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Student Problems

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I was on my way to work. I am a teacher at Midfield High. This is my

first year teaching. With the current situation going on with teachers I was

lucky to get a job at all. I was now finally living my dream. I Paul Jamison am

an English teacher. I parked my 97 Ford Taurus in my assigned parking space and

hurried to my class like I have done everyday this quarter. This start of the

second quarter I had finally gotten a feel for all my students. For the most

part I lucked out and had a really great group of students. It was just my third

hour class that was a problem. Jaina Sala and her little chick click always

acted up. I think that if it weren't for Jaina the other girls would be pretty

good. Well like usual the first two hours went by smoothly. The bell just rang

to let out of second hour and I went to get myself an extra large cup of coffee.

I would need it. As I walked down the hall I started thinking about my first

quarter here. Everything was going quite well but I just hadn't gotten to know the

other members of the faculty. I have always been a rather quiet introverted guy.

Its time to start getting know people. First thing tomorrow The new me will be

unleashed. All my thinking had squandered my chance to get coffee. I was already

4 minutes late. I hurriedly walked to my classroom. When I arrived I was

surprised that my classroom wasn't in disarray. I proceeded to start my lecture.

About halfway through I saw Jaina Sala sleeping. I walked over to my desk and

grabbed my water bottle. Then I headed towards Jaina's desk and squirted the

water on her. “Who the hell did that? You're going to pay bitch!” I sternly

looked down at Jaina. “I have had enough of your off beat mischief. Everyday

it's the same thing. You're either sleeping of disturbing my class. Well I want

to see you at the end of class. “Somebody is in trouble!” Someone shouted from

the back. I then handed out the homework and told them to do it quietly. I sat

at my desk waiting for the end of class. I was so excited to finally get to have

a talk with this girl. She would be put in her place.

After a long wait class finally ended. Everyone quickly filed out as Jaina

walked up to my desk. “Look, Mr. Jamison I am” I cut her off before she even had

a chance to finish. “Ms. Sala ever since the first day of class you have shown

me little to no respect and disturbed my class at every chance you have got. I

am up to here with you. You will have detention before and after school for the

next 3 weeks where you will be doing extra homework to make up for all the time

you have squandered. Now take this note home and have it signed by your parents.

Now run along!” The whole time I was talking to her I could just see an angry

look in her eyes. No one wanted to be yelled at but she deserves what she is

getting I kept telling myself. The rest of the day went by smoothly and


The next day I had to now arrive early because of Jaina Sala. Jaina was outside

my door waiting. “You showed up. I am proud of you.” She just shot me a glare

and told me to shut up. I gave her some papers to do and I graded papers. This

is how it went every day for the next couple weeks. Jaina was actually starting

to make progress. I had heard from other students that Jaina's parents had came

down on her pretty hard and she blamed it all on me. I didn't really care too

much. She was at least keeping quiet in my class and her grades were up. I was

glad today was Friday because with all this staying late and coming early I was

worn out. The weekend came and went I arrived at school a half-hour before I

knew Jaina would be arriving. I set Jaina's homework on her desk and left a note

saying to start working if I wasn't there. I wanted to work on a website I have

been building but I did not know how to link the various pages together. I was

just going to get up and ask for help when a surge of power came through the

computer. I immediately blacked out.

    When I awoke a cold shiver was sent

through my body. I was laying on a hard, very hard surface. I stood up a little

disoriented. I looked around and at first I couldn't figure out where I was.

Then I realized this was my desk and my classroom, but I just didn't want to

believe it. How could this be? Everything towered over me. I ran out from behind

my desk. I froze when I saw sitting at her desk Jaina Sala. I wanted to dart out

the door but my legs wouldn't respond. I hoped she hadn't seen me. When I darted

out. I quickly made my decision. I needed help but not from her. I had to find a

place to hide. I started running towards the corner. Once I started running I

realized how big of a mistake this was. Jaina noticed my movement and started

walking over towards me. I ran faster but with her giant strides she was up to

me in no time. I looked up as I continued to run. A thundering noise echoed

across the room. I was brought to my knees covering my ears. At first I was not

sure what was going on but I soon figured it out. She was just giggling. Before

I could even get up to move I was plucked up. I was held on my waist by her

middle finger and thumb. I mustered up all my courage and decided I needed to

get her to help me. “Jaina, its me Mr. Jamison please help me. I have been

shrunk. You have to take me to the nurse's office. So I can get cured of this

strange ailment.” She looked at me not with that evil glare but a sympathetic

look. She walked back to her desk and gathered up her things. She placed me on

her desk and started digging around in her purse. Then with her other hand she

picked me up. I was held in mid air, 70 or so feet up in the air Iwould guess. I wanted to

