Giantess Stories: Suck My Big Toe      Devon was the kind of girl that most guys wish they could be friends with

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Suck My Big Toe

Devon was the kind of girl that most guys wish they could be friends with. She

was like one of the guys in that she could hold her own when it came to

sarcastic humor, dirty jokes, pulling pranks on the weekends and all that other

high school guy stuff. But she wasn't a guy. She was hot, not amazingly

beautiful, but still eye candy during those boring moments where you find

yourself staring off into space. If you were hanging out with her you would want

to flirt with her. She had this uncanny ability to make guys hang on every word

she said, and watch her every movement. But at the same time she was able to

steer clear of all that lame girly drama stuff that so many adolescent high

school girls fall victim of.

That was Devon. And she was my best friend. We were close but we had issues. One

of us had always liked the other. Our flirting was out of control, sometimes

border line. People always thought we were going out but we weren't. I knew I

could always hook up with her if I really wanted to but that just wasn't how

things worked with us. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely tempting. Her

shoulder length brown hair always smelled so good. She was a swimmer and had the

body to match it. Her thighs were perfect, and I often caught myself staring at

them, following the line of her small muscles all the way down to her feet.

Being a swimmer she never wore shoes. Always sandals. She didn't consider her

feet beautiful, and I'm sure most people would look at some other part of her

first, but something about them drew me in. She was always conservative with

nail polish often wearing light colors or none at all. But she didn't need the

help. The fact that her toes were completely naked save her single toe ring just

heightened their beauty to me. But her toes, however mesmerizing they were, were

not a reason to go out with her. We were better than that. High school

relationships don't last and we knew that. So we were somehow able to always

overcome our feelings for each other and stay as close as possible.

It was the second semester of our senior year and we had big things on our

minds. We were going to separate colleges so we were trying to get used to the

fact that we would be apart from each other after the summer was over. But we

had had some great times so we planned on living it up until the last days. We

had a couple of classes together, needless to say I wasn't getting the best

grades in those classes. But I didn't care; I had already been accepted to UCLA.

All I had to do was graduate. So often in class, especially Economics (our

teacher was psycho), Devon and I would sit and talk and laugh, and get in

trouble. For some reason I was always the one that got kicked out of class. I

swear my teacher hated me. But I didn't care. Then after class I would run up to

Devon. "Thanks for getting me kicked out of class jerk," I said with a sly smile

(I knew I deserved it.) And then Devon would return with her usual comment back.

"Ah, suck my big toe." Then we'd run off and eat lunch together. I don't know

why but she'd been saying that for almost two years now. Sometimes I wonder if

she knew that I secretly worshiped her toes and she was just giving me a hard

time. But she never told me. But the response came with most sarcastic things I

said, "Ah, suck my big toe." I had dealt with it for a while but that phrase

started to distract me from the entire outside world. I remember one particular

day in our Econ class Devon and I were talking and laughing as usual and I said

something though I don't really know why. "Will you go to prom with me?" And

would you believe she actually said yes. "Ha just kidding there's now way I

would actually go to prom with you," I replied. And just as I suspected she said

(this time actually a little peeved), "Suck my big toe." And what I did next was

a major surprise. I sucked her big toe. I leaned under her desk and I lifted her

beautiful foot up out of her flip flop and sucked her big toe. I couldn't

believe how aroused such a simple act could make me but I was in heaven. And all

of this right in the middle of class. Devon let out a soft groan, almost

inaudible, and I realized that she liked it. "It's about time," she whispered

down to me. She closed her eyes and leaned back and I continued wetting her toe

with my saliva filled mouth. I began to remove her toe from my mouth when

everything went black and I suddenly felt like someone had tossed me down a

water slide. I landed with a thud and noticed that I actually was soaked. As my

vision began to clear, I could hear a soft but very commanding moaning sound

coming from above me accompanied by a loud shuffling sound to my side. I was so

disoriented it took me a moment to get my composure, and then I stood up. And

hit my head on something soft. I looked up and it filled my whole view. Devon's

toe. It was huge. Every wrinkle, and every pore was in full view in front of me.

