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STORY: small shrunk dude

stuck under heel.



There he was crying. He had lost contact with his Mother on the busy streets

around an area full of cloths stores. He was crying and crying and still

finishing off a temper tantrum he had just before he pushed his mom in anger. He

ran into the crowed streets crying and yelling at his Mom. Now he was lost and

still crying loudly. He became dizzy and stumbled around a bit, as he wiped the

tears from his eyes he looked around and could not tell where he was, the ground

was black and had a salty odor and he had to suddenly cover his ears from the

loud sounds. Looking up the he saw the sky was completely tan with massive

canyons that looked like wrinkles and instead of clouds there were dark smudges

that looked like plains of smashed, compacted dirt.

She was talking to her friend as she lifted her foot out of her brown sandal and

allowed it to drop to the ground. She pushed on the front of the sandal with her

toes and allowed her heel to hover over the insole. Below the boy began to cry

furiously for his mother as he was now in a completely strange unfamiliar world.

Her friend suggested they walk to a cloths store one block down. She quickly

slid her foot into the sandal and they were on their way. Below the boy suddenly

saw the tan dirty sky drop down and stomp him into the black ground. Before he

even had time to react the sky was back up where it had started. Now laying flat

with tears still streaming down his face and feeling like he had just been

punched, he saw the sky coming down and it striked and flattened him into the

black salty ground again. He shrieked in terror but was cut off quickly as the

tan, rough dirty sky descended again and slammed into his minuscule body. He

yelled for his mother , but as he cried out mom... the tan dirt slammed into him

mercilessly again. His crying was drawing no sympathy, nothing but the continued

pounding of the tan, dirty and wrinkled sky, pushing him deeper into the black

salty and leather smelling earth. Looking up the tan dirty sky went away farther

this time, and he started screaming as he recognized it as the heel of a massive Hybrid

foot. It slammed into him again and the speed of it's approach and departure was

increasing. He could hardly get a scream or a tear out before it slammed

unrelentingly into him again.

The girls arrived at the cloths store. The clerk who was talking to another lady

knew the girls well. They frequented that area of town.

"Girls, this lady has lost her small son, around 9 years old in the crowd, you

haven't seen a small lost boy have you?"

As the clerk asked them this, the girl let her sandal drop off her foot again

and pushed her toes down on the front. Below the lost boy who was now ground

into the heel section of her sandal looked the great distant up past the young

girl with long dark hair and over way up in the sky he saw his mom!

"No we haven't seen any little boys around, and we have been up and down this

street I bet 50 times today!"

He screamed and tried to pull his squashed but pliable body out of the black

heel it had been ground into. The boy yelled for his mom but she could not hear

his voice from out of the girls sandal , he struggled to push himself up with

all his might.

After finishing talking to the clerk, and the mom, the girls decided to make one

more pass down the crowded streets. She slipped her foot back into the sandal

and started walking relentlessly down the road. Her sandal flopping and slapping

back up against her heel as she walked.

He saw the girl pass into his view in front of his mom, like the moon over the

sun in an eclipse. He could actually understand the girls voice saying they were

leaving to do more walking. He screamed for his mom and then screamed as the

girls heel descended on him again.....Noooooo.... and it slammed into his cry

and when it came back up for a split second he saw his mom one last time and

then nothing but the heel slamming and lifting and smothering and lifting and

sometimes just squashing him with long periods of relentless pressure until he

was like a smudge of dirt on the heel section of her sandal


Giantess Stories: STORY

There he was crying. He had lost contact with his Mother on the busy streets D5 D5 By By stuck under heel. stuck under heel. STORY: small shrunk dude S



Giantess Stories: STORY

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Giantess Stories: STORY

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