scream but nothing came out. I was then dropped. I looked down to see a coin

purse waiting for me below. I landed hard into her coin purse. There was some

lipstick, coins, some certs and a bunch of 5-dollar bills curled up. I looked up

at her smiling face as she zipped her coin purse shut and dropped me into her

purse. “I think you have earned a little Detention time Mr. Jamison.” We then

walked out of the classroom.

part 2

Each step she took I was knocked about the coin purse. I don't think I have been

still once in the last 5 minutes. “How could this happen. People grow up they

don't grow down.” I could clearly hear voices all around me. Some sounded

familiar some didn't. I did enjoy the fact we were finally still and not moving.

I tried my best to scale the walls of this coin purse that is now my prison but

its to tightly zipped up. Me and my host were once again moving but I was not

prepared to go. As she started to get up I was knocked against a roll of certs.

Then me and the bag were set down with a loud thunk. This is how my morning

went. I was once again set down and jumbled about the coin purse which was

inside a purse which was inside a back pack. I could her the teeth of the coin

purse being pulled part. I covered my eyes. I happily and painfully waited for

it to stop. Light streamed in and I was plucked up in the same manner. She

grabbed me by my waist using her thumb and middle finger. Its quite scary thing

to have that happen. I was placed quite roughly down on a large tray. My floor

was plastic. I started running towards the wall. The wall was more of a steep

incline. I tried climbing it but I slide back down. I tried again and once again

I slide back down. This was getting me no where. I then turned around and

noticed two very important things. The first thing was I was climbing the wrong

wall. The wall I was trying to climb only led me over to another section of the

tray and that section had something big and red with steam coming up off it. It

smelled like some kind of pasta but I am not sure what it is. The second

important thing I noticed was Jaina was staring right at me. So even if I had

gotten up the wall. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere. For the first time I got a

good look of everything at my new size. The first thing I saw was Jaina. I never

realized how pretty she was. Jaina Sala looks alot  like Julia Stiles. Now she's not a

dead ringer for her but she has very similar body and facial feature. Jaina has

brownish hair and her breasts aren't as big or developed. I, don't know what I

am thinking. This is one of my students. This just isn't right. Onto the task at

hand. I couldn't really see over the side of the tray but I could hear allot

more clatter all around. Jaina looked down at me with those same sympathetic

eyes. “Are you hungry Paul?” Right away I noticed how she addressed me. No

longer am I Mr. Jamison. I am now just Paul. I guess I don't blame her. I don't

look like much a authority figure. “Well speak up Paul don't be shy.” I tried to

speak but nothing came out. All I could do was shake my head. A smile came

across her face and she looked down at me with a gentle warm look. “Sorry Paul,

this is people food. I have some pet food at home for you.” I was appalled by

what I just heard. She is calling me her pet. I maybe vertically challenged but

I am no ones pet.” I once again contemplated and then mustered up all the

courage I could. “You listen her Ms. Sala. I am not a pet. I am a person and I

expect to be treated as such. Now enough of your foolishness and get me down to

the nurses office now. Time is of the essence.” For the second time today

another thunderous giggle came out and then she looked at me with a very stern

glare. But just before she could say anything. “Hey Jaina who are you talking

too?” I couldn't tell who it was. I coudlnt place the voice. “Oh come here and

check out my new pet girls.” From atop the table sitting on the tray I could

hear the footsteps of one of these junior high giants coming towards me. Her

face appeared over me. She bent her face down closer to get a better look at me.

