Giantess Stories: Susan Ravishire     The train was fifteen minutes late

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Susan Ravishire

The train was fifteen minutes late. We would be arriving at 22:15 at

Blaricum. I was looking forward to spending the summer in my home town, which I had

left three years ago, at the age of thirteen. Living in the city, I longed for

the rural areas; the woods, the lake and streams.

At the station I would be picked up by Susan Ravishire, who would be now

about 13. Her parents would be hosting me the summer. Growing up in Blaricum,

being quite isolated, Susan was my playmate for many years, a younger sister but

also a tom boy, who tagged a long with me many a time. I remember her with

her pigtails and her shirt, which always was hanging out of her jeans. She was

quite tall, while I was three years older than her, she was only but a few

inches shorter than me.

Breaking out of my daydreaming, I noticed that the train had arrived and I

quickly hasted to get my bags off of it. Only a few people got off, and

quickly got out of the station. I looked around for Susan, but apart for a

extremely tall woman, the station was empty. The station had not change at

all in my three years of absence, the water fountain was still broken. Susan

apparently had not arrived and my eyes started nostalgically meandering

around the station. I started looking at that blond woman again, she was quite a

knockout. Long blond hair, thin, with an ample bosom, she was easy over six

foot. Enjoying her good looks, our eyes suddenly meet and I pretended that I

was not staring at her. But she started coming towards me.

Bill! she called out and I looked at her again, freezing in my tracks. It

was Susan!

I could have died from shame. Here was my little follower, my kid tag along,

who had blossomed into full womanhood. Next to her, I looked like a child.

She gave me a strong hug and kissed my on my cheeks. "I am sorry I did not

recognize - you're so much shorter than I remembered you. I always

remembered you as being taller. I did not recognize you at first. You are SO much

shorter than I am. How tall are you?"

"I am five foot five. My gosh, did you grow."

"Yah, I am six foot two. I nearly grew a foot last year . Incidentally, my

parents are not at home. They won a trip for two to Paris and left this

morning. They wanted to cancel your invitation here since I am alone here,

but I ripped up the letter that they wanted to send you.

I can't get over you. You look like a boy, I was expecting a man. You always

were the big boy and now I feel that I could be your babysitter." I am a

whole head taller than you.

Out of the station, was her father's truck and I put me bags into the back.

She started the truck and started driving. "Aren't you under age to drive?"

"No one ever stops me"

When we got to her place, she showed me the guest room and went to fix

supper. When I finished unpacking, I went to the kitchen where we ate together. When

we finished, she peepped up. "Remember how we used to wrestle, I bet I could

pin you down". "Susie, you might be 9 inches taller than me, but you still

don't have a chance." We went into the garden outside and I put my arms

around her trying to knock her down, but she was built like a rock, and despite my

efforts she would not budge. She then proceeded to trip me, and pinned me

down. "My gosh, you're like putty, you used to be so much stronger". I could

not move a muscle, she was laying on top of me. Her breasts pressed against

my face and her body warmth aroused me. Suddenly, she started unbuckling my

pants and pulled my erect penis out. "What are you doing?" I cried. "I want you in

side me, I have always wanted you" "Stop, I could be arrested for child

molesting." I struggled to push her off me, but she was at least forty

pounds heavier than I was, and I could not offer any serious resistance. My penis

betrayed me, and while I felt how wrong the situation was, my penis was

getting bigger and harder and I was getting very horny. She finally managed

to shove my penis into her warm, wet clit, and my resistance melted away. Her

vagina was rapidly pulsating, and was milking my penis."I am raping you, but

at my age, I cannot get into trouble. Don't worry, relax, enjoy." I felt

that I was about to come, and tried to control myself - what would happen if she

got pregnant, a sixteen year taking advantage of a thirteen year old girl.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not hold myself back. She held me tight

in the most sensous arousing way and her sexual energy electrified my whole

body, charging me with waves of passion. There was no way I could hold back and

with her soft, body meshed in to mine, my mind raced towards a maelstrom of

pleasure as we both came together. As we both climaxed, her love juices

wetted me. Afterwards, in her clutches, as the pleasure slowly ebbed away, I

continued enjoying being inside her. After what felt an eternity she got up.

"I 'm sorry, I just got swept away." "Susan, I feel so humiliated." "I'm

really sorry, if you want to leave, I sure that you could stay with Alain."