And dripping down from her toe, was my saliva. I was drenched in my own spit. I

staggered away in an awestruck sort of fear. Her toe must have been 20 feet tall

from perspective. It towered over me. It was my ruler. I wanted to run, knowing

that I could easily be squashed under her massive toe. But I couldn't, I was

drawn to it, I worshipped it. It had become my whole world and I wanted it to be

that way.

"Hey loser, stop staring at my toes or I'll make you suck 'em." I was shocked

back into the real world by Devon's voice. "Uh sorry I..," I stammered. "It's

cool I'm sure you were just day dreaming and didn't realize you were staring off

into space," she replied. "But next time stare into someone else's space k?" I

never could get enough of her sarcastic humor. Class was so boring, what else

was I supposed to do. But as the weeks went by I noticed myself constantly

having the same or similar daydreams about Devon's toes. And every time it

started with her saying, "suck my big toe." I couldn't help it. The thoughts

came pouring in. Sometimes I would end up wedged between her big and second toe

like a piece of toe lint, so small I almost didn't exist. Other times I was the

jewel in her single toe ring. I could see an entire day from that perspective

all during one class period day dream.

School continued, then we graduated. Devon and I were still best friends and the

summer brought many wonderful barefoot days. Sometimes I felt bad that I had

such an obsession with my best friend's feet but I couldn't help it. She was

always there and her toes were always with her. As the summer started to come to

a close I was already packed up and ready to move on. All the posters were off

my walls, reminders of all the great concerts I'd been too. Most of my clothes

were packed up and my room looked pretty desolate. With all my stuffed crammed

in my car I sat around and napped away a boring afternoon knowing that tomorrow

I would be off to college. When I woke up I realized it was already 7:00. "Crap

I'm late," I thought. "Devon is leaving for school tomorrow too. We're supposed

to hang out one last time tonight." I jumped in my car and sped for Devon's

house. I decided that I'd surprise her so I parked my car a few blocks down and

ran for her house. When I got there I noticed a note on her front door. It read:

"I'm taking a nap in my room. Come wake me up since you're always late. Ah, suck

my big toe." I swear that phrase was becoming her trademark. It didn't even make

sense in that phrase. I hadn't said anything sarcastic for her to come back at

me. Whatever, she says it too much any ways. I crept in the front door and

proceeded down her hallway. I passed her bathroom and I could smell her shampoo.

I had a sudden flood of memories. I stopped for a moment and thought about my

friendship with Devon. We had been through so much and now we were being

separated. I wondered if maybe she and I really could have worked out. Sometimes

I could swear I was in love with her. But we were best friends. "Oh well," I

thought. I made it to the door to her room and slowly pushed it open. She really

was beautiful. I probably didn't tell her that enough. I walked up to her. She

was laying in her bed in a blue sports bra and some black addidas shorts. "She

probably just got finished working out," I thought. As I leaned forward my

thoughts were confirmed. I could smell her sweet fragrance. It consumed my whole

world. I was lost in that moment for what seemed like an eternity. Thoughts of

our past together ran through my head. I was having trouble keeping my self

together. "How can you just let this girl leave," I told myself. "She is

everything you've ever wanted from a girl and you just ignore that. Why? Tell

her how you feel." I was a very convincing person. My inner person was right

though. I had loved her all along. I was just scared of getting hurt or hurting

her. I cared for her so much. As I sat there and looked at her beautiful face I

got ready to run my hand through her hair and kiss her on the cheek when the

note came into my head again. "Suck my big toe." She always said that and she

had no idea the effect it had on me. "You know what," I said silently, "I am

gonna suck her toe." I couldn't believe it. I was actually going to do it. No

more fantasies, no more daydreams, this was the real thing. I figured if she was

going to leave and I was going to risk our relationship by telling her I loved

her, I might as well get something good out of it. I got up from my seat and

moved down to her feet. They were awesome. No nail polish, just beautiful toes,

and that single toe ring. I bent over and leaned in close. I could smell her

scent even stronger on her feet. It was erotic. I stopped for a second and took

in the smell then continued leaning forward. This was it. No going back now. I

gently touched her big toe with my lips. It was so soft. I could feel its

warmth, as I sat there for one silent moment, taking in the reality of what I

had just done. I slowly opened my lips and extended my tongue. It touched the

tip of her toe leaving the smallest drop of saliva on it. I moved my tongue up

just slightly and licked the small section right below her toenail, feeling its

presence on my tongue. I did everything so slowly and yet time seemed even

slower than reality. But this was reality. This was Devon's toe, but for this

moment it belonged to me.

