of her shoulders. Her green eyes almost

glowed in the sunlight of the early morning. She walked quietly out of the

Landry's front bushes and towards the side of their house. She hustled to the

edge of the garage. As she did this, her enormous breasts bounced in their 34DD

holder. She reached it undetected as she looked to make sure no one had seen

here. The day was still early and not many people had left for work in the

neighborhood. She turned towards the front door of the house and a sly smile

crossed her full lips.

“One down and one to go. Then you're mine little man!”


Martin looked out the window as he waved goodbye to his wife who was driving

off in her Ford Explorer. After being kissed and hugged by his gargantuan woman

who left in tears, Martin Landry was alone in his house. Alone, with nowhere to

go but down. He walked away from his front window and towards the couch in his

living room. The blue sofa was enormous compared to him. He would almost have to

crawl up it to get to his favorite seat. Martin took a few steps back and got a

running start. He hopped up on the couch, which tipped backwards, sending

Martin's head straight into the wall.

“Ohhhh, shit!” Martin screamed in his miniscule voice. He clamored back to his

feet and gently rubbed the bruise that was quickly forming on his head. He tried

with great effort to lift the couch back to its upright position, but soon

discovered he was too weak.

“Great. Now I'm too damn small to even lift my couch.” He mumbled to himself.

He found the remote laying just a few feet away from him on the floor. Bending

over, he was mortified to realize that the thing was almost as long as his

forearm! He picked it up and pushed the large red button, turning on the tv. And

so, Martin sat there watching talk shows about nothing and early morning news.

All the while, he could only think about his problem. Martin had to accept

things as they were. He was shrinking and would probably be the size of a

molecule by Friday. It scared him, losing his family, his friends, his career,

and most importantly his dignity. Not only was he shrinking in size, but

shrinking in ego as well. He could only guess things would get worse.

Little did Martin know, that he was correct.

Megan had watched Mrs. Landry pull out of the driveway from her hiding place

behind the house. She waited a good five or ten minutes before making another

move. Now, she slowly strolled to the huge oak tree which sat next to Jennifer's

room window. Many times, she had snuck up this tree to visit with her friend

upon being punished. But this time, her intentions were a bit more malicious.

Jenny had called her last night and explained things to her. At first she

thought her friend was drunk or on some type of drug, but when Jenny started

crying, Megan knew she wasn't kidding.

“He's getting so small! I mean, I don't even know what I should say to him next.

Yeah, tonight he was somewhat normal size, but what about tomorrow? And the day

after? Oh, Megan, how can I look at him like a father, when he's going to be the

size of one of my old Barbie dolls soon?” Jenny had told her.

Megan had calmed her down, but secretly formulated her own plan of action. You

see, ever since Megan's own father had run out on her and her family, Megan had

become a wild child. Dressing too scantily for her age, and having sex way too

often. She always thought it was like getting back at her dad. But now she was

going to take her frustrations out on a little man. Jenny's dad. She didn't hate

men, but she felt she was owed retribution. She assumed things were happening

this way for a reason. Besides, she'd always had a thing for short guys…

Martin heard a noise from upstairs as he sat watching tv. He climbed to his feet

and adjusted his towel, which reminded him of his problem only again. He

cautiously walked his hall, and began climbing his stairway. He clung to the

side of the wall, hoping it was only a tree branch brushing the house. Deep

down, he knew it wasn't though. Upon reaching the stairs apex, Martin turned

first to his own bedroom. He walked in scared more than ever (How could a three

foot man defend himself, in all due respect?). As he walked in, he glanced in

his closet and then moved towards his bed. It remained huge and waist high to

him. He knelt down, and looked under the bed. What he saw was no burglar, or

animal. What he saw made his heart race and blood flow. He saw Carol's slipper.

He pulled it out and sat there on the floor examining it for a moment. The

slipper was pink and fuzzy, and always made Martin laugh when she wore it. Now a

different feeling welled up inside him. One of lust. One of lust towards his

wife's huge feet which had graced the slipper only an hour before. He lusted

after his wife and wanted her more physically than ever before. He put the

massive piece of footwear to his face and inhaled its scent deeply.