The tips of her blonde hair fell all around me. I could see her blue eyes

staring directly at me. Her hair was obviously dyed blonde but she looked quite

pretty for her age. “Hi little guy. I'm Danica, my friends call me Danny. What's

your name cutie?” I was stunned. her voice was nothing like Jaina's. She was

much more mature, and had a more adult like feel to her. Danica removed her face from my

view and now Jaina appeared before me. She plucked me up and I could see 9 girls

around the table. I could see Danica sitting next to Jaina. She had some

psychology text book, and a Government text book. She was obviously from the

high school but why was she here at a junior high?. Jaina walked over to a

corner of the lunch room with me still in her hands. “You listen to me short

stuff. You better enjoy this nicey nice shit,  because when we arrive back at home

your going to get punished quite severely. You thought you were such a big man

yelling at me and giving me detention. Always making me your example to everyone

else. Well now that you fit in the palm of my hand, the shoe is on the other

foot. I am the authority figure. You are the little worm who I look down upon.

One more thing. Cover up your little macaroni noodle when i talk to you. I don't

want to see that thing.” I was again scared for my life. She was putting on a

show for her friends. I need to get away from her and quickly. I now looked down

at my own body and realized what she was talking about. I never noticed before

but I dont have any clothes on. I, was just to scared and then amazed to notice

but now that she mentioned it I am embarrassed. Jaina closed her hand all around

me and I was dropped into the coin purse once again. I was jumbled around for

the rest of the uneventful, boring afternoon.

Light shone in once again as I looked up at Jaina. She held me in her palm with

that vengeful look in her eye. “Let the fun begin” Jaina walked in the door to

her house and her dad immediately walked up to her. She closed her fist all

around me. “How was school today young lady?” I could tell Jaina was nervous

about something. Her hand was getting very sweaty. “Oh just fine daddy.” “Don't

you to lie to me. I bet you were giving that english teacher more problems. Well

I am gonna fix you.” Jaina took a few steps back and squeezed me tighter and

harder. The air was forced out of my body. Then I heard slap and Jaina's whole

body jolted the left with her almost falling. She barely maintained balance then

I heard his fist land right on her stomach. She squeezed me in her fist now even

harder. Jaina's dad shoved her down to the floor and pinned her hand to the Muestras gratis de la Crema y Serum nº1 de Chanel

ground. He was yelling so loud I couldnt hear what he was saying but I did hear

him clearly punch and kick Jaina a few more times. “Now get to your room and get

your homework down now.” Jaina pulled her body up and ran to her room. When she

opened up her fist she was obviously crying. I was set down beside Jaina on her

bed. “Jaina, Jaina listen to me please. This is not right. You need to call the

police or something. He is abusing you.” Jaina tilted her head down and tears

started falling all around me. “This is all your fault, and now your going to

pay. I am going to show you whose boss. You cant hurt me anymore. You cant hurt

ME!” I took a few steps back but she picked me up. “Jaina, I will never hurt

you. I am not your father.” She set me down on her bed and then flicked her

middle finger at my chest. I had never felt anything like it. Then I saw her

finger rushing towards me again, and again. All the while Jaina was yelling

“Take that daddy, Take that” I finally fell unconscious and didn't have to feel

the pain anymore. When I awoke later I hurt all over but I was on something very

soft . It was pitch black where ever I was. Whatever I was on I was wrapped up

in and it felt good. My body hurt everywhere. I just snuggled up in this soft

material and fell back to sleep.

A screech broke through the silence of Jaina's room. I looked over at the clock

and saw that it read 1:07pm. It was much to early for jaina to be home. I wanted

to hide, but I also wanted to be discovered. It wouldnt be very easy to hide. Im

on a sock sitting on top of a dresser. The sock will stick out like a soar

thumb. I tried my best to bury myself in the sock. I could hear the foot steps

moving about the room. I decided to take a quick peek. As I stuck my head above

the sock I saw a familar person. I couldnt quite place where i knew her from.

But she looked very familar. She looked to be about 5'2” but its hard to tell

when your this small. She has light brown hair, and brown eyes. She starts

heading towards the dresser where I am on. The closer she gets the more I notice

a very foul smell. I triy to slide my head back down into the sock but she

notices my movement. Her eyes dart down towards the sock i am in. She has a

curious yet nervous look on her face. I can tell she must be afraid of bugs

becuase she cautiously moves her hand down towards the sock and shakes it. I

struggle to hold on but I end up falling. As I tumble a scream of delight erupts

from her. As soon as I hit the ground her giant hand surrounds me.

