Giantess Stories: TALISMAN  Part One

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Part One.

A Taste of Things to Come...

Samantha dropped her bag to the floor and slumped heavily into the

chair. Closing her eyes, she let the sounds and smells of the office

wash over her as her breathing returned to a more regular rhythm. She

straightened the front of her jacket, her black business suit

crumpled from the rush. After a few moments of deep breathing she

thought that maybe she had gotten away with being late...

"MISS MOORE?" her name was shouted across the crowded


She looked across towards her manager's office door. It stood open,

and a big fat man was standing there, spying her up with his piggy

little eyes.

"MISS MOORE?" he called again. He raised an arm towards her

and with the index finger of his right hand; he beckoned her to come

to him.

She raised herself to her feet and carefully negotiated the desks

between herself and the man waiting to fire her. This was the third

time in a week she had been late, and she knew that he was just

looking for an excuse to be rid of her. Not that it was her fault -

her lateness. Bloody public transport. But would he believe that...?

Would he hell. About as much as the fat bastard would believe a

greasy bacon sandwich was bad for him. He peered at her as she glided

past him and into the office, coming to a stop in front of his desk.

She took the seat before her.

Closing the door with a thump, he headed towards the far side of the

desk, and his own seat. As he did so, she spoke.

"Mr. Fanshaw, please," he held up a hand to

silence her, lowering his large frame into the leather chair. It

creaked beneath his weight.

"Please Mr. Fan.....," Again he motioned her to silence.

"Miss Moore," he said quietly. "I am a reasonable man.

I would go as far as to say that I am a very good employer. But.... A

good employer is only as good as his employees Miss Moore, and right

now, at this time and in this place, you are not a good


Samantha cast her eyes downwards. She took in her own bare legs and

the pair of black suede pumps on her feet that were crossed at the

ankles. The four inch heels looked wickedly sharp as she flexed her

feet within the shoes.

"So," continued Fanshaw, "I am afraid that I have no

choice but to let you go."

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT," shouted Samantha, jumping to her feet.

Fanshaw winced at her loud voice and quickly waved a hand in her


"Sit down... sit down Miss Moore... please?"

Samantha lowered herself back into the chair. Fanshaw steepled his

fingers in front of him and stared at her silently. She reddened

under his gaze, but refused to break eye contact with him. After a

few moments more, he spoke.

"Miss Moore. Do not, for one second think that I cannot, or will

not sack you. I would be well within my rights as an employer. Your

constant lateness is in fact gross misconduct, and therefore I am

entitled to let you go... but." The piggy little eyes swept down

her front and settled upon her bare knees. His tongue ran slowly over

his cracked, dry lips. "But maybe we can, err, come up with a

solution that could be mutually beneficial." He smiled and her

stomach did a forward roll for a moment. Had she expected this? She

thought that maybe she had. The vision of a spider closing in on its

prey came to mind.... Inwardly she smiled to herself... 'And you know

what happens to spiders!'

Samantha rose gracefully to her feet, and reaching into her pocket

she removed the talisman. Its golden casing, shone brightly in the

fluorescent lighting, and a surge of power coursed through her body

as it warmed the palm of her hand.

"Do you know what this is Mr. Fanshaw?" Her voice was low

and menacing as she held the talisman out towards him so he could see

it. All of a sudden the power in the room shifted, and Fanshaw no

longer looked so sure of himself. He swallowed and a dry clicking

sound came from his throat.

"It looks like a golden spider to me... Is that what it is?"

Samantha chuckled. "You could say that, yes. But it is a really

special spider Mark... I can call you Mark can't I?"

Fanshaw nodded. His face was turning beetroot red. He felt glued into

his chair as a tangible heat reached across the table from the

talisman she held. This power that came with the heat made the rest

of the room vanish, and all he heard was her voice, and all he saw

was her face. And... For a moment... her eyes glowed red, a deep

blood red, and then it was gone.

"Call in your secretary Mark, call her in here. We're going to

have some fun."

Fanshaw leaned forward and activated the intercom on his desk. His

eyes never left Samantha's, and his voice was distant and strained as

he spoke.

"Julie will you come in here please?"

"Right away,” came the metallic response.

"Tell her to bring that little fuck Malcolm with her,"

grinned Samantha evilly, "After all, why should I have all the


"Bring that little fuck Malcolm with you Julie," croaked


Samantha laughed as Julie's removed voice came back over the

intercom. "Errr... ok Mr. Fanshaw." She sounded nervous.

Fanshaw sat back in his chair, his eyes still on Samantha. He had no

feeling left in his body, but his mind? His mind was working

overtime. What was happening? What was she doing to him? And how was

she doing it? He stayed silent though. He had no choice. He could not


Within a minute there was a knock at the office door, and it opened

to reveal Julie, the secretary and a weasily little man that Samantha

vaguely recognized as Malcolm Norris. He looked like a prick. He

didn't concern her though. Oh no. He was for Julie. Like she had

said. Why should she have all the fun?