I swirled my tongue around licked the bottom of her toe, gently massaging every

wrinkle on it. And then without thinking I put my entire mouth around her toe.

Swirling my tongue, a little more forcefully now, I could feel her toe every

where in my mouth. This was by the far the most erotic experience of my life.

This sleeping beauty was fulfilling my fantasy. I continued licking and

massaging her toe with my tongue. My thoughts were rambling. Had the situation

been right I would have easily made love to her toe. Right as I thought that I

slowly removed my mouth from her toe and let my tongue trace all the way up from

the bottom of her sole all the way up to the tip of her toenail. Right as my

tongue left contact with her toe, my thoughts became jarbled, and I suddenly got

very dizzy. My world spun as I felt myself hurtling down, down, down. I awoke

with a start and punched myself for having daydreamed again. "Great," I thought,

"you've probably been laying here staring at Devon for an hour and now you've

wasted the whole night." I wiped my eyes and tried to focus in the dark of her

room. I could still smell her scent but now it seemed even stronger. It was

everywhere. I was on her bed (or so I thought). As I began to regain my

composure I sat up and leaned off her "bed." I fell for what seemed like forever

and landed with a soft thud. Now I was knocked fully awake. I Looked around and

suddenly realized why Devon's scent had been so strong. It didn't just seem like

it was everywhere, it really was everywhere. I was lying in the bottom of the

gap between her big and second toe. "Can this be real?" I thought to myself. I

looked up and saw her toes gently wiggling 40 feet above me. "I must have been

on the tip of her toe and fallen off when I thought I was leaning off her bed,"

I said to myself. I was tiny. I was a spec, a particle of dust, I was


Just as I was sitting up my whole world was tossed over. "She must be awake," I

thought. Sure enough Devon had been lying on her back with her feet up in the

air just the way I'd left them and now she was sitting up throwing her feet off

her bed. "10:00? Is he still not here?" I heard her voice booming from what

seemed like miles away. Trying to keep myself braced between her toes, I

strained to look up. She leaned over and grabbed her slippers the size of

several city blocks. I couldn't believe it. She was huge! I could barely see

past her pretty legs. Her firm breasts rested in a blue sports bra in what

seemed like miles away. They were like mountains in the distance. And beyond

that, her face. Her pretty face that I had just recently stared into. Her

swaying hair that I had almost ran my hands through. Her lush cheeks that I had

almost kissed. This was Devon, my best friend, my secret love. And I was dust

between her toes. She stood up. If I hadn't already been amazed out of mind this

would have done it. The real magnitude of her height came into view. From my

perspective she was several miles high. Just as I was beginning to get situated

in my position between her toes I was violently tossed out of my haven and into

the open. I landed on a soft pink surface, her slippers. As I turned around I

couldn't believe what I saw. Her colossal foot was headed right for me. And in

the lead was her big toe. The one that I had just recently caressed and licked.

I ran with all my might for safety only to be pushed by an unimaginable force. I

ended up in the darkness of her slipper. My cavern stretched on forever. It was

almost pitch black except for the occasional beam of light that came in as she

walked. The walls all around me moved. I could feel the heat of her toes on my

sweat covered face. Her scent was everywhere. I was scared out of my mind, but I

was in heaven. Amidst the crashing of her foot and the swaying of her slipper I

managed to maneuver by grabbing hold of the fuzz that cushioned her foot and

slowly crawling my way along. I was on a search for her big toe. As I climbed I

could feel the humidity level rising. I lost my grip and fell. I landed with a

thud against a hard surface. I was stuck between the toenail of what I believe

was her second toe, only because I thought I could make out a small reflection

from her toe ring in the distance. But either way I was stuck.

