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Tales of High School byMaxx ClockTales of high school - Part 1

By MaXx_Clock

Tales of high school - Part 1

By MaXx_Clock

Japanese finished as usual at 3:20 and our class was about to file

out for form period, then go home. As we stood up and bowed to the

teacher, I glanced over at Carmen. God she was beautiful; long brown

hair in a ponytail, sparkling eyes and a stunning smile. I'd had a

crush on her for over a year and kept trying to get the courage up to

ask her out. At home I'd think it over in my head, when I'd ask her

out, what I'd say… but at school, I'd see her with her friends and

all the other people who hung out with her, and I'd give up. It

wasn't that I was ugly or anything, I just don't think I was built to

be a ladies man. I had long brown hair, fairly tall, I was quite

skinny, and I personally thought I was pretty good looking.

I walked back to class, and then walked home. I wasn't in the mood

for after school music. When I got home, I did my homework, watched a

little TV then went on MSN. I chatted to friends for a while before

going to bed. I wasn't in the mood for dinner either.

I awoke to sunlight from the window hitting me straight in the eyes

and my thoughts wandered once again to Carmen. Most of my friends

thought she was stuck up and bitchy, but I couldn't see that in her.

To tell you the truth, I would give the world to be with her. I got

dressed and looked at the time. “8:30 shit! I'm going to be late,” I

thought. My brother had already left for school so he didn't get in

my way this morning. Just before I left I checked the time again,

8:50. Getting to school took at least 20 minutes, and even though I

ran half the way I only arrived at 9:00. I signed the late book it

the office and ran too class.

My class wasn't in our room so I didn't know what subject we had. I

started checking all the different classrooms English, Math's, German

but I couldn't find the class. I decided to try the science labs next

but they weren't there either. I was intrigued by something in the

room I hadn't noticed before though. An experiment set up on the

sideboard. It looked like a regular mosquito in a small cage, except

the mosquito was unmistakably smaller. I opened the cage to look but

the mosquito flew out, I looked around for it then I noticed it on my

wrist. Instantly reacting I squashed it against my skin and its blood

oozed out, the blood was brighter though. Instead of the deep red it

was more bold and bright. I wiped it off and went back down the

corridor to keep looking for my class.

As I passed our classroom again I felt a little dizzy, light headed

and a little faint. I leaned against the wall near my bag before I

slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

I woke up in the same corridor but with a bit of a headache. I stood

up, holding my head and felt for the wall to balance myself. I

reached over but couldn't find the wall. I let my vision clear then

looked around. The wall was still there, the bags were still there, I

was still in the corridor, but everything was enormous! Seeing that

everything else was bigger I presumed it was actually me that had

shrunk. Using a ruler dumped against the wall I measured myself at 2

inches tall! I sat against the wall and thought about what to do

next, “Ok,” I thought, “It's 9:20 now, in 20 minutes the first class

will end and all the students will stampede through the corridor. I

have to get someone's attention before then. Damn! All the students

are in class, how can I get just one person to see me?” As I pondered

my next move, small tremors shook the corridor. Looking toward the

main stairs I saw one of my classmates coming down the corridor. It

was Alex; she must've been late as well.!

By some people, Alex was considered to be the hottest girl in the

year level, she was about 5ft 6 with long curly black hair in a

ponytail and easily the largest breasts in our grade. She was a nice

girl, so maybe I could get her to help me. She walked down the

corridor and stopped right in front of me. “Alex! Hey, Alex! Down

here!” I screamed. It was no use; I was far too small for her to hear

me. She took her bag off her shoulders and then dropped it too the

ground right near me. I dived aside as the bag almost hit me, then

Alex opened the bag and started looking through it. I'd never noticed

how truly skimpy Alex made her uniform. Her skirt was barely there,

and even though her jumper was long, it was tight across the chest.

“This is probably the only chance I'm going to have to get out of

here alive.” I said. I ran towards her feet and jumped onto one of

her shoes. I tucked myself in the lacing and waited for her to finish

going through her bag. She pulled out her sport!

s gear from the bag and started walking down the corridor. Sport! So

“I'm not sure.” I yelled, “I think it had something to do with…”

“Hold on a second,” she cut me off in mid-sentence, “I can't hear you

from down there. Can I… I pick you up?” Not expecting an answer, she

scooped me up in her palm and held me right up to her face. “Oh my

God!” she exclaimed, “It's really you, you're so tiny! Tell me what

happened now, I can hear you.” I explained how I'd arrived late and

found the experiment in the science room. Then I told her about

riding on her shoe to the change room before finally getting her

attention. When I got to the part about watching her get changed she

blushed a little and I was worried I might anger her.

