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I looked forward seeing two eyes staring at me through the

glass walls of my cage. The eyes then vanished and lid of the cage was pulled

off. A mammoth sized hand entered the cage setting a small bowl of water in the

corner of the room. I looked up at ceiling seeing a young face looking back at

me. I would guess that she is about 16 give or take a year.


            A sweet smell filled my cage. I ran towards her

hands but she removed her hand before I got there. I looked up dejectedly back

up at her as she put the lid of the cage back on but her sweet strawberry scent

still lingered in the cage.


“Aww, does the little man want to come home with Britney?

Well I already have a pet man or else I would take you home little fella.”


            As Britney turned her brown hair whipped around

and I once again watched her disappear for another day. I walked over to the

corner of the cage and leaned up against it letting my body slide down the wall

and soon I was sitting on the newspaper. I had read all the headlines many of

times. I spent my time thinking about the pre meteor days.


           It all happened 6 months ago. A meteor was

passing by like hundreds have before only this one was different. As it passed

by it completely blocked out of the sun and spewed a greenish liquid into the

atmosphere.  At first nothing happened but as weeks went by I like all other men

began to diminish in size and stature. Women however were completely unaffected

by the substance strangely.


            As the days and weeks went by women began to

assert themselves more and more into the forefront of society as men were

gradually kicked down the ladder. Our once hefty salaries were cut to the point

where we made 40% less then a woman did. Then eventually we were completely

useless in the workplace.


            At first the women began to feel sorry for

us but as time passed they grew to take us for granted and we were turned into

mere pets. Bought and sold like useless trinkets. Women now prayed to have a

girl when they became pregnant as opposed to boy just because they didn't want

to waist 9 months on a man however some women have male babies for a living it's

a regular industry.


“Hey little fella do you have a name?”


“My name is Fred Marko”


“Are you all alone in there? Did the rest of your litter

get bought already?”




“Well how would you like to come home with me? Climb onto

my hand.”


            I nervously looked at her. She easily pulled

the lid off. I always marveled at how strong the women looked. Even the

daintiest of girls now were regular body builders, especially when your only

five inches tall. Her beaming happy face quickly turned to impatience as her

hand darted towards me. I never had a chance to even move or comprehend anything

as her palm encompassed me.





“I don't think you understand. I am buying you and secondly

I am star actress ELISHA CUTHBERT from the hit TV show 24 so I can get what I

want. I am famous!”


“I refuse to be bought by someone rich slut. PUT ME DOWN”



Her hand gripped me tightly

forcing the air out of my lungs. As she walked down the aisles I stared in

amazement of everything. It is the first time that I had seen the world beyond

my cage in a long time. Her grip was unrelenting yet warm. I felt it slowly

loosen and I began to fall soon landing on a hard surface. I looked up to see

Britney smiling at me.


“Just the man for you?”




“That will be $23.95”


“I am worth more then twenty three dollars”


“Oh of course you are. You're twenty three NINETY FIVE!!!”


            Elisha dropped the money down beside me. I had

to scurry out of the way to avoid it being dropped down onto me. I breathed

heavily not use to having to work much. I looked down at the money and noticed

right away something was wrong. It was fake money.


“BRITNEY! That money is fake! Don't let her get away! I am

no expert but Andrew Jackson never had tits like that.”


“Oh, you men are so stupid. That's President Kournikova.

Our greatest leader in history.”


“President who? She's not even American!! And just what do

you mean greatest leader in history? It's only been 6 months! This is an

outrage. She can't even win a major let alone lead a country.”


“Oh hush! We will talk about this when we get home.”


            Her hand once again locked around me and she

walked out of the store. She slide into the drivers side of what looked like a

Mercedes but it's hard to tell from this angle.


“It's about time! What took you so long? Let me see the



            I was pulled out of Elisha hands and dropped

onto a new lap. I almost shit my pants when I saw the lovely face of Jessica

Alba staring back at me.


“Ahh he's so cute”


            Her hands grabbed onto me. She held me tightly

using her thumb and index finger. She hten held me out the window and told me to

put my right hand forward and my left hand at my side.


“IT'S SUPER MAN!!!! “ [As Elisha hums the superman theme



            Jessica begins to make me move up and down and

side to side while making whooshing noises. I beg her to stop but she continues

flying me through the air until we reached a huge house.


            Elisha pulled up in the driveway and both girls

got out.  I was tossed over to Elisha like rag doll. I flailed my arms like a

mad man as I screamed. Both girls broke out laughing profusely as Elisha easily

caught me.


