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Super Sized Sistahs



“C'mon Kim, them cops is gonna be on us real quick if we don't get

movin”. “I can't go no more Tisha, my side is killing me, I need to

rest for minute”. Wearily, Kim leaned her back against a brick wall

and slid down till her big round butt hit the ground. Rolling her

eyes, but just as tired, Tisha looked up and down the alleyway and

then sat down next to her friend. “Yeah, I guess we can lie here for

a second, but you know those cops is still looking for us”, she said.

“f*ck'em”, Kim wheezed. “They can go ahead and take us in cause I'm

too tired to run no more”.

Tisha wiped the sweat from her forehead and replied, “speak for

yourself girl, I ain't goin' to no prison just cause your fat ass

can't keep up”. “Fat ass!”, Kim yelped. “You should talk ‘Miss I got

da biggest, fattest ass in the whole world”. Tisha looked at her

behind and couldn't help but smile. “You right Kim, it is pretty big

but you know all the guys want it”, she bragged. “Pa-lease girl, why

would anybody want your ratty ass when they could have some of this

instead”, Kim shot back while slapping her own behind for emphasis.

Both girls took a second to laugh then wearily stood back up.

“Why you think they're after us for anyway?, Kim asked as she wiped

the dirt off of her white short shorts. Tisha shrugged her shoulders

and said, “beats me, but you know how them pigs are”. The girls

picked their way through the debris filled alley that opened up on to

a side street. There was no sign of the police here, but a small

crowd had gathered around a nearby two car accident. Tisha pointed

toward the crowd and said, “lets try to mix in with all those


“Sounds good to me, I'm dyin' from all this running”, Kim huffed.

Pressing into the crowd the girls saw that a small sports car had

rear ended a van, apparently at high speed by the looks of the

damage. Seeing the big chested, scantily glad girls enter their

midst, many of the male onlookers let out a few catcalls and

whistles.. Both Tisha and Kim, as always, enjoyed the attention and

made sure to adjust their tops to show off even more of their

cleavage and walk with more swagger in their hips. Familiar with the

girls' reputation, a few guys made sure to “accidentally” bump up

against their J-Lo esque asses and giant breasts.

While the girls were strutting around, a policewoman spotted them and

shouted out, “You two-Halt”!

Ignoring the order, Kim and Tisha ran into the street and darted

between the two wrecked vehicles, just as a puff of yellow vapor

escaped from the van. The two friends coughed and hacked, but didn't

dare slow down. They ran across the street and into an office

building's fire escape door. Luckily, for them, when the door shut it

automatically locked. “That should hold'em for a little bit, lets see

if we can go out the back”, Tish wheezed.

Kim was still rubbing the vapor's sting from her eyes and asked,

“what was that yellow smokey sh*t”. Tisha shrugged her shoulders and

then tried to open a side door. She frantically pulled on the handle,

but the door wouldn't budge. “Damn”, she screamed. “Lets head up the

stairs”. Tish led the way, with Kim following close behind. Half way

up, Kim snickered, “Damn girl, is it just me or has your ass actually

gotten fatter”. Tisha responded by flipping her friend off. Now that

she thought about it though, she did feel heavier, almost bloated

like. What neither girl noticed in their haste, was that their

normally short legs were easily skipping two and three steps at a


Making it to the second floor, Tisha saw an open door that led into a

hallway. Strangely, the door was so small that she was forced to bend

down and turn sideways, just so that she get through. Even by doing

that though, she still barely fit. Seconds later, Kim tried to

squeeze through, but she ended up having an even harder time than

Tish. “What the hell”, she fumed, as her growing ass and hips got

wedged into the doorway. Amazingly, Kim could actually feel her

expanding body fill more and more of the entrance. As Kim struggled,

Tisha couldn't help but laugh at her friend's predicament. “Damn

girl, I told you should lay off all them Big Macs or something like

this might happen”, she chuckled.

Frustrated at being stuck and pissed off at Tish's taunting, Kim let

loose a string of profanities and thrashed about in the doorway.

Plaster and wood cracked around Kim's lower body and finally she was

able to force herself into the hallway. Tisha continued to laugh,

while Kim wiped the sweat and dust off her skin. “I don't know what

your laughin' at”, Kim spit, “you're just as big as me…you cow”. The

girls started walking while Tish continued to snicker, “I'm sorry

girl, but seeing you all stuck like that was the funniest thing I

ever did see”. As they made their way down the hallway, the girls

noticed how their bodies inched higher and wider with each step.

“Tish wha-whats happening to us”, Kim asked fearfully.

Before Tisha could answer, a man rounded the corner and crashed full

force into Kim. The collision knocked the guy down, but it didn't

even budge the much larger Kim. Stunned from his fall, the man didn't

look up when he said, “why don't you look where you're going

a*shole”. Up near the ceiling, a deep, yet feminine voice rumbled,

“did you hear that Tish, this little prick called me an a*shole”.

Staring up, mouth agape, the man saw the biggest woman-no make that

person he had ever seen. She was impossible huge, with tits as big as

his head, and thighs that were almost as thick as his whole body.

Somehow this amazon had squeezed into a tiny pair of white shorts and

a shiny neon green tank top. Her dyed blond hair was cut short and

her giant brown eyes stared down at him with a mixture of hatred and


Kim crossed her arms over her ample chest and started tapping the

floor with one of her high heeled boots. The man tried to apologize,

but was cut off when she thundered, I didn't say you could talk

pip-squeak”! Without taking her eyes off of him, Kim said, “this

little white boy needs to be taught some manners, what you think

Tish”? Looking over Kim's shoulder, Tisha glared down, her lip curled

in disdain and replied, “Oh yeah, he sure does”. Kim continued, “you

know what else, I think he stuck his face in my boobs on purpose”.

When the scared man didn't respond, Kim prodded him with the toe of

her boot and bellowed, “Didn't you”! Then smiling, she shrugged and

said proudly, “But I guess the guys just can't help themselves...even

the puny little white ones”.

Down on the ground, the guy watched as his tormentors kept growing.