“So… you saw me getting changed?” she asked


I expected her to crush me then and there but instead she just

blushed again and looked away. After a minute she spoke again,

“Anyway, I still have to go to sport so I'll leave you in my bag for

now, ok?” I nodded in response, “then after that, we'll find out how

to fix this problem.” Again I nodded. She went to put me in her bag

then I spoke up, “Alex?”


“Well, you'll have to kind of look after me while I'm like this so...

is it ok that I'll be staying with you?” She nodded and smiled at me.

“And also,” I said, “I'm sorry about watching you get undressed.”

For a third time, Alex blushed. “That's ok Matt,” she reassured, “But

ahh… in return I might get to have my turn, if you get my drift.”

This time, before I could reply, she put me in her bag then closed

the top. I sat in the darkness, of course I knew what Alex had meant

and wasn't exactly dreading it but, my thoughts were still for

Carmen… Tales of High School - Part 2I sat in the darkness of Alex's sports bag for about 40 minutes until

the sports class finished and the girls came into the change room. I

waited amongst Alex's mess of school clothes for the bag to be opened

and to see a hundred ogling faces above me. Fortunately, Alex clearly

wanted to keep this dilemma a secret so I listened until everyone in

the change room had left, then Alex finally opened the bag. I was

tossed around in her bag as she pulled out her clothes piece by piece

and set them on the bench. When only I was left at the bottom of the

bag, she pulled me out and set me next to her clothes. “Hey Matt,”

she panted, her face covered in sweat, “Miss me?”

“Ahh, yeh.” I replied. She smiled then turned her attention to the

mirror. “God I'm sweaty,” she said to herself, then she turned to me,

“I think I might need a shower, what do you think?”

“I… I'm not sure…” I stuttered, did she just ask me that?

“Well, do you want to shower with me?” she asked, blushing a little.

“What!? But…you… whe…” I couldn't believe that one of the hottest

girls in the year had just asked me to shower with her. I decided I'd

try to keep things simple. “Look Alex I don't think…” I started, but

before I finished the sentence Alex pulled off her polo top and her

shorts, leaving her standing in front of me in her bra and panties. I

couldn't help but stare at her beautiful body, glistening with sweat.

She gently pinched my shirt with her fingers and dangled me in front

of her face. “C'mon Matt, how can you refuse the offer of a beautiful

half naked girl huh? It'll be fun, I think you just need some


She carried me over to the counter near the showers and put me down.

“Now,” she said, “Take off your clothes, you can't let your clothes

get wet can you?” reluctantly, I took off my clothes until I was just

standing there in boxers. “No, no silly,” she giggled. She reached

down to me and while holding me in one hand; she slipped off my

boxers with the other. “Well little Matt, looks like you don't need

much convincing after all.” At first I didn't know what she meant,

then I realised my rock-hard member and tried to cover up. She

giggled a little, “Now I guess I better take my clothes off too.” She

whispered. Leaning down close too me, she pulled the sports bra over

her head and threw it aside. Her titanic bosom almost obscured my

view of the rest of her. Then moving back a little, she sexily slid

off her panties, to reveal her womanhood already damp with juices.

She smiled at me and picked me up.

She walked over to the shower, holding me close to her bouncing

bosom. She turned on the water and put me on the soap dish while she

showered. She grabbed the soap and me and lathered me up until I was

covered in suds. She began to use me as a sponge, rubbing me over her

body. When she rubbed me over her hard nipples, I tried to kiss and

rub them on the way past. She moaned as she rubbed me all over her

breasts and smothered me in her tit flesh. After we were both covered

in soap, she washed us both off and turned off the water. She dried

both of us off with a towel and we both got dressed again.

When we were done, she picked me up. “I really enjoyed that,” she

said, “thank you.” She gave me a big kiss, smothering my entire body

with her lips. I watched Alex as she put her sports clothes into her

bag and walked over too me, bag over one shoulder. “Um, Alex?” I said

as she picked me up, “do you think, I could not go in your bag again?

It's just, I got a little bored.”