"No, I am exhausted and everything will clear tomorrow morning". I went up

to my room and crashed into the bed, feeling really spent. I was too lazy to

clean off her cum, which left me wet, my belly, penis, legs. I fell asleep

covered with gook, giving off a powerful vaginal smell.

I got up really late, like 9:30. As I got out of bed, i noticed that I was

smaller, like a few inches smaller. I got dressed, but my clothes were a

little loose. I went down to the kitchen and got the shock of my life. Susan

was in a rocking chair, nursing a baby! And from the gurgles and sucks, that

baby was feeding. It was such an erotic sight. Susie quickly covered her

exposed breast with her blouse. "Susie, is that your baby?" She giggled -

"No, I am babysitting during the summer, three times a week in the morning for

Pamela, who is taking courses at the Hillside college". "What, is that's

Pamela's baby - she is only four years older than me. How come you are

breastfeeding? "Early on, I started nursing Cindy to quiet her down and one

day my breasts started expressing milk. Not only is it the most titillating

experience, but my breast got a lot bigger." Cindy had stopped nursing and

fallen asleep. Susie got up and put Cindy into a crib. I walked over to look

at Cindy, but standing next to Susie, I noticed that I barely came up to her

shoulder, I had definitely shrunk. I then caught sight of one of her naked

breasts that had gotten exposed again. The full round breast topped with a

hard nipple had slipped from her white blouse. I just had to touch it. While

Susan was preoccupied with the baby, I was just memorized by her breast. Her

nipple was at eye level with me and I reached over to hold her breast with

my hand. As I felt the weight of her full breast in my hand, my thumb teased

her nipple. Susan turned to look at me and with a wicked smile on her face,

approvingly watched me explore her breast. "Susie, could I suck on your

breast?" "Why sure" Susie sat in the chair again, and I sat in her lap, and

leaned against her body and laid my head on her breast. I felt her body heat

and I felt her getting aroused just like I was. With my tongue, I delicately

licked around her areola and then her nipple itself, enjoying feeling its

hardening. Then my lips wrapped themselves around her nipple. While the

actual sucking was very arousing, it was nothing compared to when her milk started

to flow. Each time I sucked, the milk would squirt out, milk that was thicker

and sweeter than the milk you buy at the grocer's. Time flew, but I was in

ecstasy. What I was not aware of was there was some hormone in her breast

that causing me to shrink. That same hormone was in her vaginal juices had shrunk

me the previous night to 5 foot one and now in her lap, I had shrunk to four

foot eight. While I nursed, Susie had completely undressed me. As I

finished, she lifted her skirt and sunk my erect penis inside her. I resisted but to

no avail and soon was overcome with such lust that I gave in. I kept on sucking

at her breast and her vagina was sucking on my penis. As she got more

aroused, the milk flowed strong out. As I exploded inside her, I felt that I was

shrinking again. After I came, my penis got small again and it slipped out

of her vagina. I felt utterly expended and tired. Susie felt my exhaustion and

moved me back into her lap and held me tight in her arms. I closed my eyes

and dozed away. After fifteen minutes, Susie asked if I wanted to go to bed.

"No,I will get up." When I got up and stood up I got the surprise of my life. I

was now only four foot four. I came up to under her breast. "Now I want you

to suck on my cunt."

"No I don't want" but she forced me to my knees and stuck

my head right into her cunt, guiding my lips to her clitoris. I started to suck

her and enjoyed swallowing her vaginal juices. Again I shrunk and when I

finished I was only three foot ten. She lifted me up, took me to the

bathroom and showered me off. I came up to her waist. "What have you done to me".

Susie sat down on her chair and sat me in her lap. I felt like a little boy. "I am

taking an experimental drug which, whenever we have sex, shrinks you.

Actually, in my sexual juices there is a powerful hormone that shrinks you."

"How come when you nurse the babies, they don't shrink" "You must be

sexually aroused for the hormone to work. I want you to be my baby. Soon you will be

smaller than Cindy." I was exhausted and dozed off. She placed me in her


When I woke it was dark, and Susie was undressing. I looked as she peeled

off her blouse and her bra, and then, slid off her skirt and her panties. She

stood naked with her glorious body in front of me. "Enjoying the sights?".

She put me in her lap and started nursing again.. Initially, I resisted, but my

lust was greater then my sense and soon the hormone filled milk was pouring

into me and I was shrinking. While I was nursing Susie put me into a diaper.

