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Subject: In My Girlfriend's Purse (A Short Story)

It was a bad day already and little to my knowledge at the time, it

was to get a whole lot worse. I had just been laid off from my job

and was desperate for money, so I became elated

when I saw a poster advertising $5000 for a scientfic experiment (I

would never get a chance

to use it.)

I enter the labatory and volunteered for the experiment. There was

a young woman, around 25, running the experiment. She told me her

name was Quinessa; a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. She had

very long blonde hair past her waist and in a feathery style.

She was wearing a striking blue dress.

I asked her what I had to do to be a participant in the experiment.

She pointed out a circle

on the floor to me and asked me to just stand there.

'That's all? I queried.

'That's all, ' she replied. 'I promise this won't hurt a bit but

you might get a tingly feeling.'

I nodded as I saw a multi-colored beam hit me square in the chest

and then reflect into a multi-colored rectangle covering my whole

body. I closed my eyes. When I opened them,

everything looked different. The table in the center of the room

was huge. Then, I saw giant

feet coming toward me. They stopped just short of me. I looked up

to see Quinessa. I only came up to her ankles. I fainted.

When I woke up, I found myself in a hamster cage. In the corner was

a huge hankerchief folded up neatly; along with a folded-up piece

of fabric as a pillow and a silk ladies' scarf

as a blanket. In another corner were four upright pieces of

cardboard with a thimble in the


I looked out the cage and saw Quinessa's giant face peering at me.

I finally drew the breath to say something; my voice must have

sounded so tiny because Quinessa had to practically put her ear to

the cage to hear me.

'Why are you doing this to me?' I asked.

'You did volunteer for the experiment.'

'Yes, but you didn't tell me it was going to be this.'

'You didn't ask.'

'So, now what?'

'Well, we are going to have to see how your body adjusts to your

new size. In addition,

tomorrow, we are going to test to see if you retained your

intelligence. We are going to have

you run a mouse maze.'


'Now, in the corner, you see that hankerchief I made up as a bed

for you. That thimble is functions.'

I nodded.

'We will feed you. In fact. she's going to get you a burger now.

But being so small now,

we will only have to tear a small piece off for you.'

'Who's we?'

There was a knock at the door.

'Come in,' said Quinessa.

There stood another beautiful lady; with very long red hair almost

down to her waist

and wearing a stunning yellow dress. I could not beleive my eyes.

It was Aubra, my


'Hi, Pat', she said. 'Oh, you are SO cute like that. In that cage

and that small, I don't have

to worry about you cheating either.'

I stood in stunned silence. I looked up as Aubra unhooked the latch

and her huge hand

entered the cage. She dropped a piece of burger. She glanced

curiously at Quinessa.

Quinessa nodded. I felt Aubra's hand gently wrap around my body. I

struggled to get out

of her grip but it was to no avail. She lifted me to her face and

studied me thoughtfully.

Then she asked Quinessa, 'You know, Pat's small, but not really an

animal. I don't

think a hamster cage suits him. If I promise to bring him back for

your experiments,

may he stay with me? I have an old dollhouse he can stay in.'

Quinessa said, 'I guess that'll be okay as long as you promise to

bring him back.'

Aubra promised. Then she put me in her purse. I looked up at her.

She smiled; then closed

the purse. There was a very small hole in the purse. When I looked

out the hole, I could Aubra's mass of red hair. I looked around the

purse. There was a penlight that was on. The penlight was bigger

than me. I sat on a compact mirror as I felt the purse sway with


walk. I saw her lipstick too. I was almost the same size as her

lipstick. I saw a sewing kit,

tissues, a hankerchief and various make-up items. They were all so

huge but I did always

wonder what a woman kept in her purse. I found out first-hand.

About 45 minutes later, I saw the purse open up. Aubra's huge hand

once again gripped me.

But this time, I did not struggle. I felt it was pointless. Aubra

once again studied me thoughtfully.

'Before I put you into the dollhouse, would you like to have a

little fun at first?'

'Me or you?'

'Well, mostly me,' said Aubra with a sly grin.

She then put me inside her bra that she was wearing. Then she taped

me to the bra so I would not fall. My back was taped to the bra; so

there I was staring at her huge breast which to me

was about the size of a medium-sized hill.

'Come on, Aubra, let me go.'

'No, I like this, ' was her reply.

Giantess Stories: Subject

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