“Well actually I wasn't planning on taking you in my bag.” She

answered. I looked to see that the top buttons of her shirt were

undone, revealing her valley of cleavage. “I kinda thought you could

ride in here.” She parted her cleavage with 2 fingers and pushed me

in with her other hand. When she removed her fingers, her boobs fell

in on me and held me in rather tight. “Comfortable?” Alex asked. I

could only nod. I could hardly believe it, I'd been shrunken for

under an hour and it already didn't seem so bad. She smiled at me

once more then buttoned up her top and walked out of the sports


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. During class I tried to

sleep and resist the urge to satisfy the bulge in my pants there and

then. Between classes was a bit more hectic though. With all the

students bustling around, it was very loud and being bounced around

almost threw me out of Alex's bra several times. During lunch Alex

went to a secluded part of the school and let me stretch my legs and

eat a little. “Ok Matt,” she said, “I'm going to take you out now

ok?” I felt her fingers pinch me around the waist and pull me out.

She placed me on her lap and put a bit of her sandwich next to me. We

both sat eating in silence until we heard someone approach. Alex

quickly stuffed me in her cleavage and tried to look occupied eating


“Hey Alex!” said the stranger.

“Oh, Hey Carmen.”

Carmen? I thought. She's here?

While Alex and Carmen were chatting about ‘girl things' I shifted my

position so see out of Alex's shirt between the buttons. And there

she was, Carmen. She looked more beautiful than ever. Every time she

laughed you would see her perfect teeth, and her smile would soften

even the coldest of hearts. When Carmen left it was the end of lunch

so Alex went back too class. During the last two classes of the day,

I wondered what would happen if I met Carmen at this size.

The last two classes ended and the students were dismissed. Alex left

the class and said goodbye too all of her friends (every time she

hugged someone, I would almost suffocate). She walked too the front

gate where she was picked up and driven home. As soon as we arrived,

Alex headed straight for her room and locked the door. She laid down

on the bed and put me next to her. “Ok Matt, you'll have to stay in

here with me. I don't think that will be a problem will it?” she

grinned. She stood up and started to change out of her school clothes

and into casual clothes. She caught me glimpsing at her features and

giggled again. “You'll have to stay in here until I go to bed.” She

said to me. “Just try and find some way to pass the time.” She closed

and locked the door, leaving me in her bedroom. There wasn't much to

explore in her room, so I just went to sleep on her pillow.

I awoke when I heard the door open and Alex came in. She shut the

door behind her and walked over to the bed. She'd changed out of her

‘special' undergarments, and now was wearing a plain bra and panties.

She climbed into bed and put her head next to me. “Good night Alex.”

I yawned; it had been a long day. “Oh but you can't go to sleep on

the pillow, I might accidentally crush you.” Alex gently pushed me

into the pillow with her lips as she said this. “I suppose you could

always sleep with your two friends down here.” She offered, this time

pushing you into the pillow with her chest. To tired to answer, I let

her pick me up. She lay face up and unclasped her bra. She then lay

me on one of her nipples and pulled the bra over again. “Sleep well

tiny, I've got some friends for you to meet tomorrow.” Tales of High School – Part 3

I awoke suddenly being jostled around. It was morning. I stretched

and saw I was in one of Alex's pockets. Looking out the top I saw

Alex's hair bouncing above me and I guessed that I was in her breast

pocket. “Hey Alex! I'm awake!” I tried to call her but she couldn't

hear me. I started shaking around in her pocket but I was too small

for her to notice. I started to climb Alex's hair out of her pocket.

I looked out the top of the pocket, she was wearing her school

uniform and I was in her shirt pocket. She was getting breakfast for

herself. I climbed her hair up to her shoulder and yelled in her ear,

“Alex!” This time she definitely heard me. She turned her head

towards me purely by reaction, and I was tossed from her shoulder. I

slid down through her hair and into her shirt. I landed into her

cleavage and was immediately covered in her boob flesh. Her chest

rumbled as she laughed at my predicament. She parted her breasts and

pulled me out. “Morning little man!” she said. S!

he put me down on the table and started eating her cereal.

“Do you want some food?” she asked

“No I'm not hungry”

“You'll need your energy later, I assure you that”


She smiled mischievously and wondered what she had in plan for me.

“Well, you know… I thought I might introduce you to some friends of

mine today, sound fun?”

“Alex, I don't think it's a very good idea to tell everyone about


“Well you don't have a choice do you? I'm in total control of you


Alex reached down and grabbed me in her fist. She moved her hand over

her bowl of cereal. “Oww, hey! What're you doing Alex?” I yelled

“I'm showing you that I'm in control.”