They had gotten so big now, that their heads were touching the

ceiling. “Hey Tish”, Kim said licking her lips, “since this guy felt

up my tits, maybe I should let him have a look at my ass too”. Tisha

laughed, “girl you're too much”. “Go ahead and stand him against that

wall for me”, Kim ordered. With one hand, Tisha grabbed the man and

easily tossed him into the wall. Bending down and wagging a finger in

his face she warned, “now don't move sugar”. Tisha stood back up and

moved beside the man so that he was trapped.

Kim pulled down her shorts, revealing her massive, round behind and a

pair of leopard print panties. “Ready or not, here it comes”, Kim

purred. She started backing her ass toward the man, wiggling it

provocatively side to side. Far to frightened to move, the man could

only watch as Kim's monstrous ass came closer. Her continuing growth

had put her butt at his face level and he could see it swell bigger

and bigger with each step she took. When Kim felt the man's breath on

her backside, she took one more step back and completely covered his

face in giant booty. Tisha and Kim shook with laughter as their

victim thrashed about. He tried to push Kim away, but she was far too

heavy and soon her expanding ass pinned his arms against the wall.

After that he started kicking , but his feet merely bounced

harmlessly off Kim's giant calves.

The man could hardly breath and the thought of being smothered by

this girl's ass was too terrifying to even think about. He started to

calm down and save his breath, when he heard a hissing sound come

from directly in front of his face. Immediately he felt a powerful

blast of heated, foul smelling air that made him resume his futile

escape attempts. On the outside Tisha screeched, “oh girl, you didn't

just…god damn you did”! Tish put her hand over her nose, but couldn't

help but laugh at the guy's discomfort and humiliation. Finally, Kim

got tired of her game and released her unconscious victim. As she

hiked her shorts back up, she crowed, “Now who's the a*shole”. Both

Tisha and Kim stood close to ten feet now and they were quickly

filling up the hallway. Worried Kim said, “if we don't get out of

here soon we're gonna get crushed”….

With each passing second, the girls continued to grow larger and were

soon forced to crawl through the hallway on their hands and knees.

Unfortunately, this only bought them a few extra seconds and they

quickly started running out of space again.

Looking above and then at her growing hands, Tish said, “Maybe we can

make some more room”.

She started punching the ceiling with her enlarged fists and within

seconds broke through into the next floor. Kim followed her friend's

lead and smashed her powerful arms through ceiling. Her constant

growth added increased strength to her hands and muscles and soon she

too was able to stand up.

Office workers watched in shock as a massive black hand broke through

their floor. Shock quickly turned into panic as the hand was followed

by an equally large head and well endowed torso. Mass confusion broke

out as the tiny people tried to escape from their offices. Tisha and

Kim didn't have time to take in their surroundings, though, as the

growth process continued to accelerate. In mere seconds, the girls

found themselves running out of head space again. This time, though,

the unstoppable growth of their bodies pushed them through the

ceiling and into the next floor.

For the next several minutes, the expanding women grew through walls,

ceilings, and floors. Most of the people in the doomed building

didn't stand a chance. The majority of people were killed by falling

debris or by getting crushed under Tisha and Kim's growing bodies.

Others met their end in more unusual ways. One guy fell into Tisha's

back pocket and was quickly smushed into goo when she scratched the

tiny “itch” on her right butt cheek. A cute blond employee found

herself swept into Kim's tank top. She eventually was smothered after

spending several agonizing hours wedged in between two titanic boobs.

On the top floor, in his corner office, Bill Carter was about to “get

it on” with his newest secretary. For days he had been laying on the no avail. When that failed, he simply resorted to not so

subtle threats, which was generally quite effective against the meek

and naive types, such as the redhead laying on his couch.

Unfortunately for him, his latest extramarital affair was abruptly

interrupted when Tisha and then Kim burst through his office. Bill

ended up rolling down Tish's body and into her super tight shorts,

where he quickly encountered more pussy than he could ever want.

As Tisha and Kim continued to expand, crowds of curious onlookers

gathered outside the shaking skyscraper. Sounds of destruction and

unusually powerful voices inside the building could be heard several

blocks away. Inside, the two girls had finally run out of room. They

filled the entire building and there curvy bodies were pushed tightly

together. A few more seconds of growth and the skyscraper could take

no more.

Its outer shell buckled for a split second and then burst out

violently. Concrete and steel rained down on the people below, while

choking clouds of dust quickly followed.

When the smoke cleared, the city's people could see what had caused

the structure to collapse. Standing on the rubble were two shapely

dark skinned beauties, each as tall as the skyscraper that they had


A few people fled in terror, while most others stood frozen in awe of

the two titanesses. Tisha and Kim were equally shocked at their new

lofty perspective. “Look how tiny everything got”, Kim whispered

timidly. “Or do you mean how huge we are?”, Tisha marveled as she

compared herself to a nearby tower. “I guess you're right, but what

are we gonna do Tish?…I mean look at us”, she whimpered.

Tisha smiled devilishly. “What are we gonna do?”, she answered.

“Girlfriend, we're gonna do whatever we damn well please and ain't

nobody going to stop us”!

Kim still looked puzzled and was about to say something when Tisha

interrupted. “Honey maybe you'll understand it this way”

She then balled her hand into a fist and punched a nearby building.

Tisha's hand exploded through the concrete wall with ease, causing

the tower's top floors to collapse. Not yet satisfied, she placed

both of her hands on the skyscraper and began to push. With hardly

any effort, Tisha knocked the damaged building over and into a group

of smaller structures, which caused them to collapse as well.

“See what I mean? How many people you know can smash up a building

with their bare hands?”, Tisha boasted.

Kim looked down at the crowd of people near her feet and licked her

lips, “you right Tish, tiny town's in big trouble…and I do mean big”!

Alerted to a massive disturbance downtown, dozens of police cars sped

to the scene. Unfortunately for them, their flashing lights and

sirens only served to catch Tisha and Kim's attention. “Well, well,

well”, Tisha purred. “If it isn't our tiny little police force”. With

a wicked gleam in her eyes, Kim hissed, “this is gonna be just too

much fun”. Bending over, she grabbed two police cars with one giant

hand and brought them up to eye level. Helpless in the giantess's

palm, the police cowered with fear in their cars, praying in vain

that their captor wouldn't notice them.

