Giantess Stories: Susanne by Antsize Revised by The Wordmaster      I stood on the little

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by Antsize

Revised by The Wordmaster

I stood on the little, glass plate table. Everything around me seemed huge, more

like gigantic. In reality, everything was at its normal size; it was me who was

very tiny. I was six inches small and still shrinking. I looked around. Susanne

sat in front of me, wearing an evil smile. Next to her was her new lover Mike.

And on the other side was Michelle, his sixteen year old sister. She was very

pretty and had really big boobs for her age. She also was tall, 6'1", but to me

she was gigantic, of course.

"Oh, look! He's getting even smaller!" It was Susanne who said this. It was

obvious from her tone of voice that she was very excited. Her huge face came

nearer and she started examining me.

With her giant, red painted fingernail, she pushed my legs apart. There was

no way for me to stop her; I was much too tiny now. Even her little finger was

bigger and stronger than me. I was down to three inches and still shrinking.

Susannne pushed my penis up with her fingernail. Very quickly it became hard as

I became aroused.

"Awww..." she cooed teasingly. "Isn't that sweet? Would you like to make love

to me now, my tiny one? I don't think you can satisfy me with that little dick,

Norman. Look at me; I'm a full-size woman and I need something bigger than

that." With that she looked to her new lover and smiled at him. "Mike's dick is

just the right size; it's much bigger than your whole body now."

That was something I learned very quickly...


I had been sitting down on the floor inside Susanne's black high heel shoe

next to the bed. Susanne liked to wear six inch heels now, so I had to climb to

get inside. She never wore high heels when we were together. But now, with new

lover and a shrunken ex, she had many different pairs of high heeled shoes. She

also never painted her toenails before. But now she made me to do it. "Mike

loves it," she told me once, "and you're just the right size to take of care of

my feet," she laughed.

"Besides," she continued, "what else are you good for at your size?" I also

had to clean her shoes, outside and inside, and pick up her long nylon stockings

from the floor and roll them together. It took me nearly an hour per stocking.

Susanne would drop them on the floor for me and when I was not fast enough she

loved to put me inside a nylon and hang it over the chair next to her bed.

That was where I would spend the entire day and during the night I was forced

to watch her having sex with Mike.

That's exactly what I was doing last night. I was inside her shoe again,

listening to Susanne moan from high above, when suddenly her giant hand came

down and picked me up. I was lifted up to the bed where Susanne looked at me

with her evil grin. "Like to join us, little one?"

At first, all I could see was her huge pretty face. She licked her full red

lips, and it was plain to see what she had been doing with them the last ten

minutes. A bit of cum still lingered there.

"Want to see something really big, my little insect man?" With that she put

me on Mikes's giant member, then began stroking it back into hardness. He had a

really big one; it must have been ten inches at least. For me, it was like

riding on a giant horseback; my tiny ass fit perfectly into his pisshole and

apart from that there was nothing to hold on to. Susanne looked down at me while

she stroked his shaft with one hand. "Now, Norman," she said. "This is the size

I'm used to now. Even at full size your dick was too small for me and now after

you took that shinking potion I can't even see it anymore! Oh, I can't wait to

sit down on that wonderful member again and feel Mike inside me. I wonder how it

will feel if you are still sitting on top of his big cock and come inside me

too. What do you think, my tiny ex? Would you like that?" Thankfully, I never

got the chance to answer. Because she had been stroking his cock all the time

she was speaking to me, Mike was coming. His cum shot out with so much force

that I was thrown on the pillow. Susanne didn't care about me, she was busy

sucking Mike's cock.

From the pillow I was on I could see Susanne's giant cunt. It was wet and her

lips were swollen. Not long ago I was pushing my dick in that now giant cunt,

and now here I was: a tiny little man who was nothing more than an insect to

her. Even her sympathy for me now was the same she held for all the bugs she had

crushed under her soles. I was nothing to her now, not even a human dildo. She

didn't care about me anymore.

If she were to step on me one day by accident, she would worry only about her

shoes and how she could clean them of my remains. I remembered the day she told

me that she had a new lover...


"Well, Norman, it's time for you to leave. He is much better in bed than you

are," Susanne sneered.

I did everything. I cried and fell to my knees, begging her not to leave me.

After a while she smiled at me.

"Well, I see you really want to stay with me, but there is only one way you

can do that."

I was glad she had changed her mind; she wouldn't leave me! I stopped crying

and looked hopefully up at her. She stood in front of me, looking down because I

was still on my knees.

"Remember the roleplay we did sometimes in bed?" she asked.

"About you shrinking and me being your human dildo?" I returned, somewhat


"Well, I never told you this, but... I have a shrinking potion. It can make

you that small. If you really love me, you'll take it. That's the only way you

can stay here with me!"

"I will do anything for you, Susanne, if I only can be together with you!" I


She smiled at me. "Good boy. Well then, follow me into the kitchen and we

will bring you down to the right size. But before I give it to you, you better

take off your clothes. You won't need them anymore."

