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Synopsis:This is perhaps the most detailed and disgusting story i

have ever written about the female ass.It is so weird even i don't

know where it came from to be honest.Sit tight and enjoy.

Tittle:In the Rectum of a Teenage Witch

It was a beautiful day that day.Jack got up as usual to go to

school.Jack is in high school and had to wake up early that morning

to attend an English Language Society meeting.He left for school with

his mother pretty cheerfully not knowing what was in store for him

the coming days.

As he reached school,he spotted Joanne,a weird and pale(not

just pale....she is as white as ivory) looking girl who never really

talks to anybody.She looked at him as he passed her.A sudden series

of goosebumps overwhelmed him as she gave him an evil snicker.Joanne

isn't really the people type but she excels in sports,especially

tennis and takes the game very seriously.At times it seems like her

life revolves around only 3 things-school,tennis and home.

She looks exactly like that girl in the horror picture

"The Ring"(before she turns into the ghost) and is as

voluptous as they get except for her breasts.She has an ass which is

huge for a white,or any other race for that matter, nearly 38 inches

around.It looks totally spectacular with her tiny waist.One of her

problems perhaps is that incredibly disgusting odour coming from her

ass.She is a sufferer of a kind of gas problem thingy.At times the

farts coming out her are so smelly it can beat an adult sized cow

hands-down.It is probably the main reason she is so shy and rarely

talks to anyone at school.

Jack attended the meeting and sat down in the hall where it

was supposed to be helled at.No one had arrived yet,much to his

dismay,so he decided to take a short nap.He had a very weird dream in

that short span of time,it was about Jack in a huge white cotton mat

and he was stuck to two huge globes of flesh.The atmosphere in the

mat was hot and humid with a lot of bad odour everywhere.He could see

a round brownish hole in the middle of the two globes.It was sort of

puckering at him and releasing a lot of yellow coloured gases.The

next second,he found himself totally engorged by the hole head-first.

It happened very quickly and had Jack all panicky.He was forced

deeper and depper into the hole by the muscle like walls and were

moving in a synchronised fashion.

It got tighter towards the end and was pitch black when he

felt something soft and mushy hitting the top of his head.He slowly

got mashed into the clay-like object and was getting sucked in just

like in a quick sand.Suddenly,he was sucked out of the hole furiously

quick, leaving him all bruised up by the sudden friction caused.He

then was being held upside down by something not familiar to

him.After some close observing,he realised it was a huge hand

connected to an arm and was slowly beinf lifted up .He was turned

towards the face of the giant and was totally startled.It was Joanne.

He woke up all sweaty and had a blistering headache.He was in

a very dark place.He looked at his watch and realised that 7 hours

have passed by and school was about to finish.He tried to move his

limbs but realised he couldn't. It was as if someone had tied him

there but he couldn't see or feel any uncomfortable ropes.Jack was

starting to feel a little panicky as his mother is waiting out there

in front of the school and is probably getting a little worried.

Suddenly,a bright stream of light shone right on his

face.Jack could see the scenery out there now and he was dumbfounded

as he slowly learnt that he wasn't anywhere close to civilization as

he had known about for years.He could only see a huge paddy field

going around in circles as far as the eye can see.His vision was a

bit out of the normal,everything had a greenish touch to it and made

it look like certain scene's from the movie "The Ring".

At this very moment,he saw a blur figure at the corner of his

eye.It was coming closer to him,it was white in colour and about 5 ft

tall.It was picking up speed and soon got near enough to touch

Jack.The mysterious figure stopped at his feet and sort of kneeled

down over him.At this point he could sense that it was human.A very

strong smell was beginning to surface and made breathing for Jack a

little less possible.

The figure was lying on Jack who was tied down on his back on

the cold hard wooden floor.The figure was becoming very heavy and

Jack could feel hot and moist jets of air on his neck.His neck was so

immobile that eventhough the head of that peculiar figure was under

his chin,he still couldnt see its face.The figures body covered every

square-inch of his body and was beginning to hug and molest Jack.He

could feel a slimy tongue working its way up his chin and to his

lips.The tongue was going mad at his lower lips.Jack could still not

see the figures face.

Then,in a brief moment the figure's face came up to par with

his.It was Joanne again, only this this time she looked very hungry

for something.She had a very uneasy look on her face-her eyes were as

big as ping-pong balls and her mouth wide open and leaking tons of

saliva on Jack poor and confused face.She kept on caressing his body

for nearly 20 minutes,leaving Jack bruised and weakened.She

especially concentrated on banging her pussy area on Jack's flacid

cock.This left him breathless.

"Hold on!!!What are you doing to me"yelled Jack at Joanne.

"Oh nothing honey,just getting some pay back.How does it feel

hun,being mashed up by the girl you tease every other day.Its making

me so hot."