“How cute, I think these itty bitty piggies are scared of me”, Kim

mocked. “What you think Tish”? Tisha walked over and looked into her

friend's hand. The trapped police officers watched as Tisha's

beautiful face filled their field of view. “Ain't so tough now? Are

ya pigs?”, she sneered. From their perspective, Tisha's booming voice

sounded like it came from god herself.

“I can't wait no more Tish, I wanna teach em' a lesson”, Kim said.

Tisha shrugged in response and watched her friend, curious to see

what she had planned. Smiling hugely, Kim slowly closed her hand

around the police cars, gradually increasing the crushing

pressure-her victims' terrified screams only added to her pleasure.

It took Kim only a tiny fraction of her strength to squash the cars

into a single hunk of twisted metal.

Meanwhile, Tisha stomped on the rest of the police that were nearby

and within seconds over half of the city's police force had been

taken out by just two women.

Kim deliberately dropped the ball of crushed steel in her hands on to

a crowd of onlookers. Dozens were crushed by the impact, which

finally prodded the tiny people to flee in panic. “Look at em' run”,

Tisha roared in laughter. Continuing she said, “do they really think

they can get away from us”?

Actually, I don't think we said these bugs could go anywhere”, Kim

replied with pompous attitude. In one giant stride she stepped over

the running mob and slammed her foot in front of them. The terrified

crowd turned to flee, but Kim stomped her other boot down, blocking

their escape. “Now listen up bugs, from now on me and Tisha call the

shots ‘round here”, Kim boomed high above. Smirking she continued,

“but I think you little people still need to be taught some lessons

about respect”. Before anybody on the ground could react, Kim lifted

her colossal foot and stepped on the puny mob. Her booted foot

crushed several dozen people at a time and in mere seconds Kim had

smashed everybody around her into mush. “ There's Lesson One”, she

laughed, “Fear the Foot”!

Tisha and Kim gazed over the immediate area, satisfied with the

results of their violent handiwork. Word of the two giantesses spread

throughout the city quickly and soon the streets became clogged with

thousands trying to escape. Unfortunately, with so many people

outside, the cruel women didn't have to go far to find more targets

for their destructive mischief. Both girls decided to separate for a

little bit and have some fun on their own.

Tisha, still growing, walked towards the river-front, eager to create

some giant sized havoc there. Her attention was drawn to a nearby

bridge, clogged with fleeing citizens. She stepped into the river,

enjoying how the ankle deep water cooled her toes. A wicked smile

formed on her face when she realized that everybody on the bridge was

at her mercy. Using her mighty hands, Tish bulldozed a number of cars

on each end of the bridge into a pile so high that nobody could

escape. People below watched the giantess nervously as she looked

over the scene before her. Tisha put a finger to her full lips and

let a loud “hmmmmmmmmm”, for the benefit of her tiny audience.

Playfully, she pushed one of the support cables, causing the bridge

to sway from side to side. People fell to the ground and cars slid

into each other as the bridge swung dangerously over the river. When

the bridge stopped moving, Tish pushed the cables again, harder this

time. Steel and concrete groaned from the abuse!

and people screamed in terror as the fragile structure started to


Enjoying herself immensely, Tisha wrapped a hand around several

cables and watched to see the reactions of her little toys. “I

wonder what'll happen if I break these?”, she mused aloud. Her

captives, seeing that their fate was in the hands of this giant black

woman, started begging for their lives.

From high above, Tisha boomed, “I'M YOUR GOD NOW. ON YOUR KNEES AND

BEG FOR MY MERCY”. Without hesitation, her subjects fell to their

knees. Satisfied, Tish continued arrogantly and gestured with her

gargantuan arms, “you are all my slaves, my pets,…my playthings”. She

let her words sink in and then roared, “NOW PRAY TO ME, CALL ME

MISTRESS”! Again the tiny people followed their new God's command.

Smiling, Tisha purred sweetly, “Very good, I am pleased…now die for

your Goddess”. With unimaginable strength, Tisha snapped the heavy

steel cables as if they were cobwebs and the bridge collapsed into

the water below.

As hundreds died in the water below, Tisha let out a contented sigh

and wondered what Kim was up to.

Looking to raise some hell, Kim stomped her way through the city's

“higher class” sections. All around her were trendy shops, expensive

restaurants, and exclusive apartment buildings. This is where the

city's wealthiest and most privileged people lived and where the

bitter giantess wanted to go hunting for victims. For too long these

snobs had been insulated from the hell that was her daily life, and

now she had the power to turn the tables.

It didn't take her long to herd together nearly a thousand terrified

citizens. It would have been child's play for Kim to squash them all

under her humongous feet, but that would have been too quick...too

easy. No, Kim wanted this fun to last. She wanted these undeserving

specks to know fear and humiliation, much like she had felt

throughout her life. Instinctively, as if they were frightened

little mice, the tiny people ran as one from the massive predator.

Blinded by their terror, they didn't try to split up and instead ran,

conveniently for Kim, in one squishable mass.

The black titaness took up a leisurely pace and allowed her

soon-to-be victims to run...not that they could get far Each step

brought the tip of her booted foot just inches from the rear of the

panicked crowd. The earth shaking impacts prompted terrified squeals

from the little people, which made Kim's toothy smile even bigger.

So intent on the bug sized people near her feet, Kim didn't notice

right away that she was still growing. Her expansion wasn't as quick

or dramatic as it was earlier, but she could definitely tell that see

she was filling up more and more of the street. Totally enjoying the

moment, Kim soon started swinging her hips back and forth, so that

they collided with the skyscrapers that lined both sides of the

street. Each impact from her sexy hips and thighs caused the puny

steel buildings to come crashing down to the ground. As much fun as

this was, though, Kim had no intention of allowing her quarry to


She continued after them, calling out and taunting them...

“Don't run away, I just wants ta play with all you little bitty white


“What? You ain't all scared of a poor little black girl are ya”?