She opened her hand and I landed in her bowl of cereal. I tread water

in the milk and rested on a flake of cereal. Alex was stirring the

cereal around and started eating the flakes around me. Soon it was

just I swimming in a bowl of milk. The spoon came down again and

scooped me up. Alex tossed me around in the milk for a few seconds,

pushing me under, dropping me from the spoon, before bringing me up

to her face. “Now” she said, “If you're not just a toy, could I do

this?” she brought the spoon and me to her mouth and I was sucked in

along with a torrent of milk. She tossed me around in her mouth

before fishing me out and swallowing the milk. She put me down on the

bench and I spat out some milk. “Alex, are you crazy? You could've

killed me!” I yelled. She just smiled, “And I still can. But now, we

have to go to school.”

Alex washed me in the sink then dried me on a paper towel. “You happy

to go between my boobs again little Matt?”

I didn't answer. Still, she opened her top and picked me up. Parting

her cleavage with two fingers, she pushed me deep in between her

humongous boobs. Her breasts bounced as she started laughing, and I

slipped deeper in her bra. “You're so cold! You're tickling me!” she

said between fits of laughter.

Alex stopped laughing and left for school. Occasionally she'd whisper

to me, telling me where we were like, “We're on the bus to school

now” or, “We're just outside the gates”

I didn't need her to tell me when we were in the corridor. There were

people yelling, soccer balls flying and friends talking everywhere. I

got squashed a few times as Alex hugged some of her friends but

Alex's jumper and breasts provided good padding. Like yesterday, I

tried to sleep through the classes and Alex would bring me out in the

area at the back of the school at lunch and recess. By the last class

of the day (French, for Alex) I was so bored I couldn't sleep. I

thought I'd look at the class from under Alex's shirt. I crawled to

the edge of her bra and looked out between the buttons on her shirt.

I saw her writing something on a small piece of paper under the

table. It read; ‘Go to warehouse at the back of the campus after

school. A surprise awaits you.'

I gasped, Alex was going to show me off to people from school! I

didn't know whether to be scared or thrilled, on the one hand there

was the chance I'd be tugged, pulled and tore into shreds. But on the

other hand, my member had something to say about the situation. Alex

passed the note to someone next to her but I couldn't see who it was.

I tried to look further out but I lost balance and fell out of Alex's

bra. I finally stopped where Alex's shirt was (very loosely) tucked

into her skirt. I searched around to find the gap between the buttons

of her shirt, but in the dark I couldn't see a thing. I found a gap

in her clothes and forced my way through I squeezed through the tight

gap then fell onto plait material. I saw the light from the rest of

the classroom and I suspected I was sitting on her lap, hence the

plait material. I looked up to get Alex's attention but her skirt

material also covered the area above me. I turned around and saw two

giant thighs leading off a chair!

too the ground. I wasn't on her lap. I was up her skirt.

Alex must've felt me down there, because her thighs moved in and I

was squashed between them. I forced myself up and started walking

back up along her legs. In the darkness I accidentally stood in the

gap between her legs and fell forward, me body landing on her

slightly damp panties. It took all of my self-control to avoid

climbing in, and I instead climbed back up into her shirt. This time

I found the real gap between the buttons of her shirt and stood on

her lap. Alex pulled her seat in closer to the table, so no one could

see me from either side, and then quickly picked me up. Pretending to

adjust her tie, she dropped me back down her shirt. I decided to stay

where I was for the rest of the lesson.

Alex next took me out after school outside the warehouse. “There's my

naughty little man.” She cooed, playfully rubbing me with her index


“No… Alex, really… I didn't mean…” I tried to explain, but she kept

tickling me.

“Don't worry my tiny little pet, you'll get what you wanted soon


“Wanted? It was an accident… I… I”

“Aw c'mon, I know you get turned on by all this.”

Alex prodded at my pants. I blushed and decided to keep silent.

“Just sit tight until my friends get here.” Alex said. She put me in

her pocket and sat on the steps of the warehouse.

After a few minutes I heard footsteps, and I felt Alex stand up.

“Hi guys!” Alex greeted

“Hi Alex!” I heard several female voices respond, “So what's this all

about?” one of them asked.

“A little find I came across, and I've decided to share it with you

4. Just you guys.”

“Yeah ok, but what is it?”


Alex's grabbed me in her fist then opened it in front of her. It took

my eye's a few seconds to adjust too the light but when I saw

clearly, I could see 4 huge awe struck faces in front of me. I knew

who all of them were; Lia, Chloe, Lucy and… Carmen!

