Giantess Stories: Tales From the Foot

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Tales From the Foot


Fubuguy aka Asukafan2001

“Why do you always leave your shoes in front of

the damn door April”

“Move them now”

“You cant tell me what to do. Your not mom or dad”

“I am your older brother and right now its just us here so I have the authority”

“Whatever Jake, I don't have to do what you say.”

As my 16 year old sister pounded up stairs to her room I sighed knowing that

tomorrow we would have this very same conversation. I walked over to the door

and looked down at her old worn pairs of shoes. As I picked them up my eyes

almost roll into the back of my head as sweaty soaked, dirt ridden insole of her

shoe emits a raunchy odor that makes my nose crinkle up.

As I carried these towards her room it made me think about how much I hated

shoes. I hate how they smell. How when your feet sweat the soles get all damp

and then your feet feel like they are sitting in water. I hate how dirt collects

on the sole and gets your feet or socks dirty. Mostly I hate the smell. No hate

is too light of a word. I despise them. The only thing I hate more feet. They

smell, they sweat, they itch, the collect dirt, You walk on them and they can

support hundreds of pounds yet if you step on a rock, a pebble, a needle they

cry out in pain. The slightest prick of sharpness and they scream out bloody


I reached the top of the stairs and I felt really light headed. I dropped the

shoes down infront of me and buckled over down onto my knees. My head started to

feel so heavy like I couldn't support it anymore. My head fell into my lap then

slid down my legs and off my knees and then crash landed face first onto my

sister April's shoes. The smell was atrocious. My body felt like it was giving

out all at once and I was crumbling into a million pieces that fluttered

lackadaisically down to the floor. I tried to get up, roll over, even fall to

the left or to the right but I was frozen in stone.

I am not sure what happened but I have no recollection of last few hours of my

life. But when I awoke I still surrounded by a rotten disease like smell. I sat

up and looked down a very long tunnel. I looked and looked but the end of the

tunnel looked inconceivable. I walked over to the wall and sat back down with my

back leaning up against it. I tried to remember the last thing that happened to

me and all I could remember doubling over.

“What are my shoes doing in the middle of hall way. Ugh I better move them or

Jake will have a cow.”

The voice seemed so loud and powerful. It made my ear drums vibrate in my head.

The voice alone gave me a headache. It seemed familiar yet just so loud it was

hard to make the words out. I was thrown from the wall and slid further towards

the light end of the tunnel but my face was planted into floor of the tunnel as

I skid head first towards the wall. The floor has a soft yet firm feel to it. I

crash full board head on into the end of the tunnel. I am thrown from the left

wall to the right wall and back to left roll. My stomach then shoots out of my

mouth as I feel everything descending like I jumped out of a plane then

everything stopped instantly without warning.

“What the fuck is going on.”

I didn't expect anyone to respond so I just started walking towards the dark

cavernous hole. Along way I noticed some writing on the floor. Adidas size 13,

was branded onto the floor.


I ran back towards the light end of the shoe and stared up and out through the

opening at the top. It all made sense now. The blocky obtrusive yet perfectly

crafted over hanging was the tongue of the shoe. The rope loops that are hanging

over the top are the laces. I am stuck in a fucking shoe. I tried running at the

wall but it didn't give or budge. I then felt the floor start to rumble and

shake. I craned my neck back up and saw my sisters legs on either side of me.

They jutted up into the sky farther then I could see. I couldn't even see past

knees how pathetic. She is only five foot three.

“Ugh, I wish I didn't have to go to Karate practice Haley. Yeah your probably

right. Yeah we can hook up after words. See ya girlfriend!”

“What the hell was that. It didn't make sense.”

I saw her cell phone fly through the air and drop down just inches from me. I

walked around her cell phone which landed in her shoe. The magnitude of it all

was overwhelming. It was just a dark navy blue flip phone with a silver trim. I

always remembered it being light, small, and thin. Such a minimal size and

weight and now it's a un moveable object which is hundreds of times bigger then

me. My new size started to sink in. When my sister was talking to Haley on the

phone and then she just dropped her phone and I could have been crushed by it.

Gigantic tree trunk like fingers entered into my realm. They looked so big and

clumsy but moved accurately with lightning quickness. In a flash they were

around the phone and gone. The only thing that kept me going by this point was

that she would soon be gone, but then I saw her bare foot hover overhead. Her

foot zoomed towards me. I could see it at all. The cracked dry sole of the

bottom of her foot grew nearer and nearer. I could smell her foot already.

Droplets of sweat rained down on me like the sky opening up for a afternoon

thundershower. The beads of sweat that rained down on me covered me in her

sticky gooey sweat. After just a few moments of this I already smelled like my

sisters foot. Her foot was now much, much closer I could see the dark, dirty

underside of her foot.

As her foot neared me everything flashed before my eyes. I remembered how my

sister April always loved to walk barefoot when she could. She was one of the

few girls who absolutely hated shoes. She didn't understand why you needed to

spend a lot of money on a million pairs of shoes when you could just buy one

expensive good pair. I remembered how she would walk through the garden bare

foot and just flop her feet into these things and go. The only time her feet saw

water was at the end of the day after her shower.

Her truck sized baby toe slammed into me and rolled me end over end into the

dark confines of her shoe. Just before her toes stopped it finally rolled over

me and expected death but I was about in the middle of her baby toe when her

foot stopped and just rested on top of me. Once her foot got situated excluding

the horrible smell this isn't so bad I thought to myself and that is the moment

she picked to stand up. Her full weight came crashing down onto me.

Giantess Stories: Tales From the Foot

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