The “chase” went on for several minutes before the fleeing thousands

finally hit a dead end. Directly ahead of them was the destroyed

bridge and Tisha. Behind them was the murderous Kim. They were now

completely trapped. When Kim caught up to them seconds later she

cackled and said, “Uh-oh, looks like the bridge is out”!

Tisha waved to her friend and laughed as she saw the people turn

around to flee, only to have Kim slam her foot down in front of them.

The impact caused a mini shock wave that knocked everyone to the

ground and even caused a few smaller buildings to topple over.

Not used to so much activity, Kim had to take a quick breather.

Sweat rolled off her giant body in baseball sized droplets, while her

massive chest heaved in and out. “Damn, you'all shouldna made me run

after you like that”, she said huffing. Spying a nearby billboard,

the sweating giantess tore it away and started fanning herself with

it. Then putting a hand on a skyscraper to brace herself, she

removed one of her knee high boots. Kim put the sexy footwear down

and said, “Whoo, my dogs are barkin' too”. Looking directly at the

crowd, she continued, “ know what would make me feel


Not waiting for an answer, Kim purred seductively,

“A...nice...long...foot massage”.

Wiggling her toes playfully, she moved her giant foot directly in

front of the crowd. The powerful smell of feet and leather was so

overpowering that some of the weaker members of Kim's audience

actually passed out. Those who were able to stay on their feet,

suffered just as much though. The vinegary scent made eyes water and

stomachs turn. They all looked so pathetic, that Kim couldn't help

but laugh at them.

When nobody moved toward her, Kim decided to patiently spur them to

action. “C'mon, don't be shy, give my feet the lovin' they deserve”,

she prodded from high above the ground. Then she added menacingly,

“don't make me ask again”. Not wanting to anger the mountainous

woman, people reluctantly started rubbing Kim's big sweaty foot. The

thousands of tiny hands tickled the giantess and sent delightful

shivers throughout her body. That wasn't the only thing that made

Kim smile wickedly though. Just knowing that all these doctors,

lawyers, and “trust fund princesses” were practically worshiping her

made the conceited woman giddy.

“Oh yeah, that's real nice, but you what I'd really like?”, she asked

them. Down on the ground, Kim's tiny minions looked up at their

goddess, fearful of what she was going to say. Continuing with a

wide grin, she ordered, “for all you to...lick my foot”.

Once again, Kim's command was carried out. Every person ran their

tongue over Kim's soft, moist foot. “Mmmmmmmmmmm”, I can't tell you

how good that feels, Kim said between contended little moans. “I

tell ya Tish, every girl should have a thousand little people to take

care of their feet”. Sunning herself on nearby, Tisha laughed, “Damn

girl, you know how ticklish I am. I'd probably end up squishin'em

all before they could finish up. Kim just shrugged her shoulders,

“So what? It's not like ya couldn't find a few million more around


After about an hour, the world's largest foot massage came to an end.

Kim was getting bored and there was still plenty more city that need

crushing. The only question was how to get rid of her little foot

slaves. She placed her giant black foot over several hundred of them

and started pressing down ever so slightly. Then she had second

thoughts and lifted her foot away.

“You know, you little worms did a real good job, so I'm gonna let you

all live”. They scurried away before she could change her mind. As

she watched them go, Kim chuckled knowing that they all would be

marked with her scent for a long, long time.

Tisha interrupted her thoughts. “Hey Kim, look over there”, she

said, while gesturing from her perch near the river. The girls

watched as a fleet of helicopters sped toward the other end of the

city. “Why don't we go over and see what's goin' on”, Tisha asked,

as a sly smile formed on her face.

Kim put her boot back on, while Tisha raised her great bulk from the

ground. Once they were ready, the two colossal friends followed the

group of helicopters, curious to see what was going on. At their

present size, the giantesses no longer confined themselves to the

streets and instead, walked over and through whatever stood in their

way. The city's structures didn't stand a chance against the girls'

powerful legs and feet. Skyscrapers burst and toppled against the

mighty Nubian goddesses' thighs, while smaller buildings were simply

squashed under their feet. Walking side-by-side, Tisha and Kim

created a path of destruction that even the largest army would have

been hard pressed to duplicate.

It took them less than fifteen minutes to walk from one side of the

city to the other, which greatly amused Kim. “I guess we don't have

to worry bout rush hour no more”, she said as she slammed her foot

down on a crowded freeway overpass. Tisha, full of attitude agreed,

“yeah, traffic jams is for little people, but maybe I can help'em all

out”. With an arrogant smile, she swept her sandaled foot

side-to-side, clearing away hundreds of tiny vehicles from the

highway. “There, road's all clear now!”, she shouted. This caused

both girls to cackle, especially when several of the wrecked cars and

trucks burst into flame.

A short time later, Tisha and Kim caught up to the helicopter fleet.

They saw the aircraft hover above several skyscrapers in an obvious

attempt to evacuate them. “I don't think these little people wanna

play in out city no more”, Kim said pretending to pout. Tisha just

sneered in response, “too bad they don't have much choice in the

matter”. She watched the helicopters hurriedly try to load on more

passengers and then roared angrily, “what are you people tiny and

deaf?! I said nobody's leavin' here”! She then backhanded the

fragile aircraft and looked on in satisfaction as they crashed into

the ground.

Meanwhile, Kim was having her own fun. She had captured several

helicopters and was tossing them into her mouth one-by-one. Using

her massive teeth and tongue she formed the little vehicles into one

metal wad and spit it into a nearby building. The spit covered hunk

of scrap blasted through one side of the tower and burst through the

other, causing the building's top half to collapse into the streets


One lucky helicopter had managed to escape the girls' onslaught. It

was loaded with rescuees and had just cleared the giantess's

reach...or it would have, if it wasn't for an unexpected surge of

growth. Tisha saw this and crowed, while wagging a finger, “No you

don't! Oh no you don't”! With the extra reach, she was able to

flick the aircraft away with her iron hard fingernail.

“Well, so much for that”, Kim said, sounding almost disappointed.

“What you talkin' bout girl, look at all these little people still on

top of the buildin's”, Tisha said.. She paused and then added, “why

you think there up here anyway”?