They all were staring at me, mouths open. They were shocked and

excited at the same time. After reality set in, there came the influx

of comments; “Oh My God! He's so cute! Where did you get him? What

happened? Can I have him? He's so small!”

“In case you girls can't tell, this is Matt. He's in my class.” Alex


“Can I hold him?” Lia asked

“Sure, just be gentle”

Lia enthusiastically grabbed me and held me tightly in her fist. I

tried to squeeze out but her grip was too strong. “Oh my god! He's

like so tiny! I can't even feel him struggle.” Lia was often called

the slutty girl of the school. She wasn't as short as Alex or as well

endowed but some people thought she was very hot.

“Here, let me hold him now!” This time it was Lucy. She pinched me by

my shirt and dangled me in front of her eyes “so tiny and so

delicate” she said. She started poling at me, bending my arms and

legs and tossing me from hand to hand. Lucy was a quite pretty

looking girl. Her breasts weren't all that large, but she nice tanned

skin and a nice butt.

“Here Chloe, hold him.” Lucy tossed me (literally) to Chloe and she

gently caught me against her chest. She then sat me in her palm and

started rolling and rubbing me all over. Chloe had blonde hair,

unlike all the others who had brown hair. Her breasts were arguably

as big as Alex's but instead of being soft and a slightly saggy,

Chloe's bust pushed forward in a sexy way. She, like all the others

also had a good body.

Finally I was handed to Carmen. She just let me sit in her palm and

looked at me intently. “Matt, how did this happen?” she eventually

asked. Before I could reply Alex snatched me back out of her palm.

“Ok girls, I'm willing to share Matt with you all evenly so it all

matters just who gets him first.” Naturally all the girls were

jumping around saying; “I want him now! I'll have him second! He

likes me best! I'm the best looking!”

Clearly we weren't going to get anywhere soon.

“Ok, ok, ok everyone” Alex said, breaking the silence, “I've decided

what we'll do…”

to be continued…

Tales of High School Pt2

By MaXx_Clock

Chapter 4

“We'll all sleep over at my place tonight at about 7pm” Alex said. The girls

started jumping up and down, very excited about the time ahead. “Then we'll

decide who gets him after that.” Alex finished.

The girl's left and Alex started to walk home. “You excited about tonight?” she


“I don't know, I get intimidated enough around just one person. God knows

what'll happen with 5.” I answered truthfully.

“Don't worry.” Alex said, “I'll watch out for you ok? Although some girls might

want a little ‘private' time with you.” I shuddered. I wasn't fond of some of

Alex's friends. I'd never got on well with Lia and Lucy in particular. “C'mon

cheer up.” She urged, “Its gonna be fun.”

“Alright.” I answered quietly. Alex smiled and put me down her top. We didn't

speak for the rest of the trip and I fell to sleep between Alex's boobs.

I awoke still between her breasts but she had changed out of her uniform and was

instead dressed in a crop top and tracksuit pants. She was walking around

probably organizing things for tonight; food, beds, movies. It looked like

pretty typical girl stuff. I just sat tight for the time being.

At around 6:30 Alex pulled me out and we ate dinner. I got disturbed that a

former classmate was eating pieces of meat larger than I was. I ate very little

as grew increasingly nervous as the clock ticked closer and closer to 7 o'


At about 5 too, all the girls arrived at once. My guess is they were suspicious

of each other purposefully arriving early so they all came together. I stayed at

the table as Alex went to greet them. I could hear the usual giggling and

chatter and I only heard one thing. I heard Alex say that her parents were away

for the weekend. I assumed this meant that the girls would stay most of tomorrow

as well.

All the girls came parading in wearing assorted casual clothes all carrying

large bags. They dropped them in the main room (which had been filled with

mattresses crowded around the TV) and rushed over to the table. They crowded

around and pressed their faces up close too me. “Hey little man.” I heard Lia


“We're gonna have a reeeal fun time with you tonight.” Lucy laughed

“C'mon girls.” Alex interrupted, “We'll have some fun with him later. So who

wants to watch a movie?” this distracted the girls temporarily and I gave a

smile to Alex. She smiled back and helped the girls with choosing a movie. They

chose some silly chick flick to watch then crowded around the TV with snacks and

sleeping bags.