I began to undress. The thought of being shrunken by Susanne always excited

me and now it would come true. I couldn't believe it! I had always dreamt of

being her tiny lover, her little dildo-man, so I didn't think for a second about

the consequences of being shrunken.

"But you won't need that anymore either," said Susanne, looking

angrily at my now hard, swollen penis. "You will never push your cock inside my

cunt, only Mike will do that from now on. Is this clear?" she shouted at me. I

was too excited to realize what that meant to me then, so I followed her into

the kitchen. I stood naked before her. She was wearing her back leather skirt

and her red high heels. With those six inch heels she was already taller than

me. She looked very much like a Dominax.

She took a small blue bottle out of the frigde and poured some of the liquid

onto a table spoon. "You're sure you want to take it?" she asked me, looking at

me very seriously.

"Sure," I shrugged. "I'll do anything for you." I had hoped that on hearing

my words she would realize how much I loved her and she might change her mind

and leave Mike for me.

Boy, was I wrong!

"OK, Norman," she exclaimed with glee, handing me the spoon. "Then shrink for


I took it and with a quick look at the red liquid I swallowed all of it.

"How small will I shrink?" I asked her.

"How the hell should I know?" she shouted at me. "One drop will shrink you 1


"How many drops did you give me?" I asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "I didn't count them. Just a spoonful. What do

you think? How many drops could that be? Besides, Norman, who cares?"

I couldn't believe it. She didn't care how small I would become! I thought

she would shrink me down to ten inches like in our roleplaying and use me as her

human dildo. But she wasn't interested in me any longer. Any size would be fine

by her, even ant size.

Then I could feel it: I began to shrink.

Susanne didn't even look at me; she sat down with a cigarette and some

women's magazine.

Right then I knew that taking the shrinking potion was the biggest mistake I

ever made. But it was too late now because I already was shrinking!

Susanne crossed her long legs and let her red shoe dangle on her toes.

I had to get out of there was my next thought. Someone out there would help

me. I began to run, but it was hard for me to leave the kitchen because I was

shrinking very quickly now. Everything was growing and expanding around me, but

I just kept running and shrinking. I looked to my right and saw the huge

refrigerator. It was already too large for me to even attempt to open. I must

have shrunk to two feet already. The smaller I became the quicker I shrunk. I

looked to the left and saw Susanne sitting there. Her shoe dropped to the ground

with a loud boom. Well, it was loud to me because I was so small.

I was still running for the door. Now I was next to Susanne's giant shoe. Her

huge red pump lay on its side, allowing me to see the golden inlay inside. I

stood only twelve inches tall now, so her shoe was big enough for me to sit


Then a funny thing happened. I stopped running, overwhelmed by what was

happening. The view of this, for me, giant high heeled shoe made me very horny.

I had always dreamt about this: me very tiny and a giant pump I could climb

into. And now my dream had come true! I forgot my fear. All that was important

to me now was Susanne's giant shoe. I even didn't think about Susanne in that


So I made my way to her shoe. While I was going, it became even bigger. I was

still shrinking. I figured I was six inches because her shoe was now much bigger

than me. So I started to run, afraid that I would be too tiny to climb inside by

the time I reached the pump. When I got there, Susanne's shoe looked like a big

boat to me. I was down to three inches and still shrinking. I climbed inside,

drinking in the smell of leather and nylon mingling with Susanne's own scent. Oh

boy, I'd never before had a hard on like the one I had now. But it only looked

huge and hard to me. To Susanne it was nothing, because I was now down to one

inch and still shrinking!

I started licking her shoe, and quickly had my first orgasm. I rubbed my tiny

penis on the leather and had another one. I stared down to the toe of her shoe,

which looked like a huge, dark cavern. I was still shrinking as I made my way to

the toe. I was also still very horny. I was so preoccupied with my exploration,

I didn't realize that Susanne was watching me the entire time I was in her shoe.

She bent down and picked up her pump with me inside. Everything shook and

trembled around me as Susanne launched the shoe upwards. I looked up in terror;

her huge face hovered over me.

"Whoa," she breathed. "You became really tiny! I didn't know that shrinking

potion works so well! And you're still shrinking!!! Well, Norman, I knew you had

a foot fetish but now I find out you also have a shoe fetish. Like it in there?

I think that's the perfect place for you, and I also think that's the perfect

size for you: very tiny! I wonder if Angela will still like you at this size. Ha

ha ha! You'll have problems fucking her like you did when we were together. I'll

never forget how you hurt me, and I promise you one thing: you will never fuck

any woman in your entire, now tiny life."

I looked up and all I could see was her huge mouth.

"Hmmm, where can I put you to be sure you won't get out?" she mused. "Oh, I

know!" With that, Susanne stood up and went into the bathroom. She came back

with a big smile on her face. Looking down at me, she sneered. "I'll put you

inside one of these. Remember them? I think they're still yours."