I am enclosed in darkness. I can smell sweat everywhere. I try to force her

fingers up but its useless. The only thing I can do is lay here. Slowly her hand

creeps open. Light starts to shine through the gigantic tree like fingers. Two

huge brown eyes are afixed on me.

“Do you remember me? Im Lucy Sala. Im sure you havent forgotten about me. You

made me sit in the front right next to your desk last year during your student


As soon as she said her name my body visibley tremored. I remember her I

nicknamed her lucyfer. I didnt think it would catch on but it ran through whole

school that I had compared her to lucifer the devil. I start to run, Not think

about the fact I am in the palm of her hand. I only know one thing. Run, run for

my life. As I reached what I think should be the edge of her hand I see that I

am no where near the edge of her hand. About 10 minutes go by and I collapse out

of exhaustion. As I fall to my knees I can hear is her laughing.

“Did you get dumber when you got smaller or what. You have been running from one

hand to the next. All i had to do was move the hand you werent on to be infront

of the hand you were on. Your so pathetic.


As soon as I heard this I felt like such a complete fool. Me a well educated man

out smarted by a high school freshmen.

“I dont know what happened to you but we are going to have so much fun. But It

sounds like Jaina is home so i need to find a way to sneak you out of here

without her being the the wiser. I got it, Im such a genius! Why did you give me

a D- again? Oh well I hope your not gay because your going to be closer to a

woman then you ever have been in your life.”

All in one motion her plaid skirt was pulled away from her waist. I was in awe

of how easily she moved the elastic band of the skirt. I dont even think 10 of

me could move that elastic waist band. But before i had time to admire her

physical prowess I dropped into her panties. I thought at first she wasnt

wearing any and i was going to plummet to my death but as i heard the thud of

the elastic band of her panties creating a unbreakable bond I learned that she

had on clear panties. I looked up and I could see her smiling down at me and

then she let go of her skirt and with a final thud I was sealed in darkness.

This was so bizarre its almost as if im floating. I can look down and see the

floor. These panties are crystal clear. they are almost scary clear. I never

have had much of a foot fetish but even i had to admire her feet as she quickly

slipped them into a pair of doc martins and ran out of Jaina's room. I was

expecting her to head to her room and take me out but she grabbed the cordless

phone and sat down on the sofa.

As she sat down i was thrusted through a pink a wall and deposited on the other

side. I tried pounding on the wall but im just not strong enough to move it. But

the more i pound the more i notice a liquid around my feet. As I look down at

the very arousingly pungnet odor around my feet. Lucy picked that very same time

to lay down on the sofa. I start falling down till i hit the bottom floor. As I

look up to see the where the top is, I quickly find out I cant see the top. I

either am small enough where i cant see it, or its just to dark to see it. I

dont really care, I start trying to climb the wall but this only makes things


“Yeah, do you want to go to Dance Dance Revolution tonight. I hear that club is

ill. (ill means good. Im sure everyone knows that. I just dont want there to be

any confusion)”

This only makes me angry. I start thrashing and trying to climb even more which

only turns her on more but I am to angered to think and at the whole lunacy of

the situation. Here I am a grown man stuck in the pussy of not a woman, not a

young adult, a freshmen GIRL, A FUCKING LITTLE GIRL who is talking on the phone.

In my anger i have only turned lucy on more and more. I have never been

claustrophobic, but when her walls start to close in on me, I automatically

start to scream at the top of my lungs in fear. I was pressed into a wall of

flesh and pulsed up and down. Her juices run over my body lubricating me more

and more. The more her juices run over me. The easier i I slide. My body is

being ran up and down, in and out of her pussy. I am being shot like a cannon

out of her pussy but then I hit the ceiling which is her panties and then I am

sent speeding downward back into her pussy to start the whole process over

again. Needing air before I reach the insides of her pussy again. I gasp for air

but I close my mouth a little to late and her juices come pouring down my

throat. It is like for those of you who have taken a beer can and poked a whole

in the bottom and drank the whole can shotgun style all in one gulp its alot

like that. All I can do is taste her juices dance over my taste buds and then go

rushing down my throat. I try to close my mouth but the juices are just pouring

in too fast. My face is turning colors I dont even know the names for. Just as I

am about to pass out. I once again am shot out of her. But this time I land

firmly on a gigantic pink wall but it doesnt open up. I am then pressed against

her panties as lucy stands up.