Suddenly light flooded in all around me and I looked up to see skin. Nothing but

skin as far as the eye could see. Devon was naked and she was getting ready to

take a bath. At this point I thought for sure that I was a dead man. I watched

in horror as she lowered her other foot into the soapy water. As my world began

to ascend I looked up into her face and I saw, tears. She was crying because of

me. If I had been full size I could have easily wiped her tears away. But before

I really had much time to think about her tears I crashed into the water. I was

knocked loose and found myself amongst a torrent of crashing waves and soap that

served as a dense fog. Tsunami sized waves crashed into me and I had no control

over my fate. I crashed into her pinkie toe and tried with all my might to cling

to it, but she lifted her foot and brought it back again knocking me violently

against her toenail. I was unconscious.

When I came to I found myself amongst a large forest of tangled trees. I was

sitting in what I guess could be called the branch of one of these large trees.

The branch was easily thicker than I was. I punched myself, spit up a pint of

water, and then remembered all that had happened. I wasn't in a forest. I was in

Devon's bush. Only to me it seemed like a dense forest. And I knew what was

right below me, Yosemite Valley. I strained to look up but couldn't see anything

past my sky of blue. I guess she must have been wearing blue panties. I swear I

could even see clouds on them. I began to descend the trees climbing and

jumping, falling several times only to be caught amongst an entanglement. You'd

think it would be a soft landing but you've got to remember that her pubes were

as thick as trees to me. I got to the out skirts and lost my handhold and fell

about 60 feet. I landed in the tarp of her panties and looked ahead. There it

was, as large as a valley, Devon's womanhood. I didn't know what to do. I had

never been with her before. All of this was so new to me. But what a way to

experience it for the first time. I made my way over and began to climb over her

lip. As I climbed down, the walls became slippery. Despite my years of

experience as a rock climber I lost my handhold again and fell into the dark

abyss. It opened for me as if it had been expecting me. I made my way through

the endless cavern slipping all over its moist surface. The floor gave ever so

slightly and I could feel the walls around me moving, almost as if they were

breathing. I heard a booming noise and strained my ears to decipher the sound.

It was Devon's voice. "I don't understand what's going on. I hope I haven't made

him mad somehow. And to think that I was finally going to admit to him how much

I love him."

I yelled. Why had I waited so long to tell her? She loved me too. And now I was

probably going to die inside of her. Suddenly without warning light burst into

my cavern and I saw a finger the size of large skyscraper enter in. She was

masturbating. Devon groaned my name as she heightened to orgasm. The violence of

her thrusting finger tore my clothes off and I was pushed deep inside of her.

Everything around me pulsated. She humped her body up and down in motion with

her gyrations. She screamed my name and I could tell that she was crying. If

only she knew just how close we were at the time. We both hit orgasm

simultaneously and as she came I was flooded out of her and into the light. I

fell between her legs and landed on her bed. Her sheets lifted and folded in

front of me. Miles away I could see her feet. Her body still swayed lightly. I

could hear soft sniffling. She was crying. Despite my inability to contact Devon

I felt responsible for her tears. I stood between her legs, listening to her cry

until she finally fell asleep. I ran, I had to find some form of safety. If she

tossed and turned in her sleep I could easily be crushed underneath her massive

thighs or butt. At first I thought I'd try and run to her feet and jump off the

bed. But I realized that it would take me hours to get that far not to mention

the fall would probably kill me. My only option was up. I started climbing. I

had been here before. Devon's scent still hung in the air. It consumed me. I had

just made love to her and she didn't even know it, and I hadn't even been able

to help. I had just gone along for the ride. I climbed up and through her forest

and noticed her right hand was resting at the top on her waist. I made my way to

them and could see cum still dripping from her fingers. Twenty feet up I could

see the nail on her index finger. I decided to try and climb up her finger and

hide underneath her fingernail until morning. The creases in her finger made for

perfect hand and foot holds and I soon found myself under the protective

coverage of her nail. I had just been laid, I was exhausted, and tomorrow

morning I had to try and get her attention. I had no idea how, but I had to try.