"You wanted us Mr. Fanshaw?" asked Julie meekly.

"Close the door Julie. Come in and don't look so worried."

Samantha smiled warmly at her, "You and I are going to have a

bit of fun."

"What ya want me for boss?" lipped Malcolm at the silent


Samantha turned and as Julie closed the door, she raised the talisman

towards the other man. An almost imperceptible wave of energy surged

across the office towards him, and he froze as it washed over him.

His body crumpled as all motor operations left him, and he slumped to

the floor at Julie's feet. His eyes showed the terror of a conscious

mind trapped within a useless body.

"W.w.what is going on?" whispered Julie. Samantha eyed the

girl up and down. She was approx 5" 8', medium build, short

auburn hair, blue eyes. She had pert breasts that at any other time

Samantha might have found sexy. She had never been one to turn down

the tender touch of a woman. She was dressed conservatively. A grey

blouse with a very loose fitting black, calf length skirt. She had

bare legs and on her feet were flat, black classic pumps. Shiny

leather. Samantha like them.

"I want you to answer me one question Julie. It's not a hard

question. If you answer correctly, then you will leave this room

feeling a lot better about yourself. If you lie to me, I will know.

Nothing will happen to you, but you will always be the scared little

girl you are now... You are scared aren't you Julie. All the time...

of everything?" Samantha reached out and caressed the girls chin

with her thumb and forefinger.

Julie was indeed scared. What had Samantha done to Malcolm? And what

was wrong with Fanshaw? He was sprawled in his chair, his skin the

colour of ash. Yes, Julie was scared but... two of the men she hated

most in the world were here, and they were helpless. This alone made

her nod and smile nervously at Samantha.

"I know you are hun," said Samantha. "Not for much

longer though... not for much longer."

Samantha raised the talisman before her and looked Julie straight in

the eyes. The spider glowed slightly as she asked the girl her

question that had to be asked.

"Julie, have you been treated badly by the man at your feet. Is

it true that he took you out on a date, and then, when you refused

his advances, spread the rumour around this office that you were a

dirty whore who fucked anyone on the first date?"

Julie's eyes watered up and she went bright red as Samantha spoke.

She knew what Malcolm had told everyone. It had burned into her mind.

She didn't sleep at night because of the shame of his accusations.

Now she felt no need to offer any answer other than the truth.

"Yes," she wept, "he said all of that and more."

Samantha smiled. "We don't need more baby... that's


The talisman in her hand glowed once again. Soon the intensity of it

seemed to reach burning point, the room bathed in blood red splashes

of light. It seemed to go on forever, and within it rose the steady

howl of a wind from hell. Julie flattened herself against the door as

she was whipped from side to side by an invisible force. It had the

feel of being caught in a hail storm, the icy spicules stabbing her

face, burning her skin. She bent her head. She could no longer see or

hear Samantha in the storm (could she call it anything else). She

tried to scream but the words locked in her throat. Could she taste

sand? Gritty and dry... And then...

It stopped... She could see and hear again. There in front of her,

Samantha was lowering the talisman back into her pocket, smiling.

Everything was back to normal. Julie tentatively returned the smile

and then realized... both Fanshaw and Malcolm were gone - they had

both disappeared.

She took a step away from the door and Samantha yelled.


Julie froze and for a moment stopped breathing. "W..w..what's

wrong?" she stuttered nervously.

Samantha grinned. "Surely you don't want to end it that quickly,

do you?" She nodded down towards the foot that Julie had stepped

forward with. Julie peered down. And then she saw. She didn't

believe, but she saw. Next to her shoe, almost touching the leather

was the shrunken body of Malcolm. Still clad in his clothes, he was

approximately 3" long. Jesus, he was lucky she hadn't stepped on

him. Julie's head shot up and she stared at Samantha.

"How did this happen?" she asked.

Samantha's grin widened now. "Does that matter baby? Does it

really? It just has. Make the most of it. Enjoy it. I will promise

you this. Whatever happens in this room, the finger of guilt will

never be levelled at you. You are free to do as you please. Rid

yourself of this..." she motioned towards Malcolm, "this

little prick."

Julie looked confused. "What do you mean, do as I please, and

rid mysel......" She stopped talking as the realization hit her.

She looked down at Malcolm's tiny body and then back up at Samantha.

"You mean kill him don't you?"

Samantha nodded, laughing at her. "Yeah, that's just what I

mean. Go on, it's really liberating. Step on the little prick. Crush


Julie looked down at Malcolm and then again back up at Samantha. Then

she smiled. It was an evil smile, and Samantha knew that she had been

right to invite the girl in to play. The energy that the spider had

given out, now surged through her body, and she would be easy to

encourage. She might have regrets later, but that was later. This was Eres Café Tacuba, flauta dulce fácil. Tutorial con animación.

now. There was potential here.