“Well, well well, what do we have here?”

Martin dropped the slipper and stood up, scared of the bearer of the voice

behind him. He turned around to see a beautiful blonde bombshell. Her long

tanned legs stretched high to her curvaceous hips. Her big breasts jutted in

front of her. Martin looked up and saw a pretty face with light green eyes,

accented by her long blonde truffles of hair. Martin could only stand there

unsure of what even to say. Then the giantess spoke.

“Well, are you going to say anything, or do I have to do all the talking?” she

asked him. Martin found the saliva somewhere in his throat to make himself talk.

“Who…who are you?” he asked very timidly.

She threw her head back and laughed out loud.

“Mr. Landry, you really don't remember me? I'm your daughter's best friend for

nearly 5 years, and you don't know me?”

Suddenly it hit Martin like a ton of bricks. He hadn't see her in almost a year,

since he got the job with the new firm, he worked a lot of overtime. But now…

“Megan.” He mumbled.

“Well, don't we have a good memory! That's right, I'm Megan. You know, Jenny

told me all about you, and your uhm, ‘condition' last night, and let me tell

you; it intrigued me. So I just wanted to come over here and see for myself, and

my, seeing I did!” Megan chuckled.

“Megan promise me you won't tell anyone.” Martin pleaded with her. “Just keep

this a secret, please.”

“Oh, I won't tell a soul…if you don't either.” She said slowly advancing

towards him.

Martin took a step back. He hadn't liked the tone in her voice on the last part.

Gingerly, Megan bent over and picked up the slipper Martin had been holding a

second ago. She inspected it and giggled.

“Well, it looked to me like you were sniffing this old thing, huh Mr. Landry.”

“No, I wasn-“

“Ahh, it's ok, you don't have to lie. I saw you. Infact I bet you were

fantasizing about feet when you did it weren't you? Your wife's foot must be

lookin pretty big about now huh? You're what like, 2ft, 2 ½ ft?”

“Actually I'm 3'6” Megan. And I'm going to have to ask you to leave.” Martin

said a little nervous.

“No, I don't think so little man!” Megan said more forceful now.

Suddenly, she put her foot on Martin's chest and pushed him back. He bumped his

butt, as he hit the floor. He looked up in terror now as he realized her

intentions were not good for him. He slowly inched his way back, trying only to

get away from her. But he was already up against his bed. No place to go.

“I'll tell you what little man, I'll give you the opportunity of a lifetime,”

she said as she began slipping her shoes off, “I'm going to make you kiss my

feet, seeing as how any gracious 3'6” host would do in his house. Besides, if

you think your wife's slipper was erotic, wait until your lips touch my toes!”

Megan said with a grin.

Martin was trapped. He watched as Megan slowly peeled back her socks and stood

barefoot before him. He had mixed emotions of fear and anticipation running

through him. Slowly she removed her pants and stood before Martin in her

panties. She was huge!

“Stand up!”

Martin stood to his feet and realized just how small he was compared to her. He

came to about stomach height on her.

“Now, I want you to start at the top of my legs and work down to my pretty

feet.” Megan ordered him.

“And if I don't?”

“Well, let's just say you won't be around long to see how small you'll really


Martin didn't trust this girl for a second. He cursed Jenny in his mind for

mentioning his plight to her. Slowly, he kissed her long leg. He sunk down until

he was sitting on his butt again. He felt and tasted her warm skin with his

lips. She smelled of strawberries and crème. He was getting really excited now.

He wrapped his arms and legs around her leg, and kissed it furiously. Megan

giggled, as he reminded her of a little kid holding onto his mother's leg not

wishing to move somewhere. Gently, she began lifting the leg he was attached to.

Her foot brushed the hairs on his chest. Martin kissed her ankle as her toes

rubbed his neck. Su

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