Smirking, Kim said full of arrogance, “Maybe they think that if they

get close enough, that they'll be able to get into our pants”. Still

smiling, she pushed her crotch up against the top of the building and

said, “Ain't that right”? Her tiny captives watched helplessly as

Kim's white shorts spilled onto the roof and listened nervously as

her gentle thrusting caused the skyscraper's metal frame to groan


“That might be”, Tish agreed. “But I think they're up here tryin' to

make themselves feel a little bigger”. Putting her hands on hips,

she added, “I can'ts blame em really...I mean they're all so used to

lookin' down at us, that it must really blow seeing us all high and

mighty now”. Just the thought of how she used to be at the mercy of

these people made Tisha smolder, but now she had a little more weight

to push around.

She regarded a nearby skyscraper with just the hint of a smile. The

giantess knelt down and started running her hands up and down the

building. “Mmmmmm, it's so big, she said dreamily. While she

continued to stroke the structure with one hand, she slowly removed

her bikini top and revealed the world's largest pair of breasts.

Panting ever so slightly now, Tisha pushed her massive tits to the

side so that the skyscraper fit snugly between them.

Once that was done, she squeezed them together back together,

effectively wedging the concrete and steel building in her cleavage.

Satisfied, the voluptuous woman started thrusting up and down. Each

of her upward movements threatened to rip the fragile building from

the ground, but Tisha was a pro and she knew exactly how much her

little toy could take.

Every so often she would dart her tongue out and lick top edges of

the crumbling skyscraper. Other times she would bite gently down on

the building's tip. Through it all, the hundreds of trapped people

could only watch and pray that the horny titaness would stop before

she killed them all with her game. That wasn't going to happen,

though, and Tisha continued the rhythmic thrusting for a good ten

minutes, while moaning and growing the whole time.

Eventually her gargantuan boobs became too big for her toy.

Realizing this, Tisha whispered in ecstacy, “'s almost

done my little ones...almost done”. The giantess ended her thrusting

and started mashing her breasts inwards. The abused building could

take no more and Tisha's magnificent orbs caused the little

skyscraper to burst apart into a cloud of falling debris.

Near by, Kim watched her friend's frenzied activity with rapt

attention. Her fertile mind was devising all kinds of little games

that she could play with the city...and maybe even Tisha. First,

though, there was just something she had to do. She sauntered over

to a skyscraper, who's roof was still full of people from the failed

evacuation attempt. Without saying a word, the ebony skinned

giantess pulled down her shorts. “Oh this was gonna be fun”, she

thought to herself.

Standing so that the building was between her legs, Kim started

dancing rhythmically. The playful woman lived to dance; nearly every

night she could be found at the clubs, shaking her big round behind

for all to see. As much as she loved the bars and clubs, this was

something on totally different level. Now, instead of just dozens of

people to show off in front of, Kim had an audience of millions to

tantalize with her enormous booty.

As her sensuous routine continued, Kim removed her panties and tossed

them aside. From the roof top, the panicked throng of people watched

as her naked ass shook just inches above their heads. They ducked

and screamed with fear each time one of the blimp sized butt cheeks

wobbled and swept by. Finally, the dance ended and Kim looked over

her shoulder, smiling, as she stroked her ass.

“Soooooooo, did you all like what you saw? I betcha ya'll wish you

get your hands on it? Don't ya”?

Her smile quickly faded into a frown and she sneered, “Well ya all

can forget about that! None of you deserve the pleasure”. As she

stared at them, her mood changed again.

“On second thought, I do got somethin' for you”, she said, grinning

mischievously. She squinted her eyes, as if concentrating, and then

BOOM! A massive rumble shook the air and building underneath her

behind. Less than a second later the foul smelling gas hit. It

knocked each person to the ground and robbed them of oxygen. They

thrashed about in total agony, hoping that their pain would end soon.

Kim looked at the scene with satisfaction and then moved on as the

odor from her handiwork washed over the entire city.

Nearly an hour had passed since the two girls had toyed with the

miniature skyscrapers. They both had hoped to satisfy their lusts in

more creative ways, but Kim's foul smelling gas had spread throughout

the downtown area and made things unbearable even for the two

giantesses. A noxious mist could be seen settling in the low lying

parts of city, causing thousands of tiny people to come staggering

out of their hiding places. Kim wanted to take the opportunity and

squash them all, but Tisha wouldn't here of it.

Holding her nose, she bitched and grumbled, “I ain't stayin' round

here for another minute! Really, what's wrong wit' you girl? Dat's

just gross, don't you know no betta”.

Kim listened to it all with just the hint of a satisfied grin. “I

don't know what you talkin' know my farts don't stink


“Oh yeah, then why you been breathin' through your mouth for the last


Then Tisha stopped and stuck her big behind toward Kim. “Here maybe

I should give you a taste a yo'own medicine! I bet dem burritos I

ate's for lunch would make for a real interestin' smell”!

“You get that fat ass outta my face girl or I'll be kickin' it from

here to the next city”

Tisha whirled around, furious. She pointed her finger in Kim's face

and roared, “say it again bitch! I dare ya! Say it again”!

They both stared each other down for several seconds, with their

chests heaving in and out, and their fists clenched. Then the

tension vanished as quickly as it began.

“Ah f*ck it, lets get outta here”, Tish said and she started walking

away. Kim relaxed, but the look on her face showed that all wasn't

forgiven. As she watched her friend's big round booty shake from

side to side, she couldn't help but think that maybe there wasn't

enough room for two giants in this city.

Both titanesses walked in silence for a few minutes, until they found

a comfortable place to relax. As was often the case, they put their

quarrel behind them, and things basically were normal again. They

sat lounging about in a picturesque suburb, chatting about this and

that. Upon sitting down, each of the girls' mammoth rear-ends had

completely snuffed out at an entire block of homes and all the people

unfortunate to be underneath them.

While the girls laughed and talked, a small and ineffective attack

was being waged by the state's national guard. Neither Tisha or Kim

gave the military's efforts much thought. Rifle bullets, tank

shells, and missiles merely bounced off the girls or exploded

harmlessly against their soft, yet impenetrable skin..