Julie stepped back from Malcolm's body and repositioned herself so

that she stood at the tiny mans feet.

"Can he hear and feel. Does he know what's happened to him?"

Samantha nodded. "Let's put it this way. He knows that right

now, he is in one shit load of trouble. He will do whatever you tell

him to do, without question."

Julie leaned over slightly and looked down on the little man.

"Look at me Malcolm."

The small head lifted slightly, and she could see the terror in his

eyes as he looked at her.

"Do you know what I am going to do to you Malcolm? You may


She saw the mouth move, but heard nothing. He was too small to hear.

Did he nod? Did he know his time was up? Julie felt a surge of energy

rush through her.

"Stick out your tongue Malcolm. Stick it out really far. I want

to wipe the sole of my shoe on it. I will try to be careful. After

all, I don't want to squash your head. The soles are really thin, so

hopefully I will be able to feel you." She giggled, and behind

her she heard Samantha laughing.

Malcolm's tongue crept out of his mouth, and he strained until it

would stick out no further. Still giggling, Julie raised her right

foot, very slowly. She chose this foot specifically. She moved it

over Malcolm's body, giggling even more as the shadow of her foot,

cast him into semi-darkness.

"I trod in dog shit this morning Malcolm. Right in it with the

ball of my foot. It was all soft and steaming. What a stroke of luck

though. You are here to clean a bit of it off. Try not to choke. I

want good long strokes. Eat that shit little man."

She now covered him and slowly began to lower her foot. The shoes she

had on did indeed have a very thin sole. They were old shoes. Soon

she felt something beneath her, and held her foot in place.

"Now you little shit eater. Lick... lick as though your life

depended on it... which for your information... it does."

She could not feel him cleaning the sole of her shoe, but she knew he

was doing it. She kept her foot in place, till she feared she might

step down in tiredness. Then she removed it, placing it at the little

mans side. She looked down at.....

Malcolm's face was gone. She had obviously stepped down too hard,

because all of the flesh was torn and disfigured. She could tell

though, that even in the tremendous pain he had been in, he had

attempted to lick the shit from her shoe. There was vomit mixed in

with the gore, and for a moment, Julie was pissed that he had been

sick on her shoe. This passed though, as she realized that whatever

force had been holding the little body still, had now stopped, and

now Malcolm's body thrashed about in agony. Samantha must have read

into her thoughts because she said.

"You have taken him near enough to death that the spell no

longer needs to hold him still."

"Spell?" Julie looked back at the other woman.

"It doesn't matter. Finish him. Then we can get out of


Julie nodded. She lifted the same foot (no reason to get both shoes

gory) and placed the point of her shoe just below the mans head.

Keeping her foot in the air she pivoted backwards with her heel to

make sure she didn't crush him, just yet. Her heel touched the floor,

and then she began to slowly lower the ball of her foot down onto the


"It's coming Malcolm... can you feel it," she felt

something crack midway along her foot. "Almost there little man.

How does it feel losing your life to my foot? Being crushed by

me?" Her hand dropped to her groin and she caressed her damp

cunt through the thin material. "You are going to die beneath me

... beneath me."

The ball of her foot now lowered onto the fragile chest. The little

mans head whipped from side to side as he screamed in terror. Screams

that no-one but he could hear.

Julie felt the slight resistant beneath her and smiled. She put a

little more pressure on him and the rib cage cracked easily as her

shoe passed through his organs, the arms and legs destroyed at

horrific angles. Her foot reached the floor, and she looked down to

see Malcolm's head poking out at the point of her shoe. Blood spurted

out of his eye sockets (the eyes having popped moments before) and

from the ears. She twisted her foot slowly, feeling the spinal cord

shatter beneath her, and she laughed. God was this fun. More blood

and gore flowed from the skulls recesses as she twisted harder...And

as she felt his body turn to mush, her roving hand brought her to

orgasm and she moaned, constantly grinding him beneath her... Then...

she was done.

Dragging her shoe back along the floor, she surveyed the destruction

at her feet. Nothing recognizable was left of Malcolm's body. All

there was was a mass of gore, mixed in with tiny pieces of cloth.

Above the gore sat what looked like a blood red grape. Malcolm's

decapitated head. Julie liked the destruction she had caused. It was

so cool.

She felt Samantha at her side. She too was looking down at the

remains and smiling.

"Nice job Jules. Nice job indeed."

"Thank you," said Julie. Suddenly she felt Samantha's left

hand caressing her breast through her shirt. She moaned a little as

her nipple stood to attention. She did not stop her though. She liked


"Do you mind if I finish it?" asked Samantha, raising her

foot and pointing to the head on the floor with her shoe. "I

absolutely love crushing heads."