Exhausted, I fell asleep instantly.

I saw her foot, it was the size of a small city. It was lifting up and crashing

down just barely missing me with each crash. I looked up in horror to see two

huge green eyes looking down on me with scorn. "How dare you up and walk out on

me like that?" she yelled. "We could've been perfect for each other. You broke

my heart, so I should break your mite-sized body. But I'm not as cruel as you.

You didn't even say goodbye. You just left me alone. Well I'm not going to say

goodbye either." With that she turned her head and began walking away from me,

each step thundering in the distance. I sat alone, in the middle of her bedroom,

contemplating the reality of what had just happened. I would have rather been

squashed by her foot or pounded by her toe than to have this. I pictured how it

could have been. She would lower her foot ever so slowly letting me watch it

become my world, and then she would ever so gently set it on the floor. I would

lay under it and it would slowly increase pressure until before I could even

notice a thing I would be crushed, a tiny spec on the bottom of her foot. Or a

little tiny spot on her huge toe. But no, it couldn't be that easy for me. I was

alone. And I was tiny.

I awoke with a start and cursed myself for my nightmares. I wiped the sweat from

my brow and knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep any time in the near future.

I climbed down from my haven and soon found myself wandering down the length of

Devon's right leg. After that nightmare I had to get out and go for a walk

despite the danger of it all. As I walked along I noticed that despite the fact

that I was the size of a mite her leg gave slightly as I walked. I knelt and

felt her soft skin. It was like velvet against my hand. I stood up and looked

back at her breasts rising like huge mountains in the horizon. And somewhere

beyond those breasts was her face. I wanted so badly to just run up to her lips

and kiss them and wipe her tears for her, but I knew I couldn't. I turned back

around started slowly jogging towards her foot. Her foot was lying on its side

so with little effort I was able to continue my way until I reached her big toe.

I cautiously edged out towards her toenail and lowered myself over the edge.

Devon suddenly twitched her foot ever so slightly and I almost lost my grip but

came crashing back into the tip of her toe. I wedged myself between the tip of

her toe and her toenail and with my back to her nail and my legs against her toe

I began shimmying down. When I reached the bottom I dropped the ten feet to her

second toe. I walked into the space between her two toes. When I got to her toe

ring I jumped and grabbed the edge and threw myself up and onto the top of it.

Exhausted, I laid down for a moment. I still couldn't believe that I was scaling

Devon's foot like I would a mountain. I was so insignificant. Even if I did

survive tonight, what about tomorrow? And the day after that? I was supposed to

start college. How could I do that living on the toe of a beautiful girl? I

started thinking about Devon and became aroused. Now was my time. I would

probably not survive this experience to ever tell Devon how I felt, so I decided

to do the one thing I could. I hung over the edge of her toe ring and jumped

back down onto the side of her toe. I made it towards the tip. I knelt down and

touched it ever so softly with my lips. It felt just like it had when I was full

size but now the wrinkles in her skin were so big I could run my hand through

them. I laid my naked body down and began licking the tip of her toe. I could

taste her scent and feel the warmth of her skin against my own. I dug into the

grooves of her toe and became very aroused. Her toe swayed slightly with her

foot, it almost felt in rhythm with my own gyrations. For a moment it felt like

she was part of me, and I her. I dug in harder and exploded on her toe. I laid

on the edge of her toe, spent, and reveled in my accomplishment. I had just made

love to the toe of an impossibly huge girl. And I was in love with her. If not

for my current status there might have been hope for Devon and I. I dreamed of

that possibility and drifted into another twilight. Just as I was about to fall

asleep my whole world turned. She was turning her foot up. I fell and landed

with a crash against the skin between the gap of her toes. As if in instinct I

jumped up and grabbed for her toe ring. I clung to the edge of it for dear life

and waited for her to settle. After she had stopped moving I dropped down and

sat in the space between her toes. It would be way too dangerous to try and make

it back to her hand now that she was starting to stir. I decided to try and

climb over to her big toe and then scale it and rest underneath its nail. I was

beginning to get the hang of climbing on Devon and the contour of her

mountainous toes became more familiar. With little trouble I made it to the top,

gave one quick glance over to her peaceful face, and then drifted off to sleep

in between her toe and toenail.