“Hey Alex!” Carmen broke the silence, “Is Matt going to watch the movie with


“I dunno” Alex answered. She turned to me, “would you like to watch the movie

with Carmen?” Alex winked. Clearly my feelings for Carmen had not gone

unnoticed. I blushed and stuttered a little, trying to answer ‘yes' but not

sound over enthusiastic, “Well… I guess, I”

“Ok then” Alex butted in. She stood up and walked over too me. She smiled and

winked as she scooped me in her palm and handed me to Carmen. She crossed her

legs and sat me down on her lap. I didn't take much interest in the movie, but

just curled up on Carmen's lap enjoying my brief moment of peace.

However my time didn't last long. About half way through the movie Lia piped up.

“Hey Carmen! You've had him a while, its my go now!”

Carmen reluctantly obeyed; she gave me a sympathetic look then handed me to Lia.

Lia held me in her fist and smirked at my futile attempts to break free of her

iron grip.

“Oww! Put me down Lia!” I yelled. My arms were being squeezed into my sides and

my ribs felt like they were going to crack.

“Hey Lia” Chloe's was briefly distracted from the movie, “Ease off him a

little.” She then went back to watching the film.

Lia frowned at me and loosened her grip a little. I breathed easy for a minute.

Without warning, she pulled forward the elastic of her panties, and dropped me


“What the f…mrph!” my words were cut short as Lia let the elastic snap back and

I was held between her tight panties and her damp pussy.

Only one of the girls seemed to notice my predicament, “What're you doing Lia?!”

yelled Carmen.

“What do you mean?” Lia smugly replied, “he's fine in there.” As she said that

she playfully pressed her thighs together and I was pressed against the wet lips

of her womanhood. Carmen glared at Lia before returning her attention to the

movie. All was quiet for a while. Even though no one spoke I could feel the

tension in the room.

After the first movie finished, the girls stretched a little then decided on the

next movie. Another chick flick, the evening didn't seem to be enjoyable at all.

“I don't like this movie, I think I might have my time with the little man now.”

Chloe announced.

“Well how're we going to say who gets him when for the rest of the night?” Lucy


“Easy” Alex answered, “its currently 9pm, Chloe has him till 11pm, Lucy can have

from 11 till 1am, than Carmen until 3am, Lia till 5am then yours truly will have

him till 7. Then we'll set a long-term schedule tomorrow morning.”

I was a little taken-aback by the words, ‘long-term'. It made me think that I

may have to spend the rest of my life like this, servicing and pleasuring this

group of girls.

Lia removed me from her panties and tossed me over to Chloe. I sailed through

the air and landed in Chloes outstretched hand.

“Ewww” she exclaimed, “He's all sticky”

“Just wash him off” Alex suggested, “then dry him after.”

Chloe smiled. “Ok then, I'll hand him over to Lucy at 11 then.” She said, before

hurrying off to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and started running

the bath, she set me down on the rim. She let her hair out and kicked off her

shoes. She then looked at me strangely, as if expecting me to do or say

something. “Weeeeell” she finally said, “are you going to get undressed?”

“What?” I said, a little startled.

“Well you can't have a bath with your clothes on.”

“But are you going to…”

“Yes, but you first”

I looked away and took off my clothes; I took all my clothes off but my boxers

and put them to the side of me. Chloe looked almost frustrated. “Aww, don't be

shy tiny, we only have 2 hours so we better make it count ok?”

I blushed as I removed my boxers and put them with the rest of my clothes. Chloe

put my clothes on the bathroom bench and bended down to see me.

“Ooh, is that for me? You're too kind.” She giggled. I blushed furiously and

half turned away. Chloe stopped me however.

“Don't turn around tiny, otherwise you'll miss out.” She said. She stood up

again and started to slip out of her clothes. She unbuttoned her top slowly,

swaying at the hips as she did. Her open shirt revealed two very large firm

breasts that had to be as big as Alex's. Her to the floor and I was marveled by

this young girls body. She then lowered her pants to the ground, bending low in

front of me. She was then standing in a bra and panties and I was as turned on

as ever. She smiled again before unclasping her bra, and removing her panties.

“What do you think tiny?” she said

I was beyond words. I could only gape at this huge girl in front of me.

She slowly lowered herself into the bath and then looked over at me. “Hop in

tiny,” she said

I hesitated. I tried to shuffle away from the edge of the bath while trying not

to let my eyes wander.