At this,poor Jack broke into tears because of the extreme

punishment for something he doesn't even remember about.He wanted

some explanation because the extreme act she is putting him through

is too painful to bear.He being mashed by a Joanne who seemingly has

attained some power to move 10 times faster than normal was

frightening.Jack was mashed and hugged powerfully at least 8 time

every 3 seconds.No human could ever do that.

"Joanne,what do you mean,i'v never done anything bad to


"Oh c'mmon,can't you remember,you and your buddies commented on

my abnormal ass and the odours while i was playing tennis last


"But i didn't speak a word,it was my buddies who said those

horrible words,believe me Joanne.I can't take anymore of this"

Joanne added more pressure on Jack's body and moved her face

right over his mouth and started to lick and suck furiously.Her

tongue was longer than normal,at least 6 inches long.Jack was gagging

as Joanne started to slide her tongue deep in his throat and then

out.She repeated this for some time.

"Look you asshole,i saw you smiling at their jokes,explain or

i'll vomit liquids into your mouth and force you to drink it"

"No.............Joanne.What do you think a guy like me was

supposed to do when his buddies were joking,c'mmon,they will talk bad

about me if i don't join the party,right?"

"You could have shut them up.Now your gonna pay.YOU spill one

drop and ill make sure the next 7 days will be worst then hell for

you,Jacky hun"

Jacky's already abused mouth was opened by Joanne with her

strong hands.Joanne connected her mouth with Jack's and made sure

they were sealed off properly.She made croaking noises,signs of what

was to come.

"Im sorry it has to be this way Jack,but its part of the

traditions i'v got to uphold.Im actually a witch Jacky,in order to

become powerful,iv got to torture a boy of the same age for 7 DAYS

with some acts that will scar you for life.This the first

stage,better enjoy."

And with that word,Joanne started puking into poor Jack's

mouth,slowly at first,so that Jack could taste her stomach's left

over.Jack was suffering,he could not stand even the stench of it,let

alone the taste.It tasted like sewer water and was taking over all of

Jack's senses.Jack was turning away from Joanne but she just took

hold of his head and started to puke in faster.The flow was steadily


At least 2 litres was drunk by Jack,he was now so submissive

to her torturous punishments,not a single noise or word came out of

his mouth.It took nearly an hour,Jack was in a mess as he was covered

completely by Joanne's internal fluids.

"Ok lover boy,I think ill move to the next stage.Or do you need

a rest"

"Why....why Joanne,I can barely breath.Im in such a bad

condition now.All this,just because of that small snicker I shared

with my friends about your ass!!!"

"Better watch your tone mister,look this all done not just

because of that,iv got to perform this 7 days ritual to complete the

transformation into an adult witch.I'll get some awesome powers,but

you have got to do something's for me"

Joanne started to strip in front of the exhausted Jack.It was

a spectacular sight but the situation didn't get Jack horny.The pain

overwhelmed him.

"What must i do.....and why are you massaging your ass like



And Joanne started to whisper something in her mouth.It went

on like this for a few minute.Suddenly,

her ass started to separate.Her two huge globes started do open with

out Joanne's help.Her ass stayed like this for a moment or two.A loud

sound came,and the small wooden hut beginned to fill up with toxic

like odours.Jack beginned to cough in reaction to the smelly odours

from Joannes guts.

"Ahhhh......the smell is going straight to my brain.Its

inhuman,Joanne.Please stop it."

"Oh this nothing,my hubby.By the way can you see anything

different about my anus?"

As she said that,her already huge and brownish anus

expanded.Slowly it turned into a hole about 3 inches in diametre.A

slight cry of pain was heard by Jack.Joanne was in pain,but she was

smiling too.She turned around at Jack to see his expression and

laughed away.He was totally terrified.

"I guess you see whats coming,eh?Ahhh.......its in my

intestines.Its going to come out any moment now."

As soon as the sentence finished,something black and slimy

started to appear.It was vibrating to loosen up Joanne's tight

anus.Inch by inch,the torture tool came out from its nest.Joanne

screamed so loud that some of the hut's roof broke and landed on the

floor.It was making Joanne's anus ooze a lot of liquid shit.It had

face-hugging fingers about 4 inches long and a hole in the middle.The

mask looked like a star fish,only thicker and stickier.

"AHHHH.......the sweet pain ,its wonderful.I hope you like what

you see.....Oh my,am i tired or what...ahhhh"

Joanne collapsed and went into a deep slumber.The mask like

thing stopped moving.It was a scary sight,Joanne's huge ass was

having lot of dark secrets Jack never knew about.The mask was

connected to her enlarged anus by a tube-like connection and looked

air-tight.Jack decided to take this chance and regain all the energy

that he had lost from the extreme activities that Joanne had put him

through for the past two hours or so.The one question tingling in

Jack's mind as he prepared to sleep was,is he really going to be with

Joanne for the next 7 days like she said,or will will someone save

him before that.He closed his eyes with these thoughts still

surfacing now and then.