I awoke with a start and realized that my sleeping quarters were moving. It was

morning! And Devon was waking up! I had to try and stay underneath her nail.

Devon sat up in her bed, and swung her feet, with me under her toenail, onto the

floor. They landed with a thud but I managed to keep my position. I stayed put

as she hurriedly got dressed. Why was she rushed? Oh no, she's leaving for

college! I watched as she put on her so familiar flip-flops that I had stared at

so many times. I never realized that I would get such a close look. It was a

challenge for me to stay in my spot as each crash of her foot was like an

unimaginable earthquake. She got in her car, all packed with her belongings, and

sped off. At one point as she was slamming on the gas pedal I lost my grip and

fell out and onto the outside of the tip of her toe. The thumping made it very

difficult for me to climb back up so I started making my way down her toe. When

I reached her flip-flop I walked on its spongy surface around the edge of her

big toe and then on along the side of her foot. I got to her heel and just as I

was about to start climbing down her flip-flop, she slid her foot to the side

and I fell and landed in the deep shag of her car carpet. Devon got out of the

car and I could here her talking with someone. It was my parents. "I guess he

must have already left," they said. "Maybe he wanted to get an early start on

his long drive." "Ok, I was just wondering, because I didn't get a chance to be

with him last night," Devon replied. "Oh no," I thought, "she thinks I've

already left. I must really look like a jerk now."

Devon got back in her car and slipped off her flip-flops. Her toes were hovering

over me and then they came crashing down all around me. Luckily the carpet was

thick enough to protect me so I survived the collision with one of her toes. She

rested on the tips of her toes and I was beginning to lose my breath. I

scrambled with all my might, grabbing at shag carpet and pulling my self,

frantically trying to break free. I finally got out and began scaling the toe

that had once held me captive. With little trouble I made it to her nail and

swung myself up and on top of it. And then she started the car. I dug my hands

into the deep grooves of her toe and held on for dear life as she pumped the gas

pedal up and down. In a frantic effort to stay alive I dug in harder. Devon

must've felt me because I was suddenly scooped up by the nail of her huge finger

as she scratched her toe. I scrambled up and into the protection offered by her

nail and held on. She brought her hand up and placed it back on the steering

wheel with me hanging on.

About an hour later we were there. Chico State was Devon's new home. Without

even unpacking any of her stuff she quickly checked into her dorm room. She

picked up the phone and dialed my new number. My "supposed to be" roommate

picked up the phone. "He hasn't checked in yet?" she said, "Well please have him

call me when he gets there ok?" She lay down on her bed and brought her hand,

with me along for the ride, up towards her face. I could see her face, lying in

front of me. It filled my whole view. She was my landscape, she was my sunrise.

She brought her index finger, with me under its nail up to her cheek and wiped

away a single tear. She then took her hand and ran it through her hair. Dense

branches, smelling of Devon's sweet shampoo, lashed at me in my hiding place.