Every now and then the giantesses would make a despairing remark or

laugh at the army's futile efforts. Kim took special pride upon

seeing that the soldiers were wearing gas masks. She was seriously

tempted to let loose again, but a stern glance from Tisha made her

have second thoughts. Somewhat disappointed, Kim absent mindedly

swatted away a dozen house fly sized fighter jets and looked over the

puny, damaged city. Seeing columns of smoke and empty spaces where

once proud skyscrapers stood cheered her up quickly though.

Knowing just how powerful she and Tish had become made her ample

chest swell with pride. “Just think”, she said laughing, “a few

hours ago we wuz runnin' from the Man and now we're runnin the whole

show”! Tisha's beautiful face broke into a twisted grin as she

realized how true her friend's words were. Before she could reply,

though, a huge missile barrage struck her in the back, shaking her

from her “pleasant” thoughts.

On the ground, soldiers watched, praying that the colossal woman

would fall. When the smoke cleared, it was obvious the giant black

girl had hardly even felt the fiery blast. Instead she simply rubbed

her back for a second and looked over her shoulder, sneering at them.

“Is that the best you got? Seriously? Is that it”? Pausing for a

second, she let her insulting words and tone sink in, and then said,

“My turn”. The terrified men waited for the cruel giantess to jump

to her feet and start stomping, but that didn't happen. Instead,

Tisha simply laid down.

There was no escape for the troops. It was as if the very sky itself

was falling on them. With no where to run, they accepted their fate

and opened fire in a futile effort to make the cruel giantess feel

some pain before she crushed them all. Much to their disappointment,

though, Tisha didn't cry out in agony, and the last thing the men

heard before dying was the sound of her deep, triumphant laughter.

Once the small army was squashed, Tish wiggled her back into the

ground and let out a contented sigh, as she found a comfortable spot

to rest.

Meanwhile, the military was giving Kim some serious trouble. Bombers

circling high overhead and warships at sea had launched over three

dozen cruise missiles at her. They targeted the woman's heart and

each weapon hit Kim with pinpoint accuracy. Unfortunately, the

missiles didn't quite create the desired results. Instead of hurting

Kim, they had simply melted a tiny portion of the rubber like

material of her tanktop and caused her titanic boobs to wobble ever

so slightly.

While the attack didn't harm her, it was more than enough to piss her

off. Pointing her finger at the few remaining troops, she roared,

“So that's how it's gonna be huh?! She raised her fist into the air

and then paused for a second. “No...I gots me a better idea”, she

said snickering. Kim plowed her mighty hand into the ground and

lifted up several tons of soil and rock. Then smiling arrogantly,

she let it all slowly fall through her fingers and onto the helpless

soldiers. It took mere seconds for the debris to completely burry

them all. Still grinning wickedly, Kim patted the huge mound and

returned to her conversation with Tisha, as if nothing had happened..

Kim said with a yawn, “Ya know, I've been wonderin' all day why we

gots so big. How you think it happened”?

Tisha smiled in response and reached into her pocket. “Girl”, she

said, “I don't wonder how we got big...I know why”. While Kim waited

for an answer, Tish pulled her hand out and held a tiny yellow rock

between her thumb and forefinger. “I found this while you was

chasin' all them people near the river”. Kim watched as the pebble

sized rock emitted a familiar yellow haze. “Take a whiff, I think

it'll smell familiar”, Tisha commanded. Cautiously, Kim took a quick

sniff and then jumped back in surprise.

“Holy shit! That stuff's got me all buzzin'”, she said, while

rubbing the sting from her eyes. Tisha laughed, “yeah and it just

made you a little bit bigger too”! Kim looked around at her even

tinier surroundings and licked her lips in excitement. “You mean we

can make ourselves bigger anytime we wants to now? Oh damn, this is

just too good...too good!”, she said while slapping her massive, lush


Tisha nodded and then took a smell of it for herself and put the rock

back into her pocket. She too, found her perspective rise a little

higher. Feeling totally relaxed and a little bit high, the girls

laid down side by side and looked up at the stars. Neither spoke for

several minutes as they reflected on how much their lives had changed

in the last 24 hours. Finally Kim propped herself up on one elbow

and broke the silence.

“Tish, ya know, I've been thinkin”, she said a little nervously.

“Thinkin bout what”?

Kim sat up, looking into her friend's eyes. “Well, it's just know how small everythin' is now”.

Smirking, Tisha laughed, “Yeah so”.

Gaining confidence, Kim got up to her knees so that she was hovering

above her friend and continued, “Sooooo, nobody down there is going

to be able to satisfy us...if you know what I mean”. Before Tisha

could respond, Kim moved and straddled her. Tisha's eyes went wide

with shock, but much to Kim's delight she wasn't pushing away.

Gently stroking her friend's hair, Kim continued, “Don't worry baby,

we can start out real slow, if you want...”

Moving slowly was never one of Kim's strong points, though. She

leaned in aggressively, pressing her full lips into Tisha's, while at

the same time caressing her crotch. As she moved her hands all over

Tisha's body, she smoothly pulled the yellow rock from her friend's

pocket. Once she had what she really wanted, Kim stopped and held up

her prize triumphantly.

“Hmmmm, what's we got here”, she said, as she placed the stone in

between her breasts. “Ooooo...ooooooo, that feels nice and...Oh

damn! Oh damn, I'm growing! Yes, I can feel it now”!

Surrounded by her massive fleshy orbs, the rock's energy had nowhere

to go but into Kim, which set off a short, yet powerful growth spurt.

Shocked, Tisha still laid on the ground and watched as her friend

stretched higher into the sky. Kim's already massive thighs squeezed

up against her body, while her gigantic boobs became a handful even

for Tisha's huge hands.

Once the growth ended, Kim stretched her powerful arms into the sky.

She gazed down at Tish, smirking. In all the years they had been

friends, Tisha had always been the dominant member of the duo, but

now that had changed. Kim had the extra size and strength to do

whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and there was nothing her

friend could do to stop her.

“Stand up”, she commanded.

Tisha reluctantly did as she was told.