Something big crashed into the shoe next to me. At first I couldn't figure

out what it was, but then I could see it: a giant condom, still inside its


"I think they're a little too big for you now, Norman," Susanne continued to

mock me. "But they're just right to put you inside. Let me help you unpack it,"

she giggled. It was a colored one, a huge red condom. Susanne licked her little

finger and pressed her wet fingertip into my body. I was so tiny that I stuck to

her slick finger like an ant. She then put her finger inside the condom and

pressed my frame against the side. Because it was lubricated, I easily adhered

to to the rubber. She looked at me, a tiny man, barely a tenth of an inch tall,

inside a big, red condom, but she wasn't finished with me yet. Because I was

stuck in the middle of the condom, she started shaking it, causing me to fall

all the way down into the reservoir tip. She then walked to the bathroom, taking

me with her. Once there, she tied the condom to the shower curtain rod.

"Be a good boy and stay there until mommy comes back and picks you up again,

will you?" she cooed. "We sure will have fun with you tonight, me and Mike." She

turned on her heel and strode out.

I dangled there and waited what was to come. I felt really silly, small as an

ant inside one of my own condoms. I looked around. This was the bathroom I knew

so well. Not long ago I had taken a shower here. I looked over to the big mirror

and could see myself. Well, all I could see was a condom hanging on the curtain

rod. I was so tiny now that no one would notice me inside it. I only could hope

that Mike wouldn`t find me here; he didn't like me much because he wanted

Susanne all for himself and was still jealous of me. And I didn't knew what

Susanne had told him about me. She certainly told him what an asshole I was

because I was in bed with Angela one night. Before I shrank I was taller than

Mike, maybe seven inches taller. And now I was so tiny. I felt terrible. I

wished I hadn't drunk that shrinking potion. I only did it because the thought

of being so tiny and together with Susanne made me really horny. But now I

wasn't horny at all; I was scared and felt really helpless, as helpless as only

a man standing in a normal condom hanging in a woman's bathroom can be. I looked

up. The condom looked to me to be nearly 900 feet high. I was really tiny.

Because it was hanging upside down, I was standing in the tip of it, the

reservoir they call it. Even that was big for me, so I didn't even think about

how to get out of the condom. I had no chance; I had to stay there until Susanne

let me out again.

But then it hit me: what if she had other ideas? Like using that condom with

me still inside? Well, I had fantasies like that when I was tall. And it really

turned me on, thinking about being in there when Mike's big cock entered her

giant cunt. But now it really scared me a lot. Would I survive? Susanne didn't

care about me anymore. She would enjoy the fuck and would probably forget that I

was in there when she had her orgasm. And what would happen when Mike had his

orgasm? Susanne would drop the used condom on the floor next to her bed, like

she always does. She would then lick his still-hard cock clean, but this time

she wouldn't be able to tell me to watch her. And later she would flush it down

the toilet. She wouldn't even bother to check if I were still alive or try to

find me in his cum inside the condom. As I was worrying about all this, she came


"Oh, you're still here Norman?" she feigned surprise. "You must really like

it inside that condom! But I have an even better place for you." With that, she

took the condom with me inside and went into the bedroom. There she took off one

nylon stocking and shook me out of the condom and into it. It was an incredible

view: the condom had seemed gigantic to me, but her stocking was much bigger. I

fell for a long time before I reached the tip of her stocking.

"Hmmm, hope you like it in there, Norman," she purred, "because you'll be

staying there all night. Mike and I are going to a restaurant. I hope you'll

enjoy it too." With that, she put her high heel shoe on and I was in darkness

for a while. I could feel her walking to her car. I was between her big and

second toes all the time. Later, in the restaurant, I could hear her talking to

a man: Mike. They must have been having fun because I could hear Susanne

laughing a lot. Then suddenly there was light again and fresh cold air (inside

her shoe it was really hot). Susanne moved her foot with me inside the nylon

between Mike's legs and started to tease him with her foot by giving him a cock


Mike didn't waste any time. He pulled his already hard cock out. I was sure

Susanne was only doing this to humiliate me. There I was, a once over six foot

tall man now reduced to one tenth of an inch inside his ex-girlfriend's nylon

stocking and there was nothing I could do to stop her from stroking Mike's big

cock with the feet I was under. Soon there was precum coming out of his piss

slit. Susanne moved her sole over his head and her stocking and I quickly became

soaked with his cum. Soon after that they paid and Susanne put her shoe back on,

so I again was in darkness but now was all wet to boot. When they went to the

car they stopped and started to kiss.

"Guess what darling," I heard Susanne say. "Today I found some of Norman's

condoms. Let's see if he still fits in them when we come home."

"Well, I think they might be a little too big for him now," Mike laughed.

"Oh, you think so?" Susanne chuckled. "Well, then you'll have to use them,

because I hate to waste them. Besides, I always wanted to have two man inside me

at the same time, even if one is inside the condom..."

Giantess Stories: Susanne by Antsize Revised by The Wordmaster      I stood on the little

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