“Okay see you there, I just got to change”

As lucy stands up I slide down to the bottom of her panties. My body way to

tired, battered, soar. My very weak body just lays there looking at the floor. I

can hear Jaina's voice, shes saying something but im to weak and too tired to

make it out. All I can do is lay here staring at the floor through this cotton

soft, but clear window.

Just as I am about to fall asleep light shines in from everywhere. As I pick my

head up I notice lucys plaid skirt on the floor. I see her grab a tight pair of

shorts. As she pulls them up I notice they are clear like her panties but they

glimmer in the light. They look to be made of some kind of clear leather. I soon

feel Lucy pluck me out of her shorts. She holds me up to her face. All I can see

is happiness on her face, in her eyes. Her deep brown eyes are almost like

portals to her soul. When i look into them, her soul screams this is going to

fun, do it , do it, do it. I am only left to wonder. What is it she will do.

“You know last year in 8th grade, when you were student teaching. You called me

Lucyfer. I visbley hated that name but deep down inside of me. I loved it.

Tonight your going to find out why you little SHIT!!”

I see her open up the back of her pants and then i am dropped, then abruptly I

stop. This is a very different feeling then before. I can move but I cant move.

I guess i better explain. I can move but i dont have anywhere to go. My back is

against her ass, and my chest and face are against her clear panties and

shorts. I can only move my body to the left and to the right. I can move my arms

but they dont do me any good at all.

“Now dont worry Mr. Jamison. I just have to put these basketball pants on for a

little bit. Becuase my parents wont let me out of the house like this.”

She slipped on the pants and then buttons up each leg. (they are those

basketball pull away pants. I dont really know hwo to describe them but each

pant leg has buttons on the outside that when you want to take them off you just

rip them off and the buttons come undone.) I was once again in total darkness. I

could hear Lucy try on millions and millions of shirts. Finally I could hear her

leave. As she leaves her bedroom, i notice one odd thing. She has a actual lock

on her bedroom door.

“Bye Mom, I will be back late tonight”

Before her mom could even answer lucy is out the door. As lucy walks i am held

snuggly in her pants. It seems like she has been walking forever but I soon hear

the thunderous beats of music. At my normal size it would be loud but at my

diminitive size it feels like my ear drums are going to crumble. As soon as she

enters, the music becomes 10 times louder.

“Hey Kindra whats up”

“I thought you were going to never get here Lucy. Lets hit the dance floor”

The words I have been dreading since I heard the music were finally spoken. Lets

hit the dance floor. Lucy starts shaking her ass and grooving to the beat. I can

feel guys pressing against her ass. Then it all happens so fast. Lucy rips off

her pants to reveal her crystal clear, very tight shorts, with matching

panties.I could see a hundred faces affixedon me and lucys ass. I start pounding

and screaming for all I am worth. Unfortunately the music is so loud no one can

hear me.

“OH BOBBY look at that cute little doll that girl has in her pants. Its so


“I wouldnt mind being in your pants like that. How about we go back to my


“This isnt happening. Everyone thinks im fucking toy. COME BACK HERE, IM A REAL


The night goes on and on. Im not sure which is worse the smell of ass or the

smell of sweat. Every guy and girl that has danced around me, had the same

reaction. Oh thats so cute or damn I wish i was that doll. However i was

oblivious to the fact that Lucy had hooked up with a guy. The next thing I knew

I was at this guys apartment. I was thrown with Lucys clothes to the floor. I

peeked outside of her panties. However not wanting to get stranded at this guys

place. I did the only thing I could do. I sat in her panties. At some point I

fell asleep im not really sure when.

As morning breaks I open my eyes to see that i am back in Lucys bedroom. As I

get up a weird feeling is at my feet. When I look down I see wood chips. I look

around and see that I am in a hamster cage. In the food dish is some cheerios

and behind me is a water bottle. I sit in the corner and cry.


A month has gone by and i still plan to escape. I hate this new life. Everday

after lucy gets back from school I have to do her homework. She holds me to a

strict regiment. I have to get atleast 85% on all her homework or else I don't

get fed. I am going to escape soon. I almost have it figured out. It involves

Danica, Lucys friend and also Jaina's friend who I met earlier.

The End

Giantess Stories: Student Problems

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