"Be my guest." Julie stepped back to allow her room. She

didn't really need it though. Samantha simply stretched out her leg,

placing the point of her black suede shoe on the head, and in small

grinding motions, flattened it into the floor.

"Mmmm. That's better," she said. She smiled at Julie and

swiftly brought her other hand into view. "And what shall I do

with this little bastard." In between her thumb and forefinger,

held by one leg, was Fanshaw. He was completely naked. Samantha had

obviously stripped him of his clothes, whilst Julie had been

disposing of Malcolm. There were red welts over his chubby body where

she had hurriedly torn his clothes from him. The spell held him

tightly as he did not resist her grip.

"We could always step on him... like Malcolm. That would be


"Now, now greedy," chuckled Samantha. "You've had your

fun. Let me have mine."

"Sorry," frowned Julie, "I guess I liked it too


Samantha rubbed her breast a little harder. "It doesn't have to

end here for you, you know. You could always come with me. We could

have real fun out there in the big wide world."

"Could I, really?" Julie gasped excitedly.

"Sure, why not? I could do with some company that won't fuck me

over at the first turn of a hat. Are you into women Julie? Could you,

you know, like me like that?"

Julie closed her eyes and moaned slightly as Samantha squeezed her

nipple. She liked her touch. It was tender, yet commanding.

"Yes. I could like YOU like that."

Samantha smiled again. "Good," she said. "In that

case, let me finish off this little bit of business, and then we can


She raised the porky body of Fanshaw above her, and tilted her head

back. Opening her mouth, she slowly lowered her soon to be ex-boss to

her lips.

"Look down, you bastard. I am going to eat you all up and spit

out the pieces." She felt rather than saw, the little man move

as he looked down into her open mouth, taking in her pearly white

teeth, her pink, moist tongue and the cavern of her throat beyond.

She flicked out her tongue and lapped at his face.

"Released," she said. As she did, his body began to buck

and toss between her fingers and thumb. Slowly she lowered him in,

closing her lips around him. She held him just below his shoulders,

and slowly began to suck. She could feel him screaming inside her as

the immense vacuum began to strip his upper body of all substance.

Somewhere in her spittle, she now imagined, were his eyeballs sucked

from their sockets, split and drained of all fluid. She felt Fanshaws

skull implode as she sucked on him harder, and then... She dropped

her teeth down in one swift chomp. His body severed midway down the

ribcage, and as she began to chew his remains, she drank his blood

and juices. Once she had broken his body down substantially, she spat

him out onto the floor, and pushed more of his corpse into her mouth.

Within a few minutes she had created a lump of chewed remains on the

floor. Julie looked on in awe.

"MY GOD," she gasped. "That was amazing."

Samantha wiped the sleeve of her jacket across her mouth, removing

the gore that had collected there. She moved forward and placing the

sole of her shoe into the pile of remains, she slowly and

deliberately ground them into the floor saying, "Threaten to

sack me will you, you bastard."

Dragging her foot back she surveyed the results with a smile, and

then looked up at Julie.

"C'mon, let's get the hell out of this place. We have done

everything we need to here, dontcha think?"

"What about all the people out in the main office? Won't they

know something's gone off in here? Someone will want to speak to

Fanshaw again today. And don't you think it will look a bit funny

when Malcolm does not go back to his desk?" Julie looked


Samantha reached into her pocket and removed the talisman. It no

longer glowed, and Julie felt no presence of the energy that had

swept through the office earlier.

"This," said Samantha, "is an Egyptian revenge

talisman. It has very little power without the conscious thought of a

human being. You mind gives it its power. It reacts to injustice

against women, and the good thing about it is that it only works for

women. All it is to men is a pretty, golden talisman. Good eh?"

"Yes, but how will that stop people finding this...?" she

indicated the pulp on the floor, and for a second nearly grinned as

she realized that Samantha's suede pump was placed squarely on

Malcolm's remains. "And then, blaming us for what has


Samantha saw her glance down at her feet, so she looked and seeing

what amused Julie, she smirked, and twisted her shoe into the floor.

"Don't worry. It also protects the user. I guess you can call it

a memory swipe. No one out there will remember that we came in here.

Nor will they remember that Malcolm," she stamped her foot on

him,” came in here either. Time will almost stand still until we are

out of here. Then we can leave the office and no-one will be any the

wiser. Believe me hun. I have done this before."

Julie shrugged. "If you say so Samantha. I trust you."

"Good honey, good. Let's go." Samantha approached the

office door, tuned back towards Julie and gave her a big smile.

"Ready?" Julie nodded and Samantha pulled open the office

door. What lay beyond turned Julie's face ashen.

The office appeared at first glance to be deserted, but then the tiny

figures running around the floor came into view and the full horror

hit Julie with the force of a cannon.




To be continued......

Giantess Stories: TALISMAN  Part One

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