She brought her hand back around and laid it on her stomach. But I wasn't with

it. I was tangled in her soft flowing hair. I scrambled for any kind of a hold

and tried to untangle myself. After a few moments Devon got up and I was going

with her. The lock of hair I was in hung just over her ear. I yelled with all my

might, hoping that she would hear me. But I was way too small. "Man, the only

way she would be able to hear me is if I was actually in her ear," I said to

myself. And after I silent moment of feeling stupid I said, "so get in her ear,

idiot." I climbed my way towards her ear, grabbing each branch-like hair along

the way. I was just about there when Devon took off her shirt. Her hair flew up

in a fury and I hung on with all my might to not fall but to no avail. I watched

as her face went upwards away from me and I fell into nothingness. My landing

was surprisingly cushy and I knew I had to be on her breast. I was hanging onto

the inside of her bra and I looked out of the edge to see Devon staring at

herself in the mirror. She was stunningly beautiful, and I couldn't wait to see

her in nothing. When the meaning of nothing sunk in I realized that meant my

hand hold would soon disappear and I began to clammer up her right breast just

as she unhooked her bra and it fell to the ground. I paused for a moment and

turned around to see her mountain-sized breasts in the mirror. I couldn't even

see myself on them. I was a dust spec and her breasts, though a respective 34 C,

were huge. I caught a hold of myself again and began to climb only to notice

Devon leaning forward. She was taking off her panties. I couldn't hold on. They

were too smooth. I began to slide and I fell between her breasts into the huge

valley that divided them. I continued my descent and fell into the shag of her

pubes. I had been here once before. The cum from last night was still all over

the place and I was stuck in it's crust. It was then that I realized what she

was doing. Devon was going to take a shower.

I climbed with all my might into the deep shag of branches and bore my way until

I made it back to her so familiar valley of womanhood. I tried to squeeze

through its lips, like I had the night before, to seek refuge but they would not

open for me. I was stuck outside. I did everything I could to try and convince

her to let me in. I began massaging and pushing the lips to try and get her

slightly aroused. Still nothing. I began frantically licking and kissing her as

I heard the water for the shower turn on. Just as Devon stepped into the shower

I yelled, "Devon please save me, I love you!" Without warning I was engulfed and

suddenly found myself in my now familiar cavern. Outside I could hear the storm

of a century. I sat still trying not to arouse Devon. I did not want to get

washed out and end up in the drain. But after a few moments I didn't have a

choice. Devon's familiar and colossal finger entered in and began massaging her

clit, which I had been resting on. I ducked out of the way as her

skyscraper-sized finger went to the side and came rushing back again. I jumped

for her finger. Just as I made it underneath the protection of her nail, I

became awash in a sea of her cum. She removed her finger and I hung on as best I

could but got caught in the wet shag of her hair. Water rushed all over me like

a huge waterfall. I grabbed for the branches and clung to them trying to stay

concealed from the huge water droplets falling all around. The power of the

waterfall was too powerful a force; I lost my grip and I fell, and fell, and

fell. After what seemed like an eternity I landed with a loud crack on Devon's

big toe. Yep, the same one I had passionately kissed and licked less than a day

before. The force of the fall broke several of my ribs and I lay there with my

face to her nail. "It's over," I thought. "I'm going to die like a spec of dirt;

down the drain of Devon's shower. I thought back to when this had all started. I

thought about what would have happened had I not given in to my desires. She

loved me. Why hadn't I let her tell me? Why hadn't I told her that I loved her?

As these questions flew circles through my head I noticed that the water had

stopped. I was alive. And Devon was drying off. I managed to slowly pull myself

over and under her toenail and I took refuge. Would I ever make it to her ear?

Or would I die trying? Well at least I would have tried.

Devon sat on her bed. She was clean, she smelled great, and I was determined to

get her attention. But then the unexpected happened. She began cutting her

nails. She started with her left foot. But before I had time to think she was

already on the right. She started with pinky and made her way over. Just as the

clippers came crashing down on her big toe nail, I managed to pull myself over

and onto the surface of her nail. I jumped and screamed. "Devon! Devon! Please

notice me!" I yelled it over and over. She was looking right at me. Why did she

not see me? I really was dust. I was nothingness. What if I get to her ear and

she still can't hear me. I would eventually die. At my size, there was no way I

could survive. I was a dust mite! I was boiling over with anger and rage almost

to the point of tears. "That's it! I'm ending it now." I began running. I took

off in a sprint. I was heading for the edge of her toenail. I don't know why but

I had had enough and jumping to my death from her toe to the floor seemed like

the thing to do at the time. I picked up speed. "I've always loved you Devon!"

And with that I jumped. I closed my eyes and prepared for death on impact. But

it didn't come. I slowly opened my eyes only to see Devon's beautiful face in

front of me. Her pretty green eyes were fixed right on me. From my spot on her

fingernail, I could see tears in her eyes. "I've always loved you too," she


Giantess Stories: Suck My Big Toe      Devon was the kind of girl that most guys wish they could be friends with

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