“Here Jess. Catch”




            I found myself once again flying through the

air unable to stop myself. I crashed into the soft hands of Jessica as Elisha

pushed the door open. Both girls walked in and headed into family room.


            The room was laid out like your typical family

room with a sofa, lazy boy, TV etc. The floor was a highly polished wood.

Jessica set me down on the floor and I began to run from her but she grabbed me

with her pinky finger.


“Hey what the fuck! EWW that's gross how can you grab me

like that.”


“I'm double jointed now shut up! I want to play”


“Well I don't! I have rights you know”


“You have the right to do whatever I say now run”


“Why? Your going to catch me and I have no where to go.”


“Disobeying me huh”


            I looked up to see a large plastic nipple come

over head. A yellow substance spread over me. It stuck to me like glue yet it

wasn't as adhesive as glue. I tried to run but the more I moved the more I

became stuck. My flailing only made Jessica laugh.


“Hey jess what do you got there?”


“Oh hey Tara! How goes the movie biz”


“Oh you know. I am trying to find a role where I am not

used like a sex object”


“Oh? But why you're such a hottie”




            Both girls smiled and all the sudden I saw the

face of Tara Reid com into view. Her mouth opened up wide and her tongue rolled

out like a carpet. I tried to run or get away but I could hardly move in the

honey. Her tongue washed over me. I was momentarily free from the honey but I

soon found myself rising up with her face and the lower half of my body inside

Tara's mouth. I screamed to Jessica for help but I saw her mouth open up wide

and envelop the top half of me. Both there tongues washed over my respective

halves. Tara's tongue would shove me upwards into Jessica's mouth and then

Jessica would bat me back down into Tara's mouth. There tongues finally met and

shoved me to the side as they began to foreplay. Jessica then shoved me back

into the middle and began to lick up and down my body. Tara ruffled my hair with

her tongue coating my body in there saliva.


“Hey girls”


            Both girls separated leaving me cascading down

Tara's body and into her lap. I was covered in both there saliva. I looked up at

Elisha who only smirked as she looked at the two of them.


“I see you girls already met Fred.”


“Oh that's his name. I guess I never thought to ask”


“They almost killed me! They wanted to eat me”


“Oh we did not even touch you.”


“Fred I thought I told you not to lie”


“You didn't tell me anything. We haven't even talked.”


“Oh so you are calling me a liar now”


“No I just mean”


“You just mean I am liar”


“You're putting words in my mouth”


            I was grabbed off of Tara's lap and Elisha

dangled me in front of her face. Her once sweet charm was gone and I was

thrusted head first into her breasts. My legs kept moving even though they

weren't getting me anywhere. As Elisha pulled her shirt off I could see the

under side of her breasts as my head was pushed through the bottom. All at once

I saw the ominous looking breasts of Jessica start to come towards Elisha. I

stare at them stunned by there beauty. Darkness overtakes me as Jessica's chest

covers my legs and head as she lays atop of Elisha so her breasts slide in on

either side of hers. They start to hump there breasts. The suction is incredible

as I am pulled towards Jessica's chest and then towards Elisha. Both there

breasts separate just enough so Tara can spray some baby oil between the 4



            I am now easily slid up into Jessica's massive

chest and then as she pushes down I squirt out into Elisha's they trade me back

and forth like that until I finally squirt out of the breast lock and go sliding

down Elisha's stomach. Tara places her mouth at the end of Elisha's stomach and

opens up wide. Her dark cavernous mouth is all I can see as I continue to slide

towards her mouth. The baby oil prevents me from having any chance but I still

try hoping to get free. I am on the verge of completely insanity as I slide once

again into the familiar mouth of Tara. Her tongue works around my dick arousing

me in a matter of moments. I pound on her lips hoping she lets me go.




            Tara continued to work over the lower half of

my body finally spitting me out into the palm of Elisha's hand.


“Awe you look so tired Little Fredy? Do you need a rest?

Did Jessica and Tara tire you out? I will take you too your little room”


            As all the girls broke out giggling I knew

something was up. The last thing I saw Jessica pulling on Tara's panty. As I

slid down the into the silky recesses of Tara's panties I heard Elisha tell Tara

happy birthday and that was the last time I saw Elisha or Jessica. Sometime in

Tara's flight home I passed out due to lack of oxygen. I woke up sometime later

in what looked like a minature apartment. I looked outside the window to see a

massive bed and Tara Reid sleeping in it. I sighed as I laid back in bed

thinking about what use to be, because that's all I had left.














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