Kim took a second to look over her now smaller friend. “Look at you

girl, yo' head don't even reach my shoulders”! Throughly enjoying

her new found size advantage and wanting to demonstrate who was in

charge, she untied Tisha's bikini top. Suddenly, feeling very

vulnerable, Tish tried to cover up her breasts, but Kim easily pulled

her arms away.

“Don't get shy on me now baby. I just wanna get a better look at ya”.

Kim took a one breast in each hand and squeezed them in a most

ungentle manner. While Tisha whimpered in both pain and fear, the

larger giantess absolutely reveled in her power. The smell of a

burning city, the wail of far off sirens, and the pathetic moans of

her “friend” all served as a drug to her senses. She took in a deep

breath and looked back down at poor Tisha.

When she finally felt that her point was made, Kim released her hold

and said, “don't feel bad Tish, maybe later I'll let you play with

mine. Then she squeezed her own chest together, so that her boobs

rose slightly out the tanktop and gave Tisha a face full of cleavage.

“Now then, I think I said somethin' about wantin' to play in the city

a while ago. Any objections”?

“N-no Kim, w-hatever you want”?

“You right girl! It is whatever I want now isn't it”?

As her words echoed through the air, Kim began her earth shaking walk

back into the city. Taking a look over her shoulder, she called out

to Tisha, “Come along baby, we got a lot to do”.

Her every step caused a loud “KER-UNCH” and a reverberating “BOOM”.

To the people trapped on the crowded highway, Kim's little stroll was

as destructive as any natural disaster. She walked casually,

sticking to the tiny ribbon of concrete, so that she could enjoy the

smashing of metal and flesh beneath her. Deciding that if would be

more satisfying to feel the carnage with her bare feet, she had left

her boots behind in the suburbs. She could always go back for them,

or better yet, make Tisha fetch them for her.

To Kim, there was also something poetic about grinding these people

under the heel of her colossal black foot. After being treated like

filth for so many years it was finally her turn to be in control.

And thanks to her size, there wasn't any law, policemen, or unfair

system that could hold her back from teaching these uppity little

white people a lesson or two.

Escaping from Kim's self-righteous rampage was impossible. Even

those who were able to get out of their cars couldn't get far enough

away from the murderous woman. Her feet were just too large and her

legs too long. She hardly even looked down at them-- as far as she

was concerned these people weren't even worth her attention. To her,

they were as useless as the ants that she and Tisha used to squash

when they were little girls.

Speaking of Tisha...she was unable to keep up with Kim's longer

strides, and so, was forced to walk a few paces behind her larger

companion. That only added to her anger. She had been stewing ever

since Kim had enlarged herself, and just looking at the massive slut

shaking her ass made Tish's blood boil. Since she was unable to act

on her anger, the smaller titaness could only imagine what would

happen if she had the size advantage. Still, being the second

largest person on Earth wasn't all that bad, and Tish was able to

content herself with squashing whatever Kim missed.

After a few minutes on the freeway, they walked into one of the only

parts of the city that hadn't been destroyed yet: their old

neighborhood. Unlike the rest of the city, nobody here had been

evacuated, and instead of running, the people lined the streets and

cheered as the two behemoth black women made their way through the

neighborhood. Having all these tiny people treat them like

celebrities or even royalty made Kim and Tisha hold their heads high

and strut for all to see.

The girls took great delight in investigating familiar surrounding

that now looked like play sets. Kim made her way toward her favorite

nightclub. The fun loving girl had spent countless evenings there,

dancing and drinking. In the mood to cut loose and seeing hundreds

of people gathered around her massive feet, Kim called down to them,

“Turn on the music”.

Seconds later, the club's powerful speakers were pumping out a lively

dance mix. Kim soon lost herself in the music and started swaying

her huge body to the beat. Down below the men hooted and whistled,

while the women looked on in envy. After all, how could a normal

sized girl compete with Kim and her hot air balloon like tits.

Feeling the men's lust and the women's jealousy made Kim shake her

titanic booty even more. Wanting to show off a little bit, she

gently grasped a handful of people and held them in her palm.

“C'mon, dance with me”, she said, while smiling at her new friends.

Once the shock of being held by the gorgeous woman somewhat faded,

Kim's “guests” started dancing. Within minutes, a major party broke

out. Alcohol started flowing amongst the crowds, while Kim looked

down at her little minions. She loved the idea that they were all

hers...little possessions that she could do whatever she wanted with.

The more she thought about it, the bigger her arrogant grin became.

Just a little ways down the street, Tisha had knelt down next to a

squat building and peeked into, what was at one time, was her shabby

two room apartment. As gently as possible, she tore away a wall with

her fingernail so that she could get a better look at the inside.

She smiled while looking at her dollhouse sized furniture and

reminisced about the fun she used to have there with her friends.

But then her thoughts turned to other the lack of heat

in the winter, the roaches, and filth.. Slowly, her smile melted

into a frown as her jaw tightened in anger.


In less than a second, Tish slammed her humongous fist into the

building. The poorly constructed structure collapsed into a pile of

brick and wood, completely burying anybody within several feet of the

angry woman.

Seeing Tisha go all destructive, sparked Kim's desire to crush.

Without a second thought she dumped the people in her hand down her

tanktop and started stomping. The sudden, violent turn of events

left the crowds momentarily stunned, not that they could have done

much anyway.

“Soooooo, you all wanted to see me shake my booty? Huh? Well I

ain'ts gonna disappoint ya'll”! Beaming, Kim started swinging her

hips around and slammed her ass into the nearest building. The blow

sent the entire skyscraper flying several hundred yards, before it

crumbled apart. “Yeah baby! I bets you little pricks liked that”!

She continued swinging her body in rhythm with the music unconcerned

with the death at her feet or the damage caused by her hips and


Kim laughed heartily as pandemonium broke out. “That's right! F*ck

all of yous! Ain't one of ya ever done no good for us! To punctuate

her point, she slammed her foot down on the largest group of people

she could find. Not even close to being satisfied with that, she

continued her deadly attack and stepped on anything that moved.