With the increasing amounts of milk flowing into me, my bladder felt like

busting, but I went on sucking. Suddenly I started peeing, and I could not

stop. "Ahh baby made". Susie lifted into her arms, and laid me down on her

parlor table. She quickly removed my diaper, rinsed me off in a baby tub,and

powdered me up. She then took me to her bed, laid down eagle spreading her

legs. I leaned against her leg, I had difficulty standing, and I was barely

taller than her knee. Susie started to masturbate in front of me, and I was

transfixed at the sight of her pussy as she was getting excited. She the

took me, I was only two foot eight ,and she rubbed my entire body in her wet

pussy. When I was soaking wet, she push my penis against her clitoris started

arousing herself by rubbing my penis against her clitoris, she came but I

managed not to. After she came, she laid me flat on the bed, and she orally

sucked my penis and my balls until I came. I shrank to 2 foot two - I was

now the size of a new born baby. "Susan, what are you doing to me." "Billy boy,

I am your mommy and you are my baby. I want you in my womb and to feel you

growing inside me, totally depended on me. I will be the mother you never


"Susan please stop. If you put me in your womb, I will shrink to nothing".

"Call me mommy." "This is ridiculous, Susan, I am older than you, you must

stop." Susan put me over her knee and gave three spankings. I wailed like a

baby. Susan clutched me in her arms and brought me up to her breast. I

greedily snatched a nipple and started sucking. Thick, hormone filled

started milk started pouring into me. After sucking a few minutes, i remembered the

danger and stopped, but it was too late. I shrank down to a foot eight,

twenty inches. I looked up at her huge breast dangling over me so erotically, it

pervade nearly my whole field of vision, the swollen nipple was the size of

two fingers."Is there no end to my shrinking?", I asked. "When you shrink

enough, you will stop getting sexually aroused. You will be then a four

month old fetus in my womb. Already it's harder to arouse you." She lifted me up

to her lips and started sucking on my penis and my balls, playing with her

tongue. I got erect and came inside her month. I was now 18 inches tall. She

eagle spreaded her legs and holding me in one hand brought me to her pussy.

It was my size! She thrusted my legs inside her, and I slid between the parting

of her vaginal lips. When she let go of me I was half way inside her,

sticking out from my waist outward. My legs and hips were inside he moist, tight

vagina. Her two legs were towering over me and my arms held on to her pubic

hair. Her vaginal contractions were arousing my whole body. She then put two

fingers on my shoulders and continued to push me inside. With her other hand

she tucked my arms into her vagina and I slid in till only my head was

sticking out. My shoulders were inside her tucked behind the folds if her

vagina. She got up and went to a full sized mirror. Her body was amazing and

then I noticed in the bushel of her pubic hair a small head protruding - it

was mine! I noticed that her belly was large with child and she was carrying

me. She then started massaging her belly, and I felt her strong vaginal

contractions all over my body. I was shrinking again and when I finished I

was a foot tall. She gentlely pushed my head and I completely slid into her. She

slipped into a dress and left the house, with me inside in vagina, . As she

was walking she started talking to me. "I can't get over this, all these

years you were like my big brother and now you are totally dependant on me.

When she finished her walk, she laid down on her bed, spread eagled her legs

and start keegling. The strong vaginal contractions forced me out of her

uterus, into her vagina and then I slowly slide out of her, dripping wet

vagina onto a pillow between her two legs. As I laid on the pillow, nake and

wet, she sat up and bent over to look at me. Her long blond hair hid her

breast and touched the pillow that I was on. She looked at me smiling: "I

gave birth to you! You were all the way inside me, totally dependant on me. "

She took me in her hands and carried me to a basin that she had filled with

warm water. She put me into the warm and bathed me gently. Afterwards she

dried me and diapered me and dressed me up. I was small, so small, ber

breast was almost half my size. She brought me up to her breast, and her nipple was

so big that it just barely got into my mouth. Again the milk poured and

again I started to shrink. When I finished shrinking, I was just 8 inches tall.

"Now I am going to keep you inside me for good". She laid down after stripping

andin one hand, holding me tight, slide my legs into her wet vagina. Putting

twofingers on my shoulders, she gentlely pushed me inside her.

Giantess Stories: Susan Ravishire     The train was fifteen minutes late

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