Jack woke up quite calmly,he thought all that happened were

just part of a nightmare which needed to be discarded of.Slowly Jack

found out that he was still in that wooden hut,but wait a minute,he

thought where is Joanne. Just as Jack beginned to breathe in a slight

relief,a hard smack was felt on Jack's right cheek.To his

horror,Joanne was still there,lying on her back with here legs up in

the air.

" thought you had escaped huh?!Well guess again

Jack,everything is just starting."

"What...what do you mean"

She stood up,and Jack saw the mask like thing hanging out of

her anus.It looked wet and covered with Joanne's watery shit as it

had to journey through her intestines to get out to the open world.

"Look,here is the deal,part of the tradition i need to follow to

become an adult witch is........"

"Well go on!!!"

"I have to force you to breath every single atom of the gorgeous

gas coming out of my intestines....for the next 2 days"

"WHAT!!! have to be insane,ill never live through

that.Please Joanne,ill do anything ,anything but this."

"Sorry honey,but then all that energy i spent to produce my anus

mask here would go to waste.Now that wouldn't be fair,would it"

Joanne slowly crept to Jack(who was by now fully naked) and

decided to have some fun first.She wanted to weaken the resistance

that she probably was going to get from Jack during the sacred

ceremony.So she started to molest Jack again.This time,it was a lot

faster and more erotic as they were both naked.

" can't take that again."

"Ill wait till you give up,oops,is that your penis in my

pussy.Well well well,would you look at that,I think your fifth limb

is going to go for a ride it will never forget"

Indeed it was horrifying,she slamming her groin area on

Jack's at such high speeds.Everytime Joanne landed,a high pressured

sound would be released,it sounded like steam getting released by a

cooker.It was that fast and Jack was feeling so degraded ,he had to

give in.The last straw was when Joanne hugged him with both his hands

and legs around his body.Joanne stopped for a while,resting,planning

what terrible things she can perform on her helpless captive,then she

slowly caught hold of her other hand which was on Jack's back and

pulled back and hugged Jack in a python like hold.

Joanne had his prick in her and was concentrating hard to get

her pussy opened up.Joanne cast some spell to help her vagina to

open.She did this so that the death grip she had on Jack would

actually squeeze in his balls too.It worked and Joanne was secretly

enjoying what she just did.

"Ahhhhh,please,please, ill obey.Just stop it"

"Good boy,i was thinking of cracking you nuts but lucky you

complied quick enough.Now,lets see your head straight up looking at

the ceiling"

Jack did what she told and Joanne stood up to reposition her

self atop his chest.She sat down on him fast and this made Jack

gasp,unfortunately the putrid but crucial air from Joanne's ass was

the only thing available.She loved the torture she was inflicting

upon Jack.Her pussy was slowly getting more watery and this startled

Joanne as she had not know that such a seemingly simpel job to her

would turn her on this much.She grabbed ahold of the mask and brought

it closer to Jack face.

"Ok Jack,this is gonna hurt a bit and you will feel a little

drained,but don't worry.Think about it, you are going to smell the

biggest and most disguisting ass you have ever seen,right?Isn't that

what you and your friends say about me?"


"Sorry Jack,but don't worry,we will still be able to talk to

each other for the next 48 hours.Wow we will probably be best of

friends after this.Lucky you.Ok Jack,see you in another day or



His screams were cut of by the anus mask.The mask started to

pull all of the uncontaminated air from Jack's lungs and started to

refill it with constant supplies of Joanne's own butt's recipe of

,who knows what.The mask was starting to enclose the whole of his

face and had his vision cut off temporarily.He was beginning to get

terrified as he realised he couldn't breathe to through his mouth.

"Oh yes, i added a little spice,you can only breath through your

nose.So,go ahead and smell all you want"

Joanne laughed for long hours(or so it seemed for Jack,as

each second felt like days).But little did Jack know about the

fiendish plan Joanne had after this.The air from her ass wasn't only

fart,but a potion that can shrink one to 6 inches tall.Jack was in

for alot more then he could have ever bargained for.

After about 3 hours,a slight tingle was felt by Joanne in her

guts.She had to take a dump.Joanne had totally forgot about shitting

for 3 days as she was very busy planning for this.Joanne slowly

positioned the whole in the mask to Jack's mouth.Joanne murmured a

spell to make sure Jack's mouth would be wide open and would swallow

anything put into it.

"Oh,i think i need to take a dump Jack,are you prepared for


"Ahhh, what do you except me to do,you cursed my mouth to be

open didn't you you sneezy little bitch.Why if i just

was..."thought Jack

"Just what Jack...common,continue"

"What,you read my mind?!!!Im so sorry,I never meant a word i

said just now.Believe me,please",squealed Jack from underneath.

"Oh you ungrateful bastard,do you how much i went through to

ease your pain and make you last this long.Most witches would have

caught 3 boys because they are not very gentle with them.Im going to

increase the level you are going to get tortured for the next

event.Now,just open your dirty little mouth!!!!!"

Giantess Stories: Synopsis

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