Tisha was caught up in her own blood lust. Leaving the people for

Kim to trample, she unleashed her destructive games on buildings.

Bending down, she wrapped her hands around the base of another

apartment building and with incalculable strength, ripped it from the

ground. Tisha paused for a moment, so that she could listen to the

feeble little screams from inside. Then with an evil chuckle, she

gently started shaking her toy, so that the terrified cries

increased. The sound was music to the wicked giantess's ears.

Finally, she flung the building with all her might toward a group of

similarly sized complexes.

Watching it all, Kim clapped her mighty hands in appreciation. “You

go girl! You go”!

Surprisingly, Tisha found herself flushing in excitement, knowing

that she had impressed her larger friend. The feeling passed quickly

though. Realizing that she looked weak, Tish whirled around and

walked out of the smoldering neighborhood that used to be her home.

Kim gazed admiringly at the retreating girl's scrumptious figure for

a few seconds and then moved to catch up.

The city was flattened. After standing for nearly a century and a

half, it had been wiped out by two gargantuan black women in less

than a day. Not one building remained standing. Piles of debris

were scattered for several square miles and columns of choking smoke

concealed the devastation from view. The nation's military had been

utterly defeated...not only that, it had been humiliated. Our

leadership in Washington had no idea how to stop the mountain like

women. Attempts to negotiate with the girls had failed miserably as

well. They didn't even bother listening to the diplomats, and

instead squished them gleefully under their thumbs.

With seemingly nothing left to do in this place, Tisha and Kim were

about to move on. They joked and laughed about what they had done,

and all traces of previous tension between the two had disappeared.

“Did you hear them little guys? Tryin' to tell us that they were

gonna surrender as long as we stopped breakin' up their little

cities”, Kim said sneering.

“Yeah, dem little f*cks just don't know that we'll stop when we good

and ready to”, Tisha laughed, while shaking her head.

Kim threw up her arms and cried out in a mocking high pitched voice,

“Oh pleeeeeeease don't hurt us giant black women, we'll do anything

you want...just don't crush our miserable little towns underneath

your big feet”.

The two friends exploded into laughter at this and continued their

deadly march toward the next city. After only a few more steps,

though, Kim brought her tremendous bulk to a stop. Wordlessly, she

bent down and put her ear to the ground.

Tisha looked at her companion in puzzlement. “What you doin' girl”?

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh”, Kim said. After a few seconds, a big, wicked smile

formed on her beautiful face.

She immediately plowed her mighty hands into the concrete and ripped

it all away as if it was nothing more than a fragile pie crust.

Laughing triumphantly, Kim crowed, “I knew it! I knew there was

some'in down there”!

The “something” that Kim had found was hundreds of people, hiding in

the subway tunnels. Before they could even run a step, the dark

skinned colossus snatched them up in one hand. “Here baby, hold on

to these for a sec”, she said to Tisha.

Quickly, Kim removed her short shorts and panties. Once she was

naked from the waist down, she lied down on her stomach. Calling

over her shoulder, she ordered, “Ok, now put em all on my butt”.

Once Tish, did what she was told, the terrified crowd found itself

trapped atop a blimp like ass cheek.

“Now listen up bugs”, the blond haired woman boomed. “There's only

one way you might get outta here alive...and that's by kissin' my big

black ass”! They didn't even hesitate or stop to think about the

sheer humiliation of their actions, every person bent down and kissed

the giant booty. To Kim, the feeling was exquisite. She had been

fantasizing about this very moment since she had been enlarged by the

strange yellow rock. Still though, it wasn't quite enough...

“Tisha, get over here an' show these little people how it's done”!

The other giantess, scrunched up her face in disgust, but she

reluctantly made her way over to Kim. After taking a deep breath,

she bent down and gave Kim's behind a quick smooch. Tish

straightened back up, but only for a second. She placed her hands

gently on Kim's exposed butt and rubbed the smooth warm skin. Almost

unconsciously, she reverently placed her lips back onto the world's

largest and most spectacular ass. The firm, perfectly round feeling

of each cheek drove Tisha nearly insane with desire. She kissed

deeply and passionately, moaning in pleasure the whole time.

Kim watched her friend for a few seconds and then rolled over,

wrapping her arms around the smaller girl. Their beautiful brown

eyes locked for an instant, before both girls locked lips.

Back in Washington, the president watched Kim and Tisha pleasure each

other. Even over the television speakers, their frenzied, passionate

screams were nearly deafening. Turning down the volume, he switched

his attention to the other monitors in his office. Some of the

screens were tuned into television news programs, while other were

receiving direct feeds from our military satellites.

On Screen 1, he watched as nearly a dozen giant Algerian and Moroccan

women pranced around Paris, unconcerned with the death and

destruction at their feet. He winced as one of Europe's top lingerie

models tore the Eiffel Tower from the ground and effortlessly bent

it's heavy metal structure into various shapes.

A CNN broadcast was showing a similar scene in London. Here, Missy

Elliot, in the midst of a world tour, had been transformed into a

1500 foot she-mountain. The sexy singer had planted her shapely ass

on top of Buckingham palace and shouted encouragements, while her

entourage gleefully busted up the historic city.

Twenty other monitors showed similar scenes throughout the world. In

Nigeria, thousands of giant black women cheered as they seized

control of their nation's capital. While in Tokyo, cameras filmed a

few dozen US servicewomen playfully snatching up tiny people and

dumping them down their pants.

Interrupting it all, the military's top general pulled a piece of

paper from a fax machine and walked over to his boss. “Mr.

President, we just received this cable in from Haiti. According to

the embassy in Port-au-Prince, over 90 percent of the women there

have been enlarged and because the island is too small to support

them all, it appears...”. The general trailed off and pointed at the

pictures on Screen 11 that showed hundreds of women swimming

northward. “By the Navy's estimate sir, they'll hit Florida by

tomorrow morning”. Everyone in the room watched in horror as one

nubile looking girl swam through a blockade of ships. Her massive

body and the waves she created capsized aircraft carriers and

destroyers as if they were nothing more than bathtub toys.

Another advisor burst into the president's office, tearing

everybody's attention from the grim pictures. “Sir, we

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