“Hey! Don't try and do that!” Chloe said. Her giant foot emerged from the water

and rose above me. Her toes came around behind me and gently pushed me into the

bath. I fell for what seemed like an eternity until I crashed through the

surface of the hot water. I surfaced and saw Chloes beautiful smiling face

seemingly miles ahead.

“Go on tiny, explore a little” she invited. Naturally, I obliged. I paddled

towards her and clambered onto her stomach. As I walked up her body I tripped in

her naval and was sent rolling back down between her legs. Chloe laughed and

giant waves washed over me, pushing me further away from her. Chloe scooped me

up then straightened up in the bath.

“Had fun so far tiny?” she said. I smiled back as I breathed heavily, still

coughing up water. “You can't possibly be tired!” she complained, “It's only

been 10 minutes. We still have soooo many fun things to do.”

“So, why don't we start?” I said, trying to sound cool. Chloe just laughed at


“That sounds like a good idea, you naughty little boy.” She placed me in the

water between her legs. “But hold on,” she began.

“Where have you gone?” I tried to look at her face but her gigantic protruding

breasts. It was hard to believe, even at my size, that a 16yr old girls breasts

could obscure her vision of someone. Chloe leant forward so that she could just

see me through her cleavage.

“Oh there you are!” Chloe said as she scooped me up once again, “That's the

problem with you being so small.” She started feeling me between her fingers.

“You can disappear so easily.” She said, eyeing me very closely. “But, you still

look so cute and very tasty…” She held me between two fingers and licked her

moist red lips.

“Ah, Chloe,” I interrupted, “I'm ah, feeling a little uncomfortable with this.”

“Don't worry tiny, I won't hurt you.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and rested easy for a second.

“But that doesn't make you the boss of me does it?” she said. She started

rubbing my erection with her thumb. “But before you satisfy me, I'll help you

with this.” She said.

Her huge lips parted and she inserted the lower half of my torso into her mouth.

I felt her sponge-like tongue work its way between my legs. Her hand slowly

moved me in and out of her mouth and it felt incredible! I shot the biggest load

of my life but I doubt Chloe even noticed. She took me out regardless and sat me

on her hand.

“Mmmm, you are tasty you naughty little boy” she said as she licked her lips. “I

still can't believe how small you are” she continued, “I wonder how small you

would be before I couldn't see you anymore?” she asked herself.

She measured my height between her thumb and forefinger then shortened the gap,

like she was imagining me being smaller. She stopped when her thumb was about as

high as my ankle.

“About that small I reckon, and then my breasts would be like mountains to you.”

She said, more to herself than anyone else.

I was starting to feel more uncomfortable than ever. I couldn't imagine being

any smaller and dreaded the imposing size of Chloe's bust when I was smaller

than I was now.

“Oh well” she said, breaking the silence. “Where were we then? Oh I remember”

Chloe turned me around in her hand so I was facing down the length of her body;

it was like a giant hilly landscape and impossibly large. She sat up in the bath

making a steep angle between her body and the water. She sat me under her chin

and held me gently in place with one finger. The drop was humongous. It was like

looking down a cliff face into a giant deep lagoon.

“Have fun tiny.” She whispered, before releasing her grip on me.

I sped down Chloe's moist skin at what seemed like 100 kilometers an hour. As

Chloe leaned to one side I veered off her torso and onto her right breast. My

leg clipped her nipple and I span off her breast. I whirled around in mid-air

before splashing down into the water. I tried to catch my breath but inhaled a

torrent of water. I tried to swim to the surface but I was so disoriented from

the fall that I couldn't tell up from down. All I could see was an endless blue

and I thought I could hear Chloe's echoing laughter.

I felt myself raised from the water and I panted heavily breathing air. I rubbed

the water from my eyes and pushed my hair aside. Chloe was cradling me in her

hands again, still laughing.

“Hahaha! That was good fun!” she exclaimed. “Lets do that again, ok?”

“Look Chloe, do we have to do this? Can't we just…”

Before I could finish Chloe had already lowered me to her chin and dropped me

again. This time I slipped straight down her body. I went straight down through

her cleavage and her breasts completely blocked my vision of the whole room. My

vision cleared again as I passed through her cleavage and saw her towering legs

arching into the water. I slid part of the way up one of her thighs before

tumbling back down to her stomach. She began laughing once more and I tumbled

into the water between her legs. I splashed around in the water trying to swim

back onto Chloe's stomach but I was still too far away. I as neared her, my feet

brushed her skin and I felt Chloe shiver. I looked and saw that my feet had

brushed her labia.

“Ohhh!” she moaned, “THAT was naughty.”

“Hang on!” I stuttered, “I… I didn't mean to…I'm sorry I…”

Chloe laughed again and scooped me in her hand.

“You're so cute when you do that” she said

Her hand lowered again to her neck and released me. I tumbled down her body and

through her cleavage. This time her breasts seemed even more imposing; like they

were larger. Had I become smaller? No. My question was answered when her breasts

closed over me and mashed my tiny body between them. Instead of letting me fall

down her body, Chloe had caught me between her boobs. She began massaging her

breasts, moaning as she felt my body being crushed in her cleavage. I felt my

body being pushed and pulled in all directions. Just as I thought I would be

smothered into a bloody pulp the pressure released and I tumbled from between

Chloe's immense bust. I sat breathing heavily on her stomach and Chloe moaned

softly, her eyes tight shut.

“Mmm, you felt so nice there” she said

Before I could catch my breath she picked me up again. I was too exhausted to

move and answer her as she carefully set me on her shoulder. She grabbed the

soap from the rim of the bathtub and lathered her body completely with it,

paying special attention to her upper chest. She then cupped me in her right

palm and used me as a sponge to rub the soap into her skin. Mostly I didn't

mind. I just kept my mouth shut so I wouldn't receive a mouthful of soap. The

only troublesome time was when she rubbed me along her back and ass, underwater.

I had no warning and didn't have time to take a breath so I almost passed out


After we were both clean and covered in soap she washed to soap from herself and

I then emptied the bath. She dried me gently with her towel and set me on the

bench. I secretly watched as she dried herself and began to get dressed. When

she'd put on her panties and tracksuit pants she caught my eye and winked at me.

I could only smile back and then closed my eyes while she continued to dress.

After she'd dressed she wrapped her hair in a towel and handed me my clothes. I

got dressed and she was just reaching for me when something caught her eye. Her

hand passed me and grabbed something from the bench. It looked like a rather

large necklace. She put it on and looked to me.

“What do you think tiny?” she asked. I couldn't deny it was a stunning necklace.

“It's very nice.” I said

“Not just the necklace tiny. I was asking about me.”

“You look… really nice to.” I said, a little shyly

“Nice? I was looking for hot, or sexy. I guess you still need some educating.”

Her hand shot towards me and grabbed me firmly. I knew would have to be careful

around this girl, clearly she could be angered easily. At the moment I saw the

necklace sat on her marvelous bust over her shirt. She took off the necklace and

threaded it through my shirt. She put it on again and looked in the mirror. She

giggled at the sight of me dangling in front of her bust for a necklace.

“Now what do you think tiny?” she asked again

“Chloe! Get me down from here!” I yelled back

Her hand grasped me again.

‘What did I tell you about giving me orders?!” she said firmly

She pulled forward her top and dropped me down. The necklace pulled back on my

shirt and I bounced against her breasts. She tucked me snuggly between them and

left the bathroom.

The rest of the girls were still watching the end of the movie but their

attention was drawn immediately by Chloe's entrance.

“Did you have fun?” Alex asked

“What did you do?” Lia said

“Was he any good?” Lucy said, shoving between them.

“Where is he?” Carmen said finally

I felt myself lifted from Chloe's bra and was welcomed by laughter from all the

girls seeing me dangling around Chloe's neck.

“Is it my time yet?” asked Lucy. Chloe looked at the time, 10:50. I was still

safe for 10 minutes.

“Not yet.” said Chloe, “I still have him for 10 minutes. Lucy frowned and sat

back down in front of the movie.

“The movie has 10 minutes left, so after the movie its Lucy's turn.” said Alex.

“Ok” said Chloe, “I might as well watch the rest of the movie then.”

Chloe popped me back between her tits and sat down with her friends. Lucy

couldn't sit still for the rest of the movie. When the movie finally did finish

she jumped up and turned to Chloe.

“My turn now!” she said.

“Ok” Chloe said, slowly getting up and stretching. She removed the necklace and

casually tossed it (and me) into Lucy's outstretched hands. She smiled at me

before putting on the necklace and bounding into Alex's bedroom. Her breasts

were much smaller than Alex's or Chloe's, or all of the other girls for that

matter. Still, her average blessings stopped me from being seriously injured

from bouncing around.

She locked the door behind her and tossed me onto the bed. She quickly threw off

her top and pants and kneeled over me in just her bra and panties.

“Are you ready little man?” she said.

To be continued…

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